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I’m reading today from Genesis CH 2 and

verse 7 and the Lord God formed man of


Dust of the ground and breathed into his

nostrils the breath of life and Man

became a living

being I want to preach this morning on

the number one ingredient

necessary to receive a miracle from God

the number one ingredient is found in


text when it said that God formed man

out of the dirt or the dust of the

ground recently there is a telescope

that NASA has and it offers a

kaleidoscope of colors that have never

been seen it is the most amazing

technology and they have discovered

clusters of Gala IES and clusters of

stars that they did not know even

existed and the amazing thing about it

is this is what the article said it said

this amazing telescope highlights where

dust is and they have now determined

that the major ingredient for Star

formation and galaxies is dust floating


and then they went on to say and the

major ingredient for Star formation I’m

quoting and for life

itself they believe it all came out of

dust without

dust see I don’t believe science and the

word of God oppose one another I believe

they actually confirm the truth that in

the beginning God the Big Bang was when

God said let there

be Genesis 2 and7 the Lord God formed

man out of dust from the ground and then

he breathed breath into the nostrils of

man when God saw dirt he said I see life

when God saw dirt and dust he said I see

potential in the beginning God God

created man from the dust of the

earth and regardless of your status

regardless of your education regardless

of whether you’re rich or poor

regardless of your nationality

regardless of of the color of your skin

just look around you look all around you

turn to somebody and look at them and

I’m going to tell you something they’re


dirt we all came from dirt when you get

to think in your you’re so much better

than somebody else just remember you

were nothing but a dirt ball when God

found you and he breathed breath into

you and gave you enormous potential and

purpose in your

life every one of us came from dirt I

don’t understand how we can become so

arrogant so up look down on people who

are in dirty situations in their life

when we came from dirt ourselves When

God Made You he didn’t make you out of

heavenly ingredients when God made you

you did not have Royal pedigree when God

made you there you were nothing of value

you were undignified you were dirty you

were of no value you were Dusty you were

worthless everything about you had no

use you were just a dirt ball that God

breathed upon by the almighty

God and you better not ever forget

it Genesis 3 and verse 19 says from dust

you came and to dust you shall

return When you understand that the god

of Heaven became dirt like

us so that we could become holy like him

when we understand that God said I I’ll

put myself in dirt and fill that dirt

with life so that I’ll become like them

so they can become like me I was

dirty I was I don’t have to preach to

you I was dirty I was filthy I was

unclean I was lost and undone all my

righteousness Isaiah said was as filthy

rags but God said I take dirty things

and I breathe the breath of life upon it

and I put my hand upon it and I can

raise you up out of the ashes and I can

do great things and I don’t know who I’m

preaching to today but I need a witness

in this room and in all of our campuses

wait a minute here’s what I want I want

anybody glad that your dirt didn’t scare

God and you know it I want you to take a

moment and clap your hands and give him

the praise are there any dirt balls in

here that have been redeemed by the

blood of Jesus

Christ it’s really


amazing God puts his hands on dirt God

shapes dirt God molds dirt God breathes

on it and that which was useless and

that which was dirty and that which had

no future he he says I’ll use it they

may back off and they may not want to

have anything to do with it but I’ll

cleanse it and I’ll anoint it and I’ll

make it a trophy of Grace what I’m

trying to say to somebody is if you

brought some dirt in here this is no

time to quit this is not a church that’s

here to kick you when you’re down we’re

here to tell you Jesus Loves You Jesus

can help you Jesus can lift you and

Jesus can save you take a praise break

Right Where You Are and give the Lord



praise I want to say to you keep coming

keep coming if you’ve got a dirty habit

keep coming if you’ve got a dirty

marriage keep coming if there’s dirt all

over your family and all there’s all

kinds of stuff and and and disgrace and

pain in your life just keep coming just

keep coming because God loves dirt God

says I can use dirt I’ll actually anoint

that dirt and I’ll use what you’ve gone

through what the enemy meant for your

evil I’ll turn it around and I’ll use it

to bring glory to the


Hallelujah so they in John the 6th

chapter bring a woman taken in the see

the Pharisees taken in the very Act of

adultery and they throw her down at the

feet of Jesus and they said she’s so

dirty I’m going to paraphrase it she’s

so dirty and we we don’t want to

associate with this

dirty immoral

Woman Jesus did something strange the

same Jesus God in skin in the Book of

Genesis that saw dust and formed man he

reaches down he didn’t say come up here

where I am and maybe I’ll help you but

he stooped down the text said he stooped

down and began to write in dirt

it’s not

important what he wrote the message is

in where he wrote it he touches dirt he

he’s not afraid to he’s not scared of

dirty situations and and ugly situations

but he he said The only person who has

permission to judge her sin is the one

who is without sin throw the

Rock and every one of them from the

oldest to the youngest dropped their

Rock and walked away and the only one

who could have thrown the stone was

Jesus but instead he’s touching dirt

instead of throwing


because he says neither do I condemn you

go and sin no

more he begins to write in that dust in

Numbers Chapter 5 there’s a strange Old

Testament uh law that they went by it’s

called The Law of

jealousy and listen to me carefully if a

person was suspected of committing a sin

and they denied doing it they would

bring that person before the high priest

and the high priest would then take that

person and say to them did you do it yes

or no and they would say know if they

felt they didn’t do it and I don’t

understand all of this except its types

and shadows but here it is he would then

take the high priest would take holy

water in an earn vessel and take some of

the notice this dust off the floor of

the Tabernacle and put it into the

water God doesn’t just need holy in the

T in the temple he needs dust in the


and when the Holy and the dust get mixed

together it brings a

revelation if you only got a bunch of

church people in the

building and they don’t ever mix with

the dirty that ought to be in the


too then you never get a revelation of

what the truth is and here’s what would

happen the priest would mix the dirty

dust off the floor of the temple with

the holy water and when he mixed the

holy water with the dirt he would say to

that woman or that man drink it and

before he would do it he would say now I

curse you and if you don’t believe Those

Old Testament priests could put a curse

on something read the story of balum

they could curse I’m not I didn’t say

Cur they could

curse and it was real it was real and if

they would drunk that water the and they

lied in the temple in the presence of

the Ark of the Covenant the belly would

begin to swell and be poisoned and they

would get very very ill and sick but if

they drunk the water the dirt and the

water M mingled together would bring the

revelation of whether they were guilty


innocent ain’t it amazing that the dust

got mixed with the Holy and it brought a

revelation God used the holy in the

temple and the dirty dust in the temple

to bring a revelation the Bible said in

2 Timothy 2 and verse in a great house

or a great church there are not only

vessels of gold that’s mature Saints and

vessels of silver because they’ve been

through the fire and they’ve learned how

to pray and they’ve learned how to stand

they’ve learned how to love God no

matter the sunshine or rain but there’s

also in that same great house it’s a

great house and it’s only a great house

if it has gold and silver yeah praise

God the holy the righteous but we also

have to have wood and clay clay is

dirt some for honor and dishonor but

they’re all part of a great house

somehow we’ve got to be more open to

those who are

lost we we need people who are on the

journey we need people who are searching

I want to have a church that everybody

comes if a transvestite comes let them

come are you so holy you can’t say I

love you and the love of the Lord and I

can pray for

you we we want any and everyone to come

and find Jesus I don’t want anybody to

be lost why because God doesn’t want he

doesn’t want any to

perish the Bible said in John the 9th

chapter that a man man named blind bmus

was sitting by the road

begging never allow your

handicap to name

you why didn’t they just call him bmus

because the enemy

wants wants to label you the rest of

your life with your

handicap and he had been born blind


seen and one day Jesus passed by and he

screamed have mercy and the religious

Bunch onto Rod said shut up you

unimportant dirty piece of begging blind

man he’s too important for you you he’s

too holy the holy doesn’t mix with the

dirty leave him alone and the Bible said

he cried

louder Jesus thou son of David have

mercy upon me I feel the Lord in this

place this

morning the word of God is alive right

now I’m preaching to somebody watching

me on television you may have a revolver

up to your head but God doesn’t see dirt

when he sees you you hate yourself cuz

you can’t quit it and you’ve made a mess

of your life and your children are gone

and your life is messed up but Jesus

says I take it I restore it I mold it I

shape it I’ll anoint it I’ll bless it

I’ll use it I’ll stop for



and and in that

moment Jesus did the strangest

thing he said Lord I want to see and

your Bible say he reached

down and grabs some

dirt and he spit in the

dirt now if I spit on you it’s just my

spit but if Jesus

spits that’s called holy holy

water if Jesus spits what he was doing

is he was mixing his DNA you know that’s

how they get your DNA a the DNA of deity

mixed with

dirt and then he slapped mud cakes on

the Blind Man’s eyes and he said go to

the pool and watch that’s called water

baptism so he’s going back to the

original material in the Book of Genesis

that in the beginning God saw dirt and

he said I’m going to make it I’m goingon

to make it come alive I see value I see

Life there and now Jesus is about to

have a man who was born blind the first

time he’s about to I once was blind but

now I see I was lost but now I’m F and

Jesus says in order to do that I got to

mix the DNA of deity my Spit with his

mud his

dirt and he’s going to go wash in the

pool that’s called water

baptism go down wet go down lost go down

on your way to Hell first time you were

born your name was in the book of death

the second time when you get born again

your name goes down in the Book of Life

first time you were born you were born a

sinner the next time you were born again

in an altar like this this morning guess

what you get the DNA of deity and Jesus

says your blood is Royal and I see more

than dirt I see a child of the most high

God I need somebody to praise him one

more time I’m almost


done 2 Corinthians 4 and

seven we have this treasure

in earn dirt

vessels that the Excellency and the

praise would be of

him and not of

us and what I’m saying to you is

this if you’ll bring him your dirt this

morning if you quit playing God games

and religious


religiosity and you’ll get real before

God and you’ll say here’s this dirt in


life I really want you to breathe on it

I really want you to take it cuz I can’t

cleanse it and I can’t get rid of

it but somehow someway I believe you’re

the god of dirt

and I believe that you can take the

dirtiest things that have happened in my

past and in my life and turn it for your

good I’m going to ask you to stand all

over this room and at every campus

wherever you’re watching me please no

one leaving and moving for the next few

moments every head bowed every eye

closed if you’re in this room today and

you’re wherever you’re viewing this you

would say pastor Pastor I feel an

urgency I feel a pulling I feel a

nudging from the holy spirit this

service is for me this message is for me

this altar call is for me I don’t want

you to become afraid I don’t want you to

become hesitant I don’t want you to

begin to negotiate in your mind a way

that you cannot do

this but God surely brought you to this

church this morning to let you know that

there’s nothing in your life that he

can’t touch and he can’t redeem and he

can’t cleanse He’s Able he’s the mighty

Savior and he’s in this room this

morning and he’s standing down here

saying come come unto me all you who are

weary and heavy laden and if you need

help I got your help I can take the

dirty things and turn it into my glory

Earthen vessels that carry Glory flawed

people who carry Glory struggling people

who who carry the glory glory of

God and if you know that’s you and you

would say Pastor I need to get right

with God this morning I’m not right with

God and I want to get right with God

this morning if that’s you raise your

hand as high as you can at every campus

and in this room do it right now hands

hands hands do it right now now if the

Lord had you do that I’m going to ask

you to step out of your seat and come

stand right down here and I’m going to

lead you in a prayer and it’s going to

change your life come now come now come

now come come now come now everybody


Oh sing it

Church How

Sweet the




all I once was






but every one of you have come forward

this morning this is a beautiful

beautiful beautiful thing pray this

prayer everybody under the sound of my

voice pray it bold pray it

big Lord

Jesus you are the

Savior there’s no

salvation but in your name and

today I

humbly just as I am I Without One

Plea but that thy

blood was shed for me

Wash Me cleanse Me Take Me In The

Potter’s hands mold me into your image I

give you my dirt it’s all I have to

offer you I give it to you please get

Glory out of this Earth and vessel from

this day

forward I am deity

because I have

DNA from my


Jesus I am

forgiven I am a child of

God praise God if you gave your heart to

the Lord if you need prayer if this

spoke to you today we would love to hear

from you go online or use the number on

screen and get in touch with us and tell

us what God has done for you before I go

I want to take a moment to thank every

single one of you who support this

ministry because you have given us the

resources we needed to stand in

unwavering support for the nation of

Israel during this time of War on

October the 7th the peaceful Villages of

esll faced an unthinkable a merciless

Invasion by Hamas terrorist Soldiers the

aftermath left a community shattered

especially its vulnerable members the

children the elderly some even Holocaust

Survivors the pregnant mothers and the

wounded marred men and women this is the

same region that for the last five years

we have been building lifegiving

projects such as a fire station

fortified Kingdom play school fortified

bomb shelter that saved many many lives

during the attack on October the 7th and

we give God the glory for that and so we

ask our friends and the people that we

partnered with on so many buildings and

so many works that we’ve worked with

there what do you need during this time

of war and they were instantly very

clear in their requests they said what

we need is we need the esol resilience

Center this building will serve as a

Beacon of Hope it will be a place where

shattered lives will be mended and

broken hearts will find peace it will

provide treatment for PTSD that is

almost every child every human being

that was there they need some help

mentally and they are shaken they are

wounded in their souls and in their

Spirits because they watch their own

loved ones slaughtered and killed

there’s no family there that was not

personally affected in massive massive

ways these horrifying attacks that

happen on October the 7th and we must

never forget we must never stop standing

with Israel and even though the news has

moved on for the most part we continue

to pray and give support in every way we

can even during the ongoing War because

we need to stand with Israel God said

I’ll bless those that bless Israel and

I’m asking you today to help us we’ve

made a million dooll new commitment to

build the esol resilience Center will

you consider giving a special gift to

help us today pray about it that’s all I

want you to do I’m not going to tell you

what to give you ask God what he wants

you to give thank you and please

continue to pray for



I’m standing here in the Zach’s house

the Zach Family House in kibutz suim the

first community that we introduce you to

on October 7 this entire family perished

when we walked after the atrocities of

October 7 into this house we saw the

father lying here behind me on the floor

with a knife in his hand and in the

shelter behind me the mother in in bed

hugging her son both dead and both


alive but just like this Instinct of a

family to protect each other to save

each other this is what we feel with you

Pastor Jensen Frankling and your entire

congregation it was an instinct a family

instinct to come and stand with us and

to remind us that we are not alone you

are responding immediately because you

know us you know us already for many

years before and you committed to build

a resilience Center that will give us

therapy for our communities to heal

together in these atrocities of October

7 we know that we will rebuild

again it will be painful and hard but we

know that with you we can make it happen

step by step together as a




this program has been sponsored in part

by friends and partners of Jensen

Franklin media Ministries your prayers

and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

about this message and other Ministry

resources visit us online at Jensen