Today’s culture wants to distort God’s boundaries but we must stand firm on what we know is right. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” When you make up your mind that you are not going to conform to the world’s patterns, you will have a relationship with God that is built to last. Tune in to watch Part 2 of “How To Be Unshakable” by Jentezen Franklin! To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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if you have your Bibles open them with

me to the book of Hebrews the 12th

chapter Hebrews chapter 12 is where I

want to go this

morning let’s go down to verse 27 of

Hebrews chapter

12 now this yet once more indicates the

removal of those things that are being

shaken as of things that are made that

the things which cannot be shaken May

remain therefore since we are receiving


kingdom which cannot be

shaken let us have Grace by which we may

serve God acceptably with reverence and


fear I’m so thankful today that what

he’s saying in the first verse is

everything this man made and

temporary it’s being shaken we’re living

in that time we don’t know what the next

seven months are going to bring I I feel

an uneasiness just a little bit what is

coming we got Wars all over the world we

got things happening

internally everything that can be shaken

is being

shaken but we have received the


now if you haven’t you can’t shout on

that part but if you have received a

kingdom that cannot be shaken and my

family is in that

Kingdom my marriage is in that

Kingdom my life is in that Kingdom and

it does not mean that we’re immune from

trouble and storms and difficulties and

adversities but whatever life brings I

have received a kingdom a structure a

foundation that cannot be

shaken I want to preach today on how to


unshakable because you see the

foundation that we build our life on

matters that’s why in Matthew 7 it talks

about there are only two foundations

that people build their homes and their

lives on he talks about building your

home on The

Rock and he said and when the rain

descended and the floods came and the

winds blew and beat on that house it

didn’t fall for it was founded it was

structured on the

Rock but to everyone of these sayings of

mine who hears it and they don’t do them

they’re like a fool who builds their

house on Sand and the rain descended the

floods came notice they go through the


thing we’re not immune we we don’t we

don’t get a get out of free get out of

jail free get out of pain free get out

of suffering free card because we’re

Christians we’re going to all go through

it in life but the only difference

between the two is what they’re building

their lives on one is sand and one is

The Rock and it said that the one on

Sand fail and it was a great fall the

other one stood through the extreme


and the amazing thing about storm

shelters extreme storm

shelters is when they’re giving the way

that they have to be

constructed they’re told not to use air


guns I thought that was

interesting that when you’re building a

hurricane shelter a shelter that

must absolutely guarantee that it’s

going to be there it’ll be there through

terrible storms and Hell force

winds there’s nothing wrong with an air

nail gun a nail gun there’s nothing

wrong with it pop po po po pop it’s up

quick I think it’s a Brilliant Invention

and that’s good if you

want uh if you want something for uh 10

years 20 years 30 years it might last 50

years with a nail gun pop pop but if

you’re going to build something that’s

going to endure the most extreme worst

storms you got to go not with the new

modern tools that run on

batteries but you got to get the old

hammer and nail

out it’s pretty

amazing the old method is the one that

you want to trust when the storm comes

when all hell is breaking loose I don’t

need to know that my whole life is built

on just a pop pop pop of a little bit of

religion but I need that old hammer and

that nail and that

cross I need something that will Outlast


storm the hammer and nails sometimes you

miss and it’s bloody and it’s and it’s

hurtful and it’s painful and you’re

suffering and you’re going through long

days and long nights and it’s and it’s

just exhausting but when God doesn’t

give you the quick pop pop nail gun

answer know that he’s building a

structure in your family for Generations

this isn’t a quick throw up garage this

is a generational blessing and every

time you open up this book you’re using

the hammer and the nail and every time

you come to church it’s not just a pop

pop but this is what we do this is who

we are this is what family is supposed

to do is bring your family and worship

you are building an eternal

house I’m simply trying to preach to you

today that the structure really matters

the foundation matters how much music

filthy music can you listen to before it

affects the structure of Who You Are are

how much filthy pornography can you look

at I tell you I that that fear I fear I

that’s the fear of the Lord we need the

fear of the Lord back in the church we

need to we need to understand that

anybody can fall but unto him who is

able to keep us from falling if we stay

connected to the skeleton which is Jesus

the flesh May f fa but it’ll always get


up because the structure and Foundation


solid God put Adam to

sleep and he reached in his side opened

up his side and pulled a rib out you

know why he put Adam to sleep because

God didn’t want his opinion on how to

make his

bride and I think the church out to I

believe the church out I believe that

God’s not asking your opinion about his

bride he know he’s a carpenter and he

said I’m going to do it with a hammer

and a nail and I don’t care if you like

it or not you either going to repent and

be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ

for the remission of sins and receive

the Holy Spirit and get into my word and

love me and forgive and walk in

forgiveness and Holiness and separation

and live for me or not you I don’t care

but you’re not not going to get your

opinion is not going to change this guy

with the hammer and the nail building

the church and creating a

bride and he forms

Eve out of the

structure of

Adam and he brings her to

him that was and then at Adam wakes up

and he says your bone of my

bone your Flesh of My Flesh and power

comes from that

structure did you know that the Bible

said in Leviticus that the life of the

flesh is in the

blood and life comes from blood and

blood comes from your

bones bone marrow is what produces blood

and and so if if you play around with

the structure of the

bones you’re going to get in trouble the

bone structure can choke off the blood

supply don’t play with the bone

structure when we

put when we put rainbow Flags out in

front of our church we’re playing with

the structure of the church that Jesus

Built and that’s choking off the blood

the bone is what produces the

blood love everybody accept everybody

you’re welcome here but I’m not going to

change the message the structure the

foundation is repent and be baptized and

be born again and the old things pass

away and behold All Things become new I

could be an adulterer but I’ve been born

again I could be a light but I’ve been

born again

same thing for any other

lifestyle do you know there’s a story in

the Old Testament where they didn’t

handle the bones of a king right and God

sent a famine because when you start

changing the

structure of a house and a nation and a

home that God has

built it won’t

last Jacob strutted into bethl and

wrestled with God he walked in

Jacob and wrestled with God and God said

I’m GNA change you boy but I’m Gonna

Change you structurally first and he

pulled his hip out of joint read it he

wrestled and the angel pulled his hip

out of joint and God said now that I’ve

changed the structure of who you are you

can walk out now Israel I’m changing

your name from Jacob to isra

and you’re going to walk away with a

limp and you’re not going to walk the

same way you used to walk because I’ve

changed you structurally you are not the

same person inwardly that you used to be

that’s oldfashioned repentance right

there God can change how you walk from


on somebody shout over that I mean they

told you counseling couldn’t change you

nobody could change you program can’t

change you I’m not against any of those

they can help you stay on the straighten

Arrow but you have to have a structural

change at some point and the blood and

the cross and the nails and the hammer

of Calvary are the only things that can


you let me close with

this in Second

Kings the Bible

said that the Israelites

were coming from a battle and one of the

soldiers had been

killed and they were being chased by the

enemy and so they took the corpse and

threw it in a cave and it was the cave

where Elisha’s bones were

lying and when the dead soldier of a new

generation touched the old bones of the

old prophet he touched the old

Foundation touched the old structure

notice this anytime the

structure is

there resurrection power is

looking for an

opportunity Resurrection is always

attracted to

structure which means if the enemy

attacks you and your family as long as

you hold on to the word and hold on to

the cross and hold on to the name the

power of the Holy Spirit I can’t promise

you that it won’t look like it’s dead

but I can tell you that what

draws resurrection power it’s always

drawn yeah it’s bad the new generation

but if they’ll touch the old

structure the old hammer and nail I

don’t it’s not pop pop pop It’s hammer

and nail the

cross and when they had the Passover

Lamb there was a command and Jesus

fulfilled this prophecy said when you

eat that lamb make sure when you cook it

and when you prepare it that you do not

break one of its bones no bones on that

lamb was to be

broken isn’t it amazing that when they

took Jesus to Calvary and hung him on

the cross he had a thief on one side and

a thief on the other

side and the soldiers in order to speed

the crucifixion process up would break

the knees of the person they were

crucifying and the Bible said the

soldiers went to break the knees of the

thief on one side and they broke his

knees and they went to the other thief

and broke his knees would cause the

blood to go faster and cause the person


die notice this on one side one repres

represented Adam broke the knees Adam

fell the other side represented Lucifer

how do you know it represented Lucifer

because he said that old Thief cursed

Jesus and said if you are the Son of God

that’s the same word Satan used in the

wilderness when he when Jesus was

fasting 40 days and 40 nights so one

represents the fall of Adam to sin one

represents the fall of Lucifer from


and they go to break the knees of Jesus

the Passover Lamb and the Bible said

that he had they stuck a spear in his

side watch this a spear in his side

blood and water gush out in his side

just like Adam just like Adam Eve is

going to come out of his side blood and

water born again he’s going to get him a

bride out of Adam’s side he’s going to

get him a bride out of Jesus bleeding

side we are the body of Christ we are

the blood we are the bride of

Christ but the powerful thing is when

they went to break the knees of Jesus

they said there’s no need to break his

knees he’s already


why because the why couldn’t they break

his knees because the

structure couldn’t be messed with and

anytime the structure remains it doesn’t

matter how bad the situation gets if you

stay on that Firm


Resurrection is always

attracted to an unbroken

foundation and on the third

day he came up out of the

Grave out of the

Tomb I’m preaching to families I’m

preaching to people hell wants to

destroy your family and your marriage

and we’ve been there

and I can truly say sometimes you feel

like all you got left is a

skeleton but if the structure stands get

ready for

Resurrection cuz God’s not finished with

you and your


family Mama quit

worrying quit being afraid quit worrying

if you built that Foundation under your

children I tell you today I will build

my church the man with the hammer and

the nail said and the Gates of Hell will


Prevail it’s a

guarantee wow stand to your feet all

over at every campus no one moving

please reverently just stand there for a

moment can I challenge you this morning

I feel this in my Soul at every campus

to get out of your seat and come down

with your family as much as you can and

stand together and reaffirm the

foundation and the structure the Bible

said in Romans nothing can separate us

from the love of God come on bring it to

Jesus bring it to him this morning now

all over this room lift your hands up

toward heaven and I want you to pray for

a moment I want you just to say God we

give you our our homes we give you our

family we give you our nation we give

you oh God our church we give it to you

we build it on and reaffirm the

foundation I’m not building on sand I’m

building on the Rock so we come back to

you today some of you like Samson have

been playing with things come back to

the Firm Foundation to the structure

let’s worship all over this room let’s

worship him let’s praise him give him

your family

how can it

be there’s a God

who there a God

who pra the

one every head bowed every eye closed

every campus

if you don’t know that you know you’re

saved if you’ve wandered

far if you’re

lost if you’ve lost the structure if

you’ve if somehow you’ve

allowed that rock solid

foundation to be destroyed in your life

you can come to him this

morning he’s got a hammer a nail and a

cross and he’ll wash you and he’ll

cleanse you and he’ll forgive you Pastor

you’re preaching to me

today I need that F Firm

unshakable Foundation under my life I

need to surrender my life to him if

that’s you both boldly lift your hand

right where you’re standing I’m going to

pray for

you right where you are hands are up all

over the room in every campus in the


hallelujah hallelujah he loves

you he loves youall he loves your family

he loves your

home just keep that hand High unashamed

just raise it high and unashamed and

look around you and if you see someone

with their hand raised gently lay your

hand on their shoulder there are

hundreds it looks like across this

congregation and I’m sure that there are

many many many out there take time to

lay your hand on them as an act of

support to say I stand with

you pray this prayer out loud everybody

at every campus say

Jesus those of you online say

Jesus I Surrender my life

to you

today I thank you for that cross for

that hammer for those

nails and Lord I

receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken

I know the winds will come I know the

adversities will come but I

receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken

we we will stand we will

overcome we will stand firm on God’s

promise I am

forgiven I am born again give the Lord a

mighty mighty mighty praise this morning

thank him and praise


him he heard you when you use that name

the Gates of Heaven swing open wide when

you use the name of

Jesus and I want you to go on the

website and let us know what God has

done or pick up the phone dial the

number that’s on the screen we would

love to pray with you before I go I want

to take a moment to say thank you to

every one of you who are supporting this

ministry and especially I want to thank

you for the unwavering support to the

nation of Israel during this time of

horrific War we ask our friends and our

partners in ESO what can we do for you

in this time of emergency and so much

sorrow and Brokenness and pain what do

you need during this time of war and

they were very clear in their request

that’s why we’re building the jfmm eso

resilience Center it will provide

treatment for PTSD for all of the men

and the women and the children that have

experienced horrific attacks and rapes

and things that we can’t even imagine I

saw the actual footage at the Israeli

Embassy in Washington DC as it was

happening the actual footage of Hamas

they were so proud of pouring gasoline

on babies and children I’ve never seen

things that human eyes should never see

I’ll never forget it and even worse than

what I’m describing and so the PTS SD

the mental condition of the whole

Community is uh is is marred and and we

know that God can bring peace to the

darkest darkest situations we need your

support to make this million doll vision

of reality it’s another million dollars

on top of the other three million that

we are using to build the hospital and

other things other another million

dollars for the Apostle Paul project and

on and on all over the world will you

help us I believe if you will God will

bless you if you’ll consider giving a

special gift I know the Lord I’m going

to tell you what to do pray about it and

you’ll hear from him he’ll lay whatever

he tells you to do do it it’ll be enough

if everybody will do something you can’t

do everything but you can do something

will you help us I believe if you will

God will bless you if you’ll consider

giving a special gift thank you and

please continue to pray for the nation

of Israel


I’m standing here in the Zach’s house

the Zach Family House in kibutz suim the

first community that we introduce you to

on October 7 this entire family perished

when we walked after the atrocities of

October 7 into this house we saw the

father lying here behind me on the floor

with a knife in his hand and in the

shelter behind me the mother in bed

hugging her son both dead and both


alive but just like this Instinct of a

family to protect each other to save

each other this is what we feel with you

Pastor Jensen Franklin and your entire

congregation it was an instinct a family

instinct to come and stand with us and

to remind us that we are not alone you

are responding immediately because you

know us you know us already for many

years before and you committed to build

a resilience Center that will give us

therapy for our communities to heal

together in these atrocities of October

7 we know that we will rebuild

again it will be painful and hard but we

know that with you you we can make it

happen step by step together as a





this program has been sponsored in part

by friends and partners of Jensen

Franklin media Ministries your prayers

and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

about this message and other Ministry

resources visit us online at Jensen