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in Egypt you remember them hauling off

Barrel wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow on

card after card of dead frogs trying to

clean up the stents and there wasn’t a

frog in your land

don’t you remember the Locust you you

could see that black cloud coming over

the horizon and it passed you and it

divided everything in Egypt and there

wasn’t a locust in your land

what about those screams that night in

the Passover The Wailing and streaming

the first born of all cows and animals

and and children the firstborn of every

family died in the middle of the night

and you heard the Wailing and they’re

screaming and not one of yours not a dog


not a lamb died

nothing died

and you’re trying to pursue they’ve

forgotten all of that


you you say well see

look the god that did all that the god

that opened the sea you see those rocks

up there God can bring water out of one

of those rocks

and everybody by now is laughing at you

said yeah what’s he going to do just

take his rod and hit it it’s going to

come up and said yes

and everybody’s gathered around to see

this crazy man talking about what God

can do he says yeah I suppose you go and

tell us that God you’ve got a pour food

out of heaven and we just go out and

pick it up

it would take you crazy

that you have lost your mind they have

seen all of this but they don’t believe

it there is absolute unbelief in their


and you you stand there and say well

wait a minute has God changed in three


folks you understand that every time God

does a miracle for you you know how long

you remember it

in three days

because you’re getting another mess you

get in another crisis and say can God do


can God do it we forget the Miracles of

God we forget the blessing of God upon

us and we get in a tight spot and we

begin to murmur and complain once again

then you point to the cloud

that’s hanging over the camp and you say

well what about that cloud why doesn’t

it evaporate why is it there shielding

you from the hot sun because you know

you couldn’t last one day in this desert

there’s no man that’s ever lived here

it’s totally inhabitable uninhabitable

and you cannot live here look at that

cloud that never leaves you

and what about the glow at night that

keeps you from being in Pitch Darkness

so you can’t even find your way around

the camp and that soft blow over the


what about that that’s been there I

don’t know where it comes from they say

it’s God but but we’re thirsty

you say to them why don’t you cast your

care on him why don’t you assure Moses

that you believe the same God that did

all these past Miracles can do it for

you again

this is

you see

the Lord was trying to build a house

with Moses he was trying to build a

house God chose a people

that he would take into a Wilderness and

he would allow them to go through

difficult hard impossible times where

human humanly thinking according to the

human mind it would be absolutely

impossible to survive

you could not have told anybody before

this had happened that three million

Jews can go into a Wilderness where

there is nothing but sand and a hot

blazing sun and serpents

and they would survive

when they would grow stronger

in a Wilderness and God was going to

test them

he tested them 10 times and 10 times

they failed the test

if you’ve been there to say around the

Waters of marriage say look I want to

tell you something we you know your God

cares for you he saw you in bondage in

Egypt he brought you out when you you

could not even make it you were so tired

and so weary

by the way folks you know why God took

away the straw

he knew that they’re going to have a

tough time they’re going to have to be

able to walk a long way they’re going to

have to have the muscle strengthened so

he took away the straw to build up their


to give them strength

that’s right I believe they’re on my

heart he was preparing them for what was

coming but God wanted them to believe


how could even the elderly be so strong

and go through that because they had

been built up physically for this great

task ahead of them


and you see God was trying to build a

house a people who would trust him

in all times in all crisis in all things

and stand still and see the salvation of

the Lord

God had a plan for this people he wanted

to take these people into the promised

land he wanted them to become

evangelists for all history he wanted

the word of God the New Testament would

have absolutely been a story not of of

Hebrews 3 but it would have been a

testimony for the whole world

intermitted testimony of what God can do

God was working on a church he’s trying

to build a people



and mock

of folks

can you imagine the joking

of these people when when have you knew

what God was going to do and you begin

to tell them all the things that your

almighty God can do and will do for them

if they would just believe them

and not one of them would have listened

to you

you know the rest of the story go to

Psalm 78 and I’ll show you the rest of

the story on these people because of

their unbelief psalm 78.

chapter 7 8 let’s read begin to read

verse 13. he divided the sea caused them

to pass through he made the waters to

stand as a heap the daytime also he led

them with a cloud and all the night with

the light of fire he claved the rocks in

the wilderness he gave them drink as out

of the great dips he brought streams

also out of the rock caused Waters to

run down like Rivers they sinned yet

more against him by provoking the most

high in the wilderness they tempted God

in their heart by asking meat for the

lust they spake against God

they said can God furnish a table in the

wilderness yes he smote The Rock The

Waters gushed out the streams overflowed

but can he give bread also can he

provide flesh for the people therefore

the Lord heard this and was Wrath so a

fire was kindled against Jacob and anger

also came up against Israel because they

believed not in God and trusted not in

his salvation they did not believe this

God says I cannot work with this people


the Bible Bible makes it very very clear

there and down in verse 29 so they did

eat were filled

he gave them their own desire

they were not estranged from the lust

but while their meat was yet in their

mouth the wrath of God Came Upon them

and slew the fattest of them and smote

down chosen men of Israel for all this

they sinned still and believed not for

his wondrous Works therefore their days

did he consume in vanity they’re years

in trouble

folks listen to me please

these people flattered in with their


they said they worshiped him but they

never had a settled confidence in God’s

willingness and Power

to deliver them in a time of trouble

folks you’re going to have to have in

the days ahead a settled confidence

you’re going to have to have a faith

this this provokes God more than

anything else for a people to be kept I

I can look back over all my years

my years and years of the faithfulness

of God I can look back over as many of

you in this church most of you all of

you who walk in with God can say God has

never failed me God has seen me through

and then folks that is the testimony

upon which you build your faith for the

future hard times that are coming God

who saw me through all these times going

to see me no matter what happens my God

will see me through