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Job 38 verse 22 this is a revelation

that I want you to never forget listen

to this verse 23 have you entered the

treasury of

snow or have you seen the treasury of

Hell which is rain that is frozen into

ice which I this is God speaking he’s

speaking to job which I have reserved

everybody say

reserved you know what that word means

it means there’s there’s a treasury of

snow that

is stored up and reserved for what for

the time of trouble for the day of

battle and

War I’m preaching today on the have you

entered the

treasury of

snow I’ll explain that in just a moment

Isaiah 55 and verse 8 says that

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts his

ways are not our

ways that is higher than the heavens are

above the Earth so are his ways higher

than yours and his thoughts greater than

yours then he goes on and he

says that his promise is like the rain

it’s like snow from Heaven is that

something and it does not return there

but to water the Earth and then he goes

on and he says it shall not speaking of

his word it shall not return void but it

shall accomplish that which I please

thank you Lord that what God promises

you it cannot fail it will not return

void and then then he goes on and says

it will accomplish the thing which I

please and prosper in the thing where un

two I send it one more quick verse

Isaiah 45 and verse three he said that

the promise that I give

you I will give you the treasures of

darkness and hidden riches in secret

places that you may know that I am the

Lord hidden riches and and and hidden

riches and secret places Treasures of

Darkness meaning there are there are

things that in the word of God that you

don’t see it’s a mystery or is hidden

but I’ll give you

Revelation and I believe today he’s

going to give you one of those

Revelations because as snow and as it

rain his word comes down off out of the

heavens and he says

now have you entered the Treasures of

the secret place have you entered the

treasures that I have for you the

treasures the treasury of snow what

strange word in Job 38 is one more time

I’m going to read it have you entered

job 38:22 the treasuries of snow that I

the Lord God have reserved against the

time timing of trouble against the day

of battle see what he’s talking about is

snow is a

metaphor of spiritual snow which is

something that comes down once you send

once you send it up in prayer snow the

treasury of snow is prayer and praise

and worship we have been

snowmakers we and I’ll show you this

very clearly in the scriptures we store

it up listen for the time of trouble and

we take the word of God that will not

return void and we study it and we spend

extra time in it and we read it and in

doing so you’re filling up the treasury

of snow just like a mountain peak just

like uh you know how snow accumulates on

a mountain peak and it’s there during

the winter but there will come a season

of change a change season will come the

season will change and when the Sun

starts shining down it starts warming

and something happens because there is a

treasury of snow that which is stacked

up and piled up and gathered it’s it’s

amazing that you can store up prayer

just like snow stores up on mountain

peaks and when the season changes the

snow begins to melt and it turns into

water and the streams begin to flow and

the river comes from the snow on the

mountain and the more snow the more flow

if you don’t have any snow stored up in

the treasury of snow there will be no

flow in the time of trouble

did you did you hear the word in the

time of trouble you’re storing stuff up

for the day of battle you’re storing

stuff up so that when the enemy comes

like a flood you’ve got something stored

up waiting on him and God says I will

have my people prepared for whatever

comes their way and there is this

connection you see because snow collects

snow if if you read about it um it has

it has six points the snowflake just

like the Star of David I’m not making

this up you can check it out the if you

look under uh a microscope that’s what

you will see just like the Star of David

and it collects it the reason that’s

important is because it connects very

easily with other snowflakes and and

it’s not just one snowflake you don’t

have to worry about but if enough of

them get together just one little tiny

snow gets with another and gets with

another and gets with it can mess up a

Mac Truck it can stop a Mac

Truck and that’s like prayer you know

sometimes we get so tired of praying for

the same thing and it sometimes it’s

months that you pray for the same thing

and nothing happens pray for the same

thing nothing happens but what you’re

doing you got to see it is you’re

filling up the treasury of snow call my

children’s name my grandchildren’s name

I’m storing up snow here’s another piece

and here’s another Snowflake and here’s

another Snowflake and here’s and and

sometimes you got to grandmother that’s

been praying for 30 years or granny or

mother like I’ve got that’s been praying

for 50 years and I I don’t just get my

my snowflakes get mixed in with her

snowflakes and and and you get a whole

family praying and everybody’s getting

like like this Glacier thing going on on

the top of the mountain but it feels

like nothing’s happening it feels like

in the winter that everything’s Barren

and everything’s cold and I don’t feel

nothing and I don’t see nothing and you

said n God hadn’t changed one thing

you’ve been storing up

snow if you don’t have a collection

listen to this if you don’t have a

collection of yet to be answered prayers

in the treasury of snow there will never

come a river of flow it’ll find another

tributary that’ll go into someone else’s

place but if you don’t have anything

stored up don’t expect a flow without

any snow the more snow the more

flow there is this Collective

Gathering that creates the glaciers in

heaven every prayer we pray is like

snow do you know where the river of God

comes from the snow of God’s people that

they are praying Jesus wouldn’t have

told us to pray if it didn’t work Jesus

wouldn’t have told us to give he would

have just said just Cas Sarah sah

whatever would be and doesn’t really

matter if you pray or if you don’t about

the situation but if you ever start

praying for your daddy if you ever start

praying for your mother if you ever

start praying for your son if you ever

start praying for your daughter if you

ever start praying for your family and

you keep on doing it and sometimes it’s

stored up for

generations and over in March and over

in April and June and and July and

August and September and November

somebody will be getting married and

December somebody will get a


and you just don’t understand that God

cannot forget the treasury of snow and

the question is have you entered into

it because it’s powerful the flow is

coming if the snow is gathered Rivers

will begin to flow rivers of Deliverance

I claim rivers of Deliverance over this

church this year that there will be

Services where God will deliver people

from drugs and alcoholism God will

deliver people from gender confusion God

will deliver people from lies and

deception God will deliver people from

suicide and self-hatred and and and

Desiring to to to just kill themselves

prematurely go I’m telling you there is

a river of healing there is a river of

Deliverance the river of God there is a

river of family salvation and miracles

and we have been storing up the snow so

the flow will find this house our house

somebody give the Lord a praise for that

if you believe

it store it up in the spirit realm make

snow Peaks over your

family a snow peak of prayer what are

you doing you worship every time you

worship every time you pray praise God

every time you open that book and read

it you’re storing up snow you’re storing

up snow keep doing it turn to somebody

and say you got to store it up we can’t

give up we can’t get weary Paul put it

like this pray without ceasing just keep

on praying even you don’t have to be

around a lot of people just every time

you think about them and start to worry

about them and start to say oh God what

no no no just pray for them Lord in the

name of Jesus I just call their name out

right now thank you Father thank you

Father and that prayer will connect with

another prayer will connect and and this

is what happened in the book of Acts

chapter 10 Cornelius the Bible said made

a memorial Before the Throne of God he

he created I’m gonna use my own

terminology he created a a ice

palace with his prayers and with his

giving it came up before God as a

memorial I want you to think about that

when I think of a memorial I think about

the Jefferson Memorial the Lincoln

Memorial and God himself said I can’t

see around this pile this snow peak this

guy has stacked up so much giving so

much worship all of it was worship

giving is worship all of it is worship

praise is worship Hallelujah confessing

the word of God speaking the word of God

listening to the word of God is worship

uh reading the word of God is worship

Whatever It Is God turns it into snow

and he says the more you stack up up and

store up it the the Bible said that it

became so big in heaven that it was like

a huge Memorial before God and God said

well I got to get rid of some of this

ice up here so I’m going to change the

season now you think about what I’m

saying and that one man prayed and

stored up so much snow in the treasury

and he had his family name on that

Memorial because this blessing didn’t

flow to the church it flowed to his


address if you read Acts chapter 10 no

Gentile only Jews had heard the gospel

and received Christ and been filled with

the Holy Spirit but one man prayed and

when the when God began to melt the snow

it started flowing to one guy’s house

who has prayers had become like a

memorial and the Bible said that he

poured the Holy Spirit out on him and

his house and this was the beginning of

the Gentile miracle that to this very

day this very service this very moment

had that man not filled up the treasury

of snow and God found a way to let it

flow and we would not be a part of the

body of Christ because we were Gentiles

lost without God But Here We Stand

Children of the Covenant because one man

pray pray without ceasing

Pray when nothing happens praise when

nothing happens praise when you don’t

feel worship when you don’t feel

anything oh you’re never wasting time

you’re filling up the treasury of snow

so that when the season changes CA there

will come a change of season it may feel

like your family tree is withered up it

may feel like your finances are withered

up it may feel like your dreams are

withered up it may feel like there’s no

way this thing can live there’s no way

God God can turn my life around in the

situ yes he can and that’s what happens

when a church in your in your snowflake

joins my snowflake come on I’m not just

fighting this by myself but we are all

in a very very good place we got a big

old mountain a big old Peak up in heaven

called free chapel and we’re saying Lord

pour it out on us until the river of

Deliverance and healing flows through

our home through our cities through our

nation and to our world I need somebody

to give him a praise I’m almost finished

I’m almost

finished I got to finish it in Psalms

147 in verse 15 listen to this this is

amazing he sends his commandment to the

Earth and here’s what it’s like it’s

like it’s running very swiftly his word

there’ll come a moment when he sends he

changes is the season and he gives snow

the next verse says like wool and he

scatters Frost like

ashes and he cast out his hail like

morsels and then he asked a powerful

question and the only question is it’s

coming the flow’s coming because the

next verse says he melts the ice and he

causes the wind to blow and the waters

to flow it’s coming now go back to the

last question but the only question is

who can stand before his cold who can

stand who can stand in the cold

Who Won’t Give Up in the cold who won’t

quit in the winter who won’t quit when

you don’t see nothing you don’t feel

nothing he said I promise you the rain

is coming I promise you I’m going to

melt the snow peak and the snowflakes

that you sent up and they connected and

turned into a glacier I’m going to melt

it in my season in my time the only

question is who will stand the

cold who’ll keep sending it up when

nothing’s happening

I don’t know about you but I feel real

happy in my

soul because I’m G stand the

cold it may get cold but the atmosphere

for prayer is in cold times if you want

snowflakes you need some

cold so that’s the time to really pray

when it’s tough and hard not when you’re

seeing Miracles everywhere not when the

river’s flowing but when you don’t see

anything you keep on praising that’s

when you really get into praise that’s

when you really start I know it was the


Hallelujah think about this you never

know when you’re sending up your last

snowflake before

Avalanche somebody shout

Avalanche wouldn’t you like to Proclaim

that over your family and over the world

my God we need an avalanche

and you never know one more prayer one

more Hallelujah one more I just believe

Lord for my

child in Jesus

name and one

snowflake and it all comes crashing

down if you’re listening to me right now

and you don’t know Jesus Christ is your

savior why don’t you start off right by

saying Jesus Christ I love you just say

it I love you I know you I know who you

are and I Surrender I believe in you

watch me in the blood of Calvary cleanse

me and fill me with your precious Holy

Spirit I want to be Spirit-filled I want

to walk in Victory this year I want to

walk in the strength of God I want the

wisdom and favor of God God on me and my

family and then say this Lord use me use

me I know you want to use me and I want

to help put people’s lives back together

and keep them in a place of Victory use

me to bless others this year in Jesus

name you know that’s a prayer that’s

right in the will of God you don’t even

have to worry if that’s God’s will it’s

his will that not any should perish that

includes you it’s his will to save you

it’s his will to to use you and I thank

God for that before I go I really want

to thank you for supporting this

ministry financially we can’t preach the

good news to over 200 Nations every week

without your support and we can’t create

and produce all the faith-building

materials and the tremendous outreaches

that we are able to sew a lot of

resources all over the world because of

you the latest project is the eshal

resilience center it’s being created to

help treat Jewish victims who are

suffering mentally and going through

psychological trauma due to the attacks

the continual bombardments and Terror

that they have faced it is the number

one need that they said they have right

now and I tell you I thank God that the

very City that I’m talking about we as a

Ministry started investing in over four

years ago not knowing that that would be

the most important and biggest inance

the terrorist would come through more

lives lost there more things happen in

that region than any other region we

pray about what God would have you do to

help us rebuild that City that the enemy

tried to destroy in the Holy Land I can

only tell you when you get interested in

what God loves and what God says he

cares about like projects in Israel God

will pour out his blessings like you

have never seen before so here’s my

announcer to tell you how you can be a

part of a miracle in


Israel I’m standing here in the Zach’s

house the Zach Family House in kibutz

suim the First Community that we

introduce you to on October 7 this

entire family perished when we walked

after the atrocities of October 7 into

this house we saw the father lying here

behind me on the floor with a knife in

his hand and in the shelter behind me

the mother in bed hugging her son both

dead and both burned

alive but just like this Instinct of a

family to protect each other to save

each other this is what we feel with you

Pastor Jensen Franklin and your entire

congregation it was an instinct a family

instinct to come and stand with us and

to remind us that we are not alone you

are responding immediately because you

know us you know us already for many

years before and you committed to build

a resilience Center that will give us

therapy for our communities to heal

together in these atrocities of October

7 we know that we will rebuild

again it will be painful and hard but we

know that with you we can make it happen

step by step together as a





I want 10,000 mothers and women who will

take intercessory prayer for a

generation seriously we are Rachel’s

Army we are women that who are going to

say we’re setting everything else aside

you call that child back into Ministry

you call that child back home you call

that child out of addiction call that

child they shall return from the land of

the enemy it’s time to




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