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Heavenly Father help us tonight to enter

into the fellowship of your

sufferings help us to get our eyes off

our own sufferings and get our eyes on

the sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ

that we may pray tonight as Paul did oh

that I might know

him in the power of his resurrection and

the fellowship of his

sufferings oh holy spirit that open our

eyes Lord I know I’ve prayed about this

I know you gave this to me so I I humbly

share it and ask that special unique

anointing baptize it in love help us to

receive it not as from a man who comes

in to to make a point or with a chip on

his shoulder I come with love I come

with a broken heart feeling your heart

and your need so minister to us in

jesus’ name

amen that I might know him and the power

of his resurrection and the fellowship

of his sufferings not suffering but

sufferings being made conformable unto


death Fellowship is a union of friends

who share a similar interest or problem

and to suffer means to feel pain or

distress and here you see Paul yearning

to share the pain and distress that

Jesus Christ

experienced you’d think that he had

enough suffering of his own because hard

anyone has suffered more than Paul and

didn’t he have enough hurt and care with

all the church is weighing heavy on his

back and with all the cares of the

churches and all his own suffering he

puts them aside and he prays oh God that

I might know how to share your pain and


hurt and it was soon after his

conversion that ananas came to him with

the word from the Lord speaking of the

great things that he must suffer for the

sake of Christ’s

name and it was more than just the shame

that he would bear or rejection or


hardships he was going to suffer through

shipwreck stonings beatings the

afflictions of body and soul he was

going to take joyfully the spoiling of

all of his

Goods in triumph over all of his

sufferings the day would come when Paul

would cry out I reckon that the

sufferings of this present time are not

worthy to be compared with the glory

which shall be revealed in

us and you see if you read his life

story you see Paul suffering as much as

any other man of God on Earth yet he

considered his absolutely nothing

comparison to the sufferings of Jesus

Christ as Lord even Peter spoke of being

not only a witness to his suffering but

a partaker of his suffering Peter said I

who am also an elder was a witness of

the sufferings of Christ then he goes on

to say rejoice in as much as you are

partakers of Christ suffering Peter said

I just didn’t see him suffer I partook

of his sufferings here’s Paul praying

the same thing I don’t want to be just a

witness I don’t want to hear about it I

want to enter into his

sufferings who in our day and age is

praying like Paul who is yearning to

know Christ in The Fellowship of his


because the church in these last days is


inwardly we spend most of our spiritual

energy on the pain and distress of hurts

of our own

members in nearly every community in the

United States today there are small

prayer groups intimate prayer

groups who are reaching out with

compassion to share their hurts of their

suffering friends and

neighbors and we’ve really entered into

the fellowship of our brothers and

sisters we have thank God for that the

problem is we’re becoming selfishly

consumed by our own

hurts we’re consumed by the hurts of our

own brothers and sisters and it’s left

us with little or no time to think of

Christ’s sufferings let alone enter into

them and I I think I’m a bit ashamed as

I look back over the past 25 years of my

Ministry and my preaching how many

sermons I’ve preached about human


and so little about Christ suffering

I’ve wept over the hurts of

multitudes but I’ve never shed a tear

over Christ suffering I’ve known the

pain and sorrow of people from all walks

of life and all kinds of Sinners but

I’ve known nothing of his

sufferings and look about you today and

see if that’s not the problem of almost

all Christendom today go into any

bookstore and count the number of books

that deal with human hurt depression

fear reje divorce remarriage loneliness

Etc go to any seminar almost any Crusade

you’re going to hear a lot of preaching

about how to cope with personal pain and

distress but how little was written how

little is preached how little is taught

about the sufferings of Jesus

Christ now I’m not putting all that

down because we need all the help we can

get but my point is that Christians

everywhere including myself we’ have

become obsessed with our own problems

our own hurts our own needs our own

suffering we’ve become strangers

absolute strangers to his

sufferings we’ve got to start praying as

Paul did that we can share in

his now the sufferings of Christ are not

to be found in his human

body they’re all

spiritual we get very sentimental when

we talk talk about Christ paint at

Calvary we’re deeply moved by the talk

of the crown of thorns on his head

piercing his skull we talk about the

driven Nails the piercing spear in his

side the Deering crowds and the mocking

soldiers but you can never enter into

the sufferings of Christ if that’s as

deep as you go the sufferings of Jesus

Christ go much much deeper than

that Paul knew what it was to be beaten

and mocked and urged Paul

bled he too is despised and rejected by

men if you’re going to use a human scale

of pain Paul probably just about balance

the sufferings of Christ and I can take

in church history and show you many men

who suffered physically far more than


Christ nor was it a cosmic suffering

that Paul’s talking about there’s no

human being that can enter into the

Divine suffering of Jesus this Universal

suffering of taking in the sins of the

whole world on himself he alone was

wounded for our

transgressions and the agony of his

Redemptive Act is uniquely his this this

Redemptive act that Calvary none of us

can enter into we can’t even begin to

comprehend that suffering don’t even try

to describe it that’s Cosmic we have

nothing to do with

that the sufferings of Christ that Paul

and we can Fellowship in have to do with

his spiritual sufferings while he was

here on

Earth he suffered more before he went to

the cross I believ that when he was on

the cross it had to do with the

backslidden church unbelieving loved

ones and what it cost him to leave this

earth and go to the

heavenlies we often think about what it

cost him to come down from Heaven to

Earth but there was another cost and

that was when he left the Earthly for

the divine for the

Heavenly now no man can fully understand

the sufferings of Jesus I’m certainly

limited my

vision but over the past few months the

holy spirit’s been allowing me to

Fellowship in three aspects of his

suffering and I want to share them with

you tonight first of all Christ suffered

grievously at the sight of his house

being turned into a den of

Thieves Jesus went up to Jerusalem at

the Passover and he entered into the

temple and what he saw appalled him all

the grief at what he


merchandiser merchandisers had taken

over the house of

God he came seeking a house of

prayer and what he found was a business

conducted by

churchmen he came to KNE with God’s

people at a holy altar of worship what

he found was a preoccupation with

promotion this display and sale of


merchandise the selling of religious

articles became more important than the

sacrifice the religious leaders were


prophets God’s people were not reading

or studying or hearing the word they

were too busy selling religious articles

they were so busy they went about

promoting thinking they were doing the

work of God men of God had become

more pushers of their articles than they

were of the sacrifice of the

temple if you speak of suffering folks

you’ve got to understand the terrible

pain that our Lord suffered at such a

sight which one of the disciples would

have walked into the temple and felt

that kind of pain which one of them

would have stood there and have been

appalled at what they had seen how many

of them would have taken a whip and

driven them out of the temple how many

would would have felt the wrath of God

it’s seeing the house of God being

turned into a Merchandising

Mart and picture that

moment here’s a compassionate Christ

boiling with holy anger here’s a Meek

spirited man raging with righteous

indignation picture that lonely savior

now his spiritual vowels

boiling he’s got a whip in his hand and

he storms into the temple and he’s

flailing in all directions he’s

overturning the tables piled with

merchandise he scatters the promoters

and the pitchmen and the

husters and he Thunders

out out of my father’s house you have

dis desecrated this holy Place turning

this House of Prayer into commercial

Enterprise not anywhere else in the

scripture will you find such outrage in

Jesus it was one of the most painful

suffering experiences in his ministry he

couldn’t stand by and see his father’s

house become a den of religious

thieves and young people when I see the

wrath of God displayed I watch and take

notice understand this is the wrath of

God on display wrath of God those

words don’t they hit your heart the

wrath of God

we become religious

thieves when we are more interested in

the money than the

message when we’d rather profit than

prophesy we are thieves if we produce or

sell Records books tapes simply to make

money even for good causes rather than

to get a messy out we are thieves if we

merchandise more

we we feel our merchandise is more

important than the

message I’m not against the the making

and the selling of any books records

tapes or anything

else but I’m wondering if you and I are

willing to enter into the fellowship of

Christ suffering on this very

Point are we going to allow ourselves to

feel the paint and pain and hurt of

seeing God’s house being turned over to

merchandisers I of the church in

general we have commercialized the

gospel of the Lord Jesus

Christ do you feel any spiritual rage in

you when you hear the

husters promoting anything with the name

of Jesus on

it can we share his suffering in this

point to stand up against those who had

turned God’s house into a theater or

just a house of

entertainment and that’s what’s

happening one half of the time in many

of our churches now it’s given over to

nothing but pure

entertainment pure

promotion no Holy Ghost

move no honoring of the name of Jesus

it’s to get a crowd it’s to count

heads and the you finally come down to

the point are we merchants or

missionaries can we grieve over Propet

teering on the name of Jesus can we get

Eyes Off cast and back on the cross in


church Peter warns of the coming of

false prophets are going to steal in

Among Us and the Bible said they’re

going to be Covetous men they will with

phony words make merchandise of you and

other words they’re going to come with a

sales pitch they won’t see anything but

dollar signs in the congregation they’ll

put the name of Jesus on anything to get

your money to make themselves rich and

these are Merchants that need to quit

preaching the gospel and go into

business it’s okay for businessmen to do

it but not

evangelist how the heavens must rage

against all the buying and selling of

all the crazy Jesus

junk how it must hurt our Lord to see if

van is more concerned about the record

and tape sales and the Book Sales than


Humanity what fortunes are being made to

promotion and sale of

merchandise we’ve done more than

commercialized Christmas we

commercialized the

godhead God gives us a talent a gift and

we pack it and sell

it we freely receive and expensively

sell we’re so afraid to trust God for

our Ministries we develop a side

business out of what God has freely

given us we incorporate our talents to

turn a profit and I’m wondering if there

are any advantes in America left that

have nothing to

promote know how God’s dealing with

me you see I I I don’t have all the

answers yet see the bibles are sold and

that’s how the word of God has gotten

around the world Paul used his talents

to make

tents I think it has to do with personal

profit versus support of God’s work but

anything that demeans the name of Jesus

Christ I’ve got to tell you

tonight people I’m struggling over this

I’m really deeply struggling because

listen to what Jesus says this this

frightens me Mark 11:15 said Jesus cast

out them that bought and sold in the

temple he threw them out listen to this

take these things away Jesus said take

them away make not my house a house of

merchandise that scares me that makes me

go back and think of how how many times

Publishers have called me up and said

David we need a book anything your book

sell and I’ve got to confess to you I’ve

written three or four books over the

past years that I did just because we


money I weep over it now I grieve over

it and I’m struggling with

this because I I believe God does raise

up good spirit filled businessmen to

produce distribute Bibles and books and

records and

tapes but you see my problem is what I

feel in my heart that anything that

touches the cross should not be

expensive I’m wondering if we were

really where we should be with God if we

would be selling

anything I’m wondering I don’t know yet

I don’t have the answers I wish somebody

could give it to me our cont and I God

been dealing with

me I can’t tell you the grief I feel

anymore when I pick up some magazines

sent out by evangelist and they’re

selling everything from holy mustard

seeds to holy water to everything and I

think the world and the CER out

there Associates the gospel with

trinklets and gimmicks and

promotion and see the issue goes beyond

selling merchandise in the house of God

it includes all secular promotion of the

things that are holy and of God secular

promotion of God’s

things you know you and I would be

shocked tonight if you knew how many

popular Ministries in

America are in the hands of Public


men secular

promoters they package and sell the

gospel like soap and

cereal the result is cutesy little songs

and sermons with a lot of hype and no

life this this week I got a formal

notice from an outstanding Ministry in

America informing me that they had just

hired a Madison Avenue promotion man

because they wanted a new image to raise


money can’t tell you almost it makes me

want to

vomit the prophets are being replaced by


men we need more Exposure One said so he

went and hired a public for him to make

his name known and I could tell you the

man and You’

cry I want nothing to do with the

professional husters and promoters they

have no right to touch the anointed

things of God they compromise the men of

God they rob them of their anointing and

they substitute some slick lifeless kind


evangelism they take these powerful men

of God and they turn them into proud

celebrities who build reputations on the

gospel if God’s trying to do anything

he’s trying to deglamorize the gospel El

and the preachers we’ve got enough stars

and God said he going to get all the

glory you know I go to some Crusades now

and I see men coming on stage and the

audience is standing and clapping and

almost idolizing and sometimes I I think

God that man’s on dangerous gun he may

drop dead no man can take his glory no

man can handle the

glory that’s why I walked

away no man can handle it you know what

these promoters are doing they’re taking

anointed spiritual singing groups

they’re dressing them in sequin jackets

jackets they rewrite their song so no

one’s going to be offended then they try

to make them so professional they can

get a song on the secular

charts and I see singing groups all

across America being

seduced losing God’s anointing anointing

and ending up just another lifeless this

group few groups are left in

America who are still

unspoiled they all seem to go the same

way they want a professional

sound and they they they they want to

sound even better than the secary I hear

it someone sent me a record the other

day of of a group that my wife and i’

love to hear and they were so humble

when they started the first time I heard

them I cried and I wept but someone came

along said you’re not professional

enough you just don’t have the

professional sound and you’re not

dressed right we got last week their

last record it’s the most lifeless

pitiful thing I’ve ever seen it’s glossy

it’s smooth but it’s

dead it’s

dead I’d rather hear someone stand up

and make all kinds of mistakes and I

don’t care how they’re dressed as long

as they have the anointing of the


that doesn’t mean that you have to have

an unprofessional sound but it’s so easy

to get away from the anointing of all

the groups they say I’ll never go that

way here later there they go same way

all trying to compete and finally they

get to the place where they get on their

buses or they get in their Vans or

whatever it is and they say how many

records did we

sell how much did we make listen friends

not only will God not bless this Modern

Trend toward professionalism he’s going

to thunder against it and drive it out

of his presence Heaven didn’t put up

with it at Jerusalem he’s not going to

put up with it in these last days the

days of the commercializes are over he’s

going to drive it out of his church it’s

all over God will not put up with that

secular professionalism keeping in and

destroying the anointing of the Holy

Ghost he won’t allow it oh God bring us

all back God bring us


secondly Christ

suffers when those he loves most doubt

his interest in them and his power when

we who love him most doubt his interest

in us and his power now Jesus loved

Lazarus he dearly loved his two sisters

Mary and Martha their home was an oasis


him we know

that that Lazarus loved Jesus

but you see here’s something unique this

is not the Bible speaking about man’s

love for Jesus this is Jesus the Bible

is speaking of Jesus love for Lazarus

it’s just the opposite how Jesus loved

him the scripture says he who Christ

loved was sick it’s Lazarus he whom

Christ loved was sick Jesus heard it and

he sent a message to Mary and Martha

this sickness is not unto death but for

the glory of God God now let’s stop

right there doesn’t say the resurrection

is to the glory of God what does it say

just back up a little bit come on now

what does it say this sickness is not

unto death but this sickness is to the

what now that’s not a David Wilkerson

version of the

Bible this

sickness is not under death but is for

the glory of God that the Son of God may

be glorified thereby Jesus knew that

there was a miracle coming that would

give him glory and hopefully the faith

and confidence of those who loved him

most and he loved but oh what a

suffering experience this turned out to

be it was intended by God to bring Glory

it should have been a beautiful

Resurrection experience but it turned

out to be one of the most suffering

moments in our savior’s life how he

suffered I don’t think you see the

disciples doubted him Mary Martha

doubted him the Weeping friends of

Lazarus doubted him and I don’t think

Mary Knew How Deeply she hurt Jesus when

she accused him of being disinterested

or preoccupied Master if you had been

here if in other words if you just taken

the effort the time it’s too late the

damage and done where were

you I don’t think she knew how that hurt

him I don’t think she knew how in his

human form he suffered when the one he

loved the most would not trust him and

accuse him being disinterested in their

needs and their

problems I don’t think Martha knew how

she hurt the master made him suffer when

she questioned his resurrection power

Jesus had plainly told her thy brother

shall rise

again she shrugs her

shoulders and she said oh yes on the

Resurrection Day he’s going to rise but

what about now he’s

dead how painful it must have been for

Jesus how he must have suffered when he

had to try to persuade his dearest

friends that he was God In the Flesh

that he had all power that he was

interested in them that he’ not

forgotten them he he said he’s saying in

essence don’t you still know who I am

you’re hurting me I’m the resurrection

don’t you understand I’m the life

believe in me believe in me believe in

me I have the power I have the

life I wonder if Jesus wasn’t saying to

himself now look the Pharisees won’t

believe I came to my own people they

wouldn’t believe the sinner doesn’t

believe the Publican doesn’t believe the

priest doesn’t believe and if those who

I love the most don’t believe who will


believe there no one

left oh the pain this matter of

ignoring his power this is what causes

you want to enter into the sufferings of


Christ it’s when and his dearest friends

will not trust his power and if we his

dearest friends will not trust him who

will tell me who’s going to trust God if


won’t we’re the ones he loves we’re the

ones who love

him we call him friend we call him Lord

but we don’t live our lives as though he

had the power needed to keep us in

Victory and

joy oh in recent weeks every time I’m in

the bathroom come with my hair every

time I take a bath every time I sit down

to study I’ve had it coming at me night

and day every day of the week now for

two or 3 weeks David is he

Lord is he really Lord David am I

Lord then why are you worried if he is

Lord why do we have such pain when we

think of sickness or

death why does it frighten

us why do we allow ourselves to live so

empty and

dry when our God has a strong arm that

can Crush all might and

power you know what I believe read

satisfies the Heart of Jesus more than

anything else and I believe this is the

glory of God you talk about seeing the

glory of God I the glory of God is not

something mystical it’s not something

you can’t see you can see the glory of

God you know what the glory of God is

you know what brings more satisfaction

to his heart when a child of his fully

completely trusts him

that’s the glory of God that brings

satisfaction to his heart more than

anything else there is one there is one

who fully completely trust me my power

my wisdom it’s that child who can say I

know God you have all power I believe

you can heal and save by whatever means

you choose but I also believe you have

all wisdom and I’m going to treat

completely trust you even when I don’t

understand how you’re working

all the church is full of people who

believe in his power that’s all they

know and that’s all they want to

know they all you get in a meeting where

the Miracles are flowing and the

blessings are flowing you’ll find all

kinds of Faith pumped up and oh oh I

believe in God’s power and everybody

goes out glorifying God’s

power but let

God exert his

wisdom and take a loved one home to

glory and those same power

Brokers start

pouting they go into a tail spin of fear

and unbelief and they end up accusing

God of being unfair or unconcerned

because all they knew was his power and

nothing about his

wisdom I don’t think there’s anybody

Believes In Miracles more than I do I

believe in healing I believe God can

heal cancer I believe there’s any

disease God is in the healing business

he’s doing it all the time but I believe


God has authority over all the universe

all nature all the kingdoms of Darkness

but I don’t trust God at all if I can’t

believe that he’ll do what is right even

through good times bad times in sickness

and in health in life or

death you don’t believe God at all until

you can believe him in any and all

circumstances you take something you may

not have understood yet but I’m

beginning to understand it I enter in to

Christ sufferings when I grieve over

Christians who believe God gets Glory

only out of miracles signs and

wonders when I look at

people who have boed God into nothing

but miracles signs and wonders and

that’s the only way they SE God the only

way they believe him I grieve over that

that’s when I enter into the sufferings

of Jesus Christ because he Grieves over


when Jesus said this sickness is for the

glory of God it was not just the

resurrection from the

dead and there are a lot of Christians

cringe at the thought that God can get

Glory out of his

sickness I’m going to go a step further

than that and I can tell you that God

even gets Glory out of the death of his

Saints death is a curse but death in

Christ is the ultimate

healing death in Christ is the Al he and

I had a woman and her husband come to me

once and they were praying for a little

child they prayed oh God heal him

completely heal him completely and the


died and they got they went in tail SP

and said don’t you understand he

answered your prayer completely you you

prayed down on that boy the ultimate

healing God healed him completely he’s

got a glorified body ain’t that better

than the one you were praying for ain’t

that better who who would trade a

glorified body for even a healthy body

may be the most healthiest Christian in

America wouldn’t would you trade that

most health healthy body for a glorified

body would

you well we hold on to everything don’t

we we put Health above glorified

bodies you know what I pray every day of

my life Lord let my living and my dying

bring glory to your

name it’s not doubt to rest in God’s

wisdom to overrule our prayers and our

faith that’s no

doubt job said though he slay me yet

I’ll trust him if God and I mean this if

God doesn’t answer another single prayer

in my life I’m still going to trust him

I’m still going to believe

him you know what Mary and Martha should

have done he shouldn’t have even had to

prove his resurrection power to have

their faith should he weren’t they his

friends shouldn’t Mary and Martha said

Jesus we know you’re able to raise him

but if not you must have some

Supernatural reason backed by your holy

wisdom so are we going to accept your

will wow that’s that’s contrary to

everything we’re hearing today I’ll tell

you something I know a dying family in

Ohio that’s bringing more glory to God

than all the healthy Christians in that

state I just got the

clippings 3 days ago was sent to my wife

they’re called the singing

seist they’re in Wadsworth

Ohio the father

the grandfather had a rare form of

intestinal stomach cancer it’s been

passed down through all the children

they have three daughters two of the

daughters died as teenagers the last one

that died a year ago the third daughter

has a large tumor in her stomach and

she’s dying and the father has a huge

tumor his stomach protrudes a huge tumor

in his

stomach but I’m going to tell you

something folks they’ve been in the

headlines all over the state a whole

stack of clipping were sent to me even

the news reporters were amazed you know

what it

says faith in the face of

death faith in the face of death I

talked to them on the phone last

night they couldn’t believe that i’ just

pick up the phone and call them you know

what they said we’ve been praying for

your suffering and your

wife they said brother Dave when Lori

died last year people came to her room

from everywhere she spread such Joy she

had such a hunger to go and be with the

Lord and sing in his

choir and I talked to them last night

and they said oh we’ve not suffered the

Lord has revealed himself you know

people all over Ohio you know what

they’re saying about the secrets they’re

saying that’s the kind of faith I want

that’s the kind of God I want to serve

one who can give you peace and rest in

the face of death

itself a God who keeps you from coming

apart in a


let me tell you something folks that’s

the kind of faith I

want God does have to have a miracle to

prove his

glory he gets Glory out of any situation

he even causes the wrath of men to

praise him the sweetest Grace that God

has is reserved for those who go through

the valley in the shadow of

death and we know that I have never in

my life talked to someone sweeter who

knew his grace more than brother and

sister seist

to hear him talk he said Brother David

what it does you hold on to everything

in this world like that you don’t get

attached to anything and you live every

day wanting to go

home yet he’s still making

records for the glory of

Jesus blessed are they who have not seen

yet believe blessed those who’ve not

seen what a miracle an answer to prayer

bless those not seen and yet

believe thirdly Christ suffered when he

gave up that which on Earth was most

precious to him when he gave up on Earth

that which was most precious to him you

want to enter into his sufferings then

listen closely this is one of the most

important now the Bible says that Jesus

loved Lazarus he loved Mary he loved

Martha could it be that he did love his

mother dearly how could he love Lazarus

and Mary and Marth and not love his

mother did he love his disciples more

than his mother no I can’t believe that

in his Earthly form the Bible said he

was the son of Mary he was the son of

Mary he’s the son of God but in the

flesh he’s the son of

Mary now one line tells us something

about God’s loving attitude toward this

blessed woman he was the fruit of her

womb she cuddled Jesus as a baby she

taught him she was just like every other

loving caring mother who has a close

relationship sh with a child our last

boy Greg has just left home to go to

Detroit to work on the streets and he

had such a beautiful close relationship

to his mother it was a painful thing for

her to see him

leave she grieved when the neighbors and

Friends spoke against her son how many

times Mary must have wept herself to

sleep when she heard the slander and the

lies and the

accusations about her own son how many

times did she go in a crowd and hear

them say

something you know when my wife spoke

here today I was down on the first floor

I got in the elevator and the meeting

had broke up and a whole group of ladies

came on they were talking about how they

were moved by Mrs Wilkerson they didn’t

know I was on the elevator right there

they didn’t recognize me and I got off

on the seventh floor and I I said I’m so

glad you said things nice about that

lady then they realized who I

was but can you imagine

Mary people not knowing who it was she

was and they hear she’d hear all these

accusation he’s a fraud he’s a phony

he’s a liar he’s the son of the devil

how it must have grieved her can you

imagine Mary’s pain at the foot of the

cross that’s not only the Son of God

that’s her

son now if Jesus is tempted at all

points as we are then certainly he


deeply when he had to give up this

Earthly relationship to his

mother boy what a touching human scene I

was reading this the other day and I

really cried my heart I begin to feel

the pain of Jesus now there stood by the

cross of Jesus his mother Mary and his

mother’s sister and Mary

Magdalene when Jesus therefore saw his

mother evidently Joseph is dead now when

Jesus therefore saw his mother and the

disciple standing by her that’s John

whom he loved he saith unto his mother

woman Behold thy son he’s pointing to

John behold your son and to John the

scriptures then say he to the

disciple John Behold thy mother and from

that hour that disciple took her into

his own home that’s how we know Joseph


dead even if this last hour he’s

thinking of his

mother and Jesus wanted to leave her in

the loving care of someone he trusted

and loved that very day John took Mary

into his home to be a provider and

protector and you know it’s easy to skip

over these seven little words woman

Behold thy son Behold thy mother it’s

easy to skip over that miss the

significance of his

suffering Jesus at this moment was

giving her

up he’s now going to become not just the

son of Mary he’s going to become her

Lord and her savior he’s going back to

his father with great joy in in the

Divine being of God there’s nothing but

rejoice and expect he’s returning to his

heavenly father but he’s also tasted in

his human body the love of a mother he’s

tasted this now I I can’t really relate

to the pain of those Nails in his hands

I can’t relate to the Thorns I can’t

relate to this the the the nails in his

feet and I can’t relate to the spirit in

his side because that’s that’s all

Theory I can’t relate to that you have

to go through it to relate to it but I

can relate to the pain of somebody

giving up something that’s dearest to

him on Earth I can relate to that I can

feel that

pain my wife and I just had a little

sample that last

week my son Gary and Kelly moved into

Detroit to start an interracial Church

Debbie and Bonnie Debbie and Roger my

daughter son-in-law they moved up this

summer to help him Bonnie and Roger

mother daughter and her husband leaving

for Boston to work in the ghetto and

then our last son who just graduated a

few weeks ago two days after gets in a

car and heads up for Detroit and he’s

working on the streets that first day at

home you have to be a father you have to

be a mother to understand that the pain

of giving up what is most dear to you on

Earth just giving it up I begin to


something about his pain that

moment you and I don’t understand how

close he was to his mother he couldn’t

have he couldn’t have been my

representative savior if he hadn’t loved

his mother as much more than I love

mine and there going to come a day that

I’m going to lay my mother down just

like laid my dad my dad was 54 years old

when he died I Lov that man oh I loved

him I’d call him every Sunday night

wherever I was in the world I’d call him

up just to share with my

dad and to be in a meeting one night and

have somebody come in the back door and

bring a telegram and lay it down from my

mother said David dad has just been

glorified and I had to go through my

message but I remember for a month every

Sunday night I’d pick up the phone and

call and one night after God I said Mom

I want to talk to

Dad she said David you know he’s

gone took me years and even now I miss

him I really miss him but I’ve known

that and someday you’re going to know

what it’s like to give up a loved one

and lay it down then you going to

understand the fellowship of your

suffering what it is to give up that

which you love most dearly for the

perfect will of God for the perfect will

of God and that’s what the cross Works

in us the cross works of willingness to

give up up everything that would hinder

us from doing the perfect will of

God you’re more important to me than my

family you’re more important me to the

than my Ministry and everything that you

would be Supreme that I’m willing to

give up everything even my Ministry and

that’s exactly what’s happened to

brother Snider a friend of mine I I use

him in my office now answering mail

counseling and because of a brain tumor

he’s had to give up what he wanted most

on Earth and that’s a pastoral Ministry

but in that giving it up he’s growing

Leaps and Bounds and ways he could have

never grown if this hadn’t come into his

life my wife and I are seeing our

children in a new relationship we have

discovered a new kind of comfort that we

didn’t need until they left we didn’t

need it until they were gone but now

that they’re gone the holy spirit is

doing something in US between us he’s

compensating he’s doing something

special and we’re seeing our children in

a new light because when you give it up

you get it back in a new form that’s far

more glorious you get it back in a more

glorious glorious way and then when I

get to thinking bad about that I think

of dear brother Raven Hill and his

children one down in Australia and one

down in paruay get to see him once every



mhm I’m so glad that Jesus suffered in

such a personal intimate

way you see the way of the Cross is the

surrender when he calls for it of

everything that’s dear in our lives

everything I would imagine there’s

probably 15 or 20 other aspects of the

sufferings of Jesus Christ these

spiritual sufferings and I’ve only seen

a little Glimpse but I know from this


on if I know

anything on this Earth at

all I’m not giving

up until he fully reveals to

me the power and the glory Glory of his

sufferings until I taste them and when

you taste of his sufferings your

sufferings vanish in light of that

glory and I used to be I used to stand I

stood in front of congregation so broken

over the needs of the people I would I

would go back behind stage and just cry

and weep at all the divorce and the

broken homes and the suffering and the

pain and everything

else now that humanly that’s fine that’s


compassion but I should have been

standing there saying people you don’t

know what suffering is we don’t know

what suffering is come on let’s get our

eyes off of this inward let’s turn that

light that’s shining inward where we

always examining ourselves let’s just

turn it around and shine it into his

face and see some of his suffering and

enter into that and ours will ours will

pale in the sight of his suffering I

want that I want that friends I want

that all that your ministry would be one

that enters into the suffering of the

Lord Jesus Christ that you would feel

what he feels and you would do what he

does and enter into that I don’t think

it’s mytical I don’t think it’s

unreachable I’ve tasted it it’s so good

I want all of

it God Is So taking my eyes off of my

own suffering now and he’s changing my

Outlook on my Ministry because now I’ve

laid all the sufferings of the people

package them all up and put them on his


and when you see them through his

suffering they look

different no more sermons on how to

cope oh that I might know him in the

power of his

resurrection you’ve known him in the

power of his resurrection or you

wouldn’t be here you’ve tasted that

resurrection power you’re born again

you’re filled with Spirit Life The Same

Spirit that raised Christ from the dead

has quickened your mortal body you’re

alive in Christ now the suffering comes

after the

resurrection and in doing that you

become conformable to his

death really I don’t know if this means

as much to you as it does to

me and I I’ve just touched the

highlights because I don’t have all the

answers when Jesus

comes I don’t want my eyes on the

cash I want him on the

cross I I feel all over the country

there’s a growing hunger to get to

really know him and to do his perfect

will and not to touch anything that is

unlike him anything that could be

questionable would come under his wrath

or his flaming

eyes oh I see his flaming eyes searching

everything I do and and and you say

isn’t that living under tension oh no

because when you lay something obedience

is its own reward the glory that comes

through obedience this is my last last

meeting except the summer I’m going out

well I’m I’m here tomorrow night that’s

right but uh my last preach engagement I

think I have three nights in September

and I’m not booking anything I have no

more meetings anytime in my future and

I’m not going to preach again I’m not

going to any Crusades or anything until

I can stand in the pulpit and have a

clear clear

revelation of who he is of his suffering

of his glory and his message to the

Church of these last days and he’s

trying to get through to us he’s trying

to say get away from all the

business they began to seek my face put

away everything that’s what he said L

put get rid of it get rid of everything


me and reach out to my

heart this has been the most

happy this is the most glorious year of

my life

because I’ve had

time I wake up every

day so Lord I’ve I’ve got

time I’ve got time and the Lord can’t

speak to us till we give him

time I see all these people rushing

around and busy and building and buying


selling I said oh God thank you for

delivering me from that thank god oh I’m

not I’m not ahead of anybody not a bit

but I’m

hungrier I’m

hungrier it’s like a snowball you get

hungry he feeds you and it gains

momentum and you get hungrier and the

hungrier you get the happier you get cuz

he’s feeding you and he’s and you know

something the big I never thought I’d

come this the greatest thing I used to

get excited every time I’d go to a town

or see this is years ago we were

building and starting teen chall centers

all over the world and every time I see

a mans po that make a great Center let’s

buy it and that farm let’s buy I’m

buying everything in

sight buying buy it buying buying buying

building building building

building and now the greatest excitement

I get is when the Lord reveals something


me should that be should that be the

most important thing in our lives that

God reveals himself and opens his word

to us shouldn’t we be going around

saying heyy it it shouldn’t be hey how

many did you have how many did you have

it should be Hey listen to what God said

to me let me share something we should

all be so excited running around so

excited with our Bibles in our hand I

was praying last night God spoke to

me I told a man recently you can have

all the buildings you can have all the

prime freeway estate you can have all

the Prime Property on the freeway you

can have all the cathedrals you can have

all that you want give me the Revelation

because the Revelation is where the

power is and where the glory

is I didn’t come here to make you

shout come here to be honest with you

and share my

heart i”s say you could ignore it if I

hadn’t been touching

God but I think he’s saying something to

us tonight to all of

us I can’t tell you how much I love you

you know I do I’m one of