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it’s The Marvelous benefits of

repentance heavenly father I acknowledge

my need before you now I ask you Lord to

show us more and more of what you desire

of us in the way of repentance I ask you

to anoint my lips Let the Fire of the

Holy Ghost be in my soul sanctify me

Lord I open my heart to you Holy Spirit

I want you to speak through me tonight

let your words have life Lord we come

against every principality and power of

Darkness we bind every Power of hell and

darkness and the principalities and

powers that would come to Rob us of

Truth Lord we thank you what we’ve heard

today we ask now to cap it tonight Lord

change us through the word I want to be

changed by what I preach and I want

everybody here to be changed by what

they hear in Jesus name amen

The Marvelous benefits of repentance now

in my message tonight I want to

accomplish two things I want to talk to

you about what is required in Repentance

and then I want to talk to you about the

marvelous benefits when you do repent

folks the longer I walk with Jesus the

more I’m convinced that repentance is

not just for sinners

it’s for Saints it’s for God’s people

and it’s a way of life it’s not one act

it’s something that you do over and over

you die daily you repent daily I believe

that with all my heart

now I hope to prove to you tonight that

a Christian who maintains a repentant

attitude brings on their life the favor

and blessing of God incredible blessings

of God it just opens something that

nothing else in your life could open no

other thing you could do could open up

this blessing as this life of repentance

a repentant heart is one that’s soft

it’s easily pliable a repentant heart is

one that loves reproof and acts

unreproof and this tenderness this

something he talked to this this morning

about being moldable how the repentant

heart is easily molded by the Holy

Spirit and we want to deal with that

somewhat tonight

now before I show you the marvelous

benefits of repentance let me show you

what I believe is absolutely necessary

for you and I to obtain a repentant

heart now I know most of you listening

to me tonight would say brother Dave

that’s what I want I want a repentant

heart I don’t want a heart heart I want

a soft uh malleable heart I want

something from the Lord in the way of

Brokenness and contriteness and let me

tell you what I believe is absolutely

absolutely foundational and if you don’t

have this there’s no way you’ll ever

obtain or have a repentant heart

the number one characteristic of a

repentant heart is a Readiness to

acknowledge guilt

a Readiness to accept blame for every

bit of wrongdoing in your life

to accept guilt to accept wrong doing

and say I am the one I have sinned

if there is no admitting to sin there

could be no Godly sorrow and no

repentance because God knows sorrow

works or leads to repentance not to be

repented off

if you’re not going to acknowledge

you’re wrong you don’t need repentance

you can’t you you have removed yourself

from every possible any possibility of

being repented or having a repentant

heart because you see yourself as having

done no wrong in the sight of God

pilate remember he’s about to turn Jesus

over to the murderous priest and elders

and he looks at the rat that’s about to

break out and his heart smites him

and so he calls for a basin of water and

he gets his hand in the water

and he absolves himself before the crowd

my hands are clean listen to what it

says when pilate saw that he could

Prevail nothing but rather that a riot

was being made he took water and washed

his hands before the multitude and he

said I am innocent of the blood of this

just just person see to it

see to it in other words I want you

people to understand pilate said that I

washed my hands of this I am not guilty

I have nothing to do with this man my

hands are clean now of course his hands

were not clean he was about to betray

the very son of the Living God but he

said I want you from now on when you

think of this man in his death I have

nothing to do with it I am clean I have

nothing to do I wash my hands if you had

sent a prophet to that man pilate the

next day and said repent or perish he

would have looked hurt and astounded

what do you mean repent I have done

nothing wrong I wash my hands of it I am

clean absolutely clean see to it

now this kind of thinking removes you

and it removes me from any possibility

of walking in Repentance

John said if a man say

if we say we have no sin we deceive

ourselves and the truth is not in us if

we say we’ve not sinned we make him a

liar and the word is not in US

now folks let me tell you what I’ve seen

in in my lifetime my father is a

preacher my grandfather’s preached I’m

born and raised in Pentecost

I’ve seen more Church splits and

troubles probably than any preacher my

age because I’ve traveled a lot and I

have seen case in a case and I think at

least two churches in particular one in

Texas and one in Pennsylvania and they

split right down the middle Pastor got

tired of all the foolishness in the

pastor quits and so one group goes over

here a mile away and starts another


and these two facts and these two groups

make themselves enemies to one another

and it’s amazing thing when when when

you listen to them it’s absolutely

incredible because nobody’s to blame

this group over here says well we are

right and this group over here moves

over says no we are right this group is

saying they are enemy this group they

are our enemy an amazing thing they’re

all in Proverbs they’re all in Psalms

and they’re all reading the same

scripture and all taking comfort out of


and then they’re saying well you just

wait when God starts judging they start

dropping dead left and right then

they’ll know I’m right

and then so somebody over here dies and

they say well if you see we’re right but

then somebody over here dies

and and so it goes on for years I have I

have been in cities where these two

churches uh no God never does bless any

of them because they’re all under the

wrath of God because they are all full

of gossip and they’re full of everything

else but nobody’s to blame

and they go for years their their

families are in trouble they go They’re

everything and they’re split because

nobody is saying I’m the one who needs

prayer I’m the one who needs to be dealt

with everybody’s washing their hands in

the basin

nobody wants to admit their own

the truth is they were all wrong in

these cases now the prophet Malachi is

absolutely shocked and grieved I want

you to go to uh no I’ll tell you look

you don’t have to go to Malachi I’ll

take you I’m going to take a lot of

scriptures but we won’t go to Malachi

but let me talk to you about the shock

and the grief of this Prophet Malachi

he’s grieved by the absolute spiritual

blindness of God’s people of his time

he was sent by God to reprove them he

had this strong message the Lord when he

came forth in fact there are at least

four occasions in Malachi where the

Prophet comes forth before God’s people

he said look you have sinned and

they are absolutely in mock innocence

what are you talking about couldn’t be

he cried out you people have profaned

the Holiness of the Lord

you know how to weep and cover the altar

with your tears you still sacrifice you

go through all the religious activities

but God is rejecting it all because you

have sinned and the answer was but why

what are you talking about what have we

done wrong

they had been divorcing their wives and

marrying Heathen wives that all they had

to do was spit their their wife’s face

and divorce her and they were divorcing

their wives left and right going to the

altar covering it with tears going

through all the religious activities and

yet their hearts were full of sin they

had rebelled against God and the prophet

comes to him with a clear message and

they know their heart they’re wrong and

they said but what have we done we’ve

done nothing wrong

the prophet comes to them again the

second time and they look they uh he

said you have worried the Lord with your

words you’re saying things that have

absolutely shocked and worried the Lord

and in shock and mock innocence they

said but how what have we done

impossible again

the prophet comes to them and they say

well I don’t know what you’re talking

about I am we’re innocent

and you hear the prophet says you say

everyone that doeth evil

is great in the sight of the Lord

and he delighteth in them or where is

the god of judgment

in other words these people had been

encouraging the evil people in the

congregation they’ve been encouraged

them in their talk encouraged them into

walk when there was sin in their life

and they were saying judgment’s not

going to come upon you there’s no

judgment for you and they were putting

people at ease they were taking away the

very threat of God’s Wrath and judgment

that it came through all the prophets

they were trying to blunt the message of

the prophets


and they were saying well what have we

done what have we done they they were

calling the wicked righteous

evil good and good evil and they knew it

but they were so blinded they’re

absolutely blinded and they’re shaking

their shoulders they would have I done

what have we done

he comes back to them again the third


and if Prophet says you have robbed God

and they said how

what are you talking about robbing God

he said in your tithes and offerings he

said you just bring the garbage to the

Lord you bring the lame and the Blind

and the whole but you don’t give the

tithes and offerings that belong to God

you are robbing God and they’re going

around saying what are you talking about

finally this Prophet gives up because

they do not hear the word finally

settles down in the last chapter of

Malachi to a holy Remnant that are

hearing the word of God just a small

remnant that were moved by the spirit of

God and God dealt with them and they

received the reproof and God moved upon

them mightily and gave them great


how different David’s attitude was

David he continually searched his heart

and he was he was so quick to say it’s

me Lord standing in the need of prayer

Psalm 32 15 I acknowledge my sin unto

thee my iniquity have I not hidden I

said I will

confess my transgressions unto the Lord

and thou forgavest the iniquity of my


in Psalm 51 3 for acknowledge my

transgression and my sin is ever before

me against thee only have I sinned and

done this evil in thy sight

that’s a repentant heart

a repentant Hearts not trying to make

things right with the person they’ve

wronged as much as they’re making things

right with God when you get things right

with God you will get right with your

brother or your sister it’s God that’s

been sinned again it’s not man it’s God

and see when people come you say I

apologize and apologies what you give to

man repentance is what you give to God

David said I acknowledge my sin is ever

before me I don’t try to justify I don’t

try to to get away from it I admit it

quickly I sinned it’s me

David believed in hard searchings to dig

out the sin

he said search me o God

know my heart

try me know my thoughts and see if

there’d be any wicked way in me and Lead

Me To Life Everlasting he went to the

lamp he went to the light he went to the

Holy Ghost opened up his eyes said God

turn the light on Holy Ghost come and

search every corner of my life if I’ve

said anything done anything if I sinned

against you and I don’t even know about

reveal it to me

that’s a repentant heart God opened me

up to the Holy Ghost


I keep wanting to be a nice quiet

preacher and I get louder and louder


1710 I the Lord searched the heart

I test the emotions

even to repay every man according to his

ways and according to the fruit of his

doings he

Isaiah said for our transgressions are

multiplied before thee and our sins

testify against us

for our transgressions are with us and

as for our iniquities we know about them

as far our iniquities we know what they

are the prophet says

we know when we sin we know when we say

the wrong thing we know when we gossip

we know when we slander or talk about or

hear we know

God knows and we know it

as for iniquities we know them

what were these known transgressions

according to Isaiah 59 13 lying against

the Lord

departing from the Lord speaking

oppression and speaking Rebellion

conceiving and uttering from the heart

words of falsehood uttering from the

heart I want to stop right here and talk

to you about uttering falsehood from the

heart because there are people who

believe they can utter almost everything

as long as they’re sincere

a lot it may not be what others think

but I believe it’s true so I have a

right to say it because I believe it to

be true even though they don’t know

anything about it it must be true so I

believe it because I don’t mean any harm

by it you know there are people who can

shoot an arrow and almost kill you and

put a knife in your back and I didn’t

mean it

because out of the heart you know just I

feel it it’s my heart

my heart

they utter out of the heart

out of what is supposed slowly sincerity

out of a sincere heart I they offer this

and there the Bible says they are

uttering from the heart words of

falsehood it’s truth but it’s truth it’s

Fallen to the ground and trampled on in

the mud

it’s truth it’s swollen

he said well brother I thought you were

going to this is a healing message is it


first Samuel 2 3


talk no more

succeedingly proud

let not arrogance come out of your mouth

for the Lord is a god of knowledge and

by him all actions are winning

folks listen to me

hear me here’s what here’s what keeps my

mouth shut

see I’m not interested just making it

through until the Judgment Day

I’m not interested in just trying to

make it through and pleasing man and

having man’s Applause

I’m trying to make it through the

Judgment seat

through the judgment

I want to wake up every day and go to

bed at night knowing that I’m going to

stand one day before the Judgment seat

of Jesus Christ and he’s going to look

his burning eyes into my soul folks

that’s what I’m counting on that’s what

I’m working on in my heart

not just to please a congregation I’ve

got to please Jesus and I’ve got to

stand before the Judgment seat and give

an account of every word that I’ve


that’s scary folks

Hallelujah you still with me

now Those whom God uses

are very sensitive to their sins

hear it I’ll say it again Those whom God

really uses men and women of God who

really used who are pillars in the


of those who are very sensitive when

they sin

they don’t cover it they’re very

sensitive and they breathe not only over

their own sin but they grieve over the

sin of the body they grieve of the sin

of the church

Ezra was a Godly Man and I want you to

go to Ezra because I want to show you

some things in Ezra go to Ezra if you

will please

if you go to get to Nehemiah turn left

you’ve gone too far

and if you’re in second chronicles go

right it’s right between second

chronicles and

Nehemiah and I want you to go to the

10th chapter

and as soon as you get it look back up

this way if you will please Ezra the

10th chapter


listen to me please

Ezra as a godly man and you know that he

loved the law of God he was described

this man was a prayer Warrior this man

was a righteous man he walked

circumspectly before God

and uh

you would say there’s there’s no way

that this man would need repentance

himself Godly Man

he looks at the compromise among God’s

people and there’s filthiness in the

camp there’s idolatry there’s

uncleanness or mixed marriages and it

breaks his heart

it’s not his own sin

but he he sees all he he comes to

Jerusalem and he sees how they’ve broken

the laws of God and this filthiness and

degradation all around and he doesn’t

walk around

saying I’m clean he doesn’t walk around

saying well I know my heart I’ve done

nothing wrong and I I mean everybody may

be backsliding around me but not me I am

going on with God he didn’t say that

I want you to look at the first verse

chapter 10. now when Ezra had prayed and

when he had confessed

confess what this man’s a righteous man

but he’s repenting

when he had confessed weeping and

casting himself down before the house of

God they’re assembled unto him out of

Israel very great Congregation of men

and women and children for the people

wept very sore

I want you to look now at verse 6. then

Ezra Rose from before the house of God

went into the Chamber of johannan

and when he came through he did eat no

bread nor drink water for he mourned

because of the transgression of them

that had been carried away and verse 1

chapter 10 he’s confessing he is

confessing not only his weakness he’s

confessing the sins of the whole body he

said oh God we have sinned I don’t ever

like you’re a preacher stand up and say

you people you people

I don’t like to hear that I’d like to

hear preacher say we we

God helping me that’s the way I want to

preach we identify with the sins that

are in the house or in the camp of God

and that’s exactly what we see this man

doing go back to chapter 9.

begin with verse three and when I heard

this thing in verse 2 they’d taken

Daughters of themselves and Sons The

Holy seeded been mingled and uh their

trespassed grievings against the Lord

when I heard this thing I rent my

garment my man and I plucked off the

hair of my head and my beard well that

sounds very hurtful

he plucked off his hair and his beard

and he sat confounded or astounded

then were assembled unto me everyone

that trembled at the words of the god of

Israel because of the transgression of

those that have been carried away and I

said astonished until the evening

sacrifice and the evening sacrifice I

rose up for my heaviness and having

wrapped my garment in my medal I fell

upon my knees and spread up my hands

unto the Lord my God and said oh my God

I’m ashamed and blessed to lift up my

face to thee my God for my for our

iniquities see here’s a Godly Man and

he’s saying Lord we have sinned and for

our iniquities

our iniquities are increased over our

head and our trespass has grown up into

the heavens

look at me

that’s repentance

we have sinned we have fallen short of

the glory of God folks when you quit

pointing your finger at somebody else

and you can look inside and you already

repent before the before the Lord then

when you see sin around you you don’t

Point your finger now pastors have to

correct there is a place for correction

and reproof and God says that very

clearly they that sin rebuked before All

That Others May fear there’s a place for

Godly rebuke but friends in in the

Sheepfold among the Sheep listen to me

closely when you see a brother or sister

caught in sin the Bible said one one

member of the body hurts we all hurt

we all hurt and it should be that you

you would grieve over it and go to that

person if you could and try to heal and


but here’s this prophet of God

who who hadn’t divorced his wife he was

not living an idolatry this man was

broken before God because sin had broken

up and Broken Out In The House of God

this man is mourning he’s weeping he’s

feeling the compassion of it feeling the

hurt of it

folks do you take it that serious

do you take it that serious

I talked to the youth choir here before

the service this afternoon and I heard

one young lady talked about how she said

I’m so grieved over my own sin that I

have no time for anybody else

and and are not time but I’m not

concerned about the sins of others right

now as I am about my own sin and that’s

good that’s where we begin that’s where

repentance starts

I want you to go to Daniel

you see it more clearly

and here’s how

in Daniel we’re going to find the

benefits the Lord’s benefits of

repentance we’ll get into that in just a

moment once you go to Daniel the ninth


foreign know that Daniel was a righteous

man who prayed and prayed and prayed

this man was willing to give his life

this man was so righteous that the Lions

wouldn’t eat him

but Daniel’s heart was so sensitive to


that greed God he identified

with the horrible sins of Israel

never once you hear Daniel pray God

they’ve sinned

your people have sinned

that’s not what you’re going to hear

ninth chapter beginning verse 3.

and I set my face

unto the Lord God

to seek by prayer and supplication with

fasting and sackcloth and Ashes

and I prayed unto the Lord my God and

made my confession who’s confessing

My Confession

folks I have a feeling if I if if I had

been there

and and I now by Daniel night I leaned

over and I said I hear you confess and

you’re saying what’d you do

you talked about adultery you wouldn’t

talk about idolatry he wouldn’t talk

about these things but but there’s this


is is so sensitive he’s so open

that even the sins around him he takes

it he takes it in his own heart he said

these are my people this is my body I’m

guilty just as guilty and he’s


look at it again verse 4 and I prayed

unto the Lord my God Made My Confession

and said oh Lord the great and Dreadful

God keeping the Covenant Mercy to them

that love him to them that keep his

Covenant who has sinned

who sinned

we have sinned and have committed

iniquity and have done wickedly and have

rebelled even by departing from the

precepts and from the Judgment neither


we hearkened unto thy Servants of the

prophets which spoke in thy name to our

Kings our princes and our fathers and to

all the people of the land verse eight

oh Lord to us belong with confusion of


he’s saying this confusion he said we’re

we’re all under this every one of us is

being affected

oh Lord to us belongs confusion to face

to our Kings our princes our fathers

because we have sinned against thee to

the Lord Our God belong mercies and

forgiveness though we’ve bailed against

him neither have we obeyed the voice of

the Lord Our God to walk in his laws

which he set before us by his servants

the prophets

do you see it folks

I said do you see it

verse 9 20.

look at verse 20.

and whilst I was speaking and praying

and confessing


and the sin of My People Israel

presenting my supplication before the

Lord my God for the Holy Mountain of my

God there’s the key he goes to God he

said oh God deal with me while you’re

dealing with the people

God if there’s any iniquity in my heart

bring it out show it to me confessing my

sins our sins our transgressions because

we obeyed not folks looked at me

please the Lord really brought this home

to me last few weeks

a few weeks ago

the word had come to me of a very

slanderous thing had been said about me

terrible just cut my heart

I had cried for a week

it was awful

and about a week or so later I was

sitting with a Christian friend of mine

my brother and he told me he’d come to

this church from another church and well

he he was in this church he bad mouth

his old church here in this congregation

I don’t know who but he he said he’d bad

mothed it and God convicted him and he

confessed and repented and God because

he had been living in misery he said you

can’t live in anything but misery if

you’re a gossiper if you’re bad mouth

you’re going to live miserable because

you’re a part of the coronation of the

Dead the Bible says

spiritual dead and he got it out to the

Lord was healing it but he just had

received a call from a brother who was

from that church and still though he’s

going to the church is still

bad-mouthing the church and he said I

know if he comes to the to my house for

supper he’s going to talk and I don’t

want to hear it

I said well you know what to do

you call the man and say I’m sorry you

don’t come to my house again until

you’re over this I don’t ever again want

to hear any bad mouthing about that

church I don’t go there but that’s not

my business anymore I’m going to leave

it alone

folks if you came here from another

church God help you if you’re bad mouth

at church

that’s just as bad if you bow bad mouth

the pastor’s here in this church where

you attend right now God won’t allow it

against anybody

he won’t allow me to do it he won’t

allow you to do it it doesn’t allow any

of us to do it

I’m not going to tell you smile at me so

I’m sure you’re not mad at me

let’s get to the good part

if you acknowledge your sin you become

sensitive so God examine me

and you make your wrongs right you make

restitution it’s not enough to go to

somebody say well now if I’ve hurt you

if I’ve hurt you

I don’t any everyone anybody come to me

and say if I hurt you brother Dave

why would they come even think about it

unless there was something there

sped up spill it out spell it out

tell them exactly what you did what you

said when you said and do you said it

make it right and make restitution

I’ve been doing that left and right

I’ve been making telephone calls all

over the United States

my secretary knows

I are you in Daniel

if you’re not go back to Daniel

all right I’m going to give you uh four

wonderful benefits

that are given in favor that given to

those who truly repent now folks you

acknowledge your sin you confess it you

make restitution and God suddenly begins

to do the miraculous

how many want to know what these four

things are

only a third of you

I said how many want to know what these

four benefits are these are all of the

favor of almighty God and folks these

things that happen to Daniel as a result

of his confession and his heartfelt

repentance God did something for Daniel

and he said these things are examples

given to us upon whom the ends of the

world have come everything that happened

to Daniel is an example of how God will

work with us if we repent do you

understand that

all right let’s go to Daniel the 10th


and I want to show you the first

benefits you get when you truly

acknowledge your sin and repent and make

things right number one benefit

a clear and New Vision of Jesus

a new and Clear Vision of Jesus Christ

look at verse 5.

then I this is after repentance then I

lifted up my eyes and looked and behold

a certain man clothed in linen whose

loins were girded with the gold of ufas

his body all who do you think this is

it’s Jesus his body also was like the

Burl and his face is the appearance of

lightning in his eyes his lamps have

fire in his arms and his feet like in

color to Paulie’s brass and the voice of

his words like the voice of a multitude

and I Daniel alone saw the vision for

the men that were with me saw not the

vision but a great quake he fell upon

them so that they fled to hide

themselves therefore I was left alone

now look at me please

what a wonderful picture what a

wonderful benefit the Holy Ghost opens

to you and me when we have confessed our

sins made restitution this is what

happens a clear and clouded vision of

Jesus Christ in all of his glory he’s

standing there and while every now

Daniel you know that Daniel walked with

good men now I’m not saying these this

this is not Shadrach Meshach and

Abednego but there were other good men

that Daniel Daniel would not walk with

any unrighteous person I’m sure but you

see Daniel had that special repentant

heart I don’t know if these that walk

with him

had that kind of repentance enough but

we know what Daniel’s heart was like and

knowing his heart Daniel alone gets the

vision Daniel alone all those around him

saw nothing of the vision there’s Jesus

standing right before the they don’t see

anything Daniel’s eyes are open and

they’re right in front of him he’s not

praying for that Vision all he’s doing

is repenting he’s obeying the Lord he’s

walking in righteousness and he is total

repentant he’s mourning for sin

and jesus takes it upon himself to come

to him with a revelation and it’s a

wonderful Revelation he sees him always

Glory he’s not saying just his face he

sees his eyes he sees his feet he sees

the whole picture

but those around him seen nothing in

fact they are quaking

they are shaking in their boots and they

run and hide now folks that’s the one

glow that’s the number one glorious

benefit of walking in Repentance that

you see such a Clear Vision of Jesus

you see him in his Holiness in his


and there’s such a purity that comes out

of that vision

and you never again because you’ve

repented you don’t have to run and hide

anywhere you don’t run and hide from a

prophet no matter how straight he

preaches you don’t have to hide because

there’s nothing hidden in your life

you’re an open book there’s no dark


you can stand before the flaming eyes of

Jesus Christ and receive the revelation

of his Holiness his righteousness and

his Beauty and where everybody else is

running and hiding

because of sin

you stand before him and get to vision

Hallelujah all folks what’s happening

down at our Bible School in Pennsylvania

down there those young people those

young men and we’re hearing some of them

preach from this Pulpit they’ve only

been saved a few years but oh what’s

happening they’ve become so uh repented

before the Lord dealing with the sins in

their life digging out loud the Holy

Ghost to dig out all the garbage and all

the filth

sanctifying them and with that it comes

in intimacy and a vision of Jesus Christ

and All His glory and they’re standing

strong because the righteousers Bold as

a lion

and I heard the voice of his words you

hear his voice you get direction

Hallelujah no wait he’s going to stand

before you deaf and dumb

no way you’re going to hear his voice

and you’re going to turn around look for

all your friends all those around you

and they are not there because they

don’t see what you see they don’t hear

what you hear

glory to God some of you sitting here

now getting such a fresh vision of Jesus

you have repented you have allowed the

Holy Ghost to dig deep into your heart

you’re seeing Jesus like you never saw

him before in your life he’s not just

the historical figure right now he’s

your very life you get up in the morning

say Jesus you’re my life

you’re everything you’re not just a part

of me you’re my whole life

comes discernment hearing his voice



second benefit

the removal of all fear

total removal of all fear verse 10.

and I behold and behold a hand touched


which set me upon my knees and upon the

palms of my hands and he said unto me oh

Daniel a man greatly beloved understand

the words that I speak unto thee and

stand upright for now I am For unto thee

I am now sent and when he had spoken

these words unto me I stood trembling

now folks

you showed me a Christian

who acknowledges their sin

the show me a Christian doesn’t

acknowledge their sin show me somebody

that says I’ve done nothing wrong my

hands are clean show me somebody like

that and I’ll show you somebody that has

a false piety I’ll show you somebody

that has a facade in front of them and

they’ll go about smiling

and acting so righteous and so holy

everything’s fine I sleep good at night

everything’s fine

the Bible says they’ll have peace though

they walk in the iniquity of their own

Hearts they say I have peace

but it’s a facade because the Bible

makes it very very clear that if a man

hides his sin first of all he doesn’t

Prosper if he hides his sin the spirit

of the Lord is lifted from him and the

Bible said there’s nothing but tossing

of the Waves there’s nothing but


if people can tell you oh I sleep like a

baby because everything is all right but

if they’re covering sin if they’re

covering Rebellion whatever it may be if

there’s a hidden sin if there’s

something in the life that’s not brought


believe me folks

that is just a cover that’s a facade but

you show me you show me a brother sister

in Christ that is totally sensitive to

sin opening up their hearts and truly

repenting before God and I will show you

somebody that has been that God comes

into the heart and literally takes his

mighty hand and plucks out the roots of


so that there’s no more fear God’s not

given us the spirit of fear but love and

power and a sound mind Hallelujah

instead of fear is favor

oh Daniel

oh Daniel a man greatly beloved stand


folks I can make you a promise

and listen good I can make you a promise

on the authority of God’s word on what

I’m reading here from The Book of Daniel

because these are a pattern the

scriptures this is the pattern

if you let God search your heart you ask

the Holy Spirit to read anything that

you have said thought or done that are

just previous to him

think of anyone you’ve ever slandered or

gossiped about or heard of it

and you admit how foolish you’ve been

and you get on the telephone and you

repented you make it right

and you acknowledge your sin and say God

I’ve sinned against you and you get

everything right

I’m going to tell you the scripture that

I read to you now is going to be yours

you shall understand what shall befall

the people in the latter days

you shall understand you will be giving

and understand you won’t Fear the Future

you won’t fear anything else because God

will give you the wisdom and the

knowledge and the prophetic ear and

voice you will see and hear and know

things about your future

you understand that God talks that way

to a lot of people they know what’s

coming in their life they know what’s

coming the future in the land and the


because they are repented and God opens

the ears he opens the eyes and the



folks every time I’ve walked in that

kind of repentance I’ve heard and seen

things I’ve never seen or heard before

and that’s the benefit he wants to give

you you get everything right and there’s

nothing standing between you your

telephone line to Heaven is direct line

I mean you get right through


number three you get a new pair of lips

chapter 10 verse 16.

and behold one like the similitude of

the sons of man touch my lips who do you

think that is that’s Jesus then I open

my mouth and spake and said unto him

that stood Before Me O My Lord by the

vision of my sorrows but by the vision

my sorrows are turned upon me and I have

retained no strength

for how can the servant of this my Lord

talk with this my Lord press for me

straight with there may no strength in

me neither is there breath left in me

Then There came again and touched me one

like the appearance of a man and he

strengthened me

now look at verse 16 again one like this

milk to the sons of men touched my lips

he touched my lips then he says then I

opened up my mouth and then I spank and

now he’s speaking is unto the Lord

remember this crisis that Isaiah the

prophet had he stood before the Holiness

of Jesus and he said woe is me I’m a man

of unclean lips and folks if you just

read the four chapters four or five

chapters before that he’s prophesying

such powerful prophecies here’s the

prophet prophesying and he now he’s

standing before the Lord he said I’m a

man of unclean lips and in this crisis

God takes coals of fire from the altar

of God puts the tongues right on his

lips and burns out the dross burns out

the self burns out everything unlike God

and he’s given a new pair of lips

Daniel same thing new lips

he came and touched me folks that’s what

God does to every person who repents he

he comes he still comes literally I

believe he literally comes with a live

call from the fire on from the the altar

of God and he takes his tongs the angel

of the Lord comes and presses your lips

and those lips will never be the same

again you will speak as unto the Lord

you will never again ever want to speak

anything that is not like Jesus the

words that flow out will be pure words

folks if we had a full church if

everybody in Times Square Church had a

pair of new lips seared by the Holy

Ghost and we spoke only righteousness we

could win this city for God



here’s a good part too

you get peace and you get strength verse

6 verse 19 and said o man greatly

beloved fear not peace be unto thee be

strong yea be strong and when it’s

spoken unto me I was strengthened and

said let my Lord speak for thou has

strengthened me now Luke doesn’t before

I close

Daniel’s a worn out man spiritual


and cast them down on his face he’s got

no strength left

he’s totally at the end of himself

have you ever come to that place

where you didn’t want to get out of bed

you drag through the day and you don’t

understand you are just spiritually

mentally in every way weary and tired

this this man has been mourning for sin

this man has been praying he’s been

fasting he’s been weeping and the

spiritual warfare has worn him out he’s

in a frazzle

and here comes the Lord to this

repentant heart and he said oh greatly

beloved fear not


be yours

I’m going to give you peace

folks people walk in Repentance have


there’s peace all around them I mean

there can be trouble they can be weak

they can be frail but there’s peace in

the heart

and not only that he comes and touches

you and he gives you his own strength

Jesus came to Daniel he said oh Daniel I

love you

I’m gonna give you my peace now

stand up and be strong and suddenly life

flows through this man strength flows

through him where did he get his


not from vitamins

not from good food

not from all that good food he ate

no no no no Daniel got it from a touch

of the Master’s Hand


folks I’m I’m standing here as a living

testimony of that benefit right now

of all the things

he’s allowed me to go through

and in my weakest moment

I know what it is to have Jesus stand

right before me

and say David

I love you

be at peace

and I just kneeled in front of him

raised my hands and life as strength

begins to flow

and he you know what he does

sends me right back into the battle

sends you right back to the battle

I said oh Lord he said no my strength is


how many need a touch

will you stand

folks why wouldn’t anybody repent

of all these blessings that come all the

favor of God

up in the balcony here in the main floor

how many of you know what it’s like to

have Jesus whisper in your heart

you’re beloved

in your name is names your name is name

and he says I love you your blood come

on raise your hand

oh Hallelujah Hallelujah that’s what he

wants for us

to be totally repentant

totally open sensitive to sin hiding


before his eyes Jesus

these wonderful favors of God

these wonderful benefits these marvelous


begin to pour into our life and all we

have to do is to repent and make

restitution and then all heaven

all heaven

begins to move



this is the conclusion of the message