On this edition of Inside Story, Carrie interviewed Jeff and Jessica Giaimo who started their journey together on a Charis Germany Mission Trip in 2013. Their romance blossomed into a dynamic marriage and video ministry which has taken them around the world. Jeff leads a team that produces Destiny Stories, Grace Encounters, Financial Breakthroughs, and Healing Journeys which are all available for website viewing, or for DVD purchase at awmi.net.

welcome to another inside story where we

just go behind the scenes and share

things with you that you probably never

hear on my television program but there

are great things that God is doing and

one of the great things that God’s been

doing in our ministry is just the

quality of people that God brings to us

and they’re such a blessing to us and

every one of them have a story about

what God has done in their life to bring

them to this place we just want you to

be blessed by all of the good things

that are happening here at Ministries

and Caris Bible

College well welcome everyone we want to

uh invite you into this very special

edition of our Inside Story this is

where um you get to see all the things

that are happening behind the scenes

here at Andrew wch Ministries and Caris

Bible College and I’ll tell you there is

a lot of things going on in this

ministry and you as friends and partners

are such a big part of this and

sometimes you’ll see everything that’s

happening on the outside but not

realizing all the amazing people that

God has brought us to this ministry for

such a time as this and so this month we

have some very special people to

introduce you to and this is Jeff and

Jessica G and so you guys are uh have

been with the ministry for a number of

years and so I’m really excited to have

you guys share your story and the things

that you do here in the ministry but uh

just real quickly what currently do you

do here at Andrew W MC minist

okay well I’m the stories producer so we

do healing Journeys Grace encounters

Destiny stories and then we do a little

bit of promotional stuff but then we

also produce beyond the game and then

Jessica she covers more short-term

stories I’ll let you talk about that

thank you I’m the associate producer of

special features so we handle the

shorter stories it’s called the awm now

and just kind of short little stories to

let people know what’s going going on in

the ministry amen so kind of another

version of inside stories not as long as

far as but just like all the different

things that are happening with this

ministry because there it’s not just TV

and bible school it’s TV and bible

school and prison ministry and demo and

and Outreach and it’s just amazing what

this ministry the breadth of what this

ministry does and so you guys are

essential to helping us capture those

things so I wanted them to first know

what you do here in the ministry but I

want uh our viewers to get to know you

guys so um where are you originally from

individually uh and how did you get here


Colorado okay well I’m from West Palm

Beach Florida and so I grew up in a drug

and alcohol abuse Ministry my parents

were counselors there and so um it was a

great ministry I saw a lot of lives

changed but there was also some legalism

I grew up under yeah and so when I was

in college my first semeer

a lot of things that I struggled with

kind of um I started realizing

questioning what I believed and things

like that and so I had some brothers who

went through Caris and they introduced

me to Andrew’s teachings about primarily

sovereignty of God and Grace and so I

started listening to that it changed my

life and so then I shared it with two of

my friends and uh one of them is Brian

he’s producing this show that’s awesome

and another one is Jeremy and he uh

ended up becoming a successful animator

yeah yeah so you came to Caris what year

was out that you came to Caris that was

2011 2011 okay yeah and so I’m from a

really small town called Madison in

Georgia and I actually had the privilege

of growing up under Andrew’s teachings

my parents got into him when I was

probably around 11 or 12 and that’s when

we started going to the summer Family

Bible Conference every single year and

there was this really cool woman there

named Carrie picket who

was over the youth program and I

remember I I had these really big dreams

that I wanted to do I um wanted to

actually go to the University of Georgia

and study sports broadcasting and go

into that that was my dream I wanted to

be the next Aaron Andrews and um every

summer I would come to this conference

and you would have all these amazing

stories of all these Adventures you went

on with God and that always spoke to me

I I didn’t necessarily want to a

missionary but I knew I wanted to live a

really big life with God and at the end

of the day I knew that that was going to

happen if I went to Caris and at the

time there was no media school there was

no third-year program it was just a

two-year school still and so I decided

after I graduated high school I was

going to Caris and I moved and came to

Caris that was in 2010 that’s awesome

and then eventually they did have a

Media School yep so did you attend media

school as well I did during my second

year they announced that they were

starting a thir program that’s when it

started was my second year so I was the

second class to go through media

schooles and it was just amazing God

showed me I could actually use these

media dreams for him that’s neat and

were you guys in school at the same time

I was a year ahead of him okay and and

kis yeah all right so now did you guys

meet in Caris and is that how you guys

started a romantic Journey towards

marriage well it was a long journey


off so Jessica was one year ahead of me

so she got lead my mission team trip to

Germany oh nice so I had a big crush on

her but um she didn’t find me very

attractive at the

time I have long shaggy


hair I’ll let you sh about

that I had actually just gone through a

really bad breakup with a guy at Caris

and so I had kind of just been tired of

all that and I was like done with it and

I was just kind of in a really weird

place and God was really kind of working

on my my heart and I got to lead this

Germany mission trip which was amazing

because it really took all my focus and

I got to kind of pour myself into that

and that’s the trip that Jeff was on and

he never told me he liked me so there

was that I was dropping hints and no no

but so anyway that’s kind of how we

became friends because we both loved

media and we decided to do a video of

our mission trip together oh ni and

that’s when we became friends so we were

just friends and Caris yes yes so after

you finished Media School uh what was

your next step after graduating so for

me I was really kind of struggling

because this was right after all that

with like God what do you want me to do

I just went through media school and um

I actually had a conversation with Mike

picket about all of the amazing video

projects that were available in Russia

and so we got to talking about that and

I decided I was like all right I’m going

to go to Russia so I spent the next six

months working and saving and then in

January of that next year I moved and

spent six months with you guys in Russia

I know it was awesome she moved over in

January which says a lot that you know

you really called to come to Russia in

January yeah Russian Christmas day was

when I arrived that’s right that’s right

that’s awesome so yeah you so you came

to Russia and were with us there while

we were while we were still um uh

leading the andc Ministries and Caris

Bible College there in Russia and it was

great because I remember talking and

asking you what what do you see yourself

doing and I remember we talked about

this amazing idea of being able to

travel around the world to all of our

awm Caris locations and capture stories

and things like that and so it’s really

cool to see that that you guys as a

married couple that’s exactly what

you’re doing because you guys also

travel correct yep yep we do where’s

where are some of the places that you

have gotten to travel to and capture

stories wow so together we’ve gone to

Nepal and we’ve gone to Holland um I’ve

been to Haiti Uganda

Norway Italy France um quite a few

places he’s been everywhere but I’ve

I’ve also been to Brazil um on a couple

trips with Mission teams and stuff um

but yeah I think that’s about it we’ve

done a lot of uh local stuff too yeah

yes well I do remember when Jessica was

in Russia we always heard about Jeff the

friend oh yeah the friend Jeff the

friend Jeff friend own Jeff bring them

up and they’d go oh the friend the

friend Jeff she’s like Jeff I’m like

that I think we knew before she did that

you guys are going to get together good

that’s that’s that’s awesome so now

together you um when when did you get

married September 28th 2016 2016 okay

I’m glad you answered that one I was

trying to

remember so you um now work together as

a team in the ministry um how do you

enjoy working together doing what you’re


well that’s kind of all we know honestly

um because I was still friendzone Jeff

when she started working here uh and

basically we kind of started working

together a lot and it was when we worked

on these projects together that I think

a small flame began to grow yes and so

yeah we don’t know anything different um

we work together we look at each other’s

work and we’re brutally honest with each

other but hly it helps Jessica has got a

great eye and she’ll see things in the

story that I won’t be able to see and

and vice versa yeah yeah I think it’s

been really great because we were

working together when we were just

friends so when we were doing that we

weren’t really afraid of hurting each

other’s feelings we would just kind of

be honest and then we started dating and

then we got married and that kind of

never really went away I mean it may

have shifted a little bit for a time but

um we’re just able to kind of be honest

with each other and we both are very

passionate about the story and so I

think when it comes down to it we can be

harsh and critical of each other’s work

because we both see the the value of the

story behind it yeah that’s that’s

powerful so tell me about how you

capture stories because I know um like

you said with healing Journeys um

destiny stories oh what were some of the

other ones that you mentioned um Grace

encounters yes Financial breakthroughs

yeah so you capture uh you know some

pretty intricate stories that have to be

constantly fit within a certain time

frame how hard is that to find the

heartbeat of a

story oh yeah that is pretty hard um

honestly when we do our stories because

we’ve got a team of people I think it’s

seven of us now and I always tell the

team make sure you’re praying in the

spirit and asking God like what is it

that you want it to be brought out

because when you go and you interview

someone you get probably two and a half

hours worth of an interview per person

and times you have 10 20 hours of

footage and there’s a million different

ways you could tell that story but what

we’re trying to do is make it nice and

concise so that somebody who’s dealing

with something they can watch it in a

matter of 10 minutes and then find out

okay here’s the teachings that really

helped them or here’s what God showed

them so it really is about kind of

listening to the Holy Spirit to find

like the little keys that are helping

people on their own Journeys yeah yeah

so what do you usually have to cut a

story down two we try to get the story

down around 10 minutes we find that that

works best for Andrew being able to like

teach from it or show it at conferences

um we’ve looked at the analytics on our

website and we find that we have an 85%

retention rate which is really really

big yeah um and we find that that really

has a lot to do with the timing that

we’ve made these stories making them as

concise as

possible so what do you how do you get

blessed in doing these story so you’re

sitting there for 10 20 hours getting

interviews on all kinds of of of Stories

the healing stories and the destiny

stories and like the grace encounters

those who’ve experienced the message of

Grace and how it’s changed them so when

you sit and listen to them how has it

impacted the two of

you man it’s it’s just H thank you it’s

just it’s been amazing um especially

when we get to travel and meet these

people we we interview them and we tell

their story but we spend every waking

moment with them as well for you know a

week or however long we’re there and

just we we get to see them live this

life you know they’ve sold their lives

out to this message and to see what

they’ve been through it’s a huge Faith

booster in US I mean normally when I’m

interviewing someone I’m like crying and

like going through all these emotions

and then we have to tell the story and

make sure we get all the right shots and

make sure we do it and then we have to

leave and it’s like leaving these people

it’s the hardest thing ever because we

become so close close to them and

they’re just such inspiring people I

mean we Tred to show that in their

stories but these people in real life

are the most genuine real people I’ve

ever met and to say goodbye is always so

hard but it’s just amazing to get to

know these people all around the world

yeah so what do they think when they uh

watch their story after you’ve spend all

this time you’ve asked them all this

questions and they’re like anticipating

what you’re going to put together what’s

the feedback you get from people who

you’ve taken that 10 20 hours and you

brought it down to 10 minutes what what

do they think about

it we hope they like

it sometimes uh I think when we’re

filming they get a little nervous like

wait this is going to be 10 minutes and

I don’t think that computes but then I

feel like most of the time when they see

their story it’s they I feel like we’ve

been told before like I never saw my

story that way like I never knew it was

that inspiring like they know their

story from their personal experience

yeah you know and it means very very

much to them but then they see it from

someone else’s eyes and see it from

someone who is maybe struggling

themselves and I think they’re surprised

at how inspiring their story can

actually be yeah that’s really cool

that’s really cool so um what would you

say um has been your favorite story oh

man to date and maybe that’s an unfair

question because you guys have done so

many but is does one stand out um for


guys well well I mean I’ll let Jessica

answer hers I don’t want to steal her

answer so for me filming Julianne

Hartman’s healing journey I did that

five years ago and it was so amazing

because one of my childhood Heroes

basically Butch Hartman it was his wife

who was healed of fibromyalgia and so I

get to go over there I bring Jeremy I

bring Brian and we’re filming our

childhood hero he brings us to

Nickelodeon studi we get to see how the

filming of Fairly Odd Parents is done um

the airport actually loses our luggage

so I get to borrow Butch’s pajamas and I

mean you can’t like I’m like God you

keep surprising

me but to me awesome that that story

just because it was so amazing seeing

someone that I grew up with and grew up

looking looking up to and now getting to

to see their story and and film it it

was just that that was that did

something for me that’s really cool but

what’s your answer well for me warn

anybody’s PJs that you have I have not

gotten to warn anyone’s PJs so I’m still

open to that but

um but yeah um I mean oh gosh it’s so

hard story-wise but one of the most

amazing trips I think for me was Nepal

is that what she thought I was going to

say yeah yeah so um that was just

incredible because we go there we spend

a few days in Catman do it’s just such

it’s probably the most different kind of

country I’ve ever been to and then we

spent I think three or four days

trekking um the long Tong Trail and it

was my first time sleeping with spiders

so that was a real growth moment for me

yeah um but just those people I mean it

was it was something I’ve never

experienced before we would go to these

guest houses and stay with them and it’s

like their their whole life is taking

care of the people who travel through

and they would just like immediately

when we get there they just start making

us food and and like we could not speak

their language at all I don’t even think

the guy we were with could really speak

their language that well but it was

almost like there was no lack of

communication it was just

so God was just like there and I’m not

even sure how much they believed in God

and yet it was almost just like

something was connecting us and they

were so genuine and yet they had nothing

and that trip absolutely just I think it

really really changed me not just in

what I could physically do trkking up to

15,000 ft but um just the people and

realizing just kind of how big the world

is that’s really cool yeah what would

you tell those that are watching because

like you said you had dreams to be the


broadcaster and and things like that so

sometimes we grow up when we have all

these different dreams how have you seen

God lead you both individually and then

now together and and how do you see God

fulfilling some of those things that he

put in your heart and is it different

than what you

anticipated yeah well it certainly is

different than I could have ever

anticipated I mean I wanted to be making

films and stuff like that and I remember

working at a secular job before I start

working here and the person’s like you

want to do films he’s like and you’re

going to school for a Bible degree and

he’s like good luck with that and I mean

I’m telling you you just put your trust

in God he’s put the desires in your

heart that’s good and sometimes it

doesn’t make sense but you take one

little step after another and then all

of a sudden you’re like wow go I never

thought I’d be able to have my passion

for film and my passion for sharing the

gospel work together the way it is now

that’s awesome that’s really awesome

yeah yeah and for me like I said I

thought I was giving up all those dreams

to come to Caris and turns out that I

didn’t have to and so kind of following

after that it it really showed me that

that those desires that God put in my

heart were from him but I had to learn

to trust him with them you know CU my my

plan was to go to UG and you know follow

this one path and I look back and I just

think thank God I didn’t do that because

I’m not sure where I would be and today

I just have so many opportun unities

that sometimes I have to stop and go I

don’t know why I’m here like I didn’t

bring myself here I’m a high school

graduate well a Caris graduate but and

um and I get to do all these things and

recently we were actually filming for a

new season of beyond the game at the

Super Bowl in uh Miami and we were

actually at the Super Bowl breakfast and

I’m standing in this room full of all

these incredible people and I’m thinking

even if I had tried to become a sports

broadcaster I’d probably never end up in

this room and I’m here and it was just

an incredible feeling of God just kind

of reminding me of you know I can get

you where you need to go all you have to

do is trust me and it hasn’t filled me

yet so that is awesome that’s really

awesome how um let me ask go back to a

little bit of your Caris experience how

do you feel that prepared you to

surrender to God’s plan for your life

what did it instill within you those two

three years of


well you want to go first because I feel

like my answer is kind of long yeah oh

okay um so I would say that um my time

at Caris really kind of helped me I mean

I was young I was 18 so I was kind of

you know becoming an adult I guess but

um it was the best place for me I really

was able to kind of figure out okay God

like how do I become an adult how do I

take charge of my life how do I follow

you and those lessons that I learned in

car is were really really important for

me and then obviously getting to go to

Media School um God kind of again was

showing me that he could lead me where

he wanted me to go and media school was

incredible I got to just try a bunch of

things and put myself out there and

develop my skills and it was a safe

place to do that and and so Caris really

I know I wouldn’t be here without it and

I think it just really helped me

understand who I am and that helped

launch me into everything that I was

able to do so that’s awesome Amen very

nice very

ni well for me um honestly the years I

was at Caris were two of the hardest

years actually I think it was three it

was more like three it was three okay so

basically I learned so much um because I

went to school the first year moved back

to Florida thinking I was never going to

go back to finish Caris and that summer

God completely turned everything around

I mean me and Jeremy and Brian we all

moved back to Florida we’re like okay

we’re done with school

and somehow we all ended up back out in

Colorado I was doing my second year um

and then I kind of wanted to impress

Jessica after our mission trip so since

we both did video I ended up uh skipping

classes to work on the the story and so

I as at Starbucks I was supposed to be

doing taking my tests oh and so test day

kind of I I kept telling myself I’m

going to do the makeup test and so I was

like holy spirit you can remind me to

take my makeup test and it was like

supernaturally I forgot I woke up that

morning I’m like okay I’m going to take

my test and then makeup test time I

completely forgot and so Barry Bennett

had to tell me two days before

graduation we were at a graduation uh

ceremony party and I had a cupcake in my

hand and he had to tell me yeah you’re

not graduating you GPA is too low and so

anyway I learned so much from that that

whole EXP experience though cuz I went

from the ditch of being legalistic from

where I grew up to then becoming kind of

I wasn’t a greasy gracer but I did kind

of take Grace for granted and I didn’t

understand responsibility and so Barry

was super gracious he let me come back

finished night school uh that one

semester and so from that I mean I

learned that teachers at Caris are

incredible but honestly being able to

experience that and see how you know I

tried moving away and God brought me

back back and then I didn’t think I’d

ever graduate and then God had me

graduate and then I thought Jessica

would never see me outside the friend

zone and then God God works all things

together for good that’s great that’s

awesome yeah well I think that’s a a

good story because you know so many

people they’ll you know we have

different things that we’ll make

mistakes on yet God is so faithful yeah

to bring us to a place where he’s still

teaching us and redeeming everything for

his glory so that’s awesome so as far as

what you do now within the ministry

where do what’s your vision for the

future I mean Andrew has got so much

vision for this ministry and there are

so many lives being impacted I think we

were talking about this the other day

and I was telling you stories of people

because uh we hear all these stories

through World Outreach of all of these

nations and peoples and students that

are having Supernatural healings and and

just like what you guys are capturing

here on a daily basis it’s just

happening uh on a on a global scale and

um so you guys have so many stories all

over the world to capture so uh Andrew’s

vision is constantly truly going far and

deep with the gospel and it’s touching

people in lasting ways Eternal ways so

what do you see with Andrew’s vision and

everything that he talks about and just

the things that God’s put on your heart

and bringing you here for such a time as

this what’s your vision for for the

stories team and for where it could go

wow well the ministry is so huge I mean

we’re just blown away by how many things

are happening uh I mean Jessica just

started doing the awm now with her team

they’re releasing one story every week

and the thing is we there’s so many

things going on we can’t run out of

stories it’s amazing yeah and seeing um

just all the schools around the world

and how they’re impacting their own

cultures what we really would like to do

is be able to grow our team first off to

where we can handle all the stories that

we’ve got because what people are seeing

produced is just the tip of the iceberg

yeah there is just an endless supply of

healings um endless supply of lives

being changed people going out and and

sharing the gospel in just amazing ways

and so kind of what you’ve been able to

do with um mobilizing all these awm

offices we really would love to be able

to help people at those locations be

able to produce their own stories so

that they could reach their own cultures

in their own way that’s awesome I love

that you know I remember uh listening to

a zoom meeting that Andrew just did with

our school in Hong Kong recently and uh

one of the ladies was telling her

healing Journey where she couldn’t get

out of bed she was just so she just sat

and listened to Healing Journeys she

just watched them over and over and over

and over again and she just said to the

Lord excuse me Lord why isn’t there a

healing journeys of Thailand because she

was from Thailand uh watching and and a

student there in the Hong Kong school

and then after she got healed she Saidi

am a Thailand healing journey and I

thought that was so cool about how you

know uh these schools could could

capture their own healing Journeys and

their languages which would be

phenomenal I love that Vision that’s

really cool yeah well because every time

we we travel whether it’s a

international school or one of the

domestic schools there’s always a media

person there who who tries you know who

wants to talk to us and find stuff out

and man I just wish we could just spend

time just like showing them like this is

you could do this you know and you could

do it for your area and it’s very very

possible and so I think that that’s

something that would be very beneficial

for everyone that’s a great vision well

what do you think that these stories

mean to the people that watch them um

how important is it not just to hear a

testimony on stage verbally but to see

the story and to see uh you guys help

reenact different things and show people

why is it so why is site and sound so

important well Stephen he created um n

Nikki o chinsky story yes 20 years ago

and every healing Journey that we pretty

much film everyone kind of goes back to

that and there’s just something so

powerful about you can hear Andrew talk

about it but then when you see someone

actually live it and experience it it

kind of gives you little little nuggets

yeah um we just filmed V Curry’s healing

Journey uh last December and she gave it

to us this way because she watched

through Nikki story she watched through

all the healing Journeys and she said

what you guys are doing it’s kind of

like a a pirate who has a a treasure map

and you guys are just kind of like

helping give show the steps towards the

treasure and she made it very clear that

it’s a formula people have to listen to

the Holy Spirit and and let the Holy

Spirit show them what’s the key to their

healing but by watching other people

live it out there’s just little uh

nuggets that people are able to see like

um I’ve heard a lot of people who they

get healed and then the symptoms come

back and pretty much every healing

Journey we’ve done in the last five

years that happens and I think for

people who are healed and they’re

walking it out but then the symptoms

come back they’re like wait a second

that happened to Bianca and then they

could just remember okay I’m just going

to stand strong you know just as God

word God’s word works for them it works

for me too that’s good and I think it’s

awesome because this one lady we did a

healing Journey on in Holland Cindy

mazus um part of her story was she would

go through all the healing Journeys and

different healing Journeys taught her

different things and um so I think like

with my cases it was like not to look at

that that outward appearance and then

Bianca I think it was that it came back

um and so then just all these different

healing Journeys gave her a different

key that she was missing and so I think

that’s another reason why having them in

video format can be beneficial versus a

live testimony is that when someone’s

sharing their testimony they’re just

trying to think of all the facts and

they’re just kind of sharing it from

their experience which is great but

we’re able to go okay well what really

happened you know what was the key here

we can kind of focus it to where when

people watch it they don’t have 20

things that they need to remember they

have one or two things that they can

actually walk away from and put into

practice in their life that’s great well

I think what you guys are doing is a

whole form of not just Andrew’s Ministry

but it’s an extension and you’re taking

it out farther you know and again that’s

Andrew’s Vision how do you take the

gospel as far and as deep as possible so

everything that all the lives that get

touched here um your team gets to say

okay how do we take it farther how do we

capture that story and take it into

people’s homes and I know we just one of

the things I loved um was we just

produced The Healing uh healing

University and so it’s the the

curriculum series three levels you know

it’s got 56 lessons but what I loved

about every single teaching lesson that

one of our Caris uh staff members

instructors did is that it was followed

right up by a healing Journey story and

so it really matched that we were not

just preaching the word but this is the

power of the word and what is happening

to real life people and that was was

such a amazing thing so you guys were

had produced this and and but yet then

we were able to partner up with

something else to have its impact even

go farther and so uh thank you guys for

all that you are doing here in the

ministry it is a tremendous blessing I

look forward to seeing more of the

stories that you guys put together the

weekly stories and and the healing and

the Destinies all all the different

things and Beyond the game is now we’re

in filming second season already um It’s

kind of a continuation of season one but

I think we’re going to have 26 episodes

y something like that so that’s going be

really awesome Amen well Andrew’s got so

much vision and I know Steven Bransford

you know capturing that Vision you guys

capturing that Vision so thank you guys

for all that you’re doing I love seeing

how God has taken you on a journey that

you couldn’t have imagined and so I

believe it’s just the start for you guys

and I believe other people will be

inspired um on their own Journeys um to

follow after the Lord so thank you for

all that you are doing truly behind the

scenes because like you said there’s

hours and hours and hours behind the

computer and behind the screen but when

you guys are able to capture that

10-minute story and the way it goes out

into the world people truly see what you

guys do so thank you very very much

thank you amen well thank you for being

with us today well everyone I hope that

you enjoyed this Inside Story um if you

have never watched one of our healing

Journeys Grace encounters uh any of our

destiny stories our awm now it’s up on

the website every week check that out

because this truly is something that you

are also a part of as a partner as a

friend of this ministry um every time

that you sew and pray and and and and

serve this ministry you truly are

helping us reach lives and uh and seeing

God’s stories and testimonies being not

just happening in individuals lives and

Family’s lives and that’s that’s worth

it but because of Jeff and Jessica and

their team they’re able to take those

stories and truly launch them and

multiply them into the world and you get

to be a part of that so thank you guys

as partners for that you truly are

behind the camera with us helping

capture those stories even though you’ve

never met these people uh you’re having

a great impact so thank you for joining

us for this edition of The Inside Story

we have next month some amazing guests

that we also get to introduce you to and

the things that they are doing within

this ministry and how we’re reaching

even other areas and spheres uh of of

the world that needs the gospel and just

how Andrew’s Vision through them is

being multiplied so you do not want to

miss next month so thank you very much

and we look forward to seeing you on our

next edition of inside story on this

edition of Inside Story Carrie

interviewed Jeff and Jessica Gama who

started their journey together on a

Caris Germany mission trip in

2013 their romance blossomed into a

dynamic marriage and video ministry

which has taken them around the

world Jeff leads a team that produces

Destiny stories Grace encounters

Financial breakthroughs and healing

Journeys which are all available for

website viewing or for DVD purchase at


in addition Jessica produces weekly awm

now stories which can be found on

awmi.net as well as YouTube and



together they helped produce beyond the

game with Tony dunie and JB James Brown

a TV series first daring on


beginning May 1st 2021 a full 26

episodes will begin airing through a new

YouTube channel at beyondthe doco we

invite invite you to go there now to

preview this exciting new way of

delivering the stories of celebrity

Christian athletes coaches and chaplain

that’s beyondthe


game. Media School is starting to become

more well-known and people are starting

to really look at the aspects of third

year here at Caris and I do recommend it

whichever field you’re going into

whether it’s going to be Ministry

missions or media you have a story and

as Steven says it’s better than what you

think this is a legacy that’s being left

that was started by Steven and Randall

monticule and the other people that have

passed through here they’ve passed on

the torch and there’s Legacy being

created and we just keep on upping the

bar and we need to keep on remembering

that if you’re going into media schools

to look at it to realize that you are

going to be establishing a family work

with the other fellow classmates find

out what they know that you don’t know

and you guys are going to like be able

to teach each other and share and that

will actually like speed up your growth

in Media the whole key is to get what’s

inside you which is a treasure out and

once you get it out God can bring in

people mentors and and counselors and

and like other fellow classmates to help

you polish it all the teachers within

Media School a lot of them are from the

industry a lot of them are Freelancers

and they’re working in the

industry we have people that come from

Hollywood that teach you how to break

down scripts people that have done

movies are doing movies doing short film

competition teaching you like what

they’re doing what things are changing

themes and styles and then aspects that

never change there’s foundations that

never change in the media field cameras

have changed technology will always

change but the skill set of the people

have just constantly being passed on

discipleship is very important in

Ministry but it’s also important in

skill sets too and since we’re media

ministers we need to be able to pass

that on and teach others really is

Ministry whether you’re Christian or not

you’re ministering in an area you’re

telling a story and you’re telling

ideology or a bias that you believe in

whichever you’re going into whichever

third-year track there’s Treasures

within your heart that God wants to get

out stop imagining things like what

could be and actually act on it put your

hands to something so God he can

actually bless it be sure to look for

the next Inside Story here on the Andrew

wck Ministries website in May Andrew

interviews three-time Emmy award-winning

Network broadcaster James Brown and his

wife Dorothy see how James and Dorothy’s

relationship with God drives their lives

to share the goodness of God with

everyone they encounter don’t miss our

June edition of inside story with NBC’s

football night in America analyst and

Super Bowl winning player and head coach

Tony dunie learn the secrets from this

amazing man to living positive in a

negative world see you next