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through the word of God so again thank

you for joining us this morning on this

live Bible study it’s my pleasure to be

able to introduce Mike picket to you who

really needs no introduction Mike is the

vice president of our ministry and

Carrie together and what a blessing they

are and so Mike welcome to the live

bible study this morning so great to

have you thank you Daniel it’s a it’s a

privilege for me to be here as well I

appreciate it amen this morning or yeah

this morning depending on where you’re

watch watching in the world right um I

wanted to talk about offense and this is

something that uh that is one of those

tools that the enemy uses quite often to

S rail Believers and get us distracted

away from the calling that God has in

our lives and the F and first of all I

just want to say this offense like any

other attack of the enemy the whole

purpose of offense is to get our eyes

and our attention onto ourselves and off

of the Lord because as soon as we do

that we are powerless to with understand

the attacks of the enemy so I want to

encourage you when it comes to this just

it’s just like drugs just say no yeah

when it comes to offense do not let any

part of it in your life and this is what

I’m going to be talking about is mainly

um why offense is so bad and how do we

stand against it I’m not talking about

the people who are giving offense

because ultimately that’s between them

and the Lord but but the every single

day we have an opportunity to uh where

people want to hand us offense it’s up

to us whether or not we receive it and I

really want to encourage you do not

allow offense to have any part in your

life because it it the whole goal there

is is to destroy you and like I said

we’re going to talk about that as we

jump into this lesson so first of all I

wanted to define the word offense I

thought this was very interesting Daniel

um in terms of what it actually means

yeah uh the the definition of offense it

says this it says an annoyance or

resentment brought about by a perceived

insult to or disregard for oneself or

one standards or

principles I thought that was really

incredible the the definition and we’ll

we’ll dive into that a little bit here

in a minute but the whole precipice of

of offense is uh in order to take

offense you have to be looking at

yourself wow you have to be centered on

yourself because what it says here is

that annoyance or resentment that’s what

we feel brought about by the perceived

insult to or disregard for oneself

that’s me or my standards and principles

so if I’m perceiving that somebody else

is insulting me uh or what I believe or

somebody that I I care for that’s when

offense can try to come in and that’s

really powerful because one of the the

shef fire ways that we’ll talk about a

little bit here later on to get to

overcome offense is to keep your eyes

off of yourself wow because it’s not

about you I half times we’re so

self-centered anyways that we all we

care about is ourselves or that seems to

be the attitude that we take on in life

and the the wonderful thing about the

word of God is it draws our attention

away from ourselves onto a bigger

picture onto what the Lord has done for

us onto what he has already accomplished

through his great and precious promises

and as we focus on the Lord it

absolutely ruins us for offense and like

I said we’re going to talk about that a

little bit later on as we continue down

this this this uh this idea so you know

offense is dangerous it div divides

family it divides friends it it can

cause it can cause us to insult the

people that we love and and it drives us

to a place where we’re we’re led by our

our emotions rather than being led by

our moral or principles that we’ve

established in our hearts and so it’s so

important that we do not buy into the

bait of Satan and that’s take that

offense that oftentimes people will will

offer us and uh you know the like I said

before the whole point here is getting

our eyes off of ourselves and onto him

and the the thing about offense is that

it will compete with your attention that

that that we’re giving to the Lord and

uh what it will try to do is we’ll try

to to yes can still go to the Lord and

it will still even allow you to go to

the Lord but it will always draw your

attention back to this other things but

or and it’ll always impact your prayers

Lord get a hold of this person because

they need you more than anything else or

or or it’ll it’ll have a resentment in

your heart and all of a sudden it can

grow into something much much bigger and

it’s important that we do not allow that

those those things to come into our

lives because God has a plan for our

life and ultimately that offense the

target of that offense is not just your

attention the target of that offense is

your faith and your calling because what

it’s going to try to do it’s going to

try to get you to think poorly of your

brother and sister and actually impact

the view that you have upon them which

is going to impact how you pray for them

impact how how how you love your brother

or your sister and ultimately that

should be the the defining

characteristic of how people know that

we are believers is it’s through the

love that we show for one another it’s

such an evil evil thing that the enemy

tries to to pour upon us and tries to

bait us with to to to try to enter into

this distraction to draw us away and you

know every single day like I said before

every single day we all have an

opportunity to take offense but I just

want really want to encourage you just

to reject it just to say no when those

opportunities come do not allow the

enemy to have influence in our lives

because again the whole point that John

10:10 says the Devil Comes yet but to

steal to kill and to destroy and Jesus

say said I came to give life and life

more abundant Jesus was never offended

he was motivated by the spirit of God he

was motivated by love and he was

motivated by people’s best interest

sometimes he was direct and sometimes he

was overpowering in his in his passion

like like the instance when he he he

formed a whip and drove people out of

the out of the temple but that was not

because he was offended that was because

there was a righteous anger that rose up

on the inside and that’s how he lived

Jesus was always angry at sin MH because

he saw that as the thing that separated

us from him that’s why he came and he

dealt with sin one time for for all time

at the cross and and and because of that

when Jesus operated he was never

operated in offense he operated

completely in his desire to see mankind

reconciled back to himself MH in


29:13 uh I I like this verse a lot uh

God doesn’t want anything to come

between us and our relationship with him

in Jeremiah 29 vers 13 says this and you

shall seek me and find me when you

search for me with all of your heart and

and again offense is going to come in

it’s going to try to distract us it’s

going to try to draw our attention yes

praise the Lord but don’t forget you

don’t like this person or you don’t like

this situation you’re offended by what

happened to you or what happened to a

friend what happened in this particular

circumstance it’s always going to be

it’s always going to try to compete from

for your attention until it has all of

your attention and that’s that’s whole

goal is to get you get you distracted

get your get your eyes off of the Lord

and onto yourself onto the circumstances

and the situation that’s happened

whether whether it’s a whether it should

have happened or not whether it was fair

or not it’s up to us to it’s very

important for us not to get to allow

offense to come into our hearts um even

to the point of this if you turn over to

Matthew Chapter 5 this is a this is a

great verse and it shows us exactly the

priorities that that that Jesus put on

if a man discovers that he has offense

in his heart Matthew 5: 23 and 24 and it

says this it says uh in this is as you

know this is uh when Jesus was uh

speaking on the mountain to all the

people um he had this we commonly know

it as a Sermon on the Mount uh Jesus

said this he says therefore if you bring

your gift to The Altar and there

remember that your that thy brother hath

ought against thee leave leave there thy

gift before the Altar and go your way

first be reconciled to your brother and

then come and offer your gift now I’ll

tell you something if you have to be

concerned if your brother has a against

you you better be concerned if you have

odd against your brother so so that was

the least of the two so that’s the case

if you can make peace with your brother

if you can bring resolution to a

situation that’s happening if there’s an

offensive thing that has happened and

you can bring peace to it then go and I

know Daniel you know this very very well

in studying the old Covenant when you

went and brought your gift to the altar

it wasn’t just like you went over you

found a lamb and then walked I mean you

washed the lamb a certain way you wash

yourself a certain way you you you you

proceeded to the altar a certain way it

was very and it was only on certain days

you had to prepare it wasn’t just this

flippant thing where you went there so

the preparation that came and as you

approached the altar was significant

that’s good and Jesus is saying even in

all the preparation that you’ve done if

there’s offense in your heart get that

right first yeah that’s that to me

that’s that’s significant and it’s the

same thing with with us so if there’s

offense in our heart and we’ve done all

these other things well yeah get that

offense right first get that out of your

heart do not let it have any part in

your life you you you take authority

over those things you cast it out you

stand strong you stand firm against the

thing that would try to distract you

from your relationship with the Lord

that’s that that’s powerful to me

um in John Chapter 13 and I I mentioned

this before uh but but again it’s it’s

well worth mentioning John chapter

13:35 the thing that’s going to cause us

to stand out from anybody else is that

um we can be unoffendable we can come to

a place where no matter what the rest of

this world does to us or our brothers or

sisters do to us that it’s not going to

change the way that we impact them you

know you cannot always control how

people will treat you and life’s not

always is going to be fair but you can

control how you receive it right and you

do not have to walk in anger or offense

world go worldly anger Godly anger is

different we should always be angry we

should always hate sin we should always

hate the works of the Flesh and the

works of the enemy but when it comes to

being offended at somebody else people

who are around us are not our problem

the real problem is the enemy and John

13:35 says this by this all men shall

know that you are my disciples if you

have love for one another wow and that

word love there is not just brotherly

love it’s not just relationship love

that’s that is the word agape love

that’s the god kind of love that God has

has has shown you and I in the fact that

he has accepted us even though we have

we have done so many things wrong made

so many mistakes right praise God for

God’s kind of love oh man God’s not

offended with us he doesn’t look at us

and say they should know better by now

yeah right you know even though we

should know better by now should but but

but the god not doing that no that’s

right he’s not offended with us he’s

always looking at us with and seeing the

potential that lives on the inside of us

because of his Spirit which is house

within our bodies praise the Lord for

for God and praise God for the example

that he gives us you know um I heard

somebody say this one time a long time

ago and I’m I’m pretty sure most people

have heard it but it’s such a good

saying and I say it anyways offense is

like drinking poison and expecting

somebody else to die for me I love that

analogy you know so true it is you know

it’s it’s like like you think that

you’re holding something against

somebody else by saying offended at I’ll

show them exactly right no you won’t

exactly it’ll just hurt you and they’ve

gone about their day and they have no

idea that you’re even thinking about it

that’s right wow and so it’s important

for us not to Andrew talks about this

quite often not to allow other people to

rent space in your brain for free yeah

that’s right it’s there’s no point in

that don’t let the devil have any part

of your life don’t let him have any part

of your thought processes any part of

your relationship with God don’t give

him any cracked door in your heart mm

it’s important to close that those doors

and see offense for what it is it’s

attack against the character of God it’s

attack against your relationship with

God it’s an attack against you the

calling that God has in your life it’s

important that you and I you and I uh

stay strong and focused in that

relationship with God because even what

the devil will try to do is he’ll try to

get us offended with God I’m I’m I’m I’m

not sure if that’s ever happened with

you but but it’s happened with me where

the devil’s made it to it even happened

with Jesus yeah if you look over in in

John chapter 6 yeah this is a this is a

great story um this is when Jesus was

saying some pretty harsh things to

receive right to the disciples and

people following him so if you look in

John chapter 6 starting in verse 53 this

is what Jesus said then came Jesus unto

them saying verily verily I say unto you

except that you eat my flesh of the son

of man and drink his blood you shall

have no life in you whosoever eats my

flesh and drinks my blood hath eternal

life and I will raise him up at the last

day jump down to verse number

61 when Jesus knew in himself that his

disciples murmured at

it he said unto them does this offend

you you know one thing I appreciate

about the Lord is that God doesn’t hide

God God directly confronts he goes right

to the heart our hearts and so if if

there’s something in our in our hearts

God’s gonna say is are you offended and

it’s up to us for you and I to answer

honestly yeah that’s right and if you

look down and jump down in verse 60 66

you’ll see the results of this whole

situation and I encourage you to go back

and please read this it’s really

powerful but Jesus said but the word

says from that time on many of his

disciples went back and walk with him uh

and walk no more with him and of course

Jesus at that point said wait wait wait

wait wait I didn’t really mean that

right no no no he didn’t absolutely not

Jesus then said to the 12 will you also

go wow he wasn’t he wasn’t playing to

their offense he was playing to the

truth he was speaking the truth in love

and what’s awesome about that is you

know many people will be offended with

God and you and I have the choice to

either be offended or not be offended

because go because God’s going to call

us to do a lot of things that may be

beyond our capacity in the flesh like to

love the people who are unlovable when

people are ridiculing us and saying

harsh things to us that we do not return

to them the same uh context that we we

speak back to them in the love of God

because love is patient love is kind

Bears all things believe all believes

all things hope hopes all things and

love never fails yeah and that’s the

beautiful part about what God’s doing

for us here by empowering us not to be

offended but to walk in love to walk in

the security of that relationship with

him it it impacts every single

relationship we have it it heals


it comes to a place where we get past

our ourselves and our pride I believe

it’s in Proverbs 13 ver ver 10 that says

only through through Pride cometh

contention and you know something if you

are walking in offense that’s contention

and that came through Pride because your

eyes are fixed upon ourselves not upon

other people and you may say well what

about them they did this and they did

that you’re absolutely right maybe they

did do something wrong but it’s not up

to them to determine whether or not we

get offended you and I have the ability

to walk just like God walked just like

Jesus walked and never to walk in

offense so how do we avoid offense yeah

that’s a great question great question

I’m so glad you’re going to give us the

answer praise the

Lord so uh you know um Jesus said this

he said if you if you seek to find your

life you’re going to lose it and if you

seek to lose your life you’re going to

find it yeah and that’s what it comes

down to if you’re always looking to at

to towards yourself yeah you’re you’re

never going to be satisfied there’s

always going to be more you’re always

going to want more but when you get your

eyes off of yourself and fixed upon the

lord it’s awesome you find satisfaction

in fulfilling the will that God has on

your life it’s absolutely beautiful in 1

Corinthians uh chapter 6: 19 um Paul

says this to the church in Corinth he

says what know you not that your your

body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost I

know Daniel has an awesome song about

about that um which is in you uh which

you have of God and and you are not your

own why is it that we think that we have

the right to be offended why is it that

we think that we have the right to react

a certain ways we don’t belong to

ourselves anymore we belong to the Lord

and if truly if we’ve accepted the Lord

not only as our savior but as our Lord

then we should be submitted to the

things that he’s called us to because

guys it’s not for God’s benefit that he

put his law in place that he put his

reward in place that he gave us this

gospel it’s for our benefit that’s right

so that we can walk after and be

immovable in this present world and show

the world a different way Galatians chap

2 vers 20 says I am for I am crucified

with Christ nevertheless I live yet not

I but Christ liveth in me and the life

which I now live in the flesh I live by

the faith of the Son of God who loved me

and gave himself for me my life is not

my own anymore my faith is not even my

own I live by the fa same Faith as Jesus

the love of Jesus the the the

understanding the passion of Jesus that

has now become my reality yeah and so my

life does not belong to me I so when we

lose sight of ourselves that’s truly how

we overcome uh and how we avoid offense

I’m going to give you one more scripture

in Colossians chap 1 veres 1 through3 so

three more scriptures sorry um if then

you be risen you you you be risen with

Christ seek those things which are above

where Christ sth at the right hand of

God set your affections on things above

and not on things of the Earth for you

are dead and your life is hid with

Christ in God truly if we’re you know

I’ve seen a lot of cadavers before I’ve

seen a lot of dead men and I’ve never

seen one offended dead man wow wow and

that’s what God has given us the ability

to be is unoffendable it’s to a place

where we are no longer living for

ourselves we’re dead to our own emotions

we’re dead to the to the people who are

who are speaking poorly of us or

slandering our names and we’re allow

truly allowing Vengeance to be the Lord

like it says in Romans chapter 12 the

vengeance is mind Sith says the Lord he

will repay and as as we submit our our

oursel we give place to the Lord for

that Vengeance praise God God will fight

our battles and we’ll we’ll pray for

those people because we truly want them

to know the Lord like we know the Lord

um so another point in how to avend uh

avoid offense is understanding that we

are forgiven you know what God has done

for you and I it’s so powerful I don’t

think there’s well I know for a fact

there’s nobody who’s alive today that

deserves the Forgiveness that Jesus has

given us paid for us on the cross it’s

absolutely phenomenal I mean I don’t

care if if you maybe you’ve only said

one bad word in your life or maybe

you’ve you’ve killed hundreds of

thousands of people it doesn’t make a

difference we’re all Sinners when you

we’ve all broken the law we’ve all

fallen short of the glory of God yeah

and because of that we all need the

grace of God so we understand how much

God has forgiven us do you remember the

story in Matthew chapter 18 I’m just

going to reference this because it’s a

bit of a long story but we had we had

two servants one of them owed I believe

it was the the sum uh we’ll start in

verse 21 if you look in verse 21 you can

see the that’s the reference point there

one of them owed I believe it was 10,000

talents now that’s a sum I don’t even

know how much that is Daniel that’s a

lot that’s a lot that’s a lot that’s

that’s you can’t pay that back in

probably 10 life but this man came

before his master threw himself on the

ground and begged for forgiveness this m

the Bible says this master had

compassion on him and forgave him all of

his debt you know be at first he was

going to have his whole family his whole

life taken cap and sold to pay off part

of the debt but this master had

forgiveness and that’s the same thing

for you and I when we came to the father

we had no way of paying back our the

debt that Jesus Paid for us so you know

when we understand that we are forgiven

it empowers us to forgive others what

did this servant do as we continue to

read on we see how the servant went out

and found another fellow servant who

owed him just a small pittens of what he

owed to his master and he was

unforgiving he was unrelenting and he

for he he caused him to be cast into

prison he caused his Goods to be sold

when that Master found out what happened

immediately that master came back and

said you you unrighteous servant I

forgave you this huge debt you ought

also to have forgiven your fellow

servant there it’s the same thing with

you and I when we realize how much we’ve

forgiven how can we take offense at

somebody else when we realize that God

has not taken offense with us even

though we still make mistakes after we

ask for Jesus for forgiveness God

forgives us every single time he forgave

us before we even made the mistakes he

forgave Us in the cross and so and

because of that now we have the ability

to come boldly before the throne of

grace that we might obtain mercy and

Grace to help in time of need like it

says in Hebrews chap 4:16 it’s important

for us to have that understanding what

God has done for us the power that he

has Unleashed on the inside of us to

walk after that same path to have the

same attit towards attitude towards

other people that we we become to a

place where we’re unoffendable because

we and we know how much we’re we’re

forgiven so when the devil throws those

Temptations at us and he says I can’t

believe they they mistreated you they

your boss shouldn’t have shouldn’t have

done it you should have gotten that rais

this should have happened that should

have happened we can say you know

something I know I’m forgiven and I know

I’m working with people I’m living with

people I’m I’m friends with people who

are imperfect and because of that I’m

going to show them the same compassion

that God show that’s so good it’s a

different perspective I’m not looking at

things through my eyes I’m looking at

through God’s eyes and I’m having his

per his perspective his attitudes

towards my the brothers and the sisters

that are around us is this easy no

absolutely not we all we we all some

whenever we’re attacked we want to fight

back yeah but to lay down that right

because we no longer belong to ourselves

anymore because of what God has done for

us to come to a place of true power

where no matter what the world tries to

throw at us it doesn’t make a difference

we’re we’re immovable because of our

relationship with the Lord yeah wow it’s

it’s it’s a place of the world would

look at that and say oh you’re just

you’re just a doormat you’re just being

walked all over and and we know that

through our relationship with God we’re

more than conquerors we are Overcomers

we’re the head and not the tail we’re

above and not beneath we’re the ones who

are walking in Victory because no matter

what anybody else does it’s not going to

they don’t they no longer have the

ability to change how I think how I feel

and how I act yeah that’s that’s the

power that God has given us and we

become steadfast just like Jesus was

steadfast I’m so grateful that Jesus

didn’t look around himself to determine

how he would treat people he looked up

he looked at his relationship with God

and that determined how he treated the

people that were around him what a

blessing that is for us and you and I

have the same capacity that same ability

so my final point there in terms of how

to avoid offense and this this may sound

like an oversimplification but I’ll just

say this I have to simplify things

because I’m a very simple person um and

this is something that I rely upon every

single day and and I and I praise God

for this it’s uh growing in an

understanding of how much God loves us

because when you understand how much God

loves you you also understand how much

God loves the people that are around you

because God is no respector of persons

you know in again in 1 Corinthians


13:5 it says love does not behave itself

unseemly seeks not her own and is not

easily provoked and thinks no evil there

you go it’s not easily provoked so you

know if people are saying bad things

about you if people are being

inconsiderate if they’re trying to

offend you if they’re not trying to

offend you if things happen to you

circumstantially or on purpose love is

not easily provoked there and I’ll tell

you something there’s nothing in this

world that’s too difficult for love

there’s nothing in this world that’s too

difficult for God as we have our eyes

fixed upon the

lord it’s awesome we can react just like


now like I just want to say this again

love also speaks the truth love also

will always prioritize truth and speak

it in a way that people can hear it even

if they choose not to so love is not

again love is not weak it’s not um it’s


uh uh fragile it’s not going to break

apart it’s going to withstand the test

of time but love is not love is not

dictated to love dictates other words

this world does not tell us who we can

and cannot love we have the ability to

love people even when they’re unlovable

even when they don’t act like it even we

have the ability to love our spouses

when sometimes they say things that are

not always nice or to to love our

children when they say the same things

or to love our parents when they say

things that are that are not the best or

people who are closest to us or the

people that we The Strangers that we’ve

never met before we have that ability to

love them even if they don’t love us

even if they’re they’re looking to kill

us it doesn’t make a difference we have

the ability to love them just like Jesus

loved them and that really is the heart

of God you know you look at um a verse

that we all know John chapter 3:1 16 for

God so loved the world that he gave his

only begotten son he didn’t just love

the church right he loved the world

everyone and because of that he was

motivated to give he was not offended

when people rejected him he’s hurt he he

want be because he hurts for people it’s

his desire that everybody comes in and

and knows him in Salvation right but he

gives everybody the choice so we all

have that ability to say yes or to no or

no and I really want to encourage you

brothers and sisters that you are

powerful in the fact that God has given

you his Same Spirit his same mind his

same ability and you don’t have to be

moved you don’t have to be offended you

don’t have to take on the offense of

other people you can speak the truth you

can go back to the word and say you know

I know you’re sharing this with me and I

know you may feel wrong but let me tell

you something you are more than a

conqueror you can accomplish these

things you have favor the Bible says the

favor surrounds you like a shield so

don’t buy into what these people are

saying you let God fight for you and you

put your trust in him that’s right and

and I’ll tell you something God God God

has never failed not one single time

never he’s not going to start now no so

I want to encourage you brothers and

sisters that you and I have the ability

to act just like Jesus when it comes to


unoffendable that we don’t have to let

this world dictate to us we can love

people who are of a different political

swing than us we can love people who are

of different races than us we can love

people who are different nationalities

than us it doesn’t make a difference we

have the ability to love the world just

like God loved the world and not to

allow their actions or inactions or or

the things that they say about us ever

change how uh the Overflow of God’s love

in our lives towards them you can be

become unoffendable and in doing that

you can become steadfast just like the

Lord and you can truly show people what

it means to be a child of the living

King so Mike so good so powerful praise

God you know I was just thinking as you

were sharing this earlier you mentioned

John 13:35 about how all men will know

that you have a Agape for one another

amen I believe that this is one of the

key elements of the third Great

Awakening amen all men will know that’s

right well what how will they know

they’re going to know from that

Supernatural love not just that natural

love but a agape love and when we’re

loving each other with that love all men

will know and it doesn’t say that all

men will respond no it just says that

all men will know yeah and uh and that’s

the key thing some people are going to

reject it no matter what right but but

they’ll know but they’ll know

there’s a distinctive there that’s right

wow that is huge amen man we’ve got some

great questions this morning um you hit

him a main vein here this

morning I mean we got all kinds of

questions so let’s get to a couple of

these aadu on Facebook says how do we

deal with people who are hurtful and our

brothers in Christ I mostly have to deal

with one thing or another especially

when they are in Authority oh that’s a

that’s a great question that’s a great

question and I think that again that

comes back to the aspect of not not

allowing them to dictate your response

to them yeah as you go back to the word

and you become so solid in your

relationship with God that you find your

worth through that relationship with God

identity is a big key that’s a big key

is it yeah so when you know who you are

and when you know what God’s called you

to be it doesn’t make a difference what

other people say about you now we all

want to be liked by people there’s no

doubt about it right but that should not

influence us in our actions what should

influence in our actions it’s the truth

that God has revealed to us spoken to us

in our heart in that relationship yeah

so when people are in authority over us

you know the Bible’s very clear that

we’re to honor those people in Authority

but here’s the thing it talks about

Godly Authority as well so if a person

is telling you to do something that’s

against the word of God then don’t honor

that you stick with the word of God um

and and I’ll and I’ll say this as well

you know uh God there’s going to be

people who come across your path and

sometimes we think oh God brought this

person across my path or or God set up

this person in the place of authority

that’s not true not everybody in the

place of authority has been established

by God Andrew has a great teaching on

that so I encourage you give our hel

line a call and and ask about that but

not everybody in the place of authority

is established by God God the word is

talking about Godly Authority there so

we submit ourselves to that Godly

Authority but but it doesn’t mean we

don’t honor the position doesn’t mean we

don’t honor those people who are in

positions of authority over us we can

certainly do that but we don’t if they

say something contrary to word of God um

then it’s important that we stay with

the word of God if it’s just a matter of

how they treat you you know something

don’t don’t revisit evil with for evil

if you’re going to truly impact them

you’re going to revisit love for evil

and even with if they treat you bad you

still treat them good and I believe that

that example is going to speak volumes

to them yeah that’s really good yep GMA

or GMA on YouTube says what if you don’t

take up the offense but people see it as

a weakness and take it as maybe even an

open door to disrespect you especially

in the workplace environment well

there’s nothing wrong with with speaking

the truth yeah like if a person

disrespects you and says oh you’re

nothing you can look at them and say

that’s not what the word of God says

about me the word of God says I’m this

I’m that that that that I’m a child of

the living King there’s nothing wrong

with with with declaring the word of God

in your life but as far as taking the

offense if people look at that as

weakness that’s that’s their issue

that’s not your issue again that’s going

to shape the way that they think about

you and they’re always going to

underestimate you and the spirit of God

is on the inside of you is always going

to bring favor it’s always going to

bring people across your path that are

going to be a blessing to you it’s

always going to it’s always is going to

be there to be a support to you and

you’re going to find strength no matter

what and you know something when you

when people live their life that way

it’s amazing what happens behind closed

doors I’m sure Daniel has a lots of

stories he’s Daniel’s been all over this

world and seen so many different things

where where people will say one thing in

front of it in front of them and then

behind closers the doors they may come

to you and say you’re you’re different

you have something special about you I

want what you have yeah and that that

happens quite often and but this is the

this is our opportunity not to blend in

with the world but to be different we

are called to be the salt and the light

light and salt is offensive he salt is a

healing agent you put that on a cut it’s

going to help you heal but it’s going to

burn yeah light is offensive to people

who are walking in darkness wake up in

the first thing in the morning turn on

the light what you do is you close your

eyes and you cover your eyes as much as

you can yeah we’re not always going to

be people’s favorite as a matter of fact

you should be very careful if you are

people’s favorite so the reality is

we’re gonna we’re GNA cause people to

think poorly of ourselves and maybe even

think that we are dmats but that doesn’t

mean that we just take what they say we

speak the word and we speak it in love

and we do not take offense in our hearts

we don’t let anything come between us

and our relationship with God so so good

and so strong you know when you begin to

really realize this the power of this is

so life-changing you know Jesus the

Pharisees thought very poorly of Jesus

most of them did except for the

Nicodemus and people who came to him

behind closed doors right but yet he let

his works and his miracles speak for

himself yeah and and that truly is

really why we’re we are still reading

about him today while we’re still being

transformed by him today while he’s

alive on the inside of us today is

because he didn’t just come with words

he came with power and in deeds and in

action it’s the same thing with us when

we we start living this way we show

forth a different Paradigm a different

way of thinking in a different lifestyle

no wonder it speaks to the world Amen

right amen especially nowadays

especially nowadays wow incredible guest

on email says what do you do when you’ve

asked for forgiveness and they have even

repented but the other person refuses

reconciliation or is choosing to stay

offended oh

that’s you know um unfortunately that

that and and I’ll just say this

unfortunately that that does happen some

sometimes that happened with me as well

I made a major mistake one times and I

confronted somebody and I was totally

wrong I went back and I apologized and

he looked at me and went up one side and

down the other he did nice kindly with a

smirk on his face but he still did it

and ultimately I was not going to let

that bother me I came to a place where

you know what if you have offense even

though I caused it I asked for your

forgiveness and I recognized that I you

did what you needed to do exactly and so

now you choose whether or not you have

offense yeah and now it’s between them

and the Lord and I’ll tell you something

you don’t want to be offended against a

child of God you don’t especially when a

person realizes what they’ve done wrong

I’ll tell you the Bible says touch not

mine anointed yeah you know and and you

are the anointed of God if the spirit of

God lives on the inside you’re a child

of God so good and so you allow the Lord

to fight those battles but you you you

keep on you keep on being yourself and

don’t let their actions from that point

on change how you would treat them you

still treat them as a brother or a

sister in Christ you still react to them

in love if they’re in Christ if they’re

in the world then you minister to them

uh we we show them a different lifestyle

But ultimately it’s it’s every

individual’s uh responsibility to either

to to reject offense we can’t do that

for other people unfortunately mhm yeah

it’s good Sharon on YouTube great

another great question thanks for

sending all these great questions in you

guys this is so U great that you have

responded like you have so again thank

you but Sharon on YouTube says uh post

reconciliation sometimes my mind replays

the memories of the offense when I see

the person how can I overcome this and

make my mind forget it once and for all

oh Sharon that is a great isn’t that a

great question thank you for asking that

question you know this is where we have

to remember that we have authority over

our thought lives yeah that the Bible

actually tells us to take every thought

captive because uh because bring it

bring it to the knowledge of God so we

have the we have the plum line of the

word these thoughts that are coming in

contrary to the word of God you take

hold of that thing and you drag it to

the light of the word of God and you say

see you’re wrong don’t come back to me

again you know um I think it was um um

uh brother hegen said this he said I

can’t stop birds from flying lying over

my head right but I can stop them from

nesting in my ha buing a nest and so

it’s that aspect of we can’t sometimes

the devil’s going to throw those

thoughts yeah but we don’t have to

receive them you take authority over

those thoughts and I’ll just say this

some sometimes we we try to fight

Thoughts with thoughts yes fight

Thoughts with word there you go you know

speak it out and say you know thoughts

leave me alone in jesus’ name you get

out of my head this is my brother you

start and you start praying for that

person you start lifting them up you

start seeing them in a different light

you start changing the way you think

there you go it’s going to it’s going to

totally uh revolutionize the way that

you you look at those people in the

future yeah you’re really is y in fact I

think a lot of times when you see a

person who has done you wrong and and

you don’t feel that feeling of almost

panicky you know but you feel love for

them that that is such a great

indication that you have let them off

the hook amen right good they are

forgiven that that’s that’s that’s the

level that I believe God that’s love of

God he he wants all of us to get to yeah

uh Tanya on Facebook says what if a

person is abusive and even deceptive how

do you love someone that you fear well I

think at that point just because you’re

not offended doesn’t mean you have to be

around people either yeah and so I think

it’s important that if that if that

person you can get away from them and

just not not hang out with them I think

that’s that’s important as well um

because oftentimes we think that we have

to be the ones to uh to be the

instrument to to save people or to see

their to be used by God to see their

lives transformed and the reality is if

if you’re in a place of fear first of

all God has not g as as timoth as

Timothy wrote to to Paul I’m I’m sorry

as Paul wrote to Timothy God has not

given you a spirit of fear but a power

and love and sound mind so fear is an

attack of the enemy so you take

authority over that but if you if

there’s a physical endangerment that you

feel I wouldn’t be around that person I

think that’d be important that you uh

you can let them know and say listen I

can’t be around you anymore because I’m

in fear or or because of these threats

or whatever they might be but that

doesn’t mean you have to be offended

that doesn’t mean you have to startop

stop praying for them doesn’t mean you

can’t encourage other people who may not

be in that place where physically it’s

such a threat to continue to minister to

them speak into their lives you don’t we

don’t always have to be the instrument

as a matter of fact sometimes God’s

calling to step us a step away and we’re

doing the opposite and stepping towards

and we’re we’re not seeing the results

that we want to see it’s just being led

by the wisdom of God as well and not

putting yourselves in in those positions

yeah it’s really good yep uh as someone

once said love them from a

distance here you go absolutely Jesus

Jesus had the three and he had the 12 he

had the 70 and he had the multitudes so

he had those people that he was really

close to he shared in his in his in his

inner circle and he had the people as

well that he ministered to um and I’m

not saying he was afraid of them I’m not

saying it was just it was just the areas

of Separation that Jesus had in his life

and he seed into those individuals that

were closer to him and of course they

they brought this message throughout the

whole world yeah so good man Olivia on

Facebook I think we’ve got time maybe

for one quick one here um ask a great

question Mike there are disputes among

churches especially regarding Grace

teaching some are saying it’s extreme

pastors pointing fingers at other

pastors looking at that passage in John

1335 about how all men will know how do

we handle

this Olivia I tell you I wish all of us

could could react in love um I’m not

saying that I’m I’m talking about people

who are you know believe in being

baptized in the father Son and the Holy

Ghost know in the in in the son the

Father the Holy Ghost whatever those

things are and extreme Grace you know I

believe it’s a balance for everything

and I think that people people will be

much more re receptive to hearing what

we have to say if we’re speaking to them

in love we don’t have to take offense in

order to step in and speak the truth as

a matter of fact we should not be Tak

taking offense to do that again Jesus

did that all the time and so it’s a

matter of us being able to come together

and focusing on the things that we have

in common not the things that are

different now I’m not talking about

Christians coming coming together with

with Islam and forming chrislam that’s

evil I say that anytime you add anything

to the word of God yeah it’s evil that’s

wrong there’s no doubt about it Jesus

said I am the way the truth and the life

no man can come to the father except

through me so Muhammad didn’t save

anybody Allah

um can’t save anybody you know these

different religions they’re wrong so I’m

not talking about that I’m talking about

people who are of the same understanding

who who claim that Jesus is Lord and and

through him and through him alone we

come to the father so when it comes to

extreme Graces there are extremes there

are people who will take things to the

extreme and I believe I I believe that

that’s wrong I believe there’s a balance

of there’s a balance of Grace and Faith

that we need to walk in that that Jesus

laid out perfectly in his word and as we

go back to the word I believe that his

word corrects us I believe that God

brings people across our path and we

just need to stay open and receptive

when it comes to other people again we

can’t control other people all we can do

is control what we can control and

that’s our own Hearts so I’d encourage

us to make sure that we’re focusing on

the things and majoring on the majors

and minoring on the minors yeah that’s

so good Mike you know many times instead

of shouting at the darkness we just need

to declare the truth amen you know it’s

like people who say healing passed away

you know with the last Apostle well just

go out and do what the word of God says

to do instead of trying to defend and

you know all of that am man I just love

the fact that Andrew and Jamie and and

really our our staff because of Andrew

and Jamie have embraced this as a

lifestyle amen you know where we’re just

not going to talk about it but we’re

going to actually put it in operation

and go do absolutely and so you know

with every area of Our Lives we’re

growing Jesus was always led by the

spirit of God but he was always moved by

compassion and so guys what a great

teaching this morning Mike thank you so

much oh my pleasure being unoffendable

unoffendable I love that it’s like we’re

we’re covered in Teflon that’s right you

know and nothing’s going to stick to us

because we’re so filled with the love of

God Amen so let me just encourage you

make it a great Friday today this is the

day the Lord has made like I said

earlier but let’s cooperate with him and

maximize this day to the glory of God

everything that we do everything we say

giving him the glory amen amen amen so

again thank you for joining us we’re

going to be back Monday morning at 10:00

a.m. Lord willing with another great

live Bible study and tell everybody

about this bring some friends with you

on the internet let some people know

because it’s the word of God that’s

alive and powerful and will bring the

change so that you can be transformed to

the image of Christ amen God bless you

have a great day we love you until next

time stay blessed thank

you join us every weekday for our daily

Liv stream on gospel truth TV