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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

it’s been a good day heard two great

messages today the Lord’s presence been

here it’s been a nice full day praise


Lord uh you know a doctor I’ve been

thinking about my message and how to

approach you with it and uh you know we

go to the doctor’s office he diagnoses

you first and then he tries to give you


cure my message is called I shall fear

no evil but first I have to diagnose the

evil and the fear that causes it uh and

uh then we’ll try to get to the Cure All

right so if you hold you pretty much

learn about this now if you hold uh fast

for the first 10 15 minutes my message

always get to the good part so we’ll get

there I’m sure I shall fear no evil you

know where that’s from don’t you 23rd

psalm I shall fear no

evil Heavenly Father father I thank you

for this day for your blessing your

anointing the manifestation of your

spirit your presence the manifestation

of Jesus in our midst and for this we

give you praise and honor and Glory

thank you Lord that these times in which

we live we have a hiding place we have a

savior we have a refuge we have a rock

we’re not going to be shaken Lord we’re

going to stand no matter what the test

may be Hallelujah now Lord quick and my

mind I’ve got to have your help tonight

I plead with you holy spirit that you

come and Quicken my physical mortal body

that I may speak as your Oracle and not

of my heart in Jesus name I pray amen

praise the

Lord there’s a new plague coming upon


Earth and we’ve witnessed many plagues

in our times but this particular

plague uh it’s just beginning to affect

our nation and the world is moving very

very fast and it’s striking the rich and

the poor I’m talking about a plague of

fear and remember the plagues in Egypt

of the fogs and the lice they went into

the homes of the P went into Pharaoh’s

Palace into the homes of the princes

there was no home that was spared this

plague and I tell you the same thing is

already beginning to happen it it is

striking the white house I believe the

president of United States in fact there

was a statement said that there’s

there’s a a there’s an anger about uh

European uh Financial leaders who won’t

uh yield on some of the things that he’s

asking Alan Greenspan our

federal head of the FED has talked about

his great worry and his concern and this

is in Congress it’s in the white house

it’s in homes All Over America and

around the world there is great fear

this plague striking rich and the poor

and not a single House of the unredeemed

will miss this

plague Jesus himself warned that this

plague would come remember his words

there shall be upon the Earth distress

of nations with perplexity men’s Hearts

failing them for

fear and for looking after those things

which are coming on the earth for the

powers of Heaven shall be shaken now for

the the powers of the physical Heaven

meaning all the world’s leaders every

institution uh in this world is going to

be shaken the Lord said I’m going to

shake everything that can be shaken it

appears he’s already begun to do that

and even while I speak this plague is

growing more intense worldwide

everywhere you

look nobody knows where it’s going to

end nobody knows how to control it the

IMF has just asked for $18 billion from

our government Congress doesn’t want to

pass it they’re trying to put together

$100 billion as a one last ditch stand

to stop the plague or or rather this

terrible depression that has hit all

over the world on the East and the West

are now about to attack Brazil and all

of South America Brazil needs $18

billion I’m sorry $40 billion to avoid a

depression in the next 3 months they’re

trying to put aund hundred billion

dollar one last ditch effort to stop the

depression from hitting America because

Japan doesn’t want that to happen the

world doesn’t want to happen because

we’re the last Market left for the goods

of the whole world because we spend more

we consume we’re the biggest consuming

nation in the world

today the New York Times had an article

this past week it says the conditions

worldwide are so ominous a global

meltdown is underway now listen to this

the greatest need in the world today is

for a strong world leader to show us the


out an article from Russia at the same

time said we are doomed unless a strong

leader comes up in our midst very soon

they’re looking for a we can you

understand how easy it’s going to be for

the Antichrist to come to power let me

tell you how easy it is here in the

United States we have already traded our

morals for

Prosperity right or wrong we have

absolutely traded it doesn’t matter uh

what’s happening in the White House the

Oval Office can be turned into a bedroom

it doesn’t matter as long as can you

imagine 67% of the American people

saying it’s okay as long as we Prosper

we’ve traded we have traded our morals

for Prosperity can you see how easy a

step it’s going to be to trade

trade pro trade uh devil worship because

the mark of the beast we Christians will

not be here but the mark of the beast is

is connected clearly with devil worship

the worship of the Beast and I’m telling

you the whole world there are many

countries right now would sell their

soul for

prosperity and we’re at that point now

we there are will be Millions who will

worship the devil quickly as long as you

give is

prosperity people will sell their very

soul for prosperity in these last days

we don’t want to give up the American

dream we don’t want anything to change

and that’s why we’re in the moral mess

that we’re in right

now the prophet Isaiah and Isaiah 24 if

you go there with me please the 24th

chapter of

Isaiah he shows us how overwhelming this

plague of fear is going to be in the

last days what a picture the prophet

paints folks uh would you hear me on

something for just a

moment uh there was a time I got weary

of prophesying this was about five years

ago and I told you this Pulpit I said

Lord people don’t want to hear I looked

at their face because I I’d rather just

get people happy and and let them go out

marching now the church clapping her

hands and feeling good I want to be a


preacher not all the time but once in a

while Lord make me be a good time happy

preacher and I told the Lord so I’m

tired of prophesying and so the Lord

lifted it from me and and I I went

almost five years without a prophetic

word from the Lord I I I I saw the

effect anywhere to go in the United

States the same thing I I mean I’d be

one of three speakers and everybody be

shouting and I get up and

like a bomb

drops and I go back in the room I I tell

my wife saids honey I’m depressing

everybody but I had this Burning Fire

and something I was sing things and I I

couldn’t do it and I tell you I’m at the

place now I don’t care how you look at

me folks listen I’m not being I’m not

being for I don’t care anybody anymore

because uh you know it everybody see SE

it now see in fact somebody picked up my

book said well this is nothing new this

has been happening it said he wrote it a

year before I mean the Manus was fit a

year before it all happen

started the if if you think it’s hard

sitting in a meeting how would you feel

like sitting in the congregation of

Isaiah or Jeremiah or

Ezekiel you don’t hear anything from

these pastors are for me compared to


men 24th chapter beginning the 16th

verse listen to this

man 24th chapter of

Isaiah did I say Isaiah all

right you know what I did before I came

to church I checked all my scriptures

this time to make

sure I got them

right verse 16 from the uttermost part

of the Earth have we heard songs even

glory to the righteous but I said my

leanness my leanness woe unto me the

treacherous dealers have dealt

treacherously y the treacherous dealers

have dealt very treacherously he said I

he said I’m beside myself every there

everywhere you look there’s treachery

and betrayal and wickedness fear and the

pit and the snare upon the inhabitant of

the earth should come to pass that he

that flees from the noise of the fear

shall fall into the pit and he that

cometh out of the midst of the pits will

be taken the snare he said everywhere

you go you you try to get victory over

fear and then you’re going to find find

yourself in a pit of despair you get out

of the pit of despair and you’re going

to find a snare of of hopelessness

everywhere you turn for the windows from

on high are open the foundation of the

earth do shake the Earth is utterly

broken down the Earth is clean dissolved

the Earth is moved exceedingly the Earth

shall reel to and fro like a drunkard

shall be removed like a cottage and the

transgression thereof shall be heavy

upon it and it shall fall and not rise

again how would you like to hear such uh

uh a message such finality you’re going

down he said you’re not going to rise

again incredible strong

message the Earth utterly broken down

the Earth is reeling to and fr like a

drunkard folks look at me do you

understand that we’re seeing that right

now I just was hand a letter before the

service from a sister who’s from

Malaysia Malaysia is in a total

depression and she say please send your

book to and she named her president and

uh we’ll try to follow through on that

because we gave a book to every

Congressman every Senator and also to

the White House now whether they read it

or not I don’t know most will just

probably throw it away but the witness

was there anyhow and God on Judgment Day

will remind them of that

but in Indonesia and Thailand Malaysia

and Korea and Japan and Russia

and and Nations that are utterly broken

down these words have been literally

fulfilled before our eyes we sit here

now while you’re sitting in this church

what Isaiah is talking about has

literally come to pass I mean physically

literally it’s there we are there this

has never happened before in the history

of the world we’re there this is about

today and we’re seeing it fulfilled

right before our

eyes no wonder the headlines of news new

new week this week did you look at the

headlines the crash of

1999 did you read the headlines of

another fear spreads over the globe fear

spreads over the

globe but now the good

part I hope you’re

ready while the whole world the

scriptures said is going to be plagued


fear God has sent his own son

to give us these incredible words and I

want you to list them and write them

down in the tablets of your mind with

indelible Holy Ghost

ink he Christ would Grant unto us that

we be delivered being delivered out of

the hand of all our enemies might serve

him without

fear in Holiness and righteousness all

the days of our

life now this is God’s standard this is

what God wants for all of his children

he says no matter what happens no matter

what you see I’m telling you by my

spirit that I have for you A life a

whole life God knew what was going to

happen on our a in day this is not

catching God unaware God’s behind it all

he said he’s the one who’s going to be

Shak God knew then that he’d be shaking

it while you’re alive you’re now hearing

this word and he’s saying to you he’s

saying to me right now now I want you to

live all your days no matter what

happened without fear without fear

that’s God’s purpose that’s God’s

plan he gave us the 23rd psalm to

reinforce it he he he said if you if you

know your

Shepherd you know he’s going to lead you

beside Still Waters he knows where the

food is he knows where the grass and the

pastor is and a Good Shepherd always

goes forward out even when his sheep are

resting looking for pasture looking for

the water and I want you to know as long

as you believe that you have a faithful

loving shepherd He that’s why David said

I have nothing to fear I will fear no

evil I’ve got a shepherd with a rod

there that can beat any lion any bear

I’ve got a Shepherd who loves me he will

lead me in Green Pastures and Still

Waters and while the world is shaking

for the house of God there are still

waters and Green


for we’ve not received the spirit of

bondage again the fear but we have

receive the spirit of adoption whereby

we cry ABA father you see fear is a

spirit that needs the

bondage it’s a spirit that the Devil

Himself the Bible says God clearly says

he’s not given us the spirit of fear

it’s from the devil God said I’ve give

you a spirit of love and power and a


mind I’ve always said if God didn’t give

it to me I don’t have to put up with

it God did not give it it’s from the

Devil Himself and he tries to inject a

spirit of fear because most people who

have on them the spirit of fear they’re

in a bondage to fear itself and it’s

never one fear it’s a whole mess a whole

bundle of fears I call them nervous

recks have you ever seen

them I had some I have some

friends visiting us not too long ago and

uh I said he he said I read your book

about America’s last call and she kind

of bought her head I said you didn’t

read it did you she said no and he said

I don’t want her to read it I said well

because she’s a nervous wreck already

she got so many things to worry about

she doesn’t need another

worry I said well thank

you my

friends but you see she worries about

everything you know

if you have a spirit of fear upon you

you are in

bondage it’s not just about the economy

it’s not about job or anything it’s

about your kids it’s about your husband

it’s about the future it’s about the

favors of God it’s just a bundle of

fears because you’re under the bondage

of a spirit of

fear housewives are very susceptible to

this now I love you dear sisters God

bless you I’m not down on

women I’m not a feminist type but I’m

not down down

on women I’m married to one of

them a good

one but this is not God’s plan

for you to wake up every morning and

start replaying your fears and going

over them and over them opening the

newspaper and listening to the news and

just biting your nails and wondering

when it’s going to happen and and and

and every time your husband comes in the

door think he’s got a pink slip and he’s

lost his job and what are we going to do

and we ask all of these dumb questions

no they’re not they’re they’re they’re

just normal questions but it gets dumb

after a while you do it every day as

though God we

dead this is a device Satan uses against

God’s elect trying to inject this Spirit

into their heart now let me talk to you

about some of the

fears that Christians have developed

Christians have to deal with these fears

I I can name many but there are three

that Holy Spirit put in my heart to deal

with now I had no idea who’s going to be

in the service tonight none at

all and so if if you think somebody

called me about you coming you got it


I want to talk to you first of all about

the spirit the fear of

death Hebrews

2:15 and deliver them who through fear

of death were all their lifetime subject


bondage their whole lifetime the fear of

death nothing is more dishonoring to the

Lord than for a Believer who serves a

Christ who conquered death and took the

sting out of it nothing is more

dishonoring to him than Christians and

believers who fear death folks there’s

something that’s perplexed me for years

I I was born and raised in Pentecost my

dad mom Granddad Grandpa and Great

Granddad were preachers and I I I came

from uh a long line of camp meetings

where the saints of God would sing I’m

going to pass over Jordan into canaan’s

Fair land Jordan was death you pass over

it you go into canaan’s land and people

would shout and they’d sing what we sang

then I’ll Fly Away I’ll fly away when it

came to fly

away came to Cross Jordan I I saw

Pentecostals who talked in tongue for 50

years praising God and telling all us

young people praise God I’m ready to go

we testimony meetings praise God I’m

saved and Sanctified and on my way to

heaven and then they were told they were

going to

die they got the news that that that

they they had a terminal disease and

they fell apart and it bothered me I I’m

thinking of one great woman of God

powerful preacher and she got news that

you know she had a bad heart

and her lips

started quivering and she fell apart and

it honestly it shook me

up it shook me up I said what what’s all

this all these years of talking about

being ready to go and wanting to be with

Jesus like

Paul then why me

Lord it should have been all Hallelujah

I’m I’m almost there I’m out of this

mess and contrast that with the young

man who was my my Cru was

my financial director when I was in

Crusade years ago he was in his 30s and

name was Ron

Porsche went to the doctor one day he

had a pain in his stomach and went to

the doctor and they said you you really

need to get some x-rays and M and he got

a test and doctor came back with the

nurse and had

that full look on their face and he said

Mr Porche we have to tell you you’re

full of cancer

you’ve got maybe two months to

live and the other nurses came in

because they thought he’d pass out and

screaming because used to people

screaming and passing out and having a

scene and he sat there and he

says how praise the Lord isn’t that

wonderful praise the

Lord the doctor said I said you’re going


die and the nurse or chin hanging

down and

uh he he wound up going around that room

comforting everybody comforting the

doctor he went

home and uh I went over his house I I

heard that he had some bad news

and he’s sitting in the room and on the

couch with a smile on his

face he brother I’m dying

I’m going to be with

Jesus two lovely children a beautiful

wife what a man of God he was I didn’t

know how much a man of God he

was until that moment and every day he

wanted me over he said pastor You’

preached lot tell me what heaven’s like

he said I’m getting anxious tell me what

it’s all about I want to know more and

every day I had to dig something else

and take it over there and sit and

talked to Ron for hours about heaven and

he had some some choruses about heaven

and his wife would play that and he

gathered around his children they would

sing and talk about

heaven and and I went over one day and

and some people were there and it said

we got to we got to have fa we got to

pray this out of this man we got to get

him on his feet he said don’t let him

pray for

me he said I am in a magnetic pool I’ve

already seen something of Heaven I don’t

want to stay here now I’ve made

provision with my family they have good

security they have insurance he said I

am in a magnetic he said you know that

don’t you I said yes I do I said you’re

in that pool he said I am I am further

on that side then I’m on this side I

don’t want to come back I’m already

there what a beautiful moment he just

two months later he’s sitting up in bed

they’d had a little prayer meeting and a

little small face he dropped his head

went to

Glory you

see this

a the man or woman who conquers the

sphere of death can’t be touched by

anything in this world not depression


mental has nothing anything in the world

you you can’t hurt a dead man you can’t

hurt a dead woman Paul said I died daily

I don’t mean that I don’t think it was

just the C I believe he got up every day

he said I this may be my crowning day I

die to everything in this world to its

Pleasures to its money to everything

there is folks this is not the real

world this is all

fantasy the real world is on the other

side all their

lifetime Bound by the fear of dying the

fear of death I talked to a man this

past year who got the word that he had

three months to live and I went to the

hospital to visit him and and uh I

didn’t know what to say I said I’m very

sorry to hear the news that giv you

three months to live and he said well

Reverend he said let me tell you what he

said life is like a deck of cards I just

got handed a bad I got dealt a bad

hand to to this dear man life is a deck

of cards and fate determines it all I

just got dealt a bad hand as though God

had nothing to do with it folks it’s not

a bad hand for the Christian this this

is resurrection this is life this is

Glory you say well brother Dave you can

preach that you have good

health wonder if you could preach it if

you had just gotten your notice well

here’s what the Lord told me there are

some of you here that are very close to

it and maybe some of you got to notice

and the Lord made made it very very

clear to me that if you will allow him

by by his holy spirit to remove all fear

of death it can be most glorious

experience you’ve ever had surpassing

anything in your past life even in your

walk with God you will like you will

like Stephen see the heavens open and

there’ll be that magnetic pool my

son-in-law’s mother my wife is here too

I remember dying of cancer in the

hospital and in the same word to her

everybody around her was was praying and

and and saying be healed be healed be

and and and the Lord had spoken my heart

she was going to

go and the Lord had told her the same

thing and so after they all left these

these were people who were in what was

called the Prosperity Gospel and they

were not going to take

no no way she is not going to die will

never die she’s going to be raised up

and after they left I went in and she

she she said pastor you know don’t you

what God’s told me I said yes I do and

she she said the same thing she said I

feel like a a a magnet is drawing me I’m

getting closer and closer I want to be

with him

now please brother they tell them to

stop pressuring

me I want to be home with the

Lord she had one of the most beautiful

departures you could ever imagine and

some of those dear people thought that

it was my lack of faith that did her

end I mean if you’d only had

faith I didn’t care I knew what was in

her heart I knew what the Lord was doing

in her heart and I thank

God deal with it now ask God to take

that fear out of your heart and if you

if you if you lose the fear of death

through the power of the Holy Spirit you

will not fear anything that happens in

this world again you won’t fear what

happens to your children or or to life

to your job your home this is the number

one fear all their lifetime Bound by

this fear of

dying to be absent from the body is what

be present with the Lord you know what

Jesus said his last prayer father I will

that they also whom thou has given me be

with me where I am that they may behold

my glory folks before you were born he

was wishing you to be with him

already to his disciples he’s looking

around Lord I wish they all could come

with me now he’s been wishing he’s been

waiting I desire Lord that all of these

thank God for life thank God for

Ministry but my real desire is they be

with me to see my glory that’s the


Hallelujah have you ever been in a in a

hospital or

sick room of a wicked

person you ever seen now one of two

things if they’re judicially blind they

just block everything out and and that

that’s why people want to be cremated

and they want their their their somebody

throw some of my ashes in Atlantic some

throw them in the Pacific and throw them

to the wind so they won’t have to be

resurrected they think on the Judgment

Day now folks if you’re planning to be

cremated don’t I’m not giving you some

doctrinal kind of thing here but I want

to tell you something I’ve

seen I’ve seen the wicked day and I’ve

seen the Despair and I’ve seen the

hopelessness and the Bible said we don’t

despair like the world Despair and God

God wants every one of us in this

building tonight every one of us to say

Lord Jesus I want to face death look at

right in the eye and say I am not afraid

to die because

absent from the

body I’m present with the Lord what else

do you need what could be more

glorious if that if that’s not glory to

you you don’t know him you’re not

intimate with him you don’t want to be

with him like I want to be with him like

all those who have known him there has

to be this this world is not it’s not

where it’s I thank God for my family I

love them I thank God for this church

and the ministry’s allowed him to be a

part of it folks my heart is not here it

in a way it is but my real desire is


him now that didn’t make you shout but


truth it’ll set you

free the fear of drawing near to the

Lord the fear of drawing near to the

Lord this this has been one of the great

quandaries of my life

also it it’s really been it’s it’s

bothered me for years why why certain

Christians Listen close certain

Christians who are the most loving

people in the world they’ll do anything

for anybody some that have many have

walked with God for a number of years

but they’re same place they were years

ago because they don’t have a passion a

passion that would lead them to have a

daily prayer life a passion that takes

him to the word of God every day to get

to know Jesus better better they’re just

good people but the Quant I’ve had is

said Lord why is it that there are so

many Christians who don’t draw near to

you through the word and through prayer

they’re not they’re not they don’t have

a certain hour or day where they just go

in and shut themselves in with the Lord

and have that drawing to the Lord they

don’t draw near to him he he just kind

of lays easy on the back roads of their

mind it’s it’s just I I know I’m saved I

know Jesus I know I’m going to heaven

because I’m saved by faith I’m justified

by faith yes they’re Justified and

probably will make

Heaven some I wonder if they will I

wonder if they won’t be really shocked

when they stand before the Lord and say

I gave you all the examples of the word

what happens to those who neglect how do

we escape if we neglect so great a

Salvation and I can’t read a guarantee

that you could be saved but I would I’ll

tell you this it’s been a quantity for

me all my Ministry every everywhere I’ve

gone in evangelism and pastoring and

everything else why there are so many

Christians who can sit under fiery

sermons H about diligence before God

about seeking God that faith comes by

hearing and the need to pray and get

intimate with the Lord and about the

only time they draw nigh to the Lord is

when they come to the house of

God and if you got to a dead church then

you really got a problem because you’re

not getting in your clock it you’re not

getting into the pulpit and you’re

living on an experience that’s 20 30 40

50 years of a old or if you’re just a

young comt something 10 years ago you

don’t have that fresh word from the Lord

you’re really not intimate with him and

yet you expect someday the Trump is

going to sound and suddenly you’re going

to have that intimacy with him and it

amazes me it it it it absolutely bothers

me it’s mind bogging I’ve been trying to

figure it out I have spent hours and

days with God in the word saying explain

that to

me explain that to me that people who

are so loving who give who care about

people are intimate with people have a

hard time drawing close to

you and

and what he seemed to speak to my

heart in the past few

days I was thinking

of John on the a of patmas when he saw

Jesus and all of his majesty and His

glory he falls down on his face

petrified and Jesus comes and lays his

hand on John’s right hand on John’s

shoulder and says John don’t be afraid

he said I am the first and the

last and folks that that is really the

message of the holy spirit for the

church whenever you have a fear of any

kind he he comes by his spirit ra his

hand and he says look I don’t want you

to be afraid I want you to be at ease in

my presence but there are many many

people who are not at ease in the

presence of the Lord they’re not at ease

at all or if they were they would be

there why aren’t they there they’re

they’re not easy they are not at ease in

the presence of the Lord there has to be

a reason for

that there are there are some who who I

believe honestly

say I don’t pray I don’t seek God I I

don’t read my Bible because I’ve

neglected it so

long somehow way back I got away from

seeking God daily and I had I developed

a habit of neglect and forgetting and

it’s kind of too late to change and I’m

in a rut now uh I I try to read my Bible

I don’t understand it the words run

together or I fall asleep or I’ll make a

pledge that I’ll do it and I’ll last a

week and then I break the pledge and I’m

back to my old ways I’m afraid I can’t

change I’m afraid I I I I’ve already

developed these habits and I can’t

change and so there I think there’s a

hesitancy there’s a fear in going

getting too close to the Lord because a

sense of failure a sense that I’ve

already missed the

boat I I’ve been at this too long I

don’t think I’ll ever have a close

intimate walk with God so we substitute

love for people and closeness to people

we we we we we substitute other things

and then we lay back just there’s this

always this nagging fear well what if I

stand before God and do have to answer

for that there’s always that nagging

there but we always cover it up somehow

but I sense that there’s a fear in some

people of not really Drawing Near

because it’s too late I’m telling you

it’s never too late I don’t care where

you are you can start tonight you could

go home tonight and get your Bible out

and say Lord I have neglected this word

and I’m sorry for it and I’ll neglect it

again unless you by your spirit woo me

to it unless you begin to help me

understand it and Lord I’ve not been

praying as I should I’m not intimate

with you I’m going on an experience of

the past and I’m telling you Lord Jesus

I know that time is getting short I know

it’s all wrapping up and when I stand

before you I don’t want to be a stranger

to you I don’t want you to say I never

knew you because you neglected

me that you became a stranger to me and

that you just took for granted all my

blessings don’t do that the Lord lay his

hand on you right now by a spirit and

said Don’t Be Afraid come on back you

can start all over again and I’ll forget

all the past if you’ll just start right

now even if I come another week and you

have a week with me I’ll receive you

start over start over again it’s never



now folks in all

honesty listen to an old

man in all honesty if that kind of

loving teaching if that kind of a loving

appeal doesn’t reach your

heart then the Holy Ghost can’t reach

you I’m going to tell you like it is

if in his love and wonderful loving

invitation where he doesn’t even chasen

you he just says all right I’ll forgive

you but come on

back if you can walk out here tonight

and that doesn’t change your

life and one day I stand before a


seat when all your Works

burn you have nothing to offer him but

your physical

body and you’ve got no

fruit because all of your goodness to

other people and all the things you’ve

done are going to burn if you don’t have

that relationship with

him there’s there’s there’s another

thing that I’m thinking about the Lord

put on my

heart there are some that are afid to

draw nigh because into his presence

because they’re struggling with a

Temptation they’re struggling with a sin

and they’ve tried so

hard and they’ failed so

often and they say after all the

preaching after learning about the

doctrines of the church about learning

about intimacy with Jesus and and trying

the best I know how I’m still where I

was I I fall I’m being tempted and

there’s a tendency to have a fear of

drawing nigh to the Lord because he’s so

holy and I’m so Unholy and I just don’t

think he could receive me I don’t think

I can be brought back to a place of

Victory oh there’s there’s so many like

that that don’t draw nigh to the Lord

they don’t get close to him they’re

afraid of that God will not receive them

I want to tell you something right now

he he is here in this building right now

by a spirit to lay his hand on you he’s

hearing his Holiness yes he’s hearing

his majesty if our eyes could be open

and see his Holiness we would fall like

petrified men and women on our faces

before him but still he put his hand on

you I don’t care if you were a murderer

tonight I don’t care if you had a

thousand demons in you Legions of demons

if you just reached out to him he’d

stretch out his hand and say Come on

come to me my arms are open I’ll heal

you I’ll receive you no matter what

you’ve been through no matter what your

Temptation no matter what kind of a fall

you’ve had if you will get up and come

to me

now come now start over and

believe right now that I will endure you

with the power that you need but don’t

turn away from me don’t turn your back

on me run to me run to me with your sin

run to me with your guilt run to me with

your condemnation bring it all to me

bring it to me and just start loving me

just just repent and see if I’ll not

touch you by my hand once again and

restore everything the worms have eaten

see if I’ll not restore

you you see this there this terrible

fear of drawing nigh to the Lord Let’s

either expose something or not receive

us or because we have neglected him so

long it’s the only thing I can figure

out if you’re waiting to be good enough

to draw night of the Lord you got a long

way you’ll never make it I’m never good

enough never will

be you know what I pray I’ve told you

many times Lord I’ve got no plea I have

no plea not even my prayers have any

Merit I I I told you I gave you an

altimate I’m going to seek you till you

bless me but if I sought you 24 hours a

day and didn’t sleep that all my prayer

all my Bible reading has no merit

whatsoever it’s the blood the blood the

blood the

blood let me talk to you about the Final

Fear the fear of temporal suffering


means transitory things of Life the

things of the Earth the fear this fear

is probably the greatest fear among

unconverted men and women the fear of

poverty the fear of a recession

depression the fear of losing all that

they have spent their lifetime can you

imagine spending



things and they’re they’re taken away

one by

one I told you last Sunday of those that

were long-term investment this

multibillion dollar

uh hedge fund that went bankrupt they

rescued it temporarily with $35 billion

dollar from some bankers here and

multi-millionaires who overnight went

into bankruptcy losing everything they

had learned to develop fine taste for

$100 bottles of

wine uh fancy cars and golf courses and

and high living and multimillion dollar

homes and now overnight it’s a just a

piece of vapor some vapor and smok and

it’s all gone all gone one man said Easy

Come Easy


amazing but you see this is the fear

that’s pressing now upon

mankind but let me tell you it’s I I

believe it’s an awful sin for God’s

people who are looking Point Blank at

the promises of God have all the

promises of God that Y and made man to

all who believe and still not trust

still Bound by fear 1 John 5:18 there is

no fear in love but perfect love cast

out fear because fear has torment he

that fearth is not made perfect the word

there is complete he’s not made complete

in love he said there’s if if you are

living in fear you’re tormented and he

said more than that that gives reason th

this is proof that you have not there’s

something wrong with your love for

Jesus there’s something wrong about your

love for if you love him you have

confidence in him if you love your

husband or wife there’s trust there’s

confidence and he said again there is no

fear in Love no fear in

love that’s why we press so strongly

about you getting close to Jesus and

drawing nigh to

him folks it’s a simple matter of giving

him quality time and in that quality

time you trust his

word I I don’t know whether if when I

examined my own life I said Lord you you

said he have my Commandments and keepeth

them he is that loveth me but one of his

Commandments is that we go into the

secret closet and we pray and seek we

shut the door and I I go through this

literally I told you I go into my

craving room I put my hand on the door

and when it’s still I close I said Lord

I’m closing the door I talk to him like

that I’m closing the

door and I walk away from the door said

now I’ve shut the

door maybe I’m just too simple I don’t

know but this works for me I said Lord

you said if I shut that

door and I turned and there’s nobody

here I’m in no worry this is your time

this is our

time I’m here to love you and I’m here


learn and I I first of all I give him

praise and thanks and come into His

courts with praise and thanksgiving for

all that he’s done I just thank him for

my salvation I thank him I don’t have to

come by works I thank him I don’t have

to sweat I don’t have to do anything but

love him and draw near to him I shut

that door and I said Lord you made me a

promise if I shut that door seek you in

secret you would reward me openly and

the only open reward I want is a full

revelation of who you are that’s

according to your word I believe it I

receive it by

faith and folks when I come out of that

room I don’t care if the mountains shake

and fall I don’t care what happens

because I have I come out of that room

with his assurance and his presence not

afraid anymore because I’ve been in love

with him and I’ve just had a wonderful

intercourse with the Lord and it’s put a

smile on my face and peace in my

heart Hallelujah remember when Jesus was

asleeping the boat when it was rocking

in the

storm and they were saying Lord save us

we’re going

down folks we’re we’re in a rocky boat

right now the United States is in a in a

boat that is rocking there’s a storm the

storm is already here it’s rocking but I

want to tell you Jesus is in the boat

Jesus is in this boat Hallelujah Jesus

is in New York

City Jesus is with Times Square

Church Jesus gets up and speaks a word

and suddenly everything calms the storm

is calm and they look around and said

what kind of man is this what matter of

man is this folks this is what you and I

have to have we talk about Jesus we use

his name we talk about intimacy with him

what kind of man is he he is God but


man Hallelujah let me tell you what kind

of man this is this is a man who said

are not five sparrows sold for two

farings not one of them is forgotten


God but even the hairs of your head are

numbered fear not therefore you are

worth more than many sparrows what kind

of man is this the man who doesn’t even

let a sparrow die without counting him

not even a bird falls not even a bird is

shot down not a bird dies of a natural

cause without the heavenly father he

knows all about it he said every hair on

your head is counted what kind of man is

this what kind of man is this he said

consider the Ravens for they neither sow

nor reap which neither have Storehouse

nor barn but God feeds them

how much more are you better than the

fowls consider the lies how they grow

they don’t toil they don’t spin yet I

say to you that Solomon all of his glory

was not a raid like one of them if God

so clothe the grass which is today in

the field and tomorrow is thrown into

the oven how much more will he clothe

you oh ye of little faith God says if

you want to know who this man is go look

at your grass it’s green one day I gave

it I made it green I took care of your

grass I took care of your

flowers and they only lasted a short

time I’ve given you 70 years when I take

care of you I’ve numbered the hairs on

your head you think I can’t pay your

bills you can’t even count your

hairs what kind of man is this our

father father he said knows what you

have need of and seek not what you shall

eat what you shall drink neither be of

doubtful mind for all these things the

nations of the world seek after your

father knows that you have need of all

these things so you seek first the

kingdom of God and all these things

shall be added unto you fear not little

flock which your father’s good place to

give you the kingdom my goodness if he’s

going to give us the kingdom he’s going

to give me breakfast

David said I sought the Lord he heard me

and delivered me from all my fears I

sought the Lord and I got the victory

over my

fears oh

my I’m going to wrap this

up let me tell you where the

Lord what the Lord spoke to me about


tonight the Bi Bible says that some in

the wilderness did provoke him because

he promised them a rest he promised he

take them through that they they would

be guided correctly easily with the

cloud by day and a fire by night but

even though the cloud was there they

provoked him let me tell you who really

provokes the Lord probably more than


else this is the Christian who has


God perhaps

backslid who’s allowed fear to enter his

heart that he or she could never come

back into his good grace and never be


restored now I don’t know who I’m

talking to tonight but God made it so

clear in prayer this

afternoon that I had to add this it

wasn’t in my message but to add this it

was added this afternoon in prayer I

don’t know who I’m talking

to but there’s a fear in you because you

have really you’re not where you were

you have failed God I don’t know what

kind of sin it is I don’t care if it’s

drifting or backsliding whatever it is

but there’s a fear in you you’ve

developed uh a fear that the Lord will

not forgive you or if you come back


fall let me give you an illustration

before I close to tell you what this is

all about and why I believe the Lord put

in my heart uh number of years

ago uh a drug addict young lady came in

was saved under my

Ministry I was in Pittsburgh at the time

she came to my crusade and gave her

heart to the Lord wonderful conversion

married one of our drug addicted

converts saved convert and they

developed a wonderful drug drug program

here in the United States a very

successful program it was not teen CH

but was another wonderful couple God did

such a great work in their

heart probably 12 15 years after they


saved he took a fall back to

heroin and then

somehow she she through through through


problems uh an habituation to medical

drugs they got exposed and had to leave


ministry and uh my wife and I got a call

from them they were in Florida at the

time in a little hotel

motel and they were going to it was

going to be a double

suicide and they calling us to say

goodbye and I was going over there with

my wife this afternoon

getting the details straight and she

remembered it well and I I prayed with

them and I said look you if you if you

will please I said do you have enough

money to get we were in Texas time do

you have enough money to get to Florida

up here we’re going to wait for you not

don’t do anything till we get here and I

prayed against that Spirit of death and

suicide and they said we’ll come and

they they two

brokenhearted people who really loved

God deep inside they’ never lost that

love for God but they felt they felt

they had failed God they had failed me

they had filled everybody and more it

was the reproach that they brought on

the Lord said better dead than to to to

live with this

reproach they came to Texas heartbroken

health health

broken they just barely made it

there it was about three days of bathing

them in

prayer just just ministering the love of

Jesus and and it was the same thing how

could God forgive what we have done we

we had everything the testimony we we

have reproached the Lord in front of

drug addicts we had to get up in front

of all our people they knew we had

cheated and all this he he was so

heartbroken he said brother Dave how can

God God forgive a man like

me I had been saved from the pits he he

was so merciful to me he said I was

stealing God’s money to buy drugs I was


offerings I I I was going out telling

people I’m witness on the street and I

was connecting for drugs he said if you

only knew we messed up how can God

ever forgive

us they didn’t want to even approached

the Lord there was such a fear in their

heart of even even even

praying but boy one night as we prayed

the spirit of the Lord came through and

the love of

Jesus the Same Christ who laid his hand

on John and said don’t be

afraid I’m the beginning and the

end spirit of God came on both of them

they began to weep and the all of that

poison all of that fear drained out

literally drained they put their arms

around each other and it was I mean just

trembling he’s here he’s here he’s real

he’s forgiven he he’s merciful the mercy

of God came through to to them in such a

powerful way and and and for the next

week we watched the the health come back

and we got them some new clothes and and

uh the restoration

began and and I want you to know that

those two are in the ministry today

and they’re in the ministry

now some of you may have read a book

please make me cry cookie

Rodriguez great wonderful

couple such a she had never cried in her

life sat in one of my meetings with


kulman and she’d said God if youd make

me cry I’ll give you my life and as soon

as she said that she started to cry ran

down the Altar and got

saved what a Merciful Savior what a

merciful God we serve he wants to take

all fear out of your heart he wants you

to come and be at ease in his presence

no matter what you’ve done just you you

absolutely you just get up from your

despair you get up from your Agony and

say Jesus I’m coming home I’m coming to

you I want your hand hand on me I trust

you now will you stand

please you don’t have to wait till I

give an invitation if God’s already

invited you come on

down up in the balcony go to the stairs

and either side you come on down and and

say brother Dave I want to be restored

now I I you hit me tonight the word

touched me this this was meant for me

tonight I want you to come right now if

you’ve been slipping away from the Lord

if you feel you failed him or or you you

you say brother wolson there was

something meant for me in this message

tonight I want God to touch my life up

in the balcony come on down any aisle

we’re going to pray with you right now

praise the Lord now look at me please

I’m a preacher I’m a man of prayer but

I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t I it’s not

natural for the human man to pray or

seek God it’s not natural it doesn’t


naturally it it’s something you have to

pray that God helps you with and draws

you and Woos you I as soon as is I’m

done praying I don’t care how wonderful

it’s been I said Lord tomorrow’s coming

and I may not have that same desire and

it’s not in me you put the desire you wo

me you draw me and he’s faithful to that

he’ll do it by his spirit and suddenly

you you will find that it you’re looking

forward to it every day find a place to

seek Him find a

place would you would you confess

tonight if you have to your neglect of


book and say Lord I’ve just been opening

it and looking

for brother Carter said something to

confirm what I want to do or would you

open up and start devouring the Psalms

because the Psalms are all about

Jesus and open up your heart to the

word say Lord Jesus I’m not going to do

it because the pastor asked me because I

want to draw closer to you I want to

draw nigh to you will you pray this

prayer with me right now from the depths

of your heart and if so many

congregation need to pray this also Lord

Jesus Lord Jesus I come to you I come to

you to confess to confess my neglect my

neglect I’ve not sought you have not

sought have not prayed not prayed like I

need to like I need and like I want to I

want to I’ve neglected your prayer and

I’ve neglected your word neglected your

word but Lord I know you’ll forgive

me and I want to start over I I want a

life of

prayer I want a life of the

word Holy Spirit draw me to this put it

in my heart

heart to follow through now forgive me

Jesus I’m sorry and I repent and of all

my sins all my and everything that I’ve

done everything done to grieve the Holy

Spirit the come Precious Blood of Jesus

PR BL be sprinkled upon my heart spr my

heart I receive now your

forgiveness and I receive your love I

receive your love Jesus I’m convinced

now I’m convinced you love me love me in

spite of my failures of my faur you’re

not going to let me go raise your hands

and just love him right now just love

him so I love you Jesus I give you

praise I give you thanks for your utter

faithfulness to me you’ve been good to



hallelujah this is the conclusion of the