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just leave Ezekiel 37 open on your lap

and join me in prayer now that the Lord

will help me to convey the mind of the

Holy Spirit here tonight

heavenly father I

desperately need you I need your touch

and your anointing

Lord you’re trying to say something in

this service tonight to all of us and I

yield my body and I yield myself to you

and I ask you to come with a special

anointing give us ears to hear what the

spirit has to say

Lord sanctify me

Purge me let me be a vessel of honor to

your glory and Lord what we hear tonight

let it not just be something that stirs

our emotion but something we take home

and long remember and it could be

something that will change our lives

Touch Me Jesus Quicken us Lord Pastor

Carter needs to touch touch him in his

body also tonight minister to him now

Lord take this word

use it for your glory in Jesus name amen

Ezekiel 37 to read the first three

verses the hand of the Lord was upon me

and carried me out in the spirit of the

Lord and set me down in the midst of the

valley which is full of Bones who caused

me to pass by them round about and

behold they were very many in the open

Valley and lo they were very dry

and he said unto me son of man and these

bones live

and I answered O Lord thou knowest

the prophet Ezekiel was taken into a

vast Valley

with nothing but bleached bones as far

as the eye can see

that’s New York City

you see we’re not talking about physical

bones we’re talking about spiritual

death we’re talking about spiritual dead

bodies this is the Valley of Vision of

dry bones

and most of us have heard about this

there was a song years ago Them Bones

Them Bones them dry bones

they bone connected to the top bone the

knee bone uh how many members it was

taken from this this very chapter

and some preached that this chapter

speaks only of the restoration of Israel

because Israel is mentioned here these

bones are the whole house of Israel

Ezekiel said but folks we’re talking

about the spiritual Israel and I can

prove it because in verse 24 it says in

David my servant shall be king over them

that’s after they’re resurrected and

they also have one Shepherd they shall

all walk in my judgments and observe my

statues and do them King David had been

dead years

no you see this is King Jesus this this

is the Church of Jesus Christ now there

is a restoration of natural Israel but

this is talking about something

spiritual having to do with the body and

the Church of Jesus Christ

verses 21 to 24 reading beginning to

read at verse 21 say unto them thus

saith the Lord God I will take the

children of Israel from among the

Heathen whether they be gone will gather

them on every side and bring them into

their own land now folks that is

speaking not only of the the restoration

of Israel as we’ve seen it since 1948

but coming into the land here is coming

into the fullness of Jesus Christ coming

out of the kingdom of darkness into the

Kingdom of Light it’s a spiritual vision

that Ezekiel is talking about my servant

David shall be their prince forever

that’s in verse 25. I will set my

sanctuary in the midst of them forever

that has nothing that is not natural

Israel that’s the Church of Jesus Christ

verse 27 my Tabernacle also shall be

with them yea I will be their God and

they shall be my people that’s speaking

of Jesus Christ Alone

Beloved the valley of dry bones is still

with us today

when Jesus the Holy Ghost called me back

to New York City

it was 10 years ago now

like how quick that time has gone it

just seems like yesterday arrived in

this city with a burden to start a

church here in a Times Square area

but uh what a wonderful thing we’ve seen

the Lord do but it’s it’s a valley of

dry bones it’s a valley of dead people

who don’t know Jesus Christ because any

man in sin is the Bible said is dead

he’s dead in trespasses and in his sins

uh I want you to listen to a a note I

got from

somebody they said brother Wilson you

see the negative thing of everything

everything in fact this lady referred to

me as a doomsday preacher

because you see uh uh when Jesus

commanded disciples to go to Jerusalem

and wait for the Holy Ghost they thought

that this was going to be the

restoration of the Kingdom that was it

they were going to go back to Jerusalem

Jesus is going to come back from from

the dead and he was going to come

marching in his King he said well thou

at this time restore the Kingdom of


and there are people right now

trying to resurrect this Dead Nation

through politics that the church should

get more involved in politics I believe

that Christians should vote I I believe

that we should be concerned I believe we

need to pray about it but listen to what

this woman says

she had read one of my my prophecies

about the last days of America and she

she wrote and said Mr Wilson how

hopeless you are

you need to visit some of the television

evangelists and get a vision of the

coming Kingdom

don’t you know that America is about to

be rescued

Pastor so-and-so she mentions his name

has got thousands of people praying and

a woman just got a vision of a black

cloud that was about to fall on America

but she chased it away

That’s What She Said She chased the

black cloud from America and

and because of that God showed her

America is now safe

from judgment

we are electing Christian Mayors now we

are getting Christians into the Arts

we’re getting very very strong in

politics soon we will be in command

another vision is that God has secured

all our borders our borders to secure

the north-south east and west through

prayer we have secured American borders

so the Judgment can’t proceed Brother

David don’t be so sad please don’t talk

so gloomy the kingdom is coming Mr

Wilkerson rejoice

you know what Jesus said Jesus said unto

them it’s not for you to know the times

of the Season which the father put in

his own power

but ye shall receive power after that

the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye

shall be Witnesses unto me

it’s the preaching of the Gospel that

changes lives it’s the it’s sticking to

the preaching of the Gospel you will be

witnesses to me you will reign later

right now you witness you will reign

later with Jesus Christ

God put Ezekiel in the middle of this

Holocaust scene

it must have been a credible sight as he

walked through in fact in the Hebrew it

says he caused me to pass round and


in other words he caused me just to walk

back and forth through all of these


and what an incredible thing I have a

hard time walking through a cemetery

with the bones Underground

he’s walking over dead bones everywhere

there’s nothing but bleach bones there

are skulls and there are leg bones and

arm bones and fingers and toes

everywhere it’s just a valley of bows

out bleached out in the open in this

Great Valley

and what a tour it was because the Bible

said there were many bones and they were

very dry

have you ever been to a church like that

full of dry dead bones

America is full of churches like that

you can’t say that about what you saw

and heard here tonight

it’s not just the noise or anything else

but it has to do with that intensity of

love for Jesus Christ and the moving the

holy spirit that that draws you out of

yourself into his presence

here stands the holy prophet of God the

Bible says the hand of God was upon him

and he’s led by the spirit now get this

please he’s a holy man and he’s being

led by the Holy Spirit into a very dry

place with many dry bones he’s put right

in the middle of it a middle of death

and he didn’t turn to Ezekiel he didn’t

say Ezekiel

how did they get so dry how did they die

how did these people get like this

let me make a confession to you the

first uh you know 10 years of my

Ministry probably I had such a burden

for the church and I saw the ruin and I

spent a lot of time and I wrote a few

books I’d like to call back

and basically not because it was wrong

but because I became so good I was like

a specialist doctor who knew how to

diagnose disease

there are doctors like that they can’t

heal they can’t operate that they can

diagnose they can tell you what’s wrong

came a spiritual diagnetician I could

tell you why America was suffering why

America we were to ruin

Prophet Ezekiel not ask how did this

ruin come about

and it doesn’t pay us and I learned this

and I thank God that he taught this to

me that it’s not enough just to go

around preaching about the destruction

and the ruin and how it happened

sure we kicked God out of our schools

there’s no more prayer you know all of

those things but that doesn’t solve


it still leaves us in ruins it just

tells us how we got there

and Ezekiel was not told a thing he’s

not told anything about analyzing the

situation there’s only one question


can these bones live

can these bows live what’s he supposed

to say

what would you say

well Lord what’s the plan

I look at this city I live on the 30th

floor a block from here and I have a

view of downtown I see the Statue of

Liberty I see all downtown and I look at

these buildings and you know some of

these there are certain uh projects that

have at least 30 000 people in one set

of projects as big as some towns in

America and I look at these projects and

I look at these buildings I show God

they’re dead this is a city and some

people have come to me some loving

people they weren’t correcting me they

were saying Fleet I was saying when I

looked at these high rises I see


because they’re full of thousands of

dead people spiritually dead

and one lady come and said don’t say

that about this beautiful thing this


towers and beautiful city

yes but there’s still tombstones

the people inside are dying and I stand

there and I said oh God how do we reach


we have a city the greater Metroplex

here including all of up metrics of

Newton in Metropolitan plexus of New

Jersey and and areas of Connecticut

there are 17 million people in this

greater Metroplex 17 million

and you know even if we had 25 000 in

this church that’s one project

you know it it’s staggering it’s

absolutely staggering and sometimes I

feel like Ezekiel when I walk these

streets I I see Dry Bones I see dead

bleach Dry Bones everywhere

every you go to to apartment houses

where where you have a concierge perhaps

or you have a doorman or or just your

neighbors and you talk to them about

Jesus and they’re so dead they don’t

understand what you’re talking about

there’s a death up on the job around you

there’s a terrible death they’re dry

bones on your job you’re working with


spiritually they are dead

you don’t have to analyze them you don’t

go tell them how they got that way they

they know where they’re at

but but he says Ezekiel can these bones

live again

look at the death look at the emptiness

look at this stance look at the utter



how are we gonna

resurrect them

how are we going to bring life to this

death situation

and all I stand been here 10 years now

thank God for what he’s done thank God

for the many people been saved here ever

since we came here these altars have

been opened by the Holy Spirit literally

hundreds and hundreds have been saved

thousands have been saved in fact every

service people are saved I thank God for

that the church is packed a capacity

thank God for that but we’re not trying

to pack these pews we’re in a city of

dry bones and and

I don’t think we can just come to church

week after week and just get a little

blessing for ourselves and enjoy

ourselves and shout and these that’s

wonderful we’ve got to give God praise

and honor and Thanksgiving but folks

when we stand before the Judgment Day we

have to give an account

that there be no blood on our hands that

we enjoyed his salvation we enjoyed his

gospel and we did nothing God put us in

a valley of dry votes like it or not you

are you have been played I have been

planted right in the middle as a pastor

in one of the biggest valleys of dry

bones on the face of the Earth

and the Holy Ghost comes and says Pastor

Dave Pastor Carter

what are you going to do about these Dry

Bones you believe these bones can live


well that’s a big question

the Lord is that take Faith an

understanding of the ways of God

knows how he has all the power

he knows how to resurrect the city but

I’ll tell you what he has to use people

he has to use individuals he has to use

his own people the death is going to

hold on until God’s people do something

about it

and God said to Ezekiel prophesy upon

these bones and say to them hear the

word of the Lord

you know he could have stood there

a god man’s holy righteous brokenhearted

because he loved Israel Ezekiel was a

heart had a heart for Israel the spirit

of God was upon him he had a broken


he could have walked among those bones

and cried and balled 24 hours a day

he could have got down on his knees and

and and and and

prayed oh God break my heart over the

Lost condition

but all his tears wouldn’t have done it

all of his pleading wouldn’t have done

it because the Lord commanded these


prophesy unto these bones and say to

them hear the word of the Lord

only truth itself is going to set people


only the truth he said you’re going to

preach the truth of these bones now

folks that takes a lot of faith for a

man to preach to a congregation like

this there’s no Orchestra there’s no

Brass Band there’s no choir nobody’s

raising their hands

nobody’s wiggling their toes

nobody’s smiling at him nobody’s saying

praise the Lord because nobody has a

voice yet

this man is told preach to the wind

preach to the air

just preach

say where are you going brother Wilson

just hang on follow me

at this time that he’s told to prophesy

Israel had ceased to be a nation they

were in slavery they were living in

captivity there was despair

all the prophets of Peace had told them

just before the Holocaust came the

nation of Israel and Judah was filled

with prophets of prosperity they were

saying the temple is here and the temple

is going to protect us because God made

a promise he’d never abandoned in his

Temple and as long as the temples in

Jerusalem the walls are secure

everything is fine there was nothing but

the preaching of prosperity and

everything was going to be fine there’d

be no judgment there’d be no enemy

armies and then when the Assyrians came

in and destroyed and burned the city to

the ground

and took all the false prophets off to


and now this is the devastation that

remains that the prophet Ezekiel is

being forced to look at God is saying

Ezekiel I’m commanding you to tell these

bones that they’re going to live again

I’m going to bring life out of death I’m

going to bring life out of death

it’s going to take that kind of faith

and obedience in the Church of Jesus

Christ in this last day it’s going to

take that kind of obedience to the Lord

to go out on the streets to go on your

job to go into your home with a message

that you can live

that there is life

this is the message the only message

that the world is going to receive today

they’ve heard nothing but death they get

death everywhere their music produces

death in them

their Pleasures produce death in them

the only hope the only sound of Life The

Only Hope of life is to have somebody

full of the word of Jesus Christ the

word of Resurrection only life produces

life and and God wants his church to be

so full of the life of Jesus Christ that

every word you speak on the job and

everywhere you go you produce life you

produce hope and when when you look at

somebody that is so dead they look so

hopeless that there’s no hope God says

no don’t look at their condition don’t

look at their dryness don’t look at the

death in them

go with hope

all right

I thought after Israel and Nikki Cruz

got saved I’d never doubt God again

then I meet a man

who murdered 11 people

cut off the heads in the hands of three

of them

because he was with a mafia

and I listen to this story and and my

heart’s sinking

and and I’m thinking well I don’t think

I want to spend much time because he’s

hopeless I I don’t know if I won’t even

witness to him because he’s hopeless

you kind of back away no you don’t back

away from anybody you don’t leave that

Valley a dry bones say they’re too dry

they’re too dead it’s too hopeless

nothing is impossible with our God

that husband is yours

he’s not too far gone

I don’t care what condition he is

you may not know it but sitting right by

you in front of you or behind you some

of those Wicked Sinners that New York

ever knew

and they’re sitting here now Redeemed by

the blood of Jesus Christ


if you only knew who you were sitting


if you own it right

how about it spell this how about it

what God has done

I’m going to tell me did some of you

think you were hopeless

yourself you’re too dead and no play no

way you could be resurrected from that


but you know what amazes me some fellas

like those from from uh Timothy house

here and Sarah house and others they get

saved and they’re resurrected and then

when they meet a hard case five years

later after God’s using them they get

that same doubt I wonder if God can do


and they forget what God did for them

don’t ever forget the pit God dug you

out of so you have hope for everybody



you know what God’s saying to Ezekiel

preach to those dead bones

be trying to show him that nothing was

impossible that you never give up on

Israel you never give up on anybody

you don’t give up don’t doesn’t matter

how dead they look doesn’t matter how

hopeless it looks preach to them witness

to them hold on pray for them

well Hallelujah

I think everybody in this house knows

somebody that looks absolutely hopeless

I was I I I met recently with the

director of Macaulay mission

Macaulay emissions about 150 years old

Jerry McCauley the founder backslid 99


it was the 99th time I think it was it

got saved for good

and and and everybody said it’ll never

work he’ll backslide again God got a

hold of him and that mission’s still

going on strong for God here in New York



no you don’t

give up and there’s some of you here

need to backtrack a little bit because

there’s somebody you know you gave up on

is it a brother sister a husband wife a


I don’t care if your son is out right

now in drugs I don’t care if your son is

a homosexual you’ve given up on your

homosexual son or daughter

don’t give up you keep you keep giving

the word is God gives you the wisdom and

the knowledge and you do it as sweetly

as you can anointed of the Holy Ghost

but never ever give up

this church should believe God for

absolutely miracles of the impossible

you know what we’re talking about uh God

being able to heal cancer and and AIDS

and every other problem folks but in the

spiritual realm regarding salvation

don’t give up there’s a uh

uh brother Mark who works with me down

at Isaiah house

he has a burden for a man

I see every time in fact you can see him

right up here near Columbus Circle right

right on uh Broadway

and he’s a little fellow he’s I don’t

think he’s more in 60 but he looks above

90. and he he’s got this flowing hair

and flowing beard

and you you cross cross him he’ll spit

on you he’ll curse you

he will try to chase you poor little guy

he’s an alcoholic and and he’s he’s

crippled and and Mark every time he goes

by him just goes over if he’s if he’s

cold he’ll pull the blanket over him and

he’ll just try to talk to him be nice to

him he’s got a burden for that guy

and it made me feel a little bad


I didn’t have that burden for that man I

I went by that man and looked at him and

says oh man

he’s three weeks from hell

he’s three weeks from hell

and I and and because you know I don’t

like to be spit on and I’m I don’t like

to be cursed

and here’s Mark he’s not even pastor of

Times Square Church

he’s going over there and he he told me

I love that and where’s the fact he

loved the man he wanted to help him and

he’s got a burden for him he’s praying

for him

he’s not giving up on that man

I went past him yesterday

and as I went by and I I walked away a

little further away from his spinning



I show God

I’m going to pray with Mark that God

helped Mark to get through to him he

could be a jewel what a testimony he

could be for the glory of God I think

that man’s been sleeping on the street

for 40 years looks like you’ve been

sleeping there for years

oh don’t give up

hello I gotta move on here

as I prophesied as I was commanded there

was a noise

and behold a great shaking

and the bones came together


the Laboratories

had a

rebe or a priest who uh brother Mr or

rabbi schnerson

and and it’s near schneerson

he he passed away

and they you’ll see their their uh

mobile units all over the city

and they ask you to

come in there and be told about

this man this priest is going to be

resurrected from the dead because he’s

the Messiah

they had a March recently in Brooklyn

the Laboratories had ten thousand of

these Orthodox Jews

saying Messiah now

Messiah now

you know what’s happening the noises are


there are noises he said there was a

noise but but there’s a shaking you see

there’s there’s a hunger for the Messiah

there’s a hunger for some reality and

that’s why people are going to New Age

they’re going to all of these things

because there’s a hunger driving them

people are so empty now people are so

dry this is the valley of dry bones and

people just reaching to anything can you

believe this stuff that people reaching

out trying to find a little bit of Hope

just a little bit of hope he said as I

prophesize command there was a noise and

behold a great shaking and the bones

begin coming together

I want you to

read Ezekiel 37 8-10 with me please go

back to

verses 8.

let’s start with verse 7. so I

prophesied as it was commanded and as I

prophesied there was a noise and behold

is shaking and the bones came together

bone to his bone

and when I beheld low the seniors and

the flesh came up upon them and skin

covered them above and there was no

breath in them then said he unto me

prophesy unto the wind prophesy son of

man and say to the wind thus saith the

Lord God come from the Four Winds o

breath and breathe upon these slain that

they may live so I prophesied as he

commanded me and the breath came into

them and they lived and stood on their

feet and exceeded great Army

if you will please the wind of God is

the Holy Ghost the Holy Ghost is often

exemplified as the wind in the scripture

prophesy to the wind say to the wind

thus saith God come breathe upon the

slain now that is nothing short of

Spiritual Authority

Spiritual Authority faith in the power

of the Holy Ghost and he was told to

prophesy to the Holy Spirit prophesy

speak to the holy spirit it’s not that

he’s commanding the Holy Spirit as as

some kind of superpower he’s not doing

it out of arrogance

but because this is where the hope is

this is where the life is the holy

spirit himself was going to come into

that Valley and he was going to cause

life to spring up bold coming to Bone

what a sight now this is just a vision

that he’s standing there watching can

you imagine the noise of the what he’s

hearing of the rattling of the bones

and every bone is coming to to the to

the proper part of the body and there’s

an order coming it’s been disordered now

there’s order coming and wonderful

things are happening and and flesh is

coming on sinews and muscles are

beginning to appear and things are

beginning to happen because one man one

man is speaking to the Holy Spirit and

saying Holy Spirit Come and breathe

now this church has been in a 30-day

24-hour Day prayer chain

this is the third week we’ve just

concluded the third week we go into the

fourth week now of a 24-hour prayer

chain around the clock

I’m asking you in this last week

to pray in one specific way

I want you to pray the prayer

that the Lord commanded Ezekiel to pray

I want you to speak to the wind as it


I want you to speak to the Holy Spirit

and I want you to call to the Holy

Spirit along with your pastors and say

all holy spirit

come to this valley of dry bones

he alone knows how to reach this city

there’s no use most of what we do is

going to be in vain what

when I came to New York City the first

year here

the pastors of various churches that

have been here for years came to me the

first thing they were going to have when

I came here was a Jesus March in Central


and and and I said well what are you

going to do and the man who is directing

you said well uh we have balloons that

say Jesus loves New York

and we’ve got hats and t-shirts Jesus

loves New York

and and uh

I said wait a minute you’re going to

March and you’re going to release


and you’re gonna

sell t-shirts and hats Jesus loves New


yeah we’re going to March and we’re

going to sing

I said and


he said well that’s it

it’s called a Jesus March

I said I’m sorry

I said we’ll not have time Church

involved times for our church involved

how the devil trembles it balloons

can’t you imagine every demon running

when they see the t-shirts

I’m not trying to be facetious but my

folks what kind of thinking is this it’s

all over we got marches for Jesus

I’m not against those things if they if

they’re if they’re just done to to give

our young people something to do as long

as they March in and spread out to the

crowd and get down on their knees with

them and get a hold of people and say

Jesus really loves you and here’s where

it is it’s right in John 3 16 and let me

take you to the rest of it here show you

the rest of the story


the if the holy spirit is you know I

every young Pastor I meet now I I have

every week I have a young Pastor who

started a Ministry and writes me

whenever gets on the phone well it looks

we’ve got some terrible needs in our

ministry I said what are they we need a


so that we can Network

what do you mean network with what well

if we could get this we can get on the

network and we can we can uh

network with all the other Ministries

and find out what they were doing we get

all the best ideas and we’ll exchange

these ideas

and these ideas are flowing all over the

airwaves ideas and Reams and reams of

paper you want to see the beautiful

Ministries I see on paper

for color

beautiful pictures

and no life

no life

the bones are still bleached

there’s no noise there’s no moving in

the Holy Spirit but there’s

a lot of computers

click thing

I I we don’t buy computers for people if

you’re looking for a computer don’t come

near my office please

not against computers

I got a whole office full of young

computer whizzes but but they’re they’re

using it for missions in a different way

that that’s not what I’m talking about

please understand I’m not being

facetious but how is Wall Street going

to be warned how is the Theater District

going to be warned

how I don’t folks some people say well

brother Dave you talk about God sending

you said God sent you to this city to

raise up a holy Remnant and toward the

city of coming judgments and that hasn’t

been done done yet how do you do it


if you ask me what our plan is

we don’t have one

we don’t have a plan

I the only thing I know to do is what

God told Ezekiel to do

say to the wind

say to the Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost come and breathe life in this

valley of dry bones go into the Subways

go down to Wall Street we will pray

listen he only gives the Holy Ghost to

those who ask that means prayer

the Holy Ghost was given to no one

unless they ask and pray for it and the

Holy Ghost will not come down on any

City unless it’s prayed for in and by

and through the Holy Ghost

folks there’s a Praying in the Holy


this man prayed in faith this man spoke

to the to the wind he was speaking to

the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit come down

I have no plan there’s no way how in the

world humanly could this man do anything

about that valley of dry bones but

believe that God had the power God had

the plan God had the method and the Holy

Ghost had the life

and you know what I I feel so much

better since I laid my burden down

my burden of trying to reach this city

my burden of trying to figure out what

kind of literature folks I have walked

around my apartment and I’ve prayed and

prayed oh God we do it this way do it

this way because I’m a good idea man if

you want ideas I’m getting the Flesh and

give you all kinds of good ideas that

won’t get you anywhere

and the Lord

says no

you begin it you ask all my people in

Times Square Church

this next week when you pray and then

you’re praying from now on I want you to

pray to the holy ghost first of all if

you don’t know how to pray just open

your mouth let the Holy Ghost pray

through you because you don’t know how

to praise God anyhow but say oh holy

ghost help me I speak to you Holy Ghost

come and pray through me that you bring

forth your spirit into this city you

begin to convict people on Wall Street

you know God can do that

God God can just


like that right into the stock exchange

and suddenly

a spirit of

emptiness and despair like they’ve never


and it’ll probably come on a day when

the Dow goes down 500 points

and they begin to think well what’s this

all about and they begin to think of the

emptiness and everything else sometimes

that’s how the Holy Ghost breathes

and if you’ve got stalkers saying I hope

he doesn’t breathe like that now

well folks if you’ve got your your faith

in the stock market let it breathe

I don’t know how he does it but when his

breath comes told you and I’m going to

close soon I know when the Holy Ghost

comes to this comes to the meeting now

he’s always here but I know when he’s

moving and you that walk in the spirit

you know the very moment the Holy Spirit

begins to breathe in the house there’s a

sense of his presence there’s a

breathing there’s a moving there’s a

drawing there’s a wooing something

happens in the meeting

please don’t come to this church if this

is your home church till you have prayed

oh God breathed in this house tonight

all through every song service every

worship course every praise song I sit

here now breathing if I’m standing in my

hands up I’m breathing Holy Spirit come

to this meeting Holy Spirit breathe on

this congregation fight every empty

hungry person resurrect every dead

person dead in their sins tonight

breathe on them oh God I pray that I

speak to the wind

you speak to the wind about your unsaved


you welcome some of you are calm to a

valley of dry bones you walk into a

almost like you’re walking into a tomb

because there’s death all around you

talk to a dear lady today 89 years old


she just Jesus just comes out of her

life full of Jesus

and she she has no family to speak of

that that really cares uh she’s the only

one and and uh

she was talking to me about her

departure to be with the Lord

we had a wonderful time talking about

how soon she’s going to be in the

presence of Jesus

and it just thrilled my heart

and I I saw life

just absolute life pouring out her

because she’s given her all to the Holy


she’s giving her All to Jesus

folks let me tell you

let me tell you what I believe is coming

to this church and then I’m going to


we have ministered uh in this past year

especially to Hertz we’ve ministered to

you about

justification sanctification we’ve

ministered to you about the doctrines of

the church we have tried to build you up

from the faith

we we have laid before God that I tell

you this pastor there’s never been a

time that I’ve stood in this pulp

without a broken heart

I and I know Pastor Carter the same way

we we have stood in this Pulpit to try

to build up this congregation their

faith because we’ve been telling you

that there are riots coming race riots

are going to be over 1 000 fires burn in

this city we’ve told you and warned you

we’ve been building you up God’s getting

you ready and prepared

but let me tell you what’s coming

we talked about it this morning and God

added to it this afternoon

he’s beginning to lead this church

listen to me please to become a

soul-winning church he’s going to send

us into our environment he’s going to

send us into our jobs with a new vision

a new burden and we’re going to get our

eyes off of our own problems we’re going

to just trust all that to the Lord even

those problems may not have gone away

but say Lord I’m going to put your

interest first now and and get a new

burden for your unsaved loved ones some

of you shamefully have given up on your

family you’re not seeking God and

praying for your unsaved loved ones

anymore because you you almost have

given up on that God’s going to give

that burden back to you you know why

because we’re going to keep coming at

you we’re going to keep preaching it

through the word of God until the Lord

produces it in us hallelujah we’re not

going to sit still in the valley of dry

boats I’m not going to walk away from

that Valley dry bones and say it’s


with this I closed when I first came

and the Lord asked me to start a church

here in Times Square

I would have gone home if I listened to

all the preachers I talked to

and all the Christians I talked to

said this is the hardest City on the

face of the Earth

people don’t want God

we’ve been here for 45 years brother

Dave and there are 70 people

you can’t have church Sunday night

nobody will show up because everybody

will be watching television

I’ll look around you Saints

does God ask me that same question can

these bones live

I said you know it can Lord and he said


prophesy to the wind Hallelujah glory to


God wants to reach a multitude absolute

multitude down Brooklyn Tabernacle

brother Jim similar is preached in the

same way and I know some other churches

preaching the same way now and their

people are out winning Souls people are

being saved by multitudes now because

the burden of the Lord and the happiest

thing that you can do is win souls to

Jesus you talk about Joy that’ll give

you more joy than anything you’ve ever

known Hallelujah I want all the guys

from Timothy house you start praying now

that God help you win

all your old Buddies

that God help you when drug addicts to

Jesus that you won’t be able to sit in

Times Square just enjoy your salvation

we want to see we’re going to have

Isaiah house open soon we’re going to

have more room we’re going to have beds

but it’s not just having beds it’s not

and it’s not just drug addicts not just

alcoholics but the goodness

as well as the beatniks all of the

uppers and downers and everybody else in


will you believe God with me that

nothing is impossible

you don’t know it but we’ve had a number

of show people showing up

in these meetings

sitting here

we have strippers

topless dancers

how do you know because our staff’s been

witnessing to them and ministering to


I told you you don’t know who you’re

sitting next to

it so don’t look I see people looking at


listen to me this is my last word

I used to think that to be a soul winner

you had to just moan

look sad

and weep

I went to a Ministry once and and

everybody looked like death

everybody was sad

and everybody’s oh God

they were so burdened down

and and weary

and somebody came here and saw our

workers and how happy they were

and how joyful they were and winning



that that joy that you have as a

Christian is what the world’s looking

for they’ve got enough sadness they

don’t need yours

the joy of the Lord is your strength and

they need that strength Hallelujah

will you stand

glory to God

Jesus I love you


I want to

prophesy to the wind o wind of God

all blessed Holy Spirit Come and breathe

on New York City New Jersey Connecticut

and all this great surrounding area

God breathe your life

and when you begin to breathe

then the noise

and then the shaking

God Shake everything that can be shaken

bring life raise up people Lord with the

burden of the Lord


forgive me

forgive this congregation

for being too focused on our own

problems and our own needs forgive us

and Lord give us an eye for the world an

eye for the Lost

a burden of the Lord for the Lost

but Lord let it not you said your yoke

is east and your burden is light

we can do this with joy we can do it

with faith we do it with Thanksgiving

these bones shall live again

hallelujah thank you Jesus Lord be to



would you just buy your heads and

talk to Jesus for a minute and ask him

to make you uh aware of other people’s

needs about you

would you begin to think about those

people you go to work with tomorrow

would you ask God right now to remind

you tomorrow

to open a door for you to speak to them

would you ask God to lead you to people

now that are hurting

would you pray oh Jesus when I pray in

this prayer chain now I’m going to pray

that the Holy Ghost come and breathe on

those around me those in my family and

prepare their hearts to hear the word of

the Lord and to bring life

father do that we pray

talk to him right now Lord Jesus remind

me of that

remind me Jesus tomorrow on the job and

all this week in my home and on the job

and wherever I am and when I walk the

streets Lord not to give up on anybody

not to give up on the one who looks

hopeless not to give up on them Jesus I

believe you and I trust you

in the name of the Lord hallelujah is

there someone here tonight

you were called God had called you and

you have run away from that call of God

you’ve rejected the call of God he laid

his hand on you he called you clearly

you know it you’re here tonight

and the Lord’s calling you and I’m

telling you now if you’ll step out of

your seat and come here God will restore

everything that canker worm has eaten

God will restore it up in the balcony or

in the main floor you may be a minister

you may be a Christian worker maybe

somebody you’ve rejected the call of God

and the Lord is not angry at you but

he’s saying come back he’ll restore to

you everything that has been eaten

you were separated in Ministry

where are you from

both have you please

now Jesus

this is what you’re trying to show us

there’s life

that comes out of death when the Holy

Spirit comes

when I’m asking to restore his prayer

life I’m asking you to restore

everything the devil took from him

that’s where the healing Comes Honey I’m

gonna go pray for you because here’s it

is right here Jesus when you restore the

anointing everything else is going to be

right you go to this church

your first time where you’re from


why did you come forward

give your heart to Jesus you too both of

you put your hand on mine

Lord You’re Going to receive them right

now and you’re going to heal them

just say it right now Jesus

I give you my heart

I give you my sins

I come to surrender to you

right now

oh God now put your spirit upon you put

your Holy Spirit upon that life flow

into their hearts in Jesus name let life

flow God bless you would you come up for


a chaplain

okay he’s a chaplain at Rikers Island

okay Lord Jesus Lord touch him right now

answer this prayer answer his cry

brother God’s hand is still on you his

hand is done Jesus touch him now give

him Souls yet give him Souls restore

everything Lord thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus

glory be to God if you’re here please

don’t be in a hurry just wait a minute

nothing is more important than to let

the Holy Spirit have his way if you’re

not right with God if you’re backslidden

we’ll sing it again come and join these

before I pray for them let’s believe

Jesus to bring life

strength to you well if you’re a husband

a wife then your home is not what it

should be you need to take her by the

hand and walk down here and believe

Jesus for a miracle up in the balcony

just go to the stairs on either side

we’re not going to prolong this but if

you’re hearing the Holy Spirit tugging

in your heart come and join these that

are hearing them the Lord is healing

there’s light flowing here right now

now all of you came forward look this

way please I want you to pray right from

your heart inside your gut pray it right

out with me now just close your eyes and

look to Jesus pray this me Jesus

without you

I am helpless

I can do nothing

but with you Jesus

I can do all things

I come to you humbly

to surrender

I give up my pride

my sins

everything unlike you Jesus

come now holy spirit

bring life into my heart

and into my home

I want to be full of life

I trust you Jesus to save me and keep me

restore me

and use me

For Your Glory

now let me pray for you Lord Jesus thank

you there are marriages being healed

there are ministers coming back to the

anointing Lord you’re doing great works

and saving those who would have been


thank you Lord now do this all over the


Lord Do It On Wall Street do it in

Broadway do it all over in the Bronx in

Brooklyn and Queens and Yonkers New

Jersey and Connecticut all of these

areas breathe o Breath of God Holy Ghost

breathe on this city breathe


this is the conclusion of the message