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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

Hebrews 11th chapter just the one verse

folks this should be marked in your

Bible if any verse should be marked in

your Bible this should be underlined and

put stars all around it Asterix or

anything else but Mark it well Hebrews

11 6.

mine is underlined and triple-lined and

on the sides of everything

Hebrews 11 6.

but without faith it is impossible to

please him for he that cometh to God

must believe that he is and that he is a

rewarder of them that diligently seek

him again but without faith it is

impossible to please him for he that

cometh to God must believe that he is

and that he is a rewarder of them an

agility seek him and I want you to quote

it with me please read it out loud but

without faith it is impossible to please

him for he that cometh to God must

believe that he is and he’s a rewarder

of them that diligently seek him

Lord I pray for your unction and

anointing this morning in 1995 you’re

calling us to Faith

to jettison all of our unbelief and our

doubts and our fears and to come to you

Lord as one who’s made great and

precious promises whereby we’re made

partakers of your very divine nature now

Lord give us a word from Heaven that

will begin to do a work in us for this

whole year Lord I want it to happen in

me sanctify me give me the anointing of

the Holy Ghost Holy Spirit I know your

hand is on me God your hand is upon me

and I ask you Lord to breathe life

through the words that I speak this

morning sanctify Me For Your Glory in

Jesus name amen

now I would like to believe that most of

you sitting here this morning

uh who call yourself by his name have

learned to go to God In Prayer about

everything you you are praying believer

most Christians uh know and believe in

the necessity of rare now some of you

not only pray but you seek the Lord

diligently some of you pray with tears

many of you have learned to fast you

know the value of fasting and I thank

God for a praying fasting Church

now some of you have learned even to

pour your hearts out to God with great

heart rendering and supplications and

you’re convinced as David was he said

when thou said is seek ye my face my

heart said unto thee Lord thy face I

will seek

and many of you here this morning would

be called Seekers after God but I have a


for you this morning does God hear every

child who comes crying to him does he

hear every cry

of every child of his it comes to him do

all who come to him seeking his Blessing

and favor get what they want because

everybody who comes to him asking

deliverance from besetting sin get that


does everybody who asks receive

what are those who come to him with much

fasting they they fast I’ve heard of

people fasting for 20 30 and some even

40 days out of Africa come those reports

of those who believe in God to raise the

dead in the fast and 30 and 40 days

are we heard by our fasting are we heard

by our praying alone are we heard by our

tears uh and there’s something in us


urges us on say if I could just fast

more if I could pray more if I could

just cry more

spend more time with God

the scripture I believe I could be a

better Christian I’ll hear from God and

God will answer my prayers

we have the idea that all we need is

more more more

we hear David say in my distress I

called upon the Lord

I Cried unto my God

he heard my voice out of his Temple My

Cry game came before him even into his


and because David cried the next verse

says God came down he thundered in the

heavens he drew me out of many Waters he

delivered me from my strong enemy

so is that it you go to God and you cry

and God hears and Thunders from heaven

and delivers you

beloved there’s a missing link there’s

something missing

and it’s missing in many of our lives

and it’s why we’re not getting answers

to many prayers it’s why often our

unsafe loved ones are not saved it’s

often why year after year goes on and on

and nothing happens our prayers are not


there’s a missing link and it’s this

verse that I just gave to you Hebrews 11

6 for without faith it’s impossible to

please him for he that cometh to God

must believe that he is that is rewarded

of them to diligently seek Him in James

1 6 and 7. but let him ask in faith

nothing doubting

for he that doubts is like a wave of the

sea driven with the wind and tossed for

let not that man think he shall receive

anything of the Lord

the man that is living in doubt or

entertains doubts even in his prayer

chamber entertains doubt during his

fasting entertains doubts don’t let that

manner that woman that believer no

matter how many rivers of Tears you cry

don’t let that person think they will

receive anything from God anything

scripture said David said blessed be the

Lord because he’s heard the voice of my

supplication the Lord is my strength and

my shield my heart trusted in him and I

am helped I want you to go to Psalms 33

I’m gonna I’m showing you something here


from David’s Psalms Psalms 30 go to

Psalm 33.

now you’ve heard me you’ve heard Pastor

Carter you’ve heard Pastor Don you’ve

heard us say God wants us to cry out to

him there is a gut level there’s a

gut-wrenching cry we talk about

and God does hear the cry

that that cry is not heard unless it’s

accompanied by faith

it has to be accompanied by Trust

Psalms 33 Verse 18 beginning to read


the eye of the Lord is upon them that

fear Him

upon them that hope in his Mercy to

deliver their soul from death and to

keep them alive in famine our soul

waited for the Lord he’s our help and

our shield for our hearts are rejoice in

him why

because we are trusted in His holy name

in other words he’s saying the fear of

the Lord yes he keep me alive he’s going

to deliver me I’m going to wait on the

Lord he’s my help he’s my shield he’s my


but it’s because we have trusted in His

holy name how many see that in verse 21

because we have trusted in His holy name

don’t turn there but Psalms 18 2-3 the

Lord is my rock

my Fortress my deliverer my God my

strength my butler the Horn of my

salvation in whom I Trust

in whom I trust

he could call God his delivery he could

call God his shield his mighty Horn of

Deliverance because he said I trust him

I have no right to say that of no right

to pray it I have no right to fast about

it till I trust him first

in fact David makes it very clear that

all of our fathers from the very

beginning of time

had their prayers answered because they

trusted in him

all right Psalm 22 4-5 our fathers

trusted indeed that’s where they begin

they trusted and thou just deliver them

they Cried unto thee and were delivered

because they trusted in thee and were

not confounded

they were delivered

when they cried because they trusted


Psalms 26 1 I’ve trusted also in the

Lord therefore I shall not slide

I’ve trusted him so I’m not going to

backslide I’m not going to give up and

God’s not going to give up on me and I’m

not going to backslide I’m not going to

slide back to my old ways because my

trust is anchored in him

it was

David’s trust that moved God to deliver

him reading from Psalms 56 11-13

for thou Hast delivered my soul from


will you not deliver my feet from

falling because in God I have put my

trust I will not be afraid of what man

can do unto me and folks everywhere you

hear God David crying out every time you

hear David’s confession that God is

delivering him you’ll hear his pride of

trust you’ll hear his testimony rather

of trust he said God’s hearing me God’s

answering me because I trust in him I

cry out to God with tears and

supplication but I trust him I’m crying

out from this Foundation of trust that

God put in my heart

now I I mentioned this last night

because I preached half my messages last


if you were here

as as I saw most of you were not here

but uh the Lord brought this home to me

in prayer this past week I was shut in

with the Lord at a wonderful time

and uh

my wife is down in Texas with Bonnie


having a great time with all her

grandkids so I had a week alone and

seeking the Lord and fasting in prayer

and about the third day on Wednesday

folks there are a lot of things I’m

praying about there’s some Miracles I

need that I’m praying about one of the

Miracles is the an outpouring the Holy

Spirit here in New York City for example

I’m praying about some needs I’m talking

about I’m praying about physical needs

in my family in my own body there are a

whole lot of things that I’m praying

about and and you can look at pastors

and they come up when they sound uh as

if there is never a problem never a need

that everything is just Rosy

with with our lives now folks

I would hope you believe and understand

that that we’re not living in sin and

we’re not praying about those kind of

things we’re praying about the the

burden uh Paul talked about the the

burdens of the church who were cast upon

him and the needs of people and and you

can’t preach this gospel without a

broken heart you can’t stand here

without uh beseeching the Living God for

unction and anointing because it’s an

awesome way to to have it uh in your

mind all day long every waking hour I

have to stand before God and answer

I have to answer whether I have

comforted people in their sins by not

preaching enough of his of his law and

his wrath or have I wounded many people

who were needing love in that thin line

there that this this great awesome thing

that hangs over you oh God I have to

stand one day and answer and I don’t

want ever to have anybody at the

judgments he’d be able to point a finger

at me and say you didn’t preach the

whole counsel of God

and I’ll tell you it’s a burden

it’s an awesome awesome thing if to me

it’s overwhelming my prayer every day is

God if I were ever to bring disgrace to

your name I want you to take me now

flame me I want you to take my life

right now don’t ever let me be like some

evangelist friends and acquaintances of

mine who have failed and brought great

reproach on you Lord I’d rather you kill

me than ever let me bring reproach on

your name

and I know that every person that search

prays that way God don’t ever let me

bring reproach to your name but I there

were some things I was agonizing over

and praying and crying out to God

pouring my heart out weeping in and uh

a kind of feeling

well I’ve got to break through God’s

goddamn me because I’m putting such an

effort into it

I am so sincere

I am so desperate and he’s going to hear

me because the Bible says cry unto Lord

and he’ll hear you

I preached it and uh and I’m quoting

those scriptures myself about crying and

and uh laying hold of the horns on the

Altar and and I’m doing all these things

and I’ve brought my flesh under

subjection because the flesh has no

inclination to pray and you have to have

a real Victory when you’re really

interceding there’s a victory over flesh

and I’m rejoicing in this victory over

my flesh I’m really walking all over the

apartment and shouting and crying and

screaming at God and say oh God you have

to answer

the Lord said be quiet stop it

I mean lovingly but firmly stop it David

stop it

get your Hank and wipe your face and

stop your crying

stop my crying

he said you wanted a broken contrite

spirit to this one will I look

stop your crying

stop walking around this

Department goes to Dad

and as clear as anything I’ve ever heard

in my life don’t you ever again

come into my presence like you’re coming

right now

with unbelief

I don’t want your tears

I don’t want your crying

I don’t want your screaming and begging

until you’re going to believe my word

until you believe you’re you’re crying

you are praying you’re weeping without


and you can’t please me you could cry

for all 1995 he said you can you can we

tell there no more tears left you can

make me promise that you can do anything

you want fight and strive it’s not going

to do you any good because you’re not

going to have your prayers heard they’ll

not be answered you’re not going to get

anything from me until you come by faith

and that’s when he led me to that

without faith it’s impossible to please


and if you’re going to come to me you’ve

got to believe that I am that I am your

God that I’m faithful to you and I’m

going to reward you if you seek me with


and then he said

go to the promises

go to the promises and and I’ll tell you

the Lord showed me how not to come to

him anymore that’s why how this message

was born first of all do not come to him

expect him to answer a single cry or

hear a single prayer or do any good

thing for you

unless you come with childlike faith in

his promises

unless you come with childlike Faith

because you see we Believers have a very

serious problem

we hear so much preaching about the need

of prayer we get under such condemnation

when we neglect to pray

and we grapple so strongly with our

flesh trying to bring it into subjection

and we discipline ourselves to pray and

so when we get to this place where we’re

really praying and seeking God we think

it it’s Unthinkable in our minds that

God would not receive after we’ve gone

through such a struggle to achieve this

place we can’t believe that we can do

all this effort and be in vain

that God doesn’t hear it that you might

as well if you’re not going to pray in

faith you might as well go down to one

of these churches and light a couple

candles and stand before an idol

and and quote your prayers to the idol

if you’re not going to come to Faith he

said you cannot please be in any way

right there stands before us without

faith it’s impossible impossible

get a hold of that word it’s impossible

for you to please me without faith

boy does that stick in me ever since


developed a faith that staggered not at

what God promised and being not weak in

faith he considered not his own body now

dead when he was about a hundred years

old neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s

womb he staggered not at the promise of

God through unbelief but he was strong

in faith giving glory to God and being

fully persuaded that what God had

promised he was able to perform

and we’re talking about impossibilities

because God makes a promise to two dead


here’s a man whose reproductive organs

are dead and here’s a woman whose one

was dead

and God’s saying you dead man

you dead woman are going to have a baby

a baby boy and all my promises of Faith

are going to come through this child

you’re going to be the father of many


he’s a he’s 99 years old Sarah’s 90.

we’re talking about impossibility what a

challenge to Faith absolutely humanly

impossible and God said Sarah shall her

name be and I will bless her and I’ll

give the son also of her she shall be

the mother of Nations and Kings Sarah

shall bear thee a son indeed

now why did God wait till he got so old

that promise was given to him years

before it was given to him before

Ishmael was born it was given to him

when he was still alive

it given to him before he was dead

physically dead as far as reproduction

why didn’t God give him

Isaac when he gave him Ishmael

God could have answered that

why did God wait I tell you

Sarah waited they wait 10 years and

Sarah gets impatient and she knows the


and Abraham knows the promise since he

gets uh impatient when you get impatient

with God you start

designing and manipulating and planning

and plotting

and she has a plan she’s devised she

said I’ll tell you what I don’t have a

child but I’ll give you my mate Hagar

for your second wife you go into her and

you bear you bear a son you bear me a

child through Hagar and here’s a man who

who doesn’t raise any objections he says

all right and he goes along with the

scheme with with the device

because he’s thinking in his mind well

he said out of my seed the son will come

and so it would be still be my seed and

he’s reasoning and he he goes into Hagar

and Ishmael is born

and when Hagar is with child she

despises her her uh

uh what you call not a Lord but her

mistress and uh she despises and then

you see Sarah go to Abraham and she said


this sin be upon you in other words what

she’s really saying this is your fault

it’s not my fault it’s your fault and

she’s right

because you see it’s the man or the

woman that has the life that’s


Abraham had received the word from the

Lord directly from the the hand of God

right from the heart of God he was told

to be patient and to wait and he gets

impatient he goes along with this scheme

because he’s looking for a shortcut he’s

trying to make things happen he doesn’t

have faith he’s staggering into promises

and God at this point you see Abraham

had to had to develop this Faith he had

to come to this place through testing

and trial where he had a faith that

didn’t stagger he had a faith it was

unshakable and that’s God’s testimony of

Abraham God said of him he’s staggered

not at the promise of God but that was

when he’s 99 years now this is this is

before the because from the time the

promise is given until the child came

was 19 years

why did God allow the impossibilities to

pile up why did he come to the wait till

it was absolutely humanly impossible

because this seed had to be the seat of

faith it had to be birthed in faith this

child had to be a child of faith

not of human reasoning not of

considering things and figuring it out

this had to be total dependence on God

this had to be a miracle child this had

to be born in the womb of faith and

nothing else

it was Abraham’s fault

and folks

the greatest sin is the sin against


you know I I see uh a church over here a

Catholic Church uh every three months or

so they’ve got this uh icon they’ve got

this statue of Mary and they’re holding

it on their shoulders and they have

little trumpets and thing and they’re

they’re walking slow all around eight to

ninth and and I I looked at these people

come and giving money to that Idol and

it’s an idol of Mary it’s an icon of

Mary and and I look at that and I say


the people really

is there such blindness as to

really believe that

she answers prayer an idol even though

they may see her representing Mary

that you go to Mary to get your prayers

answered rather than Jesus Christ or to

the father

and I’m thinking this blindness but

folks you see we’re judged by the Light

we’ve received

there are some sitting here now far more

guilty before God than anything like

that you can go to the Philippines where

they cut themselves and gas themselves

and you could say oh what what horrible

blindness what what awful Darkness but

folks they’re not going to be judged

like you and I are going to be judged

who have had the light we’re judged by

the light that we’ve received and folks

this whole book is a book of light

promise after promises whereby God has

given us everything we need having to do

with righteousness and life itself

everything we need

and yet we rather than appropriate it

whether than to know it and understand


mind hath not conceived the good things

God has prepared for them that love him

but God has revealed them unto us he

reveals it unto those who want it who

seek the revelation

you don’t have to live 1995 in fear you

don’t have to live in the bondage of


I want to tell you something you take

one drop of the ocean and that one drop

has all the same qualities or the the

bad qualities of the ocean this is

there’s as much percentage of of salt in

that one drop is in the whole ocean

percentage-wise all of the bacteria and

everything else in one drop

and you could have one drop of unbelief

and be guilty of the whole body of


the whole ocean of unbelief if you have

just these drops of unbelief in your

heart it’s the same thing God bless

every drop of unbelief out of our hearts

it had to be birthed of Faith this child

and so it was

you see the Bible says Abraham

considered not that means he didn’t stop

to figure things out

in fact the Bible to stagger means to

dispute or to debate

and what it’s saying Abraham didn’t try

to figure it out he didn’t argue the

merits he didn’t debate the issue God

said it and he believed it

folks what it means to have faith is to

have all your arguments settled you’re

not trying to figure thing out anymore

you’re not trying to debate with God

you’re not trying to figure it out at

all you’re not reasoning and the Bible

said he considered not he no more human


he’s going to hear the word of God and

act on it

has God delivered you from all human

reasoning don’t come to him if you’re

going to try to figure it out you’re

going to go to praying and tell God how

to do it or figure it out for him

that’s where most Christians are they’re

trying to figure out how God can answer

their prayer

when you go to God you leave behind all

debates all human reasoning all idea of

hopelessness all the questions all the


and believe the scripture says according

to your faith so be it unto you

according to your faith

by secondly

don’t come to God with any IFS

when God

gives you a specific promise

it’s absolute unbelief to qualify it

with an if

now let me talk to you about this idea

if praying if it be thy will

now folks that’s mentioned one time in

the scripture

Jesus in The Garden of Gethsemane when

he prayed o my father if it be possible

let this cup pass from me nevertheless

not as I will but thou will

let me talk to you about the cup

the cup has nothing to do with the cross

Jesus always embraced the cross for

three years he told his disciples where

he was headed he embraced the cross he’s

God he was God in flesh he knew that

mankind could not be saved without the

cross without the setting of his own


he embraced the cross that was not the

cup the cup is very clearly the anguish

that he was suffering in the garden he

said to the my soul is exceedingly

sorrowful even unto death

the anguish the sorrow in Jesus was

because man had rejected his father’s

plan on their own Redemption

he had the weight of the sins of the

whole world upon him

and he did not want his own sorrow

to slay him in the garden

he was sweating he was he was weeping

bloody tears

he did not want man to kill him he

didn’t want to fall in the hands of the

man and be slain in the garden he knew

he had to go to the cross

he said my Soviet cities are even under


the Paul of death was upon him the cup

was death before the cross

no he said if it’s possible let this cup

pass from me and folks it did pass that

cup passed

the Holy Spirit came down quickened him

and by the time they got to him Jesus


gentle prepared and walked bravely to

the Cross there was something that Came

Upon Our blessed savior and he faced it

he was not dreading it there was a

wonderful thing that happened to our

savior in Gethsemane the cup passed and

he came through God answered that prayer

he said if it’s possible let it pass it


there’s a scripture in first John 5 14.

if we ask anything according to his will


heareth us

look at the context and you’ll find he’s

talking about the gift of eternal life

he’s trying to understand folks listen

to me please

you can substitute their promise


any promise is a revelation of God’s


did you hear me

how many are hearing this

are you hearing in your spirit that the

promise is a revelation of his will

what he Wills he has promised

if you ask anything according to my


he hears you

according to his promise his promises it

was revealed will promise to keep us

from falling that’s a revelation of his

will that is his will to keep you from

falling he’s revealed it John 15 7 if

you abide in me and my words abide in

you he shall ask what you will and it

shall be done unto you


on my way to church this morning

this wasn’t in my message and if you saw

me scribble something down something

Holy Spirit spoke to my heart

when I was on my way to church this

morning the holy spirit said now you get

up and you preach

anything you ask

we’re gonna have people asking for

better cars

better clothes

and uh a husband and they’re going to

describe them they’re going to want

black hair six foot two

big wide shoulders and

they’re going to get into that

give me give me give me

you see there’s another thing you don’t

come to him with lust in your heart

or covetousness

remember what James said you pray and

you ask and you don’t receive because

you ask and Miss you’re asking with the

wrong motive you’re asking to to consume

it on your own lust

some of you honestly I use this as an

illustration you’re single and you pray

God I’m tired of being alone I really

want to mate

are you willing to let him do it his way

and the one that he chooses

or is it you’re you’re not coveting


you have a lust in you that needs to be


and you’re only dealing on this level of


you’re not dealing with the companion

you’re not looking for someone you’ve

not really prayed for someone who really

loves God with all his heart or Soul or

a woman who loves God with all her heart

and soul was going to be a real

testimony for Jesus and be a strength to

you it’s just somebody you’re just

somebody to to to satisfy that inner

fleshly craving

God’s not going to answer that prayer

God’s not going to answer that

you you look around your house and you

get dissatisfied you see somebody around

you there’s something better and there’s

something Rises up well Lord I I want

something better than this and you

Covenant if there’s any covetousness at

all God’s not going to answer

he said that’s the wrong motive

then these people that are are preaching

name it and claim it in other words just

whatever you name you can have it

disclaim it that comes from a spirit of

covetousness I do believe God answers

prayer he will meet every need he can

get you out of debt if you have the

right motivate if you have if you have a

determination you won’t go back in debt

got no gonna bail you out of debt if

you’re going to jump right back into it

and you haven’t learned your lesson he’s

going to wait now folks God there are a

lot of prayers are not being answered

and God just not lets the

impossibilities pile up and pile up

until it gets more and more hopeless and

that’s what he did with Abraham until it

got absolutely hopeless and the landlord

can say now will you believe me you

can’t do it you can’t figure it out I

have to do it you know and the whole

world knows and I got to the place where

you know if it comes it’s an answer to

prayer it’s an answer to what I have

promised you

folks there there are people that that


say well and I used to say this well of

God sets one door it’s because he got a

bigger door to open

hello I don’t go on that theology that

philosophy anymore

in other words if God doesn’t give me

what I ask to give me something better

his desire is to have you so walk with

him that you’re really not asking

anything except what he births in your

own spirit

you shut in with him and he puts these

Desires in your heart he puts these

requests in your heart you begin to find

yourself praying for souls and seeking

first the kingdom of God and then you

look around all these things are

happening behind you you haven’t even

asked for them he’s blessing you because

you’re not asking for blessings you’re

asking both things that are close to his


and and there’s there’s something

happening inside of you you see well

Lord you’ve been so good I look back

over the past years since we’ve been

here in New York City how God has

blessed oh God is blessed but you see we

have zeroed in on seeking him first

glorifying his name believing him for

Souls believing him for his Spirit to be

poured out believing for the Salvation

of our family

seek him first

his kingdom his righteousness seek to be

walking before him in Purity walk before

men Holiness he says I’ll take care of

all these things I’ll take care of all

of them I’ll meet your need

now before I close let me tell you how

to come to him rightly just quickly

I’m going to give you four simple things

and how to come to him in the right way

first of all you come with we’re giving


listen to me folks forget faith

forget prayer forget fast and forget it

all if you’ve got a grudge against


if you go go to God with something in

your heart forget it you’re not going to

be forgiving your sins your prayers are

not going to get above your head

well get past your hair

let alone the roof

but if you forgive not men their

trespasses neither will your father

forgive your trespasses Matthew 6 15.

and I’ll tell you what I said it last


God dealt with me on this someone last

year had wounded me quite


and it and it’s uh

nobody that’s here in this church right

now so don’t try to figure out who

wounded me

but oh it hurt because I I know before

God I was totally innocent of anything

and uh

and I want the Lord I said Lord I don’t

want to Harbor anything in my heart I

don’t want anything stand between you

and me so I forgive I forgive

Lord I forgive I prayed that for two

weeks and I thought I’d forgiven two

weeks later I’m sitting at the

restaurant my wife and I’m talking I’m

kicking it all around again

I said I’m forgiven but boy it’s hard to

forget I’m forgiven but that’s still

bugging me and for the next two weeks I

was sharing with anybody to listen

and God said David I can’t hear you you

already haven’t forgiven because when

you forgive you forget you don’t bring

it up anymore it’s a dead issue

folks get that in your mind now if

you’re going to pray and seek God work

to go into a week of prayer we’re

believing God for not pointing the Holy

Ghost but we want our prayers to Prevail

get out of your spirit anything against

anybody you got anything against me

against brother Carter any other person

get it out

it’s not on your matter getting your

prayers to answer about it get into


I’m going to be there

you better make peace with me

I’m just a little teddy bear anyhow



you have something against somebody

don’t pray

till it’s out till it’s settled and it’s

dead secondly obey his word and do what

he says whatsoever we ask we receive of

him because we keep his Commandments and

do those things pleasing in his sight

and by the way he’ll tell you if there’s

anything the holy spirit will show you

anything is displeasing to the Lord if

you simply go to him in faith he’s

promised to reveal it because that’s the

work convinced of the Holy Spirit to

convict of sin righteousness and

judgment thirdly if you’re married treat

your mate with intelligence and With

Honor that your prayers be not hindered

you’ve got to go to God you’re fighting

with your wife forget it

if you’re not treating your husband or

your wife with intelligence or With


your prayers are not going to be heard

they’re hindered the scripture says and


come in simple childlike Faith except

you be converted becomes little children

you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven

and I used to think you can’t get to you

you can’t go to Glory you’re going to be

lost if you if you don’t come like a

child it’s not what it means

he’s talking about the Kingdom of Heaven

here on Earth you you cannot

appropriate all of the provisions that

Christ has made and that you come as a

little child you can’t enter this Heaven

on Earth you can’t enter this place in

God until you come like a little child

you can’t enter this you’re going to be

left outside so if you want inside and

you want to appropriate all the promises

of God and all the provisions of the

Cross you come as a little child and

believed him Hallelujah you know what

I’m what I’m doing this year

and I I may put in a little book so that

we can share it with the body of Christ

I did publish a promise book

but I’m taking promises for specific

things in my life I’m looking at every

area of my life

everything I’ve been praying about and

I’ve made it a point I’m going through

and I’m writing down all the promises

that have to deal with that a revelation

of his will that has to do with the

thing I’m praying about and I intend by

God’s grace to go to God every day this

next year taking those promises to the

throne of grace

and I’m going to just lay them there and

say Here’s what you said that’s a

revealed will I believe what you said

and I’m going to start thanking you

right now I’m not going to beg you to do

what you promised I’m going to thank you

for fulfilling your word to me and I

want to go by faith and this year should

be more of rather than begging God to do

what he’s promised standing on these

promises of God and begin to thank him

and lay them before him and appropriate


they’re ours


1995 is a year of faith

a year of believing for the Salvation of

your family that God’s going to start

convicting them even today


didn’t he say ask what you will in my


didn’t he say anything you ask the

father in his name he will do it let’s

believe those are the good things you

ask for the Salvation of the souls and

he know folks he knows your condition

your physical condition he knows your

financial condition

and he’s not going to abandon you

I’ve heard people say well brother Dave

I’ve prayed prayed about my financial

needs and I’m still in a mess

well let every let God Be True in every

man a liar

because the word of God is true I don’t

care if a million people tell me it

doesn’t work for them God says he made

his promise I’m going to stand on that

promise against a million people would

say otherwise

if your needs are not being supplied if

you’re going deeper and deeper God’s

going to have to deal with covetousness

he’s going to have to to deal with some

things in your life to get it right with

God and when you get things straightened

in divine order these promises will work

they will work Hallelujah let’s stand

folks let me ask you a question

if you can’t pray specifically for


how do you know when God answers

you say I pray for someone God gave me

something else well how do you know that

came and answered a prayer

God wants you to know he wants to give

you exactly what you asked so that when

it comes you’ll know specifically that

he is answered to encourage your faith


Heavenly Father

forgive our unbelief

there’s not a person in this building

that hasn’t had

some times of unbelief

drops of unbelief and doubt this past


and Lord sometimes they’re just flashing

through our mind they pass through but

their thoughts of unbelief

and Lord when we we we’re not trusting

you it means we don’t believe you truly

love us

Lord you love your people you didn’t

call us to abandon us to the devil let

the devil ensnare us you called us to

deliver us and set us free that we can

walk in Holiness and righteousness and

without fear all the days of our life


Lord this is your freedom you’re going

to save a multitude this year

you are going to save a multitude and

we’re going to believe you for our

families Lord for all the people being

saved in this church don’t pass by our

families we’re going to get desperate

with you so we’re going to do it in

faith hallelujah we’re going to begin to

thank you for your promises and we’re

going to stand on your word not our word

but on your word


blessed be the name of the Lord

I don’t have his mind yet for they all

to call

sing a course okay let’s just wait on

him a minute please

it wants to come down and rid of

unbelief and start a new year and have a

whole church coming down here because

we’re all feeling that and since they’ve

got in the spirit

but here’s what the Holy Spirit spoke to

my heart there there’s some balcony here

in the main floor and uh you have in you

a spirit of restlessness it’s been most

of this past year been very restless and

there’s been no real peace

somehow you have not come to a place of

real peace in the Lord

your spirit’s been troubled

I don’t I don’t know what the harassment

comes whether it’s from the enemy

whether some sin uh uh or situation in

your family but there’s there’s a total

lack of peace and there’s a restlessness

there’s something churning inside of you

that’s the best I can explain so I’ll

received more and the Holy Spirit made

it clear that this is the just a very

narrow invitation this morning for those

who have that turning churning inside of

you that restlessness

I want you to get off your seat that’s

the Holy Spirit

working on you

doing something very clearly in your

heart this morning I want you to get

obviously up in the balcony go down

either side come down any aisle they say

brother Dave that’s me there’s there’s a

twisting there’s a turning and I don’t

want to go through 95 like I did 94.

that restlessness that thing that’s

chewing and churning inside of me

because I don’t know what it’s from but

God wants to settle this morning

bring that Restless Heart

he wants to give you peace


sing that again

so I prayed I want to talk to everybody

who came forward

here’s what I receive from the Holy

Spirit I don’t see any way

out of restlessness out of anxiety

I see no way for a change other than


faith is your way to Victory absolute


let’s take example if you’ve been

battling and besetting sin or you’ve the

enemy has been coming at you and just

holding you something has a hold of your


if you stand here and allow the devil to

say I’ll never be free I’m going to be

like this I’ve prayed and cried and it’s

still there you’ll never be free there

has to be somebody who says God has

promised to keep me from falling God has

promised to keep me I’m going to stand

and believe that there has to be hope

rise in you Abraham believed against

hope he believed against hope he

believed against everything you have to

believe against all the lives of the

devil pounding your head you have to

believe that God said it

you have to stand on what he said

he said

call upon me and I’ll answer

he is going to answer you he’s going to

answer your Cry he’s going to answer

your prayer

and you’ve got to stand on that right

now Lord I’m David said Lord you you

promised my house that you’re going to

bless my seed and I look around I don’t

see it I don’t see what you promised

nevertheless I believe

that’s exactly where you have to come

right now whatever it is you may be in a

hopeless situation in your home it seems

humanly hopeless but you’ve got to

believe God knows how to straighten

things out you have to believe God knows

how to fix anything


I I think of drug addicts over the years

that came to this one one drug addict he

said he said I got saved but if I love

the Lord but I’m married to five women

and I listened to I mean he had lived

seeded his way and he had he he was he

was he had married certificates

everything five different women I think

oh God how do you ever mix it how do you

ever figure this out but folks within a

year God figured that whole thing out

God straightened things out

some of them were

drug addicted wise I think one or two

that were passed on

not just miraculously delivered that

that brother he can work a miracle after

miracle and get you out straight in your

life if you will trust him and believe

him so God I’m going to cast my Care on

you I’m going to give everything I’m

going to try to figure aren’t you tired

of trying to figure it out

aren’t you tired of making God promises

that you break

aren’t you tired of carrying this load

on your own back

put it on him now Jesus I’m going to

stand on these great impressive problems

now that requires that you get into this


and you start digging them out

Hallelujah go to the Psalms I’ll tell

you what if you spend 30 days just in

the Psalms and take every promise and

read your name into every promise that

was given to David or any other servant

of God read your name into it and stand

on it God’s the same yesterday to Dan

forever he’s no respecter of persons and

God will meet you

oh that I could pour faith into I can’t

but he can that’s the work of the Holy

Spirit oh God give me the faith that I

need this year by your head and pray

this prayer with me from your heart

Jesus forgive my unbelief

forgive my lack of trust

forget forgive me for all the words of

doubt that I’ve been speaking

to my own heart and to others

Jesus I come to you

as a child

and childlike faith

saying Teach me to believe

teach me to trust

give me your faith Jesus

heal my unbelief

I want to trust you Jesus

to deliver me and to keep me from

falling and present Me faultless Before

the Throne of your glory

I love you Jesus and by your grace in


I’ll cast my Care on you

I do it right now

I cast it on you Jesus I give it all to

you now

and I trust you

to work a miracle in my home in my life

now raise your hands and thank him right

now by faith that God is going to do

what you ask Hallelujah

Praise You Jesus

I give you thanks Lord thank him right

now with your own Spirit your own heart

your own lips I give you thanks

I give you thanks

wonderful Lord

wonderful Jesus

Hallelujah this is the conclusion of the