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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

time of

unbelief I

believe that the heart of God is

concerned about this matter of unbelief

more than any other sin committed on

Earth he considers it a crime to doubt

his word he considers it a crime to

doubt his

power man if I cried out against sins

man I’ve preached against

homosexuality I’ve preached against

adultery and drug abuse and all these

Abominations and that’s exactly what

they are their abom Nations but God’s

been showing me that he is far more

concerned about the sin of the heart the

sin of the mind because the real issues

of Life come out of the heart and that’s

where the sin is really committed that

Grieves him most because unbelief is the

sin of the heart I’ve known Christians

who have forsaken every other sin in

their life I’ve known Christians that

had a secret affair going I know

Christians that have they’ve been

slipping off drink and they’re using

drugs and everything and they cleaned up

their lives and yet they still do not

enter into Victory and they said Lord I

don’t understand man I’ve given you

everything I’ve laid down I’ve cleaned

up my life you’ve helped me clean up my

life and I’m clean and pure now and

they’re still depressed as something

wrong and the reason for this in spite

of cleaning up the flesh they’re unaware

of a very Dee rooted sin in them that

hasn’t been plucked out there’s a

tremendous crime that they’re guilty of

they have not yet fully learned to trust

the Lord they’re serving him only out of

fear but they’ve never entered into a

life of confidence and Trust thousands

of people in the Church of Jesus Christ

cry out for deliverance from some flesh

trap they said oh God I’m In the Flesh

deliver me yet God’s word puts the sin

of fear and unbelief above all these

other sins but the fearful and the

unbelieving and abominable and murderers

and warmongers and Sorcerers and

adulterers and Liars so all have their

place in the Lake of Fire and what hats


list but the fearful and

unbelieving the prophet Ezekiel in a

vision I saw this and it really touched

my heart cuz the Lord took this man and

he hung him by the nap of the neck

Between Heaven and Earth and began to

show them the Abominations in God’s

house and then he said I want to show

you something very very sober very

serious a horrible crime being committed

it was being committed behind walls and

he said now Ezekiel break through that

wall he an inner chamber there’s a

secret place where a very horrible crime

has being

committed and inside this secret chamber

hidden down in this secret chamber out

of the eyes of everyone else Ezekiel and

the spirit broke through that chamber 70

elders of Israel were going through

their Priestly motions with their

sensors in

hand go in the spirit said to Ezekiel

and Behold The Wicked Abominations that

these men do Ezekiel said so I went in

and I saw and behold every form of

creeping things and abominable beast and

all the idols of the House of Israel

portrayed upon the walls and there stood

before them the 70 men of the Ancients

of the House of Israel with every man

his censor in hand and a thick cloud of

incense went up then said he unto me son

of man hast thou seen what the Elders of

Israel are doing in the dark and what

were these venerable old Saints of

Israel doing these men who had seen the

miracle power of

God were they smoking

opium were they in a sex ory were they

gambling at gambling

tables no the Abominable crime was

committed in the minds in fact Ezekiel

couldn’t see it first the Lord said I

want you to look into their minds I want

you to hear what they’re thinking it was

a sin they were indulging it in their

hearts it was the sin of unbelief for

the scripture say said for they say the

Lord no longer seeth us the Lord has

forsaken the Earth God no longer is

occupied in helping us he’s longer

involved in our lives now you think of

this please these were the most


old Pious men of God this was the cream

of the crup this was the leadership of

Israel these are the spiritual leaders

and here they are in this secret chamber


backslid and they’re saying what’s the

use of serving the god that brought us

out of

Egypt brought us through the Wilderness

that God is no longer answering prayer

that God is no longer with us that God

no longer sees what we do that God has

forsaken the Earth for if there was a

God why do we have all the trouble we

have why is our nation in such a

mess he doesn’t care anymore he’s

forgotten so these men absolutely gave

up why serve him when there’s no sign in

our lives that he’s at work

anymore oh what a tragic Vision this was

and how it grieved God then and how it

Grieves him now when his people doubt

him it provokes him to

anger now it’s to be expect Ed that the

enemies of God outside the church would

not trust him not believe him but how it

must grieve the heart of God when his

children make themselves an enemy to him

by their

unbelief Micah the prophet said even of

late lately my people have risen up as

my enemy sayeth the Lord my people have

risen up against me as an enemy for they

no longer trust me they no longer put

their confidence in

me you see there was a time Israel

really believed God they they trusted so

completely in the Lord he had just

delivered them out of Egypt they’ come

through the Red Sea the scripture said

and Israel saw the great work which the

Lord did to the Egyptians and the people

feared the Lord and they believed the

Lord would you see in spite of all these

miracles in spite of the waters opening

Miracle after

Miracle they lost their confidence in

the Lord almost immediately

I’m going to show you how in just 40

days from Mount

Si all of Israel backslid with the

exception of a handful Moses absolutely

grew weary of reprimanding them for

their lack of

faith you see they’re in another crisis

now eight of 10 spies have brought an

evil report about the Giants in the land

and it caused a wave of unbelief to

sweep over God’s people they begin to

murmur they complain

oh that we had never left

Egypt what good is it coming out here to

serve God when things seem to go wrong

and Moses cried out to Israel I said

unto you I said do you dread not neither

be afraid the Lord your God goth before

you he shall fight for you remember in

the wilderness how he bore thee as a man

carth his son yet in spite of all of

that you didn’t believe the Lord your

God and the Lord has heard the voice of

your words and he’s

angry you could say well why would God

get angry to these people after all

they’re in a Wilderness full of snakes

and and and and everything is dark and

black it’s just human nature to to doubt

when things go

wrong oh but friends God hears that

complaining Spirit every murmur against

his faithfulness he hears every

accusation that he’s not answering

prayer he knows every time you pick up

the telephone and voice that unbelief to

somebody you’re saying I’ve prayed and

I’ve fasted and I can’t see any evidence

of his

work every suggestion in your mind that

God is not working in your behalf

Grieves the heart of

God the scripture said the Lord knoweth

the thoughts of man the scripture says

and they tempted God in their hearts by

asking meat for their lust they spake

against God they said can God furnish a

table in the wilderness can he give us

bread can he provide flesh therefore the

Lord heard this and he was angry because

they believed not in God they trusted

not in his

salvation let me show you how serious

this is with God let me show you Saints

let me show you

something I want to show you

five tragic consequences of unbelief in

Israel first of all it caused the Lord

to reject the entire house of Israel

nothing more or less than an

unbelief and the Lord rejected you

listening and the Lord rejected all the

seed of Israel oh how heavy that is how

serious and the Lord rejected all the

seed of Israel and Afflicted them and

delivered them into the hands of their

enemies until he cast them out of his

sight and why because they would not

hear but Harden their necks like the

necks of their father and would not

trust in their

God secondly unbelief brought upon them

a flood of

depression and physical

troubles a flood of depression and the

children of Israel did evil in the sight

of the Lord and the anger of the Lord

was hard against them therefore the

children of the Lord were troubled and

oppressed because they believe not in

God why were they oppressed because they

lost their faith thirdly it caused a

breach of Promise unbelief voided all of

God’s precious promises that he’d made

to them every one of his promises became

inoperable voided and God calls it a

breach of

Promise here it is Israel hath tempted

me now these 10 times how long shall I

bear with this congregation which murmur

against me I’ve heard the murmurings of

my people which murmur against me if you

spoken in my ear so well I do unto you

each day for a year 40 years shall you

bear your iniquity and you shall know my

breach of Promise because you trusted

not in my

word breach of

Promise do you understand that that is

still what happens today that every

promise in the Bible is

breached you have no claim on it it does

not work in your life because of

unbelief fourthly unbelief causes a

curse of

dumbness powerlessness ineffectiveness

it ties you up it binds you it’s a it’s

a spirit of dumbness the Lord remember

spoke to Zachariah the prophet he’s a

priest of the

temple God promised him a son his name

was to be called John the spirit spoke

to Zachariah said I’m going to do great

things with your son he’s going to be a

mighty man of the spirit and of course

Zar believed none of it didn’t believe a

word of

it oh he he heard God speak he heard it

was confirmed his heart none of it which

Zachariah believed and behold thou shall

be dumb and not able to speak until the

day these things come to pass because

you believe not in my words and they

shall be fulfilled in their time and

Zachariah was cursed with a spirit of

dumbness he couldn’t speak he became

totally ineffective he couldn’t minister

in the temple any

longer and his faith returned God

answered prayer John came on the sea

Mighty Man of the Holy

Ghost and when he was born Zachariah

asked for a writing table and he wrote

saying his name is John and immediately

zachariah’s mouth was opened and his

tongue was loosened and he spake and

praised God you see when his faith

returned the dumbness let him and

Zachariah began to prophesy under the

anointing of the Holy

Ghost fifth unbelief causes an emptiness

a leanness in your soul it causes that

empty pit in the stomach that people

talk about they soon forgot his Works

they waited not for his counsel and he

gave them their request but he sent

leanness to their soul he allowed them

to experience an

emptiness in that tragic five

unbelievable curses on the these

children of Israel simply because they

allowed unbelief to rule their lives do

you remember the faith they had when

they came through the Red Sea remember

the song of confidence they sang oh they

sang They danced they praised God here’s

what they cried the Lord is our strength

and our song he has been our Salvation

we will exalt his name his right hand

has been glorious and power he’s dashed

our enemies to Pieces who is like unto

our God in Holiness pra es doing wonders

you’ve LED forth your people you’ve been

guiding us with your strength the Lord

shall be our king forever and ever and

ever when that something God Will Never

Let You Down we’ll never disbelieve anym

we’ll never let unbelief come in Lord

you’ve done so much it would be

blasphemy to doubt you

again but how soon how soon they forgot

his works and turned to unbelief they

limited the Holy One of Israel listen to

The Cry of the father he he’ heard them

sing this song he heard their promises

I’ll never doubt you again Lord you’ve

answered my prayer you’ve been so good

to me but folks isn’t it just like us

God does so many beautiful things and

then when we hit another crisis we begin

to doubt him all over again we never do

learn to trust him and then when God

answers prayer we hang our head in shame

saying why couldn’t have I believe why

couldn’t I hold on we feel that shame

and listen to The Cry of the heavenly

father and the glory of the Lord

appeared in the Tabernacle before all

the children of Israel this Grieves me

first time I read this I’d seen him many

times but while God was giving this

message to me I felt his grief and I

began to

weep listened to it and the Lord said

how long will you people provoke me and

how long will it be before you will come

to believe

me for all the signs and Miracles which

I’ve showed among you and God keeps

saying when am I going to find a

people where will I find somebody where

will I find a people who will not give

up on me in spite of not seeing any

evidence in spite of seeing no Miracles

or signs or anything of these said I’ve

done that in the past few but because

right now I’m testing you you’re going

through a trial of Faith where can I

find somebody who will not give up on me

where will I find a people how long do I

bear with my people along will there

ever be a

generation don’t take lightly when it

Jesus said when I come will I ref find

faith on the earth because we talk about

faith there’s a lot of preaching about

it but oh in that crisis how many of us

give up how many of us refuse to hold on

when the hour is dark and everything’s

going wrong how many of us grieve the

Lord how many times the father must have

stood by you and me and said when will

you trust me when are you going to come

to the place that that you finally lean

on me complet and said come with me Lord

I am yours live or die I belong to the

through you’re going to do right by me

Lord we’ve learned nothing from these

lessons here right before us we’ve got

the most detailed example in all of

history showing us what unbelief does

how it alienates a people from God how

it provokes and angers the Lord how it

causes emptiness and fear and depression

and confusion how opens the door to

every kind of evil how the enemy comes

in and even with all of these examples

detailed in front of us we have the New

Testament warning us not to fall into

that example of

unbelief but with whom was the Lord

grief 40 years was it not with them that

had sinned whose carcasses fell in the

wilderness and to whom swore he that

they should not enter into his rest but

to them who believe not so you see they

could not enter in because of

unbelief let us labor therefore to enter

into that rest lest any one of you fall

into the same example of

unbelief unless you and I do the same

thing go down the same road and stand

before God and the Lord says you had an

example I showed you what happened to

Israel they were classroom they were

examples you were not to fall after that

you had their example you had my word

you had the spirit and yet you failed

you wouldn’t trust me you wouldn’t

believe me take heed Brethren let there

be in any of you an evil heart of

unbelief and departing from the Living

God he was talking to the

church he wasn’t talking to drug addicts

and alcoholics he said Beware lest there

be in any of you God’s people an evil

heart of

unbelief for we are made partakers of

Christ if we hold the beginning of our

confidence steadfast unto the end and

and we hold fast that confidence in the

Lord Jesus has warned us that you and I

are going to go into the greatest trial

of faith that any society or any

generation has ever had that children of

Israel in the wilderness that test they

had is nothing to the test that the new

spiritual Israel is going to face we’ve

got our own Wilderness we have our own

invasion of serpents we’ve got something

far more intense the furnace that we go

through is 7 times hotter than the seven

times hot fire of the three Hebrew

children here’s what Jesus warns us

through Peter that the trial of your

faith being much more precious than of

gold though it be tried with fire might

be found under praise and honor glory at

the pering of the Lord

Jesus our young people are being tested

like no other Generation Dead Mom do you

know what it’s like to go to school when

95% of the kids are blowing pot when

almost every kid around you was drinking

and that’s all they’re talking about is

sex and pot getting stoned shooting

crank do you know what it’s like for our

college students to go to our Pagan

schools where there’s no support there’s

nothing they stand alone like the three


children the future seems so impossible

depression hangs over thehead and

poverty and

hunger and our kids today are getting

scared they’re really getting scared

everywhere I go because things seem to

be spinning out of

control countries are closing to

missionaries and kids say how do I go to

a foreign country now the countries are

closing I want to give my life to the

Lord but I I wonder in spite of all

these dark things I wonder how many in

this last day when things get dark how

many are going to hold on I wonder how

many in spite of all this talk about

faith how many at that last day when the

Trump of God sounds how many are going

to be so expected and excited and full

of faith and say oh god I’ve jetsen my

unbelief I believe you I trust you

fully Jesus warned that some will

believe for a while but then when the

test comes they going to fail he said

they’re on the they on the Rock are they

which one they hear they receive the

word with joy but they don’t have root

in themselves because in a little while

in a time of testing they’re going to

fall away said when the fire falls when

the test comes are going to fall away

how long have you claimed to believe God

it’s been 5 years 10 15

20 how many teachers missionaries and

Advan I’ve met who preached Faith all

their lives and then when the test came

they failed God had a preacher

son come to me bitter and hard and cold

his mother had been praying for him we

got to the bottom of it what had turned

and B Because he’d been so tender to the

Lord when I when he was was a young man

he’ such a call of God in his heart and

grieved me he’s a college student to see

him so hard now and he said Jimmy what

happened his grandmother did it to him

his grandmother had been a great

missionary a great missionary for 50

years Grandma came home the mission

field and Grandpa died her husband was

taken the Lord took him home and she

grieved for two or three years couldn’t

understand she just a little angry at

God and she she she finally w wound up

this dear saint of God been in missv for

50 years wound up in front of a

television sat on a rocking chair for 3

years just rocking back and forth didn’t

pray didn’t read her Bible absolutely

absolutely withered her faith withered

her Joy

withered that boy went up to Grandma one

day he watched her withering inside just

like some of you grandmothers and

grandfathers here once had a touch of

God you used to be an example of Faith

to the young people to your children and

now look what’s happened that boy went

to his Grandma one day in the bitterness

of his heart and saw how dry and empty

she was he said

Grandma you’ve been lying all your life

you’ve been telling lies haven’t you she

looked at him he said you’ve been

telling me all my life what Jesus could

do how he could keep you by his power

what he could do for a soul that gave

him everything Grandma why doesn’t it

work for you what happened and he looked

at his grandma and said Grandma I don’t

want anything that you’ve got nothing

you can say he said I don’t want what

you’ve got he turned his back on

God and how

many dear

oldtimers how it gased my

heart you knew what it was to weep

between the porch and the

altar you had such a dynamic Living

Faith I had someone called my hotel room

the other day Dear Old Saint of God that

knew my dad and mom and she’s still

going on with the Lord in such a way and

she said David in your meeting something

happened I haven’t seen in years my eyes

begin to quiver again because when the

spirit comes on me my eyes

quiver and I thought oh that’s blessed

that’s beautiful I want to see I don’t

care what it takes if it takes your AR

eyes quivering your heart quivering oh

that you could quiver once again under

the anointing of the Holy Spirit and say

oh God renew my faith give me back my

first love give me back that simple

childlike confidence in you

Hallelujah Jesus said to Mary and Martha

didn’t I tell you if You’ believe me

you’d see the glory of

God that’s what he said to you and me

didn’t I tell you you believe me you

trust me I’d deliver you I’d show you

glory folks God’s not waiting you for

for he not waiting for you to do some

great work for him every I go on country

I people come up to me say brother Dave

I I feel like I called to the full-time

Ministry and all kind people are selling

their houses and their lands and and and

getting in a car trying to go somewhere

to find a Ministry they can give

themselves to oh people I can’t tell you

how many people come down to where we’re

at in East Texas they about 15

Ministries down there agapy Youth of the

mission our ministry about 15 we we’re a

little tssa down there in East Texas I

don’t know what’s

happen I mean almost every day two three

four five Carls a week people come down

they’ve got all their belongings packed

in an old bus or on a car and there they

are they just drop in and said I I I

gave up my job I give everything because

I’m so I’m so empty inside and I want to

give God everything I have and sometimes

God is in it but many many times he is

not because God’s not looking for your

house he’s not looking for your car you

can’t make him any richer than he is

right now what’s he going to do with

your house what’s you going to do with


car it’s pile of junk anyhow

young man came up to me for 15 years he

been collecting coins he’s worth

thousands of dollars he said brother

Dave God told me I had to give you my


collection I said I don’t want your coin

collection I said that’s not what God

want he not looking for your coins he’s

looking for your faith your

trust that’s not your idol it’s been


he’s not wanting anything you possess

not your land or your worldly

possessions he wants your confidence he

wants your

trust God’s not calling you to just show

your house and you land and go out and

do something because that not going to

SLE your problem you’re still going to

be restless and I know that I know that

fact I’ve given some of these people

chances and they still year later

they’re still looking to get in a car

and go somewhere else always run running

they’re running

away from that simple confidence God is


for for without faith it’s impossible to

please God he that cometh to him must

believe that he is that he’s a rewarder

of them that diligently seek him I don’t

got you can cry a river of Tears that’s

not going to touch God you can give

everything you have that’s going to

touch him cuz he said without faith

possible no way you can please me other

than your Faith your confidence in

me God said if you’ll trust me I’ll use

this confidence you have in me to give

you something in your heart that help

you Rise Above This crumbling world do

you know saints of God he wants us so

much to have this confidence in him that

while everything around us crumbles we

don’t have to be like the world

afraid lady friend told me she said

brother if you told me to go get my

neighbor and bring him to church I went

to my neighbor and said will you come

here brother Wilson she said why in the

world would I go to church he said I

can’t even listen to the news I’m so

scared why would I go to CHS and get

scared and it’s crumbling all around and

people they don’t even want to watch the

news anymore you know probably half the

country now even listen to the news

anymore they’re

scared and the Lord said he wants us to

have something he said when you lay down

you shall not be afraid yeah you shall

lay down and your sleep shall be sweet

you will not be afraid of sudden fear

neither the desolation of the wicked

which is coming for the Lord shall be

your confidence he shall keep your foot

from being taken so cast not away

therefore your confidence with that

great recompense of reward little

children abide in me that when he shall

appear we shall have confidence not be

ashamed of his coming and this is the

confidence that we have in him that we

ask anything according to his will he

hears us and we know if he hears us

whatsoever we ask we know we shall have

that petition of him you shall not be

afraid of evil Tidings because your

heart shall be fixed trusting in the

Lord your heart shall be established and

you shall not be afraid and in that day

this song shall be sung in Judah thou

will keep him in perfect peace whose

mind is stayed on him the Lord showed me

something beautiful I was I like to pray

while I’m walking in the woods one day I

was walking in the woods and I saw a

little Sparrow on the

ground I thought it was a snake at first

because I saw a cloud of dust I jump

back it was a little little bird falling

out of nest and the wing had been broken

and just trying to fly just flopping

over and it was pitiful I’m kneeling

down holding that little bird and the

scripture came to me i’ seen many times

didn’t understand it’s in Matthew not a

sparrow falls to the ground and I used

to think it said not a sparrow falls to

the ground without your father knowing

about it but in Matthew it doesn’t say

that not a sparrow falls to the ground

without the

father he’s right there he doesn’t fall

into your sin but he’s there when you

fall not one Falls without the father

can you imagine that not a sparrow falls

and breaks its wing and and I’m looking

at that little bird and I think of the

times my wing have been broken and how I

thought that he wasn’t there and here I

am the Lord said see that little bird

that broken wing I know all about it I’m

I’m with that bird right now that bird

didn’t fall without my knowledge my I’m

with that bird and if I’m with that bird

how much am I with you I’ll not forsake

you oh Hallelujah not one of you been

wounded without the father being with

you all the time he’s right there he

feels the burden of your

heart the only reason he says have faith

in me trust me because he knows that’s

the only way he can get through to you

and meet your need because unbelief ties

his hand doesn’t say angry at your

unbelief because I’m mad at you I’m

angry that I want to help you so bad and

you’re tying my hands his anger is

against are tying him up not against us

but what we’re doing to ourselves and

the Lord said then hey I’m trying to get

through to you don’t find me anymore let

me loose let me

free it’s the only anger oh how he

wanted to work with Israel how the only

thing that angered God when the Bible

said he was angry at Israel that didn’t

mean that he was impetuous that didn’t

mean that he had a wrath against the

unbelief itself it was what they were

doing to themselves said you’re dying in

that Wilderness you’re dying in despair

I have all this Glory waiting for you I

want to take you into the promised land

I want to give you the Grapes of escal I

want to give you honey and milk and I

want to feed you and I want to give you

corn from the land and I want to give

you joy unspeakable and full of glory

and you’re tying my

hands let’s not TI them up anymore say

God forgive my unbelief Set Me Free oh