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I’m going to open up with something that

I promised the Lord I would say

everywhere I

went Jeremiah 2911 we all know the

Scripture it says for I know the plans I

have for you declares the Lord how many

of you excited about that because I have

no idea what’s going on so when God says

I know the plans I’m like Hallelujah

somebody has a plan because long before

the enemy had a scheme God had a plan

and his plan preco is his plan inco is

his plan

postco he says I know the plans I have

for you declares the Lord plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future see God has a

plan that’s bigger than your plan and

God has a plan that isn’t just about you

God has a plan that is about you and

every life that passes through you and

every life you contact God has a plan

that includes a now and a future and

it’s a plan for good and not for evil

it’s a plan that may be hard but it’s

not going to harm you so I want to read

you our father is saying baby girl I

have a plan don’t be afraid it is a plan

for good and not harm this plan is not

limited to you you’re now it is bigger

than the one thing my plan extends to

include your future and hopes you don’t

even know how to put words to yet I’ve

got this God says I’ve heard their

voices I’ve heard their schemes I’ve

heard their Whispers I’ve heard the

enemy’s plans against you but none of

that matters their words are like dust

Blown Away by the wind of God’s spirit

it is is the word of the Lord and his

plan that will prevail in your life it

is the word of the Lord that will endure

forever he blows away the vain words

like chaff and laughs at the treachery

of the enemy he will use the obstacles

that the enemy meant to stop you as a

vehicle of

preparation his plan will prosper your

soul bless the work of your hands and

cause the legacy of your life to thrive

may be weeping for a moment but there is

laughter in your future dare to hope his

plan uses the enemy’s scheme for your

benefit all right I’m listening to

Pastor Sophia preached this incredible

word last night and I watched as some of

you came running down opened your mouth

and declared but then I also watched as

some of you actually didn’t know what to

say you’d been silenced you’d been

attacked you weren’t sure that God had a

plan you weren’t sure that the things he

whispered to you preco it’s the promise

postco and some of you didn’t use your

voice so I’m going to tell you a little

story about something that I think is an

epidemic right now in the body of Christ

so I have my birthday I just got I just

turned 63 on June 6

Hallelujah my husband turned 64 on June

2nd and John makes a really big deal

about his birthday so basically we have

the eve of John B then we have John B’s

birthday then it becomes John B’s

birthday week by the time it’s my

birthday we’re just tired and when John

turned 60 it was a really really big

deal he invited all these friends to

come play golf with him I was pre

preaching I was preaching in California

I had to catch a super early flight

landed in Denver at 6:00 a.m. they had

already packed my clothes which is

frightening if your husband’s color

blind and I showed up at the golf place

and he says take Phil and Dana to the

spa and I was like yes sir so I’m

walking Phil and Dana to the spa and

Phil says I’m so excited about getting a

massage and his wife said oh I’m so

sorry I forgot to tell you all the

massages are taken you’re getting a

facial he was like what he’s like I I

don’t want a facial and in my heart of

hearts I said I do I do I’ve been

sleeping in my makeup for two weeks now

I want a facial and Phil turned to me he

said do you want the facial I said yes

Hallelujah and so I go to the spa they

put me in a fluffy robe and Dana goes

into this steam room which with my my

hair you do not you do not go into steam

rooms and so I go into the dry area and

there’s this beautiful view of the

mountains I walk up to the mountains and

that is when I noticed two women sitting

in high back chairs I hadn’t seen and

they looked at me like back away you’re

not with us and you know you have to

listen to them because you’re all

walking around in robes without bras on

so you just can’t you you just can’t

stand up for yourself so I just backed

away and I sat in a chair and I watched

this young girl come up and she did the

exact same thing she came to the window

the two grumpy Spa goers shamed her away

she turns around looks at me and starts

crying I’m like okay how do how do I

know her why is she crying is she one of

my boys ex-girlfriends nope she’s blonde


blonde and she opens up her arms and she

has has a copy of without rival in her

arms so I stand up give her a full

frontal hug pre-co and I asked her to

sit down with me she tells me that her

friend had entered her into a contest

where she could you know like win books

and she had won without rival girls with

swords and I think lioness AR rising and

she said I I’m just in this incredibly

rough place in my life and I said okay

well tell me what’s going on she said

well I’m I’m newly married and I just

moved from Dallas Texas to Houston now

you guys would not understand that but

that would make anybody sad and then she

said I lost my home church and and I you

know I’ve got a new job and I’m just not

sure about anything and so I you know

again I’m I’m like thinking this sounds

like an adventure I’m like this is

exciting you’re in a new season and she

said I’m just afraid I might miss God

and I looked at her and I said you know

I’ve I’ve watched the enemy use the fear

of missing God to freeze people for

decades and so I prayed with her got a

facial was magic it’s the last time I

had one I got a facial and then I went

back to my hotel room and I began to

think about how many times I have heard

pure-hearted s sincere people afraid of

disappointing God of missing God and I

heard the Holy Spirit say tell my

daughters I’m a really big

Target where can you look and not see

the handy work of

God what can you not hear that does not

mention his name if you look at the

mountains you see a refuge that is

higher than I if you look at the stars

you see a covenant keeping God who puts

them into the heavens with his

fingertips when we feel the wind of

God’s spirit we are reminded of the Holy

Spirit God is not trying to trick you he

is not trying to withhold something from

you God wants you to understand that the

god you can’t miss hasn’t missed a thing

David said in Psalm 139 you have me in


and before that’s great that God’s in

your past and he’s going to be in your

future but he doesn’t stop there he says

and you lay your hand upon me God is

intimately connected with you in this

moment and he says such knowledge is too

wonderful it is high I cannot attain it

he’s saying I I can’t understand it but

he’s also saying I can’t earn this this

God who hems me in behind and before and

lays his hand upon me well Lisa you

don’t know what I’ve done I don’t care

what you’ve done I know what’s been done

for you and I know that the mercy of God

is new every single morning every single

morning we have a

reset and it says that his goodness

follows us we supposed to be moving M

forward and so many people are afraid to

take the first step because they’re

afraid they’ll take a misstep but I’m

going to tell you the only mistake you

will make is taking no step you need to

take a step forward and sometimes the

bravest thing you can do in a time like

this is just begin just begin because

see a lot of you buried some

dreams that you had prec

Co and when you bury something you think

it’s dead and God is saying it’s time to

unearth those dreams and plant them

because when you plant something it’s

different than burying it burying it you

don’t tend it you don’t have the

expectation you walk away but when you

plant something you water it you tend it

you watch for it God is saying take

those dreams out dust them off because

God’s greatest War Fair against the

enemy’s nightmare is his dream for his

daughters so I’m going to talk to you

about identity and then this afternoon

I’m going to talk to you about truth so

John and I have this incredible

privilege of traveling the world and

John does jet lag way better than me uh

he’s like I just pray and I fall asleep

and I’m like I don’t even want to hear

it I take 12 milligrams of melatonin and

then I’m drugged but anyway so John and

I went to South Korea and we went there

for such a short time we did carry on

only like we landed did a press

conference got up the next morning spoke

spoke spoke then got on a plane and like

flew back and I was working on a

manuscript at the time and I was trying

to get it done and I fell asleep at my

laptop and I woke up eight pages later

of the letter T I had to press the

letter T and it just G like this just

went like this I thought you know

anything I write right now is probably

going to be heresy so I’m just G to take

a nap so I I grab my dog and I I lay

down on my bed and as just as I’m

falling asleep I hear I don’t love my

children equally like what did I bring

home a blast me Spirit from South Korea

God you have to love us all the same or

it wouldn’t be fair he said same implies

that one of you is

replaceable he said I don’t have love

for my children I am love for my

children he said I don’t love my

children equally I love them

uniquely and I jumped up and I looked up

the word unique and it means that there

is no other there is no rival for your

place in the heart of God God says

unique means Soul s o l e representative

of it means prototype it means that you

are the beginning and the end of you and

what’s happening is we have have gotten

so confused about our identity do I have

any mothers of more than one child here

wave at me if you have more than okay

you’ll understand this so I remember

when I had my first baby I was so in

love with Addison I was like I I need to

have five I need to have five more I

just love these babies but then I get

pregnant with Austin and I began to

panic why because I loved Addison so

much I thought I was going to have to

cut the love I had for him in half and

share it equally with stranger baby from

the sonogram and I don’t know how I felt

about stranger baby who look like an

alien and so I began to be weird near

the end of my pregnancy like I should

have only had one and now I’ve got to

share my love but you know what happened

when I gave birth to Austin a whole new

portal of my heart opened up and the

things I love about Austin are very

different than the things I love about

Addison and then I had Alec and the

things I love about Al are different

than the things I love about

ardan I cannot

quantify my love for my children but I

actually understand that I have a unique

love for each and every one of them and

unique is better than equal God’s love

is not some pie you cut up and make sure

it everybody has the same size peace

God’s love is complete God says I have

already past tense loved you with a

Everlasting Love and drawn you with my

loving kindness God has an


NeverEnding love for you that is the way

God looks at us we serve a God who is

the god most high he is the god most

high who has no rival who has no equal

and if we serve a God who has no rival

and no equal then it would stand to

reason that we his children should not


Rivals we need to stop it we need to


it I love what Tim Keller said he said

we want someone of ultimate Glory loving

us not just love in general what we need

is the ultimate Assurance of who we are

ultimate Assurance of our worth we need

someone like that loving us like that we

need someone we think the world of

thinking the world of us we need the

praise of the

praiseworthy but comparison does have a

poll to it

comparison we look at each other I don’t

know maybe I’m the only woman that has

been at the beach and ask her husband so

are my thighs smaller than hers or the

same size my husband’s like no no we’re

not even having this conversation I

can’t win that

conversation comparison will actually

always cause you to lose because either

it will blow you up with pride and you

know what that sets you up for fall or

it will isolate you with insecurity and

keep you from the people that God wants

to connect you with see God doesn’t love

male more and female less and God

doesn’t love black more and white less

and God does love love Asian more and

black less God loves each and every

tribe of people uniquely God entrusts

each of us with innate talents that we

were given to Bring Him worship and when

I compare myself or measure Myself by

other people I am diminishing what God

is asking me to be and to

do Paul said in 2 Corinthians 10:12 not

that we dare to classify or compare

ourselves with some of those who are

commending themselves but when they

measure themselves by one another and

compare themselves with one another they

are without understanding we have a

generation with a ton of information and

epidemic of understanding

they have knowledge but no wisdom we

have an abundance of sex and a lack of

intimacy we have comparison and contrast

we have lust of other things we’re

looking at what everybody else is doing

what everybody else has and we’re

missing what God is asking us to do do I

have any Millennials or genz here can I

get you to stand up Don’t Be Afraid

don’t be afraid they’re always like oh

man is she going to yell at them no okay

I’m not first of all I want to say I

love Millennials I gave birth to four

Millennials so I love you guys and I


jenz okay look at

me I have

Millennials and genz come up to me all

the time and they say things like I know

that God has his hand on my life for


significant and I’ll say that’s amazing

and they’ll say but I have no idea what

it is

well I’ll tell you why you will never

discover who you are in the presence of

people you discover who you are in the

presence of God and the enemy has tried

to pull this generation out of the

presence of God where God would whisper

who you really are not who you’ve been

not who others see you as but who you

are becoming God has pulled a generation

apart for reconstruction

I don’t know if you know this but

there’s history and time and according

to history and time I was born in

1960 and that is the end of the Prophet

generation and I am speaking to the

Millennials because you are called the

hero generation and God is asking you to

recover your strength and stop being

criticizing and start prophesying God

wants to anoint the lals to prophesy and

then here’s the really exciting thing

after the heroes there comes a rebirth

of Art and beauty and that is the genes

the creatives that take what has become

so ugly and renew it to be something

beautiful something lovely something God

breathe I love that next year’s

conference is beauty because God makes

all things beautiful in his time all

things so go ahead and sit down I’m

going to tell you another reason why you

don’t know what you’re called to do is

because you’re called to do something

that has never been done before and when

a generation is called to do something

that has never been done before you need

to stop looking at what everybody else

is doing Lo stop looking at what’s been

done and lift your eyes and say heaven

what do you want to

do we cannot classify or compare

ourselves with some of those who are

committ mending themselves I don’t know

if you’ve noticed this but the humble

brag on social media social media photos

best angle just gave $30 million to

orphans humble bre no listen that’s it

that’s your that’s your whole reward

we’ve got to be people who send some

things into the Eternal realm we got to

be people who do some things in secret

we’re not playing to the audience of

many we are playing to the audience of

one and so we need to play to that

audience not to the other audience

because the other audience can love you

one day and hate you the next okay so

we’re not going to compare ourselves

theer Roosevelt said comparison is the

thief of

Joy I know this to be true maybe you

don’t do this in the UK or other

countries but go to the movie with my

husband watch the fake husband kiss the

fake wife and I think to myself when was

the last time my husband kiss me like

that he never kisses me like that

anymore it’s just it’s just not

happening anymore was happy going into

the movie kind of lean away from him a

little bit we’re leaving the movie

theater he’s like what’s the matter I’m

like you know what’s the matter no he

has no idea what’s the matter he has no

idea that I’m comparing him to Thor he

has no idea that that

happened but what happens is I can

either lose my joy in that moment or I

can grab that man and I can kiss him the

way I wish he would kiss me so I’m

either going to have a good night or I’m

going to have a bad night comparison is

not your

friend competition is not what the

children of God do the strongest woman

in the room lifts others not holds them

down John 5:44 says how do you expect to

get anywhere with God when you spend all

your time jocking for position with each

other ranking your Rivals and ignoring

God we need to stop ranking Rivals you

guys seriously the body of Christ I

think everybody either needs a spanking

or a nap they are all like angry with

each other what did you say that

everybody’s attacking each other

backbiting devouring one another we need

to stop it because there’s way more that

unites us than what divides us and the

world out there looks at us and thinks

we’re crazy and sometimes I think we’re

crazy crazy but God is in the process of

washing his bride with the water of the

word rivalry will rob you unless you

turn it around because rivals in your

life will either best you or bring out

the best in you Pharaoh is the one who

made Moses famous God will take things

that look like an attack and you need to

decide what your response is going to be

to that are you going to allow it to

destroy you or are you going to allow it

to build strength in your life Galatians

519 says it is obvious what kind of Life

develops out of trying to get your own

way all the time repetitive Loveless

cheap sex a stinking accumulation of

mental and emotional garbage frenzied

and joyless loneliness oh wait no grabs

for happiness trinket Gods magic show

religion paranoid loneliness cutthroat

compet ition all consuming yet Never

Satisfied wants a brutal temper an

impotence to love and beov divided homes

divided lives small-minded and lopsided

Pursuits The Vicious habit of

depersonalizing everyone into a

Ral have you watched what’s happened on


media people are being

depersonalized people are like you’re

not no I depersonalize you I cancel you

I don’t care about you I’m going to be

quick to judge I’m going to be slow to

listen I’m going to be quick to wrath

everybody slapping everybody

depersonalizing people into Rivals

uncontrolled and uncontrollable

addictions ugly parodies of community I

could go on this isn’t the first time

I’ve warned you you know that if you use

your freedom this way you will not

inherit the king kingdom of God well

people are like well that’s okay I’ll

just live in the suburbs I’m sorry if

Paul is saying I’m going to warn you

let’s take heat let’s take heat I’m

going to close out with a story I skip a

couple things I’ve given the people

they’re going to panic back there uh I’m

going to close out with a story since

this conference this is a conference


speaking I’m going to tell a little

story I’m going to

paraphrase the story of our mother in

faith how many of you know that Sarah


crazy now let’s talk about this hey take

my hand Maiden have a baby with her I’ll

raise how many of you would do that no

none of you would be like yeah here have

her none of you would be that crazy and

then when she gets pregnant would you

beat her would you beat a pregnant

person no you would never do that kind

of thing Sarah was a little bit crazy

but God had woven a promise with Abram

and Sarai and God comes to Abram I think

it’s in Genesis 17 and he begins to tell

him that he’s going to make a nation not

out of Ishmael but out of Isaac not out

of Hagar the handmaiden or the Bond

woman but Sarah the promised woman and

then God does something so beautiful he

takes a letter from his own name and he

makes Abram Abraham then he takes a

letter from his own name and he makes

Sarai Sarah he made Abraham’s seed and

he made Sarah soil Sarai was a masculine

term Sarah is a feminine receptive term

he was like okay this is what’s going to

happen and he says a year from now I’m

going to come and Sarah is going to have

a child and then we fast forward to

Genesis 18

verse 9 and these angels come walking

and Abraham sees them it’s like hey hey

hey guys just stay here I’ll make a

little Feast for you but he is under

promised and overd delivers he kills a

lamb he has Sarah make this incredible

Feast they lay it all out and in verse n

it says the men said to him where is

Sarah your wife and he said in the tent

one of them said I’m coming back about

this time next year when I arrive your

wife Sarah will have a son Sarah was

listening at the tent opening just

behind the men Abraham and Sarah were

old by this time very old Sarah was far

past the age for having babies Sarah

laughed within herself an old woman like

me get pregnant with his old man of a

husband I like the message version God

said to Abraham why did Sarah laugh

saying me have a baby an old woman like

me is anything too hard for God I’ll be

back about this time next year and Sarah

will have a baby Sarah lied she said I

didn’t laugh because she was afraid but

he said yes you did you laughed okay I

want to break that down a little bit

first of all if somebody knocks on my

front door they’re not going to say to

John where is Lisa your wife wife

because they would John would be like I

know she’s my wife the only way they’re

going to pair those two of those

together is if they’re making a point if

it is a stranger they’re going to be

like where’s your wife because they’re

going to think I’m the weakest link to

sell me something or if it’s a friend

they’ll be like where is Lisa but the

idea that the angels are saying where is

Sarah your wife means that Abraham and

Sarah had forgotten they were husband

and wife they were living together like

brother and sister and I know that to be

true because it was just a couple weeks

and he puts her in the tent of aimc and

says oh she’s just my

sister and why was Sarah listening in on


conversation that God wanted her to be

part of let’s just be honest about this

Three Angels show up at your house oh

I’m not going anywhere I’m not going to

be hiding behind the door listening I’m

going to FaceTime everybody I know in if

my kids aren’t in the house everybody

will now be in it’ll be a zoom call with


angels but Sarah was suffering from

something that a lot of us suffer with

and that is because we have made a

mistake we think we are a mistake

and if you think that you are a mistake

I’m here to tell you that you are

mistaken and a lot of people think oh no

it’s been too late I’ve been too bad or

I’m too young or I’m too old or I’m

divorced or I’m single or I’m married or

I’m Barren or I have too many children

that is the language of a Bond woman

that is not the language of a daughter

of promise and if you think beautiful

friend that you can blow God’s plan for

your life I’m here to tell you you’re

just not that powerful because Sarah

tried to mess it up and God was like I’m

going to tell you a year from now Sarah

is going to hold a promise in her

hands so what do you want a year from

now to look

like what do you want to see different a

year from now see a a year from now

everything can just be the same or a

year from now you can begin to open your

mouth and speak and believe what you’ve

heard and see the manifestation of God’s

promise on your life some of you are

believing for a child some of you are

believing to be married some of you are

believing for a restoration in your

marriage some of you are believing for

Recovery of Dreams some of you are

believing for a healing all I know is

God is saying don’t laugh at my promise

only believe can you stand to your


feet I want you to

say I am a daughter of

God oh no you need to be louder than

that I am a daughter of the most high

God I am

woven in

wonder I am w woven without rival I

serve the most high God he is the one

who wo me for this moment in time I

identify with him not with my struggles

not with my past I lay hold of the

promises of God no matter how impossible

they look I believe that God is well

able it’s not about me it’s about him

and I receive his love I receive his

forgiveness I receive a change of name

see some of you have allowed the enemy

to put labels on your life that limit

you you need to take those labels off

you need to listen to what the spirit of

God is calling you because he’s calling

you by name I’m going to close with this

I I used to be okay with limits I used

to be okay moving in areas that weren’t

controversial or or weren’t a problem I

used to be okay with people saying women

were the last to be created and the

first to be deceived I used to be okay

with them saying women are always

gullible women are always bent towards

sin I used to be okay with some of those

labels because I had been stupid and I

had sinned but then I had

granddaughters and I thought if anybody

comes and tries to put that nonsense on

my babies I will take them down to the

ground you will not put those labels on

my daughters and my granddaughters I

don’t know what label you’ve come in

with but I’m telling you right now that

God is doing a new thing and it looks

nothing like the old thing God is doing

a new thing he’s pouring out his Spirit

on his sons and his daughters that we

would prophesy and this is a house that

celebrates your prophetic voice so leave

behind a season of barrenness leave

behind a season of wilderness leave

behind the season of death and step into

a season of Dreams in jesus’ name amen

and amen