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the church is not ready for Revival

the church is not ready for Revival I’m

including this church

you say well how can that be brother

Dave we’re fasting we’re praying every

well you can do all those things and

still not be ready so let’s let’s get

into the word of God tonight and let’s

believe the Lord to speak to our hearts

the church is not ready to move out by

the way visitors welcome

the only thing we want you to experience

here is the Manifest presence of Jesus

you don’t go out here talking about the

music you won’t be talking about the

preaching you’ll be talking about I met

Jesus there I felt his presence that’s

all that we asked

Heavenly Father

I need you I need you Holy Spirit to

come upon me with the unction the

anointing that is yours I’m just a

vessel I’m a body Lord come upon this

body come upon this mind and the spirit

cleanse me sanctify me let me nothing

between us oh God let there be a Clear

Channel sanctify me Purge me for this

moment thank you for the cleansing of

the blood of Jesus we take your

authority over every prince of proud and

power of Darkness over anything that

would hinder the light from coming forth

in the darkness speak to this church

speak to me in the process Lord let this

not be just another message let it have

its Mark in our hearts change our

thinking change the way we pray change

the way we approach you o God and

instill faith in our hearts I pray in

Jesus name Lord I need you I acknowledge

it amen

the church is not ready for Revival

now you know as well as I do there are

two kinds of churches in the world today

there’s the dead cold formal church that

dead cold former church God says is not

only dead it’s twice dead you’re going

to pluck it up by the roots

now God can’t bless that church with

Revival because God doesn’t send his

Spirit to those who don’t welcome him

and there are many churches in America

today that don’t want the Holy Ghost

believe it or not I’ve been in some of

those churches I’ve preached in them

they are they have a form of God and

this the Bible says with no power

I have been in churches literally these

are various denominational churches and

and the pastor would read the cross and

switch blade this number of years ago

and invite me to the pulpit they knew I

had a Pentecostal background that I

talked about the Holy Ghost and they

read my book about the Holy Ghost

changing lives through the cross and

switchblade and I could see them sitting

there while I’m preaching and when the

spirit of the Lord would come on me

they’d get so nervous and go way down in

their seats and when people would start

weeping that really scared them and if

I’d give an invitation they’d come up

often as soon as I head out took a

breath they would jump up and the first

thing they want everybody off their

knees and out the door as fast as they

could unless the Holy Ghost do something

strange and out of order

I’ve had that happen a number of times

it is so angered man and and how men who

are supposed to be walking in the spirit

do not welcome him afraid some strange

manifestation something strange folks

the Holy Ghost he blows where he chooses

he does what he wants but we have we

have people who we have pastors and

churches who do not want any moving of

the Holy Spirit that’s the dead cold

formal Church

but there is another church in the world

today that’s the holy Remnant church

that’s given holy to Jesus no compromise

with the world consisting of people who

pray and fast and seek the face of God

now I’m concerned with the righteous

Holy Ghost Church tonight that’s the

only church with a possibility of

receiving an outpouring of the Holy


uh I don’t usually use the word Revival

because Revival means the resurrection

of that which threatens to become a


if you revive somebody means they’ve

already passed out

and I don’t think we have passed out in

this church

so I’d like to talk about Revival I like

to talk about an outpouring of the Holy

Ghost but I use the word Revival because

that’s a term most people understand

I’m telling you now that I don’t believe

that even the true church is ready for

the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost

promised is not ready yet

they righteous church can be engrossed

in prayer we can call you to pray you

can pray for weeks and months you can

fast you can cry out you can suffocate

before the Lord with tears and a strong

crying and still not be ready for

Revival or an Awakening of the Holy


he’s not going to waste his Spirit on

those who refuse to repair themselves

and I think it’s absolutely necessary to

go into the word of God and find out how

God’s people prepared themselves and

what the prophets say and folks there

are some promises that are on call right

now they are on call they are ready to

be fulfilled and God’s just waiting for

people prepared to lay hold of those

promises we’re going to talk about them


there’s a Biblical pattern now of course

God’s spirit comes uh on people

occasionally that are not worthy there

have been records of the Holy Ghost

falling in various tribes and around the

world on those who are unexpecting it

and God just out of his grace and mercy

sends the Holy Ghost and there’s a

resurrection there’s a breathing and

life comes

but usually the pattern is that God has

set a standard he has shoulders away and

he works through a prepared people now I

want to give you three valid reasons

tonight well I believe the Church the

true church is not yet ready quite ready

for Revival or an outpouring of the Holy


now listen to me closely this is burning

in my heart because I’m just as guilty

as anybody else and I’ve asked God to

deal with me on these three issues

all right issue number one the church is

not ready for Revival

because we are pretty much convinced

that Society is just about sinned away

it’s a day of Grace that America has so

grieved God for example that it’s past

remedy and there’s no hope

now folks for the past 10 years I was

nearly convinced in My Heart by the

terrible moral landslide in America

and the horrible intensity of sin

I was pretty much convinced

that nothing was left no other option

God had but judgment

and I have preached the impending

Judgment of God for the past probably 15

years but more intensely in the past 10

years preaching about the coming

judgments of the Lord and I I believe

that with all of my heart I have not

changed my thinking on that at all

but it’s absolutely possible

yes I know it’s possible for societies

to send away their day of Grace

God Waits patiently

he sends prophets just like he is here

in America there are many prophetic

prophetic voices in the land warning of

coming judgment

but a day finally comes

and you find it all through church

history a day finally comes and God said

it’s enough

it happened in time of Noah 120 days if

God’s strive 120 years of God striving

and then he said that’s enough and God

wiped up Humanity other than those who

are in the ark it happened in Sodom and

Gomorrah when God counted the days and

he said you’re you’re a couple of Nicky

is full your sins have been sent into

heaven and God has enough and he wiped

out Sodom and Gomorrah and all the

surrounding towns and Villages around

Sodom and Gomorrah it’s happened it

happened in Jerusalem when God in his

patience even Christ walked the streets

and wept and he warned them of what was

coming and 70 years after Jesus

the uh city of Jerusalem failed was

burnt and thousands were murdered in a

horrible Holocaust in Jerusalem God said

that’s enough

now God sent Jeremiah to the gates of

the temple and he had this solemn cry

God said go and preach this message

and Jeremiah cried

God said to Jeremiah go now unto my

place which is at Shiloh he’s telling

Israel think back to Shiloh where I set

my name at first and see what I did to

it for the wickedness of My People


therefore will I do unto this house

which is called by my name wherein you

trust and unto the place I give unto you

and to your fathers as I’ve done to

Shiloh therefore pray not for this


neither lift up your cry

don’t pray for them neither make

intercession to me for I’ll not hear you


God said there comes a time when you can

stop praying because my patience is gone

and I have determined judgment so don’t

pray for these people God told Jeremiah

I’m I’m going to take my spirit I’m

going to take it out from the East Gate

and I’m going to just lift it from the

house of God it’s going to be just like

Shiloh go back to see what happened to

Shiloh that’s where Eli remember the

spirit of God departed Ichabod was

written over the door

and God says any other Nation any other

people that reach this point there comes

a time when it’s enough

in fact Ezekiel

had the same message given to his heart

by the Lord son of man

when the Lord when the land sins

grievously against me trespassing then

will I stretch out my hand upon it I

will break the staff of the bread

thereof that reading that means the

economic depression and I’ll send famine

upon it and I’ll cut off man and Beast

from it and though these three men Noah

Daniel and job were in it they still

deliver but their own Souls by their

righteousness and saith the Lord God

they shall deliver neither their sons

nor their daughters

they only shall be delivered but the

Lord but the land shall be desolate

if these three men know what Daniel and

job were in it they couldn’t pray a

Revival they couldn’t pray or how

praying to the Holy Ghost they couldn’t

even pray for more time

God says I determined judgment that’s it

all the Frank people in the world can’t

change my mind

no that is very clear in Scripture

study the prophets carefully

and you will see this pattern all


God says I’ve given Silo as an example

and that’s for every coming generation

including our generation

now when I see what God did to Noah’s

generation when I see what God does

Sodom and to Jerusalem

I began to look at America and I began

to deduct in my mind

I begin to reason with god well Lord

you destroyed

Noah’s generation with just a fraction

of the violence that we have

oh God there’s no way that they were

killing 25 million babies

there was no way that they were

murdering like we are in our streets

there’s no way such widespread violence

that we have we’re a million times worse

than Noah’s generation you destroyed

them you judge them

Lord there were uh there were sodomites

and homosexuals roaming the streets

of Sodom oh God we we have just in one

parade here just one prayed of naked

homosexuals and act up uh violent

homosexuals we have a half million

sometimes more than the population of

Sodom in one March

and I say oh God if you destroy them how

are you going to despair us

and Lord in Jerusalem there was apostasy

and there was idolatry but that’s one

little city we have a whole nation like


and how do you spare us

and as if as of this day right now

January 8

1995 the fierce judgments of God have

been held back from America you know


our economy is still booming they say

try to tell that to the unemployed

all I see in the paper one one company

after another laying people off

but you see our gross national product

is increasing the automobile factories

are putting out more cars at any time in

history record-breaking pace

in New York Times today it says

inflation is holding steady and we are

in a a baby boom they call it and

everything is looking good but you know

in spite of that why isn’t it bringing

sense of security to the people why is

it that everybody still has a feeling of

something hanging the air and that

there’s something about to happen even

the worst uh sinner even the secular

mind they are not in nobody feels secure

it’s just like they’re waiting for the

shoe to fall there is a total lack of

security a sense of security in the land

and we know this nation knows it

deserves judgment

they’re not a sinner on the street here

in New York that doesn’t know that this

city is headed for judgment and deserves

judgment you and I know America deserves



but there’s a sense everywhere hang in

there that we’re on borrowed time

how many cents that on your job and

wherever you go people feel like they’re

on borrowed time

I don’t believe that we’re ready for a


when we have a knowing sense in us that

there’s no more hope

that we have sinned away our day of

Grace and that there’s nothing left but

judgment how can you have faith for God

to do anything in this last day if you

believe it’s all over

now this is something you’ve got to see

God’s been getting with me on this

there was a time 15 years ago when I saw

the coming calamities and I was telling

people run from your cities and go get

five acres somewhere and and store up


because I had given up on the country

we can’t pray in faith or great

outpouring of God’s holy spirit until

we’re convinced that God still wants to

pour out his spirit

that he still wants to save uh great

there’s a harvest yet why hasn’t Jesus

come yet why has America not been judged

yet folks we have a major judgment we’ve

got a plague in the land we’ve got new

diseases coming up that nobody has been

able to describe some of them coming up

that are going to be worse than AIDS

some diseases that can kill in 24 hours

we’ve got some terrible signs of

judgment but on the whole we we are

still blessed

the Bible says Jesus is waiting

patiently for the Harvest

he’s waiting

he’s not willing that Annie should


but I’ll also come to repentance

I want you to go to Isaiah the 50th

chapter where the heart of my message is

aiah 50.

first two verses

how many want to hear from God’s word

you’re going to hear it

thus saith the Lord

where’s the bill of your mother’s


whom I have put away

of which of my creditors is it to whom I

have sold you

behold for your iniquities have you sold

yourself and for your transgressions as

your mother put away

wherefore when I came was there no man

when I called was there none to answer

is my hand shortened at all that it

cannot redeem or I have no or have I no

power to deliver behold it my rebuke I

draw up the sea I make the rivers of

wilderness the fish stinketh because

there’s no water and Dias for thirst

all right look at me please in these two

verses we have the key to what I’m

preaching about tonight God is saying to

Judah now remember this God has already

divorced Israel and gave her a bill of

divorcement I I read it to you wherefore

all the causes whereby backsliding

Israel committed adultery and I put her

away and gave her a bill of divorce

Jeremiah 3 8. said Jeremiah said or

Israel sinned against me and I divorced

her Israel’s divorced from me and folks

even though he was divorced from Israel

he had a heart for Judah

and he he was he is saying to Jude oh by

the way for Israel even though he was


listen to the mercy of God he says

return to me all backsliding Israel

and I will

not cause my anger to fall upon you for

I am merciful saith the Lord thou not

keep my anger forever only acknowledge

your iniquity that you have transgressed

against the Lord thy God even though

he’s divorced from Israel even though

Israel had sinned grievously just like

America and even though God was divorced

he said if you’ll just come back and

return acknowledge your transgressed

against me I’ll receive you back

but see Judah now has walked away from

God Judah does not learn a lesson he she

sees the Judgment of God on Israel for

having been divorced from God

and now the Lord comes to Judah Judah

is a wife that’s cheated on the Lord so

to speak she’s walked away she’s got her

own little place now her little hunt of

adultery and fornication and she’s

playing the part of a harlot

and God comes to Judah

Clays out

where is the Bill of your mother’s


whom I have put away

of which of my credit is it to you

to whom I have sold you

God has said God came to Judah and says

show me your divorce papers

prove to me that I ever divorced you I

didn’t divorce you you walked away from


it’s your own sin that’s caused this

estrangement between us I loved you all

the time I did nothing to grieve you I

did nothing to hurt you I’ve loved you

you saw what Israel did to me you saw

how Israel I gave Israel divorce papers

but I have loved you and I have not left

you and here you see God saying when

wherefore I came I call

here is the Lord going out in the

streets going out after Judah in the

very den of iniquity in the den of

harlotry and he’s calling he said I’m

coming after you

and you’re telling everybody there’s no

hope that I’ve divorced you

that there’s no hope that we can’t get

together anymore that there never be a

time of love

he said but I’ve come to call you I’ve

come back to you

and folks that’s exactly what I see God

doing yet in America

God said show me your divorce papers

show me where I walked away from you

folks God has not lifted the Holy Ghost

yet from New York City or from America

the Holy Ghost is here working

everywhere he’s working all over America

yet he’s still wooing he’s still calling

then he says I came to you I called you

he’s calling through me he’s calling

through this pastor in the pastor of

this church he’s calling you men of God

who’ve gone our face seeking him he’s

calling this nation to repentance

calling him back to his own heart

he said I’ve not divorced you

you see if you come to the place where

you believe God’s divorced America

divorced this land divorced this city

you can’t pray in faith

God spoke to my heart I have got to

believe in you have got to believe that

God is still coming by his Spirit he is

wooing people up and down these streets

while you are not sitting in this church

tonight the Holy Ghost is wooing people

all over this city and all over the land

he said I came

now there was no answer we’ll get into

that in just a moment

there was no answer

God still loved Israel

folks God still loves this nation though

we’re getting very very close to what I

call the dread release

there you can read in the Old Testament

many times your wound is incurable

pray no more

thank God we still have time

I pray for Faith right now

in your heart and mind

that we will not even as much as we see

of the iniquity of this city we will not

give up on it

Lord says when I came when I called

where were those who would respond

where were those who would answer my

call to return

now folks that’s what this week of

prayer is about that’s what all of our

praying intercession is when God comes

to a city

and folks I believe this with all my


God didn’t need just another building he

didn’t need just another Full House

in the city

he came here and he’s waking up other

churches and he has a purpose to it

it has to do with his last call has to

do with his very Divine Purpose

folks are sitting right now in in in a

very clear example of the warring of the

Holy Ghost he wooed you

he stirred you he took you out of your

apostasy and you’re backsliding you were

compromising many of you are living in

sin and God shook you up he put the

finger in your face and he said come I

love you and you responded

and the same holy ghost that brought you

wants to bring a home multitude


folks when the Lord comes we’ve got to

say Here I Am Lord send me

now the second issue

there’s a reason why I believe church is

not ready for Revival

we’re not ready for Revival because

we’re overwhelmed by the darkness that

settled over our nation

and we’re overwhelmed by the fury

of the enemy there is a theory

in intensity in Sinners to date such as

in no other generation and there is a

Darkness that’s falling over this land

and the scripture says Behold The

Darkness shall cover the Earth and gross

Darkness shall cover the people a gross

Darkness means a darkness that you can


it’s so intense so widespread the

darkness is thickening all over the land

there’s a Darkness folks there’s a

spiritual darkness in this city it’s in

the hearts of men

it’s in the hearts of men you can fly

over into uh Newark airport or you fly

over the city into LaGuardia or to

Kennedy Airport and you look at all you

see all the lights and you see the

skyscrapers and you you don’t get the

feel you don’t get the sense of the

darkness because the lights are just

blaring on all sides but get down off

the plane get in the cab come in walk

down Broadway and you feel the darkness

the darkness is heavy and it’s getting

heavier the spiritual Darkness blinding

the hearts and minds of people

but you know the Bible says God has a

part in that Darkness give glory to the

Lord Jeremiah 13 16 give glory to the

Lord your God before he caused darkness

and before your feet stumble in the dark

on the dark mountains and while you look

for light he turns it into the shadow of

death and he makes it gross Darkness he

makes it gross Darkness you see when

people are set on their sin


they reject God and they are so given to

their sin driven to Darkness the Bible


there’s a Darkness Allowed by the spirit

of God that falls over the hearts and

minds of men Pastor Carter speaks about

the blindness that comes

David said of the wicked let their eyes

be darkened that they see not

and they shall looked upon the Earth

under the Earth and behold trouble in

darkness dimness and anguish they shall

be driven to Darkness

and folks you if you don’t believe

that that’s what’s happening now the

devil has come down with great wrath

knowing his time is short and he’s

driving his people to iniquity they are


look at their eyes as they they’re on

their way to make their connection look

at their eyes when they stumble out of

the bars look at their eyes as they’re

running to and fro looking for their

pleasure look at their eyes you can feel

the darkness they are driven to Darkness

the scripture says


I came to New York City 35 years ago

there were places in the city even in

Harlem 40 years ago they didn’t even

lock the doors

when you compare

the iniquity today

with what we saw 40 years ago 35 40

years ago

the darkness is a million times thicker

than it was then

it’s incredible I remember 35 years ago

I first came here uh I traveled all the

United States in meetings I would go out

every weekend all over the United States

and I would warn people in Iowa and in

Missouri in Oklahoma and all the

southern states and I would I would go

to some of the small towns and cities

and there’d be thousands of people

coming I was warning them that drugs

would come and sweep over the land and

that even the smallest town would be

affected there’d be pushers in their

schools in the smallest towns I warned

of homosexuals parading the streets

naked I I warned of nudity on television

and I was you thought I had come from


I was ridiculed I had pastors rebuked me

I had people literally come after my

meeting said no way God never let that

happen to America

now they call me a prophet

40 years later

you know why because some of those same

people rebuked me they’re sitting in

front of that Babylonian idiot boss who

walks in R-rated movies they’re watching

the very nudity I prophesied they’re

some of those people rebuked me their

own kids and grandkids their

grandparents now and their grandkids are

on drugs

I’m going to ask you a question

you know the darkness that’s coming and

folks if it’s this bad imagine what’s

going to be like 10 years from now he

said the Lord Terry can you imagine the

darkness in this city the darkness

falling over the land when you have

homosexuals now in the highest

government offices taking power when you

see the darkness coming from all sides

folks the message is this God’s people

must never be intimidated by the

darkness they must not be intimidated by

the fury of the N.A

do you think for one minute

that the darkness is going to diminish

the light

do you think the darkness is going to

Quail and squash the light of the Gospel

of Jesus I don’t care how dark it gets

the Bible says he’s going to rise and

shine in the Darkness

yea the darkness hideth not from thee

but the night shineth as the day the

darkness and the light are both alike to

thee for the Lord knoweth what is in the


and the light dwelleth with him

and the people that walk in darkness

shall see a great light

dwell in the land of the shadow of death

upon them the light shall shine

we’re in the shadow of death the land of

death a land of Darkness

but he said that’s where he’s going to

shine his light the brightest

folks we are not to be overwhelmed by

any Darkness I don’t care how many

homosexuals in their gay parades will

look in your face and curse your Christ

I don’t care how many Muslim temples

they build in this land

I don’t care how Wild it gets on the

streets I don’t care yes we care but the

darkness that’s coming no matter how

intense no matter what happens

we’ll never stop the light


we can expect God in the worst Darkness

to bring forth the most glorious light

Isaiah 61-2 arise Shine for the light is

coming the glory of the Lord is risen

upon thee for Behold The Darkness shall

cover the Earth and gross darkness of

the people but

the Lord shall arise upon thee and His

glory shall be seen upon thee and the

Gentiles shall come to thy light and the

Kings will come to the brightness of thy


glory be to God he says in the midst of

the darkness I’m going to come forth

with bright light

a light is shining on Times Square

and it’s not the light of Broadway it’s

the light of Jesus Christ to the power

of the Holy Ghost


Church gets Your Eyes Off the Darkness

get your eyes off the sin get your eyes

off the fury of those that are are so

blatant and so uh violent today get your

eyes off of that it’s not going to stop

the light

we are not going home in the darkness

we’re going home clouded with light

shining a fusing with light


you’ve got to believe when you come to

this church you were on fire and you are

light in everywhere you go in this

Darkness your candle not on a candle

somebody gonna be a thousand what bulbs

shining everywhere you go Hallelujah


the church is not ready for Revival

because of a weak faith and God’s

willingness and power to save Wicked

vile sinners

now you say well that’s not case here

now see God put his finger right on the

problem with Judah they doubted his

willingness and power to redeem and save

a people that were so entrenched in

apostasy and idolatry in fact according

to Jeremiah 18 12 they said there’s no


so we will walk after our own plans and

we will everyone do the imagination of

his evil heart they said huh we’re too

great a sinner we have gone too far

there’s no turning back

and this this is what Judah this

estranged wife

has said in her heart

well I walked away from him

I’ve left him on my own volition

and now I’m deep in my sin

so deep I can’t get out it’s hopeless

it’s hopeless and folks I still have to

fight with this God helps me on it more

and more it’s being less of a problem

but after all the years when I where

I’ve seen guys like Nikki Cruz and sunny

and all of these Israel and all these

gang leaders and drug addicts saved

and and hundreds and hundreds have been

saved and then I’ll suddenly be on the

street and I’ll be face to face with

somebody that’s half crazy high

drunk cursing

and I’ll say

I want to pray with you you need Jesus

and the hell go down but there’s

something in my heart said oh God I know

you’re saved Nikki I know you saved

Israel I know you’ve saved hundred but

this one

this one

and there’s something Naggy said look

God this guy’s hopeless this guy is

hoping some of you look at your family

some of you you may be married to an

atheist sister

when you look at that man and he is so

mean and he’s so Godless

there’s something in you say oh no God’s

saving all around me I see people

getting saved but my my husband’s

different or my boy is different my

daughter’s different my daughter’s so


my family’s so hard my family’s


you know God comes to Judah Judah is

sitting in her hopelessness and inner

adultery then in her heart a tree

and he says to her I’m coming to I’m

calling you now I’m asking you is my

hands short at all that it cannot redeem

that would be short means cut off

chopped off

he says

tell me

when the enemy chopped off my hand

that’s what he’s saying to the church

he’s saying to us come on Church you

know my right hand open up the Red Sea

you know my right hand has kept the

promises faithful all through this book

you’ve seen that I sing to the uttermost

tell me

first of all when did I divorce you I

didn’t divorce you I still love you I’m

coming after you now you say it’s


tell me when did the devil chop off my

mighty arm

when did God get chopped off

when did I lose my power to redeem

to save

he said

do I have no power to deliver

he said church when did I lose my power

you talk about all the revivals in the

past and all the things I’ve done I’ve

started whole Nations when did I lose

that power

tell me when what date give me the date

and the time and the plate when did I

lose my power

folks that has to grip our hearts oh God

you can save anybody you can save Wall

Street you can save the worst homosexual

you can save any Muslim in this city you

can save my family you can save anybody

your arm is not short you can deliver

and redeem anybody

you see we’re not ready for Revival when

we still limit God

he’s not willing that your family perish

I don’t care if your sister your brother

your unsafe loved one

has rejected every call you’ve ever made

they’ve turned you away they think

you’re fanatic or they think you’re


I don’t care if it’s going on for 25

years don’t you dare give up don’t you

dare limit God don’t you dare think that

his hand’s been chopped off


you see when the spirit was up poured in

Jerusalem at the beginning

thousands were saved multitudes were

saved all at one time multitudes came

and they were added deity to the church

such as should be added and folks in

recent years when the Holy Ghost had

been poured out like in China reports

coming out of China are incredible

you see if Jesus is coming soon

and he’s looking for a harvest and he

prophesies that multitudes are going to

be saved even from the land of synonym

which is China from Isaiah 49 12 there’s

a prophecy clearly that multitudes are

coming from sin

us China

and God’s doing that right now

multitudes are being saved the same is

beginning to happen now in parts of

India that that’s happening uh in Russia

right now and God has to do that he just

if he’s there’s going to be great

harvest he’s just going to have to come

down on Nations powerfully and bring

multitudes into the kingdom

but usually

God works and especially here through

the church

he says he’s going to work one at a time

and two at a time

I’m going to read to you Jeremiah just

listen Jeremiah 3 14 turn old

backsliding children saith the Lord

and this is in the same chapter

for I am married to you

and I will take you one of a city and

two of a family and I’ll bring it to


now folks in this next week of prayer

when we’re praying and seeking God

yes we’re going to pray for Mongolia

we’ll pray for China we’ll pray for

India we’ll pray for Nations yes we’ll

pray that God

sweep many into his kingdom throughout

pouring to the Holy Spirit

but folks I believe God wants you to

focus in on your family

if you really believe Jesus is about to


you’re gonna you there’s nothing

you can have nothing else but this

urgency in you

because one day soon you’re going to

stand before God

and you and I have to answer

for standing in the gap

we’ve got to pray and lay hold of the

horns in the altar of God we’ve got to

pray God send conviction on my family

save my son save my daughter folks the

pastors themselves can’t do it you’ve

got to pray such conviction to them that

when they do come to this church no

matter what’s preached from the pulpit

God will have so wooed them by his

Spirit they’ll be prepared to receive

you can break down the strongholds of

the devil in their life pulling down the

stronghold of drugs and alcohol and

apostasy and idolatry you can break down

those strongholds through your prayers

there was a in closing I was thinking

there was a popular song

a number of years ago Raindrops Keep

Falling On My Head

that’s exactly what we’re going to pray

he said you’re going to come last days

is rain the latter rain

pray Holy Ghost raindrops on your family

they’ll be walking around no don’t even

know what to them the rain is going to

fall pray oh God send some drops on my

son something drops on my wife put

raindrops on the head Holy Ghost Reigns

us convict them save them


asking the Lord reign in the time of the

latter rain so the Lord shall make

bright clouds and give them showers of

rain you can pray a thunderstorm over

your house over your family God sent

lightning and thunder and rain on that

house rain conviction

is my hand short

they can’t redeem

have I no power to deliver

do you remember these three things I


very quickly

do you believe God still wants to have

mercy on America in New York City how

many believe that

everybody the Holy Ghost is still wooing

do you believe he’s not yet divorced us

all right that’s number one settle it

God wants to pour out the Holy Ghost

he’s waiting he’s anxious nothing he

wants more than to pour out his holy


so the everywhere you go people want to

talk about God everywhere you go

suddenly you talk about God and where

people used to laugh walk away there’ll

be 10 or 12 gather around

everywhere the Lord begins to open the

doors because the raindrops start



not intimidated by any sinner

you’re never intimidated by anybody who

looks too hard sounds too hard or smells

too hard

say my God’s able to do anything

not intimidated by the darkness

or by the fury of wicked sinners

let them stay mad

because when the rain starts falling

you Watch What Happens those who are

angry and screaming are going to break

down and be broken and weeping

when they see that which is coming upon

the face of the Earth

oh Hallelujah


you ready to pray rain down

not fire of judgment but rain the

judgment’s coming yes it is it’s at the


but while we still have time we’re going

to believe God hallelujah folks

I didn’t have time to run this bypass to

Carter yet it was our staff

but I slipped out of the service a few

months went back in prayer Holy Spirit

was speaking to my heart

that sometime

in the spring

April May I don’t know

I feel Lord wants us to have a

month-long Revival

every night but Monday it’s Saturday

night included

and the only guest speaker would be the

Holy Ghost

just the pastors and the Holy Ghost

and a whole month

where we pray

for a great harvest of Souls

would you stand up and deliver what God

tells us from our heart but a whole


how many of you

are ready and willing to come to God’s


every night but Monday for a whole month

stand to your feet

stand to your feet balcony the main


how many willing to invite your family

your sons and your daughters and your

family this whole that whole month

let’s all stand let everybody stand

folks I I believe God’s about everything

we’ve been praying for is about to break


the Holy Ghost has come


if you can’t sense that you don’t know


if you’ve been walking with you can tell


and say oh God don’t pass my family by

and you know what you know if you have

children here in this church

just children that are in children’s


any anyone from Toddlers up

will you ask God in this time

the next five or six months while God’s

moving in this church in such a glorious

way will you ask God to establish your


establish them

that they will see and experience the

moving of God’s holy spirit in

children’s church and in this church so

that God touches every child that’s what

happens first he starts himself and

every child is touched every teenager is

touched your family is going to be



ask God to open up those that you’re

praying for God open up my family open

up my unsaved loved ones that I when

this time when I invite them to go with

me they’ll come if they live in some

other state God put them under

conviction same raindrops in Ohio Iowa

California Puerto Rico South America

wherever it may be all over the world

God sends somebody to my unsaved loved

ones and I I would love to have letters

read of people who come forth up to the

microphone and say I want to read the

testimony I want to give a praise report

we started praying for my family my aunt

down in Jamaican I just got a letter

Somebody went to her and she got saved

and we want to hear that just pouring

out of God’s people hallelujah folks

this is not hype that’s a promise of God

these promises are on call we’re going

to call them down

they’re on call

Lord these promises are on call they’re

not waiting for some future generation

therefore Our Generation therefore 1995

they’re for Times Square Church they’re

for us and we claimed every promise of

God pour out your spirit in New York

City pour it out on this church poured

out on our families


this is the conclusion of the message