Pastor Hagee discusses the impact that Derek Prince had on his life with Pastor Matt. Pastor’s meeting with Derek was the impetus of his long and rich history of supporting Israel and the Jewish people. Derek told Pastor to visit Israel and that planted a seed that resulted in Christians United for Israel. This grassroots organization has been able to fund numerous causes throughout Israel while building genuine, loving relationships between Christians and Jews around the world. Why is it important for Christians to support Israel? The Bible tells us that God will bless those who bless Israel…and what is important to God should be important to us.

I’m so glad you’ve joined us today for

the difference pastor heggy and I are

going to be discussing a moment in time

That Changed History forever how did it

happen stay tuned and find

out thank you for being a part of the

difference today I’m so excited to

continue the conversation with pastor

heggy about 65 years of life and

Ministry people ask me all the time

what’s your dad doing now and I say the

same thing he was doing then he he’s

he’s still in full-time Ministry but one

of the things that I really enjoy about

these moments when we get to look back

is in many ways we see uh the memorial

stones of God’s goodness as he told the

children of Israel with Joshua you set

up these stones and every time you walk

by them you tell your kids this is how

he got us here this is what he did for

us and and you use it as a reminder um

when we talk about

relationships like Derek Prince he came

into your life at a time when you needed

Direction in terms of theology but what

he did was launch your life in a brand

new Direction when it came to your

responsibility as a Bible believing

Christian to know something about Israel

yes what was your life life like with

relationship to Israel prior to meeting

Derek and after meeting Derek I had no

relationship with Israel I had no no

desire to go Derek Prince came to the

church and we went out to lunch as we

always did whenever he was doing our

guest speaking and in one of our

conversations he said have you ever

thought about going to Israel I said no

I have not he said said you need to go

and that’s all he said and we went on

think about talk about other

things shortly thereafter uh in our

church we were showing the film apples

of gold and uh I was I was deeply moved

by that movie I was sitting by

Diana and uh she reached over and said

uh why are you so moved by this I said

said we’re going to Israel and and you

were going on a tour you were not on a

spiritual Mission you were not compelled

of God you just I’m going to go yeah and

by the way you you went as well I I know

I was four months pregnant with Matthew

when we went well so the three of us

went yes we did made my first trip

without voting yeah I wanted to see the

city of Jerusalem because I knew that in

the future when Jesus comes comes back

to Earth the capital building of the

kingdom of God is going to be that City

and I was deeply moved by all of the

things that I saw I went to the Western

Wall to pray and about Midway through my

prayer I looked over my shoulder and I

saw an elderly Jewish man sitting in a

rocking chair rocking back and forth

reading the word of God with tears on

his face I was deeply moved by his

emotion at simply reading the word of

God and I turned back to face the wall

and I felt this

overpowering thought come to my mind and

the thought was this that man is your


brother he’s afraid of you and you don’t

know one thing about him I want you to

do everything in your power to bring

Christians and Jews together in a

nonthreatening environment without

condition to express love and mutual

respect for the Jewish people people

will tell me your father is a Pioneer

and I agree he is a Pioneer in this

space he’s not a pioneer as a pastor

other people have pastored he’s not a

Pioneer on television other people have

been on television he is a Pioneer when

it comes to Bringing Christians and Jews

together because this was a trail that

no one had ever even attempted to cut

before never never ever so when I when I

left the wall I I said I’ve got to share

this with Donna and when I shared it

with her she said however you going to

do that Christians and Jews have been

fighting for 2,000 years I said I don’t

know how I’m supposed to do it but I

know I’m supposed to try I got books

about the Holocaust I got a book about

the Spanish Inquisition I got several

books about the Christian

Crusades and I told Diana I said I think

we’re supposed to try to bring

Christians and Jews together and but I

just I didn’t know how because no one

had ever done it this was a very trying

time this two two years he he became

very depressed he really did because he

thought to

himself I didn’t know this and this is

reality this is how the Christian Church

treated the Jewish people and and one of

his Heroes Martin Luther right when he

thought when he saw that Martin Luther

was a rabid anti-semite Semite it was it

was more than his mind and his his soul

could could handle and so he had to

process this very slowly and at that

point he thought the purpose of this is

to teach my church his church is always

first I’m supposed to teach my church

the importance of our Jewish roots and

the history of anti-Semitism within the

church fathers and that was his vision

at the time so I’m sitting watching

television and the television starts

describing the Israeli Air Force and

their bombing of the nuclear reactor at

osaris and and that nuclear reactor was

in Iraq it was in Iraq and it was under

the control of some guy named Saddam

Hussein yes so 20 years before the

United States thought this was a problem

Israel saw it and was trying to solve it

yes monum Bean who was a great

leader released the Israeli Air Force to

to bomb that nuclear reactor and the

media in America was blaming the Jewish

people and I thought the Jewish people

had done the world a favor and should be

applauded rather than accused so out of

my mouth I said we’re going to have a

night to honor Israel we’re going to

invite all the Pastors in San Antonio to

come to the Lilac cochal theater and we

are going to invite the Jewish people of

San Antonio to come there and we are

going to express our profound

appreciation to them for their

contributions to Global Peace to America

and for their contributions to

Christianity and I started writing all

that down on the legal pad I had in my

hand and she said what Jewish people do

you know and I said don’t know start who

are you going to invite cuz I’m the only

Mexican you’re talking to right now I

said who are we who who do I know you

don’t want to go away we’ll be right

back on the

difference is it possible to prosper in

every area of life even in such perilous

times are you trusting him to lead the

way and show you what steps to take next

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storm welcome back to the difference

we’ve been talking with pastor heggy

about God’s faithfulness in his life and

Ministry how God opened doors and made

the impossible possible all of my

life I was in an exact 180 degree

experience from you because you grew up

without knowing anything about Israel

and I grew up thinking every Christian

kid knew how to sing havenu shom Alim

that’s right and I remember when

Christians United for Israel started in

the very first year that you took

leaders to Washington 2006 correct you

know at this point in time

2006 and in that press conference at

that first Christians United for Israel

a a hostile liberal reporter asked you a

question what is it that you want to do

with this organization Christians United

for Israel and your answer to him was

just a moment in the exchange that y’all

had but it impacted me significantly

because I’ve lived with you for a few

years by now and you said I believe that

everything that has happened in this

moment of my life has led up to this

point in time and this is the most

important breath I’ve ever breathed and

I think it’s important for our viewers

because they hear these things and they

think well that’s what God did with John

heggy but God is no respector of persons

if you take one step God will start to

open up the path and show you how to get

where he wants you to go yes and it will

not be without opposition that’s right

here’s here’s exactly what happened in a

nutshell I discovered there was such a

thing as a Jewish Federation where you

have to clear all activities that will

involve the Jewish people because if

they don’t approve it it ain’t going to

happen that’s exactly right I went down

walked into the Jewish Federation and

The Man Behind The Desk knew who I was

and I said I’d like to have a night to

honor Israel and he almost

just he stopped he was shocked he said

uh tell me what that would mean and I

told him and he said well we’ll have to

have a committee meeting about that one

two three committee meetings and the

committee meetings got bigger and got

more verbal and at that point in time

Rabbi shinberg came to my office and uh

the Orthodox Rabbi he’s an orthodox

Rabbi a godly man he came into my office

and said tell me what what is it you’re

trying to accomplish very compassionate

and I laid it out for him he said I I

think I can help you do that I got up

and I hugged his neck and I felt the 45

caliber pistol on his hip and I said

right under his prayer shell I said this

is yeah this is my kind of guy was

instantaneous faith without works is

dead that’s right so he went back to the

Federation and said look as Jews we know

how to handle our enemies but what if

this man means this we have footage of a

testimony from rabbi shinberg about that

first night to honor Israel take a look

more than 5 years ago when we went to

the Jewish Community for the very first

time and said we would like to have a

night to honor

Israel and it was something of an


concept and in the finest Jewish

tradition they called a committee

meeting I was able to say to everyone

there let’s give this person a chance we

know how to deal with our enemies

but what if this person’s a

friend so there’s 37 years I mean 37

years with him he we watched our

families grow and uh and and mature in

so many ways uh so there there’s a very

deep deep feeling of of of love and

respect love and

respect that’s Rabbi shinberg and his

own words he’s now awaiting return of

Messiah amen he was just a godsend to me

uh I can say the best friend I ever had

on this Earth in the ministry and we

know we’ll get to see him again soon uh

but without his influence here in the

local community you would have never

stayed with this idea long enough to see

it have the national impact it had

that’s true we couldn’t have

I want you to hear more of this exciting

testimony when we return on the

difference I’m so grateful that I chose

differently I’m so happy that I chose

you I get to see you become the person

God intended you to be thank you heggy

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partner you you tried

this structure for what is now

Christians United for Israel you know 40

years ago and it was looked at as

absolutely not we’re not going to do

that yes and in 200

2006 you Tred it again yeah 81 you said

they’ll come they didn’t 2006 you

invited 400 of the nation’s leaders to

come how many of them came everyone

everyone came and what did you ask from

them I said we need to organize in

America a national Grassroots

organization with enough strength to

impact public policy in Washington DC in

favor of the Jewish

people and I told them basically the

biblical reasons that we have for

supporting Israel and being a comfort to

the Jewish people especially in times of

trouble and I said and this has to be

without conversionary motive you’re not

inviting them to your church to become

members you unconditional are going to

fellowship with them without any

preconditions at

all and I said how many of you are

willing to do do

that and as the Lord sits on his throne

every Pastor in that room raised their

hand that was one of the greatest

Miracles I have ever seen in my life 400

preachers anywhere agreeing on anything

is a miracle but 400 of the leading

preachers in this country who raised

their hand was an exceedingly great

miracle it was a Moses watching the the

the army of Israel drowned in the Red

Sea miracle and and

you you asked them for specific action

in that first

meeting one of the major goals was not

just to bring awareness to the

challenges that Israel faced but to tell

the United States leadership that the

embassy of the United States did belong

in Tel Aviv it belonged in Jerusalem

absolutely now getting pastors together

for church services I’d seen that happen

all my life okay I think we can do that

Dad telling people that Iran is is being

run by a a dictatorship that has nuclear

intentions okay I think that’s something

we’re probably going to be able to

accomplish dad getting an embassy moved

from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

why on Earth would anybody listen to a

couple of preachers from down the road

who started out in Goose Creek Texas but

again steps of the righteous are ordered

of the Lord kufi becomes a reality

progress begins to be made

millions of faithful Bible believing

Christians now join this organization

and start to have influence state

tostate District to District City to

city and hundreds of nights to honor

Israel are happening so all of the

different fruit producing efforts are

taking place but this issue of the

embassy Still Remains yes what happens

next I had an opportunity to talk with

some very

um powerfully placed people who got me

an audience with the president of the

United States Donald Trump Don and I had

uh were invited to the White House for

supper and we went there and now I

started this journey to Israel with you

how come you didn’t take me to that

meeting actually that meeting was off

the Record exactly just saying but but

to what you said want publicly noted I’m

disgruntled yeah but to this moment

experts on both sides of the aisle

Christians and Jews kept telling your

father take this off the table it it was

the it was the non-starter it’s too far

you’re never going to get

going as long as you want this they

won’t talk to you about anything else

exactly take it off the table so uh we

were on time sitting at the table

waiting for him to come and he came in a

few minutes late and he was very cordial

he clapped his hands together and said

it’s good to see you and he sat down and

started talking to one of my friends at

the head of the table and uh at after

about 2 or 3 minutes with him he said uh

asked the gentleman he said now what

about the issue of Jerusalem and what

about the embassy and the person who

made it possible for me to have that

meeting your host you should talk to

Pastor Hy I was I’m sitting at the end

of the table with Dan and he said okay

pastor floor is yours I took my Bible

with me and uh I said Mr President I

said uh God really doesn’t care how

America deals with China or with Russia

but everything you do toward Israel he’s

watching because he is the defender of

Israel I said and there’s always this

Bible prophecy and Bible promise in

Genesis the 12th chapter of God blessing

those who blessed the Jewish people and

I said it would be a blessing if the

embassy could be moved to

Jerusalem and I said this is it was 1917


is a jubilee year I said a jubilee year

in Israel is the 49th year that leads to

the 50th that brings the Year of Jubilee

where God always does something that’s a

supernatural Miracle to bless Israel I

said this is the year

that this can be done in line with what

the Bible has to say and I read it from

the Bible for him and I said and you are

the only person on the stage of world

history that can do that and if you will

do this you will be remembered forever

it was 2017 yeah and he he paused for 15

seconds and he said other presidents

have failed you but I will not fail you

I will move the

embassy and in due time he did that in

due time he did it take a look at this

video in

2017 pastor had the privilege of having

the audience with the president to

specifically discuss the Biblical

significance of the embassy being moved

to Jerusalem being in Israel for the


dedication was nothing short of

miraculous as King David prayed 3,000

years ago we pray for the Peace of

Jerusalem and all its inhabitants let

the name of the Lord be glorified today

for the defender of Israel today

tomorrow and forever is here can we all

shout hallelujah hallelujah


hard to describe it was it was a moment

that you knew that God and all the Holy

Angels were watching what was going on

on Earth the Bible says the eye of God

is on the city of Jerusalem day and

night just for normal

circumstances because right now God’s

focus is on the state of Israel and the

Jewish people they are uppermost in his

mind and thinking and I knew that he was

watching and listening to every word

because what happens in Jerusalem is of


significance um you just had

goosebumps knowing the

supernatural uh occurrence happing yeah

that this was happening you’re standing

behind the podium I want to hear what

did you think when you saw this moment

well before he was called to go down um

to to speak the benediction because you

were there when he said we’re going to

have a night turn Israel yeah exactly

and I said and how many Jewish people do

you know but um no when when your father

and I were sitting there watching the

program began and and the various High

influential world leaders were speaking

I turned to your dad and tears were

flowing down his face and I said baby

what are you thinking about right

now and he said I remember sitting in

the kitchen of my father’s home in 1948

and we were both staring at a radio uh

President Truman had recognized Israel

as a state and he said son this is the


important event in Biblical history in

my lifetime he said

it totally confirms everything that the

word says about Israel and there he was

an eight-year-old boy at the time and

now here he was in

Jerusalem his father in Heaven 77 years

later he is praying the prayer of

dedication of not just any Nation the

nation of Israel the apple of God’s eye

and and he had such a small part of the

whole right but a very pivotal part and

it was it was truly overwhelming and

he’s always said if Israel is important


God Israel should be important to us and

all of that happened in that one moment

of time just it was just a

connection and we have had U many

Israelis uh dear dear Jewish friends of

ours who participated in that event who

heard Pastor hagy now remember they took

a big chance on having a Christian pray

a benediction uh and um and needed to be

a kosher prayer it did and uh they have

said that it is still known as one of

the most important speeches ever given

because it was a prayer it was a very

powerful prayer ever given in the

history of Israel now as has been our

our Norm

since you know sharing responsibilities

in leadership and Ministry when you’re

out I’m in and vice versa so with you

being in Israel I was home taking care

of the church and so I wasn’t there but

I was

watching and I remember all of the

feelings of of gratitude and and and

being proud of dad but in my own self I

thought well this is the Pinnacle

this is this is the the the climax this

is this is why God did not let the guy

shoot him in 72 this is why he was able

to survive all of these hardships on the

road it was for this moment in

time and yet one of the things that I

can honestly say to you both on

television you’ve never had that

Pinnacle moment you’ve just constantly

go from next to consistently kept your

trajectory pointed up and that was five

years ago yes you know six years ago

almost M and you know now

83 and still climbing the steps of the

righteous ordered of the Lord so what’s

next only God knows from Victory to

Victory every door that God opens that’s

right I go through it but I make sure

that God is opening it um because his

nature is to kick the door down oh yeah

yeah his nature and I mean you know when

I look at that moment in time Dad’s 77

yeah just like he was when he was 67 and

said to the reporter everything I’ve

done is for right now yeah and I thought

well this must be the Fulfillment of

that but you know since that time in

2017 the world has changed we we’ve had

a CO pandemic we we you and I shared

Easter services in one of the most

unforgettable Services I’ll ever be in

because you and I were the only two

people in the sanctuary well but I mean

we were the only two people that went to

church that day outside of the camera

crew that shot it yes um and yet the

vision continues the work goes on um I

feel that God has given this ministry a

generational calling that has a

generational Vision a and if it’s a

200-year Vision then your 65 years is

just the beginning of what is to

come throughout these conversations

we’ve often referenced my grandmother

and I want to bring her words to your

memory one more time if you want to be

successful find out what God wants you

to do and do that I promise you this

when God is for you nothing can stand

against you it may seem like what you’re

facing is impossible but impossible is

what our God does best so no matter the

circumstance that you face today I want

you to believe in God and remember the

words of Jesus Christ Our Savior all

things are possible to those who believe

thank you for being a part of this

program today I pray that you were

encouraged and I look forward to seeing

you again very soon on the