All authority has been given to Christ in heaven and on earth. Jesus commanded his disciples to “Go and make disciples.” No Christian comes fully trained. You have to make a disciple. How do you do that? Disciples are made when you teach from God’s Word. Invest time in new converts so they can become disciples. Jesus commanded his disciples to not only make disciples but to baptize them and teach them all that He had poured into them.


hello and welcome back to our Sunday

conversation we’re discussing getting

back to the basics of God’s word and

building understanding about what the

Bible is and where it comes from the

Bible is a collection of writings

obviously from several authors over a

long period of time but as we read last

week in Paul’s letter to Timothy the

Bible is given from God by inspiration

of the Holy Spirit spirit and it’s

profitable it’s good it helps us grow it

helps us grow by Doctrine it helps us

grow by teaching it helps us grow by

reproof by correction and instruction

and righteousness that you would be

complete and lacking nothing equipped

for every good work this is consistent

with what Jesus told the disciples in

Matthew chap 28: 18 19 and 20

this is where we read what we call the

Great Commission it’s our purpose and

what God has told his children to do

until the Lord’s return He said Verse 18

Jesus came to them and spoke saying all

authority has been given to me in heaven

and on earth now there’s a lot that we

could discuss from a Biblical

perspective right there but bottom line

Jesus is saying to the disciples I’m in

charge charge and then he gives them

this charge why is this important if you

are in the military or if you ever

served you understand that there’s

ranking and whenever a superior officer

gives you an order it supersedes the

order that you were previously given so

if you’re a private and a sergeant gives

you an order that’s an order but if a

general walks in and gives you an order

the Sergeant’s order is no longer longer

standing you now have a superior officer

who has given you another order so when

Jesus tells the disciples all authority

in Heaven and Earth belongs to me he’s

saying I’m a f-star general there is no

one who outranks me in heaven or in

Earth and then he gives us this order he

says go and make

disciples now we’ve probably read this

verse a multitude of times but something

I think we often Overlook in church is

the command to make a

disciple no one comes to Christ as a

fully trained disciple they have to be

made how do you make them well consider

what we said last week that God’s word

is profitable for instruction for

teaching for direction for Doctrine all

of these things are how you make

disciples you can’t make disciples in

Christ teaching them somebody else’s

word you have to teach them his word if

they’re going to be his follower his

learner someone who comes up in his way

we have to make disciples of our

children they won’t become disciples

just because they live in our house they

get made disciples when you teach them

God’s word you have to make disciples of

new converts they’re not going to catch

it like the

flu it’s something that they have to be

taught that it has to be invested in


so Jesus says go and make disciples of

all Nations there is no limit to where

this word can be applied baptizing them

in the name of the father of the son and

of the Holy Spirit and then he goes

further in verse 20 teaching them to

observe all things that I have commanded

you he told those who had learned from

him go and teach others what you’ve

learned a few weeks ago when we started

this conversation out of the book of

Hebrews one of the things that Paul was

upset about is that the church that he

was writing the letter to should have

been teaching by now he said you should

be able to teach others and yet you have

to be taught

again many people sit in church for

decades hearing receiving being taught

the word of God and they never take the

opportunity to take what they’ve

received and share it with someone

else the Bible is good for

teaching and the Bible is good for

reprove we visited last week for a

little bit about what this word reprove

means but more directly break the word

down re means to visit again and then

proof to

correct to make something better reprove

means to kindly correct a

fault the thing that I love about the

word of God is that the Holy Spirit has

the ability to kindly correct not

everything is an absolute

judgment often times I think people give

God a very bad rap oh he’s a judge oh he

has the ability to judge and he promises

that he will

judge but he corrects those that he

loves the Bible tells us that the lord

loves those that he

chastens he doesn’t

overreact he

reproves he doesn’t

reject he tries to make you better re

means to address again prove means the

proper response when God reproves you

he’s saying let me show you how to do


better and if you have your faith in

this word that this is God’s word in

your life when he shows you how to do

something better you’ll act upon it what

did Jesus say to his disciples he says

why do you call me Lord and not do what


say God doesn’t lose his temper and run

off the handle destroy your confidence

in everything and then come back later

to say I’m sorry I I overreacted no he

allows you to hear his

word he uses the Holy Spirit

to help you understand that this is

something you need to work on and then

he gives you the chance to

decide look at Matthew chapter 6 for

example in The Sermon on the Mount read

carefully what Jesus

says he says in Matthew 6 when you do

your charitable Deeds right there for

some people that’s a

Repro I’ve had conversations with people

say Pastor I’m I’m praying about giving

Jesus didn’t say pray about it he said

when you do it and then for others read

the rest of the verse when you do your

charitable Deeds do them so that no one

knows about

them how often do we see people being

generous and charitable in front of

large crowds they present a golf size

check why so that everyone will applaud

and appreciate their kindness and and


generosity Jesus said when you are

charitable don’t let others know that

you’re being charitable because whenever

you allow others to recognize your

charity you are going to get your reward

from man and not from God he says when

you do your charitable Deeds do them so

they glorify God and not

you now I don’t know about you but I’d

rather have God’s reward than man’s

compliments then he goes on When you

pray right there you have a reproof it’s

a gentle reproof but it comes in the

same form as the first one the question

is do you

pray if you don’t pray you should

be Samuel the prophet told the children

of Israel God forbid that I should sin

against the Lord in ceasing to pray for

you why would he call it a sin to stop

praying if you could get by with being a


Christian When you pray and then he said

don’t be like the Heathen trying to

impress people with the words that you

say he said when you pray go into your

closet he was describing a

talit he was saying make sure that you

have an intimate time to share your

words with the

Lord and then he teaches the disciples

to pray and he gives us what is called

in in our context the Lord’s prayer Our

Father which art in heaven Hallowed be


name then he goes on to say and when you

fast he didn’t say if you fast in our

modern world we think that fasting is

something that only the spiritually

Elite do but Jesus said it’s something

that we should all do he said when you

fast don’t look

miserable don’t act like you hate life

he said when you fast wash your face and

look presentable smile and be joyful

because when you fast what you ask for

privately God will do for you

openly how many of you would like to

have the open benefits and blessings of

God in your life well listen to the

reproof of Matthew chapter 6 fast pray

give if you’re not fasting if you’re not

praying if you’re not giving if you’re

not doing what the word says to do how

can you expect his promise to be in your

life until you obey what he’s given you


in if you are doing it are you doing it

in the appropriate

way for his glory and not

yours because God says very clearly my

glory I’ll share with no

one here’s the Hope here’s the reward

that when you do it in obedience to God

he’ll do exactly what he said he may not

do it on your schedule but he’ll do it

indeed the word of God is profitable not

just for Repro but also for

correction remember correction is

stronger than reprove correction is a

limitation sometimes Repro isn’t

enough sometimes the subtle direction of

the Lord is something that we get

selective hearing on and decide we don’t

want to do sometimes there are people in

the world that no matter how many times

you tell them right from wrong they

still ignore you well the word of God is

a great tool when it comes to

correction because it will make certain

that you understand the consequences of

your choices you know I know there’s a

lot of things that are being redefined

in our world but whether you believe it

or not choices still have

consequences Repro is a demonstration

that you’re willing to listen to God’s

word correction is God’s ability to

enforce his

word something that you need to

understand about the word of God as

you’ve heard Pastor heggy say many times

you don’t break his word his word breaks

you I’ll take you to the story in the

Old Testament of the prophet

Jonah Jonah heard the word of the Lord

the word of the Lord came to Jonah and

said go to

Nineveh what did Jonah do he disobeyed

he willingly chose not to obey God’s

word many people say oh I’d never do

that but if you’re honest we’ve all done

it Jonah went the exact opposite

direction of the way God told him to go

now maybe you haven’t J graphically gone

the opposite direction of God’s word but

maybe you went and you read that verse

be kind to one another and you said no

Lord I’m not ready to be kind to that

person well guess what you went the

opposite direction of what he told you

to do forgive one another I’m not going

to forgive that person you went the

opposite direction even as I have

forgiven you how did Christ forgive us

he forgave us while we were still

Sinners he forgave us when we were

Unforgivable so while we build up this

case about well you don’t know what they

did and you don’t know how it made me

feel and you don’t know how they took

advantage of me Jesus says well if

you’re looking for an example on

forgiveness use me I forgave you when

you were unforgivable that’s how you

should forgive

them now we know the story of Jonah

Jonah tells the Lord no and he decides

that he can take a trip in an opposite

direction but he forgets that God is the

one who created heaven and earth God

controls the wind God controls controls

the weather God controls the water God

controls the

fish Jonah finds himself in a great

storm and then he tells the people that

he’s sailing with this is God’s judgment

on my life throw me

overboard how do you know that Jonah is

deliberately disobeying he knows why

He’s in the

storm the ship doesn’t start rocking and

Jonah says you know what this is

ridiculous I should just do what God

says Jonah says I’m still not going to

Nineveh throw me into the

ocean that’s

stubborn Jonah’s in the ocean and

suddenly a great fish now we tell the

story of Jonah in the whale but the

Bible just says a great fish comes and


Jonah God controls all that he creates

so he controlled the fish that swallowed

Jonah Jonah sits inside the fish’s belly

for three

days now I’m not speaking for you maybe

you could have lasted three days but I

would have probably started repenting

when I hit the water I would have

certainly not spent three full days

inside the belly of a fish but Jonah

sits there for three

days before he starts to talk to

God how long would you last in the belly

of a fish before you started praying

pray understand that inside the belly of

a fish is a volume of digestive juices

that’s meant to decompose whatever the

fish is

swallowed so there Jonah

sits having to make the decision am I

going to be lunch for

Jaws or am I going to do what God

says and many times you might say well

that’s that’s senseless that’s stubborn

who would do such a thing thing how many

of us are guilty of the

same how many of us refuse to give how

many of us refuse to pray how many of us

refuse to fast and yet the Bible clearly

says this is what you should do talk to

people all the time that are dealing

with financial struggles do you tithe no

I can’t afford to that’s stubborn that’s

sitting in the belly of a fish letting

your financial resources decomposed all

around you when all you have to do is

obey you say well it doesn’t make sense

that I should give and it would be given

to me I understand what your ademic

nature understands it doesn’t make sense

when you have a selfish nature but when

you have the nature of God a giving

nature and you put your faith in his

word then you believe that what he says

will come to

pass the word of God can correct you

it is a

rod that has been used to correct souls

for centuries Nations that have shaped

history and lives on a daily

basis the word of God is a powerful

weapon when you understand how to use it

in your

life I want you to begin to see God’s


differently this is his personal journal


you not just filled with historical

dates and prophecies that most have been

fulfilled but it’s something that if you

read it and you apply it you’ll begin to

grow and as you grow you’ll see God’s

promises come to life like you’ve never

known them before I want you to continue

to join us as we move week by week

through the basics of Bible study

understanding the principles of our

faith understanding how to share them

and what we can expect from God’s

promises when we apply them thank you

for being a part of this Sunday

conversation I look forward to seeing

you again very soon hi I’m Kendall haggy

thank you for connecting with us today

God bless you and we pray that you’ll

join us again next