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the wonderful love of Jesus I had two

young men in two young preachers in my

office this past week and what a

testimony they are it was a great joy to

have Nikki Cruz and sunny aranone in my

office Nikki Cruz was the mama gang

leader gave his heart to Christ he’d

been saved 30 years in preaching he was

the uh one of the key characters in The

Cross and switchblade uh story and sunny

aranone was the first drug gtic uh we

reached for the Lord when we came to New

York City 3 years ago Nikki was on his

way to a crusade in London he travels

all over the world preaching to

thousands and I’ll never forget how the

love of Jesus touched him I every time I

go past Fort green projects here in

Brooklyn I get a lump in my throat I

was5 pounds 28 years old but feeling the

love of Jesus just rushing through me

that Jesus had for drug addicts

alcoholics prostitutes and I walked into

this city and a uh drove in rather 1957

Green Chevrolet slept in the car I sure

wouldn’t do it now knowing what I know

but I slept in the car and put

newspapers against the window found out

the worst gang in New York City at that

time in fact they they had over over uh

300 gangs listed by Youth Department at

that time

1958 and I went down to to find the mile

miles and they were standing against the

fence in their Red Jackets of big double

M 28 kids have been murdered in 1958 in


fights and I remember going up to one

young man his name was Israel the

president of the gang and he was very

kind shook hands and uh said hey

preacher okay I he had listened to me

preach for about five minutes I went to

shake hands with Nikki Cruz and he spit

on me slap my face and said go to hell

I’ll never forget that stinging on my

face and I all I could bur out I I don’t

think I did it in Anger Nikki Jesus

loves you and walked away thinking Lord

I know you love him but I don’t know if

you can save

him he’s the hardest I don’t like to be

slapped like to be spit on Nikki Cruz

could get that out it was like a stuck

record broken record all night long

Nikki Jesus Loves You Jesus loves you he

hated police he hated everybody else

some of you have heard his testimony

Nikki Jesus loves you and folks to sit

in my office and look at that young man

on his way to London having reached

thousands and thousands around the world

five girls five children I think two or

three in Bible school and all called to

some kind of ministry Nikki going on

with the Lord all I could say is Jesus

your love finds them your love is

Everlasting thank you Jesus Nikki never

told me never knew what the love of

Jesus was and what Christ had done for

him until his little girl his first

little child came to hear him and one of

of his Crusades and he was telling the

story of all the terrible things he did

went home and she wouldn’t talk to him

said what’s the matter honey she said

you’re a bad man I don’t want to talk to

you that’s not my

daddy and it hurt him he didn’t realize

till then uh how God had changed how the

love of Jesus had manifested itself so

much in his life sunny aranson I met 28

years or or 30 years ago down in

Brooklyn under the elevated train right

off the Williamsburg Bridge

and I I I went up to him in front of a

pizza shop and I he was a drug addict

just waiting for his contact found out

his name I said Sunny Jesus loves you he

said man get off the block my mom’s one

of those Hallelujah

people and she’s a one of those tongue

talking Hallelujah you sound like one I

said yes I am but I I remember saying

Sunny Jesus sent me down here because he

loves you Sunny been in and out of jail

in and out of prison his mother would

see him dirty filthy and ragged on the

street and say Sunny please just come

home change your shirt let me give you a

clean Mill he said Mama go home didn’t

want anything to do with with family had

no thoughts of God been shot at in and

out of prison but I never forget the day

he came remembering that invitation to

come to the center remembering that that

just that one statement Nikki or rather

Sunny Jesus loves you his love will find

you and the love of Jesus found sunny

when he came in and heard Nikki preach

at our Center down here in

Brooklyn and he thought

that he thought Nikki while he was

preaching someone had gone to him told

him all about him because Nikki was

preaching his life and sunny sunk down

in his seat because he heard his whole

story being told and Nikki Cruz goes

over to Sunny laids hands on him and

said God save him and call him to preach

and sunny thought me preach

a drug addict a killer at heart oh but

folks I set in my office this past week

Sonny aranone is not only a pastor he’s

a bishop of hundreds and hundreds and

hundreds they’ve got churches All Over

America in fact he was in Philadelphia

helping set up another one of their

churches in their in their conferences

they have three 4,000 all of them

converted drug addicts alcoholics

prostitutes Sonny aranson is a preacher

to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

because the love of Christ was

manifested in

him now see there are many of you here

tonight you know what I’m talking about

because up up here you fellas from drug

from a drug life alcoholics many of you

not even in teen child maybe other

programs some of you here may be in

business you were a drug addict you were

an alcoholic you were drinking you were

lost you were hopeless but the love of

Jesus Christ came to you manifested

itself to you how how beautiful wasn’t

it the love of Jesus when you first

heard of it what a flush of Glory when

you realize that in spite of what you

done Jesus loved you and you rejoiced in

that love you went a long time just

basking in that love and then you

started going around telling everybody

how Jesus loved them some Of You’ been

witnessing you’ve been saved 5 years 10

years but what’s happened since then

many of you have backslidden about the

love of Jesus for

yourself somehow along the line you you

you got the idea a that because you have

allowed a coldness or a failure into

your life that you can preach Jesus and

his love to others but you can’t

appropriate it to

yourself now this is where I’m going

with the message tonight I want to talk

about his love for you as a Christian

his love for you as a Believer and for

me you know I was preaching a number of

years ago in Harlem in a street meeting

and I was going through a very difficult

time in our ministry very very difficult

Gwen had cancer and in fact I think this

is her second cancer she hadn’t back in

the hospital and I had the burden of

teen CHS and it was weighing heavy on me

traveling trying to raise funds trying

to keep the whole thing afloat and

centers PE cities all over the country

calling and and I was absolutely at the

end of my rope at this particular time I

I and in my burden and in my struggle

over I got so burdened over needs I went

down to about 115 PBS skin and bone and

just there was no joy because I was so

burdened down by the needs of the city

and in that I I shut Gwen out and in her

pain she she she couldn’t stand being

cut out from my life it it wasn’t that I

don’t I don’t think I was a bad husband

or anything but I didn’t really bring

her into the burden that was on my heart

I should have shared it with her and we

were going through a rather difficult

time and I remember one day just losing

my temper and going off for a street

meeting and I felt so dirty and so

unclean has that ever happened to you

where you know you want God with all

your heart you love him with everything

that’s in you and and you fast you pray

you seek him but suddenly there it is

just like a flood it just comes and hits

you and sweeps you off your feet you

lose your temper you do something stupid

and you feel dirty and unclean and


and I had to go up into Harlem and I’m

standing there in my pain and I’m

preaching my heart out Jesus loves you I

don’t care what you did drugs alcohol

prostitute come on up Jesus loves you

give your heart to him and after I

preached this profound message I thought

how Jesus could love anybody on the

streets I’m standing there after the

meeting in despair watching drug addicts

and alcoholics with our personal workers

drinking in the love of Jesus and

suddenly in my despaired my head down

feeling so low the holy spirit said to


David why don’t you appropriate some of

that love you’ve been preaching for

yourself why don’t you let me love you

what gives you the idea that you can

just preach it and not practice it not

appropriate it to yourself and friends

from that day to this there are many

times I’ve had to just step back and say

Jesus I’ve been out preaching it I tell

the whole world that you can save body

anybody from anything now Jesus come and

love me love me I remember one time when

one of Gwen’s last uh times in the

hospital she was so wiped out she she

had uh lupus had about 30 l pounds of

water on her and and was in the hospital

and she she had said David this is

enough I can’t after all these

operations can this is just too much and

she went in the hospital just at the end

of her rope and I went to a hotel room

near the hospital and I said oh God when

does this ever stop lord I love you I

see there’s no I can’t figure it out it

she can’t go through much more pain and

you know I said Lord give me something

and you know it’s not a good idea to

just say Lord give me something open

your Bible because you know where it

fell it fell in Jeremiah whoa whoa

whoa you know you know I did I closed

and said no Lord not today I I’m hurting

enough and you know what the Lord whis

in my heart David just lay still let me

love you so help me the Holy Ghost

brought Jesus his presence in that room

and he put his arms around me and began

to love me and I said Jesus now love

Gwen and and then the Holy Spirit put a

scripture Psalms so I went there and you

know what said he makes all wars to

cease I said that’s it that’s it he’s

made taking all seat I ran to the

hospital Gwen was dressed he said David

I’m Healed I’m getting out of here let’s

go home I have

Victory it was the love the absolute

love of Jesus Christ being manifested

the Bible said the husbandman that labor

must be first partaker of the fruits you

can’t counsel other people that they

they are loved without appropriating

that love for

yourself now there there are some of you

here that love Jesus dearly but you’re

not persuaded that Jesus Christ loves

you youve preached to others you you you

picture yourself though is is having

failed the Lord and he’s cast his side

as a result of it I want to speak

directly to you tonight I I really

believe God put this on my heart and

that’s why I struggled so much with all

the imps of Hell to get through but

here’s I was laying on my face last

night and God began to speak clearly to

me to speak directly to those that be

here tonight who felt that you’ve let

the Lord down you feel you’ve let the

Lord down you’ve not lived up to the

standard you’ve heard preached in this

Pulpit or wherever it may be now friends

if you’ve been coming to this church we

hold up a high standard we preach a

strong message of righteousness and

Holiness and many of you feel that you

can’t live up to that that you failed

the Lord somehow it’s not that we’ve

been putting a heavy trip on you we

we’re we’re trying to preach what we

believe is the standard of the word of

God but in your striving to be more like

Jesus you have failed the Lord You’ve

sinned somehow and you sit here this a

this evening with failure in your life

you have tripped you have

fallen Satan has bruised your

heel now remember that’s what the

scriptures in it was originally said

that the serpent will bruise your heel

and when serpent bruis your heel does

not mean you’re damned or you’re lost

outside of the love of

Jesus he’s bruised your heel but there’s

healing for that but now you’re here

tonight you’re living with guilt and

condemnation you can’t see how Christ

can still love you because deep in your

heart you know you may have griev the

Holy Spirit and you you somehow walk

right into the devil’s trap or you’re

still in the satanic snare but I want

you to know friends and listen closely

you and I were reconciled to God when we

were still enemies when we were out in

sin not even thinking of God Jesus loved

us let me read it to you for when we

were yet without Strength In Due Time

Christ died for the ungodly for God

commanded his love toward us and that

while we were yet sinners yet sinners we

weren’t even thinking of him when you

were at do you remember when you were

out there do you remember when you had

no time of for him do you remember the

those days and the Lord said even then I

loved you even then you were reconciled

to me if you would have only repented

and come while you were yet sinners

Christ died for us for if when we were

enemies we were reconciled to God by the

death of his

son much more being reconciled we shall

be saved by his life the Lord saying if

I loved you when you were out there not

even thinking about me do I not love you

now when you’re going through a struggle

when your heart still loves me now I’m

not talking about those who have just

put God aside they’ve given themselves

over to their sin they don’t want

anything to do with God they’re not

interested in Repentance I’m talking

about Christians and others who have


somehow in fact the closer you get to

Jesus the least thing will seem big to

you in the sight in your own eyes you’ll

feel the grief of having grieved the

Lord now I don’t have anything profound

tonight but I want to share you just a

few things that the holy spirit’s

putting in my heart about his love

first of all God wants us to be fully

persuaded fully persuaded that nothing

absolutely nothing can separate us from

the love of Jesus Christ I want you to

go I want you go to Romans 8 want you go

to Romans

8 8th chapter verse 38 beginning to read

do you have it Romans 8:38 oh I love the

word don’t

you for I am this is Paul speaking I am

persuaded other I’m completely convinced

that neither death nor life nor angels

nor principalities nor powers nor things

present nor things to come nor height

nor depth nor any other creature shall

be able to separate us from the love of

God which is in Christ Jesus our

lord nothing shall separate us from the

love of God now that’s a truth that the

devil doesn’t want us to be convinced of

he doesn’t want you to hear that he

doesn’t want you to know it

it because here I want you to know

something if you can come if you can get

a hold of this truth you can come

through any trial you can come through

your Temptation you’re going through now

in your trial you can come through any

failure and be more than a conqueror if

you’re fully persuaded that Jesus loves

you look look look at verse five who

shall separate us from the love of

Christ shall tribulation or distress or

persecution or famine or nakedness or

Peril or sword for it’s written for thy

sake we are killed all the day long we

are counted as sheep for the slaughter

nay in all these things we are more than

conquerors through him that loved us

you’re conquered through the love of

Jesus Christ for you look at me folks

The Cry of this book is be rooted and

grounded in love that you may be able to

endure you may be able to stand in a

troubled time rooted and grounded in

love I’m afraid we’re not rooted we’re

not grounded in the love of Jesus Christ

many of us were’re afraid to appropriate

it Philippians 1:6 don’t turn says being

confident of this that he that have

begun a good work in you will perfect it

to the day of Jesus Christ when you came

to the Lord now listen closely to me you

came to the

Lord he decided he’d not let you

go listen to me now you came to the Lord

Lord and it was known in heaven and hell

and Earth that Jesus Paid for you with

his own blood and he put a stamp on you

and he engraved you in the palm of his

hand and he said devil this child

belongs to me now no matter what problem

you’re going to no matter what failure

at if you confess it repent you’ll come

back by his love you’ll be drawn back by

his love you’ll be drawn back by his

precious love he that’s begun a good in

work in you will perfect it till the day

of Christ you’re not going to let the

devil interrupt his work in you Satan’s

lying to some of you right now he’s

trying to tell you that Jesus has given

up on you he telling you that Jesus is

mad at you that you’re just wicked and

evil you’ll never Mount to anything

you’ll never be holy you’ll never be

clean you can hit hear hear Brother Bob

preach you can hear me you hear Gary

hear one of the pastors preaching say

I’ll never I can’t measure up there’s no

way I’m going to measure up everybody

else is measuring up but I’m not

measuring up if you ever sat here

thinking you’re the only one going

through problems only one having a

problem anybody sitting here right now

thinking you’re the only one failure in

your life you said but what are you

going to do one of those TV evangels

things on us no I’m not not standing

here in any known failure in my life but

there are some of you sitting here now

and the devil lying to you right now

he’s saying see you tried and you can’t

make it Bob did hit this so strong this

morning and here you sit wondering if

you should even go on we’ve had people

people leave this church they have

absolutely quit on the Lord because they

say I can’t make it I can’t I I will

never measure up to what he wants I want

you to know that God’s given you a word

you can take it right to the devil and

you can throw it right at him just as

Jesus did in the wilderness and the

devil going to

run it’s right there in the eth chapter

of Romans look at it the 34th verse 34th

who is he that condemneth well you know

who that is don’t you were you condemned

this afternoon before you came to church

have you been sitting here doing the

worship being condemned we we’ve got

we’ve got a condemner who stands Before

the Throne of God accuser of the

Brethren trying to accuse you saying

you’ll never make it but who is this

that condemneth it is Christ that died

ye rather that is risen again who is

even at the right hand of God who also

maketh intercession for us you stand

right up against Satan and you can say

this with everything in you I refuse

your condemnation in your lies Jesus

paid for my sins I Repent Jesus Loves

Me I I’m on his mind right now in fact

devil right now when you’re accusing me

he has me on his mind he has me on his

lips he’s talking to the father about me


now he’s talking to the father about me

this very moment he’s interceding before

the father and you can tell the devil

that glory be to God and then you can

quote in this scripture I write unto you

that you sin not but if any man sin we

have an advocate with the father Jesus

Christ the righteous you go back to him

you say father I’ve sinned I’ve had four

children and I never kicked them out

because they failed me I took them aside

sometimes I had to take him to the

Woodshed sometimes I had to spank the

meanness at him but all along there were

my children and I loved them and the

only reason I spanked them was for their


good when did Jesus throw you out tell


when did he write a bill of a

divorcement I divorce you go on out on

your own when did he do it you can’t

tell me when he did that he said I’ll

never leave you I’ll never forsake you

I’ll go with you to the end I’m going

through you with your troubles I’m going

through your trials hold

fast now notice a very interesting verse

Romans 8:35 look at it who shall

separate us from the love of Christ now

who is a person isn’t that you know who

that is that s but then look shall

tribulation or distress or persecution

or famine or nakedness or Peril or sword

now those are things that’s not a who

those are things who is it that brings

these things on us Satan himself trying

to bring all these things to Rob us of

the love of God but I notice look down

in verse 37 nay in all these things we

are more than conquerors through him

that loved us hallelujah now to separate

us who shall separate us from the love

of Jesus Christ Christ that word

separation is to isolate in other words

to make you feel like an island of

rejection that you’re not loved and I’ll

tell you what the devil does he’ll first

try to strip you of Love of those around

you he’ll try to interfere in the love

of your family interfere in the love of

your friends and try to isolate you in

fact this separation means to put a

great golf between it and isolate it as

an island some of you sitting here right

now knowing what that means

you have felt rejection you felt

isolated and you you you feel what you

feel just what they felt in Israel it

says but Zion has said the Lord has

forsaken us and my Lord has forsaken

forgotten me can a woman forget her

sucking child that she should not have

compassion on the son of her own womb y

they may forget yet I’ll not forget you

behold I’ve Graven you on the palm of my

hand your walls are continually before

me and then in Hosea it says I will heal

their backslidings I will love them

freely for my anger is turned away from

him hallelujah thank you Jesus friends

God wants to heal every backslider here

tonight he wants to offer you his love

and to heal that backsliding of your

heart now the Holy Spirit has really

been putting me under

conviction about the danger of

presenting Jesus is a hard man do you

remember that Parable there were three

servants that were given talents one was

given 10 one was given five and one was

given one talent and the man who had the

one Talent went and hid it in the earth

and one day the master comes and calls

him to

account and he said I I want what I gave

you I want my return and you know what

he said master I knew thee that thou art

a hard man and I was afraid and I went

and I hid my

talent and I was on my face before God

the Lord was saying David there’s

something you’re not hearing you’re not

seeing yet and I want tell you I don’t

believe you can be a Holiness preacher

of any kind you can’t be a preacher of

righteousness unless you’re

teachable and I’m telling you now God’s

telling me I’ve got a lot to learn and I

confess it before you here now and I’m

not trying to be sentimental or put

attention on myself but God began to say

there’s so much yet I’ve got to learn

before I can be a Shepherd to the

the to the Sheep here even all of us as

pastors are are open that God would

teach us but I got to thinking Lord was

showing me what what kind of teacher did

this man have the other two sered the

Lord with joy they had no problem they

made their investment it was a glorious

experience but this man comes and he

said boy you’re hard and he was afraid

and he hit his

talent who was his teacher what kind of

message did he sit under that made him

see Jesus J is hard because Jesus is the

master here brother Bob had to he he

felt the same grief that I felt one time

when when some people that sat under his

teaching had had gone to a pastor and

tried to correct him as if you know they

knew it all now because they’d come into

Holiness message and Bob was alarmed and

he got on the phone he says tell me did

my preaching produced that in you and it

was Terror in Bob in my own heart are

are are we going to preach a message

that would produce that kind of thing

are they misjudging what is being

said I got to thinking Lord what kind of

a a pastor what kind of a teacher what

kind of a message was he sitting under

that he perceives Jesus as a hard man a

Friday night a young Pastor met me back

I don’t know if he’s here tonight or not

tears in his eyes visiting from another

state and he said brother Dave I’ve been

preaching Holiness in my church and I

preach it hard and he he said the people

are not receiving it and they’re leaving

left and right but I can’t compromise on


message and I felt pain in my heart

because all over the country now there

there’s a message of Holiness coming

forth there’s a message of

righteousness but folks too many are

preaching it his hardness they’re not

presenting Jesus in

fullness I remember something Bob told

me that changed my life he said David

when we preach Holiness we must never

Veil Christ we must never Veil the mercy

of Jesus

Christ but you see I don’t want to be

that hard man or that man that preaches

a message that pictures Jesus only as a

hard man because that produces fear and

fear has torment and then people go and

hide because they feel they can’t make

it I don’t want to be one of those

preach you know there are times when I

when I have to preach a strong message a

prophetic message especially I know that

there are some people that are out there

that they’re just they they want to say

yeah preach it brother Dave get it hit

it hit it hit it it’s almost like a

cheering section hit it and sometimes

Pastor I know there have been times I’ve

been carried up in it I confessed to Bob

today about a time down in Georgia I was

preaching at a camp meeting two years

ago and I on that Campground I saw these

great big satellite dishes and you know

my hatred for

television the superintendent of the

movement there was great big biggest

dish I ever

saw I tell you what I got up there in

that pulpit and boy I skinned them

alive by the way the Lord doesn’t want

hides he wants Souls you know skinning I

tell you what I thundered and

I ever since I felt the pain for what I

did and later some pastors said boy you

were hard brother Dave but you know

there were some people in there just fed

something and them they wanted to hit it

they wanted hard hard hard now I’m going

to tell you now I’m not going to

compromise on my message I’m going to

preach it but there have been evangelist

you know that it preached a hard message

and you were there watching either on

television some yeah there give it to

them that’s right and he they’ll say

I’ll not compromise I’m going to preach

and tell it like it is but I’ve been

hearing the Holy Spirit say to me David

how are you present send in me to the

Sheep are you showing them my mercy and

my love and my longsuffering along with

my hatred for sin are you making them

afraid so afraid that they’ll hide and I

want the Lord to help me preach Holiness

stronger than I’ve ever preached but I

want to preach it with Brokenness I want

to be like Paul who said I came to you

like in the tenderness of a nurse I’m

going to read it to you Paul said but we

were gentle among you even as a nurse

cherisheth her children so being

affectionately desirous of you we were

willing to have imparted to you not the

gospel of God only but our also our very

Souls because you were dear to us I

confess to you I’ve never known that I’m

beginning to know it I’ve never passed

I’ve been an evangelist and I’ve

thundered all over the world I don’t

think I know what it’s like to be a

nurse to look out over congre ation of

people living in a wicked City hurting

carrying all kinds of burdens and

garbage from your past and I wanted I

want to see you walk in Holiness and all

the pastor we want to see you walk in

Holiness so much now I I can’t speak for

Bob I know these men Bob has a tender

heart Gary has a tender I need

this I need to have that gentleness as a

nurse cherish their children not trying

to spank them because there’s a sickness

there’s a disease there’s sin and Paul

is saying I came to you

people my dear sheep is a nurse

cherishing her children so being

affection the desires of you we’re

willing to impart to you not just the

gospel only but our very Souls because

you’re dear to

us Paul then added we exhorted and we

comforted and charged every one of you

as a father to charge his children no

wonder Paul’s message of Holiness was

received it wasn’t rejected people

didn’t walk out here because he said

when you received this word of God which

you heard of us you received it not as

word of men as it is in truth the word

of God I told this young preacher what I

want to tell every preacher of

righteousness and Holiness in America if

you’re going to be preaching a strong

message preach it through Brokenness

preach it through

tears and folks that’s what I’ve asked

God to do for this

Pulpit you may have heard people say

Times Square Church you go down there

and you just get beat no you don’t get

beat here you won’t get beaten here

because God’s breaking this ministry he

breaking the hearts of the pastors

telling us that we need to be like Paul

we need to share with you as precious

children not trying to whip you not

trying to drive you but to go to the

throne of God touch his righteousness

touch his Holiness see a vision of Jesus

so clear and then come to you and say

here he is in all of his love he hates

sin and that’s why we preach so strong

about it we feel his wrath against it

and we don’t want you to be damned we

love you too much but to do it as a

nurse to do it as a father with looking

with love to his

children and I confess before a holy God

I’ve not had

that I’ve not had

that but I want

it make

Jesus present Jesus in his

fullness sometimes we’re like the man

who was forgiven a great

debt then we walk right out and choke

somebody who’s not living up to our

standard the Bible says of Jesus for he

is kind unto the unthankful and to the

evil be ye therefore merciful as your

fathers also

merciful that’s Luke

6:35 Jesus is kind to the unthankful and

to the

evil be ye therefore merciful as your

father’s also

merciful James said the Lord is very

pitiful and of Tender

Mercies now God showing me he just

pounding in me with love he he he’ been

speaking all week to me so strong how

serious this matter is of how we present

Jesus to the world how we present him

Paul said we are ambassadors for Christ

you know what that means we represent

him the only thing the world’s going to

see of Jesus is what we show it what we

show the world of

him there there’s a down in Brazil I

think it’s in Brazilia there’s a

Cathedral and there’s a t one of those

uh glass windows colored glass Leed

glass windows and it’s it’s it’s Jesus

you see all these people kneeling before

him and Jesus is standing with a great

big Club in his

hand ready to Smite them and that’s

their vision of Jesus that’s a perverted

view of

Jesus and and and those people come

there with that great fear of this man

in heaven with a club over their head

God’s word says he is very pitiful and

of Tender Mercies and he’s saying if

you’re going to witness out in the

street or you’re going to counsel

anybody if you’re going to talk to

people about Jesus you’ve got to be a

faithful Ambassador you’ve got to

represent me for my who who I really am

and what what the word says be be ye all

of One mind having compassion one of

another love his Brethren be pitiful be

courteous be pitiful be courteous 1

Peter 3:8

you know much of the street preaching

here in New York City is very

discourteous very

discus it’s

confrontational it’s

mean sometimes it’s ugly I I I would

imagine we’ve got 10 15 Street Preachers


tonight but if you’re a Street Preacher

or if you’re a witness or you are

counselor you’ve got to understand what

the holy spirit’s saying tonight be

careful this isn’t awesome

responsibility how you present Jesus are

you presenting him in his fullness are

you just showing one sight of him you

know uh Steve and I were walking down

42nd Street few weeks ago and Steve was

carrying a

briefcase and this Street Preacher God

bless his heart up in the 42nd Street

here in

Broadway he stopped we just I just

stopped to listen and he said look at

this two

me and Steve two computer junkies

they’ve got their computer with them

they’re so hooked on

computers you know what’s in that box a

microphone this microphone I have right

here with a big box we carried it

computer junkies they’re so wrapped up

in the world I mean he stole it us to

hear that dear brother we were headed

right down to

Hell sliding right down on our computer

we we were tempted to open the

box what what what are you telling them

out there you shaking an accusing finger

in their face and this Lord who is very

pitiful of Tender Mercies are you making

him out to be a monster are you I don’t

want to misrepresent Jesus

Anymore be ye also pitiful be

courteous now look the Bible said those

who sin must be rebuked before all

that’s 1 Timothy 5:20 the Bible said we

are to exhort and rebuke with all

authority Titus 2:15 unruly miles Must

Be Stopped you’ve got to rebuke them

sharply Titus 1113 but we’re also

commanded to rebuke with all

longsuffering now that word

longsuffering means very lenient patient

and understanding you know what this

scripture said Street Preachers listen

Witnesses listen counselors listen

preach the word be instant in season and

out of season reprove rebuke exhort

which means counsel with all

longsuffering you’re to do it but you’re

to do it with pity compassion and

longsuffering Paul preached with that

longsuffering he said I obtained Mercy

that in me first Jesus Christ might show

forth all longsuffering for a pattern to

them which should Hereafter believe on

him to life Everlasting do you know that

you’re a pattern of his longsuffering

Jesus come on now tell me it wasn’t his

longsuffering that found

you how patient has he been with

you that that’s what God told me about

television too you know last time I

talked about television here I did it

with the tears in my eyes I did it with

a broken heart and if I ever tell you

again God hates it I’m going to tell it

to you because I love you and I’m not

trying to rail against you but I I’ve

got to tell you right now if it weren’t

for the longsuffering of Jesus I

wouldn’t be standing in this Pulpit now

folks somewhere along the line uh I I

would have turned my back somehow not on

the Lord but something would have crept

in my family would have been

disintegrated and everything else but

for the longsuffering I stand here like

Paul’s a pattern of the patience and the

longsuffering of Jesus Christ how long

he bore with some of my foolishness how

long he put up with me and yet he

brought me back to this place and I

stand now in his holy Freedom how

patient he’s been with you why will you

not be patient with others then why will

you not be patient with those that you

deal with all around you now

truthfully the love of Jesus never gives

up on

people I want to show it to you


3:15 Revelation 3:15 I’m not going to

preach much longer Revelation 3:15 you

you know this he’s talking about the

lean Church don’t you know that’s the

backsliding church that’s the Harlot

Church look at

verse Revelation

3:15 the Lord is saying and I Know Thy

Works speaking the lean church that thou

art neither cold nor hot I would you

either cold or hot so then because you

lukewarm and not cold or hot I’ll spew

you out of my mouth because thou sayest

I’m rich and increased with goods and

have need of nothing you don’t know that

thou wretched and miserable and poor and

blind and naked I’d look this way for

just a minute if you will

please you you

see Jesus standing at the door well fact

just look at

verse 20 he’s already told him he’s

going to spew them out of his mouth

hasn’t he now look what he said behold I

stand at the door and knock If any man

hear my voice and open the door I’ll

come into him and will s with him and he


me listen very closely to me

now it’d be easy and I I think there was

a time in my my Ministry I could have

stood in a

Pulpit and I I I would have said

something like this

look there it is in black and

white I’m going to spew you out of my

mouth folks is it in your Bible there it

is in black and white I’ll spew you out

of my mouth you’re compromising you’re

backslid you’re naked you’re cold you’re

lost you’re undone and God said I’ll SP

you out of my mouth and i’ had been

preaching the truth halfway because look

at verse 8


Jesus he doesn’t want them to be spewed

out of his mouth look he’s counseled

them he said please buy of me gold tried

in the fire that thou mayest be rich he

didn’t want him to be poor in spirit and

white rment that thou mayest be clothed

and that the shame of thy nakedness do

not appear he’s trying to cover their

shame he’s not trying to expose anything

he’s trying to cover it by his blood and

anoint thine ey with i s that thou

mayest see and for as many as I love I

rebuke and chasen be zealous therefore

and repent he’s offering Mercy he’s

offering Grace and see if I had just

come and preached I’ll spill you out of

my mouth I would have had scripture to

prove it but I would not have preached

Jesus in his fullness I would have

missed behold I stand at the door of

your heart and

knock before I’ll SP you out of my mouth

I’m going knock on your door cuz I

really don’t want to SP my MTH I want to

sit down and eat with you I don’t want

you standing naked before the world I

want you

covered but see we give up on our weak

Brethren if we’re working with people

and they fail

us especially after the second or the

third time it usually I know it’s I’ve

said it so many times look I’ve tried I

can’t waste any more time he doesn’t


God he knows where I’m at if he wants

the Lord I’ll be here but I’m not going

out of my way I don’t think you’re going

to make it anyhow if you said that about

your husband or your

wife I don’t know what it’s going to

take I’ve prayed and I’m tired of

praying man I’ve done everything I know

how to do there’s nothing else and most

people we just give up on people I’m so

glad Jesus doesn’t I’m so glad Jesus

didn’t give up on Peter Peter didn’t

deny him once he didn’t deny him twice

he did he denied him three times he

cursed him he said I don’t even know the

man I don’t know him he told me Satan

was after me to try to sift me he warned

me I heard the word I was warned and yet

even in spite of the word that I heard

I’ve been sitting under this kind of

ministry and I went right out and I did

something to grieve my Lord how could I

have done it does that sound familiar


on don’t hide the Holy Spirit knows

where you’re

at oh but Peter Peter remembers

something Jesus J said and I can Peter

says oh the look in his eyes I’ll never

forget that look what was that look it

was a Look of Love because Jesus said

Peter I got to read it to you Peter I’ve

prayed for you that your faith fail not

and when you’re converted strengthen

your brethren you know what Peter you

know what brought him back I’m convinced

of it Peter’s weeping over the hilltops

he’s walking up and down the hillside if

Judean said I’ve denied him I’ve

sinned I’ve grieved the Lord I should

have done it I’m his servant I’ve

preached his gospel I’ve laid hands on

the sick I let him down oh but he said

something to me he said he’s going to

pray for me he’s praying for

me he’s praying for me right now he’s

praying for me do you know that he’s

doing that right now for you and and for

me he’s before the father he’s praying

for us just like he prayed for Peter and

then Peter remembers something else

Jesus said I’m going to be converted I’m

coming back and when I come back I’m

going to be an example to my

brothers strengthen your brothers I’m

going to be an example of his

grace can’t you say that right now to

yourself and to the devil in the whole

world yes I’ve grieved him I’ve sinned

but I hate it I despise it and I know

he’s interceding for me right now and

he’s saying you come back to me and when

you’re converted I’m going to make you

stronger and I’m going to use you you’re

going to be a testimony to me and to

your brothers

hallelujah what kind of love is

that I’m going to close in just a minute

you remember you remember the prodical

son who just took his belongings and

went off and he wound up in a pig pan

eating the husk of the

pigs you ever been there

far some of you there I I have to close

now but this is where the Holy Spirit

has brought me for

tonight please hear me and I don’t I’m

not going to do it psychologically or

sentimentally anything else but I ask

the love of Jesus to make it real do you

know that whole time that prodical son

was out there feeding the pigs where was

his father his father was looking for

him waiting for him see the Lord won’t

force himself on you but he’s waiting

all you have to do is like the prodical

son come to the end of yourself say look

I’ve had it I can’t carry this guilt

this condemnation and more than that my

father has everything that I need do you

know that father was praying for that

son according to the scripture if you

put everything else together you you see

the picture composite

picture one day he gets up and he comes

back and that’s what God wants want you

to do tonight you in the balcony here

down on the main

floor you have that burden on you you’ve

slipped away from the Lord your heart’s

grown cold you’re under condemnation and

guilt lord said neither he he told the

woman I don’t condemn you go sin no more

where are your accusers he’s not your

accuser tonight he’s your savior he’s

your savior so this this boy gets up and

he heads back home and before he even

gets there his father sees him and runs

after him you know the that’s Jesus that

he comes after you take one step to him

and I mean he’ll come to you the father

didn’t go up to him since you spin every

look at I told you it

happen I knew you do it there was a

streak in you it’s been there all the

time you’re a brother your older brother

you ought to be like him stayed right

here faithful that’s not what he told

him what’d he do he fell on him his neck

and kissed

him he saw his dirty clothes and he said

to his servants take those clothes put

new clothes on his back lord said I’m

going to make you a righteous person I’m

going to clean you up Lord’s Master said

take off those filthy shoes he put new

shoes on him and the the the boy said

but I’m not worthy Master father I

failed you I’ve sinned against you I’ve

sinned against I’m not worthy in other

words Lord let me stay out here till I

work my way I’ve got to earn your

respect now no the father said right

into the house and he had a feast with


put on a


feast why because the prodical son could

say I’ve sinned against God sinned

against you and I’m not worthy and when

you come to that

place then you come to the feast he

doesn’t want you just camping outside he

wants you at his table

tonight killed the fatted calf and says

come on home my son who is dead dead is

alive again Hallelujah some of you been

dead God’s going to resurrect you

tonight Hallelujah well I told you very

simple bow your

heads oh holy

spirit Holy

Spirit show us your love

tonight how you’re reaching out in love

tonight to say if you’ll get

up out of your

despair if you just get up out of your

flesh get up out of this thing that has

a hold of you and come to

me I’ll receive

you I’ll make you

righteous all you have to do is get up

and come come home come

home come home Lord

Jesus I feel your love tonight for this

people truly you love us

you love us with an Undying

Love Holy Spirit just come and put your

arms around the center here tonight put

your arms around the backslider put your

arms around those that are struggling

with the weight saying I can’t take it

anymore I I’m I’m Bound by this thing

and I want to be free and I don’t know

how to get free Lord put your arms

around them and by your spirit just draw

them and tonight break every chain that

binds them and set them

free if God by his spirits touched you

tonight and the Holy Spirit has said

this message is for

you and you’ve you’ve been backslid in

heart or you’re carrying a load of sin

or guilt or habit you say brother I want

to come home I’ve got to come I need his

love tonight I’m tired of sin I want to

repent but I want to be restored to his

love let’s all stand please so people

can get out of the