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and let’s start


singing Cate the king Seated on the

throne the glory is yours forever more

Cate the sun look out

the blood of the has over Cate the

king the thr the glory is yours

forever the

greatest are still

ahead he’s just getting


started Jesus and his disciples often

ate meals together just the 12 of them

but this night was different the

disciples were heartbroken when Jesus

announced that one of them his friends

would betray him how could that be they

thought who would dare betray their own

friend each of them questioned is it me

is it me desperately hoping it was not

as the disciples discussed this with

each other John leaned over to Jesus and

asked quietly who is it that will betray

you Rabbi his answer was

simple the one who dips his bread into

the bowl after I do and that’s when John

saw it a hand reached across the table

and dipped into the bowl the hand

belonged to Judas a scariot he was

secretly betraying

Jesus John’s eyes caught Judas walking

out making no announcement as to where

he was going and no one else questioned


absence Jesus asked Peter James and John

to follow him to the Garden of

Gethsemane where they would keep watch

as he went to pray they had never seen

Jesus like he was that night his face

was full of Sorrow his hands were

shaking by his side sweat rolled down

his forehead like drops of blood Jesus

was in anguish knowing what was to come

he walked through the garden and

eventually fell to the ground saying

father if it is possible please take

this cup from

me Jesus knew the gruesome death he had

to die in order to save those he loved

and he was

scared yet at the end of his prayer

he took a deep breath and said not my

will but yours be

done the footsteps of Roman soldiers

were heard in the distance being led by


betrayer with great fear Peter James and

John watched as Judas greeted our Lord

with a devious kiss sealing the deal for

soldiers to seize

him they violently grabbed his arms and

took him

away and though Peter tried to stop them

it was Jesus who protested against his

rescue Jesus gave the soldiers

permission to drag him

away throwing him into the hands of men

who would decide his fate


the Roman soldiers viciously threw Jesus

at the feet of pilate who interrogated

him to see if he was truly guilty of a

crime however he found no basis for a

charge he even tried many times to set

Jesus free but after the Jewish leaders

argued with him his last option was to

turn the decision over to the people and

and when he asked the crowd what would

they have him do with Jesus they yelled

out in a unified

voice crucify him crucify

him pilate pushed aside his own opinion

and washed his hands of the situation

declaring that he was innocent of this


blood they tied Jesus to a

post and whipped him

mercilessly his skin was torn and the

pain that rushed through his body was


unbearable yet he didn’t open his mouth

nor did he

protest he took the punishment

knowing that by his wounds we would be

healed Blood and

Tears how can

there’s a God

who there’s a God


who oh praise the

one who will reach for


Hallelujah to the of your cross my freom


stripes my healing all pra


Jesus glory to God in

heaven still speaking your love still

reaching all praise King

Jesus glory to God


your my fre

your my healing all praise K Jesus

glory to


still is still reaching all praise King

Jesus glory to God

forever your Christ my freedom your


my praise King







K glory to

God how can it

be there a God who

e is it God who


B Oh Praise is the

one who will reach for


Hallelujah to the son



of the bread your body

the on your

blood sweet

communion you set a table for

us crucified

Jesus No Greater

Love then the bread of your

body and the wine your

blood we will remember


our oh just know you in you’re

suffering just to get me closer than

I’ve ever been

oh we will

remember we will



our look at look at

him this is

ouri look at him look at

him our Christ

Redeemer look at him look at

her our

CH look at


her we will


remember Jesus our Savor oh just to know

you in

suffering just to get me closer than

I’ve ever been oh

oh we will


remember what they’re singing about is

so real to many of us in this room in

overflow wherever you’re watching around

the world I was thinking about the price

that he paid and how he bled from his

body from seven different places and I

felt like the Lord spoke to me and gave

me a little message to give you because

every time he shed blood from some part

of his body that blood heals a part of


life the first time that Jesus shed his

blood he shed it in the Garden of

Gethsemane when he was travailing and

his sweat became like drops of blood he

refused his own will and he said not my

will but thine be

done the first time that Jesus shed his

blood his blood was shed for the healing

of your

will to make my will line up with his

will to make my desires in line with his

desires to make my

wants come in line with his wants he had

to shed his blood and when he cried not

my will but thine be done his sweat

became drops of

blood then the second time that Jesus

bled and this one’s so important he bled

from his face when they tore his beard

off the text said that they literally

ripped his beard off if you can’t

imagine such a thing physically tore it

off his

skin hung and he was unrecognizable the

second time that Jesus

bled he bled for the healing of your

self-image your image and you may be

here and you may be a young lady and you

look in the mirror and you you hate

yourself you hear a voice that says

you’re ugly you’re not pretty enough

you’re not thin enough you’re not smart

enough you’re not good enough I heard

that voice it almost took my life

you may be looking at me right now and

the image that God Made You in is either

male or

female but the enemy may be lying to you

telling you you’re a man trapped in a

woman’s body or a woman trapped in a

man’s body but the Bible said he made

them in His image and he made them male

and he made them

female and he loves you

and you are fearfully and wonderfully

made Psalms 139 and when Jesus bled from

his face he bled for the healing of our

image third time that he bled he bled

from his head when they shoved the crown

of thorns on his

head bleeding from his head represents

the healing of the mind and in a

generation after the pandemic that is

broken broken mentally broken

emotionally young people who’ve lost

their way in the the the the depths of

depression and darkness and suicidal and

going deeper and deeper into

addiction he bled to heal mental illness

he bled to heal our minds you don’t have

to live in fear you don’t have to live

in a depressed hopeless life he can

renew your mind he can give you a mind

that is thinking right and is walk is

free from the from the power of the

past and then when he

bled he bled from his

back why he bled for the healing of our

bodies and I boldly decree over this

congregation today that by his stripes

we are healed that there’s a name

greater than cancer and there’s a name

greater than heart disease and kidney

disease and lung disease there is a name

above every name that can be named and

it is Jesus and by his

stripes we are healed with long life he

satisfies us hallelujah and shows us his

salvation then when he bled he bled from


hands for the healing of our

work we think that what we do for a

living is not

spiritual and we’re so wrong when Jesus

drugged the cross he drug it through the

marketplace because he knew that was

where people

worked he didn’t just want crosses in

the church he wanted people to carry the

cross through the secular

Marketplace and he wants to use what you

do for a living he wants the work of

your hands when they drove the nails

into his hands he was bleed needing for


work it matters what you

do and he has a mission he has an

assignment he has a plan he bled from


feet to heal our walk and don’t you let

anybody tell you you just can’t live it

don’t you let anybody tell you you can’t

walk out of that addiction don’t you let

anybody tell you that you can’t get

beyond the past you can’t move beyond

that abuse you can’t move beyond that

bad relationship you can’t get beyond

the grief of that loss of a son or a

daughter you can’t walk out of that he

bled so that you could walk on top of

water if you have to whatever is over

your head is under his feet and he gives

you the power to walk it out and

lastly he bled from his side you

remember when they that Centurion got

guard stabbed him in the side and

henceforth came blood and water what was


about my mind went to the story of

Adam and how that he was lonely and God

saw that he was lone alone and God said

it’s not good for a man to be alone he

needs a wife he needs a

family and God o put him to sleep and

opened up his side and reached in pulled

out a

rib created a beautiful woman woke Adam

up from the

anesthesia and he looked and saw a

beautiful gorgeous woman and he said wow

man when he bled from his side it was

for the healing of our

fellowship the healing of our families

the healing of our marriage is the

healing of our relationship with our

children and our

grandchildren and there’s nothing Hells

done to your family that the blood of

Jesus cannot

restore I want you to understand he is

not just the Prince of

Peace he’s the prince of

pieces and sometimes all you have left

is broken

pieces but he’s the prince of those

pieces if you’ll say yes to that blood

it’ll cleanse your

family it’ll cleanse you it’ll cleanse

your will your mind your body it’ll heal

your walk it’ll heal your

work it’ll heal your image every head

bowed every eye

closed if you’re in this room today and

you don’t know Jesus Christ as your lord

and savior you’re at the unique

transition and Crossroad of life God

brought you to this church this morning

not to hear a performance but to

absolutely encounter his nail scarred

hand reaching for you and if you’re in

this room or you’re in overflow or

you’re watching me anywhere all over the

world and you feel something just saying

this is the day this is the day don’t

run anymore don’t don’t don’t back off

anymore come home come home come home to

Jesus come back to peace he’s even if

your life is in pieces he can make a

beautiful mosaic if you’ll just give him


chance Pastor pray for me I know that

I’m not what I ought to be and where I

ought to be and I want to know that I’m

saved and I want to know that I have

eternal life and I want to know that

that I’m born again pray for me if

that’s you lift your hand High Pastor I

need him

I need him I need his forgiveness that’s

it hands all over this room all over

this room beautiful beautiful beautiful

in the Overflow everybody pray this

prayer out loud quickly say Lord

Jesus I believe you bled and died and

you rose from the dead and because you

live I can face tomorrow because you

live my sins are gone and I have eternal

life and I am forgiven the blood of

Jesus has cleansed me from all my

sins now we’re going to have a

triumphant and amazing ending in just

one moment but can we just sing this am


grace How

Sweet the


the like


me oh I



was for













and keep the

morning and still the

pro and your very

body begin to

break and I of

the the

LI the great has no

all Jesus your



the and

all in


Jesus and all hell


the day come down before the king of


Jesus confess that he is the Lord lift

up your shout








sing oh praise the Lord Jesus is Alive

death where is your sting grave where is

your Victory he paid the price he died

on the cross he did it for you and for

me and if you prayed that prayer as you

were watching this special edition of

Kingdom connection I want to personally

welcome you to the family of God we

would love to hear from you it blesses

us so much that’s why we’re here to hear

from you to hear people will call and

say I gave my life to Jesus Christ it

blesses us to know that this program has

changed lives all over the world and so

there’s a number on the screen that you

can call or you can go to our website

and we have amazing free resources like

the 21-day devotional that will help you

in the next steps for your new life and

journey with Jesus Christ reach out and

let us know what God has done in your

life and before I go

I want to Simply say thank you to

everyone who supports this ministry as

you know the latest project is the esal

resilience center it’s where uh we’re

creating a place to treat Jewish victims

who are suffering from mental and

psychological traumas due to the attacks

on October the 7th from the Hamas

terrorist we know this community and

we’ve partnered with them for years

through our friends at the Jewish

National Fund we have built life-saving

bomb shelters a kingdom play school a

fire station with emergency fire trucks

and equipment that was on the ground

that without doubt saved lives all

throughout that region but more than the

projects we know that these people are

in need and they need our help now to

rebuild their lives not only physically

but mentally and spiritually here’s my

announcer to share how you can be a part



you I’m standing here in the Zach’s

house the Zach Family House in kibutz

suim the first community that we

introduce you to on October 7 this

entire family perished when we walked

after the atrocities of October 7 into

this house we saw the father lying here

behind me on the floor with a knife in

his hand and in the shelter behind me

the mother in bed hugging her son both

dead and both burned

alive but just like this Instinct of a

family to protect each other to save

each other this is what we feel with you

Pastor Jensen Franklin and your entire

congregation it was an instinct a family

instinct to come and stand with us and

to remind us that we are not alone you

are responding immediately because you

know us you know us already for many

years before and you committed to build

a resilience Center that will give us

therapy for our communities to heal

together in these atrocities of October

7 we know that we will rebuild

again it will be painful and hard

but we know that with you we can make it

happen step by step together as a


family this program has been sponsored

in part by friends and partners of

Jensen Franklin media Ministries your

prayers and financial support make these

programs possible for more information

about this message and other Ministry

resources visit us online at Jensen