As Christians, we must be determined to grow in our faith to overcome the temptations of this world that want to draw us back to our old ways. Spiritual maturity gives us the strength to stand when things get difficult and the unexpected has occurred. Press into your faith and believe that God is Who He says He is and will make all things work together for your good.

hello and welcome back to our Sunday

conversation we’ve been talking about

the basics of our faith and why it’s

important not only to understand them

but to grow and develop from them the

theme for this conversation comes from

the book of Hebrews and the author of

the book of Hebrews many believe it was

Paul was writing to a group of

individuals who now had faith in Jesus

Christ they believed that he was the

savior they believed that he rose from

the dead they had heard the gospel they

had heard Bible teaching and listened to

the apostles and many people who also

had faith in God but they were

considering returning to Judaism they

were considering going back to the

sacrifices rather than accepting the

sacrifice that Christ had made they were

considering returning to their old life

primarily because what they were looking

for had not happened yet and the thing

that they were looking for was the

return of Jesus Christ remember what

Jesus said to the disciples before he

left I go to prepare a place for you if

it were not true I would have told you

and I will come again so the disciples

spoke often about Christ’s return the

angel in the gospels that spoke to the

apostles said ye men of Galilee why do

you stand here this same Jesus shall

return in like manner now here in the


2024 just like these Christians in the

book of Hebrews we’re still waiting for

the return of Christ and there’s a lot

of discussion that we could have about

prophetic times and a day with the Lord

is as a thousand years and A Thousand

Years is as a day but what Paul was

saying to these Believers that I feel is

much more applicable to our lives is

that the reason that you’re considering

returning to your old life is because

you have not grown and matured enough in

the things of Faith to have the strength

to stand when things get difficult how

many times do we have visits and

conversations with people that life has

gotten difficult the unexpected has

occurred the plan that they had didn’t

come to pass and rather than press into

their faith and believe that God is who

he said he is in control able to make

all things work together for good to

those that love him and are called

according to his purposes they

immediately want to return to their old

life return to their old vices return to

their old behaviors because I tried God

but he didn’t do what I thought he would

one of the most dangerous things that

you and I will ever do with our faith is

apply mortal logic to a Divine

God read what the Bible says his ways

are not our ways his time is not our

time Isaiah goes so far as to say that

as far as the heavens are above the

Earth so are the ways of the Lord above

man’s so when you and I bring our logic

into the equation rather than faith we

set up an exit ramp that says well if

God doesn’t do what I think he should

then maybe I don’t have to follow

God that’s a ridiculous notion

considering that he’s Almighty he’s all

powerful he’s all knowing he’s

everpresent none of us are those things

so how on Earth could we see or know

better than

God one of the reasons Paul says that

people act this way is because they

haven’t exercised their spiritual

muscles I’ll show it to you beginning in

verse 10 of Hebrews chapter 5 in Hebrews

chapter 5:10 Paul writing to the church

in he the Hebrew church he says that our

high priest by God this is Jesus Christ

has been called according to the order

of MDC MDC is an Old Testament figure

that Abraham paid tithes

to and Paul says in verse 11 of whom we

have much much to say and is hard to

explain since you have become dull of

hearing now that’s a very important

verse Hebrews chapter 5 and verse

11 he said one I want to teach you

something very important about how Jesus

Christ is a high priest like MDC is a


priest but I can’t teach it to you

because you don’t have enough spiritual

maturity to grasp it and the the reason

you don’t have this spiritual maturity

is because you’ve become dull of

hearing now we’re all familiar with

people who have hearing issues and

hearing loss and it’s hard for them to

listen but that’s not what Paul’s

describing when he says dull of hearing

he said you’ve become dull of hearing

because you don’t want to hear it you’ve

become stubborn mule-headed you need to

hear it but you don’t want to hear it

it’s like going to the doctor and you

know that the doctor is going to tell

you if you do these things diet and

exercise you’ll live a longer life

you’ll be in Better Health but if you’re

dull of hearing you don’t want to hear

what he has to say because you prefer

fast food instead of green food so Paul

is speaking to a group of people that he

says the reason you don’t want to grow

in your faith is because you do not want

to hear what is required in order for

you to grow there’s a lot of people that

we know and sometimes may even be

challenged ourselves that we know we

just don’t want to listen to what we

know is true so he says you’ve become

dull of hearing that’s why I can’t tell

you what I want to tell you verse 12 for

though by this time you ought to be

teachers you need someone to teach you

again the first principles of the

Oracles of God now here in verse 12 he

says that as long as you’ve known these

things you ought to be investing

something in someone

else but you have to go back to the


because you should have and he begins to

describe meat and milk now he’s using an

analogy that the word of God is

food and indeed to our spiritual life it

is this is why the Bible is described as

the bread of life Jesus said to his

disciples man shall not live by bread

alone this is what he said to Satan when

he was tempted in the wilderness man

shall not live by bread alone but by

every word that proceeds out of the

mouth of God he was saying that the word

of God is spiritual food for me to eat

whenever he shared who he was with the

woman at the well in

Samaria he said to the disciples

whenever they came to him with natural

food he said to the disciples I have

food that you know not of and what he

was saying is doing the will of God Fe

feeds my spirit it feeds my soul so Paul

is using this analogy and he’s saying

you’re old enough to chew meat you’re

old enough to get the nutrition that you

need from content that’s substantive but

you need milk so in the theater of your


imagine a 30-year-old

man that’s large enough to consume a


steak but is still drinking from a missp

cup we would look at that individual and

say there’s something wrong he’s

underdeveloped he’s malnourished he’s

weak he’s mentally deficient we could

come up with a long list of things as to

why someone with so much physical

capability instead of eating what

someone in his size and stature should

eat is acting like a

toddler but spiritually people who do

not grow in their faith are a lot the


way so Paul is saying you should be on

the meat you’re still on the

milk and then in verse 14 is where we

get to this concept of exercising he

said solid food belongs to those who are

of full age that is those who by reason

of use have their senses exercised to

discern both good and

evil what enables you to know the

difference between good and evil

exercising your spiritual senses which

comes by learning and listening and

reading and believing and behaving in

the word of

God and

then in Hebrews chapter 6

verse1 he describes the elementary

principles of Christ he says therefore

leaving the discussion of the elementary

principles of Christ let us go on to

Perfection not laying again the

foundation now listen to what he calls


foundations repentance from dead Works

Faith towards God the doctrine of

baptism the laying on of hands the

resurrection of the dead and eternal

judgment as we will do if God permits so

those topics are the things that he says

are milk that’s not meaty stuff that’s

just the milk of the word of God that

each and every one of us should have so

let’s begin with some of the milk that

Paul describes to the church and see how

much more we need to grow consider God’s

Plan of Salvation one verse that tells

us about this need and God’s Plan of

Salvation comes out of Romans chapter 6

and verse 23 it says for the wages of

sin is death but the gift of God is

eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

right there that one verse encapsulates

really the entire conversation the wages

of sin the reward of disobeying God what

you’ve earned for your behavior whenever

you go to work and you earn a wage you

should be accomplishing measurable tasks

that the company compensates you for

well that’s what sin is measurable tasks

except the compensation for it is death

separation from God the wages of sin is

death then it says but now anytime you

find that word it cancels out what

preceded it there’s several places in

scripture where you find the words but

God for example Ephesians chapter 2 and

verse 4 after it describes how we were

dead in our sins it says but God who is

rich in Mercy so being dead in our sins

was canel out because God is rich in

Mercy here the wages of sin being death

is canceled out because we have a gift

of God and what is that gift of God

eternal life in Christ Jesus our lord

God the creator of all things all things

spiritual all things natural God gave us

a gift nothing that we earned simply

something that he wanted us to have not

that we deserved it but out of his great

love he delivered

it and all we have to do is open it up

and receive

it I promise you

this it is something that you could

spend the rest of your life trying to

better understand or even more fully

explain but the only way that you’ll

ever receive it is in faith

not in your

logic because your logic doesn’t apply

in this kind of grace and

mercy the ways of a man would look for

Retribution or to say that if I receive

such a great gift then I owe

someone and indeed there’s a lot that we

do owe the Lord but none of it is

required for him to give you the gift of

Salvation the only thing that he wants

you to do is believe in your heart and

confess with your mouth that Jesus

Christ is Lord and the Bible says you

shall be

saved consider the thief on the

cross I’ve Heard lots of sermons about

all of the required works that people

have to accomplish in order for them to

have salvation and yet this one

individual defies all of those

statements I’ve heard people say you

have to have good works that’s not

really what the Bible says the Bible

says that we were saved and the reason

we were saved is for good works you see

doing good things is not what I have to

do to get saved doing good things is

what I do because I am

saved I do good things because God has

done something great for me not good

great not great astounding not


unbelievable and because he’s done such

a wonderful thing in me I feel like it’s

my responsibility to show others his

love God doesn’t give me a quot of kind

acts that I have to engage in or I lose

my salvation he says if you really have

Jesus in your heart because you have his

love you’ll treat others like Jesus

would treat them that’s what it means to

be saved for good works instead of Saved

because of good works so the thief on

the cross had no good works he had a

life of

crime he had a life that honestly got

him the conviction he deserved three

people were executed on the day that

Christ died one of them was innocent the

other two were

guilty and between these two thieves one

cursed God in his guilt if you are the

Son of God get off of that cross and

save us the other one professed God God

in his

guilt and his profession wasn’t a drawn

out written

prayer his profession was simply one

request remember

me remember me when you come into your

kingdom with those words he was saying a

whole lot one I believe you are a king

otherwise he would have never referenced

the kingdom


two I believe that if you will simply

remember me then whatever reward belongs

to those who are in your kingdom I’ll

receive and what did Jesus say to him

this day you’ll be with me in

Paradise he didn’t say you’re going to

spend a thousand years in some Cosmic

prison paying for your crimes which

certain doctrines and theologies teach

he didn’t say I’ll go talk to the powers

that be in Heavenly places and we’ll

vote on your admission as if it’s a

country club he didn’t say you’ve done

way too many wrong things in your

past he immediately out of his grace and

his love and his

Mercy while he is being crucified

himself said I’ll pardon you from the

wages that sin has earned you and this

day you’ll be with me in

Paradise I think it’s a remarkable thing

that the first person who was ever saved

by the grace of God and the gift of

Jesus Christ was a lifetime

criminal under the death penalty what a

better portrait and picture of each and

every one of us all criminals and

sinners against God’s perfect plan and

yet in his grace and his love and his

Mercy he sent his son to redeem us and

save us study it for the rest of your

life I promise you as many years as I’ve

looked at it I still don’t fully

understand it but every day I thank God

for it what a wonderful gift

salvation hi I’m Kendall haggy thank you

for connecting with us today God bless

you and we pray that you’ll join us

again next