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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

I want to talk to you about being led by

the holy spirit being led by the Holy

Spirit heavenly

father I thank you for visiting us in

such a wonderful way tonight you have

been in this service from the very

beginning we have worshiped you we have

touched you you have come and melted our

hearts and you have made it known that

you are here and I I pray holy spirit

that you touched me you promised me when

I was in my study this week that you

would use this simple message tonight to

save people who are turning around and

going the wrong direction that there

were going to be a number of people in

this service tonight you arranged for

them to be here and Lord this is not

some deep theological message this is

one of the simplest messages that you

have ever called me to preach I preach

it simply and humbly before you but Lord

I know that you said that you’re going

to stop people I was going to be like

standing at the brink of hell and some

who were Christians who have lost heart

some about to give up some about to step

right into the gates of hell and you’ve

placed me between them and those Gates

tonight and you’ve told me to say turn

around and go back and Lord you’re going

to speak tonight some who have not yet

learned to walk and be led by the spirit

of God you want to lead us you want to

guide us Holy Spirit come upon me

tonight give me energy give me your

strength and let me speak as an oracle


God Jesus help us to know what it means

to be led by the spirit of God in Jesus


amen I want to begin by making a

statement tonight and folks this is a


message but I know I know I know he put

this on my

heart my statement is simply this

multiplied numbers of God’s people are

now depending on man for their guidance

and their Direction rather than the Holy

Ghost they’re depending on

man this is widespread all over the

charismatic movement all over the Church

of Jesus Christ today people who once

walked in the spirit who knew how to

walk in the spirit have turned instead

to the flesh nowadays when a Believer is

in confusion when there’s trouble in his

mind there’s

Spirit there an Impulse immediately

there’s there’s an Impulse that comes

immediately to get on the telephone call

a pastor call a counselor call a friend

anybody rather than running to Jesus

rather than getting alone in his secret

closet rather than turning to the holy

spirit for Direction first impulse is

man let me talk to you all over this

audience tonight think about the past 30

days only don’t go beyond 30

days what about the pressure that’s been

in your life in the last 30 days what

about that crisis that has been there

what about that over overwhelming

problem that’s in your life right now

either on the job or with your business

your home your family your private

life and suddenly you’re swamped and

suddenly you’re going through a test and


trial and you’ve got to talk to somebody

you’ve got to you you you’re reaching

out because people always reach out when

they’re hurting where did you go what

was the first thing you did when you

were suddenly overwhelmed or you found

yourself in a situation it was beyond

you you were overwhelmed what did you do

did you immediately drop everything and

go into your room and shut the door or

did you find a little place even if

you’re out on the street did you find

one of the parks did you go someplace

and did you just get along with the Holy

Ghost and did you say holy spirit I’m

overwhelmed I am being tested I’m being

tried and I can’t figure this out myself

and I don’t know where to go but I’m

coming to you did you go to the Holy

Ghost did you go to the Holy Spirit or

did you immediately pick up a a

telephone did you think of your best

friend did you think of running

immediately to church and that after

church run to a pastor run to a

counselor now folks I’m not against that

there’s a place

uh for Godly counsel for Bible says in

many counselors there’s

wisdom but what is the first impulse

where do you go first you should not go

to your friend you should not pick up

the phone till you’ve been to the holy

ghost first you’ve heard from him he’s

giving you the direction and then talk

all you want with your

friends but don’t go to your friend

don’t go to anybody else for your

direction because if the Holy Ghost

abides in you individually every

Christian not corporately but

individually you have the Holy Ghost in

you where and why in the world are you

not Consulting him for your

direction why are you not going to him

for your comfort why are you going to

somebody else or why are you sitting up

half the night sitting there in your

living room or by your TV set news is on

you don’t hear it you’re just sitting

there and you’re trying to figure it out

some of you can’t sleep

because you’re trying to figure a way

out of your difficulty or a business

decision or the sell of your house so

many other things that press in and you

don’t know where to

go Jeremiah

17:5 thus sayith the Lord cursed be the

man that trusteth in man and maketh

flesh his arm and whose heart departeth

from the Lord what that scripture says

the more you depend on man the the more

you go to people for guidance for

comfort for strength the further you get

away from the Lord you are slipping away

from him when you turn to man cursed is

the man who trust in the arm of Flesh

you know there’s some people who can’t

stand to be alone they’re never alone

they always have to have somebody around

them they can’t face themselves they

can’t face loneliness they can’t face

making a decision by themselves they

have to have somebody with them at all

times and there are others are so

dependent on other people that when that

person moves

away or turns against them they fall

apart because they’re so totally

dependent that’s their spiritual

Guru oh don’t laugh many of you got a

spiritual Guru you’ve got somebody oh he

has such wisdom she has such wisdom when

I have a problem I go right there and

the whole time you’ve shunted the Holy

Ghost you have grieved the holy spirit

because you depended on someone else

other than the Holy

Spirit ye that fear the Lord trust in

him he is your help he alone is your

Shield our fathers trusted in thee Oh

Lord they trusted and thou did deliver

them they Cried unto thee and they were

delivered they trusted in thee and they

were not confounded

I want to tell you something when I Was

preparing this simple message the Holy

Spirit spoke to my heart and then when I

slipped back stage to pray about it

again during the song service the Holy

Spirit made it clear that there should

not be in the house of God listen to me

now there should not be one single


believer there should not be one of us

living or walking in

confusion and if you are sitting here

tonight with any amount of confusion in

your spirit it’s because you have not

been Consulting the Holy Ghost you have

not believe that he would be at work in

you let me tell you something some of

you think it because you have not yet

spoken with other tongues that you do

not have the right to call on the Holy

Spirit or that he does not abide in you

in the same measure that he abides in

people who have

gifts and they exercise these gifts and

they seem to be so full of the Holy

Spirit you say well here I am I’m a new

Christian I don’t have those gifts I

don’t know what they’re talking about

listen you cannot be saved without the

work of the Holy Spirit In You Who do

you think opened up your heart who do

you think woed you who do you think

called you that’s the holy spirit that

was his work who broke the chains of sin


you who brought you to the

blood who opens your heart that was the

the Holy Ghost you can’t be saved

without the holy ghost in your

heart you have the Holy Spirit and he’s

there to be your guide your comfort

everything you need for Life godliness

correction Direction everything is in

him now we talk about being led by the

spirit a lot of people talk about being

led and many of us think we’re led by

the spirit but many of us who think

we’re led by the spirit have actually

grieved the holy

spirit for as many as are led by the

spirit of God they are the sons of God

Romans 8:14 I quote it again because

it’s so important for as many as are led

by the spirit of God they are the sons

of God that sounds awfully important to

me that if I’m going to be a Son of God

and claim to be his child I’d better be

led by the

spirit for as many as are led by the

spirit of God they are the sons of

God let me Begin by talking about the

unemployment of the Holy Ghost in many

of us in many of us the Holy Ghost

abides without any work to do he’s


unemployed has no


because he’s not being called

upon we testify that we’re the temples

of the Holy Ghost can’t you say that I

this this body according toture is the

temple this is where he abide Jesus sent

the Holy Ghost he says it’s good for me

it’s best for me that I go because if I

don’t go the comforter can’t come I’m

going to send to you the comforter and

you know that he is a spirit but he is

alive he has a personality and he abides

he lives in these temples of ours these

bodies we praise him we worship him we

acknowledge him he’s come to be our

helper he’s our guide he’s our comforter

he’s our power over sin we all testify

as Christians that that is the work of

the holy spirit that represents his

employment it represents what he the

Holy Ghost

does but let me tell you something the

Holy Ghost cannot be called forth he

cannot be put into employment he cannot

do his work without the exercise of

faith on our part just as Jesus could do

no Mighty works because of their

unbelief there were many all around him

were seeing wonderful Miracles and God

was doing Jesus was doing great things

blind eyes were open the dead were

raised because there was Faith but where

there was no faith his hands were tired

he could not do Mighty works there I

don’t know it’s because he refuses to do

it he has all power but he was tied he

could not do his work he would not do

his work in the face of unbelief the

Holy Spirit you know you you can come to

church you can pray in tongues all day

long and yet still have the Holy Ghost

unemployed listen to me get this clear

in your mind only Faith calls forth the

ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit

on only

Faith you see God doesn’t have when you

pray God help me I’m in a tight Place

God help me I’m going through a trial oh

God answer me I need you God doesn’t

have to send Angels he doesn’t have to

do any more work of Grace he has already

put in place everything he needs to do

the job you’re asking him to do

everything is done all things that we

need for life and godliness God has

already done by giving us the holy Holy

Ghost and the Holy Spirit in US is ready

and willing to do abundantly above all

we ask or think is that in your

Bible he is willing he is

able but where is the

faith where is the Christian who will

say I’m in a tight place I will depend

only on the holy spirit for my direction

I’m going to depend on the Holy Ghost

for everything in my life and you shut

everything down in your life if you’re

on a job go to a back room go anywhere

and say folks some of you don’t even

talk to

him you don’t talk to

him it’s what I loved about sister

Katherine kman as many of you know I I

preach for her once a month for over I

think six years she helped us build the

rburg Farm in Pennsylvania she’s very


person and my wife and I sister Ben my

wife is here tonight and she remembers

when we went

there we would ride with her in the car

and she was talking but not to us she

talking to the Holy Ghost going to

restaurant she’s

talking she not talking to me half the

time she’s talking the Hol half time

she’s talking to me and then turns and

talks to the Holy

Ghost she talked to him on stage she

talked to him

backstage she would we would stand

backstage ready to go out and her face

all fixed up beautifully with lipstick

and mascara and everything and she would

start crying and talking the Holy Ghost

mascara running all over her

face to her the Holy Ghost was as real

as I

was he was a person and she talked to

him she took all her problems she took

all her Burns she took everything and

everybody who stood before her she would

pray oh holy ghost how do I pray and the

Holy Ghost would give her words tell her

how to

pray and she would say some times I I

was with her one time when when uh she

was calling for a man who had a

paralyzed arm to come and be healed and

there was a brother that had been down

there had been praying for about 15

years for his paralyzed arm a man of

faith and and and holy before the Lord

and here’s an old repeate back in the

back of the church never been saved

comes up paralyzed D starts waving

it he got the healing and I remember her

saying Holy Ghost that’s is not fair

said this man deserved it then she

stopped said wait a minute I can’t tell

the Holy Ghost what to do I can’t tell

Jesus I don’t know I don’t understand it

doesn’t sound fair to me but she

reasoned with the Holy Ghost because he

was a

person he was

real folks I’m want to tell you

something this States in my life if I

didn’t know the reality of the Holy

Spirit if I couldn’t talk to him I want

to go

home because he’s real Jesus gave him to

me he gave him to him planted him in

your very Spirit to call upon Him night

and day Holy Spirit

folks as I tell you when you going to

hear me here in New York you can talk

all you want to him on the streets

nobody will to stop

you if they can talk to the devil we can

talk to the Holy


you know it’s a great

tragedy you know what the tragedy I

think when we get to heaven there’s

going we’re going to look back and and

we’re going to see how much we missed

now there’ll be no regrets most likely

but we’re going to see what we missed

when we had all of this at our disposal

all the Comfort we ever needed all the

advice we ever needed all the counsel

all the guidance everything we needed

had been provided by the father through

the Holy Ghost and yet we went on our

way murmuring complaining and trying to

figure things out running everywhere

held her scal her for a word people

running all over to conventions for a

word you know how they run for a word

they don’t know the Holy

Ghost they talk about Holy Ghost

meetings and they walk out without any

word to their inner man they don’t know

him if you know him you don’t have to

run anywhere you don’t have to go

anywhere now unto him that is able to do

exceeding abundantly above all we ask or

think according to the power that

worketh in US folks where is the power

of the Holy

Ghost it’s in the Holy Ghost In Me In

you he is there why are you looking

elsewhere Paul said this power worketh

in me mightily Colossians

1:29 he therefore that Minister you the

spirit and worketh miracles among you

doth he doeth it by The Works of the law

or by the hearing of faith for the just

shall live by faith and what the Apostle

is saying how is it that the Holy Spirit

has brought forth to do his works is it

through the works of the law is it by

trying to please him and doing things so

that you can earn it no he said it’s by

the hearing of faith when the Holy Ghost

hears your faith when he hears you speak

faith when he hears you approach him in

faith he said we receive from the Holy

Spirit by the hearing of faith faith

alone praise

God all right uh do you have a Holy

Spirit you I

wonder what’s the purpose

of the holy spirit being in you and in

me if we’re not going to allow him to do

his work what’s the purpose of him why

has he been sent to sit

idly by because he said he’ll never

leave us he’ll never forsake us now he’s

everywhere he covers the whole earth he

was there when the world was created

because according to Genesis 1:2 the

Holy Spirit moved on the face of the

waters he was there in creation it’s

amazing he who put the stars in Place in

the Sun and the Moon in the universe and

called the winds and the waves together

and did all these great things The Same

Spirit that raised Christ from the dead

not another Spirit the very spirit that

is abiding in you and me tonight was the

Holy Spirit that went into the tomb

quickened the body the dead body of

Jesus Christ and resurrected him from

the grave and that same resurrection

power is in the Holy Ghost who is in me

it’s not another spirit it’s the same

Spirit who abides in you and me the very

same Spirit not another

spirit I want you to go to Isaiah 63

with yeah Isaiah 63 for a

moment Isaiah

63 here’s where the Lord started this

message in my heart verses 9 and 10

Isaiah 63 and in all their Affliction he

was afflicted and the angel of his

presence saved them in his love and in

his pity he redeemed them and he bare

them and carried them all the days of

old but they rebelled they rebelled and

vexed His Holy Spirit and in the Hebrew

they murmured and complained and vexed

or troubled the Holy Spirit therefore he

was turned to be their enemy and he

fought against them now look at me

please children of Israel had been led

by the spirit and you’ll see it the rest

of the chapter the Holy Spirit Led them

through the Wilderness I mean through

the Red Sea it says by the spirit of God

it says that the spirit of God came on

Moses the spirit of God LED Moses he was

a spirit-led man every day of his life

he was led by the spirit of the Living

God it’s very clear here but you see

they if you walk in the spirit you’re

led by the spirit you’re going to be

tested you will be tested the holy

spirit will wait till the last moment to

see if you’re going to believe you’re

truly going to trust he’ll give you a

word and he says I I don’t want you to

doubt that word you hold on to that word

Don’t Let It Go most of us hear that

word and then we say well that couldn’t

have been God we let it go God says no

you hold on to that word that I give you

how many have had a word from the Holy

Spirit I mean he’s spoken to you you

know he told you something you’re to

hold on to that with Reckless of

abandoned no doubts no fear Holy Ghost

you said it to me I’m going to walk in

the power and anointing of that I’ll not

let that

go and now they didn’t want to wait they

didn’t want to because you see it’s a

very testing kind of

walk God God will keep proving us

because you see many people have learned

to trust the Holy Spirit over a period

of time and then when they get in a

really really hard place they turn to

the flesh

and and the Lord’s going to keep on

testing us until he knows like Abraham

he he he finally said in that final test

when he has to give up his son I know

now I know now that he won’t let go of

his faith I know Abraham he’s my friend

now because he I know I can trust this

man I can trust his faith I can trust

his confidence in

me but the scripture says they rebelled

they began to murmur and complain

because they couldn’t stand this weight

they couldn’t stand the testing of it

and so they they had brought out of

Egypt these little gold mice and and

little Gods these little gold and Brass

things and they’d had them hidden in

their their their sacks and in their

bags they had never gotten rid of them

in fact the Moses said for 40 years They

Carried these in the desert and so they

would go into their tents and they would

ask their questions and they would a

they would pray not so much worship but

they would get Direction BM these little

mice these little uh brass and gold gods

that they had carried can you imagine

that but you see our our little brass

guts our little mice because men are

mice and we go to men we go to people

that’s our God and we keep him hidden

away we keep them there it’s always

there hidden in our hearts well if God

doesn’t speak if the Holy Ghost doesn’t

speak then I’ll give him till tomorrow

at 12:00 and if I don’t hear I pick up


phone and the Lord the Holy Ghost was

grieved he was grieved because they

would not depend on him they had been

LED all this time and then when finally

God is bringing them in the promised

land they forsake the Walk of the spirit

they totally forsake the Walk of the

spirit and the Holy Spirit turned

against them the Lord turned against

them become their enemy now folks have

you ever had that kind of experience

where you know that things are happening

in your life everything is going bad

from bad to worse one problem after

another now folks it doesn’t always mean

that there’s sin it doesn’t always mean

that God uh is against you for a season

but folks I have been there I know about

it I have been there when when when God

would speak to me and I would not hear

it and I was walking in Disobedience not

in sin but of Disobedience to something

of the command of God things I was to do

and I refused to do and I was not

walking in the spirit I was not obeying

the Holy Spirit and I know what it is

for God for a season to turn against me

not that he hates me but he’s he’s

against me my enemy in my walk in the

direction that I’m going he became their

enemy he does that to stop us in our

tracks he does it to bring us back to

our senses that we would come to wholly

depend on him and he’ll let everything

else blow up and fail until we say all

right God I give

up he brings us to that wits sand oh by

the way folks I I got a letter this past

week my wife reads thousands of letters

and she hands the good ones to me you

know the the juicy

ones I had written a I preached a

message here called Wit’s End and I sent

it out it’s about coming to w end some

lady wrote us she said dear brother Dave

I disagree completely completely with

your message she said for last 22 years

I’ve had nothing but joy

gladness no

problems see I just my I I don’t plan to

suffer said I don’t know what he mean by

with’s in she said that’s not the normal

I think I’m living more words the I’m

living the normal Christian life and

everything is so

beautiful I thought I had to just file

that letter in my desk and wait for a

year or two till I get the second letter


her she’s not walking in the

spirit well thank god when you have good

times thank God he he gives us seasons


rest and you know why he gives us

seasons of rest to get us ready for the



now let let let me go to verse 11 then

he remembered the days of old Moses and

his people saying where is he that

brought them out of the sea with his

Shepherd of his flock where is he that

put his holy spirit within him you see

now there they they’ve been brought to

the end of themselves they’ve been the

everything that the Lord had withstood

them until they came to their senses and

now they’re saying how do we get back to

that walk of the spirit and you’ll see

that there uh that put his holy spirit

with him that led them by the right hand

of Moses with his glorious arm dividing

the water before them to make himself an

everlasting name that led them through

the deep as a horse in the wilderness

that they should not stumble or as

cattle goeth down into the valley the

picture is a Shepherd leading his sheep

or his cattle down into the valley of

green pasture as a beast or cattle goeth

down into the valley the spirit of the

Lord caused him to rest so does thou

lead thy people to make thyself a

glorious name now look at me

please if you want you talk about giving

your life giving glory to God he got

Glory To His Name by having a people

finally come to them senses their senses

and say look the only walk that we can

walk is the spirit of God needing our

father is a Shepherd who loves we are

commit ourselves completely into his

hands and when we do he leads us in the

valley of green pasture only only

through the Holy Spirit no other way now

now folks i w

to I want to bring this to a head

now as I Was preparing this

I had another

message I was working on and all well

into it called chosen to suffer and that

was what I was going to preach tonight

but the Holy

Spirit uh while I was working on that

message command literally spoke to my

heart said get up go to the chair and

read Isaiah

63 he said I want you to speak Sunday

night about being led by the spirit

because there are going to be people

there that have to hear it because

they’re about to turn

aside and they’re about to give

up and so I I begin to study I couldn’t

see it I prayed and prayed I spent hours

and hours Lord I just don’t see it and

finally he just be to show me he he said

all you have to do is stand there and

tell the people that I am to be

everything to them and they are to

depend on me and by faith to bring my

Works to pass in their life they’re to

be totally dependent upon me not on

man and that I would be their energy and

I would be their

strength and I I after hours I had half

of done I put it to so I said Lord It’s

not coming I can’t preach

it and he said go back there going to be

people there Sunday night that I’m going

to bring that have to hear it I try it

again and after few hours working a


more I I said sorry Lord and I went back

to my message on Sor on

suffering the Holy Spirit started


me he said you don’t

understand he said you’re talking about

lead led by the spirit I’m leading you

I’m leading you now to stand there

Sunday night and he told me he he told

me there would be a couple here at least

one couple would be visiting here I

don’t know if he’s a pastor or pastors

or not and I’m telling you this in the

spirit right now that on the verge of

giving up you’ve known the walk in the

spirit but you have been bombarded


overwhelmed to the point of turning

aside and giving up that there would be

a teenager that that had to be stopped

from racing into hell because about to

give up and others who’ been coming to

this church in the last two years just

been saved in the last two years and


confusion and the enemy is trying to

destroy you he’s trying to destroy your

faith you have prayed about things and

you have not received answer and I’m

speaking prophetically now and I want

you to hear me because the spirit of God

would not let this go I even argued with

the Lord back in that room said Lord I I

don’t have much and the Lord said you

don’t need much I’m speaking and you get

up and you tell these people what I’m

telling you right now that I am grieved

that so many who have been coming even

to this church and who others who do not

come to church but know the Lord in a

real way and yet have not been depending

on the Holy Spirit to rule and Reign

their lives they’re not getting their

Direction they’re turning aside and the

Holy Ghost said I’m grieved by it I’m

totally grieved by those who turn to the

Flesh and he showed me some of you just

turning around and going away going back

even though you didn’t want to you’re

going back because your heart is is

heavy and I feel the soul strong your

heart is

heavy because you’re not hearing you

feel left

alone and you’re burdened and you’ve got

problems either in your home your

business your job you’ve got heavy

problems and folks in my office I get

telephone calls from dear people even in

this church and from other parts of the

country even Pastors in confusion and

and they call me they just want a word

Brother D Dave do you have a word I

finally I don’t have anything I’m human

being I can’t give that but there are

people that have to have you’ve got to

hear from God you have to be led by the

spirit of the Lord and he wants you to

do it and if you’ll just get along with

him and if you’ll believe that he’s

there that he wants to talk to you he

will he’ll speak to you there’ll be a

still small voice saying this is the way

walk you in it and wait for that voice

you saywell the devil’s there what you

do you go into the presence of the Lord

and say I take authority in Jesus name

over every lying Spirit every

principality and power of Darkness you

say holy spirit I’m going to love you

I’m going to worship Jesus and then you

get specific you tell him exactly what

your problem is you ask him specific

questions you ask him exactly what you’d

ask a friend or ask me and you get real

with him you say holy spirit you abide

in me

speak to me talk to me God is no respect

to persons you don’t have to be a Peter

or a Paul you don’t have to be a pastor

he’ll speak to you as plainly as any man

or woman of God on the face of the Earth

he’ll talk to

you and this this is what happens to

people who are led by the Holy Spirit

they they may be tested like everybody

else they may have a season of Despair

or depression they may hurt they may cry

but you don’t keep them down long

because they know the Holy Ghost is

energy and he’s


power I’m Me Tell You Folks for the last

three months I have when I walk I’m a

block and a half from here I had to do

it this morning with my wife at my side

I said honey you realize the last three

months every step I take into Times

Square Church I am praying to the holy

ghost that he give me strength that he’d

be my energy that he would open my mouth

I don’t want to preach sermons I want to

see a people who are untouched have been

touched by the Holy Ghost do now to walk

and talk to the Holy Ghost and I have to

pray Lord You’re my energy The Same

Spirit that touched Jesus has to touch

my body he has to give me

strength that’s why people walk in the

spirit you don’t see him stay down very

long they’re right back up again they

pop right

up they are tested like everybody else

but they’ve learned to depend on the

Holy Ghost they’ve learned to trust him

he is the energy of my soul he’s the

energy of my

body there’s no way I could have

preached tonight without him the energy

of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy

Spirit we talk about his power why don’t

you call upon it why don’t you let him

come upon




folks if if you’ve been to this church

you know I don’t put on a show you know

Pastor Carter does not put on a

show there’s been no Showmanship in this

church but I’m going to do something

it’s I rarely do and I was directed by

the Holy Spirit to do


it may be more than one couple but I

know there’s somebody from out of state

that’s here tonight and I don’t want any

clapping I don’t want anybody to think

this is come some kind of a of a


show but to me it’s life and

death there’s a couple here out of state

God arrange for you to be here tonight

you’re on the

verge you’re on the brink of a disaster

the Holy Ghost is speaking to you he

wants you to come back to hear from him

and not man you’ve been overwhelmed

you’ve been

hurt I want you to get out of your seat

and down here for prayer there’s a

teenager I know this with all my heart

Holy Ghost spoke into my heart there’s a

teenager the young person here that’s

about to be swallowed by the enemy

you’re crushed and you’re hurting you’re

bruised You’re really hurting tonight

you come down and be healed tonight the

Lord’s going to heal you he’s going to

touch you by his holy

spirit are you out of

state where you

from Jefferson City Missouri are you a


folks hold still

please have you been wounded by

congregation heal him

Jesus heal this man heal his

Spirit where you from Ohio

Portland Oregon are you a

pastor any other pastors up here where

you from

Connecticut you wounded

also that

congregation have you been pushed

out I’m waiting for a

teenager you’re not a

teenager I want this congregation to

join me for with with these here would

you put your hands on mine please would

you come and put your hand on top right

here right now congregation will you

stand would you join me in prayer

Holy Spirit I’m asking you now to honor


word and bring healing power folks lift

your voice and pray that the holy spirit

will come and do a new work

Lord fresh touch a fresh touch

encouraged by the spirit of the Living

God Holy Spirit Will Never depart this

man never and Lord You’re Going to

restore what the cankerworm is eatting

you’ll restore everything the cankerworm

has eaten Spirit of living God come now

come by your spirit and power oh Jesus

Hallelujah only you can bring the

encouragement it can’t be done by human


Hallelujah Lord let there be no fear no

fear Hallelujah bring healing to her

body also Lord It’s left a mark on her

body Jesus healer by your spirit bring

healing power bring healing power Jesus

bring healing

power bless the name of the Lord just

stay right there

for I’m going to open the altars

now for anyone

who had just been convicted by the Holy

Spirit you said brother wison I’ve been

convicted I already been convicted by

the holy spirit because I have

not acknowledged him I’ve not been

walking in the spirit as I should I’d

like to have our elders would you please

go down and stand behind these pastors

if you will please and lay hands upon

them and and kind of put a wall around

them here while others are


Hallelujah blessed be the name of the

Lord holy spirit’s

here the holy spirit’s


hallelujah right here Gentlemen

please uh Ignatius come right in behind

here if you will please gentlemen come

right over


all right right

here okay if you lay hands on them if

you will

please give me your hands Lord Jesus

bring healing bring

healing touch him Lord bring it back to

you oh thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

give me your hand please oh God you’re

the great physici Jesus you’re able now

Lord to break every opposition oh God


now the spirit of the Lord is going to

have his way now hallelujah hallelujah

I’ll be praying with you in just a

moment blessed be the name of the Lord

blessed be the name of Jesus

hallelujah hallelujah would you lift

your hands and just praise the Lord with

me now let’s just begin to praise him

he’s going to come Holy Spirit Come you

inhabit God inhabits the Praises of his

people Lord we lift our hands and we

just love you now we worship you we

praise you we give glory and honor to

your name Hallelujah Lord sweep over us

now sweep over our hearts come Lord

Jesus be

manifest Holy Ghost we have to have you

Holy Spirit we must have you we must

have you right now right in this church

right in our hearts we must have you

Holy Spirit Come Holy Spirit

Come spirit of God come break the break


chains Break Every

Chain oh Spirit of the Living God Spirit

of the Living

God if you’re here tonight you’re not

right with the Lord you should be in

these aisles you should be coming down

if you’re not right with the Lord if

you’ve been running from him your

heart’s cold why don’t you come and join

these now this would be a wonderful

night to have your life transformed

formed and

changed okay



hallelujah Spirit of the Living

God Spirit of the Living

God Spirit of the Living

God hallelujah

hallelujah folks before I pray for these

up here I I just have to say up in the

balcony here in the main floor listen to

me now some of you have been very

discouraged you’ve been on the devil

been trying to lie to you and tell you

to give up I know it he’s been trying to

tell you to give up you don’t I’m not

even going to ask you to come out of

your seat just stay right where you up

because we’re so fulled here but I’m

going to ask you right now to turn to

the Holy Spirit by faith right now and

pray Holy Spirit keep me by your grace

Holy Spirit teach me your ways Holy

Spirit I’m going to turn to you with all

my heart make Jesus real to me make

Jesus real to me Hallelujah make Jesus

real to me oh Spirit of the Living God

turn us around don’t let the devil

deceive us let there be no

deception Hallelujah we take your

authority over it in Jesus

name this is the conclusion of the