This is “Praise is Our Purpose”. Lucifer was not always the devil; he was once the anointed cherub of praise, created to praise and bring glory to God. But he rebelled and was cast out of Heaven. Now, the devil wants to take out your praise because we took his place, and he knows the power of our praise. Will you release the power of praise in your life? To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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when Lucifer in heaven as Isaiah chapter

6 talks about the Lord’s would F his

glory would fill the temple and the

angels would begin to sing Holy Holy

Holy and it would be

Lucifer who for centuries of creation

would lead the worship in heaven it was

it was unbelievable he was beautiful he

had these

stones in his being and when the light

or the light bearing would light up as

the glory filled the temple that light

would shoot through those colored stones

each one of those stones being a

different color and it would be like a

kaleidoscope of of of worship even in

the pageantry of worshiping the almighty

God and then Lucifer would explode and

he had stringed instruments in his body

that would begin to vibrate with worship


praise percussion instruments in his

body music no wonder the enemy uses

music and arts and entertainment he is


original created with those particular

gifts and they would burst forth in it

deep expression of adoration and praise


God and then there came a day that I

want you to hear what I’m going to talk

to you about briefly this morning the

devil has not always been a devil

he used to be Lucifer the anointed

cherub but there came a day when he

chose to become the

devil when I think

about how important praise is how

important worship is how that when

Lucifer was cast out of

Heaven you and I the high priest in the

Old Testament would wear those same

stones on the breastplate when he would

go into the holy of holies because we

are Satan’s replacement we are Lucifer

the light bearer’s replacement when we

sing and when we worship and when we

praise and when we speak praise to God

and thank God and give him honor and

give him glory we are literally taking


place and I’m so thankful today that

whom the sun sets free is free

indeed that we are liberated and we’re

set free but we are here for a purpose

he did not just save us to save us as a

matter of fact the Bible said in 1 Peter

chapter 2 and verse 9 you are a chosen

generation you are a royal priesthood

you are a holy

nation you are a peculiar or special

people in the earth who who’s he talking

to the people who have been washed and

cleansed and saved by the blood of Jesus

Christ and he says here’s why you’re

chosen you’re Royal you’re holy you’re

peculiar people he said that you would

show forth the Praises of him who has

called you out of Darkness into this

Marvelous Light that’s not just some

figure of speech he said there is one

purpose for which you have been saved

now that you are saved that in whatever

you do in life you give praise and glory

and honor to God you replace Lucifer

with your praise you don’t take the

glory you don’t keep it inside to

yourself but you give God the glory and

you give God the praise I just I just

want to praise him this morning that I

am saved and I’m satisfied I am happily

saved and I’m satisfied

I am not only saved from sin but I’m

satisfied and I don’t crave it anymore

Hallelujah I thank God I’m not burning

for drugs this morning I’m not burning

in lust this morning I’m not burning to

have an affair or go out and be drunk

today I am thankful that I’m saved and

I’m satisfied I’m not saved and

miserable I’m not saved and crying over

what what I can’t do and where I can’t

go I’m so happy I’m free I’m so happy

I’m saved and I’m satisfied I don’t want

anything that pulls me further away from

Jesus thank you so much for watching

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