How do we study Scripture to rebuild the basics of our faith? What do we do with the Word of God once we understand the basics? What power does His Word have in our life? We should always be growing in our faith but must understand the foundational principles of the Word first. Continually develop spiritual muscles in order to become effective witnesses to the goodness of God.

welcome back to our Sunday conversation

that we’ve titled back to the

basics and for many of us you might

think it’s something that you’ve heard

already or been through before however

for each of us every time that we go

back to doing the simple principles of

our faith we grow in strength as we

exercise our spiritual senses and

continue to develop our faith you know

for several years

I’ve practiced the habit of identifying

a word for the year something I share

with our staff and Ministry team here at

Cornerstone and heggy Ministries and

it’s something that I utilize as a focal

point that helps me continue to measure

whether or not I’m making progress for

example several years ago the word was

grow another year it was

discipline last year the word enabled us

to face challenges that we didn’t think

we would face it was courage this year

the word is

increase and it’s my desire to

increase in my ability to be of service

to the Lord now for that to

happen looking at what the Bible says

about in Reas I’ve realized these

things John the Baptist in John chapter

3 said this of himself and Jesus Christ

he said he must increase but I must

decrease isn’t that true of each and

every one of us Paul Echoes some of what

John the Baptist had to say when he says

I am crucified with Christ therefore I

no longer live but but Christ lives in

me Jesus told his disciples If any man

comes after me let him deny himself take

up his cross and follow me so as we talk

about the basics of our faith one of

those very simple Basics is our

willingness to deny our desire in order

for his power to develop in our lives

this is one of the things that Paul was

saying to the Believers in Hebrews when

he utilizes the analogy of meat and milk

he tells them again visiting Hebrews

chapter 5 by this time you ought to be

teachers yet some of

you need milk and not solid

food why is he utilizing this analogy

one because they could all understand it

as you and I can as well

we know that whenever we have a child

and we bring that child home the

pediatrician gives us a diet that this

child should develop on it begins with

mother’s milk it begins with a process

of them growing and developing on very

simple foods and then the older and more

developed they get the more complex and

nutritious the food

becomes Paul is saying to these

Believers you you’ve known the Lord for

decades you’ve experienced his power

you’ve sat and received

information and yet you have come to

need milk and not solid food you can’t

handle the meat of God’s

word now he’s utilizing the Physical

Realm to establish something in the

spiritual realm it would be ridiculous

for you to bring a newborn baby home and

give them the leftover steak that you

brought back from Ruth Chris in the

refrigerator why they don’t have teeth

they can’t chew it they choke they can’t


it and the same is true of

Christians there’s nothing wrong with an

infant needing milk it’s natural but if

that same individual is 35 years old and

still eating Gerbers there’s a problem

they probably weak they’re anemic they

don’t have the right

nutrition and what Paul is saying to

this body of Believers is one of the

reasons that you don’t have the strength

to do what you need to do is because

you’re not able to ingest the right


food what’s wrong with

America I think everyone obviously sees

that we’re drifting further and further

and further away from our foundational

principles life liberty in the pursuit

of happiness that even our constitution

says these inalienable rights were given

to them by

God we’re drifting away from the

foundations that built this nation as

one nation under God and you’ve heard

pastor haggy and I say several times

that if we do not want again become a

nation under God we will be a nation

gone under that tension is more

prevalent in our society today than it

has ever been at any point in our

history especially in our

lifetime why is this the case one of the

reasons is because the church does not

have the strength to be the church that


created read the church that Christ

created in the gospel of Matthew he says

Upon This Rock I will build my church

what rock was he describing he was

describing the foundation of the

profession of Jesus Christ he asked the

disciples who do men say that I am and

they gave several answers if in the

world today you said that same thing to

a room full of people they would

probably give you several answers who do

you believe Jesus Christ to be some

would tell you he’s a good teacher some

would tell you an ancient character of

History some would tell you he’s a fraud

some would tell you that he’s the son of

God but when he turned and he asked his

disciples not who do others say that I

am but who do you say that I am he was

making it

personal and Peter spoke up and said

Thou Art the Christ the son of the

Living God by calling him the Christ he

was saying you are the one who is


anointed not only to

deliver and not only to redeem but you

are the anointed you are the

Messiah the one who was promised to come

and you are the son of the Living God

Jesus responds to Peter flesh and blood

has not revealed this to you only my

Father which is in heaven he’s letting

Peter know you have spoken under the

power of the Holy SP spirit and then he

says Upon This Rock upon the foundation

of your

profession will I build my

church let me ask you this if the church

was built upon the foundation of your

profession how strong would it

be when somebody asks you who Jesus is

can you tell them with confidence he’s

the Christ the son of the Living God or

do you try and explain why you don’t

want to persuade anyone to believe

anything that they don’t want to believe

but you know for you you’ve found out

that sometimes putting your faith in

this individual that’s spoken of in the

scriptures and you use a bunch of words

and explanations to give a very

diluted kind of

confusing argument that maybe you

believe in Jesus

Jesus one profession is Rock Solid the

other profession is sinking

sand one of the reasons that our nation

is in such disarray is because the

church has lost the power of its

profession and it’s a powerful

profession because Jesus said Upon This

Rock will I build my church and then

listen the Gates of Hell will not

Prevail against

it now understand this the

gates in the biblical sense is speaking


Authority government and a

kingdom he’s not talking about access

he’s talking about a structured Kingdom

so he’s saying the kingdom of Hell the

kingdom of darkness the authority of

hell is not going to Prevail against the

profession of your

faith this is also supported in the Book


Revelations when you read that they

overcame him who are they they are

Christians Believers in Christ who is

him him is the devil they overcame him

how by the blood of the lamb and the

word of their testimony their profession

defeated the


later in the

gospels we read that Christ laid his

life down then in the book of Colossians

Paul writing to that church tells us

that Christ triumphed over

Darkness it says that he made a public

spectacle of powers and principalities

when he triumphed over them you’ve heard

Pastor heggy teach and you’ve heard

heard in the Bible studies and sermons

that we’ve shared from this ministry

that Christ has conquered Darkness

Christ has defeated Satan why is that

important because when Jesus is telling

his disciples that the Gates of Hell

shall not Prevail he’s letting them know

that he has already given them Victory

and now all that hell can do is try to


it you’re not fighting for victory when

you put your faith in Christ you have

Victory you’re standing in it this is

why Jesus said and I will give you the

keys to the

kingdom for every way that hell will

attack you Christ has given you a key

that unlocks Heaven’s answer that causes

hell to back

up hell May attack your physical body

Christ has given you a key to Healing

hell May attack your family Christ has

given you a key to protect them hell May

attack your finances Christ has given

you a key that opens the windows of

heaven and provides you pressed down

shaken together running

over as it says in Malachi chapter 3 he

will rebuke the devour for your

sake the question is not do the keys to

the kingdom work and can hell Prevail

against it those questions are answered

the question is do you have faith

enough to take the key and use it for a


Purpose the only way that you do that is


developing your spiritual muscles your

understanding your desire to see the

power of God work in your

life Paul uses the analogy of milk and

meat in Hebrews chapter 6 he starts to

discuss the very

Basics as he gets back

into leaving the discussion of the

elementary principles of Christ Hebrews

6 and verse one let us go on to

Perfection not laying again the

foundation of repentance from dead works

of Faith toward god of the doctrine of

baptism of the laying on of hands of the

resurrection of the dead and the Eternal

judgment he said this we will do if God

permits now think about this what is he

calling the basics what is he saying is

the milk sin and

salvation he’s saying in order for you

to get away from those simple things you

have to first understand them how often

do you hear people say well we don’t

hear many sermons on sin anymore Paul

says that talking about Sin and

salvation is milk for babes not meat for


mature meat the deeper things the harder

things the things that it requires some

understanding in order to be able to

accept the things that make you more

than a conqueror through Christ are far

beyond the milk John 316 God so loved

the world that he gave his only begotten

son that whosoever believes in Him

should not perish but have everlasting

life Paul would call that

milk Jesus Christ being a righteous King

of the order of

MDC Paul calls that

meat your spiritual growth is not a

matter of

content your spiritual growth is a

matter of being able to impart the

content that you’ve

received be being able to teach someone

as we’ve talked through these

lessons is a matter of not

only receiving information but being

able to distribute the information that

you’ve received we used the simple

analogy in one of our previous

conversations about teaching your child

to tie their shoes the same way you were

taught to tie your

shoes well first you had to learn how to

do it then apply what you’ve learned

until you gain understanding then share

it with someone

else if maturity was a matter of content

then the more you know the more

spiritual you will be there are a lot of

people who do not have faith in Christ

that have a lot of knowledge about the

Bible some of them went to church all of

their life and sat and listened to

sermon after sermon but never applied it

to their life others have studied it

just as is a matter of historical

fact and have a good knowledge probably

better than most professed Christians

today and yet still don’t know the Jesus

that the Bible

describes milk and meat not only involve

learning but

application milk is something you

ingest meat is something that you

utilize to grow on

in order for you to develop in your


strength it’s going to

require that you develop an appetite for

more of God than you ever have before in

the lessons to come we’re going to begin


discuss salvation water baptism baptism

in the holy spirit because these are the

principles and the tenants of faith that

if we get back to the basics we can

develop understanding and then utilize

these principles in your life now here’s

something that you need to know about

meat and I’ll close with

this meat has to be

chewed otherwise you’ll choke on

it whenever you see a child who has a

choking problem one of the challenges

that they have is that they don’t chew

their food long enough and they try to

swallow it whole that’s is where the old

phrase don’t choke down your dinner


from well one of the things that you do

with God’s

word that I believe enables you to

understand and

grow is that you meditate on

it this is what God told

Joshua he said meditate on my

word he said take the word be bold and

be strong for the Lord thy God is with

you meditate on it day and

night that you will prosper wherever you

go let it be before your eyes let it be

in your speech let it be the source of


actions and no man will be able to stand


you now that concept of

meditating is for you to take the time

to chew digest think about what God’s

word word

says so that it has the ability to soak

into your life into your spirit into

your soul and strengthen

you it may not go down as easy as the

milk some of it may be hard to swallow

because it’s going to require that you

make some adjustments to become what the

word of God has asked us to be remember

this book reads you when you read it

it’s a mirror that you look into and

anything that’s out of place you should

adjust but the more you meditate on his

word the more you chew it the more you

let it sink in the more spiritually

solid you will become the more stable

your life will get the more confidence

you’ll develop the more hope you’ll be

able to share the more you’ll begin to

believe that God’s promises are

true and they’re for you I want you to

come back and join us as we continue to

discuss the basics of God’s principles

and how we can grow together in his word

this year God bless you thank you for

joining us for this Sunday

conversation hi I’m Kendall haggy thank

you for connecting with us today God

bless you and we pray that you’ll join

us again next