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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace


Sinners I’m thinking tonight of a young

mother I used to see pushing a baby

carriage Up In Harlem and it bothered me

because she had black and blue marks on

her and she stopped me one day and said

aren’t you the man working with drug

addicts said yes ma’am he said then sir

you’ve got to get to my husband Hector

he’s one of the worst drug pushers he’s

a maniac he beats me up he abuses the

baby he’s going to kill us please get to

him now we usually don’t work like that

we prefer they get desperate and come to

us for help but out of pity for that

mother we went to Hector and told him

about our program and said when you get

desperate come and see me and a few

weeks later in a point of desperation

Hector came we took him into the program

it last 8 months to a year and while

Hector was in the program in a

rehabilitation program I’d see his wife

Carl in the streets and she’d say how’s

Hector doing and say Carla we’re going

to send a new man back to your home he’s

going to be the father and husband he

should be he’s going to have love in his

heart and friends that’s exactly what

happened 8 months later we sent Hector

home a Bible under one arm and a box of

candy under the other and I’ll tell you

it gave me joy to know that we were

sending a young man home that wasn’t a

maniac now he wasn’t a drug Daddy he

didn’t smoke he didn’t drink but more

than that he said he was going all the

way with Christ I felt so good about it

two weeks later I got the shock of my

life I was walking in the back alley

working with some junkies and there’s

Hector on the corner on the curb dirty

filthy back on the needle worse than

ever I was horrified said Hector what in

the world happen to you he said why

don’t you go home and ask my wife Carla

I said what do you mean he said David I

went home determined I was going to live

it he said but you know I got home my

wife’s a chain smoker and it bothered me

I said look Carla I I can quit drugs and

smoking I can expect you to quit blowing

smoke in my face I want you to quit

smoking and I want you to quit running

around with all those Wicked housewives

on the Block to those parties and I want

to quit drinking she blew up at me he

said he she said who in the world do you

think you are why you dirty filthy

sinner you come in here now and get a

little religion and come in here and

start preaching at me she said you make

me nervous I don’t like you like this I

like you better the way you were

before and boy she started henpecking

him and henpecking him for two weeks

trying to seduce him back to the needle

and went out finally and bought two bags

of hero and threw it on a kitchen table

with a set of work said shoot it up I

want you back the way you were he said

David I couldn’t face it myself I need

help at home I couldn’t fight it alone

and to this day I don’t understand why a

young housewife in Harlem prefers a drug

addict crazed husband to a man of God

and yet see Carla was satisfied in her

sins the light that he’d received

condemned her darkness and she’d have

nothing to do with it I’m thinking too

of another uh situation when I I had

heard of a young boy living like a dog

in a basement they described it to me

and I couldn’t believe it a 17-year-old

boy whose parents had died when he was

12 years old he’d run away because he

didn’t want the welfare department to

put him in institution he found an old

tenement house a dilapidated tenan house

and the superintendent let him sleep in

the basement if he’d do some chores and

take care of the furnace and the boy was

was 17 years old when I found him a

heroin addict and I went in the basement

a dark dirty rat and roach infested

basement filthy damp and dark and there

in a corner he had it fixed up like a

little room he had a pile of Rags that

he slept on he had a calendar on the

wall that was 2 years old a picture of

his mother and a candle this was his

room I looked around and there he was

sitting over in another Corner high as

he could be his eyeballs were yellow he

was full of hepatitis and jaundice 17

years old an animal he hadn’t bathed in

months he ate junk food robbed and stole

for money to support his habit we picked

that boy up I couldn’t believe that in

America we had kids living like dogs I

picked him up we put him in the car and

took him to the center and cleaned him

up uh the cook got him a good hot meal

the first hot meal he’d had I’m sure in

months took him into the chapel showed

him what Christ had done for other

junkies he he said I want to try and

friends that night at midnight we put

Manny to bed in new pajamas beautiful

clean sheets nice dowy soft pillow and

two boys to stay up with him all night

to help him kick cold turkey wipe the

sweat from his brow to pray with

him and I’ve been gone a few weeks and

went down to my office after putting him

in the room with the boys and I was

dictating some letters in addictive

phone machine about 2:00 I flipped it

off and leaned back in the chair and I

thought thought of that boy up in that

room and I thought of boys like Nikki

Cruz and I thought now Lord that’s pure

religion and undefiled there’s nothing

in the world that brings such a sense of

of of fulfillment as to be a part of

this wonderful scheme of God’s grace I

said oh Lord if with all the problems

this makes it worth at all and I

conjured in my mind maybe another Nikki

crew sending him to college and and one

day a man of God walking back in the

street and saying there’s where God

found me

and I felt so good about 2:00 or 2:30

rather I heard a blood curling scream my

office opened to the main lobby and I

went to the door just in time to see

Manny running out the door throwing on

his clothes screaming like a wild man I

chased him down the block he went down

the subway a train arrived and he went

off into the night I missed the train

went back to the center and asked them

what had happened they said we don’t

know he he was sleeping he woke up he

grabbed his clothes screaming and ran

the next day I went up to Harlem into

the basement he wasn’t there I looked

all over all over five or six blocks and

finally found him in a little cafe

drinking a cup of coffee he tried to run

when he saw me I said Manny look why’d

you run out on me come on my car’s out

there let’s get back he said no sir and

I want you to leave me alone he said you

did a terrible thing to me last night I

said what do you mean he said Miss I

don’t have much left in life but the

little I’ve got left you took away from

me and I I thought of that calendar and

a picture of his mother and and the

candle I thought well we could get that

stuff if that’s what he’s relating to he

said mister and I’ll never forget it you

took my

security I said your what he said my

security he said that’s just a a hole in

a wall to you but he said for four years

that’s been my home and I’ve grown

accustomed to it and to tell you the

truth I like it he said I like shooting

drugs I like living in that basement

don’t you understand I didn’t want to go

with you I was sick he said you fed me

that’s nice you’re being a good man

you’re trying to help people that’s fine

but he said I don’t want your help don’t

you understand you put me in new pajamas

in a clean bed I hadn’t slept in a

mattress for years he said I woke up I

was so miserable I felt my body was

crawling with worms he said I was

miserable he said please don’t you

understand I’m satisfied just the way

things are and I had to walk out after

an hour he wouldn’t listen I I couldn’t

believe but I was hearing I got in a car

and I shook my head said I don’t believe

it how a kid can prefer a wrapped

infested basement to the love we were

trying to give him the tragedy is

friends and this is documented one of my

books Manny died 6 months later in the

Brooklyn Hospital therosis of the liver

and I’ve never forgotten his face you

see to me Manny and Carla represent a

whole new breed of Sinner that that we

are uh breeding in America today I call

the satisfied sin you see the way I

interpret my Bible there only two kinds

of Sinners sorry Sinners and sad

now David sinned grievously against God

yet he said I Repent of my sins I’m

sorry I’ll forsake my Wicked Ways that’s

Godly s that needs to repentance but you

see we have a breed of Sinner American

and now who who who won’t come to Christ

because they have the idea in their mind

that some strange mysterious power has

overwhelmed them and they can’t help it

they are a victim you see have you ever

heard this the devil made me do it I

couldn’t help it this strange mysterious

power keeps pushing me on I don’t want

to be like this but I can’t help it now

I prayed about this friends and the holy

spirit’s been saying some things to me I

want to I want to say here tonight first

of all there’s no such thing as a victim

of sin only

volunteers almost every drug addict that

comes to us for help now has been to his

local psychiatrist and he’s had a

perfect Alibi given to him as to why

he’s a junkie I had a 16-year-old kid

come to me and I said look why does a

16-year-old kid stick a dirty needle in

his vein you’re only 16 years old you

know better he said well Mr WS I’ll tell

you it’s very traumatic he said my

problem is I’ve got interpersonal

relationships intensified anxiety States

and sibling

rivalries I said who told you that he

said my

psychiatrist he said you see Mr wson I

can’t help uh what I am I I’m a victim

of poverty he said I got caught up in

the poverty syndrome you see I’d have

preferred to be Bor out in a nice suburb

where there was love and a couple cars

in the garage but I got stuck in this

ghetto and I can’t help it I didn’t ask

to be born down here this is where I’ve

been put I can’t help it can’t you see

Society put this on me and friend I can

take you I’m not about to tell you that

poverty and unemployment and the ghetto

are not contributing factors to dragging

a soul Dam but I can take you to Harlem

and show you kids sleeping in Hell mom’s

a prostitute dad’s a drug Pusher

brothers and sisters are all smashed and

stoned on drugs yet that kid’s a man of

God he’s going to go to Bible school and

preach the gospel in spite of his

environment and I can take you right

here to Denver some of the most

influential suburbs and show you

beautiful $100 $200,000 homes with three

four and five cars in the driveway

parents who love their kids and their

kids going straight to hell in spite of

their good

environment I’m a victim almost every

man who who cheats on his wife to De and

commits adultery he becomes a fornicator

instead of calling him by his right name

a fornicator and adultery we try to

rationalize we try to uh dialogue with

the problem and try to give an excuse

and it goes something like this well now

have you seen his wife she’s a witch

well if you were married to that you’d

run out and find somebody to understand

you too all the man wanted was somebody

to understand him and all that Che in

the world and everybody said all I want

is somebody to understand me hog

War what you City people don’t know what

that mean that’s pigs

food I’ve been working with homosexuals

for 20 years we’ve had a home for

homosexuals for 12 years now in Upstate

New York a wonderful man of God

delivered from homosexuality married now

a happy family man and and we baptized

uh this past year seven that have been

delivered and I believe that Christ is

the cure but friends out of the

thousands and thousands I’ve ministered

two only two out of 100 have ever been

reached or helped at all because only

two out of a 100 were willing to quit

blaming somebody for their problem ask

any homosexual how did you become a

homosexual mother did

it my mother did it I had a mean father

and I had a permissive pampering mother

you just ask my psychiatrist you tell


m it’s almost the sin to be a parent


mother did it Dad did

it my friends this this is all over the

country now you remember this Mass

homosexual murder down in Houston 25

boys little boys were murdered and

buried in suant garbage bags and I have

a film clip of the police digging up

those bodies and they just captured

young Henley boy who’d been a part of

these murders and confessed it and he’s

leaning over a police car talking on the

phone to his mother and before they even

get the boy to jail I like chist is

talking to reporters in Houston saying

now this boy is a product of a

permissive Society we all made him what

he is he couldn’t really help

it not one word about the stacks of

pornographic smut they found in the

boy’s room not one word the fact that he

was an alcoholic and not one word the

fact that he’d been going to sex orgies

for years no we made him what he was you

know all the time I have parents come to

me to ask me to visit their kids in jail

and very s do I get an honest parent who

comes and says David my kid did wrong he

got in trouble my boy’s in jail he’s

paying for his penalty his crime but I

love him go visit him please now I

respond to that kind of honesty but you

know what I get almost all the time

brother day please go visit my boy in

jail why my boy wouldn’t hurt a flea so

help me they’re persecuting him it’s a

communist conspiracy it’s warranty

that’s what it

is I am so sick and tired of War you

know we’ve got a man sitting down in San

Clemente that is acting like a second

Savior for the United States and we’re P

up all the national conscience on one

man who’s sitting there and I’ll tell

you friends there are more Hypocrites

and there are more false prophets and

Washington doing more now than Nixon

ever did making him look like a Sunday

school picnic I’m so sick and tired of

everybody blaming everything on one

man I’m not a Nixon man but I’m telling

you every time somebody wants to shed

their own Hanky Panky


now friends let me say it again there

are no victims of sin only volunteers my

Bible says remember the words of the

Apostles how they warned you men you

become lovers of pleasure Covetous

disobedient to parents drawn away by the

loss of their own Hearts sensuous

separating themselves having not the

spirit drawn away by the lust of their

own heart not by a pusher not by a

hooker not by Watergate Wicked

politicians kids today who are smoking

drinking running around and carousing

and sticking needles in their vein are

not running from somebody or something

they are following the lust and the

dictates of Their Own Heart they’re

doing exactly what they want to do the

Bible said they are

volunteers drawn away by the lust of

Their Own Heart they’re sensuous

Americans have become sensuous and the

Bible said they separate themselves well

you go local high school party you know

what the Lord’s talking about how they

separate themselves into their own

little group like I’m sure you don’t go

to high school parties but I go wherever

kids will listen and you go the average

high school uh or college party today

and over here in one corner all the

potheads and the pill heads are all

congregated and they’re all Jing on

drugs and you know what Jing is didn’t

you but you

know and and the

shades and always if they’re on pills or

horse they’re pulling their nose and

scratching their ear and they’re all

driving about drugs see they have a

secret thing among they’re all doing the

same thing they’re all popping pills

they’re sucking grass yes and they’re

saying amen I got me joined last night

heavy man heavy heavy heavy everything


man and then over here in the other

corner all six

Packers listen you ask you ask any high

school kid in this place right now the

biggest thing in high school in Denver

Colorado this state in United States is

cruising and drinking saving up money

and getting enough six packs and go

cruising you go down to your town right

down here now tonight and tomorrow

hundreds and hundreds of cars teenagers

just going back and forth drinking Coors

beer and thr the cans out the window hey

you hear kids saying I’m dropping out of

society you know how the kids drop out

of society in 1976 in a $7,000 Dodge van

with stereo I wish I could drop out like

that dropping

out then over here in the other corner

all the smoochers and the

peters and they’re looking around weed

at any body you can always find your own

kindy they’re always around and they

connect and they say hey this party is a

drag let split get in the car go a local

driveing movie crawl in the back seat

and start making out and that’s exactly

what the Bible says they separate

themselves they’re sensuous they’re

drawn away by the lust of their own

heart and I’ve never been able to help

anybody in 20 years until they say this

is my problem and quit blaming somebody

else and said hey look right in the mirr

all honesty say this is a monkey on my

back I’m responsible it’s my problem and

quck play and somebody else for what’s

happened to you there’s no strange power

that’s overwhelmed you no you drawn away

by the lust of your own heart you’re

doing exactly what you want to

do secondly the satisfied sinner

continues in his sin because he doesn’t

believe God will ever judge him you see

he only sees the mercy side of Christ oh

how people love to go to church today

and hear soft easy preaching about

thinking things through in a positive

way everything is up is coming roses and

oh how we love to hear about the

sympathizing Jesus well if I were a

sinner and I had if I had a hang up in

my I’d like to go to church and hear the

preacher not jab me about my sin but

tell me how Jesus loves the Sinner and

and you see that’s a part of CH I’ve

been preaching for 20 years up and down

the streets of this nation around the

world I’ve been preaching mercy and love

to Sinners prostitute harlots and

junkies but friends I know the other

side I know the goodness and the

severity of God but oh there are a lot

of Sinners today like to hear of how GE

see they picture Jesus as the he man who

understands that everybody should have a

little weakness in their heart the man

who forgives heart that’s right on the

spot who goes around quoting from David

if God marked iniquities among us could

stand he knows our frame he remembers

that we’re dust oh how they like to see

Jesus pring the money changers with the

establishment out of the temple they

like to picture Jesus going to parties

turning water into wine now all the wine

gers in America quote that at me and

Jesus turned the water into

mm that one G you that was

whyne no the world today likes to hear

about the sympathizing Jesus as if to

say well Jesus understands this weakness

in me he knows I’ve tried and I can’t

help myself so when I get before the

Judgment bar of Christ he’s going to

understand that because he’s loving he’s

patient he came to seek and to save the

Lost he and I’m one of those Sinners

that had a portion of his grace but he

knows that I just can’t handle this and

oh how we love to see this sympathizing

side of Jesus but there’s nothing in my

Bible that says Christ came to call Sin

he loved the sinner but he said he came

to call Sinners to

repentance but you see friends we’re

creating a wrong image of God on the

American conscience we’ve created in

their minds through preaching from

backslid pulpits and through our

permissive way of life in America we

have created an image of God who is weak

who allows tanky Panky who allows

anything to go as long as you don’t hurt

anybody in the process as long as it’s a

personal problem and you’re not hurting

somebody else you can live with it and

so consequently most people say Well

everybody’s got a hang

up I don’t understand the kind of

preaching in America that allows

American conscience to believe that God

is putting up with what we’re having in

America to allow what happen in in

Dallas Texas this past summer you may or

may not know that there’s an all

homosexual Church in America called The

Metropolitan Community churches they now

claim over 50,000 members theyve made

application to the World Council of

churches and the tragedy is that the

United Church of Christ two months ago

at their General Assembly voted to

accept homosexuals with ordained

ministers in the United Church of Christ

three major denominations now have

established study committees with a

dialogue with the homosexual churches in

view of ordain homosexual pastors well

friends they had their Holy Ghost

convention they called it in Dallas

Texas this past summer 2,000 delegates

these are ministers from these churches

and their delegates they called it their

Holy Ghost annual convention now I

couldn’t go because they know what I

stand for and they to kick me out so I

sent my mother as an underground

delegate my mother is a great ordained

minister of the gospel and she loves

people she doesn’t care whether your

homosexual drug addict she’ll preach the

same message in Love Now friends I

believe even having compassion on

homosexuals I’ve preached that for years

and more understanding in the church but

my message has always been as Christ is

the cure not an excuse and that the

church must never establish a dialogue

with the doctrine of devils but my

mother brought back to me a tape

recording of that convention now I’ve

never heard the Hallelujah course s with

such enthusiasm Power in the Blood I

shall not be moved and then to hear the

Evangelist stand and misquote from the

from the from Romans and you see the

indictment against the homosexual

Community has been Romans and they

changed that which natural into

unnatural desires and God gave them over

to repeate minds but they say that’s not

us we didn’t change anything we were

born this way that can’t be referring to

us that’s someone else in society and

see how subtle the enemy is say that’s

not you you were born you couldn’t help

it you were created you were a victim so

this does not point at you and to hear

the misquote and I heard them say God

has delivered this generation to do it

they please you can be a homosexual come

out of your closet and Worship the Lord

you can talk in tongues you can do

anything and remain as a homosexual and

the thing that bothers me friends my

mother leid on my desk blushing the

registration packet she got and every

delegate got the same pack she got 2,000

of them you know what’s in that packet

this blows my

mind the cor sheet and uh program and

two allnew magazines of nud men and of

all the gay bars in Dallas Texas so that

after the meeting you go and get drunk

and connected these are

ministers you see friends what has

happened to the American conscience this

kind of hypocrisy we be we are we we

believe that God’s going to let us get

away with this that we’re on some

Fortress Island and God when we reach

the fast point that homosexuals is in

Sodom FR that which is sacred and holy

that we can get by with it and we’ve

created in our Consciousness in America

the fact that God is so weak he’ll not

deal with sin

anymore there’s another kind of

hypocrisy friend that I don’t understand

and these are parents who put their kids

down for smoking pot and they smoke one

lucky strike after another you know

there’ll be a uh a story in the local

newspaper about a drug bust in a local

school and here’s dad and mom they’ve

just had supper and after supper out

comes the cocktail now come the

cigarettes and the coffee and they’re

all lit up you know and half stoned and

it goes something like this hey honey

puff did you see puff that thing in the

paper puff those crazy kids in high

school puff bulling that pot stuff puff

Man Dirty Filthy commies puff what in

the world this world come to Puff we

never did that puff when we were kids

suck puff suck we never did that man

what’s the world coming to those crazy

kids po



now I watched some of you people coming

in here tonight you couldn’t come in and

listen to me for 1 hour till you lit up

your cigarette and you’re sitting here

now with a pack in your pocketer person

you’re sitting here like a worm in a

bucket of hot ashes and you’d smoke

right now if I’d let you and you can’t

wait to get out of here and you people

who smoker as hooked as any drug addict

I’ve ever worked with I I would and tell

you something else hold it please you

know some something else that bothers me

something that really bothers me I call

them puffing prophets preachers who

stand in the pulpit and say kids don’t

smoke pot don’t use drugs Jesus can keep

you clean those poor kids sit there

scratching their heads s then sir why

can’t he keep you clean I was in a

crusade recently and I noticed the

chairman going lower low on his seat I

didn’t know he smoked he said you sure

got me in trouble last night preaching

like that my two teenage Sons went home

and threw all my pipes in the

fireplace I said I tell you he’s your

kids are trying to say something for you

you may not think smoking or drinking is

sinful well we do you want us to quit

smoking pot we want you to quit smoking

cigarettes what you’re sucking is just

liquid pot anyhow and what we need is

America is a good oldfashioned Holy

Ghost mouth

Wars that’s right we need parents who

will quit being such Hypocrites all the

hypocrisy of the American system now I

reach it everywhere go it’s almost

impossible me to preach against drugs

and colleges and high school campuses

because of Parental and pastoral

hypocrisy anymore the kids will come

back to me you know the United States

government for example has one agency

that says you can’t advertise cigarettes

on television anymore and you advertise

right on the packet sege and General’s

determined smoking could be harmful to

your health isn’t that nice agency of

our government saying don’t smoke it’ll

kill you and another agency of the same

federal government last year spent $133

million buying cigarettes for food for

peace projects to send our cancer by the


overseas how do you like that for double

standards how about the school district

in Mississippi few months ago put out a

rule that no high school kids could

smoke on the campus to the whole

district and the third warning they

could be expelled you know the hypocrisy

of all they just spent 30,000 for

smoking loung for the


hypocrisy no wonder our kids don’t

listen I say this if you want to smoke

and drink that’s between you and God but

you’ve advocated your right to preach

morals to your kids

mhm put that in your pipe and

SM sure glad I got my

offering now look friends I’m not trying

to be cute I mean with all my I going

tell you another kind of hypocrisy all

you people sitting there saying give it

to them Davey yeah those smokers no

drinkers I got something for

you and talk about

television I know some oh boy he’s a

closed line preacher now he one of those


preachers since one’s Holiness a dirty

word now friends I don’t believe in our

I believe in the imputed righteousness

of Christ I believe that when Christ

comes into my life he becomes my

righteousness he is my Holiness he does

not put in me a seed of Holiness he is

the Holiness he does not try to extract

Holiness from me he has become my

Holiness and my righteousness my

justification my sanctification he’s

become all the fullness of the godhead

through Christ but friends I don’t

understand the hypocrisy I’ve been

warning American people now since 1973

when I put out a book called The Vision

I warned of a flood of Filth in America

I warned of a flood of Filth did you see

this week’s cover of Time Magazine the

porno plague in America I read it and

wept I’ve never read anything so

powerful in my life how America and

these are liberals who said we don’t

understand what’s happened these are

liberal most liberal Minds saying this

is not turning out not the way we

thought it would in 1973 I warned

American people that there was going to

be a baptism of Filth on America and I

saw the prophecy of the Prophet nahm

coming to pass behold sayith God I will

pour abominable filth upon you that

doesn’t mean that God has a Reser a

smutt and fil stored up no the devil

does and the Holy Ghost has been the

floodgates holding it back restraining

it but now the restraining Ministry of

the holy spirit is being lifted because

the world is claming for nudity and

perversion and filth and something and

and perversion and God says all right

that’s what you want that’s what you’ll

get you’re going to be baptized with it

I warned Americans that there was a ship

in a New York Harbor with $10 million

worth of the worst smut to ever come out

of Copenhagen that’s already just

flooding the United States Market I

warned it on television after midnight

on cable we’d have x-rated movies 15

American cities now have x-rated movies

New York City is called the Blue uh the

blue Service Blue series they have the

same blue series up in Toronto they have

it in uh for American cities now

recently the devil Miss Jones and deep

throat played on on cable on a number of

cities in America through college

campuses I had been warning Americans

that we’d have full nudity on Prime Time

television three weeks ago NBC had their

first fulltime nudity and topness they

called it a medical nudity you see

they’re coming in it’s called medical

nudity how to discover uh cancer and

this was the first trial balloon and now

friends it’s just opening an avalanche

and friends I’ve been saying all along

that we were going to have programs that

were programmed right in the pits of

hell and that programs like mod all the

family Mary Hartman Mary Hartman would

compete with one another to put down

everything that’s sacred and holy and

mock everything that’s righteous and the

devil would like nothing better for

American people to sit in their living

rooms and laugh and mock at everything

that’s sacred and holy you know what

they’re talking about now they’re

talking about all kinds of subjects that

we want tooo and now anything goes

cursing uh I I was supposed to be in Los

Angeles a few weeks ago for the burial

of Miss cathine Coleman on

Tuesday and I couldn’t make it I had the

flu and someone called me I was at home

resting and someone called me said Mr

wson please turn on Channel 5 right now

on Channel 5 at 3:30 there’s a program

called Mary Hartman Mary Hartman that

plays now turned it on I couldn’t

believe it they were mocking Catherine

colan there was a Healer who was l h and

somebody in the wheelchair and the lady

fell right out and they did everything

but named cathine Coleman and I I I

wanted to scream because the irony of it

is that that very hour they were

burying Catherine col I said God the

devil won’t even let her get in the

ground on the Johnny Carson show David

fry the comedian has learned to mimic

Billy Graham and at the end of his

presentation he got his hands and knees

looked right in the camera and said

please send me all your money for my

books and records and sermons I want to

be a millionaire and the crowd went

crazy stoping and Carson said that’s


funny you see if the devil can get us to

laugh and to mock a spirit of Mirth and

fality there was an earthquake the other

day I I was in that earthquake that hit

up there we were in in Kentucky last

week when that five State earthquake I

was on the 11th floor and the building

began to sway and Friends it was a a

terrible experience and especially that

night I was preaching on the judgment on

America and how the massive earthquakes

are going to start coming for small on

than massive earthquakes and you know

the thing that really bothered me I I

was going to uh Memphis where the

earthquake had really hit hard on the

front page of the Commercial Appeal was

a whole section earthquake jokes they

were joking about

it you see this is the very thing that

I’m talking about David said the floods

of ungodly men made me afraid friend I

don’t understand how any Christian can

even watch a program like Mary Hartman

Mary Hartman I saw just that episode and

a few flashes of two or three others I

said my God I can’t even look at that I

don’t understand some Christian ladies

being so addicted to things like As the

World Turns I had a a preacher’s wife

recently say Mr I had to quit and for

one reason I found myself applauding

sitting there urging on in my spirit and

applauding divorce and fil she said I

kept saying leave him run away from

him she said I found myself

applauding and partaking

vicariously in those

lives you say oh boy now we’ve got one

of those preachers here going to preach

against coffee

next I’m talking about the hypocrisy of

it and it goes something like this

there’ll be a dirty filthy movie coming


CBS and the wife’s in getting the coffee

pot ready and husband’s in there and he

turns it on and all of a sudden there’s

the promo advertising the film and

there’s a filthy Scene It Goes some hey

Mel quick quick quick you’ll never

believe what’s on television hurry hurry

hurry and so they sit there and said my

Lord isn’t that awful what have we just

like brother Dave said isn’t that awful

and for two hours they sit there

watching the whole thing say isn’t that

a what are we coming oh God help me a’t

that awful look isn’t that awful and

watch the whole Brewing

thing well if it bothers you and if it

convicts you turn it off don’t be a

hypocrite and I’ll tell you something

else friends I’m not afraid of this

baptism of smut my Bible has a promise

for every God-fearing man and woman

that’s built his house on the rock if

your house is in Christ and you believe

Christ there’s a little knob there it

says off and on and you’re going to have

to practice a little discretion from now

on because you’re being programmed right

from hell now you hear me it’s coming

right out of the pits of hell and you’ve

only seen the beginning they’re going to

start taking God’s name in vain within

the next three months you’re going to

hear God’s name taken in vain in major

uh Prime Time God’s name in vain now

four-letter words absolute hell breaking

loose in our TV tws but thank God

there’s a promise for every Christian

dead you don’t have to be afraid if all

hell breaks loose I don’t care if all

the demons in the hell are Unleashed I

don’t care if hell does enlarge its

borders my Bible said the man built his

house upon the rock and the floods came

the floods of Filth and smut and

pornography and perversion and could not

shake that house because it was on the


thirdly something the Lord has showing

me is that the satisfied sinner is on

the verge of committing a sin the that

is worse than the unpardonable sin I’m

going to preach something you’ve never

heard in your life I think it’s worse

than pardonable sin because it’s

self-inflicted and it’s more tragic than

partal sin because God is willing to

forgive but man removes himself from

God’s reach and it’s called a repeate

mind a repeate mind and because they

refuse to retain the knowledge of God

therefore God gave them over to a

repeate mind a repeate mind three places

in the Bible and God gave them over to

the wickedness God gave them up to their

uncleanness God gave them over to

repeate mind you know what a repeate

mind is have you ever met somebody with

a repeate mind a repeate mind is a mind

that is sold out to a lie a mind who

been telling itself a lie for so long it

begins to accept that lie is the truth

and for this cause God so send them a

strong delusion that they should believe

a lie and may be damned to believe not


truth given over to a lie oh how many

people I have met that have been given

over to a lie I was at a crusade down in

Newport News Virginia a 15y old lad

about six feet tall a nice looking kid

he was a drug Pusher and needed help so

I took him to my Ranch in Texas and I

had a a five-hour counseling session

with him one day and I said Bruce why

did you come forward crying like that in

my meeting he said sir you were talking

about a reperat mind he said oh boy did

that hit me he said when I was 12 years

old I ran away from home and started

selling pot and grass to my friends and

for years I was condemned about it I

thought I’m ruining the lives of these

kids I’m messing up their minds he said

but six months ago the devil planted a

little thought in my mind just a little

lie Bruce don’t condemn yourself anymore

you’re not hurting anybody don’t you

know that these kids are being helped

through your drugs don’t you know kids

are seeing visions of God they’re

getting scared of the devil don’t you

know that they’re they’re becoming God

conscious through drugs you are a drug

Evangel IST you can go out and sell all

you want from now on and congratulate

yourself you’re doing as much good as

any preacher he said David I started

going out selling drugs freely no

condemnation and when I came to your

meeting I was convinced that God had

called me that my whole call in life was

to go around selling drugs opening kids’

Minds so they could have psychedelic

revolutions and see God and angels and

demons through drugs he said and I was

almost convinced that that was my call

in life the reason I was put on this

Earth was to be a drug evangelist he

said now that may seem crazy to you but

he said I was believing that Li and when

you talked about being turned over to a

lie the Holy Spirit rebuked me for that

he said the fear God came on me and I

ran down the aisle trembling he said

David if I hadn’t come for your meeting

I’d have gone out and sold myself to

this lie I’d have been busted they had

sent me up for 30 40 years and I’d have

been spending 30 40 years sitting in

prison saying why I didn’t do a bit of

harm I was just helping

and he said I tremble to think that I

almost sold out to that lie I was

believing that lie was the truth my wife

and I counsel a young 19-year-old girl

who fell in love with a married doctor

in her City he had three lovely children

a beautiful wife this girl said she was

losing her mind she said I can’t eat or

sleep this is tearing me apart I love

this man I believe that God brought us

together but I don’t want to hurt his

wife and I don’t want to hurt those

three precious little children he she

said and I don’t know what to do she

said I love him she Saidi I love him so

much and we get together and we pray and

read our Bible and I know that I

ministered to a spiritual needs and she

said I I know God brought us together I

understand him his wife doesn’t

understand him and I do what am I going

to do my wife and I sat there for two

hours showing her from the scriptures

she was living in adultery and

fornication that God would never appease

it that it was of hell that she was

being given over to a li after two years

or two two hours of preaching to her

when it was all done we start to realize

she hadn’t heard a word we said because

she said I don’t care what you say

somehow I believe God brought us

together and he going to make it

possible for us to stay together what he

she was actually saying I hope his wife

dies so I can get

him that girl’s going to wind up in a


institution she’s given over to a lie

nobody can reach her nobody can touch

her her mind is shut I met the worst rep

probated Minds in my life down in Mexico

City I went down for some Crusades in

the bullfight Arena down in Mexico City

few years ago and something powerful

happened see in Mexico City they have

one of the world’s biggest prisons the

lukberry prison has over 5,000 inmates

and in the intersection the security

section they have a security section

with over 200 murders and rapists and

about 8 n years ago a Baptist missionary

had distributed hundreds of my book that

cross and Switz blade throughout the

prison and of all things the Revival

broke out in the section where the

murders and rape were in 26 got saved

and one of them took a correspondence

the Brian Bible study course and became

a licensed Minister well when they found

out I was Mexico City for Crusades they

asked me to bring the Crusade into the

jail so I was happy to go I didn’t know

all the story I went through all these

security gates and the guard was saying

hey man where you going I said the

Central Security he said man they got

murders and rapists in there I said I

know that’s where the Revival is he

almost had a coronary he didn’t know

what talking about I walked inside that

last gate they slammed it shut 26 men

lined up the pastor brother delgardo

about that tall Mexican in his mid-40s I

imagine a Bible L’s arm smil M to here

praise the Lord Brother Dave I got read

I got saved reading your book The Cross

and switch blade I’m pastor of the

church lukberry Korean church I want you

to meet my associate pastor these are my

deacons this is my mission secretary

these are my elders had a whole thriving

Church inside that prison

they they put a table out in the

courtyard and asked me to preach I

preached my heart out for a half an hour

I gave an invitation and I was

heartbroken only five six men came

forward I went around later I stayed an

hour or two to talk to these fellas I

never heard such repated foolishness in

my life one said we don’t need a

preacher we need a good lawyer and every

one of those men they’re going to die

there there’s no way they’re ever going

to get out there throw life for murder

rap and all kinds of armed robberies and

things and you know what everyone said

well we’re going to get out of here they

thought either Castro would invade Cuba

would invade Mexico and set them free or

because they’re in an earthquake zone

the earthquake would knock the walls

down or their case would be reviewed and

they would be released one man in his

60s I’m getting out of here and they’re

going to die there yet they’re kept

together by this lie they live on a lie

their minds completely closed to any

message outside of that little little

lie given over to it I was in Florida

just finished the meeting got in my car

to go to the motel and the knock under

the window I rolled it down an

80-year-old man stuck his head in the

window he said hi David I’m Joe I said

Joe am I supposed to know you he said

yeah Harkin Market bradic Pennsylvania

well when I was a kid 15 years old I

worked at a Harkin Market in bradic near

Pittsburgh and there was a man by the

name of Joe who lived on the Block that

used to shop there and I used to preach

at him every time came in he said that’s

me I retired and moved to Florida he

said you know David I’m supposed to be

dead I had a terrible heart condition

and they did open heart search and took

a vein out of my leg and put it in my

heart I’ve had a new lease on life I

said Joe were you in my meeting tonight

he said yeah and you preached at me

again I said ah you got saved you came

here to tell me he said no

sir I said Joe I preached at you when I

was 15 years old years ago and now come

full circle and I’m preaching Crusades

and I come to your city you come to hear

me preach there was enough conviction

there tonight that you could touch it

and feel it you didn’t come forward no

sir I said Joe you should be dead in

hell now and you know it yes sir are you

ever before you die are you ever going

to make Jesus Lord of your life no

sir he said I got a couple crony friends

and we drink a little and play cards and

he said I got a philosophy at the end

everything works out I’m not like those

kids you preach to he said I’m no junkie

I don’t hurt any I don’t kill nobody I’m

going to make it don’t worry about me

that man’s going to die and go to hell

and he’s closed out he just sit there

while I preached amused just

amused oh how this hurts me I can go up

into Harlem and I can preach to

prostitutes and alcoholics and they run

to Christ and I can go to churches where

there are goodnicks I call them

goodnicks and smuggies

and they sit there smugg in their sin

they’ve sat through 10,000 Jesus songs

they’ve heard a thousand Holy Ghost

messages they’ve walked out of a

thousand Holy Ghost invitations and

they’ve grown hard in their hearts and

they’re being given over to a repeate

mind now if you sit here tonight and the

Holy Ghost begins to prick your heart

and you feel uneasy and you feel a

pulling in a tugging you can thank God

that’s the Holy Spirit de still yeting

and striving with your heart but if you

sit here tonight saying well nothing

moves me I feel absolutely nothing I

would say you’re on Dangerous Ground

because the holy spirit’s here tonight

the holy spirit is here to shve and the

holy spirit’s here to heal and change


life all I I believe this with all my

heart the coming of Jesus is right at

the door some people call that the

Rapture now that term’s not in the Bible

some people call the capture that’s not

in the Bible either so mine’s just as

good I call it the evacuation he going

to evacuate all the Jesus people in the

twinkling of an eye and friends I

believe that that moment’s coming down

upon us so fast I believe it’s right at

the door the the Bible said right at the

door there’s just a thin tissue between

Time and

Eternity friends I don’t understand how

people with this I’m going to close I

don’t understand people who can sit in a

meeting like this and stay satisfied

with the way they are the hardest people

in the world to reach are those with

they’re married and settled and and

they’re at ease and they’re good church

people and they’re good Society members

and uh they come to meetings like this

and and they hear me preach and they say

hey that’s all right or others will be

convicted of their sin and my associates

will come and say David you should have

been out in the foyer as people were

walking some of them were Ash and white

some of them were leaning on their

friends and they go out in the cool air

and shake off the conviction I see it I

see it everywhere and if I had my way I

would go up and down every aisle tonight

one by one Toe to Toe eye to eye with

everybody in this building up in the

balcony behind me and I’d point a finger

with love right in your heart and say

are you really ready are you ready now

you know know in your heart God’s put it

in your heart you know that the end of

all things are near you know that the

thing is coming upon us now we’ve been

preaching about for years and yet people

get up and walk out I don’t understand

that I don’t understand that I go home

at night and I cry at my motel room and

say oh God I preached my heart out there

were people there living in their sin

Hypocrites phonies 95 centers who’ve

given Jesus 95% but they’ve been holding

back they’ve been cheating on God and

Friends one of these days the Bible said

every knees shall bow every tongue shall

confess and every ey shall beholding you

and I are going to stand before God we

answer for the message we

hear and I I’m on a life and death

Mission now I don’t care what anybody

thinks of my preaching I’ve got nothing

left to prove I have absolutely nothing

to prove I’ve got no ladder to climb

I’ve got a Pulpit always waiting for me

on the streets I’m here to tell you

right now the Holy Spirit has sent me

here and he brought you here tonight to

deal with your sin be sure your sin will

find you out and God will not let you go

out comfortably in your sins like you

were when you walked

in God is dealing tonight before his

coming every one of us I I was listening

to the news

recently and uh boy they were talking

about Lebanon exploding they were

talking about the danger of war in the

midd East they were talking about the

drought that’s spreading in the midwest

they were talking about this uh

indentation they found in California now

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it

from Springs through Palmdale right

above the San Andreas fault about 100

miles there’s a strange indentation of

the earth now and scientists say that

there’s all kinds of activities in the

San Andreas fall I was listening to all

of these reports and I I fell asleep

kind of a days with these things ringing

in my mind and suddenly in the middle of

the night I had a beautiful experience I

was awakened in the presence of the Lord

Jesus had flooded the room have you ever

had an experience like that where you

wake and suddenly the whole room is a

glow with the presence of the savior

oh his presence had filled the room I

tried to get up it just like a gentle

hand pushed me back down I started to

laugh I was exhilarated I just I was I I

kept saying Lord you’re in the room

you’re here right now you said you’d

never leave us you’d never forsake us I

sense your

presence I sent your presence they that

come to must believe that he is that

he’s rewarded those who diligently seek

Him and Lord I’ve been seeking you and I

know you’re rewarding me right now with

a demonstration of your presence you’re

in this room and suddenly I began to

realize that all I’ve been preaching

about the coming of Lord is about to

happen this is the generation that shall

not pass to all these things come to

fulfillment my granddad preached it my

dad preached it now I’m the fourth

generation of preachers in my family

preaching the coming of the Lord but

friends I am living and the Lord made it

so real I am living in the generation

that will not pass till it’s all

fulfilled and suddenly a revelation of

God get my heart it’s coming we’re

nearing the hour We’re nearing the time

and suddenly The Nearness of the coming

of the Lord now only the father knows

that day but oh I I believe the Holy

Spirit was prompted my heart to this all

the signs pointed to it and suddenly I I

thought of all the terrible things

happening in the world the chaos I

jumped up right in the bed my wife must

have thought I was having a fit and I

yelled at the top of my voice I’m so

glad I’m

saved where the people go now for

Comfort where do they go I know what

happens to me when you hear an evil

report what do you do you go to the

secret closet you turn it over to your

faith and you deal with it by the word

the where does a person go now I put out

a movie called RH Armageddon I told

friends to go out and invite their

neighbors one lady went and knocked on

her neighbor’s door and said would you

come to the church tonight and see a

movie about armag again she said my

goodness this know she said I’m so

scared I’m not watching the news why in

the world would I go see a movie about

the end of the

world you see that whole world sitting


fear oh thank God I’m