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we’re acting like it’s kind to say that

sin isn’t sin because we don’t want

people to feel shame

and we need to say you know what there

are things that we do that we feel

ashamed of that doesn’t make us shame

that’s not who I am but it’s okay to be

ashamed of choices that you make that’s

why you redeem them


all right so in this lesson we’re going

to be talking about adamant holy

transformation don’t be afraid of that

word holy but we’re going to really be

talking about transformation you can’t

talk about transformation without

Holiness and you can’t talk about

Holiness without transformation so

they’re kind of merged together but what

does transformation even mean well it

means Transfiguration metamorphosis

think about caterpillar to butterfly

it’s a shock and conversion so we are

supposed to be a generation that is

transformed we live in a day and a time

that is going to actually demand from

each of us individually a lot of wisdom

and a lot of empathy and compassion and

this is kind of that whole juxtapose

that we are talking about how truth is

as hard as an adamant as hard as a

diamond and as tender as a blossom and

so having a holy reverence for God

understanding what he’s done in our life

we should be very tender to what he’s

doing in other people’s lives so opening

up right away with Matthew chapter 7

verses one through five judge not okay

judge not that you be not judged for

with the Judgment you pronounce you will

be judged and with the measure you use

it will be measured to you now this is a

really scary verse for me because I am

so quick to judge I’m like yeah I mean I

am so glad I’m not God because I would

judge people so quickly sleep on it and

then be like okay I’ll forgive them you

said Smite yes I would Smite I would I

would I would implement the Sicilian

Smite and then it goes on to say why do

you see the speck that is in your

brother’s eye so is there something

there yes

but do you not notice the log that is in

your own eye yes I do or how can you say

to your brother let me take the speck

out of your eye when there is a log in

your own eye you hypocrite remember we

talked about hypocrisy first take the

log out of your own eye and then you

will see clearly to take the spec out of

your brother’s eye so I’m just going to

ask you

has bemoaning the evils of our day

changed anything why are we expecting

people who are not children of the light

to act like children of the light why

are we mad at them for living in

darkness when that’s really where we

used to be before we were born again

it’s not changing anything criticizing

condemning judging does nothing I get it

I’ve had enough wood in my eyes to build

an entertainment center but that does

not help anybody judging is not what

this is about this is about judging

ourselves do you understand the promise

of God this is what it says in second

Corinthians 7 it says if my people this

is God talking to his people who are

called by my name humble themselves and

pray and seek my face and turn from

their Wicked Ways our own Wicked Ways

then God will hear from heaven and will

forgive us sin there sins and heal their

land yeah like we’re like pointing out

everybody else’s and but God is actually

saying I’m giving you an incredible

opportunity it doesn’t depend about the

posture of your president the posture of

the government it depends on the posture

of my people when my people hit their

knees humble themselves what is that

what does that mean to Humble ourselves

well prayer and fasting and to say hey

guess what we’ve been wrong and I think

the church needs to say we’ve been wrong

we have been more known for what we are

against and what we are for and we have

made Jesus to be all about what he’s

against rather than what he is for

remember he’s not for everything but he

is for everyone and so we need to stop

misrepresenting him our land needs a

healing but the transformation doesn’t

happen when we change the legislation

I’m sorry yes get involved in politics

the transformation happens when we deal

with our own Hearts first

good so many people are anti-abortion

and I’m not saying I’m pro-abortion but

we need to do with our own murder in our

own Hearts right now and the own

judgment in our own Hearts so we have to

decide we’re gonna we’re gonna change

and I know it’s not fun to call people

out but it’s also wrong to call the

prison a place of Freedom so that’s

where we flew from we don’t want to be

judgmental so we’re going to call a

prison a place of Freedom we’re going to

call bondage freedom because we were so

mean no we’re going to get it right

we’re going to Humble ourselves we’re

going to get our hearts right because a

generation without conviction is a

generation without transformation and

this isn’t about just changing in our

own strength this is about

transformation this is about God

astounding the World by what he does in

and through his people and so I want to

change I want to change I don’t know how

you feel but I want to change and you

know what the world needs me to change

the world needs me to be more

christ-like yeah so what does that look

like well first of all it’s what we

tolerate in our cell what we tolerate on

ourselves will continue to grow and when

I’m intolerant of my in myself will stop

to grow Ephesians 5 and I’m going to

read out of the passion translations

verse one and two it says follow God and

imitate all he does in everything you do

you don’t compartmentalize God and say

well I’m going to follow him in this

place in this place but I’m going to

follow myself over here follow him

everything you do for then you will

represent your father as his beloved

sons and daughters so when we don’t

follow him in everything we do what are

we doing we’re misrepresenting our

father and that says and continue to

walk surrender to the extravagant Love

Of Christ for he surrendered his life as

a sacrifice for us his great love for us

was pleasing to God like an aroma of

adoration a sweet healing fragrance in

heaven and earth I love how this is

saying if we will lay down our lives to

the will of God and here’s the truth

there’s nothing I’ve ever laid down for

the sake of obeying God that I’ve

actually been sad about later I’ve

always been happy I’m like that was a

bunch of nonsense he’s never said put

this down I’m going to give you

something worse he’s always like put

this down I know what’s best for you I

know I know I know what’s best for you

this is what I love Isaiah chapter 2 and

I don’t know the verse but it’s in the

book says that God will show us the way

he works so we can live the way we were

made so God is working a good thing at

you and he’s doing this so that you can

live the way you’re made some of the

ways you’re living right now is not the

way you were made Ephesians 5 3 says

this love it’s continuing this love has

nothing to do with sexual morality lust

or greed not just Christians always go

yeah those fornicators are all those

homosexuals or greed or Greed for you

are his holy ones and let no one be able

to accuse you of them in any form guard

your speech forsake obscenities and

worthless insults these are nonsensical

words words without utility words that

build nothing that bring disgrace and

are unnecessary instead let worship fill

your hearts and spill out in your words

as you remind each other of God’s

goodness we need to be a core of people

who are constantly reminding one another

of God’s goodness and and I you know I I

always get real whiny when I’m thinking

about what I don’t have or what I don’t

like but when I remember God’s goodness

when I remember it’s faithfulness it

completely shifts everything and so I

think that we all know and I’ve said it

earlier that church people can be

mean-spirited and rather than use these


to purge their own heart and humble

their own heart they use these verses to

attack people outside of the church but

this is God talking to his people right

in the church now I’m gonna go to the

Book of Romans because I am Italian and

I’m going to pack three things I’m gonna

unpack the reality of our God

the reality of our day

and the reality of us I’m going to

majorly focus on the reality of us

because the reality of God is is it’s

set and the reality of our day it’s it’s

a it’s a reality but I’m not child of

this day I’m a child of Eternity but I

am responsible for the reality of us

we’re going to go in through some of

these verses real quick and then we’re

going to dive in to some other ones I’m

going to go to the message paraphrase

now for all of you Bible purists in the

book I did the ESV and the message

because I wanted to bring it home so

Romans chapter 1 verse 19 says but the

basic reality of God is plain enough

open your eyes and there it is by taking

a long and thoughtful look at what God

has created I’ve got the mountains out

there by taking a long and thoughtful

look at what God has created people have

always been able to see what their eyes

as such cannot see

eternal power and the Mystery of his

Divine being so that nobody is without

excuse nobody has a good excuse when we

look out there and we see The Wonder of

God when we see stars when we see the

ocean when we see a baby you know Hannah

you’re pregnant right now is it not just

like a one are you almost like there’s a

person growing inside of me there’s a

real person now that you’re done with

the nausea but but yeah but by taking a

long and thoughtful look yeah we can’t

miss the Unseen Realm of the Divine God

but we live in a culture in a time that

does not want you to pause and it does

not want you to ponder and it doesn’t

not want you to take a long and

thoughtful look it actually wants to

think for you it wants to tell you what

you’re seeing but I need you to step

back and say la I need you to pause and

Ponder but whenever I step back pause

and Ponder I say what the heck is going

on it’s like our world has gone crazy

the things that we talk about the the

things that I’m navigating with my sons

the things Julie’s navigating with her

children these are things that we never

even thought we’d have as conversations

now and they’re just daily normal now so

I was like praying I was like God what’s

going on and he was like well the answer

is in the very next verse Romans 1 21

says what happened was this people knew

God perfectly well but when they didn’t

treat him like God refusing to worship

him they trivialize themselves into

silliness and confusion Till There Was

neither sense nor Direction in their

life they pretended to know it all but

they were illiterate regarding life you

know the Millennials right now are the

smartest generation that has ever walked

the face of the Earth and yet they are

having such a hard time finding their

place in life because worshiping God is

Not acknowledging God worshiping God

means I bowed the knee of my opinion to

his word it goes on again it’s talking

about a culture that doesn’t worship God

it says they trade the glory of the God

who holds the whole world in his hands

for cheap figurines you can buy at any

roadside so God said in effect if that’s

what you want that’s what you get and it

wasn’t long before they were living in a

pig pen smeared with filth filled the

inside and out and all this because they

traded the true God for a fake God and

worship the god they made instead of the

God who made them the God we Bless The

God Who blesses us oh yes and then it

goes on to say worse followed refusing

to know God because you can’t know God

outside of worship they soon didn’t know

how to be human either women didn’t know

how to be women and men didn’t know how

to be men

here is our day the reality of our day

we’re trying to self-identify you know I

I don’t even know what we think we’re

doing right now a lot of schools at

Junior Ohio are asking 12 13 and 14 year

old kids to self-identify I’m sorry if

somebody would ask me do you guys

remember Junior High if somebody would

ask me a junior high to self-identify I

would have said I was a unicorn I was

like what in the world I was not

interested in what was going on with the

boys I was trying to figure out why am I

not growing breasts so there is like a

lot of same-sex curiosity but we have

perverted it and sexualized young people

we need to protect them it goes on to

say sexually confused they abused and

defiled one another women with women men

with men all lust and no love and then

they paid for it oh how they paid for it

emptied of God and love Godless and

Loveless wretches no I just want to be

really clear God is never the one who

makes this pay

when I built my life with untempered

mortar when I thought fornication and

alcohol and dating would fill this void

in my life and then all Came Crashing

Down it was costly but it was me who

chose to build with the wrong things and

then have it come crashing down and then

it goes on in verse 28 to say since they

didn’t bother to acknowledge God God

quit bothering them and let them run

loose and I’m going to read to you what

it looks like when a generation is loose

it says they’re filled with all manner

of unrighteousness evil covetousness

malice they are full of Envy murder

Strife deceit maliciousness they are

gossip Slanders haters of God insulin

hottie boastful inventors of evil

disobedient to parents foolish faithless

heartless and ruthless

and then it says in the close of Romans

1 and it’s not as if they don’t know

better they know perfectly well they’re

spitting in God’s face and they don’t

care worse they hand out prizes to those

who do the worst things best that is the

reality of our day but that’s not the

reality of us

reality of US starts with Romans 2 1

goes back to Matthew those people on a

dark spiraled down but if you think that

leaves you on The High Ground where you

can point your finger at others think

again every time you criticize someone

you condemn yourself it takes one to

know one judgmental criticism of others

is a well-known way of escaping

detection your own crimes and

misdemeanors but God isn’t so easily

diverted he sees right through all such

smoke screens and holds you to what you

have done what has the church done

judging Envy competition we have been

back biting we so strive Between

Brothers we are doing the things the

things the six things God hates you know

he hates these things and then it goes

on to say you didn’t think did you that

just by pointing your fingers at others

you would distract God from seeing all

your misdoings and from coming down on

you hard or did you think that because

he is such a nice God he’d let you off

the hook better think this one through

from the start God is kind but he is not

soft yes in kindness he takes us firmly

by the hand and leads us into a radical

life change in kindness God takes us by

the ham I don’t know what your story is

but when I was 21 years of age God took

me firmly by the hand and said Lisa I’m

going to lead you into a radical life

change it wasn’t a behavior modification

I began to read the word of God and I

began to find out that God was holy God

was holy I was like what does that even


what holy means otherness and actually

we find our wholeness when we choose to

walk holy I can’t heal myself in My Own

Strength I tried to fill all the voids

in my life it was impossible but to

experience the Holiness of God we

actually have a revelation that we can

never be holy as he is God was holy is

Holy and will always be holy he is Holy

in all he is and all he asks of us is to

be holy in what we do I am ready for a

generation to actually cry out to God

and say I need mercy so I’m going to

extend Mercy I need love so I’m going to

extend love loving people

stand Mercy because they know it’s set

up a generation for transformation I’m

so thankful that people told me the

truth baby girl you’re fragmenting your

soul with your promiscuity this

alcoholism is going to make you make bad

decisions that you’re going to regret

for the rest of your life they cared

enough to tell me the truth but then

they didn’t leave me there they said

God’s got something better for you there

is something on the other side I had no

idea what was on the other side and they

led me to a place of hope we have to

give hope to a generation that’s good

God’s kindness is always an invitation

for us to return to truth rather than an

endorsement of sin we’re acting like

it’s kind to say that sin isn’t sin

because we don’t want people to feel


and we need to say you know what there

are things that we do that we feel

ashamed of that doesn’t make us shame

that’s not who I am but it’s okay to be

ashamed of choices that you make that’s

why you redeem them that’s why you tell

other people that’s why David said hey

forgive me I’ll be clean and then I’ll

teach transgressors your ways I’m going

to redeem what was on my life for the

the place of other people we are all as

Christians going to make mistakes but we

are not allowed to make excuses because

when we know better we should do better

and there is a generation that is

desperate for transformation and they’re

watching and waiting to see it in US

so I’m going to challenge you I’m going

to challenge you to invite this holy God

to take you firmly by the hand and lead

you into a place of radical life

transformation I’m going to ask you to

ask God because see he is the Lord thy

God who makes you holy I’m going to ask

you to ask God to make you holy to have

this separation this otherness where

people understand that there’s something

on you then different that used to be on

you see the truth is being holy isn’t

about trying to be good

being holy is about being gods it says

you belong to someone else I want

everything in your life to say that you

belong to this adamant Cornerstone this

invincible God who is at once intimate

and truth that is alive and a God who is

a consuming fire of the chap in your

life that people would begin to see this

holy transformation in your life you

were not made to live small and safe and

and just on the edge of constant bondage

you are made to be holy and so I want to

see you invite him when we’re done I

want you just to pray about this and say

God what is an area of my life that you

want to take me firmly by the hand

probably an era you’ve been scared he’s

going to take away from you listen don’t

be scared anymore don’t be scared let

them take you across this road and

you’ll see that what’s on the other side

is for His glory in Jesus name

thank you