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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace


Jesus I thank you so much for the power

of God thank you for this service for

the anointing of the holy spirit that

abides we thank you Lord that we can

appropriate it this morning for this

hour of

need let the mighty power of the holy

ghost touch every heart every listener

let no one leave this service this

morning without being

moved move us Lord until there is a

reaction in all of our hearts to the

mighty word of the Lord the quickening

power of God we know that you’re here

you abide and you’re with us now every

word that proceeds out of our mouth this

morning shall bring glory to his

matchless name

amen power over

sin I have an unusual kind of respect

for the word

sin the same kind of respect I have for

a rattlesnake Cor for an

attack over eight years now I’ve

ministered the very gates of hell and

I’ve seen every variety of sin there is

and I’ve wept my way through human

graveyards of depravity and

hopelessness my congregation has already

been to Hell and

back those that I minister to walk only

at night and their only consolation is

that there are so many others just like

them sunshine to them is painful

life is a dreaded ordeal pleasure is

only another form of pain death is a

desired Haven a way out of bondage and

total demon

possession my Parish of course is the

gutter the big people here are the drug

addicts the burglars the muggers the

alcoholics The Gangs The Debs and dolls

and the con artists none of them very

old in years but all of them old in

misery and

pain this is a world where the little

people are born

old children are conceived in the hates

and shames and sins of their parents

their tender little bodies become their

enemies used only to feed them drugs

disease and liquor they cry when they’re

born without any hope of being heard by

men they are born wishing they were dead

they are born to sin cursed parents who

spend every nickel on fifs of whiskey

instead of quarts of

milk they land in the street Le because

it’s better there than in their home

hell to them is

home Satan rules Supreme in the world

that we minister to the other half he

entices The Young and the innocent he

enslaves them with appetites and habits

that break down their morals their

health and their integrity waste their

energies and dissipate their strength

and power leaving them nothing but the

pitiful wages of sin

death little skinny Carlos is a point in

cas in point 17-year-old boy that I met

in a basement 110th Street in Harlem he

had never in his 17 years seen the

Brooklyn Bridge though he lived in

Brooklyn uh in uh Harlem he’d never been

down to see the Brooklyn

Bridge never been out of a 20 some block

area in all of his

life his mother had left him when his 14

years of age and he moved into a

basement he was allowed to stay in that

basement by

firing stoking the furnace and I went

down to look at his little room I was

shocked and I’ve seen

plenty he had an old urine stened

mattress on right on the dirty floor

there were no doors or Windows in that

basement and the coal came rushing

through there in the winter rats he had

a little calendar three years old

hanging on the wall a little picture of

his mother and an old burnout

candle a few rags that he used for a

blanket the boy ate only what he could

steal a bag of oranges a loaf of bread

he had a little needle a set of Works

underneath the little Stone he sat there

day after day shooting narcotics into

his vein and living his little world the

boy hadn’t bathed in months and I don’t

suppose he’ changed his clothes in at

least three months I was so shocked I

forced him to come to the center we made

him take a sh we cleaned him up gave him


clothes talked to him about the Lord but

he was so stunned he couldn’t

understand when I went down to the

office later about 1:00 in the morning

to finish some work I felt rather warm

inside that I could provide clean sheets

a nice bed good clothes and comfort for

a boy who’ been sleeping in a

basement 2:00 in the morning a blood

curling scream and Carlos ran screaming

down our halls and outside the door he

hadn’t even had his shirt on yet he was

naked from the waist up and carrying his

shoes ran screaming down the street and

disappeared the next day I went over to

find him I saw him in a little candy

store I said Carlos what’s the matter he

said pastor you took my only security

this is the only life I’ve known he said

you took it away from me I had to come

back I can’t stand it anywhere

else skinny Carlos died two months later


hepatitis in the Queen’s Hospital I

haven’t forgotten that boy because Satan

stripped him and left him

nothing Daisy young lady I talked about

last night a prostitute narcotic addict

32 years of age came to live with us at

teen challeng center walked out against

advice because of constant Drilling in

her veins her surface veins collapse

when it happens they shoot into the leg

and then when those surface veins

collapsed they shoot in the jugler vein

and in the

breast Daisy had walked out against

advice warned that I would bury her if

she didn’t obey the Holy

Spirit Daisy was prostituting two months

later on a rooftop 110th Street in


Avenue and she got $2 for her trick as

we call it a drug addict later found she

had that $2 tast to back up on the roof

and demanded the money she wouldn’t

surrender to him and he pushed her off

the roof and she fell on the pavement

cracked his skull and died instantly he

went down and took the $2 from the

corpse because Satan wouldn’t even let

her go into eternity with $2 in her

purse Fernandez was paid in full in the

Rooftop in the Bronx and I told about

this to the young people last night five

teenage boys shooting narcotics


Fernandez died from an overdose they

tried to stick saltwater needles in his

veins to shock him Beed him over the

head with wet tiles he still passed away

the next day they’re walking the street

trying to work an angle they had no

money for a deck of Harin remembered the

corpse laying up on the rooftop

stretched up against the stairwell they

went up and stripped him of his clothes

stripped the corpse took it to a pawn

shop and got $6 for his clothes and left

him naked because Satan wouldn’t let

Fernandez go into eternity even with the

clothes on his

back this is the world that we work in

world of sexual deviation overrun with

homosexuals and lesbians thousands of

sad and lonely people who live normal

lives most of the week but suddenly at

the weekend they’re overwhelmed by a

power from another world that sets them

apart from all other creation they are

marked with a sin and a corrupted streak

that drives them to depths of sin and

filth that our decent Minds cannot even

comprehend they’re driven to alcoholism

to mental institutions and so often to

suicide I received the most indecent

mail of any minister in the world my own

mother has had to answer my personal

mail because we cannot even trust anyone

else to open the mails that come to me

from men and women all over the world

who detail their obsessions and their

deviant lives life patterns these

pitiful letters break hearts at our

Center my mother has blushed many times

tragic stories of bondage demon

possession satanic attacks obsessive

habits stories from Layman and ministers

from many nations around the world who

beg for our prayers and deliverance

prostitutes who wet their tears with

their letters with their tears

homosexually bound ministers who

threaten suicide unless they can be set

free once in all from their sin drug

addicts who write jail Epistles about

the physical torture of cold turkey who

make sad and pitiful appeals for one

last chance before they commit

suicide friends the sin cult that I’m

talking about even now plagues the

Church of Jesus Christ Our religious and

secular campuses colleges Bible

schools and almost every Christian

stronghold today Satan has come down

having great wrath because he know he

has but a short time I’ve been lecturing

in some of our Christian campuses around

the country and this year been one of

the worst disciplinary problems in the

history of our

schools our own schools Pentecostal

Methodist and and I I can name some of

the outstanding schools Christian

schools of our nation for the first time

in their history are having problems

that they can of can’t even begin to

control now I’ve expected drinking

cursing sexual promiscuousness and

deviation of every kind in the gutter

where I preach but now it appears that

these same problems are causing many

Christians to lose their first love

while the church has slept the enemy has

crept Ste into Soul tears there is now

winking at sin No More Concept to the

exceeding sinfulness of

sin now I expect things to get much

worse in the parish that I called on to

minister to it’ll get worse and worse

through time because God’s word predicts

It 2 Timothy 3:13 but evil men and

seducers shall wax worse and worse

deceiving and being

deceived the Govern with all of its

millions and medical knowledge will not

stop drug addiction I predicted

thousands of more will become addicts

each passing year I was just telling the

young people last night that one of our

major problems in New York City right

now are the numbers of teenagers are

going through the high school quarters

unscrewing the little caps from the fire

extinguishers and getting high on his

chemicals licorice now they find is

addicting habit forming and they’re

going to have to Outlaw


because kids are discovering that if you

take enough of it you can get it

high more prostitutes will sell their

body and soul skid RADS will become

overcrowded teen gangs will continue to

terrorize and Rumble from City to City

civil disobedience is going to spread

disrespect for Law and Order will be

rampant Dr murders are going to increase

sexual deviant will prow more and more

streets raping and abusing more and more

helpless women crime is going to go out

of control completely college campuses

will not be peaceful and calm again they

will boil over with a new kind of

liberalism extensionism

extens oh anyhow


existentialist I remember preaching at

uh just pardon me a minute

here where is it Berkeley

campus out on Sproul Hall during the


they said they’ll Stone

you the Communist and all their

followers were over here screaming and

hollering through the

microphones I stood up to speak and

young people took their hats off there

were some 12 to 1500 young people

standing around with their hands folded

and I’d never seen anyone so respectful

all my life and I wondered what it was

and I turned around so happened the Teen

Challenge sent there had brought along

about five or six great big Husky

converted drug addicts who stood behind

me with their hands on their shoulder I

would have listen

too I was in Buffalo New

York uh for cusa in downtown in the city

Square I saw a group of kids you know

these Shaggy kids who Iron their hair

and wrinkle their

clothes marching around the city square

B and a bomb one sign read Johnson’s a

liar get out of

Vietnam right in the middle of a little

kid hat a for sale

sign and to me that described what was

happening to our young people today just

anything to try to show some Spirit of

rebellion this will increase and Mark it

down and you’re going to hear it this

morning from this Pulpit you mark it

down well if it doesn’t happen this

summer it’ll happen next summer and I

believe it will happen this summer we’re

going to have the greatest Revolution

the most vile violent race Revolution

the world has ever witnessed it will

start this time in Washington Baltimore


Oakland these are the cities that are

going to get hit the hardest including

New York while Angeles will have other

outbreaks perhaps not as serious but

this will spread throughout the United

States States and we’re going to see it

hasn’t even begun my friends because

this is the sword of the Lord in the

land God has allowed

it this is the doing of the

Lord when a nation sins grievously

against me the Lord said I will move

against it with the sword of my

hand Bishop Pike and Bishop Robinson

Incorporated and all these pipsqueak

Bishops will lead their her of agnostic

ministers deeper and deeper into the

pits of confus conf usion sin and

rantings and ravings against the cherish

truths of the Orthodox Church liberals

will be making pilgrimages to Rome to

bend their knee to the power and the

pope backslid Pentecostals and

evangelicals will busy be busy working

more and more angles getting involved in

more and more red tape trying more and

more Orthodox procedures that have

already proven unworkable send out more

and more slogans dream up more and more

paper evangelism and and stray further

and further away from the simple

uncomplicated dreams of the fathers who

founded their movements God’s word

predicts it movies will get dirtier and

more descriptive tv shows will compete

for vness and freedom to satisfy the sex

satiated generation of the United States

new STS will brazenly pedal smut written

by demons and Devils divorc laws will be

eased and the home life as we have known

it will be ridiculed until it becomes

acceptable to maintain Mistresses and to

indulge in extra marital relationships

it will become almost normal for college

students to maintain sexual Affairs

while in school to keep up with the

crowd moral standards are decaying and

now dishonesty cheating lying and

stealing is become a way of life and

God’s word predicts it’ll get worse more

and more of our church kids will get

pregnant others will lose the fire and

backslide others will live phony lives

and hide behind double standards but in

the midst of persecution will get hotter


hotter become more and more difficult to

live a really overcoming life

intellectuals will scoff and cry come on

over and set yourself free from your

Puritan attachments and background

intelligent Christian Youth will seek to

become relevant rather than repentant

they will become involved but instead

become entangled God’s word predicts it

all I hear today is about a church that

needs to be relevant God’s word said it

needs to be

repentant we talk about being involved

and instead we get entangled I have

never yet once seen a preacher who heads

a civil rights demonstration stop the

crowd and preach the

gospel and and I just don’t care what

they think of me Pastor if you’re going

to march in a civil rights demonstration

stop the crowd go ahead and March but

preach Jesus

first then

March never have we needed and I have

painted this picture and I believe it’s

true I have not overstated it and all

you have to do if you think I’ve

overstated is to take a little tour with

me through our major cities and see that

I have understated it of

anything but we have never so

desperately needed a definition of power

over sin as we need it now in the past

few months I have literally been driven

to my Bible for a definition of power

over sin

I have to have

answers the people that I work with have

to have an immediate answer they have to

have help and deliverance right

now never have people fought such great

inner battles as they fight today the

question I’m asked most in the gutter in

Crusades must I give into this thing

that has me in its grip is there no

power of sin in my life do I have have

to go through the rest of my life as a

obeying the impulses of my lower

nature a husband sat in my office with

his face in his hands crying few weeks

ago a lovely wife and two beautiful

children he’d been converted for five

years and he’d been seeking after God

but suddenly he turned to

alcoholism in fact the night he reverted

to alcoholism he burned a bar down and

hit the headlines

came into my office I said why did you

do it 5 years you were clean he bowed

his head and he wept he said brother

Dave five years ago I had a secret sin

he named it his homosexuality he said I

tried to overcome it it laid dormant

suddenly it overpowered me and I was so

depressed I went out and got drunk and I

burned a bar down told me the whole

story he looked up at me with tears

streaming down his cheeks and he said

brother Dave is there no Victory is

there no power over this thing do I have

to be a slave the rest of my life he

said if that’s true I want to end it all

now a much-used evangelist from Denmark

came to my office greatly used of God

reaching thousands of souls he said

David 10 years ago I was an

alcoholic and I had the same problem

that I mentioned to you just now he said

God delivered me fill me with with the

Holy Spirit and I have won thousands of

souls said for 10 years I’ve moved in

God he set there trembling he said three


ago strange Spirit came over me and I

found the old

desire had overwhelmed me and I stood in

a Pulpit and suddenly that craving that

desire hit me so

hard he said I’ve come all the way from

Denmark I’ve read your book you’re the

only man I think could help me he said

brother Dave and he stood though I’ve

preached though I’ve known all about the

movings of the Holy Spirit he said I

have no power over this I’m driven like

an animal and unless I can get Victory

I’ve got to quit preaching and if I have

to do that suicide is

next and I get letters from all over the

world I watch drug addicts as they leave

us and revert to their old life and I

see them on the street they cry and read

their Bibles half the night they say I

can’t help it I’m on a toog and slide

I’m going and I can’t stop

it you know we have thousands of

Christians around the world who fight a

battle constantly they have never had a

definition of power over sin in their

lives they’re buffeted and they’re

tossed by every little wind and wave of

Temptation told of burying Danny last

night Danny walked out Shot Through the

Heart by a police officer We buried him

three weeks

ago I remember talking to D on the

street before he was

murdered say brother Dave how can I get

power over this craving for drugs why

didn’t god Set Me Free when I got on my

knees and prayed why didn’t God take the

desire away he said it’s still there and

I can’t help it he said I don’t want it

I despise it I hate it but I can’t stop

it don’t think for one moment that only

drug addicts and homosexuals fight this

horrible battle against sin in the soul

it’s the Battle of every great man of

God it’s your battle and it’s mine I

know what it is to pray for a Crucified

Life and by the way it’s not scriptural

to live a Crucified Life crucifixion is

an act you live the resurrected life and

I’m tired of people tell me they’re

living a Crucified Life they’ve never

even been able to say it is finished the

act of crucifixion is finished when you

can say with Christ at the cross it is

finished and then give up the

ghost I do not live the Crucified Life I

live the resurrected life from the same

quickening power that raised Jesus from

the dead is in me Hallelujah and I live

the resurrected life why don’t you join

me I can give you the day I can give you

the day I screamed in my little

prophet’s chamber it is finished and

I’ve been preaching a sermon ever since

God’s not given

anymore he gave it all

Calvary how God give you something get

already gave you he gave you you you

know friends that there are not a

handful of people in America that

understand everything we need we already

have in Jesus all the righteousness the

P I’m getting way ahead of myself here


it but I spent eight long months I’m

going to just stop a minute and tell you

how it

happened 8 months ago 9 months

ago I was walking from one building to

another we’ve got five on the

Block six now we just about finished the

half million dollar center for the glory

of God Oriental man stopped me on the

street give me give me his name he said

brother Dave God sent me to

you he said your ministry is too

shallow first thing he said he said God

sent me from behind the Iron Curtain to

tell you


he said you need to take a year off and

get into the

word understand the power of God there’s

so many things that you haven’t learned

yet you’ve got to get Dave Wilson out of

the way and I got

mad I said I’ll tell you what you need

friend I said I’m the soul winner and

you come around here telling me I said

that Center is full of converts and

God’s moving God’s blessing my life I’m

preaching to six and 7,000 a week now

and you telling me that I don’t

understand it

I said ‘I bet you just go around tell

the preachers things like I said you

need to get in the chapel and get on

your knees and humble

yourself he just smiled he was a little

hurt he walked

away I was mortified because the truth


hurts went to the office and the

telephone rang some

Minister didn’t I don’t even remember

his name he said it’s not important he

said for three weeks I’ve set it my

phone I’ve been fighting against it but

I just have to do it he said I had a

vision of you Reverend

won said I don’t know much about you but

God told me to call you and I’ve got to

obey it he said you were standing before

thousands of young people one of your

Crusades and they all walked out on you

and you went to the edge of the pulpit

and you fell over dead and you fell in a

hole and I went and looked in the hole

and everybody said dve wson is dead and

he was in his old clothes he said I

don’t know what that means and I tell

you I just B had it I I yelled at him I

said I’ll bet you’re a homosexual or

something and you just take a vicarious

thr out of humbling me they said get off

this phone and leave me

alone H I went

home this double barrel attack hanging

heavy over me and I went to prayer and

God began to break through and said I

sent them

both I sent them both cancel all your

Crusades cancel everything and stay in

this room until you begin to understand

the kingdom of God within you

until you begin to see the power there

is in Jesus Christ until you dip

lengthen your cords go deeper in the

Lord it was in this process eight months

I tried prayed Lord show me the

Crucified Life I’ve got to have a power

of definition over sin and I prayed and

I strove and I

fasted I studied the lives of the great

missionaries who spread the gospel

around the world and I found that they

were fighting the same battle that I was

fighting that God never used one of them

until they suddenly had a revelation of

the power over sin that a man can obtain

that a man can live in complete victory

in his life not subject to these

things I studied the life of Hudson

Taylor Hudson Taylor had been used of

God to send some 200 missionaries to

China raised up China inland mission one

of the greatest missionaries in the

world in the midst of this when God was

using him Hudson Taylor Cried Out

suddenly I felt the ingratitude the

danger the sin of not living nearer to

God he said I prayed I agonized I fasted

I strove I made resolutions I read the

word more diligently I sought more time

from meditation but all without aail

every day almost every hour the

consciousness of my inner sin oppressed

me now this is a great missionary

talking was known around the world I

knew that if I could only abide in

Christ all would be well but I could not

I would begin the day with prayer

determined never to take my eyes off

Jesus throughout the day but he said at

the end of the day my catalog of sin


increase my position became continually

more and more responsible my needs

greater for special

Grace and I continually mourned that I

followed Jesus at such a far distance

and I learned so slowly to imitate him

he said I can’t begin to tell you how

buffeted I am by

Temptations I never knew how bad a heart


had who’s talking one of the world’s

greatest missionaries who suddenly saw

revelation of himself and his weakness

and his Frailty I never knew how Wicked

how bad a heart I

had I knew that I loved God and I loved

his work and I desired to serve him in

all things and I value and presses his


name but often I’m tempted to think that

one so full of sin as I cannot even be a

child of got it

all he said please friends pray that the

Lord will keep me from my sin will

sanctify me holy and will use me largely

in his

service I listen to the to the

pitiful heart cry this missionary


missionaries and I realize that they

fought the same

battle others who say hi walked with God

for so long I’m too intelligent to have

to face such immature kinds of

Temptation I should have passed this

plane long ago you can walk with God for

25 years and suddenly be cast down into

a kind of Temptation and face a battle

in your life that you thought you would

never be called upon to fight you

thought you were too far along the

road have you fully persuaded yourself

that you want to sell out to God that

you want to resist all the pressures of


age you want to become a true Overcomer

yet in spite of your resolutions your

determined will your Keen desire you’re

praying you’re fasting you’re seeking

you still must honestly admit that sin

often overwhelms you things that you

despise you end up doing you feel almost

like it is an inevitable force that

pushes you into moods and actions and

indulgences of the mind and the body

things that you hate and then you wind

up perplexed your soul in turmoil and

you end up with an Indescribable

wretchedness and

despair Paul the Apostle knew something

about this kind of wretchedness Romans

what I hate that do I I know that in me

that is in my flesh dwelleth no good

thing for to will is present with me but

how to perform that which is good I find

not Paul was seeking a definition of

power over sin say what you will I

believe Paul faced the same battle that

you and I fac

he said for the good that I would I do

not but the evil which I would not that

I do oh Wretched Man that I

am Paul was a Wretched Man until God

gave him the same Spirit of revelation

of power over sin in his

life who shall deliver me from the body

of this death now I don’t want to get

into a deep theological discussion about

the two natures and about the Deep

meanings to be found here so suffice to

say that I believe Paul the Apostle is

speaking for himself about his own

personal battle and his own quest for

deliverance and power over

sin and from backsliders and from Saints

of all ages from David Wilkerson from

Hudson Tater from the lips of every

dying prophet of God from Paul the


included this cry has gone out through

every generation where is my power over

sin I have seen my sin and my bondage

who shall deliver me from my

wretchedness who will set me free from

the body of this

death now my friend if you have not yet

fought this battle you are still an


Christian this is a battle of prophets

this is a battle of those who seek the

deeper things of God this is the Battle

of those who want to go all the way with

the Lord and if you’ve been walking with

God this message already comes very very

close to describing the very battle you

fight right now

I thank God that there is

Deliverance man does not have to be a

slave to sin you do not have to live

your life in bondage to the habits of a

sinful urge there is a way out there is

Deliverance there is power over all

sin it’s not enough for me to tell you

that all power over sin is in Christ

Jesus no definition of this power will

work in your life and until we learn how

to get this power out of him into

US listen to what Hudson Taylor said he

said all the time I felt assured that

there was in Jesus Christ all I

needed all power over sin all victory in

him was the richness and fatness of

heaven but the Practical question was

this how to get it out of him he was

truly rich but I was poor he was strong

but I was weak I knew full well that

there was in the root the stem all the

Abundant fatness but how did get it into

my puny little Branch was the

question yes my friend Jesus Christ has

all the power over sin now I want you to

know something else guidance Divine

guidance is a person it is Jesus

guidance is a person victory over sin is


person I thank God through Jesus Christ


Lord but how do we have that power for

our own

lives when a man faces a battle and he

wants a definition over sin what does he

do does he pray more fast more often

make resolutions try to be better so we

try to work up feelings of righteousness

and seek something of an outward

Holiness Hudson Taylor did he said I

prayed I fasted I strove I made

resolutions I read the Bible more

diligently but with all all without aail

every day almost hour every hour the

consciousness of sin oppressed me I knew

that if I could just abide in Christ all

would be well but I could not find out

how my friends absolute power over all

sin belongs only to Jesus Christ Our

Lord it is he who has come to destroy

the works of the devil all our power

over sin depends entirely on our faith

in his promise to live his life through

us see Paul said I am crucified with

Christ he didn’t say I’m being crucified

every day I don’t believe Paul died

daily I believe he died a thousand times

a day what he’s trying toci just get

Paul the apostles out the way so Jesus

can live his resurrected life through

me I am crucified with Christ

nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ

liveth in me and the life which I now

live in the flesh I live by the faith

not that Paul the Apostle Paul didn’t

have any faith didn’t even try to find

it Paul never looked for Faith he never

tried to strive for it he said the light

that I now live I live by the faith of

the Son of

God you know DAV doesn’t have an ounce


faith I haven’t even been looking for

it and never been trying to find Faith

because I’ve been letting Jesus exercise

his faith through me he knows the father

better than

I by the faith of the Son of God who

loved me and gave himself for me Paul

the Apostle found that his power over

sin came by a full and complete faith

that the life he lived in the flesh was

actually Jesus Christ Living Through him

and fighting off the enemy this is what

Hudson Taylor found this is what I found

but how to get my faith strengthened not

by striving after Faith but by resting

on the faithful one Hudson Tater went

outside and looked at a tree he saw the

branch and he tried to figure out how

that Branch got the life out he said the

branch didn’t move never did it think

it just stayed on the branch the very

fact that it was

in theine just rested there remaineth

yet a rest of the children of God he

said I will never leave thee there is

your rest you can strive in vain to rest

in him you don’t have to strive to rest

for he’s not

promised to leave you and or forsake you

so you accept that and appropriate it by

faith now hear me before I

close the most damning sin of all is

unbelief we make God a liar when we will

not take him at his word we lack power

over sin because we toy with our

unbelief he has promised to Quicken Us

in the moment of Temptation make a way

of escape and I’ve found what that way

of Escape is when you really believe


word when you see the mighty power of

Jesus Christ within you when the moment

of Temptation comes the way of Escape is

a quickening spirit sent by God through

the holy spirit that will last as long

as your

Temptation so that you can bear it and

every time I see it coming and you can

sense it the enemy comes in we’re not

ignorant of his devices he begins to

plague us then suddenly I start

perceiving Christ and I believe the

baptism of the Holy Holy Ghost is a

power of perception Paul kept saying all

that you might know that your eyes may

be open that you may

perceive this is a power perception that

Christ is here and the same spirit that

raised him from the dead and I picture

that the corpse laying there in the tube

the mighty spirit of God coming

down into that tube picking up that body

that corpse breathing life and I see him

Rise new dimension walking out of too

and I try to picture all that happened

in that Tomo I picture The Same Spirit

that raised him from the dead suddenly

in my moment of Temptation coming and

picking me right up right up and

suddenly in a new dimension Satan cannot


me Satan cometh and haveth nothing in me

now that doesn’t make me a bit better I

don’t even try to be a bit better and I

don’t fight anymore I rest in his power

allowing Jesus Christ to live through us

and oh how ignorant we are of this

Mighty power within us everybody talks

about some Storehouse somewhere I’ve

heard preachers say oh if I can only tap

that Storehouse here it is it is within

us you don’t have to reach

out God hath been pleased that in him

should dwell all the fullness of the

godhead when I stopped to think of all

the power he has given us all power over

sin belongs to him you do not fight this

battle any more my friends resign and

committed to the Lord and allow Jesus to

Quicken you the same spirit that was in

Christ shall be in

you the same spirit that raised him from


dead you cannot say what will be will be

you cannot indulge in unbelief and

expect to get victory in your life

you’ve got to stand up and declare to be

to your own soul Christ has power over

this sin Christ lives in me Christ in me

will deliver me Christ in me Will Set Me

Free I can’t fight it it’s too big for

me but Jesus has the power so I’ll rest


him I have found a simple but sure

solution with this I close my life for

power for sin I’ve discovered the secret

of personal of power over personal sin

in my life you hear it well it’s this

simple stay close to

Jesus love him trust him believe in him

commune with him Draw N to him and he’ll

Draw N to you the answer to all power of

sin is to become possessed with

Jesus Oh

Hallelujah I’m a Jesus possessed man

possessed who are these that keep

backsliding who are these who grow cold

and indifferent who are these that

revert to narcotics in their sinful ways

who are these who like dogs turn to

their vomit to wallow who are these that

moan and groan that they can’t help

themselves that they’re being forced to

sin they are those who have lost their

first love they are those who walk a far

off those who dabble in the world and

who pray only in a crisis they are not

lovers of Jesus I tell you that lovers


Jesus have

found there’s victory over all

sin lovers of Jesus learn

just three promises if a man will take

just three promises any three promises

in the book and stand on it and believe

it God said it I believe it that settles

it and rest on his word exercise the

power of Jesus within

us you too will find your definition of

power for

sin I told last night with this I close

anymore when a drug addict comes to me

he says he has no more power when I walk

the streets whether it be a prostitute a

drug addict alcoholic we round them up

from the B and God sets them

free I hands on them it’s though Dave

Wilson steps right out of his body and

stands beside watches the Holy Spirit

Minister through

Christ just yield my lips and

pray that Christ will cause that Living

Water you know the Bible said Greater

Works than the shall you do who does the

Greater Works it’s Christ himself who’s

come back still doing the works only

he’s doing Greater Works now than he did

then because he comes back using our

bodies he has come back all he wants is

a body and I pray and God sets them free

and then I step back into the body and

rejoice and praise him for what he did

through a yielded body and God want you

to step aside in the moment of

Temptation he wants you to step out of

the body he want you to stand aside and

see his glory and then step back in when

the victory comes and rejoice in his

mighty delivering power heavenly

father we thank you there is all power

over sin glory to God the Devil is a

defeated foe he cannot touch a child of

God Lord give us that definition of

power for sin this