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Welcome to our Christmas Day broadcast

of the Gospel truth I tell you what a

great day to celebrate the Advent of the

Lord this is what I’ve been talking

about for two weeks is out of Luke 2

verse4 where the Angels were singing and

praising God and saying glory to God in

the highest and on Earth peace Good Will

towards men and what I’ve been trying to

explain is that that wasn’t talking

about peace among men as most people

interpret it but rather it’s talking

about peace from God towards man that

the war between God and man was over and

so I’m offering this book the war is

over I’ve got this little uh brief

introduction to it this is just a

50-page summary of that whole teaching

we’re offering this as a free gift and

then a gift for any amount of this and

we’ve also got study guides DVDs CDs and

USBS and we also have all this material

in Spanish you know let me just go

back to Luke Chapter 2 and I’ve been

mainly just picking out verse 14 and

talking about one of those angels saying

glory to God in the highest but let me

read some of this what is typically

called The Christmas Story here in Luke

Chapter 2 and it says in verse six and

so it was that while they were there the

days were accomplished that she should

be delivered and she brought forth her

firstborn son and wrapped him in

swaddling clothes and laid him in a

Manger because there was no room for

them in the end and there were in the

same country shepherds abiding in the

field keeping watch over their flock by

night and lo the angel of the Lord Came

Upon them and the glory of the Lord

Shone round about them and they were


afraid man there’s a lot of messages in

this I’m going to skip through some of

this but you know basically people have

this intuitive knowledge that they are

not all that God wants them to be and

anytime they get the presence of of God

revealed and it’s obvious that they are

in the actual presence of God fear is

just a normal reaction because we fear

rejection and Punishment because we know

we don’t deserve these things praise God

one of the things that the Angels were

celebrating here was that they said fear

not let me just go on and read this it

goes on and says U and the angel said

unto them fear not for behold I bring

you good tidings of great joy to all

people so instead of us fearing the

presence of God we should always

reverence God but we should not have

this Terror of rejection and Punishment

some kind of a denial from God because

the good news is that Jesus bore all of

our sins this is what I’m going to be

talking about all the rest of this week

today I’ve got some other things I’m

going to be sharing specifically about

the birth of Jesus but I’m going to be

talking about how that the sin situation

has been dealt with through the SA

sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and because

of that we should have no more fear when

we approach God or as it says in Hebrews

chapter 10 verse

2 that we should have no more conscience

of sin did you know that that’s

something that’s wasted on the vast

majority of people most Christians even

believe it’s good to have a sin

Consciousness they will say things like

I’m an old sinner saved by grace and

they just constantly are identifying

with all of their weaknesses and

failures and yet the scripture says that

we should have no more conscience of sin

sin has been dealt with through the Lord

Jesus now I’m talking to people who’ve

accepted the atonement of the Lord if

you haven’t yet accepted Jesus and made

him your personal savior then you even

though your sins have been atoned for

and the sacrifice have been made it

doesn’t do you any good until you put

Faith In Jesus and what he did for you

but for those of us who have accepted

Jesus man the fear should should be gone

the terror the fear of

rejection and so the angel said fear not

behold I bring you good tidings of great

joy which shall be to all people for

unto you is Born This Day in the city of

David a savior which is Christ the Lord

did you know that the word used for Lord

right there is the exact same word that

is used referring to God the Father

throughout the New Testament so Jesus

didn’t uh start as a little baby and

grow into God he was God manifest In the

Flesh at Birth he was Christ the lord at

his birth now his physical body was

human it was sinless human but it was

human and it had to grow it says in Luke

2: 52 that Jesus increased in wisdom and

in stature and in favor with God in man

his physical body had to grow his mind

had to grow he didn’t come out of the

womb speaking Hebrew he had to learn

things but in his Spirit he was God

manifest In the Flesh he goes on to say

in verse 12 and this shall be a sign

unto you you shall find the Babe wrapped

in swaddling clothes lying in a manger

and suddenly there was with the angel a

multitude of the Heavenly Host praising

God and saying glory to God in the

highest and on Earth peace Good Will

towards men and this 14th verse is what

I’ve been focusing on for the last two

weeks talking about that this is not

peace among man but it’s peace from God

towards man you know let me just make a

couple of comments here this is a little

bit off topic of what I’ve been saying

the last couple of weeks but seeing as

how this is Christmas day I just wanted

to share this with you and I’m going to

take this from my living commentary if

y’all don’t know about that I’ve I’ve

spent uh 40 something years writing

commentary notes on the Bible and I now

have 27,000 verses out of the 31,000

verses in the Bible that I’ve written

commentary on and here’s a commentary at

Luke 1 verse5 there was in the days of

Herod the king of Judah Judea a certain

priest named Zacharias of the course of

abah and his wife was of the daughters

of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth and

anyway the Dead Sea Scrolls when they

found them did you know over in the book

of uh Chronicles it lists David and

David established these 12 courses of


actually there was 24 courses of priests

they would do a two we stin each time

and so for the whole year they rotated

and he listed what uh you know this the

people that were of this course of abah

when they were supposed to serve and the

Dead Sea Scrolls came out and they were

written U before the time of Christ and

and the Dead Sea Scrolls showed what

time this course of abah uh actually

functioned in the temple so Zacharias

was of the course of abah and if you of

course let me just go back and tell you

the story in case you don’t know but the

angel Gabriel appeared unto Zacharias as

he was in the temple doing his duty and

told him that he was going to have his

wife conceive and bring forth a son and

Elizabeth was well past the age of


children and so Zacharias actually

doubted that this was going to happen

even though he was a it was called he

was called a righteous man and that he

was blameless he El he and Elizabeth

were blameless before the Lord I’m sure

they had been praying for children but

it had been so long that when the angel

actually told him that his wife was

going to conceive and that she was going

to have a child that he just couldn’t

believe it and he he says how’s this

going to happen uh saying that his wife

was past childbearing age and anyway

Gabriel struck him dumb so that he

couldn’t talk and mess up the whole

thing and when he came out uh from doing

his Duty they perceived that he had seen

an angel or something because he was uh

dumb he was unable to speak and he just

gestured to him and it says that he went

home immediately and if you assume that

his wife Elizabeth conceived right away

well then that uh you can date that

because again the Dead Sea Scrolls say

exactly when his course was serving in

the temple and if you go here to Luke uh

chapter 1

when the angel appeared unto Mary it

says in verse 26 and in the sixth month

the angel Gabriel was sent from God un a

city of Galilee named Nazareth the sixth

month of what well the story right

before that was all about Elizabeth

conceiving and she was the mother of

John the Baptist and it was the sixth

month of her pregnancy that the angel

appeared un Mary and that she conceived

so if you add nine months the normal

time of a child being born to that six

months that Elizabeth was in her

pregnancy and if you add all of this up

looking at the time the course of AUM

served did you know it comes out to

exactly December the 25th so a lot of

people just think that this is an

arbitrary date I’ve thought that most of

my life and it really doesn’t matter to

me what day you celebrate because I

celebrate the birth of Jesus every

single day and I praise God for what

he’s done but I do think it’s

appropriate to set decide one day to

just totally focus on that and so I just

wanted to share this that these Dead Sea

Scrolls have confirmed that December the

25th I believe is the accurate day of

the birth of the Lord Jesus again that’s

not a pivotal issue but I do believe uh

that that is accurate let me also share

something else it’s a misconception

about the birth of Jesus over here in

Matthew chap 1 you read about the birth

of Jesus in verse 18 it it says now the

birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise

when as his mother Mary was espouse to

Joseph before they came together she was

found with child of the Holy Ghost now

this is really important the way this is

stated it says that she was found with

child in other words it was obvious that

she was pregnant you know many people

think that when the Lord appeared unto

Mary that she just immediately went and

told Joseph what had happened but that’s

not the way it’s presented here it says

she was found with child let me turn

over to Luke chter 1 I just read that

verse there in verse 26 when it says

that the angel came to her in the sixth

month and it says in verse 27 to a

virgin espoused to a man whose name was

Joseph of the House of David and the

virgin’s name was Mary and the angel

came in unto her and said hail thou that

are highly favored the Lord is with thee

blessed art thou among women and when

she saw him she was troubled at his

saying and cast in her mind what manner

of salutation this should be you know

again this is the point that I was

making earlier that the Angels appeared

under the Shepherds and immediately they

were afraid and the and the angel said

fear not here is Mary uh in the very

presence of an Angel and he told her he

this is amazing he says you are highly

favored man what a great greeting he

came and brought blessings and yet she

was troubled at this thing again this is

because we have all been raised with a

knowledge of our sins we have an

intuitive knowledge according to Romans

Chap 1: 18-2 and we know that we’ve come

short and every time you see a

manifestation of God’s presence people

just immediately fear if this Angel

would have told Mary something that

would have been a rebuke she probably

would have thought this was God but when

she heard something a blessing that she

was highly favored above all women she

was troubled at that same again Mary was

certainly blessed of the Lord to be able

to be chosen to be the one who brought

the physical body of Jesus into this

Earth but she was a uh person herself

contrary to what the Catholic Church

teaches she did not have an Immaculate

Conception she was a sinner herself

matter of fact in this same chapter when

she appeared unto Elizabeth she said my

soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit

hasth rejoiced in God my savior she

needed a savior just like all the rest

of us did

after Jesus had started his public

Ministry Mary and some of Jesus uh you

know half Brothers came and they wanted

to see him and he just basically ignored

him and finally somebody came and said

but your mother and brothers are without

and he looked around and he said who is

my mother or who is my brother says

those who do the will of God are my

mother and my brother and my sister and

so Jesus uh did not Elevate his mother

or his physical Brothers half Brothers

above other

people and so Mary was a blessed woman

but she was not a sinless woman she

needed a savior just like anybody else

you can’t pray to Mary and you cannot

get any extra pull with Jesus because of

you praying to Mary in verse 30 it says

and the angel said unto her fear not

Mary for thou has found favor with God

and behold Thou shalt conceive in thy

womb and bring forth a son and shall

call his name Jesus he shall be great

and he shall be called the son of the

highest and the Lord God shall give unto

him the Throne of his father David and

he shall reign over the the house of

Jacob forever and of his kingdom there

shall be no end then said Mary unto the

angel how shall this be seeing I know

not a man you know sometimes uh

people uh don’t understand that it’s

okay to ask questions if your question

is for the purpose of helping you to

understand understand not a question of

unbelief In This Very chapter you can

turn back to where the angel appeared


Zacharias and uh he just immediately

doubted it says let me read this to you

in verse 11 this is Luke 1:1 and there

appeared unto him an angel of the Lord

standing on the right side of the altar

of incense and when Zachariah saw him he

was troubled and fear fell upon him this

is the third time in this one chapter

that when an angel appears unto people

immediately fear hits them because of

their uh awareness of their sinfulness

and their uh fear that they would have

some form of rejection but the angel

said unto him fear not Zacharias for thy

prayer is heard and thy wife Elizabeth

shall bear thee a son and thou shalt

call his name John and they shall have

joy and gladness and many shall rejoice

at his birth for he shall be great in

the sight of the Lord and shall drink

neither wine nor strong drink and shall

be filled with the Holy Ghost e even

from his mother’s womb and many of the

children of Israel shall he turn to the

Lord his God and he shall go before him

in the spirit and power of Elias to turn

the hearts of the fathers to the

children and the disobedient to the

wisdom of the just to make ready a

people prepared for the Lord and

Zachariah said unto the angel whereby

shall I know this for I am an old man

and my wife well stricken in years so

here’s Zacharias asking a

question but his question wasn’t for the

purpose purpose of understanding his was

a question of unbelief he was an old man

his wife was an old woman and they it

was just impossible for them to have

children so his question was full of

unbelief and look at the Angel’s

response in verse 19 and the angel

answered and said unto him I am Gabriel

that stand in the presence of God and am

sent to speak unto thee and to show thee

these Glad Tidings and behold Thou shalt

be dumb and not able to speak until the

day that these things shall be performed

because thou believest not my words

which shall be fulfilled in their season

so right here it shows that the angel

said you didn’t believe this question

was a question of unbelief and so it’s

it depends on why you ask a question if

you know the Bible says that uh verily

verily I say unto you the works that I

do shall ye do also and Greater Works

than these shall you do because I go

unto my Father John

14:12 and if you ask a question to say

God how can I do this and it’s not that

you’re doubting that you could do it but

God show me how give me wisdom how I can

start seeing the miraculous power of God

work in my life it’s okay to ask that

kind of a question but if you ask a

question like how could this ever happen

how could we do Greater Works than Jesus

see that’s a both of those may be

questions but one was expressing

unbelief the other one was expressing

Faith so Mary here when she says how

shall this be seeing I know not a man it

wasn’t a question of doubt she wasn’t

doubting God she was just saying how is

this going to happen I’m a virgin I I’m

not married I’ve never had sexual

relations praise God that she asked this

question because if she hadn’t have

asked this question she was already

engaged unto Joseph and it’s possible

that she might have just supposed that

it was going to happen through her Union

with Joseph and she might have just

rushed ahead and tried to think that

that was the way it was going to happen

that’s what happened with Abraham when

God told him he was going to have a

child he he and his wife Sarah were

unable to have a child for 26 years and

so finally they just decided that they

would help God out and Sarah gave her

handmade Hagar to Abraham and he went in

and had sexual relationships with her

and she’s the one that birthed ishmail

the father of all the Arabs the whole

Arab Israeli conflict that we see today

is happening because of somebody trying

to get in and figure out and help God

bring things to pass so there’s nothing

wrong with asking questions if your

question is just for clarification

praise God that she asked uh how was it

going to happen and the angel answered

and said unto her the Holy Ghost shall

come upon thee and the power of the high

shall overshadow thee therefore also

that Holy thing which shall be born of

thee shall be called The Son of God and

behold thy cousin Elizabeth sheath also

conceived a son in her old age and this

is the sixth month with her who is

called Barren for with God nothing shall

be impossible you know I believe that

this was probably a huge huge

encouragement to Mary because again

there was nobody that she could relate

to there had never been a virgin birth

there’s never been another virgin birth

since then this was just totally outside

of the realm of possibility it would

have been a hard thing to believe and

yet um she did believe but this would

have been an encouragement to go find

Elizabeth and find out if her cousin

Elizabeth who was an old woman and well

past the age of having children if she

was pregnant this would be a

confirmation that everything that this

angel had said to Mary would be true and

so Mary said behold the handmaiden of

the Lord be it unto me according to Thy

word and the angel departed from her and

Mary arose in those days and went into

the Hill Country with haste into a city

of Judea the reason I was reading this

was get to that 39th verse where it says

that immediately after the angel had

appeared unto her and told her that she

would have a child she immediately went

into the Hill Country to see Elizabeth

and the rest of this chapter talks about

when she entered in to greet her cousin

Elizabeth and of course you got to

remember they didn’t have communication

that we do they couldn’t call on a phone

they couldn’t send a telegram they

couldn’t text uh they lived miles

probably a day Journey apart from each

other and uh for her to just go and see

Elizabeth Elizabeth hadn’t heard

anything she didn’t know any of these

things but in the natural but

immediately when Mary’s salutation

sounded in her ears she began to

prophesy she was filled with the Holy

Spirit I believe that’s when John the

Baptist was filled with the Holy

Spirit and she began to prophesy and say

whence is it to me that the mother of my

Lord should come unto me she was talking

about Mary being pregnant

and the mother of the Lord even though

Mary was still a virgin she didn’t know

any of these things this was speaking by

the spirit of the Lord and the reason I

was bringing this out is to say that it

the way it’s implied right here she left

immediately to go see Elizabeth let me

just put it to you this way if you could

imagine that God was to appear to you

and tell you that you were going to have

a child and yet you had never been

married there was no physical

relationship how would you go tell your

fiance that you are pregnant but honest

I haven’t done anything wrong the the

Lord Came Upon me this is conceived of

the Holy Spirit how would you tell

Joseph about that I think it’s just

impossible that she could have done this

the way it’s implied it says over here

in Matthew chap 1: 18 that she was found

with child uh by Joseph and she spent

three months with Elizabeth until the

birth of John the Baptist when she came

back she was three months pregnant she

was already displaying that she was

pregnant and that’s when Joseph found

out about it I don’t believe that she

told him about this how could you tell

him and that’s the reason that he was

thinking of putting her away privately

and divorcing her but while he slept the

angel Gabriel appeared unto him and told

him that this was a supernatural birth

and told him that the name of the child

would be Jesus that’s the same thing

that he told Mary when they compared

comped his dream with her experience

with the angel it was a confirmation to

each other it helped them to believe and

I believe that if if he if she would

have tried to tell him that she had this

encounter and that it was the Holy

Spirit that impregnated her well then

when he had this dream it would have

been easy for him to write it off as she

planted these thoughts in me but because

he found her this way she didn’t try and

justify herself she left it up to God to

defend her

then when all of this happened it was a

great confirmation to Joseph and Mary

and man that’s just

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