This is “I Refuse To Be A Professional Part 1”. Don’t let your faith become a profession instead of a passion. If you do, your faith will become polished but not powerful. Your faith must be something you treasure, or eventually, it will become nothing at all. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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oh Hil King

Jesus Oh



Emmanuel King of


Lord of

lords Bright Morning




etern the

te I’ll sing his


praise and I’ll

reain with




lift your hands and honor his presence

all hell King

Jesus Oh


h of


Lord of Lord





eternity sing his


praises and how great with him


etal one more time with everything

you’ve got now lift your hands and


oh King

Jesus he’s

Emmanuel he’s


God he’s your

prince no matter what you’re going

through the Prince of

Peace you’re my Bright Morning




etern I sing


his and



with for












that he



heus like


don’t you feel that

Fresh Life

presence I love you I love you I love



Jesus I Praise You

Jes I Adore You


Jesus let all

heaven right here and




they pass


away but


give him glory and honor and praise give

glory and honor and praise you be healed

in the name of Jesus in your body you be

healed in your mind of depression


Darkness worry

torment you be healed in your

family contention strife

you be healed in your marriage you be

healed in your

future your future shall be

brighter path of the righteous grows

brighter and brighter not darker and

darker he is life and he is in this

place today do you believe

that incredible you can be

seated if you have your Bibles you can

open them with me for a few moments

we’ll go wherever the Lord wants us to

go and be

done I’m reading from Judges chapter 17

I’ll begin reading with verse 6 Judges


17 in those days there was no king in

Israel everyone did what was right in

his own

eyes that’s a dangerous time in a nation

when everybody does what was right and

we don’t have a king


Jesus and now there was a young man from

Bethlehem in

Judea of the family of Judah notice it

mentions his

family he was a levite which means he’s

in the L lineage of priest and he and he

started staying there and the man

departed from the city of Bethlehem of

Judea to stay wherever they could find a

place and then he came to the mountains

of ephra him in the house of Micah as he

journeyed or some translations say so

journeyed it’s an interesting

word Micah said to him where do you come

from she said to him I am a levite from

Bethlehem in Judea and I’m on my way

somewhere else is what he’s saying to

find a place to

stay mic said to him dwell with

me dwell with me and be a father and a

priest to me and I will give you 10

shekels of silver per year a suit of

clothes and your

substance shelter food so the levite

went in the levite notice big big word


content he was content to dwell with the

man the young man came like one became

like one of his sons to

him so Micah consecrated the levite and

the Young young man became the priest

and lived in the house of

Micah then Micah said now I know that

the Lord will be good to me since I have

a levite as a

priest you read the next chapter and he

set up an

idol in his house started worshiping it

and he said it’ll be all right it’ll be


right I’ve got me a hired

priest doesn’t matter how I worship who

I worship what I

worship I can worship

idols I have hired me a priest from


Judea and in that moment this man had to

make a

decision was was he going

to was he going to basically sell

out his faith that he knew was

right to worship


God for contentment for security for 10

sheckles of silver per

year a change of

clothes and in some Bibles it says over


section when the priest became a


you and I’m preaching today on I refuse

to be a

professional because we’re New Testament

priests you are and I am you think the

preacher is the only one that’s a priest

but the Bible said in the Book of

Revelation we’re all Kings and Priests

unto our

God and sooner or later you’re going to

have to make the same decision that this

young man had to

make who are you going to serve and who

are you going to love and are is your

faith in

God is it is it are you a professional

meaning when I say professional I don’t

mean that he was A Cut Above like a


athlete in that moment he decided it

would become a profession for

him not a

passion it would become a job for him

not a

joy it would become

a life not the

life it would become something that was

taught but it would not be really really

treasured all week long you’d come here

a little teaching and then go back and

forget about

it and every Christian we’re living in a

defining time where playing church is

over and if you’re for sale and the

enemy can make you cont

tent he will make you a bargain and you

can become a lukewarm Christian if you


to are you one of those Christians

that’s become a professional

Christian you do your

duty you’ve become

content where’s the

passion where’s the longing where’s the

yearning where’s that move of God that

matters more than silver or

gold I’m a blessed man God has blessed

me mightily but I can tell you I am not

a professional I don’t care how blessed

I get I can’t trade out I’d Rather Have

Jesus I’d rather and I don’t know if you

have to choose sometimes but I do

believe your heart your heart has to be

holy committed to Jesus Christ and then

he can trust


when’s the last time God broke you

loose when’s the last time your your

your tears were streaming down your face

I don’t care who you are because you

were so overwhelmed at the fact that God

is so good and so precious and so mighty

that the world can’t give it and the

world can’t take it away

everybody give him a hand clap of praise


I notice that this young man was from


Judea and he decided to Journey or so

Journey away from that in the opposite

direction he came from Bethlehem Judea

little tiny little Country Bumpkin

little town in Israel those poor

ignorant people who worship God they

they look at them look at them they

don’t have nothing they don’t know the

big lights of Sodom and gomorah they

don’t know all the world has to offer

look at that little little dinky place

called Bethlehem Judea it’s a picture of

the church and it’s a picture of a

generation of kids that have been raised

in the

church and then they decide to so

Journey or Journey down another path

because I’m tired of I’m tired of that

life I don’t want that life and you’ve

taken it for granted is the

truth I’ve I’ve preached long enough to

seen this thing go full circle I’ve seen

people be in church raised in church

leave go out go off the University party

Live It Up always sin leaves you in

shambles always sin leaves you broken

always sin in takes more than you want

to give always it ends up so so dark and

I’ve seen them come back home and I’ve

seen them and they’re even in this room

here today and they can say truly I

didn’t really appreciate where I came

from I just want to preach that

Bethlehem Judea is still a wonderful

place to be

from I’m so glad I was raised in church

I’m so glad that I came up in church I’m

so glad that I was taught little songs

from my childhood to

bi I’m so glad my mom and my daddy

raised me in church we went to church on

Sunday morning we went to church on

Sunday night we went to church on

Wednesday night we went to prayer

meeting we went to this we went choir

practice I didn’t know how to play no

musical instruments I got in the choir I

had to learn musical instruments in

church everything about my life I am

nothing but old church boy I’m from

Bethlehem Judah which means praise and

I’m telling you if if you’ve been raised

that way and you’re listening to me

preach right now you’ve been raised in

this thing you are ruined go on out go

to your University let some Godless

Professor tell you that the Bible’s a

lie and God isn’t real and how ignorant

those people are but I want to Proclaim

name Bethlehem Judea is a blessing if

you’ve been raised by Christian parents

you got a granny who knows how to pray

it’s not a curse it’s a blessing I don’t

believe I believe this boy was saying I

can’t wait till I get 18 I can’t wait

till I get out of this old dumb

religious mess over here can’t do this

can’t do that I’m gonna go out I’m going

to do everything I want to

do preaching better than y’all letting


it’s still a good

place woo I we all shout right there a

minute it’s still in in in in times like

these I’m glad I got one stable thing in

my life if I can just get to the house

of God if I can bring all my mess and

all my problems and all my burdens and I

can get in The Presence of


he wipes my tears away he picks me back

up he says you can do all things through

me get up and try again and you can walk

out of this place saying I am more than

a conqueror through Jesus Christ take a

praise break wherever you are and give

God some glory for Bethlehem Judea the


every step you take away from God is a


down Jonah stepped down from japa to

Tarsus he went down and then the Bible

said he went down into the ship he went

down and then he went down into the

ocean he went down and then he took

another step and went down into the

fish’s belly down down down down

down every step you take away from the

church every step you take away from the

faith of your father or your mother or

whoever had faith in your F every step

you take in the opposite direction of

what you know what they had you know

they had a walk with God every step you

take away from

that because culture will curse it

culture will tell you you’re crazy I

believe that that this priest was like

the modern Ministry today probably had a

rainbow flag out outside the

church a Hired

Gun just say what we want you to say

don’t say what we don’t want you to say

if you don’t know by now this ain’t that

church we just want to say what the Lord

says it’s not about us it’s not about us

it’s about what does this book say this

book says Thou shalt not lie Thou shalt

not steal Thou shalt not kill Thou shalt

not take the name of the Lord thy God in

vain blankety blank blankety blank Thou

shalt not go into a drug store and take

up to

$999 and run out with it in the street

as long as you don’t take $1,000 you

can’t be arrested what have we come to

this is a generation that has lost its

way there’s nothing good to to come from

going in a different direction

away from Bethlehem

Judea and I’m telling you we’re living

in a time where we need to say again the

fact that there’s a there’s hundreds and

hundreds and hundreds of children on the

lower level of this building having

their brain indoctrinated with the Bible

and the word of God and I’ve been

telling our team I want I want to go

back to old school I want Bible

memorization I want them to know the

Books of the Bible I want them to be

able to quote the scripture left and

right I said I want you I I want them to

win big prizes I want them when they

graduate from high school if they can

quote the books of the Bible and

everything else we can get them a

scholarship we can send them to a Bible

school or some good college we’re not

going to send them to some woke place

where they’re told God isn’t real and

mock everything that’s ever good in our

society oh come on and help me pre

preach just a minute we got to get it

back we got to get it in our children

Deuteronomy 6 talk about it in the

morning talk about it in the afternoon

talk about it in the house talk about it

in the car talk about it all day long

pra Jesus speak Jesus lift up

Jesus this casual Christianity being a

professional Christian come on kids get

get get in the church hurry up hurry up

and when we get over let’s get out of

here and then it’s then it’s right back

turn the radio on to blankety blank


blank what is wrong with us he’s a holy

God he deserves he deserves our whole


heart I I know I know I know but see

this is this is what you don’t know I’ve

been doing this a long time and I’ve

watched the little uh nicey nicy church

I’m tired of nicey nicy peeeee Herman

Christians we need a Revival we need

young people to see the glory of God we

need the Holy Ghost to fall on the house

until they are filled with the spirit

and so filled with the vision of God for

their life that culture can’t turn

around and I don’t know who I’m

preaching to but I want to know are

there any Christians listening to me who

refuse to be a professional I want

passion I want fire I want anointing I

want love for God above

all I want to pray for miracles in your

home and in your life I believe that God

can still save your family I believe

that God can restore your mental health

and give you power over depression and

fear and torment Lord in the name of

Jesus I pray for every person watching

me people who are being attacked

mentally people who are being oppressed

and having mental health struggles I

speak healing and health to their mind

to their bodies Lord stretch forth your

hand to heal cancer and heart disease


all kinds and manner of sickness and

Lord I just believe you’re a restorer of

families and homes put back together

what Satan has tried to destroy I plead

the blood of Jesus over you and we call

it done by faith and if you don’t know

him as your savior say Jesus save me

cleanse me by your blood I call on your

name wash me and restore me in your

mighty name Jesus amen and amen man

praise God I’d love to hear from you if

you feel like the Lord speaking to you

today and maybe you’re a backslider

that’s watching this and you’ve come

back to the Lord that’s why we are here

we have this mission to reach and be a

kingdom Connection in your life to

connect you to Jesus Christ before I go

I want to take a moment to thank you

from the bottom of my heart so many of

you have supported this ministry we’ve

been able to send amazing support to the

nation of Israel we have been there in

the village of eso and the region there

where we saw this invasion of Hamas and

the horrible horrible terrorists we ask

our friends and partners and ESO

recently what can we do after that

attack on the 7th of October what are

your greatest needs and you know what

they told us it kind of surprised me

they said in very clear terms the

greatest thing thing you could do for us

Pastor Franklin is if you could build us

a resilient Center that’s what they

asked me and they gave it the title and

I said what is that and they said our

children our elders our women our our

soldiers are suffering from PTSD no one

doesn’t have effects that are after

effects of what happened on when the

terrorists attacked on October the 7th

this building that we are going to build

them this year will serve as a Beacon of

Hope it will be a place where mental

health can be restored and peace and

hope and love can be felt thank you and

please continue to pray for the nation

of Israel we cannot fail to stand with

Israel in times like these over the past

5 years friends and partners of Jensen

Franklin media Ministries have worked to

help build an amazing Kingdom play

school four fortified bomb shelters and

a fire station for the esal region in

southern Israel near Gaza on Saturday

October 7th at this exact location Hamas

broke through the border and entered

Israel thankfully we can report that

these shelters and projects played a

vital role in protecting Israeli

families from this terror attack

together we have stood shoulder toosh

shoulder with the brave people of these

communities for years and we continue to

stand with Israel that’s why we’re

partnering with the Jewish National Fund

to help build the Jensen Franklin media

Ministries eshal resilience Center here

Jewish men women and children who suffer

from PTSD anxiety disorders and other

emotional trauma will find State ofthe

art facilities and treatments in light

of the devastating circumstances here in

ashol on October 7th the need for

psychological support is critical more

than ever thank you Pastor Jensen and

all your partners we know that you have

our back yesterday today and in the days

to come thank you now more than ever the

Jewish people need your prayers and your

help let’s Stand United with Israel

build resilience and bring Comfort to

those who need it most go online today

to see how you can get

involved this program has been sponsored

in part by friends and partners of of

Jensen Franklin media Ministries your

prayers and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

about this message and other Ministry

resources visit us online at Jensen