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Welcome to our Friday’s broadcast of the

Gospel truth today is going to be my

last day to teach on a series that I’ve

entitled Financial stewardship I tell

you this is powerful

and my life has been totally changed

through the truths that God gave me

about finances I’ve got this little

booklet that summarizes the whole

teaching this is just a brief summary of

this entire book entitled Financial

stewardship and today I’m offering a a

bonus little booklet on the power of

partnership these two booklets are my

free gift to you we’re asking for a

donation of some amount we’ll give away

50 to 60

70,000 of these and so we are asking for

something we also have a study guide

that’s the same teaching it just goes

into more detail and it’s made

specifically so that you can disciple

other people I call it discipleship for

dummies you can’t miss with this and

then we have some testimonies

uh also that we’re offering today’s my

last day to make all of this available

so I encourage you to please get hold of

this let me just say that this was a

real problem in my life and I believe

that this is the same thing for most

people you know when I first got turned

on to the Lord uh man I was called into


ministry and I I I hate to even admit

these things but I’m going to do this

for the benefit of people who are

watching so that you don’t make the same

mistake you know I’ve been really

blessed I’ve never gone out and

committed adultery I’ve never been in

jail I never did dope I’ve never gotten

drunk I’ve never I I missed a lot of

things God has blessed me but one of the

major major major things that I did

wrong was thinking that when I got

called into the ministry it was a sin

for me to work a job because I was

called into the ministry and so for me

to go work a secular job would have been

me need denying my calling I’ve come to

realize now through 1 Corinthians

chapter 9 Paul was talking about those

who preach the gospel should live of the

gospel and if you take it in its context

it’s proportional to how much you’re

preaching I was reaching five people a

week I shouldn’t have expected to live

fulltime of the Gospel when I was just

reaching and touching a very few

lives but because I didn’t understand

that for at least four years it might

have been 4 to8 years years jimie and I

just really struggled jimie was actually

8 months

pregnant and we went two weeks with no

food whatsoever just nothing but water

man praise God for Jamie sticking with

me she never one time gried she never

one time complained she could have and I

was wrong but I didn’t know I was wrong

I thought I was doing I was called to

the ministry and I was trying to be

faithful to the ministry I should have

gone and got a job but anyway I made a

mistake AK in that area and it was

because I didn’t understand that you

know um you you get finances

proportional to the work you do it even

says over in 2 Thessalonians chapter 3 I

believe it’s verse 10 or 12 that if you

don’t eat don’t work don’t eat now that

not only applies in the secular realm

but for a minister if you aren’t

ministering to anybody you shouldn’t

expect to get money of it when I started

ministering full-time when I got to

where I had people knocking on my door

and I literally would have had to have

turned down Ministry opportunities to be

able to work a secular job from that

time on God has met my needs and

supplied my needs but I made a mistake

in this area I had wrong teaching about

finances and that’s what I’m trying to

avoid you having and making some of the

same mistakes so man it doesn’t give me

any pleasure at all to share with you

about how dumb I was I actually

actually boy this is dumber than a bag

of rocks but I actually had

$5,000 in the bank when Jamie and I got

married and we took a honeymoon when we

got back we had 5,000 left after our

honeymoon I went and took all of that

money out of the bank turned it into

$100 bills and stood at a 7-Eleven and

passed out $100 bills to strangers

people I’d never seen just blessed them

because I couldn’t wait to get out on F

Faith man that’s that’s dumb it’s a

miracle that we

survived it it’s just

unbelievable but anyway there’s other

people I know that think that same way

you’re trusting God and you don’t

understand that God’s going to use

people there are ministers watching this

that you don’t understand that God is

going to use people if you aren’t

ministering to very many people don’t

expect to live fulltime with the gospel

go get you a job on the side until the

ministry grows to where where you can’t

uh Minister and take advantage of the

opportunities using that job but until

that time you ought to work and when you

get to where you’re working full-time

and putting out the gospel like man my

my uh days often go 12 hours in a day

that I’ll Minister I Minister usually

somewhere around 20 hours a week in our

Caris Bible College and then I’ll make

uh 10 programs 10 television programs is

what I’ve done today and that’s about

six or seven hours of straight teaching

and Ministry and then I have a truth and

Liberty Live cast and then we have the

Bible studies at night and then I’ll

travel and Minister and do things I’m

ministering a lot I try and limit myself

to not ministering over 40 40 individual

hours and that’s not including traveling

to go there and stuff I do a lot of

stuff and it’s work and so it’s okay for

me to receive my finances fulltime from

the ministry because I’m working

full-time but in the beginning I should

have been out working a job

so anyway all that’s extra I was just

saying that to say how that this has

revolutionized my life when I began to

understand these things today I want to

conclude talking about partnership and

I’ve got this special little booklet

that I’m offering on the power of

partnership but the whole book of

Philippians was written to Paul’s

partners and that promise in Philippians

chapter 1:6 about him being confident

that the good thing that God has begun

in them they he would continue until the

day of Jesus Christ that’s not made to

every Christian that’s made to Partners

people who go beyond themselves people

who give more than it takes just for

them to get the gospel they’re thinking

of other people they’re paying it

forward they’re putting other people

ahead of thems when you reach that level

of maturity where you’ve gone beyond

yourself and you’ve started sacrificing

some of your own resources to help other

people that put you in a whole different

realm and you can be confident that

people like that who are putting the

kingdom of God first and other people

first that God is going to complete the

work that he’s begun in them but that

doesn’t apply to just every Christian

God wants to do it but he can’t do it

because not every Christian is

cooperating with him so turning over to

Philippians chapter 4 and with verse 10

it says but I rejoiced in the Lord

greatly that now at the last your care

of me hath flourished again wherein you

were also careful but you lacked

opportunity this is Paul writing from

prison in Rome and he was separated of

course they didn’t have the

communication capabilities that we have

today and so they didn’t know where he

was he had been Shipwrecked for a year

they didn’t know if he was alive or dead

finally they got word that Paul was in

prison in Rome and when they heard about

it they sent to his Necessities they

sent money they sent clothes they sent

the parchments and other things like

this and they were partners with Paul

they wanted to help him more they just

lacked the opportunity they didn’t have

the knowledge of where he was and in

verse 11 he says not that I speak in

respect of want for I have learned in

whatsoever State I am therewith to be

content this is Paul just saying that

the reason he was rejoicing so much it

wasn’t because he just had some physical

needs taken care of it was because he he

was rejoicing for these people for their

love and their acceptance their their

love for him fellowship with him was

more important to him than the physical

things that they had supplied that’s

what he’s saying he had learned to be

content he he didn’t have to do that you

know I I lived in Vietnam for 13 months

in a bunker that I built and it was not

classy it was not fancy I had rats that

ran and jumped on me every night I’d

have as many as a hundred cockroaches a

night just crawling all over me I’d have

little red welps all over me I’d have to

use my boots to beat these rats that

were as big as cats without their tail

they were that big and I lived in that

for 13 months and at Sea rations you

know what I could live that way I was

content I don’t have to have a nice

place in all of these things now my wife

I don’t think could live that way but I

could live that way I’ve learned to be

content it doesn’t take much for me to

get by but man it rejoices me the fact

that so many people bear witness with

what I’m doing and they know that God

has called me and that God’s anointed

this ministry and that we’re touching

people and what really blesses me about

all the people who give and help me it’s

not just the money it’s not just the

things they give it’s the fact that that

they love me and they support what I’m

doing that they’re partners with me

that’s what really blesses me that’s

what Paul was saying and then he says in

verse 12 I know both how to be abased

and I know how to AB bound everywhere

and in all things I am instructed both

to be full and to be hungry both to

abound and to suffer need I can do all

things through Christ which

strengtheneth me people take that 13th

verse out of context and just say that

man I can go and and win you know this

football championship that I can be this

singer and win America’s Got Talent or

what and they use this verse to just

basically validate that whatever they

want to do that they can do it this is

Paul saying that he could put up with

anything that was thrown at him whether

it was abundance he wasn’t going to be

sucked into selfishness and lust for

things through abundance but if he had

lack he could be fine there too he would

he could do all things through Christ

that’s the context of it in verse 14 it

says notwithstanding you have well done

that you did communicate with my

Affliction in other words giving to him

was a good thing and Paul was

acknowledged in that what they had done

was a good thing did you know that to be

a partner with a Ministry with a church

is a good thing there is no greater use

of your money that you can have than to

put it into the gospel sharing the truth

with other people and seeing their lives

change for eternity did you know helping

people in these physical ways there’s a

place for that if you see your brother

or sister naked or destitute of daily

food and if you don’t give to them how

does the love of God dwell in your is

what James said so yes we are supposed

to minister to physical things but the

greatest use of your finances that you

can do is to touch a person spiritually

something that’s going to change their

Eternal Destiny did you know someday

everything on this planet is going to be

gone if you help a person get a home if

you help them get food or whatever

someday all this is going to be gone but

when you help a person spiritually

that’s going to affect them throughout

all eternity if you introduce them to

the Lord and they get born again man

that that’s

awesome and so he says it’s a good thing

that you have given into the gospel here

and in verse 15 he says now you

Philippians know also that in the

beginning of the Gospel when I departed

from Macedonia no church communicated

with me as concerning giving and

receiving but you only for even in

thessalonica you sent once and again un

my Necessities this is amazing you know

Paul put his life on the line he was

stoned and left for dead I personally

believe they did kill him if they didn’t

kill him he was so close to it that the

people who stoned him and tried to kill

him thought he was dead and they wound

up leaving and as the Believers stood

round about him he rose up I believe God

raised him from the dead but if he

wasn’t dead he was so close to it that

the people who tried to kill him thought

he was dead he was put in prison he was

beaten he he gave his life put his life

on the line he didn’t have have a wife

and kids family he

sacrificed to put the gospel out and yet

the people that he ministered to there

was only one group of people the

Philippians who ever supported him after

he left the local area I think that’s

sad of course he’s being compensated for

it a thousand times over in heaven he’s

going to receive rewards that are

awesome because of the way he laid his

life down so I can guarantee you God has

compensated him but in this life it’s


sad that people would put their life out

there and go to all of this effort and

the people they ministered to didn’t

even appreciate enough to become

partners with him after he left the

local area there was only one group of

people that did that and that was the

Philippians and that’s the reason that

these Philippians received some

blessings and promises that applied to

them that don’t apply to just every

single person in the body of

Christ that’s amazing

and Paul went on to say he says uh in

verse 17 not because I desire a gift but

I desire fruit that may abound to your

account you know what he’s saying right

here he says the reason that he was so

thankful for these

Philippians wasn’t just because they

helped meet his basic necessities and

kept him alive and kept him out on the

field but he he was thanking God because

of fruit that may abound to their

account so that right there shows you

that when you become a partner with a

person and again I’m defining a partner

as somebody who gives Beyond just what

it takes for you to get materials but

you are giving it so that they can help

other people get materials you’re paying

it forward and when you do something

like that then there is fruit that

abounds to your account this is why Paul

was so blessed not just because of his

own personal needs being meant because

he knew that this was going to work work

out to the Philippians advantage that

God would bless them he knew that he was

good soil and then when people sowed

finances into his life and Ministry that

it was going to come back to them a h

hundredfold in this life in Mark chapter

10 verse 30 and that same thing holds

true today did you know when you sew

into a church a Godly church that’s

really impacting their community and

ministering to the people in that church

when you sew into a Ministry when you

sew into these television networks that

I’m on and that other people are on did

you know that man you are sewing seeds

and it’s going to bear fruit into your

account man that’s awesome and then he

goes on to say in verse 18 but I have

all and abound I am full having received


papitis the things which were sent from

you an odor of sweet smell a sacrifice I

acceptable and well pleasing to God you

know again I don’t know if this is

literal or if this is just symbolic

whether it’s an allegory but this says

that when you give and specifically

these Philippians had given beyond what

it cost for them to get the gospel they

were Partners they were sewing into

Paul’s Ministry to help him go other

places when you start giving like that

when you become a partner it says it’s

an odor a sweet smell and a sacrifice

acceptable well pleasing to God

I don’t know if this is literal but it’s

possible that in the spiritual realm

when you give with the right attitude it

puts off an

odor that is pleasing to God that

attracts the blessing of God and

likewise if you’re stingy and if you

aren’t if you’re only thinking about

yourself and using finances only to

bless yourself and you never get Beyond

yourself to where you were trying to

bless somebody else I believe that that

puts off a bad odor

you know I’ve actually heard before that

flies can smell manure from up to three

miles away and that they’re attracted to

that in a symbolic sense at least maybe

in a literal sense in the spiritual

realm when you are stingy and you are

not using your finances for anything but

yourself you put off an odor just like

manure that attracts all of the demons

in the county and it just attracts

things I had a guy talking to me a

couple couple of weeks ago and it just

seemed like he’s always having problems

it doesn’t matter what he does how much

money he makes something’s always

happening and I didn’t say it to him but

I thought that you know what you’re

attracting this you don’t give you

aren’t investing you’re using everything

you’ve got for yourself and in a real

sense you’re attracting all of these

problems you attract problems when

you’re selfish when you’re focused only

on yourself the same way that manure

attracts flies but when you start giving

it becomes a sweet smell a pleasing odor

to the Lord and a sacrifice as well

accepted man that’s awesome and then he

says in verse 19 but my God shall supply

all your need according to his riches in

Glory by Christ Jesus that’s another

verse that is often plucked out of

context and they just make this

application to everybody they tell

anybody hey God’s going to supply all of

your needs don’t worry about it this

isn’t for every member of the body of

Christ now I do believe that the Lord

became poor so that we through his

poverty might be made Rich 2 Corinthians

88:9 I’ve already taught on that I

believe it is God’s will to prosper

every single believer financially I

believe that that’s what God wants to do

but it’s not going to automatically come

to pass if you aren’t believing if you

aren’t trusting him and in context if

you aren’t a partner if you aren aren’t

giving beyond what it takes for you to

survive and to get your needs meant and

if you aren’t giving and helping other

people put out the gospel then

Philippians chapter 4: 19 doesn’t apply

to you he was saying to people who were

partners with him that God is going to

supply your need this goes along

perfectly with what Jesus said in

Matthew chapter 6 that if you would seek

first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness then all of these things

what you eat where you sleep what you’re

clothed with these things will be added

unto you Jesus was saying when you put

first the kingdom then all of these

things will be added if you don’t put

first the kingdom of God it hinders the

flow of God’s prosperity and God’s

blessing towards you that doesn’t make

sense to the Natural

mind I know that there’s people watching

me right now that you think hey what

I’ve got isn’t enough and you’re telling

me to take a portion and to give it away

I’m going to be further away from having

my needs meant well that would be true

if there wasn’t a God who promised you

in Luke 6:38 that if you give it’ll be

given unto you good measure pressed down

shaken together and running over shall

men give into your bosom but since God

is real and he has promised that if you

keep everything that you’ve got and just

use it you’re hindering God’s finances

for God’s finances to flow you have to

take a portion and give and then it will

be added unto you you have to first of

all put first the kingdom of God and

these things will be added unto you if

you are a partner and putting the

emphasis on meeting the needs of other

people then God is going to supply all

of your need according to his riches and

Glory by Christ Jesus in a sense it’s

similar to having a bank account if you

go to a bank and want to make a

withdrawal they aren’t going to let you

make a withdrawal unless you got an

account there unless you have money You’

got to make deposits before you have a

withdrawal people are wanting to make a

withdrawal on the heaven account having

God supply all of their need according

to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus

and yet they haven’t ever made a deposit

they’ve never given this is talking to

Partners this is talking to people that

have gotten Beyond themsel and have

started putting the kingdom of God and

other people ahead of thems I can say

that God will supply your need because

you put first the kingdom of God and all

of these other things will be added unto

you there are thousands and thousands of

people watching this program right now

that you’re listening to me and you may

even see what I’m saying and you may

acknowledge that that’s true but man you

aren’t willing to let go of your

finances you think I’ve got to have all

of this and more I’m just challenging

you that what I’ve been saying these are

th this is scripture this is the word of

God I’m challenging you today to prove

the Lord to try it see if it doesn’t

work begin to start giving and if you

are questioning my motivation well then

don’t give to me give to somebody else

give to another Minister give to this

network or this Christian station that

you’re watching this on or give to your


church if you if you doubt my intentions

don’t give to me give to somebody else

but you need to start giving and then

when it becomes a lifestyle for you then

God will supply all of your need

according to his riches in Glory by


Jesus I want to thank you for watching

our YouTube channel and the programs

that we have available and I want to

encourage you that you can get the

materials that we’ve offered also I’d

like to encourage you to like our

program and subscribe to what we’re

doing we have a lot of material and I

believe it’ll be a real blessing to you

so thank you for being a part of it God

bless you