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my message tonight facing your failures
facing your
failures when I was in South
Africa I had a conference with a
pastor and never forget as he tearfully
confessed to me a story of personal
failure in his life how defeated he was
he told me he had trouble in his home
that the enemy had been battling his
soul for weeks that he felt that he was
going to go under and he needed miracle
in his life and he wanted a word of
wisdom from the Lord from me and I’ll
never forget what he said he said David
your books tell of God’s blessing in
your life about miracles how God ansers
prayer for you of all the victories over
the powers of hell that you’ve
experienced how God has supplied your
needs and he said it all sounds like a
new testament experience for you day
after day he said said why doesn’t it
seem to work for me are you that much
closer to the Lord than I am do you pray
that much more than I do could it be
that my thoughts are more wicked than
yours he said why should I be tempted
while you are apparently being so
blessed he said is there no failure in
your life at all are you more or less a
saint as your book would make you out to
perhaps he said would you please brother
Wilkerson tell me something about
failure in your life so that I won’t
feel like a freak or so hopeless and
helpless I never forget the expression
on his face he had told me he read the
stories of Billy Graham and all Roberts
and man that God had used and that he
had read my books and he said of course
when you came to South Africa I was
determined to get alone with you and
find out whether the books only told
half the story or if there wasn’t
another side to your life and maybe I
could find out whether as a little
insignificant Pastor here in South
Africa that I was just some unusual kind
of being in going through such problems
and tests and
failures I stayed there for an hour
talking to that man right out of my
heart just pouring my heart out to him
and telling him some of the battles some
of the problems and some of the gross
failures in my life in the past 10 years
and I noticed the longer I went he
folded his hands and the smile got
broader and broader and he when I was
all finished he said well what do you
know he he said my problems seem so
little now and insignificant he said in
fact my failures don’t seem so bad now
after what I’ve heard you confess here
today about your great problems in your
life and the battles that you fought and
the enemy that’s plagued you and every
victory that you’ve had you’ve had to
fight it through by faith and he was
encouraged the truth of the matter is my
Christian friend that Bible biographies
are much closer to the truth than
contemporary biographies about men that
God is using
today I’ve read through the life stories
of Jacob and David and Jonah these men
who ran these
adulterers and I read these stories and
I’m shocked and I’m embarrassed and I
blush and I say God how could you have
ever used him how could you have ever
used such man and the Bible doesn’t
gloss over it the Bible doesn’t white
wor it you can read it it’s all there in
black and white it’s in your
Bible and yet these men rose out of
their FA and were men of the spirit
let’s take a deep Long look at the
glaring faes in the lives that men that
in the lives of men that God has
used would you consider Moses of
failure hardly let’s take a look at this
man as he waves a rod and plagues an
nation see him stand over the sea and
divided as th see the armies his armies
pass over in dry land and the armies of
smothered look at his face as it is
alive with the glory of God as he comes
from his presence lit up with the glory
of God is no other man on Earth see a
nation an entire nation at his knees
seeking his judgment in his advice and
Leadership here’s the man who talked
face to face with the Almighty who
brought water water from a rock who made
Bitter Water sweet you would hardly call
this great man of failure would you not
until you go behind the scene behind the
glory deep into his personal life and
then all you can find friend when you
look real close is failure upon
failure how would you like to begin your
ministry with the murder for
example how would you like to find a
clear Clarion call of God soured by 40
years alone in a desert hiding from the
courts of justice and remember the
courts of just Justice would demand that
he come before them this man had
murdered an
Egyptian how would you ever believe that
a man of so many weaknesses could ever
be used of God after all this man at one
time was full of fear and unbelief ex
Exodus the 4th chapter the 10th to 13th
verses gives us four excuses this man of
God used when God called him he said I’m
not eloquent I’m slow of speech he said
send somebody else who is this talking
now here’s the man of God here is Moses
the leader of a Nation here’s the man
who angered the Lord in fact this is the
only place I can find in the Bible that
so great a man of God it was said of him
and statement that he angered the Lord
4:14 and the anger of the Lord was
kindled against and God names him
Moses you think of the children of
Israel murmuring but don’t forget that
Moses murmured long before the children
of Israel murmured when he said in
5:22 and Moses returned to the Lord and
said why have you treated did the people
evil why did you send me thou Hast not
delivered thy people at
all this man had a temper tantrum at
times in fact it was his angry Outburst
at the smiting of the rock that so
angered God that God refused to allow
him to enter the promised land this was
a man of a temper this was a man who
murmured this is a man who angered God a
man full of unbelief a man full of
excuses but in spite of these failures
of him the Bible declares and I I don’t
think any of us can really sound the
depth of the scripture that I’m going to
give you now and Moses verily was
faithful in all his house as a servant
for a testimony of those things which
were to be spoken after God makes it
clear the day would come that the
testimony of Moses life would be
faithfulness there you have it this is
God speaking of a failure consider with
me Jacob the man who was numbered among
the greatest for of him the Bible says
we serve the god of Abraham of Isaac and
Jacob now who was this man Jacob was he
not the prayer Warrior The intercessor
Who prevailed with God was not Jacob the
man who had visions of angels ascending
and descending and the man who so
recognized the presence of God that he
said surely God is in this
place was he not the man who said and I
quote him God spoke to me in a dream
saying Jacob Jacob and I said here am I
Jacob was trying to tell the word god
talks to me
personally the man Jacob was the one who
carried with him the blessing of his
father Abraham to be the father of many
nations yes this was
Jacob hardly a failure by our standards
of success
today but Jacob was more than that he
was a man of many failures and God never
did seek to hide them
they’re all there and they’re glaring
failures see him KN first of all before
a blind father a blind father in an act
deception that mimics anything in the
world see him still a Birthright and a
blessing in this act of
deception here’s the man who married
Leah but was in love with Rachel and
while married to Leah it is said and
Jacob served seven years for Rachel and
they seemed but to him a few days for
the love that he had unto her this is
speaking of another woman can you
imagine how hard it must have been for
his wife Leah the scripture said and he
went in also unto Rachel and he loved
also Rachel more than Leah and the Lord
saw that Leah was hated in fact God
opened the this hated woman’s womb to
assist her in winning the love and the
attention of Jacob a man who did not
recognize his responsibility as a
husband now no matter what it may be
said of the day and the time and no
matter how we may wink at the
constitution of men in that time there
is no rationale for his action there is
no rationale in any generation for any
man acting as Jacob did Jacob in fact
was a failure as a husband to live
she kept saying to herself after each
birth of a Manchild now surely this time
will my husband be joined unto me this
man was a
failure in his home here’s the story of
a man caught in deception and graft and
unfaithfulness and pamy thievery and
craftiness yet it is still said we serve
the god of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob
the Bible does not hide
it now consider David the
patriarch was this not the man of God
who would not even stand with Sinners or
sit in the seat of the
scornful isn’t he the man who delighted
in the law of the Lord who asked the
Heathen for Heritage who preached
righteousness to the whole
congregation who served the Lord with
fear and trembling who led the armies of
Israel from Victory to victory was David
not the Giant Killer the man who evoked
the respect of thousands who sang his
praises and talked of his
exploits was this not the king who was
promised that his seed should Reign
forever was it not said that Jesus was
the son of David not the son of Abraham
the son of David Jesus the son of
David would you consider David a f
the Bible does not gloss over this man’s
failure and they were shocking by any
standard here was the man who sent joob
into battle with all of the armies of
Israel while he suned himself on the
rooftop in
Jerusalem and according to Nathan the
prophet he despised the Commandments of
the Lord yes the man who said the law of
God is my delight Nathan said you
it then Nathan the prophet pointed a
finger at him and said Thou Art the man
wherefore hast thou despised the
Commandment of the Lord to do evil in
his sight thou has killed euriah in
essence he said you’re a murderer
David you’ve had UAH the hittite slain
at this by the sword of the children of
amnon you’ve taken his wife thou has
despised me and thou didst it sacredly
and because of this deed thou Hast given
great occasion to the enemies of the
Lord to
blaspheme and friends if you want to see
how shocking it is if you want to see
how world shaking it is just picture
this great man of God the king of a
mighty nation standing at the casket of
a dead illegitimate child standing hand
in hand with a stolen
wife the enemies of God around the world
laughing and blaspheming this man who
wrote such beautiful music and out of
whose lips and heart poured such praises
to almighty God he stands at The Cask of
an illegitimate dead
son a failure by any standard by any
stretch of the imagination David was a
failure nevertheless of David the Bible
says Jesus the son of David and also the
Lord sought him a man after his own
heart to be Captain over his people
David now how can God use the murderous
Moses the scheming Jacob the Commandment
breaking adulterous David how can God
use these
men I want you to know friends when you
look very close into their lives you
find that these men learned to face
their failures they didn’t run from them
they didn’t hide them they didn’t gloat
in them but they learned how to live
above them they learned how to face it
and bring glory to the name of
God I remember last night a woman coming
to me confessing Mr Wilkerson she was
heartbroken I’ve been going to Christian
Church I was an
alcoholic Lord saved me and filled me
with the Holy Ghost ghost and I hadn’t
touched drink in many weeks and
months but she said lately I’ve been
discouraged the enemy has com in like a
lion and lately I’m sorry to say I’ve
drinking and she was
heartbroken and she said I I I’ve just
failed God so much there’s nothing else
for me to do I just feel I’ve got to
quit same night last night standing
against the wall to the left of the a
aori was a
sailor and when I went to him to pray
with him and talk to him he said just
leave me alone Mr wierson there no you
spending any time with me it won’t work
I used to go to a Pentecostal Church
before I went to the Navy I’ve known the
Lord and I love him and I don’t want to
run from him but I just can’t live for
him because I’m too weak and I failed
God over and over again and there’s just
no use you can’t do anything for me you
can’t help me just leave me
alone there are thousands of people like
this around the world today facing a
dilemma and I suppose years ago before
God began to deal with me on this I
would have called them outright rank
Sinners but I don’t think that’s the
case I believe there are Christians that
attend our church or rather prrs who
come to our churches on Sunday night and
attend our Evangelistic services and
it’s not that they despise the Lord I
believe there are many that pray at
night and and are still in their way
seeking after God but they say I can’t
can’t live it I don’t have the power
I’ve been such a failure there’s just no
trying like one said to me the other day
I would serve the Lord but I’m too weak
I just keep falling and failing and
going back so I don’t even try to be a
Christian now and if you’re facing that
kind of a battle and this is your
confession I’d like to say to you that
you’re closer to the kingdom of God than
the man or the woman who tries to hide
their sin and act like an angel and
never admit their need or their failure
you’re closer to the kingdom of
God now let me tell you how I believe
that you can face your failures and
become a man or woman of God in spite of
them young people mark this on the
eyelets of your
forehead mark it deep in your mind
indelibly and never forget them now
these are principles of the Holy Ghost
God gave this to me in
prayer first of all if you’re going to
face your
failures you’ve got to do this shake off
all your fears about failure never be
afraid of
failure fear of failure always causes a
person to hide themselves from the
presence of God it causes a person to
Adam after he sinned in essence said I
have failed God so I was afraid so I hid
myself I failed so I hid myself because
I was
afraid Peter failed his master and what
a tragic failure what a tragic thing to
see this man fall on his face and growel
as he did and in his fear he ran and he
had to get away from the searching eye
of his master Peter ran in fear of his
failure Jonah knew that he’ failed in
his mission and his call to go to ninev
and he drove himself rather in fear to
Tarsus the Bible says to flee from the
presence of the Lord look at this Adam
running in fear Peter running in fear
Jonah running in fear away from the
presence of God because they had a fear
of their
failure now God has been showing me a
truth and if you’ll get a hold of this
truth it’ll change your life the devil
uses the fear of failure to get you to
forsake the Lord and to run in
saying to yourself I’m not
worthy you know I’m afraid that hell’s
going to be full of
people who just gave gave up and ran in
fear and said I’ll never make it God is
too holy God is too perfect and I can
never live up to his Perfection I can
never please the Lord and so we run in
fear now why do you think Adam and Peter
and Jonah ran from the presence of the
Lord do you think for one moment that
Peter lost his love for
Christ never did Peter lose his love for
Christ I believe as he stood on that
Hillside weeping over his failure that
he loved Christ more than he ever loved
him in his life you think for one minute
that Adam hiding himself in the presence
of God had suddenly become a backslider
and turned his back on God and said I
just don’t want to be around him anymore
not at all I think it grieved him I
believe it hurt him more than anything
that ever happened in his life I believe
he still love
God I believe Jonah as he ran kept
telling himself
I’m just not worthy I failed God I ran
so I might as well keep on
running Satan waits he terries like a
vulture around your
personality then he uses every lie of
hell when you fall and fail and he tries
to tell you to run to give up that God
is too holy that you’re too unclean that
you’re too unperfect and that you’ll
never make
it I want to tell you friends that every
man that I’ve mentioned tonight fled in
the face of their failure they didn’t
learn their lesson the Bible said in
Moses feared and said surely this thing
known this is the same thing we all say
surely everybody knows about the failure
in my
life when in reality the scripture said
there’s nothing befalling you but such
as common to all men and God knows about
it he said don’t think it’s strange
concerning the fire trial which has come
to try you as this some strange thing
has happened to you and the whole world
it now the Bible does said be sure your
sin will find you
out but don’t think for one moment that
the failure that you face is unique and
that nobody else has ever faced it and
you’re the only one who has failed in
this particular way God forbid that you
should think
that Moses fled the Bible says and dwelt
in the land of Midian and he sat down by
a well
that man that you see sitting by that
well is a picture a perfect picture of
failure here’s the man who’s telling
himself it’s all over I’m all wor stuff
I thought God called me and I end up
murdering in an Egyptian now I have to
flee from the court of justice and that
man sat there thinking that his ministry
was over I’m a failure I’m washed up
I’ve had it there’s no more opportunity
and if this man would have believed that
lie you’d have never heard another word
him in fact it took 40 years for God to
drive that fear of failure out of his
heart I’ve never believed that it was 40
years just learning lessons in the
wilderness I’ve never believed that God
was waiting 40 years for the Israelis or
the Israelites to get ready to leave I
believe it was God’s program and if if
Moses would have come face to face with
his failure and learned to overcome it
God would have moved and I believe the
program of God was delayed 40 years for
a man one man to play around with his
fear of failure and to bring himself to
the place where he would believe God in
spite of his
David in fear after his sin cries out
all that I had the
wings but I could escape to the
desert I would escape from the fiery
blast but then he goes on to say but
where shall I flee from his presence
where shall I hide from his Spirit there
was no place to
hide Jacob flees into the desert trying
to escape his deed and his failure
nothing but a pillow for a stone but God
brings him to his
pan if any one of these men had resigned
to failure you would have never heard a
word from them again but you see Moses
Rising again to go to Egypt forgetting
his hour of failure the rod of God in
his hand you see Jacob returning to be
reunited with his brother having
prevailed with the Lord and forgetting
his past you see David running into the
house of God laying hold on the horns of
the altar to return a mighty man of
Faith you see Jonah retracing his steps
you see him going to Nineveh forgetting
his hour of fear and failure and
preaching in faith you see Peter going
to Pentecost and forgetting that
courtroom experience
becoming a man of Victory and Power in
the upper
secondly in spite of all
failures keep moving
on did you hear me keep moving on
there’s a lady who met me right back the
church tonight she said Roost I want to
stay here at the second time just to
hear that part of
it to keep moving
on it’s always after after failure that
a man does his greatest work for
God I repeat it it is always after
failure and a man facing his failure
that a man does his greatest work for
God I said in my car 10 years ago
weeping like a baby I just had been
kicked out of the
courtroom I turned to miles I was
leaning out the window just sobbing out
my my
heart and I said miles I’m a failure I
thought God called me to talk to those
boys and I went up kicked out I said did
you see how those cops handled me they
treated me like a maniac I said how do I
face my dad mom how do I face my wife
what’s my church going to think now I
told them I was going to New York and I
was God was going to open the door I was
going to talk to those boys I said I’m
walking home as a failure and I was
ashamed to leave that City I made that
boy drive around that City for 3 hours
trying to get courage to go over the
Brooklyn or over the George Washington
Bridge to head back to Pennsylvania and
I’ll tell you that was like going to the
electric chair for me I was ashamed to
go home I had to go to my dad in
Scranton Pennsylvania and walk in the
door without saying a word he had the
Daily News laid out there he’d seen and
heard the story already and I said dad I
don’t have anything to say I thought God
had called me and I thought that was the
end of my Ministry and my call
you could have told me then that that
failure what appeared to be a failure
was just the seed of a blessing of God
that God was just using that to open the
door that God was going to turn that
apparent failure into glorious Victory
and raise up a testimony to the whole
world you couldn’t have told me then
because I was a
failure but friends I want you to know
that if God hadn’t spoken to my heart to
go back the next week and keep moving on
I would be standing here tonight the
cross and Switz blade story would have
never been a testimony to the glory of
God and hundreds of young people
especially drug addicts would still be
dying and going to
hell but God said go
on I’m thinking tonight of two
outstanding ministers 15 18 years ago
both of them ministering to thousands
they were both respected they were
household words everybody knew these
names both of these men men fell into
the sin that David committed the act of
adultery one of these men decided that
it had so shaken him that he couldn’t go
on in fact he lost his faith began to
curse and drink and smoke you’ll find
him in Canada today an editor of a
newspaper this man gave up he refused to
go on the other gentleman who his
popular in that same day and fell almost
the same time came out of the ashes of
his fure and Des spair repented and
cried out to God for a Ministry and God
has restored that man with dignity and
respect he’s on a coast to coast network
of missions program that’s reaching the
whole world that man today has respect
thousands because he went on David kept
moving on after his sin after the
funeral the boy’s body is committed to
the ground and this is the very next
statement in the Bible
concerning David’s life and it says this
2 Samuel
13:24 David comforted be she his wife
went in unto her and lay with her and
she bear a son and called his name
Solomon and here’s the part that I like
and the Lord loved him and the Lord
loved him all the great mercy of God
extended to a man who in spite of his
failure Rises out of it repentance and
says oh oh God I’m going
on and out of the ashes of his failure
David Rises picks up his army again and
goes out after the ammonites the
scripture says after the battle they
took the king’s crown from off his head
and it was set upon David’s head and he
brought forth spoil in great abundance
look at this man now standing again with
dignity at the throne and God in his
Mercy blessing Bas sheep but giving
Solomon a son out of whose womb came
Christ and this I cannot understand it’s
the mercy of God Beyond any finite
comprehension how God can bless a man in
spite of his
failure you couldn’t figure that out if
tried look at Moses going on after a
life of failure and fear and 40 years
alone and abandoned here he stands now
at the Red Sea in his finest hour here
he comes comes now to do his greatest
work of God after his story of failure
the chapter of failure is closed and
here we read of him Moses said unto the
people fear you not and stand still and
see the salvation of the Lord which he
will show you today the Lord shall fight
for you he shall hold your peace think
of it this man stands with power and
dignity in his finest hour after his
hour failure
don’t give up just because you
failed your greatest hour is yet to
come I remember sending our first two
converts Nikki
Cruz and Angelo morellis Angelo was the
boy who met me and took me around to
meet all the parents of these boys in
the murder
trial I sent these two boys to lwed
Bible Institute right here in California
3 months after I sent them to school I
got a call from the president of Bible
school he said I’m sorry brother Wilson
going to have to kick him
out and that was a shock I promise
you I couldn’t believe my ears first two
converts first two Bible school students
going to be kicked out as failures two
dropouts from the Teen talls
Ministry I hung up that pole I got on my
knees and I said oh God out of this this
apparent failure get glory and I said
we’re going to keep moving this on for
God I got on the telephone I got a hold
of Nikki Cruz and Angelo got him on a
conference call and two telephones and I
said you still love me yes sir you still
respect me yes sir you still love Jesus
yes sir all right get on your knees and
put your arms around each other quit
fighting yes
sir Nicki’s finest hour still to
come and God raised that boy out of that
ashes of
failure because he just wasn’t making it
and that boy became a model student
graduated with honors Angela Morales
graduated with honors to go out and face
his finest Hour as a Sunday school
teacher and a worker in church and Nikki
Cruz to face his finest Hour Sunny
argonon three days in my house kicking
drugs his father and mother Pentecostal
people praying for him and I thought
here’s a great Victory and I drove with
him into Brooklyn singing the Praises of
God parked the automobile 5 minutes only
into Brooklyn he jumps out of the car
and starts running down the street back
to the
needle a
failure a failure not by any stretch of
imagination Sunny was still going to
face his finest hour tomorrow night it’s
going to be one of those hours at White
Memorial Seventh Day Advent church as I
stand for suay to to present the
challenge of his drug addict church here
to the city of Los Angeles he’s Pastor
there now that boy came up out of the
ashes of failure came back to teen CHS
because the seed had been planted and
sunny can tell you about failure he can
tell you how it feels to go back to the
needle he can tell how it is to go back
to the bottle back to the prostitute
after confessing Christ as a savior and
feeling the power of the Holy Ghost in
his life and I can tell you about 90% of
all my boys have fallen fat on flat on
their face I I I’ve seen boys that once
had the touch of God now meet them on
the street dirty filthy unsaving and I
said all right buddy it’s time to come
home you see the spirit of God still
trembling all over their bodies and they
come back and stand in the pulpit and
talk about that hour when they thought
that all was lost and come back as
mighty preachers of the Gospel oh yes
they f God failed God miserably back to
the needle back to drugs and back to
their sex life but out of the asses of
failure kept moving on and face their
finest hour
yet maybe your finest hour is yet to
come you sit now in the midst of failure
I say keep moving
on third in spite of all your failure
keep going back to the
altar keep
worshiping the
Moses in spite of the fact that he
failed said he is my God and I will
prepare him a
habitation my father’s God and I will
exalt him there is only one way that
Moses kept the victory in his life I
believe Moses could have been a man of
tragic failure all through his life
because he had that kind of personality
that’s evidence in the making of this
man of God that he had failure written
all over his
personality but I’ll tell you what Moses
salvation was he learned to talk to God
as a friend he learned to have it out
with the Lord the scripture says of him
in Exodus 339 and 10 this is a beautiful
verse and it came to pass as Moses
entered into the Tabernacle the Cloudy
pillar descended and stood at the door
the Lord talked with Moses the Lord SP
spoke unto Moses face to face as a man
speaketh unto his friend oh I like that
that’s how he kept his victory he wasn’t
better the only reason God brought this
man through he talk to him as a man
talks to his friend now there you have
it my friend in spite of your failure
going back to God as friend to friend
and say Lord you’re still my friend I
still love you I failed you oh God but I
love you
this was the secret of David’s Victory
this is why God called a man after his
own heart in spite of the fact that he’
murdered in spite of the fact that he
was had stolen his wife and lived in
adultery in spite of all the blaring
sinful Deeds of this man’s life
David wrote these words my
favorite Psalms if if anybody has My
Autograph in one of my books underneath
my name is my favorite
chapter the chapter David wrote after he
came through
this stage of failure it’s a 25th
chapter and this has been the model of
my life ever since God called me into
the Teen Challenge Ministry I read this
every day I it’s a part of my
personality now the 25th chapter here is
what David said unto thee Oh Lord do I
lift up my soul oh my God I trust in
thee let me not be ashamed let not my
enemies trumph over me y let none that
wait on thee be ashamed David started
waiting on the Lord he went back to the
house of God he went back to the horns
on the Altar and said God forget my
foolishness of my youth and my
transgressions and let me not be ashamed
because I wait on
you show me thy ways teach me thy paths
Lead Me In Truth teach me thou art my
God remember oh Lord thy Tender Mercies
thy loving kindnesses remember not the
sins of my youth and my transgression
good and upright is the Lord he will
teach sinners in the way all the paths
of the Lord are mercy and
Truth what man is he and here’s my
favorite verses from 12 to
15 I have them marked God gave me this
one night in prayer when he called me
into Teen
Challenge what man in fact God told me
this would be the theme of my
Ministry what man is he that fearth the
Lord him shall he teach in the way that
he shall choose his soul shall dwell at
ease and his seed shall inher the Earth
the secret of the Lord is with them that
fear Him and He will show them his
Covenant my eyes are ever toward the
Lord for he shall pluck my feet out of
the net David went into the house of God
and he admitted his failure he said I
acknowledged my sin and he said then I
cried out oh God plck my feet out of the
now the secret of the Lord is with them
that fear Him in other words those who
keep coming back to him with fear and
respect and worship this is the man that
understands my secret
The Secret of how I can use a man in
spite of his
failure here’s the secret right
here now let’s talk about your failure
before I
close is there trouble in your home or
your personal life maybe a habit that
you despise but you can’t break a
friendship that can’t seem to be broken
though you know it’s
wrong torment in your mind anxiety and
fear evil thoughts or bondage by things
like tobacco
drink what’s the solution how how
Wilkerson how can I turn my failure into
Victory how can I look at it and face
it all right I believe it comes through
worship a lady stopped me just outside
here just before the service she said
brother wson please would you expand
just a moment I’m I I’m in the middle of
a great failure in my life what do I do
right now before I get in my car and go
home what do I do I said get your hands
up she raised your hands I said no in
spite of your failure praise you he said
he that cometh to me keep coming back he
that cometh to me I will in no wise cast
out come unto me all ye that are weak
and heavy lad in other words Come All
You failures bring them to me I’ll give
rest now what did I say tonight young
man young woman dad mother what did I
really say I said to face your failure
don’t be afraid of it keep going on in
spite of it and worship worship exalt
his name in the middle of it bow your
Jesus you’ve never told me to preach
just to be
heard you’ve never let me make a fool of
myself you’ve never let me waste
words and I believe you gave me your
tonight I believe you told me to come
here and preach this tonight because you
knew there’d be somebody here tonight
who was facing the biggest failure
battle in their life and you want to
give them Victory you’re trying to say
this fair is just the open door to a
great life of faithfulness and victory
Lord will not condemn tonight you said
your mercy is from Everlasting to
Everlasting and I believe that there are
some here tonight Lord they just felt
they can’t walk with you they can’t go
on anymore because they can’t get the
victory they can’t live in Victory
forgive Lord forgive and
undertake let us show Mercy as you have
shown mercy and let us help to heal and
findind the Broken
Hearts heal the wounds oh God I pray for
those tonight who must in all honesty
look into their heart and say Lord I’ve
failed you I’ve failed you oh God I
failed you help us Lord not to give up
help us not to quit at that point but
help us to come to this altar tonight
and say Lord I’m coming back to the
altar I’m coming back to the altar I’m
coming back to you Lord I’m going to
worship I’m going to praise you I’m
going to