In the Bible, you are responsible for your own choices, reaping your own consequences. No one else is responsible. Stop blaming others and become a conqueror through Jesus Christ! Scripture says that everyone who steals should be cut off. What does this mean?


Thou shalt not

steal is God’s Bill of Rights for all

Property Owners how many of you own

property here you have a debt to the

Bible and a debt to God

himself everything you own is is a gift

from God and stop to think about

it every good and perfect gift comes

from God our Father above your home your

car your diamonds your business your

property belongs to God he’s the

original owner of everything on the

earth the Bible says in the beginning

God created the heavens and the Earth

David says the Earth is the Lords and

the fullness thereof everything that’s

in the

Earth God owns it when you steal another

man’s property therefore you have stolen

from God and God places your name in The

Book of Life as a thief thieves do not

go to

heaven I don’t care how good your lawyer

is if you stole it when you face God

you’re going to hell for


it second Zariah 5 and3 and this is the

curse that covers all the men on the

earth that everyone that steals shall be


off that’s a broad statement everyone

that steals shall be cut

off that means

criminals that means

congressmen that means corrupt clergymen

that’s one of the problems of America

right now they’re preaching what I call

preaching and teaching a hot tub

Christianity and a hot tub Christianity

teaches you not to confront your sin but

just to adjust to your sin you don’t

need to confess you need a

counselor no you need to confess and

forsake your sin and then get with the


counselor you don’t get comfortable with

your sin you get it out of your



because when God cut you off you will


Prosper you will live in torment on the

earth and torment in eternity this

commandment is God’s bill of right to

every property owner in this building

and every property owner watching over


television listen Abraham David Solomon

they all own vast Estates the children

of Israel inherited the promised land

the boundaries for Israel are in this

book and regardless of what the enemies

of Israel are saying the land of Israel

belongs to the Jewish people today

tomorrow and


forever read in this book every man’s

land was exactly marked the ownership of

property is the basis of wealth and that

begins in the Bible God wants you to

prosper and to be wealthy he just wants

you to do it honestly in ancient Rome a

mob pushed through the streets crying

out for more food and better

entertainment the mob that own nothing

was cared for by the state just before

the Gladiators came out to fight for

their life Ox cards filled with bread

would Circle the arena and they would

throw loaves of bread to everyone who

came it was socialism on Parade in Rome

today in America mobs are in the streets

burning our cities to the ground they’re

shooting at firemen who are fighting the

fires they start they’re ambushing

policemen they demand the state rebuild

what they have burned down according to

biblical ethics they have destroyed

private property and they should be made

to to rebuild it Brick by Brick with

their own hands with their own sweet

sweet or go to


jail in the Bible restitution for

destruction of private property is an

absolute must Exodus 22 1-4 if you stole

a sheep or an ox you had to replace it

with four sheep or four

oxen or what or they had a rock concert

in your honor and they buried you stoned

you to

death that would be with rocks young

people the Bible is a four-fold

replacement policy you say well that’s

the Old Testament not really it was

Jesus policy too I’ll get there in just

a minute numbers five and 7 fraud

required full restoration of

20% of the full value of what was taken

you gave the full value of what you

stole and then another 20% the story of

Jesus and zachus zachus was a Roman tax

collector Jesus ran around with some low

class people zachus is in the

tree he’s in the tree because he’s short

of stature and he’s trying to follow

Jesus in the

mob and when Jesus saw him Jesus said

come down I’m coming to your house for

lunch today

Jesus had a little chat with him about

how he was stealing from

people and zakus said at the end the

half of my goods give I to the poor and

what I have taken from others I will

restore listen

fourfold thou shallal not steal

repudiates communism and socialism the

right of citizens to own private

property is God’s plan it’s a good plan

it’s a plan that America was built on

whenever political people start talking

about how to rob you of your own

personal property you better stand up

and speak up with a loud voice or

they’ll take


it for government to control private

property and private Enterprise is a

socialist pipe dream socialism leads to

Communism and America is walking down

that road as fast as they can wake up

America wake up wake up we’re going in

the wrong


direction Deuteronomy

27:17 cursed is the one who removes his


Landmark every person had their property

with a

marker if you attempt to Swindle or

devalue the property of the owner in any

matter it’s theft and in God’s Kingdom

it brings the Judgment of God so how is

it in America today if someone steals

your car it’s your fault because you

left it parked on the

street you didn’t lock it lock it or

lose it isn’t that the

message America today is upside down

right is wrong and wrong is right this

is happening right now fake news is


Incorporated consider the essence of


everything God controls gives God so

loved the world that he gave his only

begotten son Jesus gave his life at the

cross of Calvary so that we could have

everlasting life God created the sun the

sun gives light without which there

would not be the possibility of the

growth of crops that keeps Humanity

alive the ground gives nurture to the

crops and we have that to eat everything

God put together it

gives there’s a book the day of America

told the truth and one of the topics is

employee theft workers around America

frankly admitted that they spent 20% of

their time just goofing

off that amounts to a 4-day week meaning

you stole one because you’re getting

paid for


oo then it said almost one half of

American workers confessed to calling in

sick when they were not sick that’s

lying and Theft



H listen to this Ephesians 4:28 let him

that stole steal no more but rather let

him labor working with his hands that he

may have what he needs there we come

back to this Bible principle you deserve

nothing until you work for

it Jesus worked with his hands his

father was a

carpenter Joseph is father worked with

his hands Jesus chose Peter James and

John they were fishermen working with

their hands washing their Nets when

Jesus called them into the ministry if

you’re in this room and you’re working

with your hands God bless you and let me

tell you God loves you for what you’re


doing so let’s consider stealing from

God let me read Malachi 3: 8 and 10 it

says will a man rob God yet you have

robbed me but you say in what way have

we robbed you in tithes and offerings

you are cursed with a curse say that

with me you are cursed with a curse for

you have robbed me even this whole

nation bring all the tithes into the

storehouse that there may be food in my

house and try me now in this sayth the

Lord of hosts if I will not open for you

the windows of heaven and pour out on

you bless blessings that you cannot

contain how many of you would like to

have blessings that you could not

contain let me see your

hand God says I want to give it to

you and he will as long as you do what

he commands you to do why should I tithe

because the tithe Belongs to the Lord

he’s the

owner he’s the owner of all your money

you’re just the steward the owner has


the steward has

responsibilities God’s not saying let’s

make a deal again he’s saying this is

the deal it was mine before you got it

and it’s going to be mine after you

leave it preacher do you expect me to

give 10% to tithe of what I of what I

make to God no I don’t but God

does I’m in sales he’s in

management so what does he manage your

heartbeat your income your next breath

if you want to tick him off be my

guest and some of you are saying well

preacher I’ve never tithe and I’m doing

just fine not after today you’re


not until till today you’ve stolen from

God in ignorance tomorrow it’s

Rebellion your new Mercedes is going to

drop dead on Loop

16004 you’re going to lose the contract

you’re bidding on with your company the

IRS is going to investigate you back to

the Civil

War your mother-in-law is going to move

in with

you the bird singing outside your window

is a

buzzard as the world around us seems to

take a very dark turn you might ask

yourself is it possible to prosper in

every area of life even in such perilous

times the answer is yes are you trusting

him to lead the way and show you what

steps to take next in him you have the

ability to prosper to help you grow in

your faith and learn how to trust the

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storm why should I tithe because God

controls all the wealth in the world the

Bible says it is the Lord that gives you

the power to get wealth say that with me

it is the Lord that gives you the power

to get wealth hagy 2 and8 this is one of

my distant relatives writing all the

gold and silver are mine sayth the Lord

you ever hear the golden ru Ru those who

have the goal make the rules and God is

making the rules David said in 1

Chronicles 29:11 thine oh Lord is the

greatness listen the power the glory the

victory the Majesty for all that is in

heaven and all that’s in the Earth is

Yours all that is in heaven and all

that’s in the Earth is Yours he controls

it all and he gives it only to the

givers why should I tithe because you

become a giver and only givers qualify

for the abundance of God the Bible says

it this way give and it shall be given

to you how pressed down shaken together

and running over shall God cause men to

give to your bosom givers gain say that

with me givers gain that’s God’s policy

tithing is your investment in the

kingdom of God the the Bible says lay up

Treasures for yourselves in

heaven where thieves can’t steal it

moths can’t eat it rust can’t destroy it

and the RS can’t get to


it who are those Treasures laid up

for you lay up Treasures for

yourself the message is in in things

that are

permanent and the kingdom of God is the

only permanent thing on the

universe do drops are as pretty as

diamonds in the

morning but when the sun comes up they

disappear if you knew that your house is

going to burn down today at noon would

you put your possessions in it or would

you fically go and get your possessions

out of

it you would do the latter the Bible

says Heaven and Earth shall pass away

why this book clearly says that God at a

time of his choosing in the future after

he judges men is going to burn this

Earth to a

Cris and he’s going to create it to look

like the Garden of Eden

again so everything that you think

you’ve given your life


gone the only thing permanent in the

universe is the kingdom of God and when

you invest in that Kingdom he brings it

back to you 30 60 hundredfold harvest

the Bible says he that has left houses

and lands fathers and mothers sisters

and brothers Sons and Daughters for my

sake shall receive a h hundredfold in

this life and eternal life in the world


come onefold is

100% hundredfold is

10,000% how many of you would like to

have an investment that produced 100%


you that’s just the

beginning why should I tithe because God

says those who do not are

thieves I didn’t say that I’m too timid

to say that God said it right here in

malakiah it says will a man rob God

you’ve robbed me but you say where have

we robbed you and God comes back in the

tithe and offering why should I tithe

because God Almighty says you are cursed

with a curse there’s no chance of

prosperity for you not here and not in

eternity you’ll work harder you’ll make

less and you’ll always be in need Life

Is a Bowl of Cherries but you my good

man will always be in the


why should I tithe because Prosperity

begins with tithing tithing is not for

God’s benefit it’s his he had it before

you got it he’s just seeing what you’re

going to do with his money well you have

it verse 10 says prove me say the Lord

if I will not open the windows of heaven

and pour out a blessing that you have no

room to

receive how many of you hear me pray

that prayer virtually every Sunday when

you have your hands extended father open

the windows of heaven and pour out your

blessings because those who are here who

are giving God is going to replenish it

and them give it more in the early days

of our television

Ministry I was conducting celebrate

America rallies in the major cities of

America and on this occasion we were in

Hershey Pennsylvania it’s soall because

of Milton Hershey he is the

inventor of milk chocolate Hershey bar

may God bless his sacred

memory he was a righteous man who gave

himself to great

wealth his wife died at the age of

35 and he determined that he was going

to give his his fortune

away if he determined to open homes for

Orphan boys I walked through those

orphans houses they were magnificent

homes he bought 10,000 acres and

determined to give that wealth away he

built lavish parks for his employees he

built hospitals he built schools he

built trolley systems he built

stadiums during the Great


when most of Americans couldn’t get a

job no one in Hershey Pennsylvania lost


job no one took a pay cut because Mr

Hershey hired him to

work on those public projects he would

not allow bulldozers to be used he said

hire men with

shovels they need to take money home to

their family and those bulldozers put

them out of work but here’s one of the

exciting stories in Milton Hershey’s

life he bought a Cuban Plantation to

have a sugar source for his candy toward

the end of his life he felt led of the

Lord to sell that 70,000 acre sugar

Plantation his financial advisor said

you’re losing your mind don’t do it he

did he sold it for 70 million and then

70 million would be about a billion

dollars no shortly after the sale was

completed Fidel Castro and the communist

took over Cuba Hershey had his money to

invest in the widows and the

orphans he didn’t lose a

dime but he gave it and gave it and gave

it and gave it why should I tithe

because God says I will rebuke the

devour for your sake I will not allow

Satan to destroy your income or to touch

your possessions and brother if there

was ever a day you need a Heaven’s

muscle to help you in this economy it’s

right now God brings prosperity to the

righteous God brings prosperity to the

righteous are you in this building

you’re tired of debt you’re tired of

need you’re tired of

want and you’re ready for God to bless

you exceedingly abundantly let me see

your hand right where you are most of

this congregation I want you to stand

with me right now stand with me those of

you who are watching by television I’m

going to pray with you

also how many of you in this room say

Pastor I’m in

debt I’m tithing and I want a prayer to

release God’s Prosperity on me

today if that describes you lift your

hand right where you

are pray this prayer with me Heavenly


in the authority of Jesus

nameth based upon the word of God based

the word of God I ask you to open the

windows of Heaven I ask you to open and

bless me supernaturally bless super with

income that obviously comes from the

Lord OB as I pledge to bring my tithe


offering into the house of the

Lord let your abundance

flood my life in Jesus name amen Give

the Lord a shout of


Praise now listen

closely I want you as a congregation to

develop this miracle

mentality that nothing is impossible to

those that believe Jesus said whatsoever

you ask in my name I I will do it if

that was the only verse in the Bible it

would make Christianity The Greatest

Adventure in the world what would you do

if you knew you couldn’t fail I mean you

have a backer who owns it

all when Jesus was in Jerusalem in John

Chapter 2 many believed in his name

because of the Miracles that he

did you’re in this room and you need a

miracle in your body body in your

marriage in your emotions fear anger

resentment there’s

something that you need for God to

resolve in your business life so that

you can

prosper the miracle of our nation and

our spiritual Revival how many of you


verbalize exactly what you want God to

do for you and it requires a miracle let

me see your hand right where you

are now right now with all of the

spiritual horsepower in this room we’re

going to pray this prayer and I’m going

to turn you loose and when I Turn You

Loose I want you in the cleanest

clearest language you can tell God

exactly what you want and we’re going to

believe that God’s going to do it pray

this prayer heavenly father I approach

your throne in this miracle moment to

believe God

for the miracle in my life now fill in

that blank exactly what you want God to

do spell it out in your own


words don’t be afraid to ask


now let’s close it father God I thank

you that my answer is coming

in faith

believing the miracle will happen in

Jesus name amen and amen Give the Lord a

shout of Praise In The


Glory bless his name bless his name

amen amen come on now bless his name

bless his name bless his name

when you speak the word of God you are

releasing the blessing of the Lord into

every part of your life you are putting

God in charge of the situation and

putting the devil on notice that you are

a child of the king stay tuned because

at the end of this program Pastor heggy

will speak a blessing over you and your

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partner is it possible to prosper in

every area of life even in such perilous

times are you you trusting him to lead

the way and show you what steps to take

next we want to send you a copy of our

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website and now your blessing with

Pastor John

haggy the resurrection power of Jesus

Christ flows through US walk in his

Divine Victory today now may the Lord

bless you and keep you may he make his

face to shine upon you and be gracious

unto you giving you his peace may you

know that the depth of sin has been

forever paid by the shed blood of Jesus

Christ Our Savior because he has risen

from the grave you are more than a

conqueror may you know that the

Limitless blessings of the Lord include

joy that maketh rich and adth no sorrow

may you walk in the freedom from the

bondages of this world may you be

victorious in all things receive this

blessing through the authority of jesus’