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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

I have been preaching a series of

messages first uh you were exposed

hopefully and prayerfully

that you’ve received the messages that

went out in a book called America’s last

call I preached all of those messages

here on in this platform

and I’m going to be releasing soon a new

book called God’s plan to keep his

people in the coming depression and that

book will be out soon and these are all

messages I’ve preached from this pulpit

and today will be another

there were two more to come so just rest

there are two more to come and these are

hopeful messages as I trust this will be

this morning and I asked the Lord why we

as Watchmen have to keep warning and

bring message after message and I found

the answer in John 14

after Jesus had warned of coming

persecution and very hard times he said

to disciples I’ve told you before it

came to pass that when it has come to

pass you might believe

well they were already Believers believe


frankly I believe that Jesus saying if

if you know I forewarned you

you can believe that I’ll keep you

through what I told you was coming

he said you can believe if you can

believe that I loved you so much to warn

you you can believe that I would take

you through it

and what the Lord said right after that

I will be talking to you very much

because I’m going to talk to you through

my servants remember uh all the prophets

the Old Testament talked about a great

outpouring coming of Pentecost then when

it happened when it came to pass Peter

stood said this and that which was

prophesied by the prophets and you see

the hope is that God who so tenderly

warns us says I do this so that you can

believe that when the hard times come

those same voices will be bringing to

you all the hope and the strength that

you need from the word of God

my message this morning lessons we have

never learned

lessons we have never learned there are

a lot of things I should have done I

wished I’d done but didn’t do

a lot of lessons I wish I have learned

but I want to learn the lessons that I’m

talking to you about this morning the

lessons we have never learned

heavenly father I prayed this morning

that you anoint me as I deliver it and

anoint every here as they hear it Lord I

didn’t get this from anyone but you I

got it on my knees I got it from your

throne room and I know Lord Jesus that

the message that goes forth today is

going to go out throughout the whole

world one of these days soon to bring

encouragement to millions of your people

Lord we say that humbly but we believe

with everything in our hearts you’re

trying to bring forth hope and cheer in

a very difficult time that lies ahead so

I pray Lord that we receive your word

with Grace

in Jesus name I pray amen

America and all the nations of the world

seem to go ignorantly on their way

leaders acting as Mad Men

totally ignoring the testimony of


never once looking back to see how God

deals with Nations that sin

absolutely ignoring the past living in a

blind presence absolutely judicially

blinded to the testimony of History

they’re making the same mistakes that

generation after generation Empire after

Empire has made one mistake after

another never learning from history

Moses commanded Israel to well remember

what the Lord thy God did to pharaoh and

to Egypt

furthermore he said I want you to

remember forget not how you provoked the

Lord to wrath in the wilderness

so that the Lord was angry with you to

have destroyed you

then Moses went on to declare thou shall

remember the Lord thy God

what is he that gave the power to get


then Moses added these words it was God

Who provided water where there was no


and how he fed you with manna

and how he led you through a Wilderness

where there were fiery serpents and

scorpions and drought

Moses is commanding said I want you and

your children your grandchildren to look

back I want you to look back at the ways

that you provoke God and because of your

provoking of him he said judgment he

sent depression he said deprivation

he said I want you to remember all the

ways of the Lord and I want you to learn

from that I want you to learn from your

fathers and your elders he said I want

you to go back and look at the record of

history and don’t make the same mistakes

you don’t have to be a prophet you don’t

have to be you don’t have to have the

gift of Prophecy just study the word go

to the word of God and look at the

nature of God and how he deals with

Nations when they sin

when Moses literally cries out to Israel

these words remember the days of old

consider the years of many generations

ask your father he’ll show you ask your

elders they’re going to tell you

he said go back in history

look at what I did look at how I

provided in hard times look how I judged

in difficult times when people sin so

grievously against me he said I’ll do it

again I I never change I’m the same

yesterday today and forever

your generation sins of Sodom I will

deal with you with Sodom you sin as

Israel did and I will deal with you as

Israel did all the Roman Empire The

Grecian Empire the Macedonian Empire all

of these Empires I will deal with you as

I dealt with history

now in keeping with the Commandment of


I want you to go back with me to a


I want you in a generation is considered

uh anywhere from 50 to 70 years and

let’s let’s go back

into what was called The Roaring

Twenties the 1920s it was called The

Decade of Decadence and I want you to

listen I have studied history I’ve

studied the word of God and I’ve gone

back through the history of the United

States I came to you prepared this

morning I did what Moses commanded me to

do go back in history

what I want you to take about 10-15

minutes with me and I want to remind you

of what happened in the United States of

America and you we have over 103

nationalities in this church some of you

are newly here in America you don’t know

the history of America

I want to give you a little history

lesson I want you to listen closely and

then I’m going to tie it in spiritually

to what I believe God is saying to us


The Roaring Twenties

God sent a Great Depression at the close

of that time

those Roaring Twenties came to a sudden


he was trying to give us a warning

it’s I called a likewise warning

remember he said when the tower fell on

them he said if you don’t repent it’s

going to be likewise he said when the

galileans were destroyed by far likewise

you he was given little warnings he was

telling them I’m going to burn Israel

with fire and the towers are going to

fall all the towers he was giving the

little sample and he said likewise

this was a likewise judgment he’s trying

to tell us what was going to come later

he was just giving us a warning in the

20s you know up to 19

20 1919 America changed from a religious

well-mannered Society into a drunken

selfish ill-mannered

sex-obsessed country

there were two main contributing factors

as the invention of the radio there was

no radio until the 20s

and no closed automobiles only model T’s

up high no roof convertibles or no tops

1920 came the enclosed car and usually

only the rich had it but when the closed

car came newspapers called them brothels

on Wheels

there was a sexual Revolution broke out

in the 1920s the revolution of manners

and morals

in 1920 remember women’s suffrage that

gave women the vote

and up to the time up to 1920 women were

the keepers of morality in the United


the alarming thing happened

and many of the people of that day

secular people the writers of the New

York Times for example tied it to the

shortening of the hems of the skirts of

the women of the day because up to 1919

the long dresses were to the very ground

I want you to listen to this an alarm

fashion writer in New York Times in 1920

explained or complained he said the

American women are now lifting their

skirts Beyond any modest limitation

and one writer said if they’re nine

inches off the ground today

there’s going to come a day that America

will become so immoral that it may reach

the kneecap

now folks that sounds a little funny to

you and it sounds legalistic that what

would our father say if they saw the

mini skirts and saw the bikinis and

nakedness and address of today

you talk about immorality

these were not preachers these were

these were unconverted men in the Press

they had the flappers of the day that

introduced the short skirts and short

sleeve dresses for the first time and

then suddenly women began to smoke

they had never smoked before this time

in public and even what they called the

nice ladies begin to smoke and there

there were


preachers who thought they were in with

the times and they they weren’t they

encouraged the parents and there’s

nothing to worry about the kids that are

having sexual experimentation in their

closed Automobiles and it’s nothing

wrong with the sensual dancing because

dancing became very very Central in 1921

and 22 the theaters became sensual for

their time

the society became obsessed with sex

it was the first time cocktails were

introduced women for the first time were

not only smoking but they ended up by

the 23rd 1923 and 24 going to the bars

putting their feet up to the rail just

like man and getting as drunk as the men

being carried out to their cars

Victorian morality was mocked

women begin to choose snuff

men be all everywhere men were carrying

hip flasks give whiskey

in the Liberal Liberal preachers were

saying don’t worry the drinking of gin

the smoking the intimate dancing in

public it’s not going to lead to deeper

immorality that folks that was the


the United States of America became


up to 1920 there were there it was

Unthinkable to use the name of God in

public cursed the name of God


it was Unthinkable to get a divorce

because in 1919 only 8.8 percent went

only out of

108.8 divorces

in 1925

out of 100 divorces 12.4

in 1929 one out of six marriages ended

in divorce because the sexual immorality

revolution in the United States

broke up the hopes mocking

Victorian principles

where people would get in their cars and

travel everywhere for the dancers and

every report instead all night

the standards and the codes of marriage

begin to break Chastity faithfulness

became outdated

and so America in the 1920s was called a

wild roaring prosperous Nation The

Roaring Twenties

and from 19

23 to 1929

seven years

now folks we have had that same seven

years of prosperity here but seven years

of unending bull market

it was said it would never end

the stocks of the railroads the

railroads were busting with prosperity

automobile industry

tens of millions of automobiles being

produced radio Montgomery Ward Woolworth

General Electric numerous other

companies their stocks escalated out of


Herbert Hoover was the elected President

in 1928 and President Coolidge had ruled

over those seven years of prosperity and

when Herbert Hoover was elected

president United States in 1928 in his

inaugural address he said this we in

America today are nearer to the final

triumph over poverty than before in all

the history of the land

the poor house is Vanishing we are now

in sight of the day when poverty will be

banished from this nation

six months later the depression

the stock markets smashed all records

when Hoover became president seemed

everybody was playing the market this

shoe shine man in the corner that made

bus drivers Housewives Butlers ministers

in cities and small towns All Over

America and on the trolley cars coming

out from work five out of six people

they said would get the paper and turn

to the stock report

every little town all over the nation

had a brokerage house


Millions were investing in the stock

market it was like our present-day Lotto


there were there were stories of people

getting rich overnight

the two golden Idols they said of the

1920s the sports

in the stock market

these were the two idols

of course you had Babe Ruth being

idolized at the time

every rule of logic was broken

and people were reasoning here’s the

reasoning according to history

they said because people have been

warning of a crash coming every class of

the past years has been followed by


so there’s no reason to sell your stock

just hang on to it write it out it can

only go up

there were only a few prophetic voices

crying out

on October the 7th 1929

the standard

trade and security service warned that

the stock market was going to crash this

was on October the 7th a few businessmen

said the same thing a few creatures

stood up here in New York City in their

pulpits and warned at crafts was coming

that God was going to judge America for

its sins Freudian philosophy swept the

land religion was being mocked remember

what I’ve said from this Pulpit whenever

Zion is attacked God judges

but all the experts said be bullish on

America even the front pages of the New

York Times Prosperity is here to stay

invest spend

let me read you what one of the famous

writers said in just before the crash

he said America now free from poverty

and toil new science new Prosperity Road

swarming with millions of new

automobiles airplanes darkening disguise

lines of high tension wires carrying

from Hilltop to Hilltop power to give

New Life to a thousand new labor-saving

machines and devices

skyscrapers were thrusting above once

little Villages vast cities are rising

now great geometric messes masses of

stone and concrete

and roaring with perfectly mechanized


smartly dressed men and women are

spending spending spending with the

money from the stock market

spending spending spending

September the 3rd 1929 the market began

to shake

and everybody in America knew something

was happening and something was wrong

margin buyers were fleeing the markets

but again the soothsayers raised their

loud voices to try to calm the panic the

Harvard economic Society said this is

just a Readjustment

system Market correction this is not the

beginning of a depression

Professor Fisher said within a few

months the Market’s going to be higher

than ever

the president echoed what almost

everybody in the financial markets

believed he said America’s industry

situation is absolutely sound doesn’t

this sound familiar this is what

President Clinton said yesterday in His

Radio remark very words American

industrial situations absolutely sound

our factories are humming business is

healthy the economy is in good condition

there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with

us no underlying business or credit

structure is in danger it’s a good time

to buy stock

one newspaper had these headlines on

October 16 1929 American Business is not

too big and diversified the country’s

too rich to be influenced by the stock

market fluctuations too big too powerful

then on Thursday October 24 1929 the

market collapsed

hearing Panic struck by noon time

here in New York

the stocks kept falling and there were

no bargain hunters there were no

investment buyers no big operators

looking to buy back their own stock all

across America thousands swarmed to

their local brokerage houses

screaming lining up in despair trying to

sell at any price but by noon there were

no more buyers The Exchange system could

not cope with the fightful selling the

party was over within eight hours

suicides All Over America that day

President Hoover got on the radio

and he said there’s no reason to panic

the fundamental business of the country

is sound and on a prosperous basis but

it was too late

the communication systems of America

were jammed there were only Sellers and

no buyers anywhere

a little boy walked in and he bought a

major stock for one dollar

panicked all the foreign markets around

the world

across the world people were so stunned

and shocked they couldn’t speak that the

great nation of America had fallen

the paper prophets vanished overnight in

every city and Village in the nation

families were cast into poverty

having lost their paper wealth the

Depression had begun

here’s what one writer said after the


he said this I believe was in the New

York Times there’s hardly a man or woman

in the country whose attitude toward

life has not been affected

in some degree by this sudden brutal

shattering of Our Hope

with the marketing shambles

Prosperity is fading

Americans Now find themselves living in

an altered world Everything Has Changed

day by day now the newspaper is going to

be printing To Grim reports of suicides

and folks it started on that day and

lasted over 10 years

now who brought down the American Stock

Market and the stock markets of the

whole world

who shook America to its core overnight

and turned Prosperity into poverty

who brought on this depression

the same God who destroyed father and

Gomorrah for its sins

the same God

to judge Israel and brought the army of

Titus in because of its idolatry and sin

the same God who’s been warning this

nation for years by men who stand


the same God

the America’s modern Babylon to listen

to what God has to say about modern


you have said I shall be a lady forever

so you did not lay these things to your


you didn’t remember the latter end of it

he said I judged you back then to warn

you you forgot all about it yours I’m a

proud lady I’ll never fall

now you’re giving over to pleasure you

drove carelessly and you say in your

heart I am and there’s none like me

therefore so evil come upon thee thou

shall not even know where it comes from

Mr shall fall upon thee thou shall not

be able to put it off or Shake It Off

desolation shall come upon thee suddenly

which you shall not even know of

that is found in Isaiah 47 7 to 11.

we have chosen to ignore the history the

lessons of history of Egypt of Israel

and Jerusalem of Sodom and Babylon the

Roman Empire all the empires that apart

we have forgotten and ignored the lesson

God is teaching us sinners reports to

Any Nation

whom God says when you mock me

would you put me out of your Society

you make it politically correct

to obliterate my very name from your


you would

mocked history

God is saying to this nation don’t ever

forget what I did to your nation years

ago a generation ago how your country

provoked me to Wrath

and I

had given you the power to get wealth so

that you could be a great missionary

Nation we were a great missionary Nation

for a while

is this nation learned anything from the


is our government leaders have our

government leaders considered God’s past

judgment upon Wicked nations are they

even thinking about it is the president

United States like Josiah Josiah was

told by a scribe that they had found a

book with the history of God’s dealing

with Israel

the scripture says Dear Sir and it came

to pass when the king heard the words

about the book of the law that he rent

his clothes they they read the history

of God’s dealing with Israel in the past

how when they send God judged and he

looked at his nation and he was shocked

and began to tear his outer garment

who put sackcloth on

Josiah was alarmed

and he said to his confidence if this is


if this is how God is judged past

Generations we’re in danger

God’s Wrath is already kindled against


though ye he said inquire of the Lord

for me and for the people and for all

Judah concerning the words of this book

that is found for great is the Wrath of

the Lord that’s kindled against us

because our fathers have not hearkened

unto the words of this book to do

according to all that is written wherein

concerning us

Josiah did Justice Moses commanded he

looked back and he studied history and

he heard about it he said we are in


we are worse than our fathers if God

judged them then he has to judge us now

do you know of any world leader you know

of anyone in Congress or any world

leaders we stand on the brink of a

worldwide judgment

you know anybody that’s considered

considering the past looking to the book

of God as Josiah did

is there any leader with the boldness to

say we’ve sinned worse than Sodom

we’re far more wicked than our


for that matter can you name many


who have gone into the book

and studied

the patterns of judgment

how many are there listen to me

I don’t take lightly these words

of the Prophet Ezekiel

I believe that every preacher is a


I believe that every minister of the

Gospel has been called to be a Watchman

to his people

if the Watchman sees the sword come

and he blows not the trumpet

and the people

be not warned if the sword come and take

any person from among them he’s taken

away in his nickname iniquity but his

blood I will require it to watchman’s


and you know what that’s saying to me

any Minister the gospel

he loves God who prays he brings this


and he’s not digging in he’s not seeking

God and he doesn’t look at the history

he’s not doing his Moses command and

look back

and he doesn’t stand and warn his people

and they are caught unawares in their

apathy and in their sins

God said

every single one of them

I will require their hands when they

stand before me in judgment the blood

will be on their hands and I don’t take

that lightly

how screaming if I have to

that’s why you you hear it from these


well there’s another lesson we’ve not

learned from the past

we have not learned how to fully trust

the Lord in perilous times

because we’ve not been tested

or we’ve had the little test

death sickness some financial problems

most of us get mad at God when he

doesn’t heal a headache

we have not learned the consequences of


David said our fathers trusted indeed

they trusted and doubted to deliver them

they cried to you they were delivered

they trusted in you and they were not


David himself was one of those fathers

that we remember who fully trusted God

that he said there was a time in his

life when hard times came he’s I almost


but then he regained his faith he said

then I believe to see the goodness of

the Lord in the land of the living and

if you read Psalm 91 you will hear

David’s confession of Faith no matter

what came to his life

and you know I wonder sometimes if we

Christians fully believe the word of God

we’ll go into the scripture we read the

incredible acts of Deliverance in the

Old Testament for years you and I have

been hearing we’ve been reading we’ve

been taught about the opening of the Red

Sea water out of a rock Manna falling

from Heaven birds falling from Heaven

Food stored by Joseph to save Israel


Extinction fiery furnished Lions Den

David Goliath on and on and on but

evidently we’ve not been able to apply

it to our own Hearts to chase the Panic

from our own spirits

because you can spend a lifetime seeing

Miracle after Miracle of Deliverance you

could you you can say I have a history

with God I’ve seen him deliver me here

and here and here and that suddenly made

a crisis

and for God just as Israel did here we

say our fathers trusted indeed and they

were delivered but then you keep reading

in Psalm 78 you read the history of

Israel and you’ll find that finally they

came to the hardest part of their test

and they failed God

literally failed him

yeah he smoked

here’s where they finally arrived in

unbelief yes he smote The Rock the

waters gushed out

streams overflowed but can he give his

bread also can he provide flesh for his


God heard the murmuring he saw the

unbelief and it angered him

because he had delivered them time and

time again

because they believe not in God and

trusted not in his salvation God sent

judgment because they believed not in

God and trusted not in his salvation

in my spirit I hear the Holy Ghost

literally screaming


consider study the word learn the

terrible consequences of unbelief and

not trusting the Lord folks it doesn’t

matter how dark the days may get gross

darkness is going to cover this Earth it

doesn’t matter

but it doesn’t matter if you have to get

up every morning and pray in your daily

food supply and that’s where we are

going to be driven violently it doesn’t

matter at all

God says I’m I have given you an ex

examples I have given you a whole

Testament I have shown you my power if

you look back first of all learn the

lesson about the Judgment but also learn

about the provision that I make in those

hard times for my people

he said if you don’t you’ll end up just

like Israel consumed in vanity and years

of trouble and grief

which we’re very close to the time


most likely that the world goes into a

chaotic condition where they will be

crying for a powerful world leader to

bring them out of the chaos and bring


very close to that

Kingdom called answer Christ

very very folks things are moving so

fast now that nobody can keep up with it

I brought the New York Times last night

and I sat in the living room my

messaging prepared and I’ve been prayed

up and I said I’m just going to take a

look through this and folks it was so

mind-boggling I turned to Gwen I said

this is unbelievable I picked up Fortune

Magazine and it talked about the

collapse of the pig market

New York

the ties everywhere nobody knows what’s

happening and everybody says going so

fast you can’t keep up with it

now folks I take my role as a Watchman

very very seriously

as I told I intend to have no blood on

my hands

are Faithfully warned of the Judgment

that’s coming it folks it’s not a fun



bowels boil

and I don’t rejoice when I see these

things coming

I don’t turn to my wife and said I told

them so

do you know in the last six weeks the

market has lost two trillion dollars

worth of worth two trillion dollars in

the last six weeks

I don’t


my wife is hearing about oh honey I hope

it doesn’t happen now

God help us

for many months I’ve been searching the

scriptures I have wept and pleaded with

the Lord in my secret closet a prayer

from message of Hope and encouragement

for God’s people especially here in New

York City in Times Square Church


I think of all the little children folks

of all the joys of pastoring this church

because I was an evangelist but of the

many joys one of the great Joyce to see

the little children I’ll meet him on the

street there’s Pastor Dave and they’ll

come up and grape big eyes and grab my

hat and want to give me a high five or

shake my hands what a thrill that is

but then I think oh God these are the

children that are going to face the hard

times we have people who love you we’ve

got a multitude living in the city they

can’t flee out into the country they

can’t buy some five acres and have a cow

in their own Rail and and a garden and

everything else like everybody’s trying

to do today or so many are trying to do

and I have walked and prayed I’ve been

in my closet

I have sought the Lord I went through

the whole I went through psalms and I

marked you you can see it here four

stars on every wherever there’s a

promise of God’s provision I’ve got four

stars there and it’s all through I went

through Deuteronomy I went through

Nehemiah and Andrew and I went through

through the scripture and wherever

there’s a promise

because I’m going to include many of

those promises in my book but and

they’re all encouraging but I said oh


I want you to say something special to

my heart

because I want to tell you the truth

when I see these things come in my flesh

I get scared to death

it’s frightening

and if you think otherwise you’re not

telling the truth

in my flesh I don’t want to see this


in my flesh when I get a priests like

this I’m thinking the choir behind me

thinking well what about my job what

what am I going to do to survive

first of all not everybody going to lose

their jobs

that’s not the issue right here now

and I said God there is only one hope

where do you go

that’s why the Apostle said to him so we

go you have the words

of eternal life you have the word it has

to be a word that is born by the holy

ghost in your heart

and in prayer last week and the reason

I’m preaching this message

Holy Spirit came upon me

he said David

I’m going to give you one scripture

that will anchor your soul

to every hard time

so that the people

don’t they are going to be driven to the


study the word

there are many people that are just

going to have something at the tip of

their tongue

there’s going to have to be uh

an anointed word from God God somebody

give you one scripture if you’ll commit

your life to it you can ride out any


no matter what happens

I’ll keep my word if you will believe

what I’m going to tell you

and I tell you I got excited Lord where

is it

our one verse

one scripture to see me through the

darkest depression through Unemployment

through shortages through deprivation

one verse


and I sat and waited the Lord is very

called me said just go to your study I’m

going to show you where to go and I went

into my study

and he led me to this verse


very simple

your father knoweth what things you have

need of before you ask

now let me expand on that for just a

moment please in Luke 12

Jesus himself enumerates those things

talk chapter verses 22.


he’s talking about things that you eat

things that you drink and things that

you wear Jesus said give no thought for

your life

what you should eat

meaning for the body what you shall put


if God so clothed the grass which is

today in the field and tomorrow’s cast

into the oven

how much more shall he clothe you oh you

of little faith and clothe you that

means shelter

he said no stop and think about him and

he said you see the grass in the yard it

comes up today and it’s gone tomorrow

it’s cut and you collect it and you

throw it and burn it and he said I’ve

brought the greenness to it I brought

the life in it I cared for it as long as

it was there

do you think the moment and I don’t know

what you mean

that I’m not clone and feed

he feeds that grass from the ground from

the elements

he Waters it

even though it lasts for a day he said I

took care of it

Jesus said all these things do the

nations of the world seek after

but for you

your heavenly father verse 30 your

heavenly father knoweth that you have

need of these things these things he

already enumerated food water and sauna

now listen to me please here’s what the

Holy Ghost said to me David I’m aware of

every desire and dream and wish

but I promised only to meet what I know

to be the lead

my father knows what things you have

need of

there’s a scripture that says my God

shall supply all your need according to

listen to God in Christ Jesus

well let me reason with you if God

Almighty knows before you ask everything

you need he knows every can that’s in

your closet every can of soup every bag

of beans he knows every ounce of water

he knows everything you have in your

closet he knows all about your rent

about your need to have a shelter over

your head

he cares for your children more than you

care for your children

Israel said what about our children

they’re going to die in the wilderness

said no because if you don’t believe you

are going to die in the world your

children are going to be saved folks

don’t worry about your children those

are his children they’re under his wings

now when he says take no thought he’s

not saying don’t prepare

in the original Greek it says don’t

despair over it don’t focus on it don’t

let it distract you

you put your trust in me and as you put

your trust in me I’ll tell you what to


thank you

now if if God knows everything

everything I need

if he knew that and did nothing about it

he’s not God

they could not be God

will you let that sink in

if God did not

I couldn’t do that as a father

how much less

there we accuse our heavenly father

of knowing exactly what we need and him


fulfilling that need

glory be to God


Jesus said fear not little flock

seek first

the kingdom of God in his righteousness

and all these things shall be added unto

you all these things

the good you know what you know what

that word in Greek added means to

proceed further than promised


ly abundantly above all you could ask or


he’s not going he’s not going to answer

all your dreams and wishes and prayers

for this and that

he knows all you need is enough to eat

all he all we need is enough to drink of

water and and milk for our children

all we need is a roof over our head and

God said those are the things he

enumerated them he said I’m going to

need that they’re going to be so many

bitter people because God is Not

answering their prayer to keep their

Millions safe

they’re not going to have the money

to take that Bahama vacation

and they’re going to be a lot of people

who’ve never known suffering a whole

generation that’s never known suffering

and they’re going to think God’s failed

them when all along

they may be eating just gas food just

like they’re doing in Indonesia but they

are living and folks the Lord said seek

me first

go to the house of God and enjoy the

fellowship I’m going to feed you and go

clothe you take care of you


you know what Daniel said

the Lord knoweth what’s in the Darkness

and the light dwells in him

he knows how dark it’s going to get

but he said in that Darkness if you just

seek me you’re gonna have light

remember Darkness fell in all of Egypt

but there was light in Goshen where the

children of God were

you know what that light is just simple

childlike trust in the faithfulness of

Jesus Christ Our Lord and our God to

supply every need

I think he has enough

no you

I think that’s big enough don’t you

may I remind you what I said last week

Martin Luther said

Lord now that you’ve forgiven my sins do

with me what you please he said what

could be great doesn’t have my sins


if God can forgive my sins he can sure

take care of this body if God can give

me eternal life if God can build me a

mansion and Glory he can take care of me

in New York City

let’s stand

now folks

I’m not going to stand here and say

repeat after me

the Lord knoweth what things you have

neither before you ask

this is not kindergarten

but I’ll tell you one thing I’m praying

the Holy Ghost burn that into your brain

burn it into your soul

I don’t know where what what you’re

going to hang on to I’m hanging on the

whole word but God has given me a real

word he’s giving me a word he’s giving

me something in my soul

that’s going to keep me through Darkness

through all the human fears that come

against me

I’m just going to remind God you said

you know you know you know you know

everything that I need

even before I ask Hallelujah

Praise You Jesus

Holy Father

and ask you to come to this church

and bring glorious peace and rest in the

Holy Ghost

that you’ll drive out all fear

Lord there’s going to be human here Lord

the next three months here in America go

the most ominous dangerous time in the

history of this nation in the world

Lord we may see

things that we could not imagine could

ever happen to this nation

we’ll remember what Jesus said I’ve told

you these things before they came to


so that when they came to pass you would


you would believe my keeping power you

would trust me and just put your life in

my hands and rest

because Lord even the unemployed who

lose their jobs are going to find a

place of Refuge you’re going to take

care of them just like you take care of

a little baby or take him in their arms

in your arms and you’re going to walk

them through all of this

Lord Jesus you’re going to feed you’re

going to house you’re gonna clothe your


and we’re going to have

a camp meeting

we’re going to rejoice in you and we’re

going to win souls and we’re not going

to tie we’re not going to hide Lord

we’re going to be evangelists every one

of us are going to be evangelists to

Your Glory Hallelujah

now folks

on my way to church this morning I met a

young man who’s here and Sir don’t worry

nobody knows who you are but he said

I’ve been coming to church for a long

time here but he said I’ve got a spirit

of fear on me terrible spirit of fear I

just right on the street lay hands on

them and prayed for him that God removed


and God made me a promise that the fear

that he had would never happen

and I can say that young man that feared

that you have it will never happen

you’re as safe as you can ever be and

it’ll never happen

and if you’re here this morning

in the annex

and in the rooms watching on the

videotrons and main Auditorium here

we have never ever tried to pack the

altar so to speak

but if you’re here this morning with a

not just fear but a spirit of fear that

you can’t shake

now it could be caused because there’s

there’s been a compromise in your life

this is not a time to be mixed up in


this is not a time to be unfaithful to

your husband or wife

this is not a time to be fooling with

pornography or foolishness this is the

time to get right with God

this is timed he said seek me first now

he starts seeking me now he said the

party’s over now get serious about me

and if you’ve been drifting you’re not

where you should be with Christ you may

be here you’re not even right with God

you’re not ready to meet Jesus

those that have a spirit of fear first

but if you’re one of those I’ve

mentioned once you get right out of your

seat up in the in the annexes go to the

lobby the back lobby Joshua will show

you where the door is into this

Auditorium you come right down the aisle

stairs and down the aisles and meet me

here we’ll pray with you we’re going to

come against that spirit of fear and

here in the main Auditorium also and up

in the balcony go to the stairs on

either side and come down any aisle no

one will beg you to come because the

Holy Spirit draws you say brother Dave I

have a spirit of fear on me and there

are others that say I I have compromise

in my life nobody needs to know who you

are or why you’re coming you come only

as the spirit draws you we’re going to

pray a prayer of faith and we’re going

to have you pray with us and we’re going

to believe God that you walk out of here

with Assurance absolute Assurance in the

presence of God

you that came forward let me give you

the word listen closely too please for

the Lord God’s a son and shield

the Lord will give Grace and Glory no

good thing will he withhold from them

that walk uprightly

blessed is the man that trusteth in him

Lord You’ve forgiven the iniquity of

your people you’ve covered all their

sins you’ve taken away all the Wrath all

thy wrath that was turned thyself away

from the fierceness as I anger

will thou not revive us again that we

may rejoice in you

show us Mercy O Lord give us thy

salvation I will now hear what the Lord

will speak

he’ll speak peace to his people into his

Saints but to let them not return again

to their falling

he wants to speak peace to your soul

look at me please

you cannot just be passive

and just God just come down and do it

now you have to take the word that’s a

sword and you have to fight off your

spirit of fear

my my praying with you right now will

put to chase I believe will put to chase

any demonic oppression of Your Mind and


I believe that but then remember the

scripture says that those evil spirits

that leave they come back and they find

the house empty swept and garnished and

it comes back with seven spiritual

organs so it’s because there was no


you take the sword of the word now if

you’re just standing in that in that one

my God knows what I have need of he

knows I need the Holy Ghost

to strengthen me he knows that I need

the power of God to fight my sin and my

lust I need to power the Holy Spirit and

I need his word in me so Lord I’m going

to discipline myself there’s a

discipline I have to do that hours and

hours alone of God in this say what I

have a job yes but you you could spend

an hour any day of the week any day an

hour before the Lord building up your

spirit building up your heart so that

you can resist Thy word if I hid in my

heart that I might not sin against You O


and every time I feel that human uh fear

trying to come in immediately I run to

the word of God

I run to this I I just devour the book

of Psalms

run to the 91st Psalm run to the 23rd

psalms run to all your favorite Psalms

underline it write it and just get

accustomed to it and every time the

enemy comes in trying to say oh you’re

going to lose everything you’re going to

lose your job you’re going to be in

poverty you’re going to wind up in the

streets say double you’re a liar and go

to the word of God

go to the word of God

my dad mom lived through the Great

Depression of the 20s

to my grandparents

and folks I used to sit and listen to

them it was like listening to a new

chapter in the book of Acts

have God took care of everything how God

supplied God made people’s Gardens bring

triple harvests God did things that

nobody could ever believe that they were

told it was Miracle after miracle and

the same Miracle working God is our God


you know what I’ve always reasoned in my

own heart God said I’ve not given you

the spirit of fear and I said well Lord

if you didn’t give it to me I don’t want

to put up with it

I don’t have to put up with it

in Jesus name I take authority over this

now I want everybody came forward and

I’ll buy your head before the Lord agree

with me right now that this spirit of

fear will go father in Jesus name we

take your authority over every spirit of

fear every Spirit of chaos and confusion

in Jesus name

God clear our minds that we may learn to

trust you as a child

your heavenly father

knoweth what things you have need of

before you ask

fill us with that truth let it just

crowd out everything that would come in

Lord to crush our confidence in you oh

what a mighty God we serve I come

against that demonic spirit that comes

to harass that spirit of fear you must

go now in Jesus name and depart from

everyone in this house that is trusting

our heavenly father

now for you that have been apathetic and

you that have been running from the Lord

and you that have been living in sin I

want you to pray this prayer with me in

fact you might just want to pray this

everyone that came for Jesus

read out loud Jesus I come to you

to open up my life

and my heart

I want to surrender to you

all my sins

my doubts my fears my unbelief

all my complaining

and my murmuring I want to please you


you said I can’t do it

except I give you faith

for without faith

it’s impossible to please God

they that come to him

must believe that he is

and he is a rewarder

of those who diligently seek him

Lord I know you’ll reward me

by meeting every need

as I draw nigh to you and seek first

your kingdom

and your righteousness

now Forgive Me Lord

and awaken my spirit

by faith

I receive my forgiveness

I receive your love

now Jesus

embrace me

remind me

of how much you love me

will you raise your hands and just eat

and drink in that love for a moment say

it look Jesus thank you for loving me

come on just look up say thank you for

loving me Jesus thank you for taking

fear out of my heart Thank You Lord

you’re going to take care of me you want

to take care of my children you’ll take

care of my family you’re going to take

care of everything in my life you will

not not fail me

God is faithful

you know the message