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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

God’s grief over his people heavenly

father I want you to speak to us this

morning I want you to talk to me I want

you to talk to all of us about your

grief over us hallelujah

amen before I start uh when I was uh at

Swagger Sunday night uh a group called

The Singing rambos did the music uh Reba

Rambo and her husband

and uh we went out to eat after and they

began to testify how their life had been

so changed last week by a

miracle they have a lady friend in

California who is dying of cancer

terminal cancer it’s her third operation

she’s lost her hair three

times and she’s terminal and she prayed

Lord before I die I want to see you I

want you to come to my room I want you

to talk to me I want you to meet me and

the Lord through prayer

appeared to her the Lord Jesus Christ

appeared in her room and her hands were

so cold he was just massaging her hand

and said dear come with me and took her

on a 4-Hour Journey over Green Pastures

and over Still Waters as far as the eye

could see and then sat beside a still

water and Green Pastures and began to

unburden his heart to her her name was

Lucy and he said Lucy I’m a bridegroom

and the reason I want a bride is because

I need love I need to be loved just as

sure as you need to be loved and he with

tears in his eyes he said I’m wearied of

my bride I’m wearied of my bride My

bride is careless my bride doesn’t love

me anymore they talk about loving me but

my bride doesn’t love me anymore and

I’ll tell you she uh the Lord spoke to

her said I’m going to give you a little

more time and I’m going to linger in

your room with my presence and touch

everybody who comes in your room to hear

this message and their life will be

changed and I want this message to

spread your pastor and everyone who

comes in the room and the glow of the

Lord after 7 days is still in that room

doctors nurses everyone are trying to

get into that room Rambo said when we

walked in that room suddenly it was

revealed to us how shallow our lives are

and we were convicted and stirred she

just lays in the bed with that glow on

her face and tells everybody in the room

Jesus is weary of his bride get ready

get prepared begin to love him the

pastor was moved stood in the pulpit and

told about it and now all over Southern

California that word is spreading in one

woman who has seen Christ and in the

same message when they were saying that

that witnessed to me all that witness to

me Jesus says I’m wearied of my bride

and I was praying last night and the

lord gave me a message God’s grief over

his bride God’s grief over his people

people now you know the final outcome of

the Church of Jesus Christ is one of

Victory you know the final outcome is

that the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail

against the church that’s the final

outcome there’s nothing going to change

that that’s final God is going to be

victorious in the end but in the

meantime remember the flood that Satan

sent out against the angel and for a

season prevailed against the woman in


wilderness now I want to talk about that

this morning we’re supposed to be

glorious Church Without spot a wrinkle

washed and secured by the blood but

anybody with any spiritual discernment

at all know that the Church of Jesus

Christ is not where it should be we all

know it brother and there is not a word

there’s not a person here that doesn’t

deser it Satan is trampling over God’s

people almost at will Gwen and I read

thousands of letters Gwen reads eight

and 10 hours a day of letters coming

from all over the United States some of

you that are on our staff right now know

what’s happened we sent out a prayer

request letter a sheet where people

could just re request prayer and how

many I don’t know we probably had four

to 5,000 just last week and the first

few days over 100 of them from women

whose husbands Christian husbands are

leaving them broken

homes and Grant and I I’ll be studying

and I’ll be in prayer and she’ll said

honey please listen this and she begins

to pour it out here’s a minister some of

God Minister his wife has just run off

with another man left him with two

children he’s about to give up his

ministry you you here here are

grandparents saying my grandchildren

don’t talk to me anymore they’re

supposed to be Christian here’s a letter

from a pastor from New York says in New

Jersey uh a group that used to be

connected with uh a printing company

charismatic they begin to have these

choreog choreographer dance Dan es in

the church now they’ve moved into

ballroom dancing in the church the

sector music and bringing bands in and

he said then they sing and shout and

talking tongues and then Saturday nights

are having their their ballroom dancing

and now it’s sweeping all through the

east coast and and you you get letters

and you read these things and you see

Satan trampling over God’s house at will

just walking over his people walking at

will and and you there’s you go to

prayer and there’s a holy and dignity

comes upon you and you say Lord that’s

not the way it’s supposed to be children

rebelling and backsliding Chaos in the

homes it was for a while just husbands

leaving wives but now wives leaving

husbands the backsliding is so

widespread it’s a pandemic thing that’s

happening backsliding beyond anything

this nation has ever seen all across

America there around the world they

probably over 350 maybe 400 teen

challenge centers taking in drug addicts

and alcoholics and all of our people are

on their knees seeking God because of

the widespread backsliding many have

been converts who walk through the

program and now backsliding turning

their back on the

Lord and we detect in these letters a

sense of helplessness so many people

giving up

hope and a loss of joy and victory in

their lives a sense of being defeated

and cast down defenseless trotten down

and wearied and troubled in

mind and there’s something in me that

says Lord why is the devil wreaking such

Havoc among God’s people and my grief I

believe only reflects a little bit of

the grief of God over the pitiful

condition in the life and the homes of

God’s people God does grieve over his

people he grieve for 40 years over

Israel listen to it but with whom was he

grieved for 40 years God was what he was

grieved don’t tell me God doesn’t grieve

he said with whom was he grieved 40

years was he not grieved with them that

sinned whose carcasses fell in the

wilderness and this is the amazing thing

this is the people God promised to carry

like a father carries the Son in his

arms he said I’ll carry you in my arms

I’ll take you through the Red Sea I’ll

take you through the wilderness and I’ll

plant you in a good

land he promised to be their guide their

keeper their shelter their strong arm

and I’ve just written down some of the

things I found in the Old Testament he

said I’ll be your covert from Every

Storm I’ll be your delivered from every

enemy I’ll be your high tower of

protection he said no weapons formed

against you so

Prosper I’ll keep you as the apple of my

eye the Delight of my soul the object of

my tender loving

care your enemy enemies will be your


stol you will be not just conqueror but

more than

conqueror and listen to this what God is

saying I’ll care you like a father cares

his son no enemy shall prosper against

you I’ll make you victorious in all

things I’ll make every enemy your foot

stol and had they only believed that

they would have lived a life of Victory

and joy and they would have moved into a

promised land and had Victory all their

lifetime had they simply believed his

promises and rested in his mighty power

they would have been an invincible

people they could have walked through

that perilous Wilderness wellfed without

thirst without fear or despair with

every need supplied With a Song in their

heart and great joy they could have

lived a life of peace and rest and

victory and moved into a land of

promise and every tear would have been

wiped away now that was God’s plan why

would God take a people out of the brick

Hills of Egypt why would he move them

through the Red Sea why would he allow

them to go through all this but to beare

them a good land God never intended we

live like we do never that’s never been

God’s plan it’s been unbelief that

destroyed the whole plan of God in

Israel unbelief blinded the eyes of the

people toward the ways of God they

missed God’s plan simply because they

would not believe his word is true and

to whom swear he that they should not

enter into his rest but to them that


not so we see that they could not enter

in because of un belief now it wasn’t

just their lust that kept them out it

wasn’t just dancing around the golden

calf it wasn’t because they were ning

after each other’s

wives it was beyond that you see God was

forgiving to their sins he had a pass

over lamb and our savior was always he’s

been merciful and forgiving to our

sins it wasn’t just lost it was

something beyond

that it’s the one thing that God sees in

all of us far beyond Beyond lust far

beyond all of these Petty things of the

flesh oh there was no problem with David

finding forgiveness forgiveness is not

the problem it’s our

unbelief it’s our lack of confidence act

lack of trust in the

Lord it was this blatant unbelief that

tied God’s hand so he could no longer

help them he could no longer deliver

Israel unbelief robbed them of every

promise God made to them it closed the

door of fullness and joy

they begin to even doubt that God loved

them that God was involved in their life

they question questioned his mercy and

they begin to turn inward to help

themselves and we look over you know I

was looking over yesterday the pitiful

history of Israel in this Wilderness and

I say to myself and I I stood to my feet

and I was walking around uh I have a

room up top of my garage I’m walking

around there in the presence of of the

Lord every time I walk in I meet him

there and I was looking at this and I

said oh God what a

waste what a

waste only Joshua and Caleb and Moses

only three remain true of that whole

tribe of Israel what it could have been

if they would have simply believed

God they didn’t have to live in

bondage they didn’t have to live in fear

and trouble that was all self-inflicted

they could have chosen God’s

way they are wasted in the wilderness

godforsaken because of nothing short of

unbelief God Grieves even more over this

generation because of our unbelief

because we have better promises than

Israel had we still be believe not let

us therefore fear lest the promise being

left us of entering into his rest any of

you seem to come short of it let us

labor therefore to enter into that rest

lest any man fail after the same example

of unbelief and there you have

it think for a moment of God’s grief

when he sees what’s happening to

American Christian homes in our lives

when he says Israel didn’t have an

example like you have they couldn’t pick

up a Bible they couldn’t pick up a

testimony and learn of a people that

could have had everything and backslid

because of unbelief they don’t have an

example but you have an example he says

we have an example of what happens to a

people who won’t believe God’s word and

he said are you going to fail after the

same example of unbelief as

Israel and that’s what God said to me

yesterday David do you believe me when

you come into the presence of the Lord

and you make your petitions known do you

believe that King Jesus at that very

moment hears you the eyes of the Lord on

the righteous and his ear is open to

their prayer do you believe that God is

at work that very moment I was praying

at that particular time when God was

speaking that to my heart about my son

and uh pastor’s uh primarily black

church in

Detroit about 26 years old and I I pray

for night and day because of the powers

of Satan all around that Wicked City and

and the physical harm and danger all

around and I prayed for him and God said

do you believe that while I’m praying

right now that I am at work in your

boy’s life and in his church right now

while you pray I’ve dispatched an army

of angels and I’m going work you believe

it and I said yes I

do we have a house for sale we used to

live in a big house and we just said we

can’t live there anymore so we had it up

for salees been there for a year and

I’ve been praying about lord said you

believe I’m able to raise up a stone and

turn it into a buyer yes because he can

make the stones rise up and praise him

and the Lord said if you believe I can

make a stone into a buyer I’ll give you


buyer have to believe that do you

believe you believe his word you believe

when he said ask and you shall receive

do you believe he means

that H very few of us believe it very

few of us live

it God’s saying it should be different

now you’ve got my promise to bring you

into a place of perfect peace and rest

if you only believe you’ve got the

example here of Israel of what happened



detailed look at it it’s all detailed go

and read it read it once again and

picture yourself and say here here it is

I have this example and yet I’m doing

the same stupid things they did I’m not

believing just like they didn’t God says

listen let us therefore come boldly

under the throne of grace that we may


mercy and find Grace to help in our time

of need we have a high priest now not

like Israel we have a high priest that’s

passed into the heavens we have a high

priest that’s seated behind beside the

right hand of God we have a high priest

that’s touched with the feelings of our

infirmities and while I’m talking to you

right now he is touched with the feeling

of everything you and I are going

through he’s touched with it he knows it

and he said you have something better

than they did they had priests that died

they had priests that couldn’t feel they

had priests that couldn’t read their

mind you have a high priest who’s

ascended to the father and he seated the

right hand of the of the father he’s

Seated on his kingly throne he’s not

only King he’s intercessor he’s high

priest and he says come to this high

priest come to him in full confidence

come to him to receive mercy and Grace

to help in your time of

need yet we act like we have no King we

act like we’ve been

abandoned we go into God’s presence and

like Beggars we go into him like he’s uh

somebody body just floating around in

the spirit we’ got to wake him up to get



no he says do you believe me do you

trust me why do you pray why do you talk

to me if you don’t believe that I’m

going to

answer why do you talk why do you

worship me if you don’t believe that I’m

real so often we bind God’s hands we


him it was so when Jesus walked in the

flesh he went to his own country the

scripture said among his own people and

listened to this and he did not many

mighty works there because of their

unbelief now listen to that they tied

the hands of almighty God God couldn’t

work God couldn’t work in Israel because

of unbelief Jesus the son of God The

Miracle Worker could do no Mighty Works

in their midst because of their unbelief

and we tie his hands the same way we tie


up you know Jesus looked over Jerusalem

and he cried Jerusalem Jerusalem I would

he kept saying I would I would have

gathered you as a mother hand together I

would but you would not and you hear it

all through I would but you wouldn’t I

would but you wouldn’t I hear that all

through the Bible every time I read it

now I’m more willing to give than you

are to receive I’ll do it I will I’m

willing I’m willing but you’re not your

unbelief is tied me your unbelief stands

hinders me from doing what I need to do

in these last days those who’ve not

learned to trust the Lord in

everything you’re going to be consumed

when the troubles really begin to

flow all the Israelites Who come out of

Egypt except Joshua and Caleb were

consumed in this terrible

Wilderness before he died Moses told

them why God was going to leave him

alone Moses predicted he prophesied he

said you’re all going to die in this

terrible Wilderness you’re going to die

here you’re going to die miserable lives

then he told him why he said God

promised to fight your battles he bore

thee in his arms as a man doth bear his

son yet all after all this you did not

believe the Lord your God let me read it

to you

again this Deuteronomy 1:30 and

32 listen God promised to fight your

battles he bore you in his arms as a man

to bear his son yet all after all of

this you did not believe the Lord your

God and then Moses said and the Lord

heard the voice of your words and he was

angry and he swear saying surely the

shall there shall not one of this evil

generation see that good land turn you

and take your Journey Back Into the

Wilderness go not up neither fight for

I’m not among you anymore the Lord will

not hearken or give ear to you anymore

oh that’s powerful that’s frightening

God saying to his children go back die

in the wilderness because you don’t

believe me I tried to bury you I tried

to walk with you I made you promises and

you won’t believe me and I heard your

thoughts because our thoughts are words

I heard what you were

thinking I I can tell in my wife’s

thinking I said honey come on get it out

I know what you’re

thinking and say I’m not thinking

anything but if I’ll just wait long

enough and press in it’ll come out and

the Lord says I know what you’re

thinking and you know we we we get the

idea well well Lord we’re just human

we’re just frail and you you don’t mind

these feeding thoughts of doubt and

unbelief and God says no I heard you I

heard your words I heard what you said

in your tent I heard what you said in

your room I heard what you said in the

imagination of your heart and I was

angry by what you said and because

you’ve said in your heart that I’m not

with you because you questioned me go

back into your Wilderness go

back and I’m not going with you anymore

I’ll not hear you anymore because the

more I talk to you the more I promise

you the less you love me the less you


me all sense of God Beware of the

language of your heart Beware of the

language of your

mind do you really believe that when he

said when the enemy comes in like a

flood the spirit of the Lord will raise

up a standard against him you believe

that do you believe that this past week

when the devil came against you like the

flood that the Spirit of the Lord was

right there at work though you didn’t

see him raising up a standard his holy

standard or were you saying God where

are you why did this happen to you

throwing him a bundle of

questions now it’s a great evil in the

eyes of the Lord to speak doubt about

his love or care for you I want you to

listen to this

Isaiah now just just look at me give me

your good eye because I want to share

something from my heart Isaiah said cry

aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a

trumpet and show my people their

transgressions now listen who is he

talking about lift up your trumpet blow

the horn show my people their

transgressions now this this blew my

mind when I saw it I’m speaking from

Isaiah the 58th chapter now here here’s

the here’s the tragedy he’s talking to a

people who love to seek God he’s not

talking to prostitutes he’s not talking

to alcoholics he’s not even talking to

backsliding Christians he’s talking to

those are supposed to be on fire for god

listen to it amazingly he said he’s

talking to those and this is in Isaiah

51:2 he’s speaking to those who sought

the Lord daily who delighted to know his

ways listen to it he said he’s speaking

to those who sought the Lord de who

delighted to know his ways who did

righteously who forsook not the

ordinances of their God and took Delight

in approaching to the Lord they took

Delight in approaching to God they

delighted to go to prayer they loved God

and yet he’s saying to them show them


transgressions show them their sin and I

say to myself oh God how do you show

people sin who are beginning to seek you

with all their heart and mind and soul

and strength and they’re saying oh God

stir me and they Delight to pray they

love God they Delight in his presence

and here’s the prophet Isaiah saying go

tell them their transgression show them

their sins and what is the sin

huh here’s the very best the very chosen

of God yet they’re guilty of a grievous

sin and it’s a sin of unbelief you find

it in the third verse wherefore have we

fasted say they and thou seest not

wherefore have we Afflicted our soul and

thou takest no knowledge

here are people praying here are people

delighted in seeking the Lord And yet

when they go home yet there’s something

over and above it all that’s saying

maybe this doesn’t pay where is the sign

what’s the evidence of his working in my

life they’re saying and and they’re

listening to the lies of the devil the

devil came and this is why this message

is so important to me because I’ve just

experienced this I’ve just gone through

it the Lord showed me my

transgression showed me that my last

Idol was not television it was nothing

else but unbelief

unbelief it’s an idol in all of

us listen to me now and listen good God

showed me my unbelief because during

that time I was listening to these

subtle little

things you know the biggest lie the

devil will tell you in

that is that God’s grace is so great and

so mighty you can do almost anything and

be forgiven he’ll turn the grace of God

into lasciviousness right before your

eyes and I’ll tell you what it did to me

for some reason I picked up Luther’s

book on Galatians and I’m reading there

and Martin Luther is saying God’s grace

is so great that your sin is no longer

sin in his

eyes and the old devil says that’s

Martin Luther and he’s saying God Grace

is so great and the Lord is so forgiving

that even though you sin it’s not sin in

his eyes

anymore is a lie but it’s a subtle thing

and and suddenly the devil say see who

are you who are you to live such a

straight life and preach such a doctrine

of Holiness who are you when the mighty


Luther and you know the senses what just

ease up just ease up

and that’s when the unbelief begins to

flood in and say oh you

know others are praising the Lord others

are being filled with the Holy Ghost and

they’re living they’re having fun now

that’s not what I want I don’t want the

fun I’ve turned my back on all of that

but it’s the devil coming said go ahead

and write your book nobody going to

listen they going to make fun of you why

make a fool out of

yourself and that’s the way it’s going

to be for you you the devil come to you

and say hey you started to seek God with

with all your heart you giving him

everything now some of you have thrown

out your television set because you know

it’s an idol you know it’s the power of

the devil’s behind it now and you’re

cleaning up your lives and you’re

seeking God and then the enemy will come

in like a flood and say it doesn’t pay

what foolishness some of you that are

working over here for last days you work

18 hours a day and devil come you lay

down so tight at night and say you’re a

fool you’re crazy go out and make

money he’ll lie to

you and that’s what he’s that’s that’s

what these dear people people were

saying even though they delighted to

come into the presence of the Lord

suddenly this thought came to them why

am I fasting I don’t see evidence God’s

not answering my prayer where’s the

evidence God show me I’m seeking your

face night and day and I’m praying and a

normal man of God a normal woman of God

but where’s the answer things are not

changing show me the evidence and the

devil will make you demand evidence from

God he’ll say if you’re a man of God if

you’re a Praying Woman and you believe

the prayer Works what the evidence oh

thank God for that said blessed is he

who sees not yet believes Hallelujah and

I told God I believe him now I don’t

care if I see I don’t care if God ever

answers prayer again for me I still

believe him I trust him doesn’t depend

on him answering my prayer anymore I

believe he answers prayer but I don’t

have to see that to trust him glory be

to his matchless name he’ll whisper

doesn’t pay to be so holy and sober and

pure no miracles in your life why do you

bother you’re just like like you were

you’re just as cold as

ever you’re the same old person you


were your troubles and problems are ping

up on

you your fasting doesn’t get


relax let me tell you something that

that’s let me tell you the three big

lies of the devil right now number one

don’t judge and be behind that the devil

can hide behind that smoke screen do

anything he wants to do well we better

judge righteous judg

Peter or Paul judged Peter for being

carried away Jesus judged all did he

judge he called them vipers and snakes

and we better have a holy wrath of God

in our hearts don’t judge and the other

is legalism every time we’ve been

brother ra have been talking about every

time God speaks his word of Separation

Here Comes not the Sinners but the

preachers legalism you know I was down

at Freddy Garcia is our drug addict

churches down in uh San Antonio last

week well you you get 600 of those

converted drug eggs together and you got

to meet them and a hundred of them are

pastors that are on fire for God and I

was sharing this chapter about getting

rid of your television I I’ve been

listening to all those young preachers

get up and preach like a house of fire

then I looked at their Pot Bellies and I

knew what they’re doing they’re sitting

for three and four hours in front of TV

eating junk food and getting

fat and and oh did I

lose okay and and uh so I shared I gave

31 Reasons from the Bible 31 scriptures

why we’re to get that Abomination out of

our house set no Wicked thing before our

eyes quit sitting in the seat of the

scornful thou should bring no

Abomination into thy house thou hate it

detest it l you become a curse like it

I’ll tell you the spirit of the Lord

moved one preacher jumped up and ran got

in his car and out and smashed his two

TV sets and came

back now in my book I’m suggesting don’t

do it in public now we shot some 20 we

shot $6,000 with TV sets here we shot

him with shotguns and everybody around

here laughing about it in the

neighborhood but you know it’s changing

now nobody laughing because the Lord’s

beginning to speak about our separation

from all that’s of the world so Freddy

got up in his church Friday night he he

told all his preachers go home I don’t

care if you have how far you to go get

your sets we’re burning them all but he

called radio and television all the

cameras something I didn’t want happen

and I picked it all they’re going to say

they looks told us to burn our TV sets

and the book will be destroyed before

it’s out but you know the all the

television cameras and everything it it

looks like they’re going to burn over

300 sets before it’s all over and uh

they were there was the all the TV and

it got on national news and they were

smashing those TV sets but you know

here’s here’s the sad thing the the

Press carried it with

dignity and and there was an awesomeness

about it and those

hardened cameramen were saying it’s

about time and the Sinners were calling

up their phones were ringing off the

wall said if we’ had known that we’d

have brought ours the Sinners but the

preachers in town were screaming

legalism that’s right

legalism but

Freddy oh i’ had one Pastor after

another I’d sat there listening to their

fiery sermons and have come up to me

later and said brother wolson look at

this he said I got up there and talked

about going out winning soul on the

street and I’m sitting three and four

hours in front of that thing losing my

soul I had a young Mexican pastor with

me the other day just pouring out his

heart he said b w when I got saved from

drugs I was so on

fire so loving the Lord he said just

like the rest I sit down here because I

call it relaxation all Idols start with

relaxation that’s all they are the

relaxation they’re called diversions and

in this diversion he said I lost

everything my heart went out to him but

you see this thing don’t judge and then

legalism and then the third one and it’s

worst of all the worst one


relax you go to California now the

reason I don’t go to many churches

anymore that the drinking is so bad even

inem God Church chch is now I was

talking to Mark one of our boys here

right in front seat here Mark is a

contractor you know Mark was telling me

in my house last night when he was

hiring people out there they they they

said if if if you get drunk you’re

finished but the Christian

contractors they they allowed drinking

and he they were trying to get him to

drink not the Sinners but the Christians

were trying to get him to drink the

Christians were trying to get him drunk

and and you go to our Pentecostal

churches in the west coast in many of

our big

cities and the congreg the eyes in the

congregation are full of


drinking like Mark said they think it’s

cool now to

curse to curse to take God’s name in

vain you go to a church social now and

they talk about their wine list they

talk about their material things they

talk about everything but Jesus there

was a time that we talked about his name

we glorified his name and I’ll Tell You

Folks let let me show you let me take

you just a little further on this for

just a

minute God God is going to try God is

going to have to raise up a people who

learn to cast all their cares on

him and if you don’t learn to cast every

care and trust him in everything you’re

not going to be ready for what’s coming

I want to I want to find that scripture

here for


uh well anyhow it’s it’s uh I think it’s

Jeremiah he he said if if you run with

the footman and they worry you if you

get overheated running with the footman

what are you going to do in the horse

race and he said if you are weary in a

Land of peace and security what are you

going to do when the Jordan swells in

other words you and I are in a race

aren’t we but it’s just a foot race and

if you’re not trusting God now in a Land

of peace and security where all is well

in Pros what are you going to do when

the economy

crashes what are you going to do when

judgment begins to fall like a hammer

one after another and the oil fields in

Iran begin to burn and the bombs are

falling on the oil fields and the whole

Nations and congressmen sit there

stunned in silence because they don’t

know what’s happening and Reagan sits

there in his desk turning around his

face ass and white and pale because he

doesn’t know what’s happening this

suddenness and the earthquakes begin to

come as God’s promise what are you going

to do what are you going to do when you

can’t when you are running in a foot

race and you’re getting weary and tired

you’re not trusting the Lord how you

going to trust him when all the

apocalyptic horses of Revelation come

racing down on this generation what are

you going to do then he says if you ever

learned to trust him now when all is

well and peace and

calm and all the day is coming the day

is coming

that God’s going to have a people and

he’s preparing them now while there’s

still a little time left he’s giving us

little space and time to repent if his

people to get ready and learn to trust

him and cast every Care on him and say I

believe I believe he’s going to walk me

through the fire and I give you five

promises that God’s going to walk us

through the fire I’m going to take you

by their hand and walk you through the

fire I don’t know one thing there not a

prophet in this Bible who Thunders the

word of God that doesn’t preach his

grace and not one that doesn’t come with

that message of Hope for God’s

overcoming people and the Lord’s going

to have an overcoming bride he’s getting

it ready we hear the sound of it all

over America now preachers who are

calling they call Brother Raven Hill

he’s got sometimes 15 a day coming over

there these are hungry men that come and

say like a a preacher just dropped in

here Friday Joe 500 miles and he said I

I’m not leaving till I talk to this man

and i i t to take him over the Raven

Hills and fight him but his house was

full so we turned around and came back

and he said I I’m so sick and tired I’m

a part of this we our church been one of

those they’re trying to get him into

those satellite church you know those

crazy satellite church where you just

where you just sit there and and you let

somebody do everything and you become a

those are abomination in the

eyes of God that’s out of the pits of

hell that’s right and you know something

listen to me with all my heart I say to

you and I I want this to get

through this man said brother Wilkerson

I’ve got people in my church that don’t

want to go on with God they don’t want

to hear what God’s doing in my heart

they want to just they they want to know

why I’m not choreographer and dancers up

in front they they want to run out where

there’s noise they want to run out where

there’s excitement they want to run out

where there’s only Miracles but when I

tell them that God’s breaking in my

heart and I’m weeping between the porch

and the altar now he said I’ve got even

some of my deacons afraid to hear what

God’s doing in my heart and the reason

they’re afraid there sin in their life

and they’re going to have to separate

from it and God’s he he said the truth

is though brother wols I’ve got a body

of believers who saying pastor we’ve

been praying for we’ve been waiting for

this there’s a handful only a handful

they’re not going to when the Bible

talks about that Mighty that Mighty host

redeemed in Robes of white those are

remnants from all generation that’s not

just this last generation they’re going

to be a Remnant they’re going to be a

handful and it’ll be a glorious listen

the only God’s pointing his Spirit out

all over America and around the world

right now the people are responding of

the Bride they being awakened and

stirred and seeking his heart and giving

themselves holy to the Lord and

I I Rejoice this

morning that God is raising up a people

finally for going to be able to look at

any Fury look at any storm look at

anything and say I’m in the palm of his

hand he warned me and I prepared my

heart I’ve been seeking his face now

I’ll fear no evil he’s got his hand on

mine he’s going to walk me through

whatever comes and and listen if you

think we’re not going to suffer you’re

wrong we are going to suffer there’s

going to be Untold suffering this idea

God just going to sweep you away and

you’re not going to have to do any

suffering at all I don’t find that

anywhere in my Bible

he’s going to take us through water he

said I’m going to save you in Affliction

I’m going to save you in the middle of

Affliction but he also said the wrath of

God upon the wicked is the mercy of God

on the righteous you know I’m I’m I’m

I’m prophesying America going to be

destroyed with hydrogen bombs and and I

know the whole country going to laugh

and the only people going to hear is the

bride but to me a holocaust what is a

holocaust Paul Peter the scripture says

if this outward body be dissolved I’ve

got another one it just dissolves me

into my new body Hallelujah why should I

be afraid why should I be afraid if

bombs are going to fall in America

because he’s going to walk with


hallelujah some of us had better start

disciplining ourselves we better start

seeking the Lord we better start

trusting him because we’re just in a

foot race now but the red horses you you

know the Lord’s already mounted all the

horsemen all the apocalyptic horses are

already already riding out of the

chambers of the Divine and they’re

marching now right now I believe they’re

already in the firmum above this Earth

and those trumpet you know sister


schlink uh is one of the great Saints of

America that it’s a Sisterhood of

Lutheran uh sisters in in darot Germany

and about 15 years ago I held a Revival

over there in DST with them and mother

bidia links probably in

her 70s and she’ll spent 8 months a year

in a little house in Jerusalem just

ministering to the Lord all by herself

just in

prayer and I wouldn’t I don’t think I

would know any other woman on the face

of the Earth that I would I would trust

her word More Than This dear Saint and I

get a call from Germany this past week


sister vasilia she’s written many great

books how this woman loves the Lord she

can spend 12 hours was just saying I

love you

Jesus and and you get in her presence

there’s just a glow on her face I when I

ministered there when sister basilia

slick came in the room I fell in my face

for three hours and I wept because I

felt like such a

sinner and then they had a garden out

there and I couldn’t even preach till I

went out there and had a good

long laid out in the

dirt repented because that’s in the

presence of a woman of God

and I got a

call and and she sent me a tape some of

us looked at it the other day it’s

called judgment by

fire and she has

seen the judgments of Fire coming she

didn’t know

where and I

said I believe it’s

America and I I’ve I’ve been in touch

now with probably seven of the most

praying Godly men on the face of the

Earth brother Raven Hill there’s a

brother warock up in

Canada a brother up in

uh brother Nelson been praying what 20

years he’s been on his knees and these

are men who pray night and day there at

the altar with incense to the Lord and

they said brother I’ve sent the

manuscript they say brother Dave it

should even be

stronger it’s

coming it’s coming it’s at the

door I the Lord slew me in

prayer and they stood me on my feet in

my room and I began to prophesy against

the nation nobody in the room just

prophesying and the word that

came Redeemer at the door

Redeemer Zion has come judgment is at

the door let the redeemed of the Lord

Rejoice Hallelujah

judgment no to us it’s glory it’s Glory

Hallelujah if you’re afraid this morning

you better just get alone with him and

say Jesus take out all the fear and the

anxiety and my message look I I want to

give you just the scripture to here but

let those that put their trust in thee

Rejoice let them ever shout for Joy

because thou defend them let them also

that love thy name be joyful in thee for

thou Lord will bless the righteous with

favor will th compassed him as with the

shield listen to this show thy marvelous

loving kindness oh thou that savest Us

by thy right hand them which put their

trust in thee from those that rise up

against them keep me as the apple of


eye keep me under the shadow of thy

wings oh how great is thy

goodness which thou Hast laid up for

them that fear

thee which thou Hast wrought for them

that trust in thee before the sons of


now those that trust in him before the

sons of men thou shall hide them in the

secret of thy presence from the pride of

man thou shall keep them secretly in a

pavilion from all Strife oh Hallelujah

you believe that amen he they that put

the trust of the Lord are going to be

hidden from all the Strife that’s to

come hidden in his presence oh we don’t

have there’ll be some suffering yes but

we’re hidden in his presence he going to

walk with us how great is thy goodness

which thou Hast laid up for them that

fear thee which which thou Hast wrought

for them that trust thee before the sons


men I’m closing now but what I’m saying

to you now what the Lord’s wanting me to

say to you is that he wants us as never

before to Simply cast all our Care on

him and trust him say my God Lives I

will not live in fear I will not live in

despair I’ll take Dominion in Jesus

name I’m going to rule and reign with

Christen I’m going to take my place

seated with him in Heavenly