This is “Make room For Change”. Jesus was not of a noble family or even a great city. Isaiah 53:2 calls Jesus a root out of the dry ground, not needing the perfect circumstances to move in your life. You may be facing adversity or had a bad upbringing, but it does not have to determine the outcome of your life. God is not moved by our unfavorable conditions; He can do the miraculous even in the driest places. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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open your Bibles with me to the book of

Isaiah Isaiah

53 who has believed our report and to

whom is the Lord the arm of the Lord

revealed he shall grow up before him as

a tender plant and as a root out of dry

ground he will have no form of

comeliness or

handsomeness and when we see him there

is no beauty that we should desire him

he has despised and rejected a Man of

Sorrows AC acquainted with

grief and we hit as were our faces from

him he will he will be it’s a metaphor a

root out of dry ground he’s trying to

draw a mental picture Isaiah sees

something he sees Messiah is coming but

he says this is different the atmosphere

the the environment in which he will be

planted into will not be conducive to

growth he will come out of extreme

adverse conditions but those adverse

conditions will not determine the

outcome you may be facing adverse

circumstances but they do not have to

determine the outcome of your life you

may have come out of a troubled home

family you may have come out of abuse

and pain and you may be in a mess right

now even while I’m speaking to you

wherever you’re watching this or hearing


message but he emphasizes the

unfavorable conditions the Messiah would

appear from that’s a pattern that’s a

Bible principle he is not moved by the

unfavorable conditions that we struggle

with and it may feel like you’ve got a

son or a daughter a mom or a dad that

it’s just not the condition that God

could really do anything in their life

you don’t understand the principle that

he’s a root out of dry ground he doesn’t

he does not need anything from that

person for him to do what he


hallelujah he mentions the lack of

physical attraction concerning Jesus

that he would not

possess that he would not fit The

Stereotype of previous Jewish leaders

for example David the Bible said was

handsome he was comely he was handsome

unusual uh features and strong and

handsome man the Bible says of Saul the

first king of Israel he he looked like a

leader he um he stood ahead and

shoulders the text says physically of

his stature was a head and shoulders

above every other man in Israel when he

walked in the room he stood out he

looked like a winner he looked like a

leader he fit all of the

criteria of uh someone who would grab

the attention of masses of people not

Jesus not Jesus he will come to power

out of dry ground Barren it’s a

description of someone who would appear

to look like they do not have much of a

chance to

survive not to mention to thrive and

grow and take over the world what a joke

the times in which Jesus came and was

born was a time of immorality immorality

was rampant they sexual

immorality uh was rampant in the world

in the time that Christ was born they

were serving multiple gods false


everywhere hate was stronger than love

but it’s in that dry Barren desert of a

land that that suddenly the tender plant

begins to take root and grow the high

priest’s religious system was

corrupt they had been invaded by Babylon

been invaded by Persians been invaded by

the Greeks and by the now conquered by

the Romans and Israel had was just a

shell of its glorious past they were not

a powerful Nation there was nothing it

was dry ground Jesus in the lineage of

David had lost the lineage of David had

lost the crown had lost its Glory it was

no big deal to anybody but Jewish people

the Romans could care less they

laughed you have to understand that had

he descended from Caesar had he


from uh Pharaoh or some powerful person

who had armies and wealth and power that

might have given him a little chance to

actually become someone that could

change the world world but this is just

a root out in the desert it has no hope

there’s nothing in the circumstances

around it that will cause it to grow up

and be

anything his identity as a Jew added

nothing it was an honor to be a part of

the Seed of Abraham only among the Jews

it meant nothing Judaism had lost its

thrill it was nothing but legalism it

was nothing but ritualism had he been

Greek had he been a philosopher had he

been a Roman citizen at least he would

have some kind of Pathway to to becoming

powerful and mighty but he was just a

root out of dry ground his birth think

about it was not in a Royal Nursery it

was in a

Barnard and then to add to that dry

ground he lived in the city of Nazareth

and the question was asked often it was

a saying it was a it was part if you

wanted to get a point across of how

pitiful somebody was they would say can

anything come good out of Nazareth every

time he introduced himself as Jesus of

Nazareth it said to that culture he’s

he’s from trash he’s from nobody’s there

is no lineage there is nobody powerful

there is nobody influential who has ever

come out of Nazareth it’s really amazing

that this tender

plant didn’t just spring up but he grew

the text

said that tender plant that came out of

the most adverse

circumstances overcame where he came

from because he had been planted in the

in the earth and that tender plant grew

in a magn into a magnificent tree of

life that would bring shelter and would

bring shade to the troubled brows of men

and women who had the Son and the

pressures of life and the diseases and

the Hopeless situations they run into

the Sha shadow of the

almighty and they find the secret place

where there’s healing and there’s help

and there’s hope through

him through those conditions out of that

place of

obscurity in the middle of barren

dry dry ground comes the root

the tender plant didn’t die I want to

announce this morning he still lives the

root out of dry ground is still alive

it’s easy to get your eyes on this world

and you see all the craziness the woke

culture you see everything that’s going

on that evil is called good and good is

called evil and nowadays it’s almost

like you you you feel like this this is

this whole world is so wicked and so

evil and we get discouraged and we

forget he didn’t come into a perfect

society and he came into dry ground so

if the schools and the universities have

kicked God out and and it’s you know

what that’s just dry ground for Jesus to

be planted and he’ll prove it again I

don’t need anything to change this all

you need to do is what you’re doing fast

and pray and seek me and then get the

seeds of the word of life and start

planting Jesus everywhere it’s dry it’s

bad aren it’s lifeless and if he ever

gets room in any condition it doesn’t

matter how bad it is he will start

growing why did he grow cuz he was God

manifest In the

Flesh he needs nothing outside himself

to survive he is

self-existent he did not need the help

of men to survive he did not need

political connections to survive and

Thrive he didn’t need position power

wealth he didn’t need any of it and he

still doesn’t he can do it all by

himself he’s God and he was manifest In

the Flesh he does not need soil that’s

fertile to

survive boy we got to approach God that

way we got to get back to that because

if we don’t watch it we get to thinking

that boy you know you know I I’m really

something no you’re not he did did not

need Soul he did not need anything he

could have chosen

anyone he could have used anyone when I

look at this ministry and I see what God

is doing I want you to know he did not

have to I have not done this and you

have not done this all we were was

people who said I’m going to give him

some room I’m going to give him some

space my life is the dry Barren

Wilderness I am nothing I have nothing

to to offer him but boy when I dropped

him into my Barren life he took my mind

he took my body he took my heart he took

my dreams he took my vision he took my

talents and he said let me see what I

can do you can’t do it on your own I

could do it through anybody but since

you gave me

room I’ll I I’ll I’ll let something grow

out of the dryness and barrenness

uselessness fruitless life

that you are the soil contributed

nothing the soil dry ground doesn’t give

anything doesn’t support the plant

doesn’t support the growth That’s The

Power of Jesus he’s

self-sufficient plant Jesus in a nation

and watch what he’ll do plant Jesus in

our schools oh I want to scream it plant

him plant him but he can fix our schools

he can fix education he can fix our

economy he can can fix the church he can

fix the problems in the family in the

home he can fix all the gender confusion

plant Jesus he’s not afraid of it he

likes he likes the circumstances that

are adverse for for him he actually

likes to go to crack houses he actually

likes to go to strip clubs he likes it I

didn’t say you need to like it I said he

likes it stay out of there you ain’t

that you ain’t got that much Jesus you

just sew it


come on y’all looking at me like I crazy

I I’m starting to feel this thing kick

in plant Jesus in

Africa plant him plant him in the

jungles of South America plant him in

communist China and watch that church

come out of dry ground plant him in

socialist Europe and watch that church

come alive I’m not giving up on the

world I’m not giving up on the nation of

the world plant him in Russia and they

can say God’s not real but watch him

watch him he doesn’t need the government

he doesn’t need the president he doesn’t

have to have anybody he just needs a

space plant him in downtown

Atlanta plant him in Southern

California that’s what we


and I get so aggravated when I go out


sometimes it’s just a crazy

Godless money money money is their God

things homes this that the other people

told me now you gonna have to change

when you go to California because and I

walked in and I scream like I scream I

preach and I just plant Jesus and

thousands of people showed up to the

glory of God it works where wherever we

go I guess what I’m trying to say is

don’t you give up on anybody that you

have on this fast on your mind because

the Lord says I am the root out of dry

ground you see no circumstances that

show any

positivity that Jesus is going to grow

there he says you just keep planting

me but I want to tell you an incredible

story true

story in 194 49 Billy Graham went to Los

Angeles California as basically he was

known in the Baptist denomination as a

young evangelist but they had not heard

of him Nationwide or any worldwide


not he felt like God wanted him to put

up his tent in Los Angeles and have a

crusade in the middle of Hollywood and

the City of La

and he had a press conference and a few

came and they searched the papers the

next day looking for PR that would help

build the

crowd and not one article was written

but there was a woman once the Revival

started it started and it was just kind

of bumping along few hundred

people there was a woman who was a

presbyterian lady and she was a Bible

teacher her name was h Henrietta MIRS

and she invited Billy Graham one

afternoon while he was preaching that

crusade to to her Hollywood Hills Home

there in California to speak to a group

of Hollywood personalities very

influential the biggest movie stars some

of them of that

time and there was a country Western

Star by the name of Stuart


who also hosted a local radio show live

every day that covered all of Los

Angeles it was one of the biggest movie

stars of that day and that

era he was Infamous for

his drinking and carousing with women

and brawling and gambling that was what

he was known off of the movie

screens and he had a huge huge huge


and that day at that lunch in that

woman’s home with several people Billy

Graham and this man Stuart

Hamlin they

connected and they took a liking to each

other and Billy gram began to long to

see this man who was far from God come


Jesus the campaign went on for three

weeks as he preached Under the Tent and

not one time did steuart would come and

hear him preach but he would call him

and they would eat meals and they would

talk and


just had to make a decision Billy Graham

did at the end of the three weeks his

his sponsors came his organiz his

organization people and they said um we

feel momentum is building this third

week we think we should go a few more

weeks with the

Crusade and Billy Graham had never done

that before

for and he said that he was hesitant

because he had never done it before but

he said I’ll pray about it and he said

he prayed about it this is Billy

Graham’s words and he said he asked God

for a sign should I go on with that

meeting in Los

Angeles the next morning at 4:30 a.m. he

received a call that awakened him in his

hotel room it was Steward on the other

line he said my wife and I Susie need to

come see you this afternoon can we see

you at your

hotel he met with them at the hotel and

they talked about his life how broken

his marriage was how messed up his life

was how addicted bound he was to

alcohol and that night for the first

time Stuart went to Billy Graham’s

Crusade and broke and walked down down

the aisle and gave his heart to Jesus

Christ and was gloriously gloriously

saved shortly after that meeting moved

to another place steuart Hamlin this


star had a dear friend his best friend

was a man who was the largest movie star

of that day his name was John

Wayne they were neighbors and lived in

the same neighborhood and John had been

off filming and had missed the whole

Revival of Billy Graham for months he

had been filming on location he came

back into town and Stuart said I felt

the need to go share with my friend how

Jesus had changed my life they had

parted together they had done everything

that Hollywood had to offer together


fortune and steuart said he went to his

home that night and he had gathered some

of the other friends in the neighbor

neighborhood because he hadn’t seen them

for months and they were having a dinner

he said the subject came up and they all

began to talk about and this is the

subject how people can solve problems

within themselves and everybody had

their own philosophies not one time was

God or Jesus mentioned and they got to


Hamlin and they said what do you

think he said these words he hadn’t

written the song yet but he said it is


secret what God can do in a man’s

life two hours later he went to leave

and John Wayne got up and followed him

to the door of his

mansion and he said to Stuart he said

you know what you said it is no secret

what God can

do he said that’s a powerful statement

it got me right here you should go John

Wayne told him this is his own words why

where the inspiration came from he said

you should go home and write a new song

and call it it is no secret what God can

do this is a heathen

telling he said he

left John Wayne’s home when a few houses

down sat down at his piano in his own

mansion and within 17 minutes he wrote

the words and the

music the ches of time

I want to sing this a

minute ring out the news another day is

through someone slipped and fell I love

this was that someone

you for there is no power that can


you while God is on



side take

him at his

promise don’t

run for the

door and

hide it is no


secet do you need a miracle this morning

morning come and stand do you need

Freedom this morning do you need God to

do something you can’t do are you in

adverse circumstances and you don’t know

how to change them in some area of your

life slip out of that seat and walk down

humble yourself give him room don’t be

like the Room Keeper in the Bible the

hotel keeper that said I don’t have room

in the end give it to him make room for

him in your heart walk down that aisle

in every campus walk walk down that

aisle and give it to

Jesus it’s no secret what God can do

there are so many of us who could say

all we did was make R for Jesus and he

made something beautiful out of our

Lives God does not need the perfect

circumstances in your life to do the

miraculous your part is to make room and

say God I give you room in my mind

that’s why you’re watching this program

you are already doing that you would

have flipped the channel but you’re

making room for Jesus and when you plant

Jesus into your life today when you plan

him into the battle you may be going

through the marital situation the family

issues just plant Jesus into it I speak

freedom to you today he can change it

and I want you to invite him into your

life just pray this prayer today say

Lord Jesus I give you my life I

surrender to you I plant you into my

Barren dry desert and you’re the root

out of dry ground you don’t need

circumstances that are perfect for you

to work in my life and that’s why I have

hope today and I praise you we plant you

in into every desert Wilderness dry

place and Lord we thank you that you’re

our provider Jehovah Gyra in Jesus name

amen and amen if you just prayed with me

or you would like to pray with someone

it blesses us so much to hear about how

your life was changed through this

broadcast so please call the number on

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this is the 20th anniversary of the year

that I wrote the first book on fasting

that uh became a New York Times

bestseller because people were awakened

to the message of fasting go online and

get your resources today before I go I

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