Inside Story 130 – Andrew Jacobs – Conference & Events Senior Director On this Inside Story Carrie interviewed Andrew Jacobs. Andrew attended Charis and then started working for the ministry as a Phone Minister. Andrew became the Director of Communication Service and has now been promoted to the Conference & Events Senior Director overseeing all of the AWMI and Charis conferences.


welcome to Inside Story here at the

ministry of andreic Ministries in car’s

Bible College where we go behind the

scenes to let you know as friends and

partners the amazing things that are

happening here in the ministry and how

the vision truly is being accomplished

but also going behind the scenes to meet

amazing people that God has brought to

the ministry so we so enjoy that you are

joining us to get to meet the family

here at awm Caris that is truly making

the gospel go as far and as deep as

possible so in this episode I have

someone uh phenomenal to introduce you

to and the different things that he does

within the ministry so I want to

introduce you to Andrew Jacob so Andrew

welcome to inside story thank you for

having me I appreciate it we’re really

excited okay so um there’s so many

things that you are doing right now but

you have had um a history with the

ministry and done so many different


and I love uh hearing people’s stories

because you see how God kind of trained

them and and equipped them for the

current roles but before we get into

that and what you do here at the

ministry uh tell us a little bit about

yourself where are you from and how did

you come to know the Lord yeah so me and

my wife we come from the Seattle

Washington area just south of Seattle um

came to the Lord when I was 5 years old

I remember bowing down with my

three-year-old sister on our red bunk

bed um I led her to the Lord um that’s

awesome 3 years old because she’s like

why why do I need to accept Jesus like

if not we’ll go to hell um didn’t have

the Revelation that I do now am um but I

just remember that to this day us

kneeling at that bed and just asking

Jesus to come into our hearts um so I

know that that from that point is when I

was first born again um yeah that is

neat that’s a that’s special not a lot

of people have that yeah kind of test so

obviously you’d been hearing about hell


to know that a little bit okay so well

well that started the journey um so uh

you said from both you and your wife so

you are married uh when did you guys get

married and how long were you married

before coming to Colorado yeah so we got

married September of

2014 and then we moved out here in July


2017 um to attend our second year of

Bible College and we did our first year

online from Washington took us a couple

years because we started it before we

got married thinking about early

2014 and then from there when we got

married we continued it yeah I love the

the journey that people take as far as

you know like they’ll do first year

online say with Caris and then they’ll

go to maybe an extension school or

they’ll come out to Colorado and so I

really enjoy that so how did you first

hear about Caris or Andrew wack yeah so

growing up um pastor’s kid uh it was my

mom who first I can’t remember what year

but she was the first one to discover

Andrew wac watch him every day we get

his books get his teachings and I

remember we did I believe it you already

got it as a church um so that was really

my first introduction and of course just

see him on TV every day yeah so how old

were you when you first started watching

Andrew and then decided to maybe come to

cares it was always on it seems like in

our house um and typical from what you

hear I wasn’t really interested in it I

was just this guy this cowboy looking

guy sitting down uh wasn’t very uh it

didn’t grab my attention um but over the

years I remember I’d um just watch it a

little bit in the morning and the word

just started to stick um there are

things that Andrew would say and of

course he backs everything up with the

word exactly and I remember I’d go back

to the word like well there it is I

can’t argue with it so yeah it was just

something that was always there but bit

by bit it just drew me in and Drew me in

that’s awesome so if you’ve got us

there’s people watching that have kids

yes so the the the the the the root of

the story is keep it on keep it playing

they are hearing exactly absolutely even

if they pretend they’re not even if

they’re complaining oh that’s not for me

they they can hear it for sure that’s

really good I think that’s a that’s a

amazing testimony because sometimes as

parents you’re you’re growing in your

relationship with God and you really

want your kids to get it and um God

obviously was after your heart yes amen

y okay so um what made you decide to

then move to Colorado so was it just

second year or was there more sure that

God was speaking to you guys yeah it was

really going through the first year of

school um and God you know the different

instructors they would stay I think it

was Pastor Greg Moore he would always

stay and this is a three-year Bible

College you know and we would hear that

as we’re watching it back in Washington

and everything and it’s like well I mean

in order to graduate we have to go to a

campus and I remember at that time there

was one in Oregon but we would have had

to pick out up and move about 3 hours so

just talking to my wife we were like if

we’re going to have to move 3 hours why

don’t we just go all the way go to the

main campus where we can sit in and

experience our Caris Journey yeah on

site so that’s what we ended up doing so

you came in

2016 17 okay yeah so then you graduated

second year here now obviously you are

working for the ministry so when did you

start working for the ministry did that

happen while you were a student yes so

we got here July 1st and I started in

communication Services I believe July

7th oh wow because we came out here for

campus days a few months earlier uh

looking for housing looking for job uh

ended up getting interviewed for the

phone center um I ended up getting off

for the job so I started there first

then in SE uh September we did second

year oh that’s good and so um maybe for

those that are watching come services so

our our communication Services is our

our our prayer line yeah uh so it takes

prayers and it also takes you know when

people calling in for free product or

they’re wanting to purchase product

correct um so a lot of our students work

in com services so that’s like a huge

part of uh number one job opportunity

but Ministry like they’re receiving

through the day and then they’re giving

out in Prayer Ministry how did you find

that b being a student and then doing

Prayer Ministry it was awesome uh

because it cares I mean every day four

hours a day you’re getting pumped the

word into you um and when you are

getting that word on the inside of you

you want to naturally give it out you’re

just a fat sponge yeah

basically and so when I’d get off uh out

of school I’d go right to the phone

center and get in there and just start

taking prayer calls and you’re just able

to pour out what’s been poured into you

and I you know I’d always uh as I talked

to different ministers there you know

the word says give it shall be given so

every day when you’re given on the

phones the next day you show you show up

for class and it’s like you just get

re-energized pumped back up so it was

awesome experience yeah so how long did

you do the pr industry so almost two

years so I did it through all of second

year um and then towards the end of

third year um that’s when I uh was off

the phones but still working for

communication services so um you said

third year so um for those that are

still you know remembering how cars we

have the seven different schools uh of

car so which one did you go to so I did

Ministry School with Pastor Greg that’s

good yeah so Min it’s such a great

school it is okay so you said after that

you were off the phones but still in

communication Services what does that

mean so I was I became a team lead and

then just started um going through the

ranks there

eventually I was the director um it was

a great honor of mine just to be able to

serve as the Director of that department

for moving over into conferences but

yeah so I was working in there for just

over about six years yeah um before I

moved on to so what is what is a a lead

do what is the job with incom services

and kind of why that that role is

important yeah um I told the team uh

when I was the director there two my two

fa roles outside of being a film

Minister because you get to pour out and

Minister every day was being a team lead

and then being the director um because

as team lead you’re able to be a

minister to the ministers because and

you usually have around seven to 10 pH

ministers underneath you and they are

responsible to minister to people for 8

to 10 hours a day and people are calling

with all types of needs um sickness uh

death in families uh Financial needs and

so when you’re dealing with that on a

constant basis um it can wear on you so

the great job of a team lead is you get

to recognize those things hey I

recognize my Minister over there they

they sounded a little that that call I

could tell it’s affected them hey let’s

go off let’s go take a walk let’s go

pray together let’s go see what God is

saying in this situation that’s one of

the best roles oh that’s fun that’s

really fun now so um total you said six

years with com services okay so tell us

what has happened yeah in six years of

Comm Services because I think that’s

it’s such an indicator of what’s been

happening in the ministry and Andrew is

so I mean he’s watching the response of

people when they’re calling in for

prayer and so that’s a huge indicator of

what the television show how many people

it’s reaching how many people are

connecting so what have you seen in the

last six years just growth um thousands

of calls every single week

um call 80% of the calls are for prayer

and that can be again for sickness

financial distress uh death in families

things of that nature where people are

just calling in because they they’re

looking for hope so when I first started

it was a Monday through Friday uh phone

center um but through my time there it

first went 245 so 24 hours a day 5 days

a week until finally I think it was in

2019 I want to say that they went 247

yes so people can call in literally any

time or day of the week to get Ministry

I think that’s that’s one of the things

I love about Andrew’s heart just being

available uh the vision of getting the

gospel out as far and as deep as

possible and then always being available

yeah to minister but I think another

kind of the vision also with com

Services is obviously the prayer but

it’s the resources so share about the

dynamic of resources what what role does

com Services play there yeah so anytime

Andrew makes an offer on TV call in

right now and we’ll send this book out

to you for free uh or this product uh we

would get those calls after every

program on TBN the different uh

broadcasts we’d see an instant Spike of

callers either for prayer or product and

the thing that I loved about sending out

product because you can only minister to

someone for so long before you have to

take the next call the great thing about

Andrew’s resources and material I would

tell people it it’s like a fisherman who

sets out they can go out there with a

fishing pool and they can catch one two

fish here and there or they can go out

with a net and it works while you’re not

you could be home in bed and the net is

in there doing its job working that’s

that’s what it is it’s I think in

product Services they call it they’re

sewing seed yes and so when we send out

a book you just know okay they may not

read it today they may not read it

tomorrow but I know that the word is

working in their lives even though I may

be off doing my own thing so that that

was the exciting thing about sending

that product out I think we we’ve had

testimonies where people have said you

know they get a book or they get a tape

or someone hands them a book or tape and

it just sits around for years and then

just one day the spirit of God just

leading them and it’s just Supernatural

so I I I love it that getting the gospel

into the house and so then the Holy

Spirit can keep directing that

absolutely oh that’s so good so um how

many calls right now I know we just

started 2024 uh so this will people will

watch us at different times but uh how

many calls about right now that you know

of now I know you you’ve moved from com

services but I do know that’s something

that you that that you know of as the

ministry well I know it was over 900,000

calls because I was convinced at the

beginning of this year or of 20123 that

we would hit that million um I try to

hold on and just believe that those

calls were coming in I think they were

uh maybe 50,000 short of that so

probably somewhere over 900,000 well you

could have called in 50,000 50,000 times

thought about it and I’m not saying I

didn’t I I did I would always encourage

staff hey we encourage people to call in

if you’re not feeling well call in for

prayer so they’re multiple times if I

wasn’t feeling well I’d call the prayer

line I’ve I’ve um heard so many

testimonies of people that have called

in and just man it was just Supernatural

yeah uh in your time in the com Services

what was your

favorite call Miracle something you saw

God do I’ll never forget it um it was

probably like a month into the job so I

came here you know hearing all the uh

stories from first year getting the word

pumped into me excited for second year

and I remember there was this woman she

called in and she she was the

grandmother um and she was very

distraught because they had just gotten

word that her daughter’s baby had died

in the womb um and the daughters uh

Pastor um the mom the dad they were all

believing that this was God’s will um

but that grandmother she believed she

like I I don’t believe that this is

God’s will I don’t know what to do what

what what can we do and I just remember

the Holy Spirit prompting me uh the

story of the Centurion with his servant

where he came on behalf of his servant

um and we know the story Jesus healed

him and I was like you have greater

relationship to this baby than that

Centurion did to his servant So based on

that we’re just going to agree that God

will raise that child from the dead um

we we prayed we agreed it was an awesome

uh just time with her uh and I came in a

few days later and one of my team leads

took me aside hey do you remember

praying for this grandmother about the

the baby had died in the womb because

the family I remembered it because the

family had already purchased a a coffin

the church was going to have a funeral

and everything wow um well my team took

me aside she called in this morning um

the baby was born alive uh completely

well completely whole now that family

that church that was planning a funeral

is actually celebrating so the baby’s

name uh Caleb so he would be uh six

years old today um and that’s what you

get to see I remember just being blown

away and texting my family we literally

see people raised from the dead over the

phones so yeah never forget that oh that

is awesome and that’s just one many

stories that com Services has so we’re

just going to encourage you guys please

uh call into the prayer line our prayer

ministers they are not faint of heart

they love the word and they speak it

with authority so call in okay so from

com Services now you uh six years and

then uh what was the next phase in the

ministry so the next phase was uh

stepping over to conferences and events

um which I was totally resistant to uh

because I I would even say we said

please help us there was the request

about coming over um but I remember

saying he like I want to be the longest

running uh director in communication

Services because I loved it so much it’s

all I knew in the ministry of course

working with other departments um but I

just loved it so much but I remember

driving uh home one day after uh

leadership presented that again not

begging just presenting it it um and and

I was turning out onto the highway and I

just heard very clearly uh the Lord just

said you coward um and that’s just my

relationship I have the Lord he can be

very direct with me um I’m his to

command and that’s all he had to say he

didn’t say I want you to walk through

this door I want you to go in that

direction um and so that next day I I

talked to to leadership and now I’m uh

over the conference and events team here

at Caris Bible College andik

Ministries and it has been a phenomenal

Journey yeah and um we have a ton of

conferences yes so tell us about how

many conferences we have on site here in

Woodland Park and then we have been

doing um on the road conferences as well

yeah so typically in a year there’s four

gospel truth conferences just around the

nation uh we just got back from Phoenix

we’re gearing up for Riverside

California um then Dallas will be in

November but events that we have here I

mean we have over 50 events in a year

here at uh Caris Bible college but the

main hosted events we have about 18 of

them such as healing is here summer

Family Bible

Conference different events like that I

one of the things I enjoy so much about

um what we’re doing at Caris is it’s uh

and andrc Ministries it’s not just media

Ministry and Andrew on television nor is

it just a bible school yes um we we kind

of talk about it we say it even though

though we’re not a we’re a conference

center yes and even though we’re not a

conference center we’re a bible school

and Ministry that is holding conferences

to truly disciple people and there’s

kind of some themes that happen um with

the conferences and so you mentioned

just a few of them that we have our

healing is here that’s always a huge one

for us so many people coming in for

healing we’ve see thousands of people um

get healed so that’s been awesome campus

days so

that really recruitment for those that

are wanting to study the word summer

Family Bible Conference now that’s a big

one for us uh and was this last year

your first

sfbc or was it in the role yes yes yes

it was phenomenal it was it was insane

especially over where the children were

located they they created a little

Bethlehem in there uh magical for the

kids no doubt but yes it it was it’s

love about the the sfbc specifically you

know we get a lot of husbands and wives

and families and individuals that come

to all of the conferences but that is

truly a family event and because we have

um we have the kids ministry and then we

also have the youth ministry and uh to

watch how many people we’ve had kids

parents have told us this that they say

you know where do you want to go on

vacation and they’re like the summer

Family Bible Conference like it’s for

the kids we’ve seen kids get saved and

he F and spirit field and parents we had

parents and kids getting baptized

together this last year it was just

awesome so in your team was covering

like all corners of the building like I

think we were literally using every

single building every single room in

this massive place it was phenomenal um

yeah that that event just having the

option where the families can come

together and they know if I drop my uh

child off if I drop my teenager off

they’re going to be receiving the word

they’re going to be ministered to as

well maybe in a way that’s better

formatted and fitted for them like we

mentioned Bethlehem for the little kids

I mean going in there every day just

seeing uh whether they’re running around

playing a game or they’re watching a

Bible story like a liveaction Bible

story happening right there they’re

seeing David kill Goliath right in front

of their eyes and then just seeing that

um that that light that they have that’s

an experience they will never forget I

was born born again when I was 5 years

old you know those experience Mark

children um but then also for the Youth

um just I remember hearing just the

stories of you know kids who are coming

in and maybe you know they want to play

it cool and everything um but slowly but

surely throughout the the event um those

walls get broken down we see uh youth

teenagers who are set free from the lies

that that age is very critical where the

devil you know he wants to come and

steal kill and destroy and he wants to

Rob them at that point yeah but we so

saw so many kids who are set free who

are born again healed baptized in the

Holy Spirit and it was just a phenomenal

time and then also for the parents you

know they get to drop the kids off and

they get to be alone with each other and

just hear and receive the word and get

built up and fed and uh yeah for the

entire family it is a probably the best

event you can go to yeah and what I love

about um Andrew’s vision is that um

obviously the kids and the healing but

we’ve had business

conferences um men’s the men’s Advance

um the Women’s Conference uh just really

targeting then also um some of the

things that are happening with the

political with truth and Liberty so um

we have truth and Liberty conference

every year but um sometimes we do hosted

events so tell us about some of how the

hosted events work here at Caris yeah

well for instance we have coming up here

in about a month we have flasho um Jean

Bailey his team they’re going to be

coming and having their live uh two-day

event flasho hosted here and that’s

going to

be it’s going to be awesome because not

only are you going to have the students

are going to be able to sit in there and

experience that you’re going to have all

the guests who are coming in for flasho

to uh experience the campus here um but

then also the online audience that Tunes

in to watch that event so we get to be

part of something very big I know that

we’ve had Global Awakening I believe

here Bill Johnson and the different

teams um able to come in and I think

Andrew wack uh recently said you know

though we may not be at the same stream

we all preach the same gospel it’s it’s

the same uh Christ that we serve it’s

the kingdom yeah and seeing those

different Ministries come through here

uh though it may be a different stream

it’s the same family it’s the same

Kingdom it’s the same word that we’re

preaching maybe just through a different

Outlet yeah and I love to see that and

our facilities here are just amazing yes

and so you know getting more and more

people asking if they could have

conferences here and so it’s always then

making sure that we have the capacity

yep that’s always a big deal because

it’s a lot of work and the the teams do

such uh um Excellence I think that’s

what how it’s been described you anybody

that comes in for hosted events people

that come in and visit the conferences

they just said man there is such

excellence in the conferences and just

in Phoenix we had uh Andrew said he had

someone that came to him and just was

like you everybody’s so nice you know

and that that she really saw Christ in

all the conference teams all of all of

everybody that was serving so why is

that why do you think that’s part of the

success of the conferences it it just

it’s the heart of the people you know

they they get the vision they hear the

message God’s unconditional love and

grace that we preach everywhere we go

and maybe those team members can’t be up

on the stage ministering like Andrew or

any of the different speakers who are

there but they can come alongside and

help support the arms um they can help

lift them up when Andrew gets a vision

or or upper leadership here gets a

vision for hey we want to have this

event um it’s not our job to come up

with a vision but we can do is partner

with that and do everything we can to

make sure it’s successful and the Heart

of every team um whether it’s on the

Caris side awm side it doesn’t really

matter the heart is the same it’s for

the vision and we know where that Unity

takes place God commands his Blessing

yes so those people who experience the

Excellence they’re experiencing the

commanded blessing I truly believe that

and I think that’s what sets the events

apart here whether it’s a production or

a conference it’s that Unity yeah and

that’s that that’s a good point I like

how you just brought up you know it’s

it’s not just the events and the

teaching events but then all of the

musicals and the concerts and the things

that also um our team is doing the

students are part of that as well so

it’s just it’s awesome to see what what

what God is doing now besides the the

people that come you know we range from

a thousand you know it might be up to

2,000 depending on which conference it

is but then we live stream at pretty

much every conference correct y um why

why is that important for the conference

team the vision the vision of Andrew uh

for conferences well because we know

that not everyone can make it out here

to Colorado um some people financially

can’t get out here some people are

watching it from the other side of the

earth yes and so just having that word

available um that’s the thing that I’ve

really appreciated now that especially

for the ministers conference it wasn’t

just you know 2023 ministers conference

where people are able to come um and be

part of it which is phenomenal uh but

it’s also the global audience that we

got to be part of uh bringing them in so

the different School whether it was in

Africa or the UK they’re able to stream

in and watch and experience U maybe not

the same way as being here um but they

get to experience the same word uh the

same message the same power as if you’re

sitting in one of the seats so having

that resource available just like all of


um it’s lifechanging Amen and I like how

you mentioned that because we started to

do that just this last couple years yeah

uh The Minister’s conference it being a

global conference so different offices

were streaming it connecting getting

those pastors and ministers involved

special resources from them it was it

was a big shift and uh we’re pretty sure

that probably going to be more

conferences that end up being oh Global

conferences uh just because there’s so

many International offices as well

partnering up uh during those conference

times as it should be amen well um what

do you think is is going to happen for

the future of conferences and events

here at indic Ministries in Caris Bible

College yeah I I see more and more

Ministries coming to utilize the the

campus here um and why that I see that

as important it just it builds those

connections it build those Kingdom

connections you know we as the body were

better together than we are a part um I

think that’s a reflection of Christ and

his church so the more people are coming

here to experience the campus uh the

more we’re going to see transformed

Nations transformed cities um so th

those things taking place uh the

Productions I know one thing that they

added this past year was the overturned

um and I know that there’s more that

they’re constantly working on so whether

you’re coming for production whether

you’re coming for a conference we’re

just going to continue to see lives

change people set free um

and just the hope yeah people are coming

here without that they’re searching for

it they’re looking for it whether it’s

in the political system or you know name

name your your your Escape that you can

go to they’re looking for hope they’re

looking for truth they’re looking for

answers and they are going to experience

that in one way or another here so we’re

looking forward to that um constantly

growing constantly stretching um that’s

how growth takes place so it’s an

exciting time you know I think um one of

the thing that’s always so interesting

is when um so usually Mike and I will MC

so we get to see it kind of from the

stage and asking people if you know how

many of you this is your first time to

Woodland Park or to you know healing is

here and almost three4 of a crowd will

raise their hands and that’s just

amazing that that many new people coming

first time to campus uh that’s

phenomenal and I think the only

difficult thing that they have to face

is how many conferences can they come to

yep I think people which one do I go to

the healing or do and so we have some

people that come you know we see

multiple times in a year but uh that’s

that’s always you know whatever wherever

they’re at whatever they’re needing then

they they have something they can then

come to so well thank you for all that

you do absolutely thank you for leading

the teams um so well um we get to be a

part of that one one thing I want to

bring out that I think is important is

when you guys start preparing for a

conference yeah I know because we get

the privilege of kind of sitting in and

helping what’s the vision of it what is

Andrew C for this year who are the

speakers um how how far in advance do

you start for a

conference preparation depends on the

event but we try to at least get nine

months out um and I can understand

because it literally feels like giving

birth though I don’t have that

experience praise God um but to a degree

that’s what it’s like cuz it is so much

time and preparation from the marketing

standpoint um Logistics making sure all

the rooms are prepared making sure the

speakers have everything that they need

um all the advertising the registration

the meals yes everything so yeah it’s I

I I love it it’s like 9 10

months uh of preparation and while that

is going on um you are doing other

conferences yes so there’s just this

rhythm of meetings of preparation

meetings to make sure things are in the

movement uh actually running a

conference in that particular week and

then then debriefs from how can we do it

better next year um the team just got a

amazing Rhythm it’s just an engine that

is just it it it’s an engine but it

hasn’t become sterile it is constantly

Innovative it’s constantly looking for

new ways better ways so thank you guys

so much for all you do uh I know Mike

and I so enjoy working with the

conference team you guys do a great job

they’re phenomenal y amen well thank you

and I just want to say to all those

friends and um partners that are

watching thank you for making this

possible so that as the gospel is going

out on the airwaves it is also going out

through the conferences and so I know

many of you have come to see us at the

conferences but if you haven’t yet come

to Woodland Park we would love to have

you come as a partner friend of the

ministry we would love to have you come

and see what you are a part of the

ministry you are helping enable through

these conferences so please check that

out and if you’re wondering what event

is getting ready to happen well we got

one around the corner so go to

events to discover what event is coming

here to Woodland Park or maybe one of

our on the roads so please join us

you’re part of the family we would love

to have you God bless you and please

join me for the next inside story where

we’re going to continue to talk about

all the things that are happening here

behind the scenes to make sure that the

gospel is going out God bless you and

have a good day on this Inside Story

Carrie interviewed Andrew Jacobs Andrew

attended Caris and then started working

for the ministry as a phone Minister

Andrew became the director of

Communication Service and has now been

promoted to the conference and events

senior director overseeing all of the

awm and Caris

conferences you and your family will

grow spiritually by attending the summer

Family Bible Conference July 1st through

the 5th it’s an amazing conference with

something for every member of the family

there are special sessions designed for

your children and teenagers the children

with an area all to themselves witnessed

the stories of the Bible in a way tailor

made for them this year after launching

our new film David Shephard Warrior our

team got inspired with the idea of

children experiencing the life of David

not just through film but in person

swapping out the big screen for a truly

immersive experience they’ll never

forget I think kids are so used to

seeing the world 2D you know they

experience a lot of things through an

iPad or you know through a phone or just

watching a movie but being able to

literally touch and smell and experience

something really tapped into every part

of their senses to where they can really

remember how they felt when they saw

Goliath drop they can really understand

that these Biblical characters that they

heard about for years are just as real

as they are transported to Bethlehem the

children saw firsthand the story of

David come to life before their eyes

with powerful lessons like hearing the

voice of the Holy Spirit and putting on

the armor of God the children left this

unique event with a mature revelation of

God’s love for them taking it back home

to their family friends and schools it

really goes into Andrew’s vision of how

we take the gospel far and deep and

starting with the young

generation and really feeding into them

how much they’re loved by God how much

they’re seen by God and how much God

cares for them that he’s not there to

punish them how he doesn’t make bad

things happen the quicker we start

teaching them that I think the more we

can begin to build up their Spirit at a


age in addition you must see the world

class performance of the amazing musical

production in God we trust on July 4th

and 5th

this is going to be the best 4th of July


yet hey

Mary Miller’s Squad was ambushed near

the kunar

province some of the men are missing

including Johnson and and your

husband they have nothing left to give

there’s no more

choices this is

it you do have some choices

left well yes whether you live or die is

no longer in your hands what remains in

your hands is how you rise to meet

that even in our darkest

moments a light imperishable still Burns

ah C Tre a beacon of freedom and liberty


peace so whatever circumstances May lie

AR raay against

you it is up to you and me to keep the

faith keep that flag

flying what do we say

Williams Williams what do we


make plans today to bring your family to

the incredible summer Family Bible

Conference July 1st through July 5th in

Woodland Park Colorado be sure to look

for the next Inside Story here on the

Andrew wak Ministries website in May

watch Carrie interview Javan and Dora

Smith a dynamic young Ministry couple

who have recently become part of the

staff of the association of related

Ministries internet National to provide

support and Leadership to this growing

organization of

ministers see you next time