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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

a few weeks ago I preached a message in

this church about God’s controversy

concerning Zion his church that God

judges Nations when when the governments

and the People Press his body his church

when they be when when a nation begins

to uh take away the freedoms of God’s

people God sends judgment you saw that

happened to the the Russian Empire you

saw the whole empire collapse because

they persecuted the Church of Jesus

Christ for so many years Afghanistan you

saw the same thing happen they were

killing Christians and Believers

murdering them and burning them and

beheading them these were were Muslim

nations and Russia came down and the

nation went into depression you see it

in Indonesia Indonesia Thailand and some

of these others were persecuting uh

Christians and uh in the Indonesian

riots remember many of those ethnic

Chinese were Christians Born Again

Christians and over 1500 of them I

believe were slain or near that amount

and so God judges Nations he has a

controversy with Nations when they

persecute his body and this is what I

believe is going to be a part of the

judgment on America because the the

attempts to be uh politically accurate

and to uh get got out of our schools out

of our all of our

institutions and uh really harassment

against anything that has to do with

Jesus Christ and I believe that that’s

the controversy God has with America not

just our drugs or alcohol or sexual

promiscuity but all of the uh

legal attempts to take God out of our

schools and now a legal a legal move

underway to remove In God We Trust off

all our coins and a an outright attack

on anything having to do with the name

of our Lord and so judgment will come as

a result of that tonight I want to speak

to you about God’s controversy with the

backslidden church God’s controversy

with the backslidden church tell you

what I’m going to be in uh the book of

Hosea so why don’t you turn to Hosea and

leave it open around the fourth chapter

we’re going to be referring a lot to

this Prophet

tonight God’s controversy with the


church heavenly father there are things

happening outside the doors of this

church all over the United States and

around the world now Lord you have come

to balance the books you’ve come to take

revenge on those who for years and

centuries now have mocked your name and

Lord you said judgment will begin in the

house of God and we pray Lord that you

open our eyes and our understanding Holy

Spirit come upon me now and speak

through me as an oracle of God I pray

Lord that as we humble oursel before you

we would hear your mind in the words

that I speak tonight Lord enlarge our

vision help us to see the heart of God

and why he is having to judge the

Nations why all the nations are in

turmoil One Nation after another Lord

absolute despair depression economic

depression unemployment Mass suicides in

Japan now Mass suicides in Korea and in

Thailand and in Indonesia and all the

Asian Nations literally thousands are

taking their lives fear uncertainty but

oh God we want to look at your church

tonight there is there is a church in

this nation and around the world that is

going to come under your wrath and your

Vengeance we pray Lord you give us an

understanding in Jesus name I pray

amen now when God suddenly pours his

corrective judgments On Any Nation the

Bible said he begins in his own

house the Judgment must Peter said begin

in the house of the Lord and if the

righteous scarcely be saved where shall

the ungodly and sinner

appear if the rights should scarcely be

saved does not mean that Christians are

going to be saved by the Skin of Their

Teeth that’s not what it means if you

take it in context that whole chapter

Peter is talking about Peter is talking

about suffering for Christ has to do

with suffering and he he’s actually

saying if the righteous in a time of

judgment scarcely find immunity against

suffering in other words even Christians

are going to suffer in in great measure

and he said if we’re going to suffer and

we’re not immune to these things where

will the ungodly come in what kind of

suffering will be Meed out to the

ungodly now please note that the Bible

says that God’s people overcoming people

are not going to be scarcely saved in

fact the Bible makes it very clear

they’re going to presented be presented

by Jesus Christ to the father with

exceeding great joy it’s going to be

with a triumphant sound we’re not going

to just limp into heaven we’re going

shouting and jumping all the way I can

assure you

that the entire passage is about the

suffering of Christians rejoicing in as

much as you are made partakers of Christ

suffering but we’re to commit the

keeping of our souls to him and well

doing as a faithful Creator in all these

times that are coming he said you

present your soul your body to me

because I’m going to be faithful to you

now Paul refers to the time we’re living

in now as the wrap up of all times the

end of all times he says upon whom the

ends of the world have

come and he said really if you want to

know God’s heart when it comes to

judging when it comes to his people you

don’t have to pray for a vision you just

don’t get along with God and say Lord

reveal to me your mind he’ll dig he’ll

say go into the Old Testament dig it out

I have revealed my mind that’s why the

Apostle said and all these th all these

things happened unto them in the Old

Testament for our example they are

written for our teaching upon whom the

ends of the world are come we are living

in that time Paul said the ends of the

world have all come down upon us now so

everything is meant for our

teaching but the Lord is saying if you

want to know what is going to come to

your nation and to the world if you want

to know my heart when it comes to my

mercies and my judgments get to know my

character by studying every one of these

Old Testament prophecies folks I I love

the new New Testament and I’m in that

constantly but what I want to know the

the real heart of God he’s already

judged he’s already shown his mercies I

go to the Old Testament and and I I just

live in it and I I get the mind of God

so that we don’t have to

speculate we don’t have to dream up

something because it’s so clear the

heart of God Is So

revealed especially in

Hosea Hosea is the prophet who clearly

reveals the heart of God about what’s

going to happen to America and to the

nations of the world in the short days

ahead the Hosea is the prophet who

clearly defines God’s controversy with a

backslidden church go to Hosea the 4th

chapter if you will

please verses 1 and two Hosea the 4th

chapter verses 1 and

two hear the word of the Lord ye

children of Israel for the Lord hath a

controversy with the inhabitants of the

land because there’s no truth nor Mercy

nor knowledge of God In the Land by

swearing and lying and killing and

stealing committing adultery they break

out and blood toucheth blood now listen

to that if you will please very clearly

the warning is addressed to the children

of Israel these are God’s people now

folks here is the church being described

in the last days this was in his time

but he’s also speaking duly of a another

time because God said you look at this

you read it and you’re reading your own

times into it

also and I want you to look at this

please a church totally bankrupt of

Truth having no

mercy a called out people yes but

completely ignorant of God’s ways no

longer in communion with him a church

full of cursing lying

adulterous hateful people even murderers

in their midst

killers and folks listen to me please

can you imagine such a church as that

existing today is there a church in

America and in the land and in the world

today that is full of adultery full of

bitterness full of rebellion and even

killing and murder absolutely

yes it’s not the overcoming Church of

Jesus Christ I assure you but there are

two churches in the land just as there

were two churches in the time of Hosea

Israel represents the backslidden church

that had become adulterous fornicating

full of of rebellion there was murder

there was raping there was

incest and then there is Judah of Judah

God said Judah still rules with God and

is still faithful with the Saints the

though Israel will play the Harlot let

not Judah offend he’s saying I have an

overcoming church I have a holy Remnant

represented by Judah but there was

another church in hosea’s time

Israel a children of God absolutely

backslidden priests that were Unholy and

ungodly and God says I have a

controversy with this church because

they call themselves by my name they

claim to be my church and God says I

have a

controversy the Lord hath a controversy

with the inhabitants of the land because

there no truth nor Mercy nor knowledge

of God swearing lying killing stealing

committing adultery blood touching blood

he said there’s a river of blood flowing

out of this

church I’m telling you that’s abortion

blood touching blood until it becomes a

river and folks I want to show you that

that is coming from what is called the

Evangelical churches

even would you listen closely there’s a

church in the land and a People

backsliding the Bible said a spirit of

wartom is in the midst of them it’s a


church have you not seen in your

newspapers yet the pictures of our

national leaders coming out of church on

Sunday morning with their Bibles in


hands do you not hear them say we are

born again we are


in the United States capital every


morning there are attorneys judges

lawyers politicians and in every state

topal in the United States and the same

thing around the world in Europe

especially you see them Sunday morning

toting their Bibles and putting on the

front and they will say that I am a

Christian many of them claim to be

evangelicals many of them teach Sunday


hold prayer

meetings and yet these are the same

people those people who are voting now

for abortion those who are taking up the

homosexual agenda many of them claim to

be born again Christians they’re not

agnostics they’re not

atheists they claim to be

Christians that’s where the blood is

touching blood the prophet is talking

about lying and


corruption judges magistrates doctors

lawyers Business Leaders coming and

going out of protestant Evangelical

churches folks I have listen to this

double talk this double speak for many

of them I told you about President

Clinton’s Pastor Philip wman of found

Methodist Church who excuses the

president of the United

States I don’t know what the president

may be guilty of but his pastor says we

cannot judge him for this because he has

so many good qualities that outweigh his

sins if there be

sins and out of churches like

this with pastors listen you know that

the majority of pastors now in most

denominate in many denomination now do

not believe I think the last figure was

less than 25% of the Pastors in most

denominations don’t even believe in the


birth thousands poing into these

churches no wonder there’s so many

people who want nothing to do with God

or church because they see this

stench they see the hypocrisy and the

phoniness of it

all those who make the laws about


those who stand up against prayers in

our schools in our

society all across this land especially

in the South and in the Midwest and even

in the north

Midwest especially the whole Bible Belt

Governors coming out of prayer meetings

and making statements to protect the all


agenda God says I’m angered with this

church the people call themselves by my

name yet they abandon my word they’ve

turned aside from the knowledge of that

which is holy they are profane there’s

blood on their hands they act as if they

have no knowledge of God

whatsoever there are thousands upon

thousands of churches in America in

England Australia around the world dead

immoral ashamed to the name of God a

church system so wicked and corrupt at

the ungodly are shocked by

it how did this

backslidden immoral Church come to into

being how was it birthed how did we come

to this in this

country folks this city is full of

churches like that I could name you

three of the most best known churches in

New York

City where the ho agender



activity adultery fornication on all

sides drunkenness alcoholism drug

addiction not a word is said about

it Hosea blamed a backslid and corrupted

Ministry per peret

perpetuating perpetrating

this great wickedness in the land he

said this thing that’s happening in our

land has come from our

pulpits God said look at verse 6 chapter

4 my people are destroyed for lactive

knowledge because thou has rejected

knowledge I will also reject thee that

thou sht be no priest to me he’s talking

about the Ministry you will not be

priest to me seeing thou Hast forgotten

the law of God I also will forget thy

children those are his spiritual

children God says how can I minister to

your spiritual

children he said you will not be a

minister to me you may be a minister

minister to the crowd they may think of

you a pastors a priest but you’re not

mine I have nothing to do with you you

have no knowledge of God you are not of

mine and your church is not of

mine was a time of great Prosperity if

you know the context of this prophecy

time of great prosperity in Israel at

the time there was great increase in

verse 7 look at it it says as they were

increased or as they prospered so they

sinned against me therefore will I

change their Glory into

shame the ministry of hosea’s

time we’re eating off the sins of the


they were excusing sin but not only were

they excusing it they were enriching

themselves by the sins of the people

verse eight they eat up the sin of my

people and in the Hebrew it means they

live off the sins of their people this

is the man in the Pulpit who will never

reprove he’ll never cry out against sin

he’ll never give a prophetic warning

because it would cost him all he wants

he’s a highing and the hings are in the

Pulpit All Over America there are hings

they’re in the ministry to be known and

loved and financially secure

period folks I’m not inventing this this

is the

prophet Hosea 4:11 harlotry and wine and

new wine take away the heart that’s

their discernment their

understanding har he he said there’s a


alcoholism alcoholism

drinking adultery

fornication is eating away the

discernment of the

ministry I heard a of a German Pastor

who took an evangelist acquaintance of

mine aside and he said please Don’t

Preach so hard about pornography because

there’s not a p he said there’s hardly a

pastor or Christian in Germany that

doesn’t go to sleep every night with

without some nude or pornographic image

on his mind from

television he said they won’t hear it

here and he was actually told to soft

pedal it as if the man who was saying is

is confessing himself that that’s what

he goes to bed at night with these

pornographic images and pictures in his

mind from what he’s

seen Hosea warned the ministers of the

Lord have lost their spiritual life

their understanding their dull their

void of life because they’re given over

to sexual lust they’re drinking they’re

carousing according to Hosea the

backslid sensuous church was the result

of people becoming just like their

pastors look at verse n and there shall

be like people like

priest folks look at me please and hear


well you can sit in any congregation in

America you can’t be there more than a

half an hour and you’ll know what the

pastor’s like before he

speaks there will not be a sense of awe

and Holiness in that church you will you

will sense a a looseness you will sense

uh the the absolute sense of immorality

or Holiness or

righteousness and you can always go to a

church where you know there are a

there’s a man or there are men there are

leaders who seeking the face of God and

they’ve been warning against sin because

there is something of a incredible joy

that breaks out in that congregation

that doesn’t have to be worked up there

is a fellowship that you cannot invent

there’s something about it that if

you’re walking in the spirit you know it

you sense it you feel it when you sit in


Pulpit that’s why I so am blessed when I

hear people from all over the world that

come here even when the church is empty

and we’ll write me a letter or call us

on the phone said I was in Times Square

Church and there was nobody there but I

felt the presence of the Lord in the

building God help

us listen to this terrible warning of

Jeremiah I’ve seen in the prophets of

Jerusalem a horrible thing they commit

adultery and they walk in lies they

strengthen the hands of the evildoers

that none of these evildoers return from

their wickedness they are all of them

unto me as Sodom and the inhabitance

thereof is gamorra if you think that I’m

preaching stronger listen to this

language this is from God’s Own Heart he

said these preachers are Sodom and

gomorra to

me from the prophets of Jerusalem his

profane is gone forth into all the land

he said your land is corrupted because

there’s a stream coming out of the



dreams of

corruption and the people love to have

it so according to the

prophet I tell you something if you if

you’re not willing to pay the price laid

down your sins if you not really got a

heart to walk in Holiness before the

Lord in his righteousness if you don’t

have a heart for that you won’t last

long in the Holy Ghost Church you’ll go

find somebody you’ll find a past P

that’s going to be just like you he’ll

he’ll mirror what’s in your heart he’ll

speak to the idolatry in you and you’ll

sit there and you’ll be given over to a

lie and you’ll think it’s the truth and

you’ll say what a wonderful sermon when

it’s sending you to

hell now why is America become so evil

such rampant wickedness and

profanity folks you there’s not a high

school kid in this city except a few

Christians have you ever walked around

these kids and listened the profanity

there’s profanity in the movies there’s

profanity on television there’s

profanity in Wall Street it’s it’s the

it’s the in thing now for Wall Street

women the these up and coming breaking

through the glass ceiling to have a


mouth making millions of dollars and

spewing out profanity

where did they get it Bible said it’s

from a profane pulpit in America not

that they’re cursing but there’s a

profanity coming out of godlessness that

has given birth to the

spirit Bible said if they stood in my

counsel and if they would cause my

people to hear my words then they would

have turned them away from their evil

way and from the evil their doings God

saying if I had been in the Pulpit who

would name sin if I had men in the

Pulpit were not afraid to prophesy if

there were men that would stand and

defend my name and stand up against this

encroachment of evil on all sides if I

had them if my people if my servants had


backslid there would have been a bull

work this flood would have been

stopped God says I will punish and

reward them for their doing now let me

show you what God prophesies that he’s

going to do in this coming storm that’s

coming to America and not just to

America Europe and around the

world Evangelical churches in Europe are

dying I get calls

from leaders of

denominations all through Europe in fact

I’m going to in next May to to France

and to cross Germany and to Bosnia and

to Romania but the Cry of the pastors

and the leaders that are read on fire

for God is saying brother Dave there is

such a deadness in our churches there’s

no life it’s dead it’s dead it’s dead


dying it’s dying in England it’s dying

in Australia churches are dying even

Evangelical churches are D are dying and

I go to ministers conferences and I I I

look at some very wonderful men but

there’s a sense of Despair and

death I’ll punish them and reward them

for their doings verse

n in verse in verse 10 it says God is

going to send upon them a spirit of

dissatisfaction for they shall eat and

not have enough they shall commit wartom

and shall not increase because they have

stopped giving heed to the

Lord he he said I am going to cause a

disease in this ministry that’s been

profane that is backsliding I going to

cause I’m going to give them


to Total dissatisfaction a spirit of

dissatisfaction so that the more they

indulge the more they try to satisfy and

find pleasure he said there’s going to

be no pleasure I’m going to take away


fulfillment folks you show me a

backsliding Christian and I’ll show you

one of the most miserable persons in the

face of the

Earth backslid cold and different to the

Lord but you show me a pastor that once

had the touch of God you show me a

pastor once moved in the anointing of

the Holy Spirit you show me a pastor

once used to be close to the Heart of

Jesus and he could he was embraced by

the Lord and you could hear it in his

language you saw it in his walk and he

turns away

aside it may be pornography it may be to

adultery or fornication whatever it may

be and you see the withering and you see

the drying in fact if they don’t change

the Bible makes it very clear God says

the Judgment upon ministers especially

is that anything they do in the way of

the world will never ever bring them a

moment of pleasure it will be

diminishing effect it will be toally

diminishing in its results in their life

so that they go deeper and deeper into

the pit and the more exotic their sins

become the less fulfilled they

are and know if you’ve ever run from God

you know that’s

true you ran from God because you didn’t

want the restrictions and you wanted the

freedom and you went got your freedom

you found it was hell and it was a

prison the they shall eat and not have

enough they shall commit adultery W them

and shall not increase in other words

their satisfaction will not increase but

it will

decrease the Bible said they become

clouds without water carried about by

the wind trees whose fruit is withered

without fruit twice dead plucked up by


roots Raging Waves of the sea forming

out their own shame what wanding stars

that wandering stars there in the Greek

is roving about like a roving

about like a

folks I have seen those at one

time were men of God that moved my

heart and I saw a backslid condition

come over

them they sit now and just watch one

filthy television program after another

and there’s no life there’s a wither and

you see them just tramping about they’re

just roaming about like tramps the Bible

says Raging Waves of the

sea fruitless twice dead plucked up by

the roots the Bible said the wicked are

like troubled sea when it can’t rest

whose Waters cast up M and dirt there’s

no peace sayith the Lord God to the

wicked if you’re backsliding here

tonight and this what the message is

about cuz God’s promised me that he’s

going to bring home a lot of backsliders

tonight God sent you here to hear a word

I’m talking now about backsliding

preachers yes but I’m talking about a

backsliding congregation as well I’m not

talking to you that are walking with the

Lord I’m not talking to the remnant

church I’m not talking to Blood Bought

who love Jesus with all their heart this

message is not your message it’s for

those who slipped away and you’re a part

of this you’re part of this whole

backsliding scene the Lord wants to hear

first of all his warning that the fear

of God will lay hold of you so they

could show you his

Mercy another

judgment verse 16 Bible says because let

me read it to you for Israel slighted

back as a backslidden hepher now the

Lord will feed them as a lamb in a large

Place folks this is this is an awesome

judgment listen to me please this is for

every backsliding Christian for every

backsliding preacher in the United

States and around the world listen to it

closely the message I preached to you is

going out to tape in many many hundreds

of preachers receive it in a conference

last two days I said how many get my

newsletters and tapes and and and a

third of the congregation stood up out


hundreds so I’m addressing them as I

address you tonight also and I do it

with a broken

heart Bible says

because of backsliding and forsaking the

truth and righteousness God will strip

you of all your increase in your comfort

and he’ll turn you into a Wilderness to

fend for yourself like a little

lamb for Israel slth back as a

backsliding heer now the Lord will feed

them as a lamb in a large place that

large place is a Wilderness in the HEBs

who Wilderness place what he’s saying

because you don’t want restrictions you

been as stubborn as a an ox trying to

throw off the Yoke you don’t want the

restraints my easy Yol my easy burden

you don’t want that you want to hold to

your sin you want to hold to this woman

to this man you want to hold to your

sexual perverse you want to you want to

hold to this thing that has your

heart you you have backslid in your

heart God says and I have done

everything I know how to do to reach

you he says now I’m going to have to

take you as a lamb you want your freedom

I’m going to take you into a Wilderness

a dry withering

place and I’m going to release you I’m

going to strip you of your Comforts and

your increase according to the prophet

because you’re uh you are stubborn as an

ox he said I’m going to lead you out and

you’re going to wander

around and folks I believe God God does

this out of Love sometimes many many

times the only hope the only hope is

that in that lost condition where you

have to fend for yourself and this has

to do with the economic collapse is

coming hear

me I feel the breath of the Holy Ghost

when I speak it hear it well folks God

is going to take this nation as a little

lamb out into a dry Wilderness and strip

it every Godly religious television

program is going to be stripped of its

money of its finances and will go

bankrupt every backslid

denomination every ungodly denomination

headquarters is going to go bankrupt

God’s going to strip

it God says I’m going to take away your

increase I’m going to lead you as a lamb

into this withering place and you’re

offend for

yourself and God hopes that when the

economy goes down and so many people

running around trying to make it on

their own perhaps they’ll say God I need

you maybe there’ll be

repentance finally

God the the last curse is in verse 17 to

19 God says I’m going to leave them

alone they’re going to be given over to

their alcohol their sexual fixations and

they’re going to end up embracing shame

I want you to to to uh for verse

177 Ephraim is joined to Idols Ephraim

is is another name for Israel Ephraim

because that was the capital the capital

was there in Samaria Ephraim in Ephraim

is joined to Idols let him alone they

their drink is sour that committed warom

continually her rulers with shame do

love and what it says what it is in

Hebrew her rulers are not ashamed of


shame now

folks what do you think is happening in

our country right

now what better word describes it than

shame not ashamed of their shame he’s

talking about the leaders and the


and the

people Ephraim is joined to Idol let him

alone God says I’m going to let you

alone now this is not a time to pray

anymore this is not a time now to

intercede anymore God said I’m going to

let you alone and that’s what is

coming their drink is

sour they’ve committed adultery

continually her rulers dearly love their

shame they’re not ashamed of their shame

and in the original it says let them

rest in their sins now they’re beyond

reproof let them rest in their sins

they’re beyond

reproof hopefully they will be moved by

judgment I believe is what God is is is

saying here and folks this is the last

indignity in the book of Hosea before

God sent judgment this was the last

indignity against holy God that they

could flood their sin and not

blush and they they they they they

laughed they they mocked the

same we have a whole nation that says

morality doesn’t count anymore give us

prosperity give us leaders who can make

us prosperous we don’t care if they’re

Devils is what is being said

they can be Scoundrels they can FL their

shame as long as we have all that we

want what

greed this is the last

indignity that a nation or

Society inflicts on a holy God before

the fist comes

down before the fist of God comes down

on the nation and this is what happened

in Israel this was the last the Bible

says in verse 19 the wind hath bound her

up in her wings that that means a storm

a storm has come and picked her up in

the wings of the storm and carried her

off into the Wilderness to be

judged now I’ve had listen very closely

to me I’m going to wrap this up in the

next 5 or 10 minutes now listen closely

please to what God’s put in my heart

I’ve had people write to me from all the

United States I said brother DAV have

you given up on America is there no hope

can we still pray for America is there

going to be a Revival come to this

nation you’re talking so much about

judgment that’s coming folks yesterday

yesterday front page of the New York

Times the party’s


the party’s

over they said is there no


Hosea offers incredible hope and I’m

going to take that hope in just a minute

but let me tell you what I believe the

only hope that we have for America or

any other Nation on the face of the

Earth that’s under judgment is that in

judgment in the storm there’ll be

repentance because in hosea’s time God’s

message of Hope didn’t come until that

nation was plagued and fallen and

smitten and in its smitten condition

Hosea comes along in the fifth

chapter no let’s let’s go to uh uh the

14th chapter 14th chapter of


now folks I’m going to give you what I

believe Hosea the prophet has re

revealed to us about the heart of God

can you look this way for a moment don’t

read ahead of


you’re so anxious for hope you’re going

to grab hold of

it what I’m about to read you is God

saying perhaps in the hardest of times

when all the things that people have

trusted in have come have been stripped

away from them when I start shaking

everything that can be

shaken when all the trusted institutions

and prosperity crumbles prosp PR erity

crumbles when everybody is struggling

fighting to

survive perhaps then there will be

repentance they will turn to me again

and then and only then I will verse four

I will heal their backsliding I will

love them freely for my anger is turned

away from him but that promise did not

come and look at verse one if you will

of chapter 14 oh Israel return unto the

Lord thy God for thou Hast Fallen by

thine iniquity he said you see they’re

already in a fallen condition and here

comes the prophet folks look at me God

gets no pleasure in judging America or

any other Nation this is a hard work for

our loving Heavenly Father what a hard

work it is for him but he says there is

no other way you have so hardened your

heart there’s no other way I can reach

you so backsliding your churches are so

backslid so far from me that I have to

strip and Shake everything so that the

only hope

left is that you have to turn to

me to even

survive where I give you nothing but a

life and death option you turn to me

with all your heart and I will heal you

and I’ve got a word for you backsliders

here’s the heart of God oh Israel or oh

backslider return to the Lord thy God

for you fallen by your sin sins take

with you words first of all and turn to

the Lord and say take away all iniquity

and receive us graciously so we’ll under

the Cass of our lips he said if you’ll

just turn to me and repent turn to me

and say I don’t want my sin I don’t want

to live in this Darkness I Don’t Want

This Cloud hanging over my head he said

if you’ll turn to me I know you’re

hurting there’s not a person listening

to me here tonight that’s in a

backsliding condition and don’t tell me

that the word backsliding isn’t biblical

I just read it to you like a backslidden

heer now if I had have called you that

you’d have been offended but the prophet

Hosea called

it God’s not asking you to make him a

bunch of promises he’s not ask you to

wait till you clean up your own life

he’s not waiting for something out of

you all he wants out of you is humble

confession I’ve messed it up I have

fallen by my own sins but you have said

Oh Come to Me My People return to me

with words give me out of the innermost

part of your being out of your mouth out

of your heart the M speak speak to me

the Lord says don’t hide from me talk to

me you know that you can talk to God

right now no matter what your condition

is you call on God how many prisoners in

their prison I just got a letter the

other day from a a a young man he has

lost everything he he he once had a a

Ministry and he’s lost his wife he’s

lost his children he’s got a 13-year-old

daughter that’s given birth to uh an

illegitimate Baby by an older man twice


age he’s got a 14-year-old son that’s a


addict and his 16y old boy all three of

them live with his

mother and his mother just come to the

prison that week and said your

16-year-old son is the hardest young man

I’ve seen on the face of the Earth

there’s nobody harder than your son this

man cast himself down on a bed and he

says oh

god I’ve messed up my life I’ve messed

up my family all my children are going

to hell I’ve got a son so hard as rocks

God have mercy on me and God Spirit came

down in that prison filled him with the

Holy Ghost that man’s on fire for God


I’ll heal your backsliding I’ll Love You

freely for my anger is turned away from

you oh what a wonderful word from God

now folks that’s the Hope For America

that the day would come in our fallen

condition in the midst of a a depression

such as we’ve never seen folks don’t you

understand just as we had 1929 into the

30s a dust bowl and the farmers going

bankrupt we have a dust bowl in Texas

and Oklahoma the same place it was then

how many times does God have to speak

over and over again the same thing

Farmers going bankrupt the cotton crop

has gone and all these things and people

still still

partying people are still saying I don’t

believe it I don’t care the whole world

is going depressing and we’re just

floating along like in an island of

Tranquility wake up

Saints but now let me tell you

something hallelujah what a wonderful

thing God has said through the prophet

Hosea he comes in the midst of this I

mean the nation is in turmoil in fact if

if uh the whole story of this if if you

read osah and you go to some of the

other prophets who were were speaking uh

at the same time contemporary with him

you find that there was a famine in the

land you’ll find that all the trases

were bankrupt you’ll find that all the

Springs had dried up trade had stopped

everything was stopped it was it just

collapsed and in that collapsed

condition God comes with this wonderful

hope he he says I I have judged you but

I’m not mad at

you my anger is no longer there

he said if you’ll just repent and turn

to me that’s what we should pray with

not that God keep us out of the storm

but in the storm God bring


repentance can I have five more

minutes all

right now let’s let me show you how God

showers us with Incredible promises if

we’ll just turn to the Lord now I’ve got

to say this in all seriousness all that

are in this but I don’t know where you

sit if you’re

backsliding I don’t know what you’re


through I don’t know what thing has your

heart that’s keeping you so cold and

you’re sitting in a withered condition

in this church

tonight I don’t know what the profanity

is I don’t know what the profaneness of

the iniquity that’s taken hold of your

heart but I know one thing if you just

talk to him tonight

if you just get up and walk down this

aisle if you choose it could be done

even in your seat you start calling on

the name of the Lord he says come on

bring forth

words give me your heart I’ll hear your

backsliding I’ll Love You freely and I

will not show you

anger God says look at verse

five I will be as the do unto you I’ll

be as the do unto

you here’s what will happen

tonight if you simply open up your heart

right now let the Holy Spirit break

through the hardness or break through


confusion in my closing moments here let

me show you this wonderful promise God

makes to you he say I’m going to make

you I’ll be to you as the DW of Heaven

now in Israel in the time the context

when this was written there was hardly

any rain and it was the duw that came

every morning that fertilized and

brought back life and according to the

scripture to to the context of this and

when you when you read the whole story

about the effects of duw it causes

greenness whether it’s been withering it

brings back the

greenness he said you’ve withered away

you’ve dried up you’ve been fruitless he

says every day you get up now you’re not

going to have that cloud of Gloom

hanging over your head I’m going to come

down on you like do and I’m going to

bring life back to everything that’s

been corrupted everything that’s been

withered I’m going to come now and I’m

going to minister healing everything’s

going to be

green thank God he I’m going to be like

the dud to you you can’t stand at heavy

rain right now but I’m just going to

start greeting you up glory be to

God and you’re going to start bearing

fruit oh folks I can’t tell you what a

joy it is to wake up every morning with

Jesus with no Cloud nothing between you

and the Holy

Ghost to be able to look God in the

eye feel the sense of joy and freedom in

him and you can actually feel the do of

Christ coming down on your

soul and you know that there’s growth

you can sense it in your heart whether

anybody sees it or not well they’ll see

it when you’ve been with Jesus they’ll

take notice don’t worry about that but

there’s a greenness that comes and

secondly he said You shall be you shall

grow as the Lily in other words he

saidou going to

Blossom with a quality found in the Lily

you know remember the Lily stands for

Purity and beauty and Aroma beautiful

Aroma and really remember it’s compared

to more Beauty than Solomon raid in all

of his glory nothing as glorious as a

lily but it’s the most fruit one of the

most fruitful plants because a single

root of Lily gives 5050 bulbs 50 bulbs

out of a single

root he said in other words you’re going

to bear fruit you’re going to be

fruitful where you were dying and

everything was wasting away now you’re

going to be fruitful there be wonderful

fruit coming out of your life blessing

instead of cursing everybody’s going to

notice it he said you’re going to be

fruitful 50 bulbs out of one but there’s

only one problem here and God took note

of it God doesn’t make any mistakes you

see the lily has one of the most fragile

root systems of all and and so God adds

to the Lily amazing thing here he said

she’ll cast forth Roots like

Lebanon the Trees of Lebanon took the

roots down as high as the tree The Roots

were that deep so that the tree could

not be blown over a bend in any storm he

said you’re going to be a lily with

fruits I mean Roots like the tree of

Lebanon you’re going to go down deep in

the Lord and you’re going to bear fruit

you’re not ignorant God’s going to teach

you by the Holy Ghost he’s going to

teach you you’re going to know and

you’re going to grow and then finally he

adds these words his branches shall

spread and his Beauty shall be as the

Olive Tree and his smell as Lebanon the

Trees of Lebanon all of the cedar trees

brought that the wind would sweep down

with the spices and the cedar smells

from the cedar trees swep over all the

valleys of Israel he said your branches


spread in other words people are going

to find rest in you everybody’s going to

be you’re going to have influence that’s

that that smell goes has to do with

influence you’re going to have spiritual

influence on others you’re going to

reach other people in other words

they’re going to see Jesus in you

they’re going to see something changed

in you and you’re you’re going to be

like a tree people can come under the

shadow of your tree and find

refreshment would you

look at

uh I will heal their backslidings I love

them freely verse four my anger is

turned away from him

do unto Israel grow as a lily cast his

roots as Lebanon his branches will

spread his Beauty shall be as the Olive

Tree his smell as Lebanon they that

dwell under his shadow shall return they

shall revive as the corn you going to

revive other

people the scent thereof shall be as the

wine of

Lebanon now to answer your question

specific will there be

Revival listen to me the Revival I want

to see is that out of all this testing

those that turn the Lord with all their

heart people are revived through the

influence of Christ in their life the

aroma of Christ brings Reviving to dead

Souls we’re not talking about uh uh

manifestations here we’re talking about

the aroma of Christ Reviving


hallelujah look at the last part verse

eight and with this I close Ephraim

shall say what have I to do anymore with

Idols I’ve heard him I’ve observed I’ve

listened to him now I’m like a green fur

tree from me is the fruit found he says

look at me now I was once withered and

dry food is coming out of me

Hallelujah glory be to God he said I

don’t want Idols I’ve found him I’ve

returned to my Lord and Savior will you

stand please will you

stand Please Hold Steady folks please


leave if you have to go and understand

that you’ve got to respect the moving of

the Holy Spirit

please time sare people I’m going to ask

you from now on too I say it lovingly as

a pastor the AL the calls the most

important time of the

service if you not we understand if you

have to go and many of them even not

just have to go we understand that you

have to get a train or something folks

please always stand it at attention this

is very vital I wouldn’t want to stand

before the judgment and have to answer


breaking the spirit of conviction upon a

meeting and often is very

distracting now I I don’t know

why I had to speak this message tonight


backsliding that God doesn’t waste


there are a number of backslidden people

here when I say

backslidden means that your heart is not

on fire it was on fire you’re

drifting something has your

heart and the Lord wants

that just so that it’ll not destroy you

and break communion with him Lord

promised me that if I’d be faithful to

preach this very word tonight

he was going to move on the hearts of

people that came to this meeting some of

you for the first time others of you

been here before maybe you’ve been here

a long

time but your heart’s backslid there’s

no getting around it plain

simple you’re not what you were or where


were something

happened Something’s Happened in your


and the Lord says come on now bring

words bring your words bring your

confession to

me and I’ll heal your backsliding

condition and I’ll embrace you and love

you and I’ll speak good to you you’ll

not see my anger you’ll see my grace

you’ll see my Mercy you’ll see my love

no one will condemn you nobody’s going

to put a microphone under in your face

and say what did you do nobody going to

do anything silly we’re going to pray

for you going to ask you to repent

honestly before the Lord up in the

balcony go to the stairs on either side

come down any aisle those that are

watching downstairs you come up the

stairs those that are in the main

Auditorium just get out of your seat now

don’t come unless the spirit moves you

the spirit moves you have to say Pastor

Dave God’s speaking to me tonight I want

to be on fire for God I don’t want to I

don’t want coldness I don’t want to be

in a backsliding condition I’m coming

back to my love for him I’m coming back

I need

him come

on Lord bless you wherever you’re at up

in the balcony move to the stairs and

downstairs watch some by a video just

come up the stairs and down any aisle

here and meet me right here at the

front I just heard one of the clearest

words from the Holy Spirit I’ve ever

heard in my life just as clear as could

be the Lord said David now tell them how

much I love them tell them how much I’ve

been waiting to just cleanse them

because they’ve already been forgiven at

the cross if they’ll just bring a

repentant heart now tell them how much I

love them how much I’ve been waiting

just waiting for heart confession and to

set their heart set your heart right now

Lord I want to follow you not half hard

with everything in me I want to follow

you with all my heart look at me please

God is not a demanding God he doesn’t

he’s not just standing over your

demanding and

commanding it’s a loving Heavenly

Father I’ll tell you he speaks strongly

sometime to us but that’s only because

of his great love his tremendous love

how many of you came forward are

convinced that the Lord Truly Deeply

loves you raise your hand please come on

everybody you should every I don’t care

if you’re a sinner you should have your

hand if God loves you convince yourself

on the power of the word of God that he

loves you and he cares about you can put

your hands down

now hallelujah what did I read to you

from the prophet Hosea he said come

bring words with you

now and give me the calves of your lips

your two lips are the Lambs of sacrifice

that you bring to the Lord you lay it on

the Altar and say Jesus cleanse my lips

cleanse my mind and my heart just come

now Jesus and take full possession of my

mind my soul and my body pray this with

me right now

Jesus I come to you now to confess conf

that I’ve sinned against

you and I’m here to

repent I bring the words of my

mouth from the depths of my heart of my

heart I come to you I come to you to say

I’m sorry say I’m s forgive me forgive

me and now Lord Jesus Lord Jesus on my

confession my conf of my sins my and

your promise your promise to forgive me

and to heal my backsliding my back I

give you my faith I give you my faith I

believe what you said I believe what you

said come right now Jesus right now

Jesus and love me freely love me fre

just like you promised just like you

promis embrace me embrace

forgive me forgive me Heal Me Heal

Me Show Me Your Love Now show your love

let me feel your

love now I’m going to pray for you

father we have done exactly what you

told us to do you said you bring the

calves of your lips you speak words to

me of forgiveness or of

repentance Godly sorrow and Lord because

we’ve done that now you do your part you

come now holy spirit and you bring

Assurance you bring a sense of cleanness

and Purity now come down like the Dew

from heaven right now and green up these

Lord who’ve withered some Lord that lost

their discernment some Lord that haven’t

prayed in a long time they’ve just been

so so weary Lord they’ve been out in

that Wilderness and everything’s been

dry and empty now Lord pour out your

spirit upon them right now God God let

them take Roots right now let them be

fruitful send fruit now to these that

are here now raise your hands and thank

Jesus right now just raise your hands

and give him thanks

Hallelujah this is the conclusion of the