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the holy spirit is always uh likened

unto the wind when he came in Acts

chapter two on the day of Pentecost he

came like a mighty rushing wind and uh

the wind is a tight throughout the Old

and New Testament of the presence the

power the anointing of the precious Holy

Spirit Wind can be so powerful it can

tear down trees it can be so powerful

that you can see the news people stand

sometimes in hurricanes and they’re bent

over and they’re trying to walk and they

walk like an old man because the wind is

is blowing so hard it’s has the power to

move to create to destroy to create

upheaval and to

destroy about 30 ft above the ground the

wind is basically always blowing the

wind windiest part of the Year lasts for


months and the windiest day of the year

because wind has patterns they know this

is December the 31st the calest day if

you’re planning something outside

September the

8th the wind always is calm that time

and is kicked up the other time the wind

most often comes from the

west and Pilots know this there

something called a Tailwind that if you

fly from the west coast to the east

coast you’ll pick up a lot of miles per

hour just because of the wind that comes

from the West most of the year but there

are several other weeks and months that

the wind comes from the east from July

to August and then the wind comes down

from the north October through February

the 16th it’s very very clear patterns

of the wind the wind blows where it

wants to as the text says and then he

Likens it and you can hear the sound of

it but you can’t tell where it came

from so is everyone who is born of the

spirit the Bible talks about the Four

Winds the amazing confirmation of even

scientific facts the Bible was written

thousands of years ago and it gives

Revelations about the winds there are

Four Winds North Wind South Wind East

Wind West Wind and God is in control

control of all of them if you do a study

on the winds in the Bible each one of

them have certain characteristics every

time they show up and their all four

keep showing up over and over and over


over when it says a North Wind came that

is the direction in which the wind

originates it starts in the North or it

starts if it’s a West Wind from the west

and it goes out across the other


the Bible talks about first of all the

East Wind it’s the wind of judgment in


scriptures when Joseph had the dream of

the seven skinny cows the Bible says

this in Genesis chter 41 it was a

prediction about a famine that was

coming for seven years and the scripture

said that there came a blast from the

East Wind that sprang up in his dream

and he saw the cows go from fat to

skinny because a famine came but notice

what brought that famine the East Wind

the Bible says in Exodus that when the

plagues were released onto the Egyptians

that it was the East Wind in Exodus

chapter 10 and verse 13 the East Wind

that brought the Locust the plague the

Judgment of God upon that

Nation the Middle East when a sandstorm

comes it comes from the East it’s

judgment Hosea 13 and verse1 15 and the

East Wind shall come after prosperity

and so on and the East Wind shall come

and The Fountains will dry up and spoil

the treasures the winds that blow that

we don’t enjoy the destructive winds I

want to declare to you today they hit

all of our Lives the destructive winds

the the bad stormy winds that tear our

life to pieces and when they come even

then God is the master of the wind he is

in control of the storms and it feels

like they’re destroying D destructive

winds that are destroying our lives and

tearing them all to pieces even then God

is still master of that wind so the East

Wind has to do with destruction and pain

and and upheaval and and and a tearing

up of lives it brings in b bad judgment

or bad correction and and into our life

and we think we’re forsaken by God when

in reality God’s the master of that wind

he’s doing something and he’s going to

use that wind for his glory and then

there’s the West Wind it blows in from


sea and when that West Wind Blows

in it can

change and suddenly the season of your

life changes and then there’s the south

wind it’s described as a warm wind job

37 and verse1 17 how are your garments

warm when the comfort of the south wind

comes Jesus in Luke 12 said when you see

the south wind blow you say there will

be heat because they recognize that the

south wind brings heat and brings warmth

and then there’s the north wind lastly

and it’s a cold wind and these Seasons

hit our lives destructive winds that

tear Our Lives to pieces and we wake up

one day and say what happened it feels

like my life is I got a bad report this

happened I lost my job my life is I

don’t know what I’m going to do and then

there’s other times a a wonderful sweet

southern wind the south wind will fly

will will come into our life and flow

into our life and warm us back up good

things happen and then a North Wind will

come sometime and then sometimes a bommy

wind from the sea the West all of these

Seasons my point is God is in control of

them all he’s working all things

together for our good God uses all those

winds to purify you and to sanctify you

and to draw you nearer to

him thank you so much for watching make

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