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I want you to open your Bibles to the

New Testament to the book of Colossians

3:12 therefore as the elect of God and

his beloved that’s you and me we don’t

see ourselves like that that’s you and

me therefore as the elect of God and his

beloved put on tender

mercy and kindness humility meekness

longsuffering listen to verse 13 bear

with one

another forgive one

another if if anyone has a complaint

against another even as Christ forgave

you so you also must

do but above all these things put on

love which is the bond of perfection and

let the peace of God rule in your hearts

to which you’re called to one body and


thankful I love that verse and above all

these things here it is put on love I’m

preaching today on

put on the Overcoat of

love and then get over

it I love that verse put on

love clothe yourself in love one

translation says another translation

says forgive one another another

translation says make allowances for one

another is’t that good make allowances

they’re human we’re human we’re going to

mess up we’re all going to fail make

allowances don’t be don’t be that person


nags you say but they’ve done me wrong

put the Overcoat of love over everything

that has happened and you’ll find your

way out because trouble is

inevitable but misery is

optional and you have to decide because

trouble’s going to come to every

relationship and trouble’s going to come

to every family and I’m I’m preaching on

that much of the trouble because that’s

really in the big picture of things the

joy that family gives the blessing that

marriage is all of that is so much

bigger and so much Gr greater and what

you have to decide is trouble is

inevitable but misery is optional and

hurt is a reality but bitterness is a

reaction Jesus when he hung on the cross

said father forgive them and he got over

it he put on the Overcoat of love and he

said I’m going to forgive them Judas the

betrayer Came In The Garden of

Gethsemane to turn him over to the

torturers and a torturous

death and Jesus said something strange

when he came to him and Judas betrayed

him with the kiss and it was a secret

code to the Roman soldiers pointing out

he’s the one the one that I kiss is the

one that you need to arrest and

crucify and Jesus knew it he knew it

when he washed his feet in the upper

room the night before that he would

betray him he knew it when he was in the

garden praying and he heard him and saw

him coming and Jesus stood and when he

came and kissed him on the cheek Jesus

the Bible said kissed him and said


Jesus called him friend sometimes when

things happen that hurt you you just

have to kiss it and call it friend

because you have to understand if it

gets you closer to the ultimate

fulfillment of the purpose of God for

your life Judas was the key to Jesus

ending up on the cross and he kissed it

and called it friend sometimes painful

hurtful ugly things come into our life

just like Joseph he said to his brothers

who had hurt him his own family so much

he said I’m going to put on the coat of

love you strip my coat off that coat of

many colors but I choose to put the coat

Overcoat of Love on and you meant it for

my evil but I’m gonna kiss you and call

you friend and he kissed them and wept

over them Ephesians 4 put it this way be

angry and sin not it’s okay to get angry

but he said don’t let that anger get in

your spirit don’t let that anger turn

you into somebody that that destroys

every relationship because you couldn’t

get over what somebody did to you and it

bleeds over into every other

relationship he said be angry and sin

not and then he tells you how to do it

he says here’s how you do that let not

the son go down on your wrath lest you

give place to to the

devil that word place there is foothold

in the Greek that that literally when

you get angry and you don’t deal with it

quickly but you let it just get into

your spirit and anger becomes part of

how you feel all the time it’s part of

oh you can’t stand that person what

happens is the Bible said it’s dangerous

because it gives place to the devil and

the word place is foothold that

literally you have just opened the door

by not allowing that to come out of you

and the devil puts his foot in the

door and he says to every demon go in

and tear this house all to pieces

because they will not forgive one

another we have our foot in the door

come on in and do your

work I’m I never will forget brother

Tenny telling me one time when we were

talking about a missionary and his

movement and his denomination and he

said this man is a legend he’s a Godly

old man of God and he had established

hundreds and hundreds of churches on the

mission field and he had faced almost

everything you can imagine and he was in

uh somewhere in Central America in the

jungle Deep Jungle and they did not know

English of course nor did they even know

Spanish they they had their own dialect

and everything in this particular area

and so he comes into this area this this

veteran missionary mighty man of God and

as he’s preaching and Building a Church

the first church in that area and and

reaching that new people with the gospel

they brought to him a girl who was

completely demon-possessed a woman who

was completely demon-possessed it took

three or four men to just control her

they said they literally put her in

Chains because she was so violent and so

self-destructing to herself and so when

they brought her he said he this man

told Pastor Tenny and he or Bishop Tenny

and he told me this story and this is

what he said he said the demons cried

out in perfect

English through that native

woman don’t teach the people to

forgive don’t teach the people to


forgive isn’t it something that of all

of the things demons

fear the one thing that they dreaded the

most is if that preacher would stand up

and tell the people you must forgive


enemies and if you will do it you will

break Satan’s control and Satan’s power

off of your family off of your marriage

off off of your future that’s important

off of your future when you release that

forgiveness and that bitterness when

Jesus hung on the cross and said father

forgive them in that moment Satan the

prince the power of the air he

controlled creation he controlled the

atmosphere he controlled all kinds of

things he’s the prince the power of the

air that’s a Bible verse in the book of

Ephesians but in that moment he lost all

control I can prove it because when

Jesus said forgive them instantly the

Bible said for three hours the sun

refused to shine he wasn’t over the sun

anymore and suddenly the ground began to

shake and suddenly death had to give up

some dead folks and the Bible said that

they walked around Jerusalem dead people

were raised from the dead when Jesus

said it is finished and when he said

father forgive them it released such

power that even even hell knew they were

not in control the devil knew I have

lost control and I have lost my power I

need somebody to shout right there Satan

couldn’t control the air he couldn’t

control the sun he couldn’t control the

Earth he couldn’t control hell he

couldn’t control

death in the presence of

forgiveness do you want Satan to lose

control of your home

of your

family of your of of your

marriage all you have to do is release

forgiveness and Satan’s foot gets

removed and suddenly the door shuts on

his face and his demons have to leave

and I don’t know you you can’t worry

about whether they forgive you or not

all you can do is say I forgive you and

I’m going to walk in love and I’m

putting the Overcoat of Love on and it

covers a multitude of sins and I’m not

going to talk talk about it anymore it’s

done in jesus’ name somebody give God

praise do you want Satan to lose


forgive in Joshua chapter 10 there are


Kings who Joshua has defeated and they

run to a cave and they hide in the cave

and that’s what that’s what happens when

we get offended and we get hurt and we

get a little bitter and we get angry we

we isolate ourselves we cave in we we

isolate ourselves I’m I’m hurt I’m

cutting them off I don’t want to be

around ever again leave me alone and I’m

not saying there’s some

people Peter said Lord how many times I

have to forgive these people I like it

he wanted a mathematical

equation he said give me a

number he said said I say seven what do

you say seven times and then can I let

them have it and Jesus said okay you

want a mathematical 70 time 7 he said A

Day 70 time 7 is 490 times a day a day

that’s how many times you have to

forgive Jesus was saying

forgiveness forgiveness

is losing

count forgiveness is when it doesn’t


anymore I choose to love you and nothing

you can do or say can make me not love

you I’m going to keep on loving you I

may not like your stuff and I may not be

a part of it and I probably won’t do you

know help you with you little stuff but

but I tell you what you’ll never do

anything that can make me if you’ve got

a son or daughter that is gay don’t you

dare tell them that they can never speak

to you again never come around you again

don’t do that that’s not right that’s

not right love never fails you love them

you love them you love them you love but

but but Pastor God never called you to

judge anybody you are called to love

them you let God be the judge you love

people if people are messed up if your

father was not there and he was an awful

father and he he he left your mother and

and you and your siblings I’m simply

telling you put the Overcoat of Love on

and do the best you can with it I know

it’s complicated I know it’s hard but

keep your heart open don’t don’t keep

them in a prison in your heart but open

up the that because here’s why because

once they got in the cave when they

didn’t get over it quick they had time

to get in the cave relax get over it

pull yourself together guys and get out

of here but their enemy heard that they

were in the cave and had been there a

long time and then he rode up and he

told his soldiers roll the stone in

front of the cave and suddenly it went

from an isolation to a

prison suddenly now you can’t get out

because you’ve given so much room to

bitterness you’ve had the Satan’s had

the uh uh foot

on on in the door so long that now it’s

become a prison and he can’t get out

because we can’t get out and then

finally he came back and he killed them

and threw their bodies in there and it

became a grave it went from a cave of

isolation because that’s what we do I’m

never going to speak to you again and it

goes from

isolation to

prison CU When you forgive somebody they

may laugh at you they may spit at you

they may cuss you but you’re releasing

yourself you you’re you’re you’re

opening the prison door for

yourself it went from isolation to

prison and from a cave to a

grave I’m so glad that Christianity has


leader that they wounded him for our

transgressions and bruised him for our

iniquities he was prosecuted he was

persecuted he was tormented he was

beaten he was slaughtered on a cross for

something he did not do and they threw

him in a cave they threw his body in the

cave but on the third day he said I am

not staying in this Cave of offense this

Cave of anger this Cave of Wrath this I

I’m I’m coming out and I’m saying by my

wounds you are healed I have the power

to put on the Overcoat of love and get


it get

over move

forward that’s the will of God for every

person listening to me today I’m going

to ask you to stand to your feet and

going to ask you

to be still and quiet for just one

moment and I want to give two order

calls this morning number

one if you don’t know your sins are

forgiven that Christ has forgiven you

that you have been washed in the blood

that you have accepted Jesus as your

lord and savior I have incredible news

for you good news he is not angry with

you he is not mad at you he knows

everything you’ve done and he has put

the Overcoat of Love on and he doesn’t

ask you to do something he doesn’t do

and he says there’s nothing you can do

that can make me not love you there’s

nothing that that you can do that can

make me stop loving

you I love

you I’ll forgive

you I’ll cleanse

you you can lose the anger you can lose

the hatred you can lose the Vengeance

you can lose it today you can walk out a

free man a free

woman you can know peace with God and

with people people will notice there’s

something different about you you’re

you’re not you don’t have that

edge you have a peace in your life


Shalom is with

you I feel this this morning those of

you at every campus please listen to me

because my precious family many of

several of them are sitting down here

today and my wonderful wife

Sharice we’ve been married for 36 years



and we have walked through the same

stuff you guys walk

through and I’m telling you God’s Mercy

is there it’s

available and there have been times when

I the

preacher had to get down on my knees and

say forgive

me it’s powerful though boy when you do

it it’s it’s so cleansing so cleansing

so free it’s like a heaviness comes off

of you and you talk to that loved one

that you’ve been not talking to and

walls have been up and isolation and

it’s turning into a

grave but you just it all starts with

just open your

heart just open your

heart just open your

heart God can do miracles in families

this morning Pastor pray for me I’m not

right with God and I need to get right

with God pray for me let me see your

hand just trust me let me see your hand

yes yes yes yes yes beautiful beautiful

beautiful just trust me a minute just

trust me at every campus every one of

you that raised your hand wherever

you’re watching this if you can get out

of your seat and come stand right down

here in the front of this building come

right now come from the top balcony come

from the Overflow wherever you are this

is so important this is so important

here they come here they come here they

come this is beautiful this is powerful

come on you want to know that you’ve

been born again come on come on there’s

room at the cross for you right here

right now come

on if you can’t fix it God can fix it

and I want to give a second altar call

as still others are continuing to come

and that’s

beautiful but

Pastor I want to see the miracle of


take Satan’s power and control remember

what I preached demons cried out don’t

teach the people forgiveness because

they knew the moment people were willing

to release forgiveness their power and

their control over that person’s life

was forever

broken now raise your hands and I’m

going to ask you if you’re standing by

your husband your wife or your friend

your s

significant somebody in your life


sister I want you to put your arm around

them right now and I want you to pray

and say Lord here’s what here’s how the

Lord said it to me early this morning he

said tell them listen to this this is a

different little deal he said let all

wrath all bitterness all evil speaking

all malice all evil speaking all

malice let it all out of you

let all bitterness wrath anger clamor

evil speaking be put away from you with

all malice now can you do the next verse

and be kind to one another

tenderhearted forgiving one another even

as God in Christ forgave you ain’t that

beautiful and here’s what the Lord said

to me he brought that verse to me it’s

not in my notes and he said tell them

tell them to drain the

swamp he said said cuz this is this is

what happens when you have a real family

sooner or later you’re going to get some

of this all that mess right there can

get in but the Lord says just drain the

swamp this morning by my blood and my

name and my mercy and my grace and then

I’ll fill you up and I’ll run all the

Alligators and the poads I’ll run them

all out of your

house the

snakes and I’ll give you Victory right

there so so raise your hands all over

this building and pray say Lord

Jesus I want to drain the

swamp I want all bitterness I want all

evil speaking I want all malice I want

all Vengeance I want all ill wishes to

get out of me I want the devil to get

his foot out of my door I give no place

to the devil

through unforgiveness drain the swamp

I’m standing here depending on you Holy

Spirit to drain the

swamp and let me put on the

Overcoat of Love nothing’s going to

simmer in me for years nothing’s going

to chew on me day and night I belong to

Jesus and he gives me the power to put

on the Overcoat of love

and get over it say I will get over it

by the grace of God now lift your hands

and receive his forgiveness because the

moment you prayed that his forgiveness

came running to you covering you with


love I believe today’s message is

speaking to you and God knows exactly

where you are what you’re going through

he has Mercy he has Grace he has

forgiveness he has love he has

healing he is for you he is not mad at

you he loves you so right where you are

just pray this prayer and say Jesus I

surrender to you please I give you my

Brokenness heal and I put it in the

pottery ‘s hand form and

remake A New Beginning for me in my life

I give it all to you today thank you for

the cross thank you for the blood you

shed it cleanses me and Lord I receive

it and if you need healing I want to

pray for you Lord stretch forth your

hand you are still a healing Miracle

working savior there’s power in the name

of Jesus to restore your health and Lord

I speak health and healing you shall

live and not die and declare the works

of the Lord you shall recover in Jesus

name Hallelujah if this spoke to you

today we would love to hear from you go

online or use the number on screen and

get in touch with us and tell us what

God has done for you before I go I want

to take a moment to thank every single

one of you who support this ministry

because you have given us the resources

we needed to stand an unwavering support

for the nation of Israel during this

time of War on October the 7th the

peaceful Villages of esll faced an

unthinkable a merciless Invasion by

Hamas terrorist Soldiers the aftermath

left a community shattered especially

its vulnerable members the children the

elders ly some even Holocaust Survivors

the pregnant mothers and the wounded

marred men and women this is the same

region that for the last five years we

have been building lifegiving projects

such as a fire station fortified Kingdom

play school fortified bomb shelters that

saved many many lives during the attack

on October the 7th and we give God the

glory for that and I’m asking you today

to help us we we made a million dooll

new commitment to build the esol

resilience Center this building will

serve as a Beacon of Hope will you

consider giving a special gift to help

us today pray about it that’s all I want

you to do I’m not going to tell you what

to give you ask God what he wants you to

give thank you and please continue to

pray for


I’m standing here in the Zach’s house

the Zach Family House in kibutz suim the

first community that we introduce you to

on October 7 this entire family perished

when we walked after the atrocities of

October 7 into this house we saw the

father lying here behind me on the floor

with a knife in his hand and in the

shelter behind me the mother in bed

hugging her son both dead and both


alive but just like this Instinct of a

family to protect each other to save

each other this is what we feel with you

Pastor Jensen Franklin and your entire

congregation it was an instinct a family

instinct to come and stand with us and

to remind us that we are not alone you

are responding immediately because you

know us you know us already for many

years before and you committed to build

a resilience Center that will give us

therapy for our communities to heal

together in these atrocities of October

7 we know that we will rebuild

again it will be painful and hard but we

know that with you we can make it happen

step by step together as a family

this program has been sponsored in part

by friends and partners of Jensen

Franklin media Ministries your prayers

and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

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