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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

my message

tonight God’s intention for this

Midnight Hour God’s intention oh King

Jesus we love you be exalted oh

Lord oh we adore your name Jesus touch

us with fire touch us with yourself

we’ve sung be glorified now Lord do it

God burn the word into our hearts my

King Lord

Jesus be exalted tonight we love you

amen God’s intention for this Midnight

Hour do you remember the the hippies and

the flower

children an entire generation of

searching Restless hungry young

people remember when they masked in

Woodstock and huge rock concerts all

over the America and the pervading

questions of of the time where who am I

why am I here what’s the purpose of it

all and when no one could answer them

intelligently many of them dropped out

but you see they were asking questions

that God’s children should have been

asking themselves these were questions

the Holy Spirit was trying to bring to

us but we were so busy so occupied with

ourselves and with health and wealth we

didn’t even hear what the spirit’s

saying so he had to take the question

into the hippies and the dropouts

because we weren’t even in

tune I believe the Holy Spirit of God’s

been trying desperately for 20 years to

get a message into the

church they heard because they were

hungry but now it’s time for the Church

of Jesus Christ to listen to the Holy

Spirit and he that ha ears to hear Let

Him hear what the spirit sayth to the

church here are the questions the spirit

has to get through to you and me tonight

why are you here

what is God’s intention for you in this

crisis hour do you really know what God

expects of you in these last times what

is God’s one great final purpose for our

lives what is his purpose and how sad

today that so few men and women of God

can answer that

question there’s only a Remnant left

today who understand God’s purpose for

his children in the last days a majority

of ministers today are sounding a

trumpet that it’s making uncertain

sounds and the uncertainty in the Pulpit

has spread a cloud of uncertainty in the

congregation and multitudes of

Christians who profess to be serving a

mighty God still live in bondage and

despair there’s absolute ruin in some

Churches today everywhere you look there

is ruin and you know

it there’s an emphasis on certain

doctrinal issues by evangelists and

teachers and it only adds to confusion

and many hungry people today are asking

who is right just what is God’s purpose

for today what is the Lord’s intention

for me and for his church is it Miracles

is it casting out demons discipleship

Church growth we hear so much that is

confusing what is God’s intention what’s

his real purpose for the last

hour and I believe that God has had but

one great intention for his people ever

since the cross it will not change it

has not changed there has been but one

purpose from the beginning there’ll be

but one purpose till Christ returns

God’s intention has to do with

understanding The Mystery of the Gospel

that was first revealed to the Apostle

Paul and it’s a mystery no longer

according to the Apostle Paul said by

revelation God made known to me the

mystery which in other Ages were not

made known under the sons of men as it

is now revealed by the spirit he has

come to make known to all men what is

The Fellowship of the mystery now the

mystery revealed and this is what you’ve

got to understand we’ve got to

understand it before we go any further

the mystery that has been revealed

through Paul and to the Church of all

ages Christ’s body is still here on

Earth Christ body is still here on Earth

the head is in heaven which is Christ

but the rest of his body is right here

on Earth we who love Jesus and serve him

represent his visible parts

that which men can see of Christ on

Earth for we are members of his body of

his flesh and of his bones and he is the

head of the body the church now God’s

full intention for this last hour can be

summed up in one sentence listen to it

since we are Christ’s body on Earth

God’s intention is that every member

become a true expression of who Jesus is

that you that I that everyone that calls

thems by his name become a true holy

expression of who Christ is on this

earth now God intends that we express a

complete full Christ so that any sinner

on the face of the Earth can look at you

and can look at me and see Christ as

surely as he were walking on the Flesh

on this Earth in the

flesh the world the sinner has to be

able to look at you and see the same

fullness the same intention of pleasing

God God as they saw in Christ as he

walked in the flesh because we are his

flesh and his bone we are the visible

Body of Christ on Earth the mystery

unfolded is that Christ’s body is still

visible here on Earth and it’s you and


me we are to appropriate so much of him

of his glory his completeness the world

will see us see in us the hope the

answers to all their needs and if you

and I cannot live out without Christ we

have no right to preach

him if we are not a true expression of

He Is We have no right to talk of him

it’s not enough either to just know

Christ we’ve got to be a full expression

of who he is you have got to look at

everything in your life I’ve got to look

at everything in my life in this light

does this

represent this what I’m doing this what

I am does this represent who Christ is

is this what I want the sinner to see

and know of

him would Christ in his physical

body walk into an x-rated

theater would he linger around a

pornography counter would Christ abuse

his body in any way would he indulge in

adultery and fornication of drinking

would he cheat would he tell dirty dirty

stories would he

lie would he live a lie and then attempt

to preach the

truth would he tried to spread the light

when there was a pocket of darkness in

his own

life would he tell others not to commit

adulterine then in secret do it

himself you see we’ve got to keep before

our eyes this one great intention of God

that his body would always reflect who


is now if you set your heart tonight on

becoming a true expression to the world

of who Jes Jesus is you’re going to stir

the very Wrath of

hell you can build all the colleges you

want you can raise up orphanages and

Retreats and build churches all to God’s

glory quote

unquote you can go out and evangelize

and you can give your body to be burned

at the

stake because you see the devil will not

trouble a miracle worker or a

moralist but Satan will not leave you

alone once you set your heart on truly

expressing the Holiness and the

righteous of Jesus Christ to the world

and showing the World by your life who


is you see when you discover God’s

intention and you begin to know who you

are his

body and when you cut into the center of


purpose when you know you’re called to

be as he was on the

earth you’re going to be the direct

Target of everything in

hell would you build an or

AG over in Africa would you go to the

Amazon to preach the

gospel would you go to the American

slums and give your body to human

need would you go to college campuses in

Iran and preach for Christ and sell out

to God that’s very commendable that’s

fine but it’s not God’s first intention

for you in this last

day because if you are not a true

Express of who Jesus

is everything you do is human it’s works

and it’ll burn it to

judgment because the scripture said in

the last days many will come saying Lord

Lord did we not cast out Devils did we

not heal the sick did we not do many

things in your name and he would say

depart from me you work I never knew you

and conversely you never knew

me and when Peter stood before Christ

and said I don’t know the man he wasn’t

lying he spent three years with him and

never knew him

who is the one who has Vision we talk

about a man or woman having Vision a man

of God who has vision is that the one

who builds a great church who has the

big budget who speaks to the largest TV

crowds no the one with vision is the one

who reflects the glory of Christ who’s

had a vision Eternal Vision of who he is

in Christ sitting in Heavenly places and

who was able to reflect the glory of


because God will not sponsor anything

that does not reflect

Christ whatever is born out of

relationship to Jesus is the only thing

the only thing that he sponsors is that

which comes out of the mind of

Christ and I don’t see much in America

today that is a true expression of who

Jesus is there’s so much of ego bragging

competition struggle for recognition but

so little of Jesus Christ I switch on

the television set and I watch the

Christian Gospel programming and my

heart grows sick the pitiful appeals

from money the spectacular expensive

sets the endless small talk and I cry

and I say oh God is this the best

expression to the world we can give of

who Jesus

is raising money for a tutu

train the time is not far off when

things are going to to start unraveling

and coming

apart the Daily News will become

terribly frightening the economy will

yet go into complete disarray you watch

the end of this year and see what

happens the nations of this world are

going to tremble with fear we’re about

to enter the most ominous times in

history and everything the scripture

says that can be shaken is going to be

shaken and what’s going to count then

when everything around you is crumbling

you’re going to see men of God stand in

the midst of their projects and weep and

how massive building programs are going

to sit idle cobwebs and bats will fill

the temples and the monuments of

self-achievement are going to haunt the

people who built

them those who chased after health and

wealth and prosperity are going to be

empty and desolate because they have no

inner strength to face the horrors that

are falling they have no history with

God those who took the things of God so

lightly who never broke away from the

world in its Spirit those who are

unwilling will to forsake the old world

in their old ways they’re going to have

nothing to see them through the final

days there’s only going to be one thing

that matters then do I know Jesus Christ

intimately am I an expression of him on

this in this dark hour will I be one of

the few who will witness to this crazy

world that Christ is above it

all will I be his Shining Light when it

gets dark and


now if there’s something in your heart

that responds to this call to be an

expression of

him and you’re yearning to be that

expression there are two things that

you’ve got to understand tonight one

part is Christ and one part is yours and

mine want to discuss them with

you first of all this is his part we

cannot be an expression of Christ until

we’re convinced that everything is clear

between God and

us you you’ve got to once and for all

understand what Christ did at the

cross and this generation lacks the

Theology of the cross of Jesus Christ

and its Victory the entire charismatic

movement the upper room is overshadowed

the cross we’ve developed a christless

Pentecost without a Theology of the

Cross and its

Victory we don’t even know that God’s

heart was satis IED by what Jesus did by

what he did because at the cross Jesus

Christ forever took away the thing that

offended God’s eye about

me he once and for all satisfied the

heart of God and if God is satisfied

with me I’m going to be

satisfied he took away that which was in

the eye of God giving us a right from

that day on to be in his presence and to

be accepted before God there is there is

not a single thing that stands between

the child of God and the father not one

thing now that stands

between you don’t dare go another step

tonight until you fully understand the

efficacy of the cross of Jesus Christ

blood that you and I are fully

pardoned God does not have to be

appeased he’s been fully appeased if

that’s the word you want to use he’s

been fully

satisfied the cross

get it the cross has cleared us before

the eyes of God we are

clear you may forget that but God

doesn’t the veil was torn that allowed

us entrance it was God saying you’re now

accepted come boldy to my Throne you are

now mine in the Beloved you’re accepted

in the

Beloved you and I can’t even pay for our

sins because we don’t even know the

extent of the offense we didn’t know

what the offense was we don’t even know

how we grieve God how can you pay for an

offense you don’t even know the extent

of Jesus Christ knew the extent of the

distance between us and the cross and

God and he closed the distance he

brought us to the heart of God and you

don’t know anything about the heart of

God until you look at the prodal son and

you see it not as a story of a sinner

coming back but it’s the story of the

joy of the heart of God of those who

come to him before he even comes he’s

there rejoicing he brings him into the

house and puts a ring on his finger and

a robe on his back and he accepts him

and he has a feast that story is the

rejoicing of the heart of God it’s a

reflection what is in the heart of God

the love for his children the love for

those that are under the blood of Jesus

Christ we have lacked the knowledge of

the security that we have under the

blood this is one issue that’s got to be

settled once and for

all you cannot allow a cloud between you

and the father

but you say David my heart condemns me I

still sin I’ve done things I believe

have grieved the Holy Spirit I’m

unworthy there are times that heaven


brass but the Bible said if our heart

condemn us God is greater than our heart

all you have to do is repudiate your sin

to hate it confess it you’ve got to

believe that in him forgiveness of sins

is preached do you preach that and then

not believe it for yourself that him

forgiveness of sins is preached

Hallelujah here’s where most Christians

fail especially young people they live

with unnecessary fear and bondage

because they don’t understand the glory

in the victory of the

Cross they are clear in God’s eyes but

they don’t know it God is completely

satisfied totally Satisfied by the

sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the way

has been cleared into God’s presence

there’s nothing blocking access now

except our fears and our lack of

knowledge and won’t it be ashamed that

so many of us stand before God and we

had so much that was offered and we

didn’t enter in because of our lack of

knowledge we couldn’t believe it was so

glorious it was so beautiful that God

said I will not impute your sins against

you they forgiven they’re under the

blood and it was too good to

believe and we under constant fear and

condemnation getting saved and resaved

and filled and refilled and never

understanding the glory of the cross

that God has been


Hallelujah when the veil was ran into

two it was not just that God allowed us

to come in but God could go out he goes

out immediately to a sinner called Saul

the veil was read not to just let us in

but to let the of God flow and he goes

to Saul immediately say Saul

Saul come


hallelujah how

incredible we offend God we create this

distance between us and him yet he is so

anxious to clear Us in his own eyes he

sends his own son provides his own

sacrifice to clear the way back he

judges sin this offense is removed and

now God says their sins and their

iniquities will I remember no

more you can’t face the world and tell

in that Glory until you have that peace

and the glory of sins forgiven that God

is not trying to impute sins to you now

he’s trying to reconcile you to

himself he didn’t have to be reconciled

he was never not reconciled to the world

he is always been reconciled to the

world but now he was out to have us

reconciled to


he himself removed the


hallelujah what is there in us that

attracted the grace of Jesus Christ was

there some marvelous Grace in US was

there some beauty or goodness or

strength was there some kind of

potential in us that attracted the grace

of God through Christ no it’s misery

that attracts Grace it’s need that

attracts Grace you find it all through

the New Testament the our greatest

attraction to God is that we are poor

helpless creatures in need What

attracted Jesus to the syap phenician

woman What attracted him to the Blind

and to the infirm and the widows and the

fatherless what they all had in common


helplessness what is it that

attracts the grace of God in Me in you

tonight it’s our helpless condition

exemplified by the paui

man and they came unto Jesus bringing

one sick of the

paly and take a good look at that man

because he represents the helplessness

of this generation the helplessness of

you and me having not one iot of

strength or power this paid man can’t

even bring himself to

Christ you look at him trembling and

weak and help us he’s a prisoner to his

bed that’s you and me before we

understand this concept of Deliverance

through the

cross Jesus stands before this helpless

man that’s let down through the roof to

him and he didn’t even mention his


condition first the Lord was going to

clear him before God’s

eyes he would clear him before he heals

him when Jesus saw their faith he said

under the sick of the apy son thy sins

be forgiven thee you have to be accepted

before you’re

delivered accepted before you’re healed

and you have to know that you’re

accepted before you step

out know what a beautiful picture of the

love of God in Jesus

Christ he’s a helpless man he’s too

overwhelmed by his infirmity to even

whimper he can’t even muster a

confession he has nothing to offer

Christ he’s too weak

you see the scripture said it’s not of

Works lest any man should boast but we

are his workmanship created in Christ

Jesus it’s not something that you and I

have done it’s something that he is

doing hallelujah we’re his

workmanship the Pharisees with all their

good works and their boasting never did

attract the grace of God it was JB Stony


said The more parade the less depth the

more parade look at the Ministries in

America today and judge it that way the

more show the more parade the less

depth but see how the weakness of man

attracts his sympathy and his grace you

show me a person you show me a child of

God struggling with some hated besetting

sin someone who’s crushed beneath a load

of guilt and

despair hating the sin but feeling

helpless and weak now I’ll show you one

who is the object of the abundance Grace

of Jesus

Christ because where sin abounds Grace

does much more

abound are you

struggling oh you’re an objec of his

grace it’s our helplessness our need

that attracts


Hallelujah Satan will come against you

in this struggle it suggest to you that

God is mad at you that you have no right

into God’s presence he’ll throw Old

Testament concept at you that have no

right to be even thought of under the

blood he’ll say that wrath and judgments

at the door and I want you to know those

are lies all

lies all you have to do is look up to

the Lamb of God and in your utter

helplessness you hear these comforting

words son daughter thy sins be forgiven


Hallelujah then you stand by faith on

the finished work of the cross from that

moment on let me show you something now

through faith in Jesus Christ your sins

are under the blood you live on the

other side of the veil you’re seated

with Christ in Heavenly places you’re

accepted into beloved you are one with

Christ and the father God’s Wrath

against your sin has been satisfied you

have been given an inheritance you are

now more than a conqueror you are now

living and moving in the spirit there’s

a bloodline between you and Satan your

accuser has been cast down and put to

open shame you are filled with the

fullness of Christ you have a power in

you to meet everything having to do with

life and godliness you’re the apple of

his eye and the hollow of his hands

purged from your iniquity renewed in

your mind you’re reconciled Justified

Sanctified made ready as a bride

translated out of the kingdom of

darkness into the Kingdom of Light

you’re made an heir of all things in

Christ Jesus you are no longer under

condemnation because there’s no

condemnation in Christ Jesus Jesus

Christ abides in you he reveals himself

to you and no height no depth no

principality no power not man not Angels

not things on Earth not things in heaven

can separate you from the love of God in

Christ Jesus you are feeding on Christ

The Man From Heaven you’re living in

Zion In God’s Presence he is your friend

he’s your priest he’s your Advocate he’s

your Lord he’s your guide what more do


want and do you believe those things are

true do you believe he said

it do you believe that God made these

promises to weak and helpless creatures

such as we you believe this Treasures in

Earth and

vessels are you forgiven are you clear

in the sight of God have you accepted


acceptance do you believe why you’re

sitting here right now that you’re fully

accepted in the sight of God and nothing

stands between you and him and that you

have an open heaven and you can pray for

a spit of Revelation and knowledge in

the things of

Christ yes

and you can become a true expression of

who Jesus is only as you take your place

at the right hand of the father truly

accepted all the hindrances removed not

by you not by anything you can do not by

promises you make not by what you feel

but what Christ has

done there’s a four-letter word the

church has never understood it’s called

done d o n

e do you know that you can love Jesus

and still be

miserable because you don’t know know


accepted the most miserable people I

meet in America those who truly love the

Lord with all their heart but they’ve

never entered into their acceptance

before Christ they’ve never entered in

the glory of the cross of Jesus

Christ I don’t want to be just forgiven

I Want to Be


Hallelujah secondly and this is your

part and mine he’s done his part it’s

done it’s finished we accept it in his

sight and oh that’s the blessedness that

David was talking about of the man who

knows that God is no longer imputing

sins against

him oh

Hallelujah here’s your

part to become a true expression of

Christ you must take up your bed and

walk that’s our part the psed man was

forgiven and cleared in God’s eye but he

was still a

prisoner he was relieved of all of his

sins but he was still impotent

he knew Christ as relief but he didn’t

know him as resource now come on now

this is where the majority of the Church

of Jesus Christ is and this is where the

entire chmatic movement seems to be

right now they know Christ is relief my

sins are forgiven they’re under the

blood but they’ve never known his

resource they’ve never been able to take

up the bed and walk it’s not enough to

be a forgiven or a relieved

prisoner there something you’ve got to


do Jesus said is it easier to say to the

sick of the paly thy sins be forgiven

thee or to say arise and take up thy bed

and walk but that ye may know that the

son of man ha power on Earth to forgive

sins I say unto thee the sick of the py

arise and take up thy bed and go thy way

into thine house in other words said go

home and practice it in your home first

go to your house that man gets up out of

that bed but he did not get up out of

that bed in his own

strength Christ imparted a supernatural

strength to him because without Christ

we can do

nothing we know it is the power of the


Spirit and Christ was actually saying to

this man and he says it to you and me

I’m going to make you an example of my

power over

sin you’re going to become strongest

where you were weakest the thing that

made you a prisoner you will pick up and

carry you will overcome the very thing

that held you down you’ll become

strongest at your weakest

point a spiritual

who has a controversy at the

center who still has a cloud between him

and God who still lives with secret sin

cannot be a full expression of who


is now every one of us in this room

tonight knows what our weakness is

you know what the weakness is by the way

God deals with you and by what convicts

you we know where we’re most

vulnerable and Satan will come to you

and suggest that one day that weakness

will overcome you and cast you down and

you’ll lose everything but that’s not

so by his glorious power God can make us

strongest at our weakest Point that’s

what the scripture means by his strength

being made perfect in our

weakness the man that was told to steal

no more was made strong in that weakest

point because God said I’m not going to

make him not steal anymore I’m going to

give him a job so that he can become a

giver I’m going to take a I’m going to

take this taker I’m going to make him a

giver he’s going to become strongest at

his weakest point he once stole and now

he’s going to work and he’s going to

give God will take you at your weakest

point to show his glory to the whole

world and’ll make you strong as at that

point and that should be your desire and

your faith in God’s power to accomplish

that in your

life you say I want to be expression of

Christ but there’s something hindering

you now you know it the spirit’s

convicted you would be setting sin a

weakness and ENT controversy that’s


unresolved but that hindrance you know

must go the prison doors have been open

you’ve been forgiven but you can’t stay

in that bed you can’t go about as a

you’ve been in that bed long

enough you’ve been psed by sin long

enough what in the world will the Lord

do to get us out of that Dominion of sin

how does he get us out of

bed he said he would give us a power to

overcome and we talk about this power as

being something mysterious but it’s

really not now listen closely please let

me try to explain as I see it you and I

are engrafted as a Vine into Christ

isn’t that correct we’re as a branch

into this Vine who Jesus Christ all

right the very same power that enabled

him to fulfill the will of God on Earth

is the very same power that enables us

the very same spirit that quickened him

and raised him is not another spirit

that comes on us it’s the selfs Same

Spirit could you imagine the Holy Spirit

going into that tomb and shaking

trembling that body and bringing life

that’s the same same spirit that raises

and quickens

us the same place that Christ is seated

at the right hand of the father is where

you and I

seated the scripture says no man has

seen God and lived and Isaiah said when

King Uzziah died I saw the Lord but

that’s the night Isaiah died the message

is see God and

die and when you really see him you’ll

die to this world you become detached

and the more attached you become to

Jesus Christ the less attached you are

to this world you become detached to

material things when you become totally

attached to the throne

how do we get how do we know our sins

are forgiven you stand here tonight and

you say we believe the blood of Jesus

Christ cleans of how do you know that

it’s by faith you take that by faith and

when you take it by faith there’s a

witness and you go your way with peace

of mind how do you know you have

power it is not by some outward

expression this is by faith and faith

alone you’ve got to believe that what

God Said is true that when the spirit of

God came on you he gave you power over

all the forces of Hell here’s one

preacher who will never ever accept the

fact that a Christian can be possessed

of a demon how in the world can you live

Beyond the Veil and a demon cross the

veil how can you be in the Hall of his

hand and a demon sit in the Hall of his

hand how can you be seated in Heavenly

places in Christ Jesus and have a devil

sitting behind you behind you how can

the devil cross a bloodline no no no no

no in a thousand years no no

no no no don’t ever let that come to you

oh I reject that in the name of the Lord

there is no scripture for that in the

Bible there’s no scripture I have the

anointing on this the blood of Jesus

Christ Satan cometh Jesus said has

nothing in me unless you can say that

look the world in the eye never be

afraid of the devil again in your life

and you’re not to be focused on your

sins anymore you’re to be focused on the

right hand of the father where you’re

seated in Jesus

Christ not focused on sins but the Coss

cross and the Victory one there


Hallelujah this palsied man gets up and

walks and Carries his bed that’s a type

of the believer who’s in Mastery over

his sin and what an expression of Christ

this man was what hope he gave to all

the sick and the affirm and those who

were burdened by sin didn’t he give hope

to everybody that saw that PID man work

car in his bed walk ain’t that what

God’s after

today he’s not seeking for anything else

but Overcomers now listen I’m

convinced that the Lord Jesus is looking

for people who will be such an

expression of himself that they can show

an evil generation how Christ completely

delivers from the Dominion of

sin that Sinners could see Christians

who live above the lust and plages of

this world they could see men who love

their wives and their faithful wives who

don’t cheat but they’re good Mothers and

keepers at home young people and

students who practice Purity and

separation from everything that

defiles let me tell you how I feel we’ve

had enough colleges named after famous

evangelist we’ve had enough fastest

growing churches in the world we’ve had

enough busy Christians doing exploits

we’ve had enough gospel radio and

television because if radio and

television was ever going to do we’ve

had 50 years to do it and with all that

they’re less people knowing Christ and

serving in fullness than any other


we’ve had enough of Crusades and

concerts and outreaches we’ve had enough

about abortion and moralism we’ve had

more than enough of plans and projects

and programs and seminars and books and

records and tapes magazines and

newsletters but we don’t have enough

Christians who truly Express who the

Lord is there are very few that can that

Sinners can point to and say there goes

a Christian who really expresses to me

who Jesus is if I ever come to Christ

that’s the kind I want to be there goes

one who has nothing to sell nothing to

promote nothing to prove but Christ

risen and

glorified there stands a man there

stands a woman who shines with the

beauty and simplicity of Jesus Christ as

Lord there’s one who has reality there’s

something in him and her I can’t deny


Christ and shouldn’t that

be the goal of your life and M if that’s

God’s intention shouldn’t that be ours

that we would represent Christ in his

fullness and completeness and when I

stand before the Judgment seat of Christ

I’m going to be judged on one Criterion

Alone David how did you express me to


world what did your life say to the

world about who Christ was did you show

forth Christ through defilement and

compromise and

shamefulness could the Sinners see an

overcoming Christ in you or did you show

them nothing of the fullness the joy and

the Victory of Christ the Lord you’re

going to be judged on how you’ve

represented him what kind of an

expression you’ve been of Jesus Christ


Lord that’s

awesome you going to stand before the

Lord and brag how many Souls You’ve Won

Lord I I got 200 Souls last year you

going to stand before him pastor and

tell him that you built one of the

biggest churches in America you going to

tell them how many stations you’re

on and I’m not putting that

down you going to tell them what kind of

crusade you

started what kind of moral victories

You’ve Won how many people youve

preached to you see God doesn’t care so

much about what you’ve done but what

you’ve become that’s the greatest thing

Lord’s ever show me he’s not cons he’s

not interested in my winning all the

world for him but winning All of Me for


H have you ever has there ever been a

day when there have been more work

more projects more programs and so few

living in Union with Christ is

today before I close tonight I want to

list to you for you some of the things

that will help you become the full

expression of Jesus

Christ I’m going to list about 11 don’t

write them down please because I want

your good ear and I want your eye write

this way I’m going to go too fast for

you to write first of of all listen

close and give me your good ear now

Christ shed blood washes you completely

before the eyes of a holy God do you


that Christ’s blood washes you

completely before the eyes of a holy God

number two everything that could rise up

against you and condemn you has been

removed do you believe that what’s it

been removed by the sacrifice of Jesus

third God has never lost his

satisfaction in what Christ did and he’s

never going to lose his satisfaction in

me because I’m in him do you believe

that do you think God can ever be

dissatisfied with what Christ has done

then how can he ever be dissatisfied

with me because I’m in him for through

his cross Christ has removed everything

that stood between me and him and

nothing can ever separate me again

nothing will ever separate us from the

love of

God do you believe that here it is

number five his divine power has given

to you he’s given you his divine power

more surely than he gave it to the Man

with apy

he gave his power Christ’s power was

given to the man of the PA he’s given

that to you if by faith you would accept

it six God has seen your weakness your

helplessness and he says to you I’m

going to snap it I’m going to crush it

I’m going to overpower it I’m going to

do everything necessary to put away and

make you Superior to one thing that

crippled you the bed you laid in you’re

going to carry and I’ve got what I call

a cookie jar theology what does the

parent do when the little child keeps

stealing the cookies and gets spanked

and spanked little child still climbs up

what’s the parent do he puts the cookie

jar Out Of

Reach simple as that there Comes A Time

you say I can’t handle my sin Lord and

you love them your heart goes out to him

Lord says I’m going to take it I’m going

to crush it I’m going to put the cookie

jar Out Of Reach I’m going to take that

thing out of your life complete I’m

going to put a million miles away from

I’m make you strong at this point right

here now not that you’ll still be

struggling for the cookies I’m going to

move the cookie jar when I move the

cookie jar I’m going to take the desire

for cook cookies away from you God’s

going to make us stronger at that point

Hallelujah well you still here number

seven his strength is going to be

applied where you are the weakest you’ll

become strong at that point number eight

Christ’s one great desire for you is

that he himself will shine through you

making you a beautiful expression to the

whole world of who he is God will not

support anything that is not an

expression of him

anymore number nine we must live now

totally dependent on Christ you remember

the Good

Samaritan what did he do he put the

wounded man on his own beast and that’s

the hardest thing God has to do get us

off our legs onto the Beast we like the

oil and wine poured in but we want to

walk our own way to the

end get it he put him on his own Beast

you’re going to walk on his back he

going to carry you you’re not going to

walk on your own legs and the most

important thing God ever taught me to

get me off my own

legs number 10 there’s only one choice

you and I have a not

two and that choice is communion above

service there was a time I got all my

delight out of service now I get it of

communion and the man who Delights in

service will work and work until he gets

burned out and the God will create a

crisis in his life or allow one to be

created that information won’t get him

out of he has to have revelation God in

his love and the P the young man who

preached last night brought that out so

clearly he does it in so many lives

sometimes after 20 30 years some of you

having it done to you right now do you

remember remember what I said there’s

only one choice there are not two

there’s only one there’s no alternative

it’s communion and communion is simply a

common mind with the Lord a common mind

with the Lord that you are seated in

Heavenly places and it’s there that you

get the mind of Christ then you come

down to this world and you Minister as

coming from a Heavenly place you come as

a Heavenly Man or a Heavenly woman

detached from this world totally in the

mind of Christ so that what you do God


support the Bible said if if it it said

Mary chose the better part that would

mean that there were two parts uh better

and best no the Bible says Mary ha

chosen the good part there’s only one

that’s the good that’s the community

no other way there were no two it

doesn’t say she chose the better part

she chose the good part the only part

communion number 11 and here’s the most

important if we are his

bride and he’s coming back soon

shouldn’t the greatest object of Our

Lives be

affection are you in the

bride is the bridegroom coming

back then what should should be our

object power alone or should it be love

affection affection if you love me

you’ll obey

me I want to close with

a personal word I don’t like to do this


but I want to show

you something about his

presence I tell you something I started

preaching when I was 14

and about three years ago God shut me

down really shut me

down and it’s it’s almost shameful that

a man after 25 years of preaching has to

say to

you you

know I already didn’t know him like I

should I hadn’t seen him at the right

hand of the father I haven’t I wasn’t

holding the head as I should I didn’t

know I was the body

part of the body I didn’t know the

responsibility I had to be an expression

of Christ I thought I I just stayed busy

and worked for him witnessed that was

it the service comes out of communion

the service comes out of knowing him

that way there’s no sweat because in the

holy of holies the priest couldn’t

wear anything that cause sweat and the

Lord will not allow sweat in his

presence and God had to shut me down to

wipe all the sweat off my

brow and

about uh a year ago I started having the

Holy Spirit lift me out of myself into


heavenlies on one occasion for 5

hours a little prayer house to shut in

with God he took me out in the spirit in

a worship stream of

worship and I was racing through the

universe past the cosmos and the Stars

and I turned to see the Earth and was

just a speck in

space and I could feel the emptiness and

the coldness because I was racing toward

the Judgment seat and the Bible said on

the Judgment Day there’ll be no place to

stand and I had no place to stand and

that’s going to be the the most awesome

thing that you have no ground to stand

on except what you know of him and the

intimacy you have with him you’d better

know him when you go when that door

opens you’re not to be afraid to the

Judgment seat of Christ that’s the

moment of Glory when he puts his arms

around you I I’ve over the lifetime I’ve

heard preachers so condemn me about the

Judgment seat of Christ oh no no when

you’re under the blood and intimate with

him shouldn’t that be the time if you

know him that you walk in he puts his

arms around you saying well done good

and faithful servant the only works that

are going to burn we’re all going to

have some works that burn and that was

trying to be righteous through our own

works that’s what he’s talking about but

that’s a time of rejoicing and I was

racing past the stars and the Earth was

just a Speck in space and I said oh God

that’s everything that I hold dear is on

that Speck and soon is going to vanish

it’s just a speck in space all my

Ministry all that I’ve done over the

years my family everything I’ve held

dear every material thing it’s there and

sudden it was Vanishing it’s all going

to be gone and I’m going to be standing


Jesus and youd better know him you’d

better be in Union with him because

there’s nothing left

nothing no I began to my heart began to

rejoice and I began to scream oh God I

have nothing I’ve done nothing oh thank

God I know you oh if I hadn’t known him

there would have been an emptiness in my

heart sudden I was detached split free

from the world and in his

presence and then a few months ago I was

in Dallas preaching I just finished and

I just raised my hands and there was a

beautiful spirit of worship and I

remember just saying Glory honor and

praise glory and honor and praise glory

and honor and

praise and suddenly I was caught in a

stream because you see praise is an

eternal stream and when you worship and

pray in the spirit you’re caught in the

same stream you’re in that stream of

Abraham Isaac and Jacob with Peter and

Paul and the apostles in the early

church the day of Pentecost it’s one

endless stream it’s one circle of praise

and you’re caught up in that Circle

you’re one there’s only one Hallelujah

last through eternity you’re caught in

that one great Hallelujah of praise and

I was Swept Away In The Stream and I

felt my body just leaving the Earth and

I felt myself growing closer and closer

and suddenly I saw a light break through

and I passed out I just went out I don’t

know how long is up maybe 20 minutes or

so I was in the presence of Jesus

Christ most awesome thing I’ve ever

experienced in my

life you know I’ve heard people say will

we know each other in heaven that’s a

mute question doesn’t mean a thing

because you won’t want to know anybody

else you won’t want to see streets of

gold you won’t want to see Mansions you

won’t even want to talk to Peter or Paul

because in his presence is fullness joy

and Pleasures for ever more and Christ

was so all-encompassing he was So

Glorious he so filled the heart with

ecstasy I didn’t want to see family I

wasn’t thinking of wife or unsaved loved

ones my father who’ passed on Christ was

everything he filled my mind and you

know when you get to heaven it’s not an

even static kind of ecstasy it’s an Ever

expanded Consciousness because when I

got there into his presence I didn’t see

his face but the light I became luminous

his light went right through me and his

light went through me I became one with

that light I was in the very presence of

the light of the universe Jesus Christ

the son of God no fear and the glory and

the Ecstasy got Higher and Higher and

Higher and you understand that all three

eternity it’s not static it’s not level

but the glory of Christ and the

revelation of who he is is ever

expanding he’s going to expand our

Consciousness and all through eternity

we’re going to learn more and more of

his glory and his grace and we’re going

to get more Glory as the as the eons go

by Hallelujah the Ecstasy and the glory

of being in his presence nothing else

mattered Christ was all in it

all and if you see that

you’re in heaven long before you go

there and if you don’t have heaven in

you now you can forget it you the Saints

used to call Little glory to go to glory

in I’m in heaven now I’m in a Heavenly

place in Christ Jesus by faith I’m

seated at the right hand of the

father Hallelujah and the words I

administer to you now they are life

there are life because they are his

words from Christ himself because he’s

said he is all glory he is all honor he

is all praise and when you are there

nothing else matters shouldn’t that be

the way it is now shouldn’t he be all

Supreme shouldn’t he be the center of

our attraction should we not our hearts

be going out to

him shouldn’t we hear the Cry of the

Bride come come come the bride and the

spirit say come shouldn’t our hearts be

going out to him should we be like Peter

jumping out of the boat wanting to be

with him shouldn’t we be like Mary whose

heart couldn’t be consoled until she had

her heart satisfied that he was

alive if you really love him your

heart’s not going to be satisfied until

you know him in his


Hallelujah you know I I’ve got to just

say this before I

close if you’re his bride Christ has to

be able to say to you there’s my

friend there’s my friend that’s my bride

there’s my affection the heart of her

husband that safely trust in her the

scripture said he’s the husband we’re

the bride and the Heart of her husband

does safely trust in her I’m going to

ask you

that does he safely trust in you can he

safely trust you that you’re an

expression of who he is now in your

ministry and what you’re

doing there’s the flesh still in

control I don’t know where he’s taken me

yet but I don’t want anything to do

anymore with a secular ecclesiastical

world don’t anything to do with it

anymore I want to see the new man risen

I want to be in that

man God only sees one man the church

church is one man and that’s Christ and

we in

him and I’m

hungry and I told the Lord recently if

you think Jacob wrestled you haven’t

seen anything

yet and the one thing we’re not giving

him is

time how sad to preach in some of the

biggest churches in America and have a

pastor tell you he hasn’t prayed in one

year to see men building build ings and

body counts and heego tripping and it

sounds like we don’t even know him

anymore we don’t know

him and we’re so

blind so

blind my people have ears but they don’t

hear they have eyes but they don’t see

and their hearts are cold you know there

were some things that Jesus said even to

the disciples there’s some things I’d

like to show you but you can’t you can’t

accept it you can’t understand you can’t

comprehend and I think it’d be as shame

that we’d stand before God you’d say

there’s some things I wanted to show you

but you weren’t

ready I don’t want

that I don’t even want

power I want his

love and I want

him if I never see him do another thing

if he never answers another prayer I

don’t care I know he does the miraculous

and I believe we need

that oh yes I

do and I believe he’ll answer prayer but

that’s not why I love

him I love him because I’ve seen him and

I’ve tasted of him I just buried my

business manager 33 years

old cancer of the

liver and the last two weeks before he

died I was with him every day and all we

did was talk about the glory and Christ

was revealing himself and that young man

at 33 saw more of Jesus than any

evangelist I know in America and he had

preachers coming in and say where’s your

faith you know where’s the sin in your

life and all that

garbage and he said to me David if God

heals me now I’ll be

disappointed because I’ve touched the

glory and I want to go to

it when you’ve seen the glory the world

doesn’t hold attraction anymore and if

you don’t have what Paul right now had a

desire to be with him rather than be

here your number one desire should be

with him you know there’s a there’s an

old cliche so Heavenly you’re no earthly

good well there’s no such thing the man

who said that was backsliding there’s no

such thing as being so Heavenly you know

Earthly good there is such a thing as

being so Earthly you know Heavenly

good no no

no I wonder tonight how many of you have


you sit here tonight do you feel what I

feel Lord I’ve known you all these years

but I really haven’t known you like I

want to Lord I’ve been right on the edge

but I know there’s more I’m not

satisfied Lord the world can go this way

but I’m going to your heart let them

have the buildings let them have the

projects let them have the pro I’m going

to you I want your heart I want a

revelation I want to know




does your heart

burn before I’m finished I’m going to

ask you to do one thing Holy Spirits lay

this on my heart I want everybody that

is under the blood of Christ to enter

into the joy of acceptance to fully

accept your acceptance before him to

come into the blessedness of sins

forgiven that you have not focus on your

sins now but on The Heavenly Man in

Christ Jesus I want you toer into that

now all some of you have lacked the

victory of that you haven’t been an

expression of the acceptance and the

glory of the Cross God wants that

tonight God want you to enter the glory

of your acceptance that you’re totally

accepted in the Beloved that’s in Christ

there’s a fountain filled with blood

drawn from emanuel’s veins Sinners PLS

beneath that flow lose all their guilt

and stain the guilt and the stain is

gone we’re in a Heavenly place in Christ

Jesus The Fountains filled with blood

accept your forgiveness enter into the

joy of the Lord the joy of the Lord is

your strength if you really believe that

you have no guilt and stain and that

you’re clear before God right now you

would Rejoice like you’ve never rejoiced

there’d be a joy in your heart I’m under

the blood I’m accepted in the


Hallelujah Lord I’m accepted by you

cleansed by your blood

Hallelujah nothing between nothing

between my Lord and my

savior under the blood of Jesus under

the blood accepted in the

Beloved rejoicing in his beloved


rejoicing rejoicing in you

Lord rejoicing in you



hallelujah for I have not given you the

spirit of fear but of love and poweress

sound mine I have come not to condemn

the world but the world through we might

be saved have I not promised to pour on

you the oil of gladness the joy of

forgiveness stand on the glory of his

name stand on his finished work no devil

no power on heaven or Earth can separate

you from his love know my heart sayith

the Lord know my heart that you are

beloved in him you are accepted in him

so rise to that Joy Rise to that faith

in him be not

condemned but rejoice in his love

rejoice in his love let the redeemed of

the Lord say