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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

many will say to me in that day Lord

Lord have we not prophesied in thy name

and in thy name have cast out devils and

in thy name done many wonderful works

and then will I profess unto them I

never knew you depart from me ye that

work iniquity very solemn words of Jesus

let’s pray Heavenly Father this has been

burning in my soul all week I know you

gave this to me from the very throne


and I know Lord that this is more

serious than even I can conceive these

are your words out of your own lips from

your heart and Lord there there are a

people a large host of people who have

done these great things are going to

stand before you and be lost

you’re going to say I don’t even know

you and oh God let us examine our hearts

don’t let anybody put this off on

someone else Lord there’s not a person

in this building including me not one of

us can escape the seriousness the the

the the the power of these words that

you have spoken we can’t gloss over them

Holy Spirit come upon me I I yield

myself to you I give myself to you Lord

I’ve been on my face before you and I’ve

been pleading with you and and

beseeching you by your living mercies

that this word find a place in our

hearts tonight do what you have to do

Lord there are some people sitting here

Lord have been coming to this church

that are not even saved they’ve been

praising God they’ve been worshiping

they’ve been doing good things in this

church but they’re not saved we’re going

to prove it tonight so Shake us stir us

let nobody walk out of here the way they

came in my God come let no demon power

no principality part of Darkness Be able

to touch us let the word go forth quick

and sharp and Powerful then pour in the

oil I pray amen

now beloved we have just read one of the

most solemn and misunderstood passages

in all the Bible

most Christians should read this just

gloss over it saying this possibly

there’s no way this could possibly have

anything to do with me

because that doesn’t fit me it doesn’t

apply to me so we just gloss over it and

most of all we would like to think that

this refers to a handful of evangelists

most likely television healing

evangelist or other evangelists who have

healed the sick and have done Mighty

works the name of the Lord and cast out


and we would like to say that is it and

you may know some of these evanges that

you believe fits it to a T

we would like to think for example that

it has to do with that phony television


that I won’t name

but he was exposed for one of the most


unbelievable scams in all of church


he would call people out he had long

hair over his ears and he would call

people out he would give them their very

name he would give them their address

and he would stand there say well no

wait a minute it was a 106. no no no no

no no

105. you live at 105. Clinton Avenue

and uh you you you uh you drive a

Chevrolet 19


and you your doctor’s name is Jones and

everybody is oohing and everybody is


and everybody so-called faith is being

built up this man is reading he’s got

the mind of God

the only problem was he had a little

transmitter in his ear

he had a receiver in his ear electronic

receiver and his wife was backstage with

the transmitter transferring all the

information and she gathered it with

some of her hosts before the service

they would mingle with the crowd just

accidentally get the people talking

where are you from and so forth like

they were just a friend and would put it

down on little cards take it back the

woman in the yellow dress came the voice

over the little lady in the yellow dress

four rows back left side her name is


so the advances said there’s a woman

here oh Angela in the yellow

Heaven oh

and he was exposed

he was exposed on a television program

called 2020.

and and they found the transmit and when

they caught him they actually caught him

filmed and showed him everything he said

well God is using and people are being


we said well that’s who he is right

there he’s going to stand before God and

here I never knew you you worker of


we we think of the Evangelist the Healer

in the Philippines some of you

Philippine friends may remember this he

got worldwide uh publicity because he

was able he said by the power of God to

just lay his hands over people and pull

out the disease cancer and pull out the

tumors he operated

without any instruments without knives

or anything operated on people he always

had to do it behind a sheet nobody could

see him

and then he would produce these bloody

organs so to speak he was a cancer I

pulled out and here’s a little tumor I

pulled out from the left ovary

and he would produce it to the people

and they’d look at their body and there

was no knife Mark and everything and

they got up and they said I’m perfectly

healed they feel great the only problem

was some reporters got suspicious and

came and they took some of those body

parts and took them to laboratory and

what they happened to be were chicken

livers and the guts of pigs

I remember the story in the newspaper it

was all over the world this in fact some

scientists were beginning to believe in


that’s the man he took people’s money

and he said God gave me this power

kill the sick cast out Devils Mighty


oh maybe you’re thinking about the one

from Dallas Texas the Evangelist one of

the biggest false prophets of all time

who would say send me a thousand dollars

and I guarantee your healing

his magazine showed a picture of him

laying prostrate over a huge pow of

thousands of prayer requests he was

laying on top of the pile and the

picture said interceding for the Deeds

of the people

the only problem is another reporter got


and found out that every letter that

came went directly to the bank and Bank

clerk slipped the envelope took out the

cash took out the checks and every

letter was dumped into the dumpster

behind the bank he never even saw them

and he got in trouble he’s not on

television right now he got in trouble

because the lady sued him she was re she

received a letter saying your husband

she’d written about her husband had

cancer she got a letter from this event

who said I guarantee you put a thousand

dollar check in the mail today your

husband will be healed of cancer within

the week the only problem is he died

three weeks before

so she sued him and won the case

you say there you are these are the ones

that are the workers of iniquity

now listen to me close ever since the

day of Pentecost there have been these

charlatans there have been false

prophets there have been these kind but

you add them up from Pentecost to this

day and they are a little handful and

the Bible says many shall come on that

day not a few but many and furthermore

all of these that we’re talking about

phony evangelists these that are doing

these works just for money people yeah I

will not I I get so I don’t have

television but when whenever I would see

these many uh some of the many not all

of them but some would raise money they

show you pictures of all the poor little

babies and The Starving Children and

they raise all of these money and they

build their headquarters buildings out

of these Monies

and you say that’s who they are but my

Bible says that those kind of men are

going to expose not at the Judgment day

but their deeds are going to be made

manifest before men they’re manifest

before the Bible says many shall say to

me you shall know them by their fruits

these men have evil fruits and they are

exposed here on Earth

how many advances do you know the past

10 years have fallen and pastors who are

who would fit this and they have already

been exposed they get exposed here on

Earth we’re talking about a people are

not going to be exposed to the Judgment


not here their manifest Works will not

be shown before men here but these that

are evangelists and others that we

thought fit this pattern they’re all

going to be exposed most of them be

exposed before Jesus comes they’re

exposed in their own time well folks

they get away with it for a while but

not for long God always brings the deeds

into the open be sure your sin will find

you out the scripture says

the Lord’s great concern is not for this

little handful of evangelists or others

who are fooling the people no his great

concern is for this great Host this many

this great number in his house who are

going to be exposed only at the Judgment


they’re going to stand before the Lord

expecting him to embrace them

they expect to hear well done thou good

and faithful servant instead the Lord

will give them the face of Wrath

and he’ll see depart from me I have

never known you I don’t know who you are

these many

are the multitudes you’re going to stand

a gas they’re going to be absolutely


they’re going to be in absolute shock

because they could not conceive that

they could be among this number

folks the Bible says there are going to

be many that come

I don’t think there are enough

adjectives describe that moment when

they stand before the Lord expecting an

Embrace expecting to your well done the

good and faithful servant and the Lord

turns aside he said you are a worker of

iniquity I don’t know you what do you

mean he doesn’t know me I I have I have

prophesied in his name in the name of


I have laid hands on the sick and I have

seen them healed I’ve seen many healed

in the name of Jesus

I have seen people demon-possessed Lord

and you know you were there surely you

saw it

demons came out

they fled at the name of Jesus I used

your name it was in the name of Jesus

that I ministered Lord

I did many works but I gave my time to

the church I was busy in Sunday school I

did all these things I would give the

coat off my back the clothes off my back

I would have given everything I would

let my body be burned at the stake if


and they can’t believe it because the

Lord says no you a worker of iniquity

none of what you did counts I don’t

acknowledge any of it

depart from me I’ve never known you your

work of iniquity

let me tell you how serious this is

first of all this is Jesus talking

this is red letter that’s Christ


this is so serious that I I feel it so

strong in my heart that I’ve had to

judge myself in the light of this and

say I can’t overlook this

Lord I want you to look into my heart

could it be that after all these years

of preaching after all of my giving of

my time and my money and all this effort

could I possibly be in this number in

any way or shape or form

you say oh surely you have greater

Security in Christ than that

I can’t

get away

I can’t Overlook I can’t overpass what

he says

you did it all in my name

you thought you were right

he says examine yourself whether you be

in the faith prove your own self

it’s an alarming alarming text alarming


who are these workers of iniquity what

are the distinguishing marks of those

who Jesus is going to

call Strangers to him he said you’re

strange to me I don’t know you

now beloved I have spent

all these years in my preaching trying

to accomplish two things that’s to edify

the righteous

and to rebuke the wicked

and the Bible says woe to the man who

blesses the wicked and condemns the

righteous I’ve tried to keep in that

balance and keep in that line

and I have preached a lot in this church

along some of these subjects

but I if you have never heard anything

I’ve ever preached from this pulpit

you that have been here years

or you’ve been here a long time you hear

me like you’ve never heard me before

it’s possible that you’re sitting here

and you worship tonight and you praise

the Lord and you are convinced you’re

going to heaven and you may not even be


you said brother walks and I can’t

accept that I may lose some of you but

I’m going to give it to you from the

word this is not something this is not

some Theology of my own I’m going to

give you the scripture

I have to fear God upon me

and I want you to listen to these

distinguishing marks of a work of


first of all

a work of iniquity is one who’s not

committed wholeheartedly to do the will

of God

the scripture says not everyone that

saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter the

kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the

will of My Father which is in heaven

now the will of God is not hard to know

the will of God is simply what is

revealed here what Jesus said to do his

Commandments his Commandments are his

will his written word for example

Jesus said a new commandment I give you

that you love one another as I have

loved you

that ye also love one another now that’s

the will of God

that you love one another you love your

brother you love your sister you love

your neighbor you love your enemy

that is the will of God and the Bible

said if you are not fully committed to

the will of God you are work of iniquity

you can’t enter the kingdom of God call

yourself saved tell me that you’ve laid

hands on a comatose person and that

person jumped up on a bed

tell me you made hands of people that

are in wheelchairs and they jumped out

of bed tell them you preached to


you’re not saved if you’re not committed

to the perfect will of God in loving

your brother and your sister you can’t

enter the kingdom the Bible says

you can’t end it

he that loveth his brother abideth in

the light and there’s no occasion of

stumbling in him

but he that hateth his brother is in

darkness and walks in darkness and

knoweth not whether he goes because the

darkness has blinded his eyes

who so hateth his brother is a murderer

and you know that no murder has eternal

life abiding in him

you’re not saved you have no eternal

life because you have a grudge you have

murder in your heart you have hatred

against a brother sister

you’re not saved

if a man say I love God and hated his

brother he’s a liar

first John 4 20.

you can be in the Pulpit you can be a

world famous evangelist you can be a

caretaker you can be a a a nurse you can

be a doorman it doesn’t matter who you

are if you sit here tonight

and there is something in your heart

against the brother against the sister

against someone on your job against your

neighbor and the Bible says who is your

neighbor it’s anybody who’s hurting left

beside the waistline

and yet there are some things in your

heart against somebody

there is murder in your heart the Bible


if you Harbor a grudge unkind thoughts

toward a fellow believer or a neighbor

you become blind the Bible said you walk

in darkness your murder you’re a liar

that’s exactly what he says because

every song you sing every praise you

make is a lie

because out of your heart you never

dealt with it when you first came to

Jesus it was there it was there and you

did not deal with it

and it’s still there and it’s destroying


it’s the perfect will of God that you

love your brother and your sister

that means that you suffer hurt

you take abuse you don’t envy you’re

kind to those who misuse you you take

the lonely place and let you let others

take the higher place you’re to be kind

you’re not to seek your own

you’re not to be easily provoked

you would think no evil of others you

will bear all things that are put on You

by others the scripture says

you show me a Christian who’s


and quick tempered


are you sitting here pouting tonight

because somebody hurt you

you walk around with a pout do you tell

somebody else I’ve been abused I

shouldn’t be talked to like this I

shouldn’t be uh they shouldn’t act like

this toward me and you develop this this

this hatred in your heart to develop

this feeling

if unkindness

I’ll show you one if you walk around

like I’ll show you one who’s not really


and second

distinguishing Mark of a work of


a work of iniquity is one whose tongue

has not been sanctified

I want you to go to James 3 please

now folks this is a serious business

James the third chapter

beginning of verse 5.

even so the tongue is a little member

and boast with great things behold how

great a matter little far kindleth the

tongue is a fire a world of iniquity so

is the tongue among our members that it

defileth the whole body

and folks that’s the body of Christ

that’s the church and setteth on fire

the course of Nature and is set on fire

of hell for every kind of Beast and a

birds and the serpents and things of the

sea is tamed and have been tamed of

mankind but the tongue can no man tame

it’s an unruly evil full of deadly

poison there with blessed regard even

the father there with curse We Men which

are made after this militant of God out

of the same mouth proceedeth blessing

and cursing my brethren these things

ought not so to be

now folks I want you to hear it and hear

it in your spirit the tongue he says is

a world of iniquity unruly evil set on

fire of hell and he said there are

Christian and he’s writing to my

brethren he’s writing to Christian he

says my brethren my brethren

I speak to Brethren tonight I speak to

Brethren including men and women

you call yourself we call ourselves the

children of God we are Brethren and he

said my brethren these things ought not

to be that people can have the blessing

of God the Praises and the worship come

out of their tongue and then turn right

around the next day or even the same

evening and out of their mouth comes

gossip slander he says how can you

conceivably understand how can you not

be a worker of iniquity you are absolute

worker of iniquity the Bible says you

are working iniquity you’re poisoning

the body of Jesus Christ

according to God’s word

many many who call themselves Christians

if their tongue is not tamed

if it’s still from the time they said I

give my heart to Jesus we’ve got this

thing so cockeyed we say you know the

Bible does say believe on the Lord Jesus

Christ and thou shall be saved but folks

the Bible answers the Bible you have to

go to all the building blocks that’s one

building block

that’s one building block do you believe

to the point that you’ll surrender

everything that’s unlike Jesus

are you going to sanctify a tongue that

was before you were saved our world of


speaking as it please out of control

unruly the Bible says

absolutely unruly tongue then you say oh

I gave my heart to Jesus

oh you did

did you what did you do about the tongue

has it been Sanctified has your tongue

been dipped in the blood

folks I’ve preached a lot about gossip

in this church

I’ve I’ve looked at over some of my

messages I preached from the first time

I came here in 1988 I pulled out some of

my old sermons and I looked over and

folks I was preaching the same thing I’m

preaching right now I warned and I

warned I must in the past eight years

had at least 50 messages against gossip

and slander and goosing the tongue

because I know I know what God thinks of

this I know how dangerous it is

and one of these days I don’t care how

many good works I don’t care what you’ve

done in this church or any church I

don’t care how holy you claim to be all

the great works if you’re on the

telephone if you’re with your brother

and sister and you’re talking about your

brother’s sister against brother Dave

Wilkerson against this man or any Elders

or anybody in any church

you are a worker of iniquity and you are

not saved


I’m not mad at you

but I’m going to stand before a throne

I can look Jesus in the face

I didn’t come here to be paid I’m not a

howling I have to go into God’s word and

when the word smacks me in the face

and says David this is for you and it’s

for your congregation I preach it


go to verse 14.

but if you have bitter envying and

strife in your hearts Glory not in other

words don’t go praising the Lord

and lie not against the truth this

wisdom descendeth not from above but

it’s Earthly sensual it’s devilish

folks how can you be saved how can you

be anything but a work of iniquity if

it’s devilish and sensuous

or we’re envying and strife is there’s

confusion and every evil work

and folks let me tell you how you can

distinguish look at me please give me

your good eye and your good ear

let me tell you how you distinguish

between a work of iniquity and a work of

righteousness a worker of righteousness

operates on the principle

of practicing and promoting peace

peace read the next verse

but the wisdom that is from above

is first pure

than Peaceable

gentle easy to be entreated full of

mercy and good fruits without partiality

and without hypocrisy and the fruit of

righteousness is what sown in peace of

them that make peace

oh hallelujah thank God for peacemakers

thank God for those you don’t put people

down to come to you with a strand of uh

bitten morsel of Gossip or slander but

somebody you don’t just say get away

from me you just say brother

I’m for peace

I’m not for any of this I’m a pacemaker

don’t disturb my pace

I wish everyone could get on the

telephone and promote peace

just talk peace

you want to come to the pastor put your

arm around and say peace brother




oh we’ve got a lot of those gentle kind

people in this church the church Fuller

kind gentle people I more and more every

time I I greet people and I see that

General is the kindness the Lord is

producing something in this church but

he’s dealing with something because

there’s some here tonight in serious

trouble serious trouble

and I’ll tell you this mess is going to

save you from hell

it’s going to save you

that’s what love is all about

oh it’s nice to just get up and Pat

people on the back telling things all

right and go out and be paddled back and

I’d be a nice Joe I’d be nice accepted

everybody loved me

I’d rather you get mad at me and get out

of the the mess

and then later come back and tell you

hey you were right


you still with me

if you have envient Strife in your

hearts don’t glory and don’t lie against

the truth


let’s go to the the last distinguishing

Mark of a work of iniquity a work of

iniquity is one who is bound with


one who is trapped in a prison of

unforgiveness listen to Matthew 6 14 15

for if we no you go to Matthew 6. I want

you to see it in red



verse 14 and 15.

if you have the King James would you

read it aloud with me

for if we forgive men they’re trespasses

your father will also forgive you

but if ye forgive not men their

trespasses neither will your father

forgive your trespasses

does that mean that

if you have an unforgiving bitter spirit

and you’re not forgiving somebody

does that mean your sins are still piled

up against you

that’s what it says

father won’t forgive you

Jesus said that

I didn’t say it

not even the Apostle Paul said it I

would believe it if he said it but Jesus

said it

he said if you forgive men I’ll forgive

you your father will forgive you if you

will not forgive your brother if you

will not forgive those who come to you

repenting if you will not forgive him

your heart your heavenly father will not

forgive you

are you on your way to heaven

are you a worker of iniquity it’s



it’s God’s perfectly revealed will

remember he’s a does the will of God

only will inherit eternal life and what

is the will of God

that you have no bitterness in your

heart no Envy no strife

that you have a forgiving spirit

folks I don’t understand I honestly

don’t understand how anybody

can be a part of a body of believers

and come together and worship like we

did tonight

and you get up and walk out the door

and you have this in your heart you’ve

got this hurt

you’ve got this grief because somebody

is has done you wrong

said something that

hurts you

something to greet you there are some of

you here that have been divorced

someone sent a letter to my wife this

week and I it was laying on the bed and

I I read it about four pages and it was

uh some woman was divorced and remarried

and she’s gone on four pages about this

man’s former wife and just on and on and

on the bitterness and and she’s she’s

supposed to be a dear Christian and I

turned to my wife I said

and that woman is

that’s just going to get bigger and

bigger it’s going to destroy it’s going

to kill her

there’s nothing going to destroy you

worse than bitterness

if you you’re sitting here now you’ve

got a root of bitterness and it is going

to absolutely destroy it gets bigger and

bigger and bigger I’m thinking of a

couple right now that I knew some 20

years ago and there was a root of

bitterness I was in their home and I I

had to get out there was a root of

bitterness folks you know they’re in

their 80s now

and they’re they’re acquaintances of our

family and and uh the woman now has

Alzheimer’s and he’s dying he’s got

cancer but for the past 20 years

all they talked about all day every time

you walk in you heard the same thing

rehearsed over and over again how they

were hurt who wounded them and and what

people did to them and about their body

elements and their whole world’s wrapped

up in that little ball of bitterness

it’s awful to be in their presence their

own son called he doesn’t want to be

near them nobody wants to go near them

the pastor of that church called me once

he said I don’t even want to go in their


it’s awful to be around people like that

but worse than being awful being around

them the Bible says you’re not saved

they’re not saved

your sins are still piled up against you

because you have not forgiven you have

not forgiven

is there somebody you can’t go up to

and they’ll come right in the eye

is there something that makes you turn

aside and you you can’t go near that

Christian is there somebody you’re sick

no well

if I point over here somebody’ll

you’re sitting on one side of the church

because there’s somebody on the other

side you’re trying to avoid and as soon

as somebody says amen you’re out the

door because you might bump into him or


and you expect to spend eternity with




just a moment do you remember when uh

Revival broke out in Samaria under

Philip’s preaching they sent the

Brethren sent Peter and John down there

was a man by the name of Simon there and

the Bible says that uh Simon believed

and uh was baptized in water and he

joined himself to the body Peter and

John come they begin to lay hands on

people one after another they received

the baptism of the Holy Spirit they’re

baptized in the Holy Ghost and Simon

comes to Peter and he offers him money

he says

give me money how much do you want that

I can have this power that I can lay

hands on the sick or or lay hands on

people and they receive this power he

tried to buy and Peter says when Peter

said unto him thy money perish with thee

thy thou Hast no part nor lot in this


for thy heart is not right with God

and the spirit of discernment came on

Peter and Peter discerned and the spirit

what his problem is he said for I

perceive or I discern that thou art in

the gall of bitterness and in the bond

of iniquity

he said now here

bitterness and iniquity are tied

together as a bond the scripture says

so that if you have bitterness in your

heart you are a work of iniquity that’s

what the scripture says

and and Peter uh said diet money perish

with you you know what he’s saying

you’re bound for hell you’re lost

but I want to tell you something about

this man Simon he had more sense than a

lot of Christians

folks I have I I know there are some

times that I’ve preached my heart out in

this Pulpit over the years

and I’ve known that there were some that

needed to hear the message and they

didn’t hear it at all

they knew that I was under prophetic

anointing of the Holy Ghost

they knew that the word was coming

straight unadulerated

they knew it was like a it was like fire

from heaven like the hammer it was the

Holy Ghost

David Wilkerson was out of the picture

the spirit of God was on me

and I know there are times that there

are some that were so angry they didn’t

receive it they walked right out or they

saw me sometime and they had that hard

cold face it didn’t touch them

they just that’s not for me and it was

for them they didn’t receive it they

walked out and many of them are not here


but let me tell you this man is

different this man says Peter pray you

to the Lord for me that none of these

things which is spoken

come upon me Simon had respect for

Spiritual Authority

he had respect for this man of God he

said you you are a man of Truth he said

I know your words are true pray that

this doesn’t happen to me pray that it

doesn’t happen to me

I know there’s some people that God has

made me a prophet to and I know many

don’t listen but one day they will

one day they will

everything that said will come to pass

and you’re hearing the word of God


you know what the holy spirit’s after

he’s after you

to lay this down

whatever’s in your heart make things

right get it out so that there’s nothing

standing between you

what do you do now with this after

you’ve heard this the distinguishing

marks of a work of iniquity now what do

you do

when if you stand before Jesus tonight

if your life is suddenly taken and you

stand before Jesus

what are you going to do having heard

the message

you were clearly described all the marks

of a work of iniquity

and yet you did nothing about it

I’m going to ask you

because I’m a pastor who cares

I beg of you in the name of Jesus

don’t carry out of this church tonight

any ill will

any bitterness

I don’t care who it’s against how long

it’s been there it’s got to go

you bring it to Jesus tonight

he will heal you

he’ll bless you

he’ll restore to you all the years that

canker worm has eaten

and you’ll stand before him on that day

and he’ll reach out embrace you pull him

pull you to his breast and say Well done

well done good and faithful servant

are you a worker

of iniquity will you stand

come on

now folks I’ve only preached about 35

minutes not been long

but you’ve got the point

I’m going to open the altars

I’d expect you to shout

up in a balcony

here in the main floor

Holy Ghost turn the search light on

Lord if there’s anything in our hearts

we’ve got to get it out it’s got to be

confessed and lifted this altar we can’t

go out this church tonight we have to

Humble ourselves and acknowledge it

before you oh God Holy Spirit Reach Out

In Love

Reach Out

find it Lord search it out

bring it out Lord

get out of your seat quickly up in the

balcony go to the stairs on either side

and come

wherever you’re at

let’s obey the Holy Spirit don’t like to

turn the whole church in the choir all

through here all of us let’s examine our

hearts before the Lord right now

so God searched me try me see if there’d

be any wicked way in me

and it it doesn’t mean you have to to

live under self-examination all the time

but when the word comes to search us out

it’s time to obey him


will you pray this prayer with me now

from the depths of your heart and I mean

lift it out to the Lord Jesus I ask you

to forgive me

for all bitterness

for everything spoken

out of my tongue and mouth

there was this pleasing to you

sanctify my mouth

cleanse my tongue give me a pure heart

forgive me and cleanse me

I Repent Lord

of grieving you

of sinning against you

I need conviction Lord

I need a new heart

cleanse me holy completely

thank you Jesus

that you can take my bitterness

thank you

take it out

destroy it and replace it with love

and giveness

Lord I do forgive

those who’ve sinned against me

that I may be forgiven

of my heavenly father

now I’m going to pray for you and I want

you to believe God with me right now

holy spirit

I’m not the Searcher of Hearts but you

certainly are

you’re able to probe deep your eye

penetrates to the very core of our heart

our mind and soul

Lord Jesus show those that are in this

church tonight anything that must be

made right

God let it be made right

Lord the least that has to be done

tonight is to get it out of the spirit

to get it out of the heart

that none of these things affect our

spirit that our Spirits are kept pure

and clean before you oh God deal with

all the lust and the problems of our

flesh we come to you Lord knowing that

the blood does cleanse that there’s

forgiveness there’s healing there’s

restoration Hallelujah we can be

restored in you Lord I want everybody to

please the Lord has heard you and

forgiven you raise your hands and thank

the Lord right now Lord I give you

thanks this is the conclusion of the