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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

I have a word for you Heavenly

Father we need your love tonight we need

your touch not a guilt trip for anybody

not anything but your mercy and your

grace Lord I desperately need your touch

tonight I feel that there are so many

like me that are hurting tonight perhaps

going through one of the greatest trials

in their life and yet I dare to preach

in that hurt tonight because of the

Sheltering of the blood of Jesus Christ

and the power of your Holy Spirit Lord

there are people that have come tonight

in that H that be they bear that hurt

tonight father minister to me Minister

through me minister to all of us tonight

in Jesus name I pray amen a message

tonight the Lord is thy keeper The Lord

Is Thy

keeper there’s a thrilling story in the

Old Testament that I’ve always

enjoyed and it best illustrates my

message tonight about what it means to

be kept by the power of God it’s found

in 2 Kings the 6th chapter Ben hay dad

the king of Syria had declared war on

Israel if you remember and he came

against Israel and camped with a mighty

Army don’t turn to your Bibles because

I’m going to be throwing scripture at

you and you won’t begin to keep up just

take it take my word it’s in the

Bible the Lord is thy keeper then haad

this king of Syria comes against Israel

camps with a great Army and he calls a

war counsel and he plans his strategy

and everywhere he turns he’s thwarted

because the Prophet Elijah is sending a

messenger to the king of Israel saying

don’t go there because Ben haad in his

army is waiting for you he’d sent

another messenger don’t go there he’s

waiting for you and Ben haad became

Furious and he called a counsel he said

I to all of his servants show me who my


is tell me who’s revealing our plans to

the king of Israel and the servant said

it’s not what you think my Lord O King

there is no traitor in thy camp or in

the court we’re all true men but this

man of God Elijah tell the king of

Israel the words that you speak in your


chamber he was Furious and he sends his

most prized group chariots and an army

of men and INF infantry men to Dothan

and he says get the man and bring him

back to me and in the middle of the

night they surround Dothan and the

servant of Elisha goes out in the

morning and he looks in the face of a

ferocious Army standing there chariots

and Horsemen and infantrymen all against

one little prophet of God Elisha who’d

been ratting on the

king in Terror the servant runs back Al

ask my master what should we do we’re

surrounded and with a gentle Wink in his

eye and a smile on his face the prophet

bows his head and said fear not

son for they that be with us are more

than they that be with them and Elisha

prayed and said Lord open his eyes that

he may see and the Lord Open the Eyes of

the young man and he saw and behold the

mountain was full of horses and Chariots

of Fire rounded about Elisha no wonder

he was so

contented he knew the Lord was his

keeper he could say I will not be afraid

for 10 thousands of people that have set

themselves against me round the though a

host en Camp around against me my heart

shall not fear though War should rise

against me in this I’ll be confident he

keeps me he hath delivered my soul in

peace from the battle that was against

me for there were many with me now

that’s my prayer tonight and that’s what

I hope this message accomplishes that

the Lord would open our eyes that we

could see the mountains around this

field with the horses and Chariots of

divine fire and the Lord of hosts being

with us

hallelujah you know the Old Testament

Saints knew the Lord in a way I don’t

think we New Testament Saints know

anything about they knew him as the Lord

of host I found 200 references in the

Old Testament to this phrase the Lord of

hosts it was said of David David waxed

greater and greater for the Lord of

hosts was with him the Lord of hosts the

scripture said is with us the god of

Jacob is our refuge oh Lord God of hosts

who is strong a strong tower like unto

thee or to Thy Faithfulness round about

thee you find these Majestic words all

through the Old Testament Lord God of

hosts hear our prayers Lord God of host

host he is the one who is with us Lord

God of hosts he is the king of glory

Lord God of host liveth and will save us

200 times Lord of hosts Lord of hosts

now I’ve read it and read it and read it

and didn’t have the slightest idea what


meant host in Hebrew is

sabawa and it’s a very very expressive

word which means an army ready and

poised for battle

soldiers horses and chariots ready to go

to war at any appointed time an army

assembled and mustered in full array

waiting for instructions to

attack can you picture this prophet of

God knowing the Lord of

SE and I don’t think we know Lord seawa

in our generation today we don’t know

anything about him and I want to share

this with you you because I don’t think

you can catch a glimpse of the glory of

what it means to be kept by the power of

God until you understand what the Hebrew

and Greek meanings of these precious

words are and I want to share it with

you the best I know how see to Elisha

the Lord of hosts had become the Lord of

SE the Lord who comes to his assistance

with an army poised for battle an army

of multiplied thousands of soldiers and

horses and chariots assembled and just

waiting for instructions to protect him

and to attack the

enemy King

Hezekiah at another time in place when

the Assyrians came knew the Lord

SE the syrians had surrounded Israel and

sudden his eyes were open to this great

Lord of hosts this Lord of armies in


words and Hezekiah gathered Israel and

all of his soldiers and he said be

strong and courageous and do do not be

afraid nor dismayed for the king of

Assyria nor for the multitude that’s

with him for there be more with us than

with him with him is the arm of the

Flesh and with us is the Lord Our God to

help us and fight our battles and the

people rested on those

words oh that we could get those words

and rest on them the Lord

Sawa the Lord of hosts the Lord of an

army David said the Chariots of God are

20s 20,000 and that’s multiples of


20,000 upon 20,000 upon

20,000 that’s the original meaning 20s


thousands the chars of God are 20s of

thousands and even thousands of angels

and the Lord is among

them the psalmist said the Lord is thy

keeper and then Peter brings it out even

clearer he said we are kept by the power

of God through faith unto salvation

ready to be revealed in the last

time now I see this as a prophetic word

and I believe this is prophetic that in

the last day before Jesus comes he’s

going to reveal to his people who are

hurting what it means to be protected by

the Lord of hosts and when you listen to

the news about the Middle East and you

look around you and see how many people

are hurting

if you and I do not get a revelation of

who our God is his might and his power

and rest on that you and I can’t make it

if you can’t run with a Horseman what

are you going to do when the flood

comes Christ prayed to the father oh I

love the 17th chapter of John I think

it’s one of the greatest chapters in all

the Scripture it reveals the Heart of

Jesus and the loving heart of

God he said while I was with them he

praying to the Father and Jesus said

while I was with them Father I kept them

in the world I kept them in thy name

those that thou Hast given to me I have

kept and none of them is lost now you

and I have the idea I think that the

disciples was superhuman saints that

were kept by the strength of their own

will and just by their close proximity

to Jesus and the power of His word that

they were kept and they didn’t make

mistakes and they didn’t hurt like you

and I hurt and these 12 men were such

great men of God no they were not kept

by their own power Peter had in him a

heart that would deny after three years

after three years with him Peter stands

in the court and says I don’t know him

and he wasn’t lying he didn’t know him

he’d spent all that time with Christ and

never did know his heart he wasn’t lying

Peter never did know the Lord these men

were frail these men hurt these men had

you know because when Christ was taken

they all forsook him and fled the

scripture said they all left him no

Jesus kept him he said I kept

them they didn’t keep themselves father

well I was with them I kept

them and then looking down through

history thinking of us Jesus prayed the

these beautiful words and how they

blessed my

heart I pray not that thou should us

take them out of the world he’s talking

about you and

me I pray not that you take them out of

the world but that thou should us keep

them from the evil that thou should us

keep them from the evil I want to show

you tonight the best I know how what it

means to be kept by the power of God


faith kept in English means to retain

possession of to take into one’s charge

to provide all the Necessities for life

to raise and to feed to protect and

guard to preserve to hold in

control but the Greek word used here in

First Peter the fifth verse first

chapter and fifth verse this word kept

is one the most expressive Greek words

in the New Testament it’s

perero and I started studying this word

and I couldn’t believe it at first so I

kept digging into it it got better the

deeper I

got and it’s so blessed me it’s changed

my life and it’s been such an

encouragement to

meet What the Lord Has permitted me to

go through

recently you know what the word kept

means in the original Greek used here we

are kept by the power of God through

faith it means to establish a military

Outpost and to guard that

Outpost protect it with a Garrison of

soldiers to establish this Fortress with

a full military line and a full military

apparatus and to set up a senent to con

seeed the enemy in all directions and to

call forth the Army when it’s needed

it’s all in that one Greek word kep for

narrow you understand that when the

scripture says he is our Mighty Fortress

it’s not just that he is the Fortress

when you have faith in him he

establishes in you a military Outpost

against the

devil we become an armed


you don’t believe that do

you we actually become a strong military

Outpost with armies of soldiers and

horses and chariots ready for combat and

a sentinel you know the Bible says we’re

not ignorant of his devices why because

we have a sentinel we’re

C to never did take time to find out the

devices of the devil that the my


job by the

way since when did the shepherd send the

Sheep to fight the

Lion a lot of you sheep running out you

you tell the you telling the shepherd

let me at

him I get

him no you’re just a sheep you run

between the shepherd’s leg he’s got the

staff in his

hands I don’t worry much about the devil

because he can’t find me my life is hid

with Christ and God

now if you’re a carnal Christian you

watch that but if you’re sheltered by

the blood of Jesus Christ under the

blood I going tell you something when

the blood sheltered the children of

Israel the Lord said when I see the

blood I will not I’ll pass over you and

God wouldn’t pass the bloodline he’s

sure not going to let the devil pass

it Jesus prayed keep them from the

evil and there’s another beautiful Greek


forero and it means deliverance from the

effect or influence of anything that’s

bad or evil Grievious harmful lwd

malicious or Wicked and then finally the

word also means deliverance from the

Devil Himself and everything he

represents that’s

corrupt now let’s put it all together

and see if you can build some faith on

this we are you know the Bible it it

looks like we were just kept by the

power of God through faith that’s rather

just a simple little phrase isn’t it

it’s oh if we could only see the depth

of it we are God’s military Outpost

protected by a full and equipped

spiritual Army including innumerable

soldiers and horses and fiery chariots

in full battle array completely informed

of every plan and device of the devil

and completely defended in all

directions against Satan and all the

evil powers of the

universe now say amen amen

now you don’t know what the Bible said

greater is he that’s in us than he

that’s in the world what is there in you


army the Lord is my rock my Fortress my

deliverer my high tower you’re a shelter

for me and a strong tower from the enemy

we do not keep ourselves from Evil we

don’t do battle with the devil ourselves

else the Lord of hosts must do the

keeping it is he that has made us and

not we ourselves we are his people and

he is good he delighteth in his

children I don’t let preachers put guilt

trips on me anymore I used to hear

Evan’s Thunder against the Judgment seat

that I was going to stand there and

somehow Works were going to burn and I

would crawl down on my knees and cry

never again will anyone put me under

conviction about the Judgment seat we’re

all going to appear before the Judgment

seat but what does the Bible say he said

he’s going to present us faultless

Before the Throne of his glory with

exceeding Joy Hallelujah exceeding


Joy you mean to tell me we serve him all

our lifetime he brings joy and glory to

our heart we live a lifetime expecting

him to run into his presence and and

just be afraid no the Judgment seats

where he puts his arms around me we’re

all going to have Works burned you know

what they are all all legal Works in

trying to please God and add something

to the blood of Jesus Christ that’s

what’s going to burn everybody going to

have works that burn the Lord’s not

going to let us go into Paradise

thinking we had anything to do with it

and all our good works he going to say

here see what you tried to do to add

something to the blood you couldn’t do

it I’m going to burn it in front of your

eyes so when you come into Paradise with

me you had nothing to do it was my blood

period none of us going to Eternity

thinking we had anything to do with

it glory to

God he sent from above and he took me

and he drew me out of many Waters he

delivered me from my strong enemy for

they were too strong for

me you go ahead out and try to fight the

devil in your own strength make God all

the promises you want and God will let

you have the biggest despair you ever

had in your life and so instead of

having a dozen or 50 little despairs

have one grand Despair and get it all

over with and start trusting

God now unto him that is able to keep

you from

falling under

him unto him who is able to keep you

from falling and present you faultless

before the Throne of his glory with


Joy now we’re kept from the enemy

without and from the Enemy Within

the enemy without his suffering caused

by manifold Temptations I want to deal

with that first because that’s the easy

part but I want to show you something

tonight the lord gave me this last night

wherein ye greatly

Rejoice would everybody repeat those two

words greatly

Rejoice again greatly Rejoice about what

let me read it to you though now for a

season if need be ye are in heaviness to

manifold temptations that the trial of

your faith being much more precious and

of gold that perisheth though it be

Tried by fire might be found under

praise and glory at the appearing of

Jesus Christ now the two key words are

heaviness and fiery trial heaviness in

Greek is Lupo which means Greek s and

trouble but the reference here in Greek

to fari is sudden lightning that’s the

Greek word fiery trial is a lightning

trial sudden coming without

expectation wherein you greatly Rejoice

though now for season if need be you

were in grief and sorrow because of what

has come upon you that the trial of your

faith be more precious than the gold

that perish though it be Tried by a

sudden gold of lightning that causes


that’s what it

says if you can’t comprehend it get your

strong concordance and see it’s all


lightning are you here tonight in a

season of grief because somehow you


God you gave into a

Temptation and you know that you griev

the Lord and it’s a manifold Temptation

I don’t understand that in the original

Greek that this word tempt ation

actually has to do with sensuality it

has to do with the Flesh and I don’t

understand how you can greatly rejoice

when you’re being tested and tried in


flesh I don’t understand that at all you

know I I I have all young people say uh

you know preacher You Preach is not a

sin to fall into temptation man I passed

that point long ago I gave

in I want to show you something here

tonight you see there’s some of hear

also that they Sorrowing because of this



trial but if you don’t see it as a test

of faith you’re missing something but

it’s a test of faith that you come out

to face what is coming in the future

with a spiritual backbone because if you

think this is trial you’ve seen nothing

to what is about to happen to this

world if I told you what I think I’m

know in the spirit prophetically about

the next few

years you would say God test my faith

and bringing out

gold can you rejoice in spite of it just

like the scripture says here can you

rejoice and can you rise above it by

faith and glorify the Lord through it

and is this whole thing going to end in

praise and honor and glory to his name

that’s what the scripture

says now those who believe that

overcoming Christians don’t suffer don’t

know their Bible and they don’t know

God one of my favorite writers is T

Austin Sparks he’s been dead for about

30 years great English writer great man

of God and he made a statement once that

shook me at first but then I realized

that’s what was happening in my life he

said God will allow a crisis to be

created in your life so that you you

can’t get by with information anymore

but you have to have

Revelation you can’t just have sermons

preached at you anymore you’ve got to

know him and God will let that crisis

come back and roll it in and roll it in

until death comes to the flesh until

there’s nothing left but Jesus there’s

nothing left but him and the cross we

don’t have the preaching of the cross

from our pulpits anymore we’re preaching

everything but the cross of Jesus

Christ you ask him to bring back to that

place Jesus Christ was

sinless yet the scripture said he

suffered and he suffered as an example

now I tell you in love I’ve had people

walk out on me three months ago I had a

whole contingent of people walk out

because I was talking about Christian


indignantly P out and I felt so sorry

for them because when it comes and rolls

in on them they’re not going to be


for even here unto ye are called now why

don’t we see that here’s what we called

to because Christ also suffered for us

leaving us an example that we should

follow his

steps that’s not David Wilkerson version

of the

Bible it’s King

James here’s what you’re called to

because even as Christ suffered for us

he’s left us an example that we should

also follow his steps who did know sin

neither was any deceit found in his

mouth he had no sin there was no deceit

in him yet he

suffered there are many preachers who do

not preach this message you hear

preachers and evangelist today standing

in the Pulpit saying here’s what you are

called to saints of God here’s what

you’re to follow in the way of example

of Jesus Christ through

suffering and it’s not used the result

all the

sin so I’ve suffered most when i’ been

closest to

him it’s not the enemy without that is

the battle it’s the Enemy Within that

causes most distress David said in my

distress I cried I could stop right

there and preach the sermon I wonder how

many if you could stand up and preach a

five minute sermon right now in my

distress I

cried in my distress I

cried did you see what David was crying

about here’s a holy Godly holy man a man

after God’s Own Heart he looks inside of

himself and he cries out to be delivered


himself deliver my soul oh Lord from

lying lips and from a deceitful tongue

and if out of the the if the mouth

speaks from the heart out of the

abundance of the the heart the mouth

speaks then David is saying deliver me

from my deceitful heart he looks inside

and he sees deceit he has a heart that

burns for God but in his flesh he sees

his weakness and he cries out oh God

deliver me deliver me and then he looks

inside and he says what shall be done

unto thee Earth what do you deserve oh

deceitful heart what is God going to

have to do to you David thou false

tongue sharp arrows of the mighty and

coals of

Jupiter wo is me David cried he sees the

sinfulness in his heart and in those

days Arrow were synonymous with judgment

and the calls of Jupiter represented the

wrath of God and he said I’m supposed to

be a child of God but he said I see

something in me that frightens me I look

at my flesh and I’m

afraid and he says I deserve from what I

see in me I Des deserve nothing but

these arrows of God being shot at me he

started looking around to see where the

first Arrow would hit him it’s what you

and I do don’t we when we sin where is

God going to strike us down is it going

to be a child that gets sick is it going

to be my husband my wife am I going to

get cancer we look for the arrows and

the coals of

Jupiter and I don’t believe you can

understand Grace until you understand

the deceitfulness of your heart you’ve

got to understand that if you had if you

got from God if you and I got what we

truly deserve it would be nothing but

the sharp erors and the calls of Jupiter

you and I deserve the wrath of God

because of what we

are you tell me you’re not under law or

going to the New Testament there are 250

laws in the New Testament you can’t keep

one of

them if you love your neighbor as

yourself have you loved God with all

your heart and mind soul and strength

then you broke the law and if you break

the law you’re deserving of

hell you’re good for the PS of Jupiter

and the arrows of God and we all tremble

with the thought of it and if you looked

at it long enough and that that if that

where you stopped you’d have a nervous

breakdown you could never understand who

God was you could never understand

Grace you cannot understand or

comprehend the loving father you can’t

comprehend Grace until first as Paul

said you see the exceeding sinfulness of

sin and this is what God was doing with

David showing him his heart showing him

him the lying tongue in him showing him


deceitfulness and you tell me anything

more painful for a a man of God or a

woman of God than to preach or to sing

or to witness and to say I’m a man or

woman of God and then go home and cry

out what you see in your

heart you tell me that isn’t the most

painful thing for a

Christian Galatians mentions 17 sins of

the flesh not one of them having

anything to do with demon activity it

includes adulterate Witchcraft and it

doesn’t even mention a demon so I do

believe that caral Christians can be

harassed by

demons but I’m going to tell you

something you’re not going to cast those

17 sins out by having somebody pray with

you you’re going to deal with that

through the power of the Holy Spirit

there’s flesh

involved there flesh

involved wow is

me finally he comes down oh God is your

mercy and Grace Gone

Forever and all he wanted is to feel the

mercy and grace of God and finally he

came to the end of himself he came to a

place of resignation up to this time his

eyes had been cast down he’d been

introspective and looking into his own

hearts and I’ll tell you the only time

he got the victory the only way you and

I can get the victory is to do what

David did these eyes that were looking

inward these eyes that were looking at


flesh began to look up outside of

himself and he said then I will lift up

mine eyes Under The Hills now what does

he see in the Hills what did I tell

was in the

Hills the Lord of

host saal is there with his

army no wonder he’s looking there only

he should been looking there a long time

ago if you get your eyes off your pain

and yourself and your hurt and start

seeing who he is I will lift up my eyes

unto the hills from when cometh my help

I’m looking to the hills from when

cometh my Army is what he’s saying

My Help Cometh From The Lord he will not

allow my foot to

slip he that keepeth me will not Slumber

behold he that keepeth Israel shall

neither slumber nor sleep the Lord is my

keeper you can’t keep

yourself oh God open our eyes that by

faith alone from the Hills come our

Salvation to him alone who can keep us


falling the Lord shall preserve thee

from all evil he shall preserve my soul

the Lord shall preserve thee from all

what you listening to me from all evil

and here you have been fighting that

evil thing all by

yourself he will keep me from all evil a

better translation is he will hedge me

about with thorns to keep the enemy

out David’s faith in God’s forgiveness

all David suddenly just felt the

glory of God’s keeping power and David

finally said this isn’t my battle

anymore this is not my battle I

resign I’m not going out there with my T


anymore it’s really if you really look

at it David talked about having just a a

a toothpick in his

hand and he put away his

toothpick and that’s about some of you

are you going out pricking the devil you

little toothpick that’s about all you’re

doing when you’ve got an Army in a hill

surrounding you if you just lift up your

eyes and by faith appropriate

it now I want to show you something I

found something here that if you’ll

catch this now can be one of the

greatest words of encouragement you’ve

ever heard because it has been for me

never seen it before was laying in bed

the other night and oh just flooded in

on me David in the next verse said the

Lord shall preserve my going out and my

coming in from this time and forever

more now you get anything out of that

the Lord is going to preserve my going

out and my my goings out and my comings

in now going out here synonymous with

failure and giving in to Temptation and

sorrow now the prodal son had a going

out and didn’t the father keep him in

love while he had a going out and he

also had a coming in and he was

preserved in too we’re always going

out we’re going out of his love we’re

going out of his Holiness we’re going

out of his presence we’re going out into

our own will but he says I’m going to

keep you even in your going


you say oh brother Dave I’m already out

I I I’ve gone out he didn’t keep me oh

yes he did you look back at that time

that you gave in and you

indulged you did that thing that you

hated and you didn’t seem to have the

power and dominion over sin and you

indulged and you said the Lord didn’t

protect me take a look go back and see

how miserable you were because the Holy

Ghost wouldn’t let you enjoy it because

he was protecting and preserving you and

you felt his love and felt his presence

and he you felt his arms around you and

the kiss on your neck and he brought you

back don’t tell me he didn’t preserve

you oh there are host and hosts of

Christians All Over America and around

the world that have gone out on the Lord

da David thought he’d gone so far he he

said and that’s what he said I I’ve gone

so far Lord that I’m lost I’m a lost

sheep seek me find me I’ve gone so far

out I’m

lost I’ve always believed that the most

important move you ever make is the move

you make right after you go out and

fail it’s when the Devil comes in and

says you’re dirty you’re filthy you’re

no good and you lie and cheat because

his desire is to hide you from the love

and the grace and mercy of the Lord and

his forgiving love he wants you just to

stay down and say I can’t get back and

like David I’ve gone so far I’m lost and

you just sit there hurt

you come to the house of God like you

are tonight and you say all deep in my

heart I love him I still feel his

presence but i’ I’ve just slipped and I

I because I don’t have power over sin I

can’t go on because I don’t want to be a

hypocrite I don’t want live a lie I

don’t want to be a phony and yet sitting

here you know you sense is love you

sense that he still is reaching to you

and above and beyond it all if you just

come back

you know when the prodal son came back

his father was waiting without a

question not a question didn’t blame him

for spending his substance and wasting

his life he’d been there yearning after

this child that had had a going

out and he preserved that love for that

boy just like God has preserved his love

for you no matter what you’ve done and

that prodical son is drawn by that love

I don’t think it’s just because he came

to the end of himself I think it’s

because he felt the drawing power of his

father’s love and the moment his father

sees him he runs out after him throws

his arm around him and falls on him and

kisses him on the neck no questions

asked perfect undeserved

Grace and he says take the rags off his

back put the robe on him put shoes on

him put a ring on his finger and he

takes him to the door of the house

because you see the father doesn’t want

to just kiss you wants to take you into

the banqueting table and feast with you

you can interpret the whole Bible that

way that you and I have a tendency to be

the prodal to go away from his mercy and

Grace and God’s desire is to bring us in

a Heavenly Place seated with Christ

Jesus At A Feast of good things and the

lord always has a problem how he’s going

to get us into the house and not just in

the house but at the table feeding on


lamb see you and I are so used to

looking at the blood I was telling our

Brethren about this uh a little while

ago you picture two Israelites in Egypt

the night of the Passover and the

blood’s been applied to the door and the

Lord says I’m going to keep the night

when I see the blood I’ll pass over you

and here’s a house they sprinkled the

blood on the doorpost of the lle and

this particular house dad is so nervous

and mother is nervous and they look at

the first born and the father takes him

in his hands and says family please pray

we may have failed God and all night

long they live in doubt and fear and

misery they may have hurt God and


him and the next door they’re sitting

there in peace and joy happy sheltered

by the blood and the firstborn looks at

the father and says are we safe am I

going to die tonight father they said oh

no son you’re safe the blood’s on the

door but not only the blood we’ve got

the father’s

word which of those two houses was

safest that

night which one where they were doubting

and Afraid or where there was faith and

joy which house was

safest they were both safe because they

were both under the blood see it didn’t

matter what in fact they were P they

were packing Idols in their satchels

that Night 40 Days Later they’re going

to be dancing around an idol a a golden

Cal in fact Isaiah said when God found

you you were har you were prostitutes

but God had a favor to you that’s

Grace they were there were nothing in

those people that deserved

Deliverance that’s why some of us

need uh just as much keeping power when

we’re coming

in he’ll preserve your going out and

you’re coming in Hallelujah it was in

one of my going outs recently

that last

week I I don’t like to talk about my

personal battles but how you know how in

the world can I relate what I’m talking

about unless I get into it a

bit I’ve just come through probably the

worst two months in my life

unbelievable I’m on the fifth month of a

year sabatical to seek God

if you’d have told me what it would cost

me I would have never done it I’d have

preferred to go on just take the plotts

of men and take the offerings and preach

the crowds and go

on most

painful unbelievable experiences two

months ago everybody in my family got

sick I have a beloved Son 25 years old

who Pastors in all black church in the

ghettos of

Detroit had to bring him home his white

count was dangerously low very

sick his little child my grandson Ashley

just a baby started bleeding in the

ball the two daughters got sick another

grandson desperately

sick and then on top of all uh in an

effort to cut back our ministry offered

a house for

sale and a man comes in said he was a

multi-millionaire accepted the price

gave us a check for $50,000

down and said I was a former CIA agent

and I was in Narcotics Division and my

family’s in danger I’d like to move into

the house immediately to Safe House them

he used all the terms the CIA agent

would use so I let him move in he

immediately bought $90,000 of the


and some friends of ours who are teer

decorators he wrote without checks for

it all well the $50,000 check to me

bounced the $90,000

bounced these were friends of ours and

they were in

panic found out the man was one of the

biggest clown artists in America was

dangerous and for a whole week I had to

hide my family in the motel our men had

to carry

guns and we had to go in with trucks and

take that furniture back to the mark to

save the credit of those young ladies

I watched as people came in ready to

kill that man he’d taken homes from

people he was trying to he was trying to

cheat our

ministry and God protected us from that

because we are his little turtle does

and a turtle dove is helpless we just

have to depend on his keeping

power as soon as that was settled my

wife was rushed to the hospital she’s

had six operations for cancer and now

they diagnosed her as having

lupus excruciating

pain and she got out I think day before

yesterday and I was at a hotel right

near the hospital a few nights

ago laying there just looking out the

window like so many people who live you

you live in a state of being stunned

you’re just stunned you love the Lord

but you’re

stunned you’re


and you have no

answers and I’m I’m sitting there and I

take my Bible in my hand and would you

know it falls to Jeremiah and all I can

see is this man coming with robes

dripped in Blood and wrath against sin

and judgment and then I turned to Isaiah

and fin I threw my Bible down on the on

the bed and said Lord I’m sorry no wrath

tonight no judgment I’m

hurting I can’t take it I don’t

understand I love you I don’t have any

doubts that the Holy Spirit touched me

and I laid back and I said I’m just

going to let here I’m going to sit here

lay here for an hour I’m just going to

let you love me and he loved me and

loved me I started crying and enjoying

his love for an hour he just loved all

the hurt out of

me all the hurt was gone you see the the

the Lord is not standing he’s not

wanting to hurt you he’s not trying to

judge you we serve a loving father who

Delights in his children who understands

what we’re going through but so many

time we won’t stop and let him love


hallelujah now I I want to give you a

word of caution here

please for all who suffer and I’m glad

the Lord showed this to me because I

needed it I don’t know if some of you

going to understand this or not I’m

going to give you a

scripture and show you something I don’t

think you’ve seen that it’s vital it

says of Christ when he was reviled he

reviled not again and when he suffered

he threatened

not now what a tremendous statement when

he suffered he threatened not when to

talk to you about threatening

God as a result of suffering and if

you’re suffering in any way you’ve got

to hear me now before I conclude this

message you see not once did he defend

himself when people were talking about

him he never mistreated anybody he never

punished anybody he never ret retaliated

but how unlike us today we threaten when

we suffer and when the suffering gets

unbearable we really threaten we try to

defend ourselves we’re constantly

protecting our rights and our reputation

we withdraw from those who hurt us and

mistreat us and we hope secretly the

Lord will get even with them on our

behalf now we won’t pray it but we sure


it but worst of all and here it is it’s

a very subtle thing that happens and I

don’t know if you’ve ever seen it and

we’re really not aware of it at times

but I want to make you aware of it

because I’ve been doing it and the Lord

made me aware of what I’ve been doing

and I’ll never do it again God helping

me when our prayers seem to go

unanswered and the Deliverance doesn’t

seem to come when we need it I I’ve

known people say but da I’ve prayed for

5 years when all I want is some evidence

that God is answering prayer just

anything I I’d like to see some evidence

and when the Deliverance doesn’t seem to

come or when you you say Lord keep me

holy and pure and in spite of all that

you fall into

temptation and trouble and disaster and

it seems like the Lord’s led us down and

we become very lonely and very empty and

there’s a sadness in us then we start

pulling back on

God we slack up on our prayer and our

Bible reading or we still love the Lord

with all of our hearts but we let go of


Zeal and it’s a subtle way of saying

Lord I did my best but you let me down

and when you stop seeking god with

intensity when you suffer that’s

threatening God when he suffered he

threatened not and I know Christians who

have prayed about something in their

life they’ve had a besetting sin and

they’ve prayed and prayed for

deliverance and didn’t come and finally

they went and indulged it as if to say

well I have every right to do it because

I prayed and God didn’t take it away

it’s a threat it’s a threat I’ve got a

right to do this because God let me

down are you catching

that I’m not here to scream and yell at

you put a guilt trip on you or wave my

hands and try to be active and a

powerful preacher

tonight I want to get some word into you

that’ll give you

strength some truth that will help you

in a troubling hour

he suffered not he when he suffered he

threatened not and I know there are

times that when I’ve suffered I’ve been

so overwhelmed and so stunned I would

pull back on God and then the Lord

showed me something you see it’s one

thing when you’re suffering and you’re

in this boat that’s storm tossed and

suddenly Christ appears see it’s one

thing to be in a boat that’s tossed in a

storm and it looks terrible but you’re

laying there

you’re going through life and suddenly

you feel his presence and then you begin

to relax and and and sit back now it’s

one thing to just rest in him but you

have to be careful that it’s not just

passiveness and

fatalism where you say well he’s there

and you just sit back because that can

lead to terrible doubt and fear but it’s

another thing in the storm to make a

move toward him and get out of the boat

and say I’m in a stor storm and I’m

going to use this storm to get to know

him in a new way Peter wasn’t showing

off his faith when he got out of the

boat he wasn’t trying to belittle those

other disciples but he had something in

his heart that was reaching out to his

master he wanted to touch him and see

him in a new way he wasn’t satisfied to

say well the Lord is near thank God the

Lord’s near let’s all just rest and oh

how God’s been showing this to me David

when you’re down when you’re hurting and

I I saw this this past week use this as

an opportunity to get out of that boat

and walk on the water take a step of

Faith go toward him make a move toward

him right now love him like you’ve never

loved him reach out to him and even

though Peter got his eyes on the Storm

the truth is he did walk on the water he

was above his problem for a while and

the the faith that kept him above the

water for six steps could have kept him

all the


you know when stepen was being stoned he

looked up and he saw an open heaven and

he saw him who sat on the throne and

from that moment on he was above it all

nothing could hurt him the stones

couldn’t hurt him he was already seated

his with Christ in Heavenly places he

was already

gone because he had an open


I don’t want anything anymore in my life

but him I want him to feel everything

and I want I want to know him as my

keeper the Lord is my keeper I gave up

the struggle a long time

ago when I found out how much he loved

me in spite of who I am and what I am

and what I’ve done I I feel sorry for

people every time a preacher says he’s

going through a problem or has had sin

in his life everybody thinks of adultery

that’s not my problem in case you want

to know

we’re all just mud

balls that’s

all well a feet of

clay well I guess I’m

finished but there’s some of you have

threatened the

Lord and you you’ve lost the sense of

his love for you

I I can tell you that though this had

been the worst two months of my life in

the Physical Realm it’s been the most

glorious two months in the spiritual

realm because I’ve had a vision of Grace

a glimpse of his Mercy that endures

forever and I don’t find him spanking me

anymore I don’t I don’t feel his wrath

anymore I feel his love I feel him

kissing me you know the prodical is this

something the prodical the Lord’s

already the father’s kissed him put a

robe on his back shoes on his feet he

says come in the house and this poor

stupid kid and I’m not being phous but

that poor little

child doesn’t understand his father’s

love at all cuz he’s he’s sitting there

said I’m not worthy to go in there you

know what are he saying I need three

more months of

discipleship uh I I guess I don’t feel

grief for my sin like I think I should I

need a little more time to prove to your

father that I’m still not in the pig pin

and I got this all out of my heart no no

no no no he said come on

in you know you can walk right in and

God’s will for you is to come to the

table tonight be seated at the lamp and

partake and be


full I’m full

tonight because I feel his tender lips

on my

neck and I’ve got his robe on my

back and I’m sitting at a table he said

we’re seated in Heavenly places in

Christ Jesus and I believe I’m

everything he said I

am you know some of you people make

better Jews than

Christians because you’re living under


legalism I’ll come on in the

house got not mad at anybody here

tonight have you failed him all right

you see how there no preacher has to

tell you how bad you


H I don’t want to make you cry I want to

make you rejoice but you know as well as

I you can feel it right now there’re

people here that are

hurting and you’re hurting because

somewhere you got it in your

mind that you’ve grieved the Lord so bad

you don’t have a right to his

love and I think that hurts him more

than it hurts

you I had my daughter-in-law and with

this I close beautiful little

Kelly sit in the chair and she sat on

the floor put her hand on my knee she

said daddy do you know how much I love

you you’re so tender you’re so nice I

said yeah Kelly there’s one way you can


me accept my love for

you let me love you and then I’ll know

you love me

and we always say oh how I love Jesus

but that we won’t let him love

us I’ve been letting him love me all

through my

preaching God doesn’t want you go

through life focused on your sins but on

him and his mercy and his grace is there

anybody that needs some mercy and love

and grace tonight you say brother Dave I

felt so empty I felt so unloved let me

here and let me help love you is

everybody I felt so cold I just need his

love tonight I want him to love some out


me oh can’t you feel his

love come on college kids dad

mom bring it to him lay it down here

right now he just wants to love you

you’ve got to accept

it Lord your love is so

incredible that you could look down in

an audience tonight and see us in all of

our foolishness and our hurt and say I

Delight in you you’re my


Hallelujah are you hurt in your home

your marriage are you hurt in your home

in your marriage let me minister to you

for just a moment I’d like to just take

you by the hand and ask God to let you

have a moment of the hurt just draining

out of you so you can leave here

tonight knowing

the Lord