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BW 1645-3 Grace For The Humble part of the “Understanding the Anointing” series Series Number 418

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BILL: There’s
going to be anointing

on you for battle,
for winning every

battle. David didn’t lose
not one battle, so

from this day, you will
not lose not one battle.

BILL: Faith in God’s
Word is what empowers

his word to deliver. All
right, I’m going to do

something here. Let’s
look at an example of

this. Mark chapter 5 verse 25.
This is the woman with the issue

of blood. “A certain woman,
which had an issue of blood 12

years and suffered many things
of many physicians but had spent

all that she had nothing
better, but rather grew worse,

and when she had heard of Jesus
came in and pressedú behind and

touched his
garment for she said,

‘If I may touch but his
clothes, I shall be whole.’ And

straightway the fountain of her
blood was dried up and she felt

in her body that she was
healed of that plague. And Jesus

immediately knowing himself that
virtue.” What’s another name for

virtue? CONGREGATION: Power.
BILL: Power. What’s another name

for power? CONGREGATION:
Anointing. BILL: The anointing.

“Had gone out of him. Turned
him about in the press and said,

‘Who touched my clothes?’ And
his disciples said unto him

‘Thou seeth the multitude they
all be pushing on you. And how

can you say who touched me?’ And
looked around about to see her

who had done this thing and
the woman fearing and trembling,

knowing what was done in her
came and fell down before him

and told him all the
truth and he said to her,

‘Daughter, thy faith has made
thee whole. Go in peace and be

whole of thy plague.'” Now this
woman got an instant healing and

I said to you, faith in God’s
Word is what empowers his word

to deliver. Are you all with me
here? Let’s look at another one.

Look at 2 Kings chapter 4,
please. 2 Kings chapter 4. Look

at verse 1. “Now then cried a
certain woman of the wives of

the sons of the
prophets and to Elijah saying,

‘Thy servant, my husband is dead
and you know my does fear the

Lord and the
creditor has come to take,

to my sons to be bondmen.’
And Elijah said to her,

‘What shall I do for you? Tell
me what’s in your house? And she

said, ‘Thy handmaid’s
not anything in the house,

save a pot of oil.’
And he said to her,

‘Go borrow thee vessels
abroad of all the neighbors,

even empty vessels, borrow not a
few. And when thou art come in

thou shall shut the door upon
you and your sons and shall pour

out into all these vessels and
also set aside that which is

full.’ “So she went from him and
shut the door upon her and her

sons who brought the vessels to
her and she poured out. And it

came to pass when the vessels
were full and that she said unto

her son, ‘Bring me out
another vessel.’ And he said,

“There’s not a vessel more.’ And
the oil” What? Stopped. “And she

came, told the man
of God, he said,

‘Now go sell the oil. Pay
Your debt and you live,

you and your children on the
rest.'” He got rid of her debt.

In the first example, he got rid
of her disease. You all with me

now? Now I’m talking about the
anointing and I’m saying in this

particular case, in
each one of these cases,

there was a man anointed. Now,
would you see this now? This is

a picture for the church. There
was somebody who was anointed.

This anointing was there to lift
burdens off of people. But faith

in that word is what empowers
his word to deliver. So here is

an anointed one.
I’m anointed. Now,

I’m anointed to serve you.
You got what I’m saying? I’m

anointed to serve
you. Now, in this case,

Jesus was anointed and the
prophet was anointed. Am I

right? Now in each case, the
people got the benefit of that

anointing. In each
case, these people,

Lord have mercy, valued the
anointing. And they put such

value on it and they trusted the
anointing to get them out of the

situation that they
were in, watch this,

immediately. And this is
still available today. Now,

I want you to see something.
Glory to God. Look at Romans

chapter 10 please. Over in
Romans chapter 10 he says here,

and I’m going to
start reading at verse 6,

“But the righteousness which is
of faith speaketh on this wise

saying, say not in thy heart,
who shall ascend into heaven?

That is to bring Christ down
from above. Or who shall descend

into the deep? That is to bring
Christ again from the dead. But

what saith then? Word is
nigh thee even in thy mouth,

and in thy heart.” That is
what? “The word of faith,

which we preach.” Jesus preached
the word of faith. I was in

Detroit. Second night I
preached. Preached on the

anointing. I preached the word
of faith after I’ve finished,

I walked out, the bishop
asked, “All who got healed,

stand up.” People stood up all
over the place. Now understand

the anointing comes with
the word. RW Schambach,

gone on to be with
the Lord. He said,

“I was preaching one
night in Birmingham,

Alabama, and as I was preaching
all of a sudden without warning

the line of wheelchair people,
all of them got up and marched

toward me like an army.” Now,
understand what’s happening.

That the anointing is
accompanying the word. So as

that word is coming to you right
now from the Prophet of God.

Watch this. If you
value that anointing,

that anointing will do what it
said. Now look what it says in

Isaiah chapter 55
and verse 11 he says,

“So shall my word
be that goes forth,

where? “Out of my mouth. It
shall not” what? “Return to me

void, but it shall.” What?
“Accomplish that which I please

and it shall” what? “Prosper in
the thing where unto I said it.”

See the word comes with the
spirit. Yeah. Look what he says

in Luke’s Gospel chapter 5. Put
that up there please. Look what

he says in Luke’s Gospel,
chapter 5. “And he withdrew

himself unto the wilderness and
prayed.” This is Jesus. “And it

came to pass on a certain day as
he was teaching that there were

Pharisees and doctors
of the laws sitting by,

which were come out of every
town of Galilee and Judea and

Jerusalem. And the power of the
Lord was” what? “Present to heal

them.” See if I’m
preaching the word of faith,

then my faith is causing
the anointing to be on what I

preach. See, and if
you receive that,

they brought a person
in that’s legs had been,

foot had been crushed. Brought
him into T.L. Osborne’s meeting.

T.L. Osborne is preaching.
Now, often he says he asks

the Holy Spirit, “Please don’t
start working until I get the

word out, please.” Because the
word and the Spirit are always

accompanying one
another, man. So,

he is preaching- The
nurse came with them,

and so forth. The man was on a
gurney. They came and he said,

“Alright, God is ready to heal.”
He went down into the crowd and

the first place he came
to that man. He said,

“What can I do for you? What can
the Lord do for you?” He said,

“Oh Dr. Osborne, I think
something has already happened.”

Now, understand when
they came in there,

they had a sheet over him and
he had one foot sticking up. The

other one was crushed. But by
the time Dr. Osborne came to

him, two feet were
sticking up. Now,

I’m saying that because in
Mark 6 starting at verse 3,

glory to God, Jesus makes a
statement here. They said,

“Now is this not the
carpenter’s son of Mary,

the brother of Joseph and James
and Judas and Simon? Is not this

his sister here with us?”
They were offended at him,

watch this, but
Jesus said unto them,

“‘A prophet is
not without honor,

come on, “but in
his own country,

come on, “among
his own kinfolk,

come on, “and his own
house,'” keep going,

“and He could there do no mighty
works save that He lays His

hands on a few sick
folk and heal them,

watch this, “and He marveled
because of their unbelief and He

went roundabout the villagers”
what? “Teaching.” I’m saying the

woman cried to this man. Cried
doesn’t mean (crying sounds).

That wouldn’t have helped her.
She demanded that this anointing

give up the answer. Now, you’ve
got to hear what I’m saying now

and get her out of debt today.
I’m not talking about next week,

next month. That’s too late. I
need my debt canceled today and

God has an anointing that is
canceling debt. That anointing

will cancel your debt in one
day. Do you believe that? If you

receive it, that anointing will
lead you into whatever you need

to do. Say amen to that. Now,
I’m telling you something. Where

we’re going, you’re going to
have to give some reverence to

that anointing. Now, I’m not
talking about worshiping a man,

because it’s not the man, it’s
the anointing that the man has

been allowed to carry. I’m
carrying an anointing for this

church to be debt-free. I
am carrying an anointing for

everybody in this church to
be healed. I’m carrying an

anointing for people in
this church to be promoted in

business. Do you
receive that? Say amen. Now,

business. Do you
receive that? Say amen. Now,

you’ve got me wrong. I am not
puffing up myself. I got more

sense than that. But I am
puffing up the anointing of God.

I’m saying the anointing of God
is something that we have not

learned that we’ve got to give
that value to that anointing.

We’ve got to know that God has
got something on this man that

can take me where I
want to go. Folks,

the first thing that happened
when Elijah left and got taken

up to Heaven, then he dropped
that metal and that man got that

metal and carried it off and
he hit that water and said,

“Where is the Lord God of
Elijah?” and hit that water.

Here comes a miracle. Now,
look what he did. He valued that

anointing so much, even all the
prophets were looking at him. He

didn’t care because when you’ve
got that anointing in all your

right, you are not ashamed of
anybody. If you got that kind of

spirit in you that
you’re ashamed of Jesus,

it ain’t going to work for you
because the anointing requires

boldness. A timid person ain’t
going to get this anointing to

flow. That woman said, “Get me
out of debt. My husband feared

the Lord and they’re coming to
take my kids. Uh-uh (negative).”

Got her out of debt
like that. Say amen. Now,

that was 2 King 4. 2 King 4 also
there was a woman who hadn’t had

kids, that had no seed, and
notice with the man of God. He

came there and slept when they
built him a prophet’s quarters.

Then before he laid down,
the Spirit of God said,

“Ask the woman what she want”
because she had sowed and she

had sowed into that anointing.
When you sow into that

anointing, now you’re about to
get a prophet’s reward. Here she

did it and he got up and said,
“What do you want?” She said,

“Oh, I’m okay. I’ve got…”
Why?Because she was a woman of

means. But the
assistant to the prophet said,

“She don’t have a
child.” He said,

“This time next year, you’re
going to have a child. See,

when you speak out of that
anointing just like God just

spoke … folks, this thing is
so powerful. In the next verse,

2 Kings 5, this is when a man
who had leprosy named Naaman,

he heard about a prophet down
there that could help him but he

wasn’t an Israelite. He goes
down there and he rides up with

all his men because he was a
big captain in the army of the

Assyrians. He came to the house
of the man of God and the man of

God sent his servant
out there. He goes,

“Go see what he
wants.” He said, “Well,

he’s a leper. He asked me that
he wants to be healed.” Man of

God said, “I’ll tell you what.
Tell him to go dip seven times

in the River Jordan.” What did
that Naaman do? He got mad about

it. He said, “Blessed are they
that are not offended in me.”

But he got mad about it. Why?
Because he’s carrying pride.

See, this anointing, God resists
the proud but He gives grace to

the humble. That man had to
humble himself to get that

anointing to work in his life.
Say amen. But he knew he had

leprosy and he knew he
had to get rid of it,

and this was his chance to do
it. What did he do? He gave him

instructions to dip seven times
in the River Jordan. I’m telling

you that the instructions
God might give you might sound

foolish, but if you
just dip. Just dip,

don’t question it.
Don’t question it,

just receive. Just
receive. Come on,

now. He said, “The things of the
Spirit of God are foolishness to

the natural man.” They’re
supposed to be foolish. Now,

let’s go through the last part
of this. Notice in 1 Samuel 22.

“And David therefore departed
thence and escaped into the cave

of Adullam. Now, Saul was trying
to kill him.” Why? Because

David, that anointing was on him
and Saul got jealous about it.

“And when his brethren and all
his father’s house heard it,

they went down to him.” Watch
this. “And every one of them

that was” what? “Distressed and
every one that that was” what?

“In debt and every one that was”
what? “Discontented gathered

themselves unto him and he
became a captain over them.”

Now, notice today
we call that broke,

busted, and disgusted. That’s
you. God has called us all

together. Come on, now. But He’s
got a captain over the team.

That captain is anointed.
Say amen. Look what happened,

because they didn’t have
what David had. David had an

anointing on him and you
know God had anointed him,

and he slayed a
lion, he slayed a bear,

and slayed Goliath. Am
I right about it? Now,

look what happened in
2 Samuel over here,

in 2 Samuel 23:8. “These be
the names of the mighty men who

David had. The Tahkemonite
that sat in the seat,

chief among the captains. The
same was Adino the Eznite,

and he lifted up his spear
against-” How many? “Eight

hundred whom he slayed,” what?
“At one time.” He didn’t have

that when he joined. That’s
called anointing by associating.

Come on you got to hear me
now. This going to be God’s way,

this going to be God’s way of
doing this. You going to wake

up, you going to wake up strong
and talking crazy. You going to

be calling things that be not,
as though they were. Come on.

Now that’s for battle. That’s
for coming up against anything

that might come up against you
in this Earth. There’s going to

be anointing on you for battle,
for winning every battle. David

didn’t lose not one
battle. So from this day,

you will not lose not
one battle! Not only that,

let’s look at the next thing
that happened to them over in 1

Chronicles, glory to God, 1
Chronicles. Now David got rich,

billions of dollars he gave to
build the temple. But look what

happened to his men. “And
the chief of the fathers and

princes,” or leaders, “of
the tribes of Israel and the

captains of thousands and of
hundreds with the rulers of the

king’s work, offered willingly.”
They going to give an offering.

“And they gave for the service
of the house of God of gold

5,000 talents and 10,000
drahms. And of silver 10,000

talents.” Now wait a minute.
“Five thousand talents.” Now my

concordance at home says a
talent is equivalent to a

million dollars. That’s what my
concordance says. Now if they

gave 5,000 talents, somebody
help me with this number. That

sounds like 5
billion. I’m telling you,

they started out broke, busted,
and disgusted. But because of

the anointing that
was on the captains,

it came on them. Can you stand
to be blessed? Give God a praise

and give him a shout, we about
to bring you out! Now the key to

it is, is they served their man
of God. See they didn’t harass

their man of God, they didn’t
talk dirty about him. See,

I’m saying that
they helped the man,

not hurt the man. But because of
that the anointing came on them,

and what David had they got.
(Singing) It’s a new seed.

and what David had they got.
(Singing) It’s a new seed.

It’s a new day. A fresh
anointing is on it’s way.

It’s a new day. A fresh
anointing is on it’s way.

It’s a new season for
you? Are you ready?

Yeah BILL: Are you ready?

let’s expect everybody to be

healed. Come on. Let’s expect
everybody to be rich. Let’s

expect everybody to seek first
the kingdom of God.

BILL: Well I trust
that you were blessed

by that powerful teaching.
Now again, that’s Understanding

the Anointing. As a
matter of fact, we’ve

got a five part teaching
right here. You remember the

same anointing that
was on David came on

David’s men? You remember
over in 1 Samuel 22 he got some

men, they were broke,
busted, and disgusted,

that’s what I say. Now the
bible said they were in debt,

and they were distressed,
and so forth and so on.

Once David’s men
came onboard with David,

they began to fight
battles. And the same anointing

that was on David came on. One
man was able to slay 800 men

with just one weapon, 800 men!
Now that’s the anointing that

comes on them. Well that
principle still works with you

and I. If you partner with me,
the same anointing that is on my

life is shared with you. Now
you can see the same thing with

Jesus, remember? Jesus asked
to use Peter’s boat. Well,

he got in the
boat and told Peter,

“Push out a little from the
land.” And he did that. Once he

did that the bible says Jesus
sat down and taught the people

out of the ship. Now once he
finished speaking he said,

“Peter launch out into the deep
and let down your nets for a

draught.” Peter said, “Well, I
fished all night and caught

nothing. Never the
less, at thy word,

tats what I’ll do.” And he
went out and let down the net,

and caught so many fish until
the net broke. Then he called

for his partners and they came
in. And they filled up their

ships. Now understand, they
weren’t in the boat with Jesus

and Peter, but they were
partners. And do you see what

they get? The shared in that
anointing. Well it’s the same

thing. When you understand the
anointing and partner with me,

with this ministry, you share
in that anointing. Look what God

has done to us. I came to
Chicago with $200. Now we’re

preaching on a weekly basis
to almost a billion people,

explain that. Look what
we have, shopping malls,

we have business schools, in 5
continents business schools.

Same anointing on Bill Winston
coming on you. And

I’m not bragging on myself.
My point to you is,

is that’s a principle of the
anointing and you can understand

by ordering this series of
teachings. It is powerful. Well

this is Bill Winston
saying until next

time, we love you, and
keep walking by faith.

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