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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

my message this morning how far are you

prepared to trust God how far are you

prepared to trust God

hallelujah heavenly father I thank you

for the Living Word of God the truth

that sets us free when it’s anointed by

the holy spirit so I pray Holy Spirit

you come now and you speak to everyone

within the sound of my voice that no one

leave this church this building today

without being transformed by Your Word

through your spirit Lord I acknowledge

you I got this from you on my knees and

I pray Lord that it go directly to the

heart sanctify me that I preach it in

your Holiness amen I want you to turn to

the Book of Malachi and just leave it

open if you will PE please the last book

in the Old Testament if you leave that

open on your lap I’m going to be

referring to Mal the first chapter

especially the first chapter of

Malachi amen how far are you prepared to


God in in prayer

recently I put this question to the Lord

Lord how far can I go in trusting you

with every single detail of my

life how involved Lord you want to be in

in all my decision making

my question to him was Lord are you are

you ready to give me direction and

answer for everything I submit to you

are you looking for me are you looking

for that kind of relationship that I can

take absolutely everything every problem

every decision to the Lord Jesus Christ

to the Holy Spirit and get an answer and

I’ll tell you my friends the

scriptures answer that question loud and

clear there can be no mistake about it

no compromise

with this truth it is all through the

word of God not only does God desire to

be involved in Every Act and every

detail of our life he will have it no

other way he will have it no other way

the Bible says in Proverbs 3:5 and 7

trust in the Lord with all thine heart

lean not to thine own understanding in

all thy ways acknowledge Him consult him

go to him and he will direct your path

Jeremiah 9:23 God says let him that

glorieth glory in this that he

understandeth and knoweth me that I am

the Lord which exercise loving kindness

judgment and righteousness in the Earth

for in these things I Delight sayeth the

Lord now what that means is simply this

if you’re going to say that you know the

Lord God says make sure you know me in

the way I want to be known I want you to

know me that I take pleasure

in exercising or getting involved in

loving kindness judgment the word

judgment here is final decision in all

things the word judgment there in Hebrew

is final decision in all things God says

I take Delight when you trust me with

every decision in your life that is my

delight see without faith it’s

impossible to please him but this is

Faith in trusting him with every single

decision every deta

in our

lives he said if you’re going

to boast that you know me know me in

this way that I take pleasure in taking

control of your life I get my pleasure

from that the Bible says the eyes of the

Lord run to and fro throughout the whole

earth to show himself strong in behalf

of those whose hearts are perfect toward

him that word perfect means fully

dependent God says I search the Earth

for those children of mine who are fully

dependent on my mind on my direction not

making their own choices not going their


way now this was given by the prophet

Han to ASA King ASA had sought the Lord

for all directions but it came a

situation in his life a crisis when

Israel was attacking and rather than go

to God and consult

him he strictly made his own mind up

consulted nobody a few of his princes

and they decided to bribe the syrians to

come down and fight Israel and Israel

was attacked from the north and uh so

that Israel left off uh attacking Asia


Judah and this is the

rebuke of prophet h to King ASA he said

what he saying in essence God had a

plan you didn’t have to go to the

Heathen you didn’t have to make up your

own mind God had a plan because the eyes

of the Lord run to and fr the whole

earth to show himself strong to those

whose hearts are fully dependent on him

if you had depended on the Lord if you

gone to the Lord and consulted him he

would have made a way but now because

you’ve chosen your way you’re going to

have the wars and confusion the rest of

your life and folks when you go Own Way

make your own choices it leads to war it

lead war in your home war in your family

war on the job war in your career

everywhere your business because you did

not consult the Lord in all

things this psalmist said God looks down

from the height of his Sanctuary from

Heaven the Lord beholds the Earth the

eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous

and here’s what it mean means God looks

down and he beholds the Earth and his

eyes are on us he’s absolutely involved

in our lives and when it says he looks

down from the heights his eyes are upon

us means there’s nothing escapes his


nothing I’m telling you that God is

involved in your life whether you know

it or not he has been involved from the


beginning he Bible said he’s acquainted

with all our ways he’s

acquainted scripture says he knows it

when we sit down he knows when we rise

up Bible said he understands every

thought a far off he compasses our path

it means he to takes notice of every

detail of our daily

life there is not a word in your tongue

that the Lord knows it he knows it

altogether the scripture says Thou Hast

beset me surrounded me behind and before

such knowledge is too wonderful me I

cannot even attain to it

I want to tell you something before you

were born God was involved with you he

numbered Your Parts when you were in

your mother’s

womb he absolutely numbered he knows

every cell in your body Bible said he

counted every hair that you were going

to have you didn’t have any when you

came out of out of the womb but he

numbered every hair you’d have to this

very day he was

involved he has been involved from the

found foundation of the world and every

detail of Our

Lives thine eyes have seen my unformed

substance thou did weave me in my

mother’s womb my days have been ordained

for me when as yet there had not been

any of them in other words God said I’ve

chosen your path I know all about you

before you were born amazing now let me

tell you what all this means to me God’s

been dealing with me about this very POS

ly this says to me God has the time God

has the desire he has the power to make

all my decisions and if I would go all

the way trusting him in

everything laying every care upon Him

Consulting him for direction on every

matter in my life in my home on my job

my Ministry everything I consult the

Lord and trust him he will take over

full management of my life and Ministry

he’ll take over the full

management now this has everything to do

with the

scripture in the in he in in Romans 121

a very familiar

scripture scripture that says I beseech

you therefore Brethren by the mercies of

God that you present your body a Living

Sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which

is your reasonable

service now this sacrifice and I want to

show this to you this morning this

sacrifice that Paul is talking about has

everything to do with going all the way

with the Lord and trusting him with

every decision in your life now remember

it’s not just a Living Sacrifice it has

to be holy and has to be acceptable unto

God now many people go to the Lord and

say Lord I give you my life I sacrifice

I Lay My Life down now folks it’s not

just talking about becoming a martyr

it’s not talking simply about being

willing to burn out for Jesus goes much

deeper than

that I’m talking now to those of you in

this congregation those who are hearing

me who want to go away with the Lord

you’re tired of making

mistakes you’re tired of all the turmoil

that goes with things going wrong and

disorder in your home or your wife or

your life and your

job listen very very closely about this

matter presenting your body as a living

acceptable sacrifice unto

God acceptable holy sacrifice simply

means this giving full control of your

life and future into the hands of the

Lord giving up all management folks when

the sacrifice was laid on the altar it

lost all control of its

Destiny there was no more control of the

destiny nothing all decisions were in

the hands of the high priest from that

moment of

on the consuming of the everything the

lamb had no choice in it

whatsoever but you

see if I come to him and just just give

him my body I’m giving him less than $1

is worth of elements the body’s made up

with Poss mostly water but if you count

if you literally want to know the actual

value of this human being David

Wilkerson elements are worth less than a

dollar in fact they said I think 93


now so I’m going to give him 93 cents

worth of value no that’s not way the

value is because see in this body

there’s a

computer it’s right up here it’s a

little mass of

Flesh into this little mass of flesh is

where the will is and we put into that

little computer our calculations we


uh the risk when we make a decision we

the consequences our desires what how it

affect us how affect other people we put

all of these things all the decisions

that are in our life we put them in this

computer and

we out of that computer out of that mind

this Priceless mind this is the only

thing of value this is where the heart

is where the will

is and what we do when we come to the

Lord we come to

him you you see this little computer of

mine doesn’t want to give up

control that’s the flesh that’s where

the will is

self-will and it’s so used to making


decision Consulting

nobody doing every man doing what is

best for

himself this little computer is

controlled by the

flesh by the carnal mind where the

conscience is and it it it is often shut

off by this little

computer we want to go to the Lord and

say Lord I entrust my future to you

Eternal salvation I trust forgiveness of

my sins I trust you to bring me to

paradise and live eternally with you I

trust all my eternal future in your

hands but as far as giving you my

computer I can’t do it

I I I I can’t give you full control of

my life and so we we we go through the

fleshly mo of saying I Surrender Lord I

yield my body unto you I give you

everything oh yes we give him our pledge

we give him our promises but we don’t

give him our

computer we don’t give him our mind we

don’t let the mind of Christ take over

we don’t let what Paul said Christ in me

living in me making my decisions

you know I for years I tried to figure

out what the Bible means if

you live in the spirit walk in the

spirit and I I I I looked at books

studied books what does it mean to walk

in the spirit if you live in the spirit

walk in the spirit folks it’s very very

simple the Holy Ghost lives you in you

obey him listen to

him let him direct you let him make the

decisions because he is the very Living

spirit of Christ in


Hallelujah I’m not talking

about asking the Holy Ghost what kind of

cereal you’re going to

eat and what dress you’re going to wear

today and

but even I I have to even back up

on that a bit

and I’ll tell you why because you know

about a year ago I was very very sick

with colitis and and I went to the Lord

and I said Lord I I can’t even pastor

this church if this goes on I am I am

literally being wiped out by this and

I’ve told you this that I went to the

Lord and He dealt with me about getting

rid of sugar and watching my diet and

things that I eat and got me on a holy

ghost started me on my own nutritional

program with barley greens and

everything else and and and and there

was healing and I I am stronger than it

ever been even when I was 30 years

old because I I turned it over to the

Holy Ghost I turned it over to the Lord

said this is your problem I’m going to

obey you and folks uh when it comes to

dress in the morning I I had a

preacher’s wife say here husband talk to

me we a eat she said Pastor Dave I every

time I get go to church I look in the

mirror and I say holy ghost is is are

you pleased am I bringing attention to

my flesh is this sensual or is this

Godly this the length of my dress or or

or am I showing off my body so that

someone would be tempted yes those

decisions have to go into the hands of

the Lord

too uhhuh some this morning

need some here this morning should have

prayed about it before you

came are you in

Malachi in Malachi God is looking down

from his height and he sees something in

the priest that angered him Israel’s

priests had defiled the altar of the

Lord by offering polluted

sacrifices Malachi

1:7 oh priest that despise my

name and ye say wherein have we despised

thy name you have offered fluted bread

upon my

altar verse 8 and if ye offer the blind

then for sacrifice is it not evil if you

offer the lame and sick is it not

evil now listen to me folks in Leviticus

the 21st chapter verse 68 and 12 don’t

turn there but the sacrificial lamb with

called the bread of God that was the

food of God folks we we become the bread

of God

we when we are absolute sacrifice now

folks I’m only talking to people this

morning that are not satisfied to live a

half-hearted life for Christ not

satisfied to live carnally for yourself

I’m talk for people who have an urgency

in their heart I want to give my life

compl completely to the Lord you see

we’ve made so few demands anymore we

have such a lazy uh Christianity Today

that Jesus said the way is narrow and

few that find it but we have a super

highway Christianity now we have widened

the streets and the borders and and

that’s what they call now the secer

friendly church we have a gospel of

accommodation to accommodate people and

we what they’re doing making a super

wide Highway to Heaven and it’s not

heading head toward Heaven the Bible

said wide is the road that’s headed for

Destruction and there are so few demands

made on us

now but there is a demand being made in

these last days I believe before Jesus

comes there’s going to have to be a

Christianity evolv in the True Church of

Jesus Christ

whereby the holy remnant

begins to cry out say I am not

satisfied with the life where I sit

around like a Couch’s potato watching

television I am not satisfied that my

family is spinning out into

disorder there got to be some reason

Lord I’m not satisfied to just go to

church and get a little

blessing there has to be something rise

up with the Holy Ghost said Lord I want

you to control my life evidently there’s

something missing in my consecration

there’s something missing in my Living

Sacrifice to

you now what was this polluted bread

that they were offering this


sacrifice because I wonder if some of us

here this morning believe that you’ve

made a Living Sacrifice to the Lord but

it has been a polluted sacrifice and

it’s not acceptable unto the Lord now

that’s strong language

but these are perilous times and I

believe Jesus is

coming now I I know that we lose a lot

of people in this church that come to

visit and they hear the message and it’s

too strong for them and they they they

go to something a little more

pable and I we probably have a list of

churches where we could

recommend and I’m not trying to be

factious but I’m telling you folks you

going to stand before the Judgment seat

of Jesus Christ one day

to me this is not a

job I’m not here making

money I’m here to tell you what the Holy

Ghost is saying about how we should live

in this last day I want you to listen to

what the Holy Spirit spoke in my

heart what is this polluted sacrifice

what first thing comes to mind well the

priest are living in sin and adultery

and fornication then they’re coming into

the house of God with dirty hands oh

folks it goes much further than that

it’s even more wicked that’s part of it

but it’s even more wicked than that in

the eyes of

God ye priests despise my

name now they didn’t understand that

when Malachi came and with this rebuke

from the Holy Ghost what do you mean we

despise his name because you see they

couldn’t understand because they were

going through the religious form they

were sacrificing they they were they

were lighting the the uh lanterns they

were going through the whole service of

the temple and here comes a prophet

saying nothing you do is acceptable God

doesn’t even look at it it’s all in vain

and they said what do you mean we’re

despising it we are making sacrifices

we’re worshipping the Lord now folks

this is very serious because there are

many many churches in the United St that

I believe God doesn’t even look at he

didn’t even visit

them I can show that to you if here in

just a

moment what the Lord is trying to say to

them and to us you refuse to submit to

the absolute authority of the

Lord you have never surrendered to his

total complete

lordship he said if I’m your father

where’s my honor if I’m your master your

lord where’s my fear

they had rejected absolute surrender to

the leading of almighty God whereby he

could have spoken by the prophets and by

his Spirit to what they were doing they

were going out and rather than getting a

perfect lamb the best of the flock they

were GL they were taking one with three

legs or diseased and ready to die and

throwing it on the altar halfhazard

they were not serious about the things


God when the Lord began to move with me

to prophesy to This Nation about what is

coming to

America I’ve been a year on my

face and I thought I was serious about

the things of God but the Lord named a

whole list of things that I had to

change in my life things that you might

laugh about that you may allow in your

life because we’re allowing so many

things now

you allow yourself do you and your

children to sit and watch some of these

new children’s uh uh

cartoons that nothing but murder and

ult I can’t even watch the TV news

now because if I sit and watch TV news

I’m going to be watching

Seinfield where there’s nothing but

laughter and mockery at moral

standards and I I and I’m going to to

get hooked again on these things so the

Lord the Lord makes it very very clear

that there are things that are changing

if you’re going to get serious about God

if you’re getting serious about God

answering your prayer and you want your

family Sav before Jesus comes there

going to be some changes made you’re

going to get serious about God you’re

going to get serious about walking with

the Lord


said a father is the one who is in

control if I you call me your father why

am I not in control of your life why are

you doing things your own way why are

you doing what a father is supposed to

do in your life if if I’m your lord

where’s my lordship why are you not

submitting to my

lordship now I’m instructed by the

Apostle Paul to go to the Altar and give

my body to the Lord as a sacrifice that

would be acceptable in his

eyes an acceptable sacrifice unto him

Paul said yield yourselves unto God as

those alive from the dead members as

instruments of righteousness to God and

the word yielding there means simply let

go let go let God have it let go of your

control every day in prayer

I bring this to the Lord this this is a

this is a strong argument I bring to the

Lord every day I pray every day this

morning every day this past week every

day this past month Lord Jesus you said

that you did nothing when you walked

this Earth without the father you said

nothing you did nothing but what you saw

and heard from your

father Lord I am a weak ignorant

man if Jesus the very Son of God could

do nothing without seeing and hearing

from his father Moment by moment how

dare I think I can so I say Lord I I

stand boldly before your throne saying

I’m going to take a step I’m going to go

as far as I can I don’t care how anybody

else lives I don’t care what anybody

else says you said if I acknowledge you

in all my ways you’ll direct my path

you willing to take that kind of Step if

it how far are you willing to go to


God in Proverbs 15:22 we read in the

multitude of counselors purposes are

established in the multitude of

counselors your way or your purpose is

established now that sounds like what

what wait a minute Brother David I know

someone would think about that in many

Cel there’s wisdom you just meet you

have a committee Mee and do what the

committee says but I want to tell you

something folks if you read the rest of

the Bible that is a sin session unless

every man every counsel in that room has

been on their face before God fully

trusting the Lord that corporately they

get the mind of Christ and are doing

what he has directed let me explain that

to you in Acts the 13th chapter there

were many counselors many men of God

that met in Antioch planning the future

of the church they ministered to the

Lord they fasted and then the Holy Ghost

said they didn’t they didn’t

strategize they didn’t say well here’s

what I think here’s what I think they

all got on their knees they fasted they

prayed and suddenly God spoke to them

they got their dire in the upper room

they there are 120 counselors these are

godly people these are people who know

the word these are people that would

have good wisdom and when Judas is to be

replaced by another another disciple

Apostle this they didn’t they didn’t

vote the scripture makes it very very

clear they prayed and said oh Lord thou

knowest the hearts of all men you show

us who to

choose folks that’s the way this church


run it’s run through prayer and faith in

the Holy Ghost that he will speak to

us we we do have ministers meeting in

this church but it’s a prayer meeting

where we try to get the mind of God and

we pray separately and pray and pray

until we get the mind of Christ we get

the mind of God on our decisions

Hallelujah so far it’s been working

fairly well

God told the priest now listen closely

now God told the priest if you cannot

give me an acceptable offering shut it

all down I want you to see verse

10 who is there even among you that

would shut the doors for not neither do

you Kindle Fire on mine Altar for not I

have no pleasure in you sayth the Lord

of hosts neither will I accept an

offering at your hand now folks let me

tell you what the best original

rendition is in fact a number of the uh


manuscripts voice it this way listen

closely all that there were among you

that would shut the doors that you may

not Kindle a fire on my altar in

vain all that there was somebody that

would understand that God’s not going to

accept an offering that is polluted that

that is not a full surrendered he’s not

going to accept it he said if if you’re

going to be halfhazard if you’re not

going to give me everything if you if

you want to be a Living Sacrifice wholly

acceptable unto me then you’re going to

yield control of your body your mind

your spirit everything you’re going to

get you’re going to turn all your

decision making over to him you’re going

to go to him at all times folks it

doesn’t mean you have to to to to to

wait for an hour or two often you just

wherever you’re at Holy Spirit what is

your mind tell me Lord what is your will

I do that now God helping me in every

decision I make Lord what is your mind

but folks that’s backed up by having

time alone with Jesus in The Secret

closet where I’m saying Lord if if you

don’t give me that

direction I’m going to wait until I

receive it and just about I don’t care

if it’s a businessman he comes to me and

he wants a decision I tell I don’t care

if he’s Jewish I don’t care if he’s an

atheist I I’ll pray about it I have to

talk to God about


mhm and the Lord is

saying I I am not going to accept a

partial sacrifice a lame

diseased sacri I won’t take

it I I won’t have it he said it’s better

to shut it down did just shut it

down I don’t want anything on that altar

I would rather the door of the temple be

shut than for you to believe that I

would accept any offering from you that

was not wholehearted any offering from

you in which I was not where where you

gave up full control and your destiny

total Destiny was placed into my

hands now folks I I’ve told the Lord I

don’t want to put a burden on this

congregation or anyone who hears me that

is overburdened and not according to the

mind of Christ the mind of the Holy

Spirit I told you I’m talking for some

of you say you’re setting something now

Pastor David it’s


now I told you that I’m only speaking to

those this

morning who say Lord I want to go all

the way there is more I’m not satisfied

because I’m tell you what until you make

this Living Sacrifice you’ll never know

real peace you will never know

divine order in your home and your life

and your job you won’t know it it

doesn’t come any other way it does not

come any other way the favor of God

comes to only those who say

God I want to surrender everything I am

all I have I give it to you I want you

to Li to live in me and direct my

life see all all of this is for our our

our teaching for our

instruction it’s for us in the last days

he’s saying if you’re prepared to give

me full

control I’ll Lead You In all your ways

but if you’re not prepared to trust your

whole life your walk with me into my

care L you are prepared to allow me to

live in you and lead you I cannot accept

anything less than a full surrender of


will your will has to be given to me


completely God said I have no pleasure

in you then he adds these words my name

shall be great among the Gentiles and

every place in every place incense shall

be offered unto my name this is verse 11

a pure offering for my name shall be

great among the Heathen sayith the Lord

of hosts and what he’s telling to

telling the people and all the priest he

said look you you think that uh there’ll

be nobody left if if if you’re not

accepted with your kind of offering but

the Lord says no I’ve got people all

over the world right two to the end time

that are going to give me a pure

offering a holy offering I’m going to

have a people and folks you’re going to

have it in New York he’s going to have

it I don’t care where you’re visiting

from God may put a fire in your soul

this morning he is going to have a

people that are living sacrifices and

testimony to the world that you can

live Christ

whereby he makes every decision in your

life every single decision

Hallelujah glory to God now God calls it

Rebellion when his children follow their

own counsel and make up their own

minds without consulting him woe to the

rebellious children this is Isaiah 30

verse2 woe to the rebellious children

sayith the Lord that take counsel but

not of me they go down to Egypt they’ve

not ask at my mouth they go down to

strengthen themselves in the strength of

pharaoh and to trust in the shadow of

Egypt listen All Through the Bible I

find that God is simply trying to get it

too plain and simple look don’t go to

people don’t there’s nothing wrong with

counseling but

folks there’s an amazing incredible

thing that’s happened in these last days

let me I can’t wait I’ve got to get into

it right now now in 1 Chronicles 10 we

read these fearful words so Saul died

for his transgression which he committed

against the Lord Saul died because of a

transgression now what was that

transgression that cost him his life now

folks this is strong stuff but I want

you to listen to it the

transgression this

is 1 Chronicles 10 chapter verse

13-14 the transgression was even against

the word of the Lord

which he kept not and also for taking

counsel of one that had a familiar

Spirit to inquire of it and inquired not

of the Lord therefore he slew him he

didn’t inquire of the Lord he didn’t

consult with the Lord didn’t say God

what did what would you have he said God

isn’t talking to me anymore but he would

not talking to God he was not Consulting

God at all for years he had forsaken the


counsel now folks that’s that’s That’s

Heavy that’s strong you see that’s not

New Testament all folks it

is case after case in the word of God

you find that the more people backslide

the further they get away from God the

less they want to go into his

presence I want to tell you something

anyone with hidden sin does not want to

pray they do I want to consult the Lord

and I’ll tell you why because they know

intuitively that their sin will not

stand in his holiness

cannot endure the glare of his utter

Holiness so they stay away from the

secret closet they don’t seek the Lord

they don’t counsel with him in fact

that’s why these

priests were now

into and know call practice now it’s

very very clear the scripture makes it

all clear all through you no longer

listen to the Lord my people as counsel

at their wooden idols and their divers

I’ll give them advice they’re divers now

if you study the time

frame Malachi speaking about the priest

and the Israelite at that time would

would go to these false prophets and

they would take two sticks and put them

lightly in the ground and they would

mutter incantations and the direct s

that they fell supposedly under demon

influence would give them the direction

either e east west north south and also

they they they would uh throw little

rods and sticks in different directions

and as they fail in fact the name for it

is called romeny romeny is the divining

through sticks and

rods and here are people that have had

the Oracles of God here are people

called by his name and now because they

are so far from God because sin is so

controlled their life they get no

Direction except from stupid silly

sticks now today we have what is called

bibliomancy this is taking scripture

verses as if they’re Magic by repeating

them bi man also includes the same kind

of offering to the

Lord here here’s a person who does not

pray who does not get direction from the

Lord because he’s not in touch with the

Lord he doesn’t consult with the Lord

there’s no time it’s time for everybody

consult with everybody get on the phone

call anybody call a pastor call a

counselor call somebody get

advice but because they have no

relationship with the lord they’re not

hearing his word Jesus said my sheep

know my voice they hear when I call

another voice they will not listen to

they will not e

it and because they have no inner voice

from the Holy Ghost because there no

direction in their life because they’re


praying they fall fall into this

occultic charismatic practice and it’s


folks and it’s ultic because it it is

offering to the Lord a sacrifice that is

polluted it’s a disease

sacrifice it is trusting in the flesh of

man there’s some advances there’s some

Prophet somewhere that’s got a word for

me someone handed me a tape this past


a major Crusade a big evangelist and and

prophet socalled and he was giving

words and the words were something like

this you’re going to be given a Ministry

of compassion and God’s going to send

you to turn and work with

children now if God hadn’t said that to

that man why in the world would he

listen to somebody

else especially if he’s got a wife and

two kids

and another says within 2 or 3 months

you’re going to get named large sum of

money and some of the other

words where I I sat there in cringe I

said Lord those those dear people that

are sitting there don’t they know you

don’t they hear anything from

you folks I want to show you the danger

of running to somebody and and have them

lay hands on you or give you a word when

you do not pray and I want to tell you

something I know that many people are

running around the world all over the

world trying to get a word trying to get

a touch involved in this ultic practice

listen to me no I’m not wiping the brush

with every no there are many sincere

godly people who who take a friend or

something and and they love the Lord and

they’re just saying there may be more

for me I’m not wiping everybody with

this brush but all folks listen to me

people who pray people who get their

word from God they are being satisfied

in the secret closet they are hearing

their word directly from the throne room


God they don’t have to go

anywhere they don’t have to have anyone


them I believe in healing I believe in

the laying on of

hands but listen to me folks the prophet

of prophet Malachi is speaking against

this and in fact he warns against

placing yourself under the

influence of

ministers whose own sacrifice before the

Lord is totally

unacceptable how do you know that the

man has an acceptable sacrifice or how

do you know whether or not God has shut

it off and said that’s enough I don’t

want anything to do with this

ministry it’s all written right

here let me read it to you

here we’ll find it here in just a

moment verse

n and now I pray you beseech God that he

will be gracious unto us that he may be

that this ha been by your means will he

regard your person sayth the Lord of

host now folks look at me and listen

closely please I’ve got to get this

through to you the original in its

fullest meaning reads this

way come ask God’s favor with your

polluted sacrifices make intercession

for the people but will he accept you

would he bless or accept anyone because

of you you know what he’s

saying go ahead and intercede for the

people go ahead and lay hands on people

we pray for people but it’s in vain

because sir people

your sacrifice has not been

accepted it’s all there folks it’s right

there go ahead

intercede oh folks i’ I’ve

known got a

letter of

a pastor’s wife he just left her and

he’s the associate of an evangelist

who’s had 11 illegitimate

children he’s on his third

wife I have his tapes he’s preaching the


today and she said Pastor Dave I don’t

understand lays hands on people the

supposed Miracles

and she said this this man

told my

husband doesn’t matter how many wives

you have at one time how many women you

have and my husband bought it and he’s

being laying with at least three women

himself and hundreds and hundreds of

people are coming having hands laid on

them being prophesied


folks judgment is at the door

it’s a dangerous thing not to be shut in

with God it’s a dangerous thing not to

have discernment in this day it’s a

dangerous thing to to to be tossed by

every wind and wave of Doctrine the

sweep and folks those winds and waves

are going to get stronger they’re coming

from the left and the right the North

and the South and the only thing that’s

going to stand in these last days of

those people shut in with God hearing

his voice knowing his voice intimate

with with


finally you have said behold what a

weariness it is and you’ve snuffed at it

the word weariness there is trouble and


means who needs it in in Modern English

I mean who needs it and and you know

what he’s saying

You’ said it’s too much trouble who


it it’s too much trouble to pray every

day it’s too much trouble how can

anybody folks listen to me there’s a

discipline involved in seeking

God we’ve been spoonfed we we we want

everything in five minutes even even our

news we want news bits

folks I’m going to tell you as a pastor

you will not make it in these last days

until you come into this discipline I I

seek the face of God that it’s a

discipline when I went to prayer in my

room and shut the door yesterday I

didn’t feel like

praying I didn’t feel like it at all but

I I knelt there and I walked around and

said Lord I don’t feel it but I know I

want to be in your presence I know I

love you I’m just going to say

hallelujah I love you till you come into

this room and touch me and folks you

stay in his presence and you’ll strike

fire you stay in his presence and you

draw nigh to me I’ll draw nigh to you I

promise you he’ll meet you but there is

a discipline you shut everything away

you stop it folks you’ve got time for

everybody and everything else you’ve got

time for Jesus and if you don’t you will

not make it in these last

days you’re going to fall into unbelief

and despair and you will be one of those

who say ah too much trouble who needs it

oh my people what have I done to you

what way have I wearied Thee testify

against me he said come on tell me how

in the

world all I all I have done is told you

that I I want to be involved in your

life all I’ve told you if you’ll turn

over to me I’ll take your burden if you

cast all your care on me I’ll take

it you don’t have to live confused

anymore you can live your life without

fear or without

bondage and it’s so simple he’s made it

so simple he said I’ve been involved you

from the very beginning even when you

were a baby a child I’ve been involved I

know every move that you’ve made I know

every move you’re going to make he said

if you just turn it over to me if you’ll

surrender everything to me and give me

quality time shut yourself in with me

I’ll make my voice known to you now

folks there is the word of God we live

by the word we heard Order My Steps By

You your word you go to this word you

obey everything this word tells you

through the power and the anointing of

the Holy Spirit but folks this word is

not going to there are a thousand

decisions a day sometimes that you can’t


here you may find principles but there

are certain things I I there’s there’s

this a building that our Charities have

that that uh we have to sell because we

don’t sell it’s going to be condemned

and I said Lord I turn it over I don’t

know what to do I said but I’m going to

trust you I I’m not going to advertise

that building I’m not going to say a

word to anybody no sign on the door if

you want if sold you got to have

somebody knock on the door and sell want

to buy it Lord told me to trust him he

said if you just leave it to me I’ll

take care of it he said if you just stay

in the secret closet you seek my faith

I’ll take care of your family I’ll take

care of your finances I’ll take care of

everything that you have to sell or buy

I’ll take care of everything seek first

the kingdom of God and his righteousness

and all these things shall be taken care

of well let me tell you something that

building’s about to be

sold because the man walked in not one

man but they’re walking in two and three

a day

now within two weeks that’ll be gone and

I the Lord told me pray he said David

because you trusted me in this I’m going

to bless you by making you very

sensitive to my voice


sensitive every time you obey him become

more and more sensitive to his voice

begin to speak he’ll tell you how to

take care of your kids your children

he’ll tell you how to discipline them

he’ll tell you everything you need to

know it’s all how can anybody live like

that folks tell you I’m setting out to

prove to myself my own heart that’s the

way I want to live I want to live that

way I’m going to make mistakes but the

Lord in his Mercy will say David back up

a little bit you made a mistake and you

there going to be some consequence but

I’ll see you out of because I know you

want to do what is right the Lord will

rule and overrule even if you make a

mistake he will overrule and bring glory

to his name will you

stand Hallelujah

did I wear some of you

out don’t you want a closer

walk I have a strange uh invitation the

Holy Spirit just put in my heart while

I’m standing here this has to do with

all our friends friends in the Annex

Building all the

Overflow say it to you lovingly many of

you there and here in the balcony in the

main Auditorium wherever you’re seeing

hear my voice see are watching

now my

invitation I never anticipated this I’m

just going to obey the Holy Spirit I’m

asking those that are here this morning

that have a wounded

spirit I don’t know where the wound came

from but it’s troubled you have a spirit

that’s wounded and

troubled Lord wants to heal you

today as we sing I want you get out of

your seat over in the annex you go to

the lobby the Usos will show you the

door into this building you come right

down the stairs and come down any aisle

meet me here at this altar I’m going to

pray this morning that Lord will heal

your spirit heal your

wound and set you free if youve backslid

if you’ve been running from God if you

don’t know the Lord Jesus come with

these that are coming right now and

let’s believe the Lord now I don’t know

if it’s been a marriage problem I don’t

know how the wound

happened even your spirit

troubled saying Pastor David some things

I just don’t understand that are

happening in my life I want I want you

to come please move in close make room

for those that are coming please you

that have come forward that I preach to

you this morning is not Theory with

me something God’s been helping me to

live something I believe in with all my

heart that the more you give him of your

life the more control you put in his

hands the more pleased he is the more

pleasure he gets

that’s Faith where I believe with all my

heart that I can commit everything I am

all I have into his Loving


Hallelujah some of you have a wounded

heart and a wounded spirit it’s why you

came down for prayer I’m going to ask

you to turn that over to him right

now and listen to me please I want you

all next week to spend no less no less

than a half hour you should be giving

him at least an hour of prayer a day but

no less than a half hour will you just

go in his presence and worship

Him lay everything in your heart before

him be honest just speak your heart and

your mind to him but do it in

faith and then just sit in a

chair and say now Lord speak to me I

want to tell you something you say well

how am I going to know God’s voice from

the devil’s voice listen it’s very

simple the devil will speak to you and

if you love Jesus there there’ll just be

something there’ll be something to Rise

Up Wait A

Minute say I Lord I don’t I’m not sure

of this voice because the devil doesn’t

want to be

questioned and if you just wait don’t

accept the voice right away just wait

the enemy will expose

himself I was praying yesterday about

something and I was sitting waiting

and the first I said Lord I’m here to

wait on you and all of a sudden I heard

a direction that didn’t sound right it

sounded too much like I wanted something


wanted if it’s something like you want

be very

careful and I said I I just can’t accept

this said Lord just wait and then came

you stupid

dumb creature in my voice the devil

exposed himself

because the Lord never call me dumb

stupid he will always expose himself if

you wait he will expose himself God is

that faithful the Holy Ghost is that

faithful because if you wait on him he’s

not going to write this in his book for

every generation of all time and let you

be deceived if you are willing to do

what he tells you and letay your desires

and your will down say your will be done

Lord I’ll do everything you tell me God

will give you

Direction always the the devil will come

and try to put the you just wait even if

you wait two or three days

until the Holy Spirit comes that’s still


Voice he will never tell you anything

that’s contrary to this

book sometimes what he tells you is

going to be painful first thing he going

to tell you he said I’m not going to

talk to you about that yet that thing

you’re asking me I’m not going to talk

to about till I talked about that

besetting sin that’s in your heart let’s

talk about that then you will tell you

how much he loves you and how much he

going to stand with you and how much

he’ll work with you when you are willing

to lay it at his

feet you see even victory over sin is a

matter of Faith trusting in his power

greater is he in us than he that’s in

the world you trust him of that it’s a

matter of saying oh lord I can’t fight

it I can’t do it I can’t run my life

anymore I’m tired of it I give it to you

Lord Jesus

but you see that has to be backed up

there has to be backed

up with a special time every day quality

time where you go to Jesus say Lord I’m

in no hurry I’m in no hurry I’m here and

and folks don’t get all wound up and

scream at God and try to make something

happen just sit quietly and love him and

let him love you tell him how much you

love him and worship him and I’ll tell

you it’s amazing how if you just say

Hallelujah Jesus just keep saying

hallelujah till it comes from the gut

from the innermost and suddenly it’s

like a

fountain little bit of water and then

suddenly it’s just flowing out then you

start you’ll start singing love songs to

Jesus and you you you’ll just have a

wonderful time in his

presence but he wants to heal your heart


now there’s no use my praying for you

right now until you have made a

commitment Lord I want to give all that

I am and all that I have to you if

that’s your desire raise your hand High

please raise your hand and leave it

right there moment while I pray first I

want you to pray with me and then I’m

going to pray for you pray this with me

Jesus I come to you with all my burdens

all my cares and all my

hurts I Surrender it to you Lord you

have to solve it you have to take care

of it I don’t know

how I’ve been confused

my way has been

perplexed but I know you have a way you

have a perfect plan you have a way out

of all my

problems help me to trust you now

forgive me Lord for doing things my way

I want to do things your way cleanse me

sanctify me now Holy

Spirit come and help me to understand

how to give my body and my life as a

sacrifice that you will

accept now let me pray for you father

you will accept every sacrifice this

morning of everybody that’s

here if we’re simply

willing to give up

control just give up control of Our

Lives into your hands that very moment

you receive it it’s an Act of Faith that

says I I will not run my own life

anymore Lord I put my life in your hands

under your full


Hallelujah now I want you to just thank

Jesus right out loud in your own way

just thank him right now where you’re at

I thank you Jesus I love you Lord I give

you my praise blessed be the name of the

Lord hallelujah this is the conclusion

of the message


















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