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welcome to all our visitors

I want you to experience the presence of

the Holy Ghost the queen in gold

I’m going to read the entire chapter

just follow me if you will please Psalm

45 my heart is indicting

a good matter I speak of the things

which I have made touching the king my

tongue is the PIN of ready writer Thou

Art fairer than the children of men

Grace is poured into thy lips therefore

God hath blessed thee forever you’re thy

sword upon Thy Thy almost Mighty with

thy Glory thy majesty and in thy Majesty

ride prosperously because of Truth and

meekness and righteousness the right

hand shall teach the Terrible Things

thine arrows are sharp in the heart of

the king’s enemies whereby the people

fall under thee

thy Throne oh goddess forever and ever

the scepter of thy kingdom is a right

scepter thou lovest righteousness and

hadest wickedness therefore God thy God

hath anointed thee with the oil of

gladness above thy fellows

all thy garment smell of myrrh and

Alloys in case you but of the out of the

ivory palaces whereby they have made the

glad King’s Daughters were among thy

honorable women upon thy right hand and

stand the queen in Gold of over

harken o daughter consider an incline

thine ear forget also thine own people

in thy father’s house so shall the king

break the desire thy Beauty

for he is thy Lord and worship thou him

the daughter of Tire shall be there with

a gift even the rich among the people

shall treat thy favor the King’s

Daughters all glorious within her

clothing is of rot gold she shall be

brought under the king and Raymond of

needlework The Virgins are companions

that follow her shall be brought unto

thee with gladness and rejoicing so they

be brought they shall enter into the

king’s Palace instead of thy father

shall be thy children whom thou mayest

make princes and all the earth I will

make thy name to be remembered in all

generations therefore so the people

praise thee forever and ever look at

verse 9 King’s Daughters were among thy

honorable women upon thy right-handed

this did stand the queen in Gold of over

Heavenly Father

I pray for the anointing the unction of

the Holy Spirit to be upon my body this

body is the temple the Holy Ghost

cleansed and Sanctified the word may

come forth pure and strong and let it

affect our minds and our spirits and our

bodies and Jesus may you be glorified we

take your authority over every

principality and power of Darkness a

relying Spirit anything you would hinder

the word of God give us ears to hear God

give us ears to hear Lord go deep into

our hearts trobe us let the anointing of

the unction the Holy Spirit be mine Lord

it is your spirit that is upon me today

Lord I pray that you would open our

hearts and our ears and our

understanding in Jesus name amen

now the 45th Psalm is a beautiful

picture of the bride and the bridegroom

there’s a great marriage about to take

place in this chapter and the writer is

actually boiling over with excitement

and ecstasy in fact when it says my

heart is indicted means my heart is

boiling over with the excitement he can

hardly contain himself because he he’s

trying to describe something he sees in

his mind an incredible marriage yeah


um Grand and glorious bridegroom and a

beautiful bride dressed in gold

you remember a number of years ago the

whole world was mesmerized watching a

royal wedding in England princess die

and Prince Charles

and they had what they call every

television uh station our our Network

had what they called color commentators

and they were describing

everything they described the royalty of

Prince Charles they they went into his

history with film clips and they showed

you his fancy horses how he played Polo

they talked about his duties as a prince

and also that he was going to inherit

the king the The Throne would be the

next king of England went through all of

his palaces his wealth described

everything and then of course at the

wedding described how he was dressed

and of course the descriptions for

princess die was incredible uh romantic

uh breathtaking gorgeous you can name it

all they described her gown to the

detail they described her flowers in

fact even when they were in the church

there was a commentator whispering

you could see it but they were

Whispering isn’t she gorgeous and look

at her shoes and flowers and they were

describing everything and this was to be

this people all over the world cried and

I tears rolled down to this gorgeous

romantic marriage till death do us part

folks we’ve lived to see that become one

of the ugliest Spectacles on the face of

the Earth

but folks we’re talking now about a

marriage that is so Grand and glorious

that we’ll never stop never end an

eternal marriage between the bridegroom

and his bride Hallelujah

this marriage is full of romance Beauty


and it’s eternal

it’s about King Jesus taking a bride

Hallelujah that’s what this whole

chapter I read that and some of you

missed it when I was reading you missed

it completely

the commentator here is the Holy Ghost

he’s describing this is marvelous the

Holy Ghost is describing this this

incredible scene that is unfolding and

he’s showing it to us

he’s looking at a throne

and the the Lord God King Jesus is

sitting or standing on his throne

waiting for his bride to come with her

retinue down before him in the Royal


now he is dressed in his military

regalia because the sword is strapped at

his thigh all his enemies have been


in fact every battle he’s ever fought

everything he’s ever done in the way of

Mercy everything he has done has been

for this bride

folks every battle against Satan every

Victory the Lord’s one is for you it’s

for me those that are under the blood

and he’s standing there in his military

regatti with his sword strapped at his

side he’s just come from his father’s

side the father is so excited because he

has prepared this bride he’s come from

the Royal palaces where the father is

Anointed him with the oil of gladness

all of his regalia is is just full of

the aroma of myrrh and aloes and

wonderful Aroma and he is absolutely

Overjoyed because this is what it’s been

all about

he is standing in his own Palace he’s

waiting for her he’s waiting for this

wonderful woman who’s going to be his

bride scripture up to the from two to

eight describes him fairer than the

Children of Men full of mercy and Grace

Hallelujah and and he’s just

he’s excited

and in fact this the commentator verse

when my heart is boiling over in a good

matter this wonderful thing that’s about

to happen the spirit and his body

everything boiling over he’s exploding

with excitement because he sees the king

King Jesus standing

waiting for his bride you know that that

he he you and I are right now seated in

Heavenly places with Christ Jesus but

he’s waiting for the marriage they’re

going to be a marriage folks

we are engaged to Jesus

but soon and very soon we are going to

be married

King’s Daughters were Among The

Honorable women there were many many

beautiful honorable women in the Kingdom

but he chose one

there was one and upon thy right hand

verse 9 did Stan the queen in Gold of

offer now people try to figure that out

offer was simply the purest gold made in

those days purest gold refined mind and

refined some say with South Africa some

say India it doesn’t matter it was pure


and upon thy right-handed stand the

queen in gold and over now I want to

talk about this bride

what a sight she is being brought to the

king she’s glowing because her heart’s

pure this is not a harlot that’s been uh

transformed this is a pure Hearted Woman

and she is coming now toward the king

she’s being brought

to the bridegroom

what incredible needlework this is not

some broad cloth that that has been

picked out of some uh big yardies this

is all hand work needleworks he’s

dressed in needlepoint and the needle

point is all in gold she’s glistening

from head to toe with ornaments and she

is her face is looking toward the king

and what a sight that no wonder this

writer is uh just boiling over with

excitement he is seeing this incredible

sight here she comes

being brought to the king and the

trumpets what a what a glorious sound

because behind her

as far as the eye can see and Beyond her

retinue of virgins all dressed in white

and she’s leading this procession

in a coming to the King of Kings and the

Lord of lords

and the Bible says the virgins are

companions that follow her shall be

brought unto thee with gladness and

rejoicing shall they be brought they

shall enter in to the king’s Palace

you imagine that moment

King Jesus

his heart

full of joy

because this is the moment

this is what he died for

this is the purpose of all creation

and this is the Highlight this is the


and here she comes all dressed in gold

the righteousness of Jesus himself

pure gold

here she comes

marching toward him and her retinue with


all of the redeemed of all mankind

all the virgins wide awakened they’re

dancing and they’re singing and what a


tambourines and stringed instruments can

can you see them marching and dancing

because this is the royal wedding


I want to stop here for just a moment

up to now this sounds just like another

royal wedding

in fact there are some commentators who

don’t see the Messianic truth of this in

fact most of the commentators have not

seen the Messianic picture of this but I

agree with the more spiritual might be

more spiritual we see the Messianic uh

part of it those who said just as a

historical wedding say that was simply

king joram of Judah marrying a Thalia

and there was a royal wedding at the

time and it was a great wedding but this

is Messianic it’s very clear I don’t see

how anybody can miss it this is about

Jesus and his bride


I I believe this is all my I want you to

go to Revelation 21 I’m going to show

you the bride revelation 21.


Revelation 21 verse


Revelation 21 beginning verse two and I

John saw the holy city New Jerusalem

coming down from God out of heaven

prepared what as a bride adorned for her


I want to go to verse 9.

there came unto me one of the Seven

Angels which had the seven vials full of

the seven last plagues and talked with

me saying come hither I will show Thee

the bride the Lamb’s wife

and he carried me away in the spirit to

a great and high mountain and showed me

that great City the holy Jerusalem

descending Out of Heaven from God having

the glory of God in her light was like

unto the stone most precious even like a

jasper stone clears Crystal now look at

me folks

the Angels showing John a picture of a

city coming down out of heaven but he’s

describing a people

he’s describing the pure bride of Christ

this it has foundations 12 foundations

those that’s the gospel of The Twelve

Apostles it has walls you know walls are

to keep anything out that’s not invited

everything it’s impure These Are People

Are Walled in the devil has been walled

out and it has Gates let in everything

that should come in that’s the gospel

the good things you’re allowed in the

bad things are kept out it’s a the Bible

talks about a pure Crystal Water that’s

a clear conscience it’s all the Bride of

Jesus Christ

I’m going to show you the bride coming

down out of heaven where are we seated

right now but with Christ in Heavenly

places by faith we come to him right out

of Heaven itself

coming down out of Heaven coming out of

that place seated with Christ with the

pure pure conscience


based on the doctrines of the Apostles

of Jesus Christ

walled in a wall of fire around a bonus

and Gates These Eyes these ears that

hear have an ear to hear and eyes to see

and a heart to hear

this is the city that comes down from


you know the Angels speak of that great

holy city descending

you read that take time this afternoon

or this week and read Revelation 21

you’ll see a beautiful picture of the

last day Church of Jesus Christ and as

the queen stands before her bridegroom

the marriage is about to take place

but a voice comes

in folks I take this to be the voice of

the Holy Spirit

she has already had her heart won to the


she’s already committed to this man

she’s left her house she’s left her land

she’s left her parents she’s left her

friends she’s left all behind she’s

committed herself to this man she’s full

of joy she loves this man she’s about to

be married to this man but before she’s

married a voice comes of warning an

admonition and look at it there in verse


Psalm 45 10.

Park and no daughter

and consider and inclined thine ear now

notice she’s standing at his right hand

the marriage is about to be performed

but a voice comes to her an inner voice

that you’re going to hear this voice of

the Holy Ghost this morning you’re going

to hear him whisper to your heart now

folks I want you to hear me if you’ve

ever heard me before is it faster than

this Paul would hear me this morning if

you want to be in the bride of Christ if

you want to be there on that day

if you love him folks the thing that it

something that worries me there are

concerns were more than going to a

Godless hell

is to be

absent on that day and not being his

bride and not be embraced and not spend

an eternity with him

here’s the message of the Holy Ghost

forget also thine own people

in thy father’s house

forget it

forget everything of the past

she’s left it folks is not enough to

leave it he said forget it now

what the Holy Ghost is saying what this

voice is saying to the bride you’re

about to commit to him now when you

marry him and when you’re with him what

what is going to be your mindset when

you’re married to him are you going to

give him just lip service are you going

to just give him your body

perfunctorally and just go through the

motions and your mind is going to be

back on your old life on your old things

an old friend an old lover something in

your past

now you’ve left it but if you’ve left it

in your mind is it holy possessed you

have you given up the world so there’s

not even a memory

they’re not a memory of the past there’s

nothing it’s all dead it’s all gone from

this moment on you are hits

are you counting the cost is what the

holy spirit is saying if you counted the

cost are you really looking at your love

are you really considering the cost

Jesus said whosoever he be of you that

forsaketh not all that he hath he cannot

be my disciple

Jesus said in every

second houses or Brethren or sisters or

father or mother or wife or children or

lands for my name’s sake shall receive a

hundredfold and shall

inherit everlasting life

now beloved this is not a call for you

to leave your wife

some people have used that excuse

some guys run away the missionsville God

told me to leave everything in he just

won an escape for marriage

this is not

an excuse to forsake your obligations

and family it will affect the Bible is

full of of these uh challenges and

commands to provide for man provides not

for his own he’s worse than infidels

denied the faith the Bible said we’re

the love and honor our wives and the

Bible said we’re to raise up the

children and the fear of God there’s all

kinds of Commandments and admonitions on

this so it’s something much else

this is not just a physical call in fact

God’s Own definition of being forsaken

by his children is that they simply turn

away from him and turn to someone else

or something else and he calls that I

don’t when you turn your heart away from

me he said anything that possesses your

mind your attention your time your money

and and it’s your main focus that is

your idol and you have forsaken me and

you have turned to idolatry it’s not

bowing down before some little image and

worshiping that image it’s giving your

heart your time attention your focus to

someone or something else it may be good

but it’s still an idol

and they forsook the Lord their God and

served Baal and followed other gods

followed other interests in other words

now let me tell you what this is all

about follow me please it’s a word to

the bride dressed in gold you say you’re

ready to forsake and follow

this man

but where is your mind

I want to talk to husbands first


most of you can say I’m a good provider

I work hard

I bring home my money I try not to waste

it my children are well dressed I put

shoes on their feet I dress my children

I do everything to be a good husband to

my wife and a provider I work hard at


I spent a lot of time at it it consumes

my time

that’s commendable

that’s commanded that’s wonderful

God bless you

but one day you have to stand before the


and you have to answer if you’re a man

of God if you’re committed to this God

groom if you’re in the Brotherhood of

Jesus Christ

how much there’s there’s what I call a



abandoning time

where in your mind you forsake everybody

you abandon everything

and you leave everything behind in your


and you’ll get along with God whether

it’s on the job whether it’s driving to

work wherever it is and you say Jesus my

beloved bridegroom this is your time and

you forget your family you forget your

children you forget everybody else this

is our time

how much time do you have or do you have

what I call loitering time we loiter we

loiter at the television set we loiter

and it’s just hanging around time where

we spend time with friends and

everything else

but we don’t have time alone with him to

get to know him

but dear wife

not my wife but all the wives

your loved ones

you say Brother David I’m a good wife

and a good mother

I’m submissive

and I take good care of my children the

best I know how and I’ve got a lot of

problems I’ve got a lot of worries but I

really love the Lord but

one day

grandma Grandpa

wife husband

you will stand before the Judgment seat

and he keeps good books

and he’s going away all the time that

you spent

with your children

your grandchildren

your husband your wife

with your interest you’re going to put

it on a scale

and then he’s going to add up all the

time that you’ve had for him and put it

on the other side of the scale

is the skill even going to move

for you

you see

it’s not the bad that’s the enemy to the

Christians the good

it’s the good

it’s family

it’s career it’s top

and folks I’m going to take it’s not the

job that stands between you and the lord

it’s not the fam that stands before you

and the Lord It’s the loitering of your

own time that you could have taken and

didn’t take it

folks this is burning on my heart

because the Lord told me if I was to be

a true Shepherd this morning I had to

come before you and tell you honestly

that some of you that are sitting here

now are not going to be in the bride of


because when you stand there he’s not

going to say oh here’s my beloved here’s

one who spent so much time for me here’s

someone just waiting for me here’s

somebody been expecting me here’s

someone just overflowing with love for

me or somebody that’s been in my word

that’s just been saturated with my word

here someone that couldn’t wait to wake

up to meet with me somebody when I go to

bed without talking to me and here you

are we are one now nothing will fired us

no no no because you’re going to stand

before me since I don’t know you

I don’t know you you had no time for me

you didn’t love my word you were not

seeking you went to church and you

called that good time with me but

everybody was around you had no private

time there was no intimacy you were not

with me I don’t know you depart

how should we escape that we neglect so

great in Salvation how should we escape

I’m not going to stand here and bless


I’m not mad at you but I feel the spirit

of the Living God in Me who says where

is your time

with me

that’s what the holy spirit is saying to

this woman she’s about to marry him

so spirit of God says listen you better

listen you better hearken you better

hear it in your heart

forget these things

they take care of themselves

are these things first

you can say Jesus is first you can say I

love him you can come to this church

every time the doors are open but what

do you do when the time is your home

how many books have you read how many

magazines how many newspapers how much

television how much radio how many of

these things have entered in and you’ve

loitered you’ve ordered and you’ve

ordered and now time is running out

Jesus is about to come and you’re going

to stand before him

you know some of you being branded by an

iron right now it’s being branded in

your very soul

and when you stand before Jesus it’s

going to be naked before every eye

branded Christ reject her

because you’ve rejected

loving him

as he wanted to be loved

he wanted your time if you love somebody

whatever you love get your attention get

your time

how many of you even know where your

Bible is anymore

how many of you haven’t just sitting


this is Jesus this is the worm this is


it’s the revelation of his heart

it’s everything about him

he’s he’s absolutely a mask his soul his

being everything about him is unmasked

here if you’re going to go to him I

would think that if you loved him you’d

want to know everything you want good

about if you go spend eternity with it

I I had a wife come to me and she said

oh my my husband’s nose are Holiness

breach all over the United States but

try living with the man

he’s a devil

gets up and preaches these big sermons

on Holiness and he has no Christian

character and that man had been

delivered from all kinds from

pornography and everything else he had

great Mercy he should have been exposed

he should have he was a devil headed for

hell the Lord forgave him but there was

no mercy in his preaching

are you willing for

the same Christ who gave you Mercy to

show it to all of these reprobates

around you in your apartment and where

you work

are you willing for the Lord to come

down and stoop down in their awful

condition of that boss of yours who

abuses you

what about all the abortion doctors are

we going to shoot them out

the Lord said you don’t even know it’s

spiritual that’s not my spirit

that’s not my spirit

are you willing that the these 250 300

000 act up homosexuals in these uh uh

homosexuals who are uh parading around

this city are are you willing that even

though they prayed down those Wicked

streets in the in in nakedness and and

shake their fisted God and and signs

Jesus is gay

are you willing to pray oh Jesus

they’re miserable as I was

these people can’t sleep

oh God you showed me mercy show Mercy

that’s what this is saying be merciful

unto us that we may so Mercy give us a

revelation of your mercy so that we can

go out and be merciful to others

a number of years ago God told me I

couldn’t preach judgment anymore until I

learned Mercy

there are some of my old tapes I’ve had

to turn off I can’t listen to


I didn’t understand his Mercy

when he revealed it to me

I told him

I would never preach judgment without

ending with Mercy by God’s grace he’s

helped me

you willing for that unsaved husband of

yours who fights you and gives you all

kinds of trouble and those around you

who’ve abused you are you willing to

pray oh God

I’m no better

I am no but I was just like that or

worse and you came down you remember

when you couldn’t sleep you remember the

hell you lived in do you remember all of

that weight that’s upon you when you

woke up in the morning you wish it was

night and night you wished it was day

and now that’s been relieved have you

forgotten a pit from what you were done

well you broke God

Let Me Show the World Mercy as you’ve

shown it unto me


the prayer is and bless us

now in an Old Testament God’s blessings

were determined primarily by material

things their cattle were blessed so that

their cattle gave off their young

without the young dying the the land and

The Vineyards were prospered that they

were given houses and lands and fullness

of bread that the whole world because

the world in Israel’s time judged God’s

uh reality or that there was a God by

his Blessing the land sending rain and

and that there were no famines and that

the people were blessed anybody was

blessed had a god a true God and God

blessed Israel above anyone on the face

of the Earth and you you can read it for

the Lord thy God Deuteronomy 2 7 hath

blessed thee in all the works of thy


he knoweth thy walking through this

Great Wilderness these 40 years the Lord

thy God hath been with thee thou Hast

lacked nothing

and what

Moses is preaching here is that you’ve

been blessed and that God is with you to

meet every one of your needs

he’s giving you Manna he’s giving you

water to drink he’s he’s taking care of

your shoes so that they they they didn’t

wear out in your clothes didn’t wear out

and this was obvious to the whole world

and they say there is a God God takes

care of this people

and the blessings were material we’ve

got a lot of people want to go back to

that Old Testament Covenant and live

under that Covenant and they want a BMW

they want a Mercedes they want all the

blessings there God blessed me so the

whole world will know God’s with me

I heard a preacher on on radio once he

said I’d drive a Rolls-Royce and I live

in a 500 house don’t tell me God in with


his everybody can see God’s with me

well if that’s the way you judge it

then Mr Hughes who died

there’s a multi-billionaire

I think where there were three people at

his funeral

died with a scraggly hair long

fingernails like an animal

no you see God has under New Covenant

given us all these promises I’ll supply

all your needs

he said you seek me first I’ll take care

of all these other things

you don’t even have to pray the Bible

says that you know the Bible says the

Gentiles ask for these things that’s a

gentile in other words that’s a heathen

prayer the Heathen asks for that

and that’s a heathen gospel that’s been

preached today

but the blessing that is ours I’m going

to read you a verse and show you what

the scripture is saying here and bless


I want you to listen to it closely

here’s the blessing that we’re to pray


Acts 3 26 unto you first God having

raised up his son Jesus sent him why did

God send Jesus sent him to bless you in

turning away every one of you from his


look at me

that is the blessing

of these last days

that is the prayer word of prayer God

bless me

by giving me confidence in the

resurrecting power of Jesus Christ and

the power of the cross Jesus was sent to

me that he may take all my bondage take

away all my sins that I can walk around

to my neighbors on the job a free man a

free woman and they can look at their

testimony and say there’s a missionary


I’ve heard about preaching the

resurrection and I’ve got in my library

whole commentaries on on the mercy of

God and on uh this matter of of being

uh since forgiven but you see we have

turned Mercy into a cold

a legal

transaction with God


I have some of the old Puritan books I

have literally read 500 page books on

the contract the legal contract of God

on grace and mercy and it goes something

like this you confess your sins you get

sorry you repent and God is legally

obligated to forgive you

and they go through all the legal

arrangements with the legal language and

you can talk about propitiation you can

talk about sanctification justification

you can talk about all the theological

terms and finally I get weary of it

because it’s legal I it sounds like a

lawyer is writing it

and I get my mind gets so bogged down in

the legal aspects of grace and mercy and


and it’s not that complicated

you see the reality of this is very very


the devil couldn’t hold Jesus down

I’m talking about preaching the


you don’t need a 500 page book

we have a loving Heavenly Father

that’s what this message is all about we

have a loving Heavenly Father

who doesn’t want anybody to perish

so he sent his own son and God became

flesh and came down to get into our

awful condition to feel it to know it

to feel a hurt and feel our pain and our

anxiety God came down and lived as a man

he died taking our sins and he was


and let me tell you what preaching the

resurrection means

the devil couldn’t hold Jesus down he

can’t hold me down


he couldn’t hold Jesus in change he

can’t find me


Jesus was raised from the dead seated at

the right hand of the father I’m raised

from the dead seated right beside him

it’s that simple

I have a father who loves me who relates

to my pain whom says are you are free

because I’m free

you don’t have to give in to the devil’s

time because I broke it

I don’t want to contract I want a heart

thank you

has to be an absolute confidence

that you can trust Jesus to give you

power over sin

folks if you don’t have that President

Carter’s preach his heart on that I

preached my heart on it

Pastor dawn has preached his heart out

on that

listen to me

if the devil could just get you

to fear evil

David’s I’ll fear no evil

if the devil can just get you to believe

and just have that little hint of doubt

in your mind

that you can’t go out there witness the

people because you’re not quite there


you can’t witness to anybody because you

failed him so many times you can’t

witness because you still have this

little nagging fear that somehow you’re

going to go back to some old Heaven the

devil’s going to drag you down

oh why what God is saying the prayer cry

out oh God bless me

bless me

nobody you understand that yeah Lord you

send Jesus to bless me


by turning away every one of us from our

sins he turns us

how many have been blessed to being

turned away from your sins how many been


go ahead and tell somebody how God Gave

You BMW you’ll go out here and tell a

drug addict how how thought your God is

blessed me look at the nice clothes I’ve

got God bless me I got a home in Utah uh

or Colorado

Utah or Colorado

go out and tell them I I have a yacht in

East River

you think he’s going to be changed and

he’s on you think I won’t touch anything

in his heart

but you go and tell him

I was a drug addict

I’m Bound by sin

I would just like you

I had no hope

that was a poor loss hopeless beggar

Jesus came and delivered me from all my


you’re gonna touch him right where he

lives you want to touch the nerve

because they’re believe it or not even

though they mock you or anything else

they’re still there’s there’s this

desire oh God there’s there’s a cry

there’s a heart cry God if you’re there

like the boy the drug that they came

loaded up his his needle

he’s preaching the gospel today but laid

on his bed everyone had given up on him

then he stuck the needle in got high but

sucked enough blood in it and pushed the

needle and wrote on the ceiling help God

with his blood


one drug addicts so incensed so desires

to get free

change himself to one of those big Iron

the heat what do you call those


then the second day got so needing a

drug seat couldn’t break it so he

literally enraged pulled the whole

radiator walked down the street with an

80-pound Radiator on his back

he’s one of our boys today


a week from this coming Tuesday

we have in this Pulpit Sunny arconzoni

preaching first drug addict we won to

the Lord years ago a Praying Mother now

he’s a bishop of of uh of churches all

the United States drug addict churches

I’m preaching his convention this year

last time I preached it there were 13

000 converted drug addicts and

alcoholics there at the meeting under

huge tent thirteen thousand

and I met him down under the elevated

train in Brooklyn

he thought I was a narcotic agent

but that boy had a Praying Mother

filthiest boy you’d ever want to meet

we took him into our home

and I brought him home it was the first

we lived in Staten Island I’d never had

a drug addict in our home

but didn’t have a center at that time so

we took him in so he could kick a cold


and for two days watched him sweat and

go through all this hell put all the cry

in his heart oh God if you can deliver


and I saw God come down

to one of the worst junkies in New York

and changed his life

show his Mercy

and you’re going to hear a preacher of

Mercy because God showed him Mercy

you know what you you know why there are

thousands of drugs he gets out in the

street he’s still a Street Preacher and

and you know why those drug addicts come

by the thousands it’s not some

homological sermon it’s not some legal


he’s been blessed

he got the black I I hear people talking

about going to some City to get a


folks you’ve got the blessing if you

have deliverance from sin you’ve got the

biggest blessing God’s ever given you

I’ve been blessed I’ve been set free I’m

free I’m not an addict I’m not bound I’m


I’m not what I want to be yet but I’m

not what I was and I’m on my path to

total freedom Hallelujah I’m going to

tell the world


glory to Jesus

now here in closing and cause his face

to shine on us

what happened to Moses when he was shot

in for 40 days and 40 nights with the

Lord who is nothing but blazing Glory

it lit up his face

the number one problem in American

churches we don’t have enough people lit



it lit up his face

I can’t imagine a single Center on the

face of the Earth wanting to get saved

by looking at the countenance of many of

God’s people even in this church we have

sourpush Christians who have been

complaining ever since they’ve been


they line up back here

boy that’ll do it


no that’s maybe one out of three

now I got out of that nicely all right

you know them

every time you talk to them don’t dare

ask them how they’re doing

don’t dare us how you doing oh man I’m

terrible it’s just awful and you stand

there an hour and I told you here you

hear it pouring out of their heart

there is no sign on the face of Jesus

that comes only through intimacy

you know the apostles that were with him

on the Mount of transfiguration why

didn’t their face shine if they’d been

there 40 days they would have

it’s a matter of long quality time

set in

with the Lord

Philippians 2 15 that we may be

blameless and harmless the sons of God

without rebuke in the midst of a crooked

and perverse Nation among whom you shine

as lights in the world you know you can

have these first two characteristics and

not have the Third

you can you can know the mercy of God

he could have come down in your in your

wretched condition and changed you you

can have this blessing of your sins

forgiven and still not have the shine of

God’s face

the children of Israel the Bible says

jezron whacks fat and you read how God

blessed and he prospered and yet they

transgressed against him and therefore

he had to hide his face from them

Ezekiel 39 23.

uh best people who are still under the

sacrifices they were still making sin

offerings to the Lord

covered by sin offering prospered but

didn’t have the favor of God didn’t have

the smile or the sign of God’s face you

know what the sign of God’s face says

it’s the smile of God

it’s it’s someone who says I want to be

a witness to the whole world and it’s

something it’s received by as a brother

preached this afternoon so clearly it’s

by faith it’s a decision

I’m not going to live with the crank

anymore I’m not going to live under the

thumb of the devil

I’m not going to live like this anymore

I’m sick and tired of living like this

and you you say Lord Jesus you have

delivered me you blessed me by setting

me free from my sins

you have shown me mercy

now oh God put the joy of the Lord in my

heart Give Me Faith and confidence that

you’re walking with me and the smile of

God is simply that God has turned his

countenance towards you and says I am

with you don’t ever fear again it is the

countenance the favor the blessing of

God the hand of God on you

I’ll tell you what

has taken all the fear out of my life

it’s a promise he made me

long time ago

as clear as anything I’ve ever heard in

my life he said David I put my hand upon

you you are enveloped in the glory of my


so you never never have to fear didn’t

he say we’re inscribed in the palm of

his hand

and what I saw was the his hand as a

glory cloud and it just comes and it

just envelops you and you’re in this

Glory cloud and if you’re in that Glory

Cloud you need fear no man you need to

fear nothing

but the fear of God itself

God lights us up

to show the world to give testimonies

that he’s a god of rest he’s a God of

Peace that he delivers


how much of the

character of Jesus are you showing on