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God has a remedy for world and chaos

and folks I want to tell you God’s not

going to send Angels down to solve our

problems it’s going to touch man he’s

going to touch women

he’s going to cause them he’s going to

woo to draw knife to him

I believe that there are two calls that

God gives to every man or woman that he


and raises up to reach a people to

change things

even a whole generation

there’s a call to come up and it’s a

call to come out and Moses best

exemplifies these two calls and how you

respond to these two calls

determines the intensity of God’s touch

in your life the scripture says if Moses

the Lord came down upon Mount Sinai in

the top of the mount

and the Lord Called Moses up to the top

of the mountain and Moses went up

and the people stood it far off and

Moses Drew near to the thick Darkness

where God was

he’s called out of this busyness to

start an Unshackled Pursuit after God

and to be called into his presence and

become a praying man

not every man who’s called up to prayer

not every man who receives this inner

wooing of the Holy Spirit to be a man of


to seek him as never before

to know the times

to come to the end of himself and say

God is going to take more than I’ve been

giving you it’s going to take more time

more quality time than I’ve been willing

to give you

I can’t be on my own agenda and expect

to make a mark a humble Mark not to be

somebody but even oh God

can be a vessel an instrument that you

use in these last days

and so many people have been called to a

life of prayer called to come up to the

mountain and they went so far

and every man every woman is called to

seek the face of God

not all of them go to the mountain the

majority go halfway up

so there’s a stop they don’t respond to

this call

he’s called you out of the world and out

of your business and out of your own


and he’s spoken to your heart many times

has come to the mountain Come Away With

Me come up

and you see God gives that call to those

that he wants to use and many respond

Moses were not the only man that went up

the mountain there were others called

so why were they told when they got

halfway up the mountain

worship me afar off don’t come near me

this is God speaking you cannot come up

to the top of the mouth only Moses shall

come up

every one of them called everyone

promised by God they was going to touch

their lives they were going to use them

in a in a high order that there would be

ministers unto him and then halfway up

the Lord says they debit by who Aaron be

somebody Elders you’re not coming why

was Moses the only one invited to go to

the top of the mountain sudden with the


these men didn’t have their heart in it

God knew what was brewing in their

hearts see the call now to all misses

come up and the Lord said unto Moses

come up to the Mount and be there come

up and be there that hit me so hard

just come up

sit just be there for six days Moses

wakes quietly Waiting Outside The Cloud

of Glory

and the seventh day he called unto Moses

out of the midst of the cloud and Moses

went into the midst of the cloud and was

in the cloud 40 days and 40 nights

come up and be there

psalmist said on thee do I wait all the


that wait on the Lord so we knew their


they shall not be ashamed who weighed

upon you will never be ashamed as you

wait upon me he said this is the man

this is the woman said I’ll not settle

for anything less than face-to-face

intimacy with my God I’ll settle for

nothing else but answer that call to go

to the mountain to be in his glory

I hunger for God and I’m going all the

way I’m going to seek his face not gonna

wait on the Lord

there’s a call to come out you see God’s

presence has been lifted from the camp

there were such idolatry and such lust

and sensuality there is such idolatry in

the camp God left and Moses tries to

pray in this atmosphere where there’s

defilement the camp was defiled he said

you have to come out what a scene of

death when God leaves the congregation

you see Moses cried out God the only

thing makes this difference is your

presence if we don’t have that we’re

just like the rest of the even around us

God was God

and he refused to come back into the

camp because it was defiled God said

their stiff neck they’re worthy to be

destroyed Moses intercedes in the camp

and after much crying God said to Moses

now go feed the people into the place of

which I’ve spoken my angels shall go

before you I will send an angel I’ll

drive about your enemies I’ll bring you

into the land of milk and honey but I’ll

not go up in the midst of me

Moses knew the risks that would be

involved in that they would always be

open the attack of the enemy and many in

that camp were willing to go on that’s

just if you’re going to do it in the

flesh if you’re going to stand in place

of the Bible I’m going to go with you

now that makes me tremble here’s what

God’s calling for there’s a man who will

not give up on these people there’s a

man who won’t quit this matter is not

going to run here’s a man who’s wanting

to wait for his people but here’s a man

says oh God and I know you can’t move in

this situation

and Moses took the Tabernacle and

pitched it outside the camp

the far off from the camp

and he called it the Tabernacle the


this was Moses he called it the tent of

meeting this it was his prayer cloth in

his prayer 10. this is where he prayed

Moses goes out to a place that’s clean

out of defilement and it came to pass as

Moses entered into the Tabernacle he’s

out in a clean place now the Cloudy

pillar descended and stood at the door

of his tent and the Lord talked with

Moses and the Lord spoke to Moses face

to face as a man speaks unto his friend

Aaron and the priesthood to become

defiled the people defiled God was

prepared if he had to to do away with

the whole scene but one man

one man says no God whatever it takes

and to tell a man is going to take tell

Moses a man’s Meek a man sudden with God

in so many wonderful Seasons saying

there’s more Moses I asked more of you

if I can find a man out of the place of

the father in a clean place with a heart

broken to seek me with all his Hearts

crossing the cloud I’ll send a pillar

and I’ll send the glory and I’ll talk

face to face with you came to pass that

everyone who sought the Lord went out

the Tabernacle the congregation which

was outside Camp you see when when a man

steps out he begins to give God


life begins to seek him with all his

heart you’re going to attract every holy

godly people he’s actually come up and

come out God wants to take you deeper

and further than you’ve ever been no

matter how he’s blessed you up to now

see nothing compared to what he hasn’t

stored for you

to be humble yourself that’s the Cry of

my heart