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BILL: What did God say about
your situation? Well, He said

the angels of the Lord are
encamped around about you and

will keep you and keep your
house from being broken into,

keep your car from being jacked.
He’s got your back, he’s got

angels with you. He got the
blood in covering you. Come on,

he’s got the holy
ghosts with you.

BILL: It’s set up as laws
in heaven. Heaven is a big

courtroom and it’s laws and laws
conduct things and so you can

set it up where you can say,
this day will the Lord deliver

you into our hands. See, all of
a sudden you’ve put our in there

and that’s a condition by which
God has to meet to make that

happen and our may not have any
faith and I have just put our in

there for God to deliver me.
David didn’t say that. He said

This day, shall the Lord deliver
you my hand. I’m saying when I

was at IBM and everything
was going bad, going south

economically, all the managers
were hurting, I mean and so

forth. God said, you don’t have
to participate in that. You

know, what did I tell you to
do? Come out of there. And so my

sister called said, how you
doing this month, brother? Last

day of the month I got to have
some business. I said, I’m doing

great, thank you. Call me back
five o’clock this afternoon.

I’ll have so much business I
can’t put it on the books, all

on the book and hung the phone
up in Jesus name. So what

happened at 12 noon? Things
started happening, my reps

started calling in. Boom, boom.
Hey Bill, I just got this. Just

got that. Five o’clock I’m
booking business. I didn’t put

my faith in them. I put my faith
in God and when I put my faith

in God, my faith was sufficient
and God can bless every one of

them to bring me the harvest
that I’m calling for. Really.

Are y’all following what I’m
saying? Have faith in your

faith. That money came barreling
in there. Next thing I know,

most of it’s from the outside.
Next thing I know is I got the

check out to take the check down
there. Here’s balance and take

it down there downtown to the
lawyer’s office for this company

and don’t come out from down
there without my title. And she

went early in the morning or
eight something in the morning

and got back after five o’clock.
I said, what took you so long?

They’re trying to talk me out of
not paying all of it. This Bible

is about real estate and don’t
you ever forget it. That devil

doesn’t want you to have real
estate and you need to start

pointing at some houses and some
apartment building and so forth

and act like you got God kind of
knowledge and faith. Sit down.

Next, the church has been
empowered and sent to bring into

visible manifestation. I’m going
to say that. Of the kingdom of

God, the whole kingdom and
to make or make known a new

standard that is impossible
for the world to match. It’s

impossible for the world to
match. You can’t match it. You

can’t match what I can do if
you’re not saved. Isaac was in a

famine, Genesis 26 and God said,
Isaac, go knock down to Egypt

but dwell in this land that I’m
going to tell you of and I’m

going to be with you. You got
what I’m saying? Now if God’s

with you, you don’t need no
water. Come on. Somebody got if

God’s with you, I don’t care
if they don’t have no jobs. If

God’s with you and you walk into
that place looking for a job,

they will hire you if God is
with you. Can we keep going

here? So what am I saying? I’m
saying that all of a sudden in

verse 12 that Isaac sowed with
no water and got a hundred fold

in the same year and the Lord
blessed him. And that’s powerful

stuff. And so here is you’re
operating at a standard that the

world cannot match. Here’s
Peter. He’s fishing. Fishing all

night, caught nothing. Jesus
asked to use his boat, gave

Jesus the boat. Next thing you
know, he’s in there with Jesus.

Jesus sat down and taught the
people, 4D, and then told Peter,

launch out and let down your
nets for a draught. Peter knew

first of all, the lake was dry.
Now I know about this because in

Georgia, when I was a young kid
down in my grandmother’s house,

they had some lakes and so forth
on the property and she said,

we’re not fishing that lake.
That lake is almost dry, so

forth and on. So I know that it
can be a condition where there’s

not many fish in the lake. So
Jesus said, you launch out into

the deep. The deep is 4D, it’s
not 3D, and launch out in the

middle of the day when normally
you’d launch out at night. So it

doesn’t make any difference what
time it is. When you are with

Jesus, your time is anytime.
Anytime you need it, you can get

it. Say amen. We’re going
to talk about walking in the

Spirit. Walking in the Spirit.
Now that’s found in Galatians

chapter 5, walking in
the Spirit. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: The pressures of the
flesh. Now go down to verse 19.

You’ll see the works of the
flesh and what these are. Let’s

just read a few of
them now. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Alright, stop. Now we know
none of those apply to anybody

in the sound of my voice. Say
amen. In Jesus’ name. Alright,

so the first thing… Alright.
We must learn to operate based

on where we come from rather
than where we are. He said in

Romans 12:2, be not conformed.
Say this world, say this world.

Say this world right here. Don’t
be conformed to that. But be

transformed by the renewing
of our mind. Your spirit knows

where you came from. Look what
it says in John chapter 3 and

verse 3 in the amplified
translation. Your spirit knows

daddy. He knows where you
came from. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Born anew. From where?
Above. You’re not born from

here. Philippians chapter 3:20.
You are not from here. Well, I

was born in Mississippi. That
was your body. Your spirit was

not born in Mississippi.
Alright? Okay. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Read it in the Amplify
translation. Okay. Conversation

means our manner of life,
the way we live. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Okay? You are a citizen of
a homeland, which is where? In

heaven. Heaven. We used to call
each other in college and go

somewhere. Hey, yeah. Hey
homeboy. You know what I’m

saying? Meaning that you’re from
the same place I was. If I slip

and say, homie, that doesn’t
mean you’re sad. It means that

you’re from where I’m from and
I’m from heaven. So I got to act

like I’m from heaven and not
from the earth. Say amen to

that. Grace knowledge. Say grace
knowledge. Look what it says in

Genesis chapter 2 and look at
verse 19. Genesis 2:19. Ready,

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop. So Adam had never
gone to the University of

Chicago, yet he named all the
animals. Say amen to this. So he

didn’t learn. That takes time.
But he discerned. He had what is

known as grace knowledge.
Are you with me here? That’s

different from sense knowledge.
Sense knowledge says I got to go

through the 8th grade, 9th
grade, 10th grade. He didn’t

have to go through that.
Whatever he needed, he had. Oh,

look at over John chapter
7 verse 14. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: How does he know so much?
One translation says, and he

never went to University of
Chicago. Now I’m just using that

as a illustration, but how does
he know so much? He never went

to our schools. The Apostle Paul
Galatians and chapter 1 verse

12, the apostle Paul. Let’s see
how he got taught. Watch this.

Ready, read. CONGREGATION:
[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop. Let’s go over to
John chapter 14 verse 26. John

14:26. This is you now, if
you’re from heaven, you’re going

to learn a different way. You’re
not going to learn the way they

learn because if you learn the
way they learn, you’re going to

compete. But if you learn the
way God planned for you to

learn, you’re going to
dominate. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop right there. He’s
going to do what? He’s going to

teach you all things. There’s
nothing you’re not going to

know. I said, there’s nothing
you not- First John chapter 2

verse 20, please. First John
2:20. I’m talking about your

days of being lack in terms of
knowledge are over. You’ll never

be stupid another day in your
life. Are you following what I’m

saying? Because some people
don’t. They think, well, I

didn’t fail. I failed this and
so forth. Now you’re going to

get your knowledge from another
source. You’re not going to get

your knowledge from that school
board right there. But even if

they show you things, you’re
going to see it the way they

didn’t even see it. Look what
it says here. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: How many things? You know
all things. There is nothing

God’s going to hide from you
that you need to know. Watch

this, and you come to him and
he’ll show you and teach you

things that you never knew.
Psalm 119 in verse 33. We just

going over these to get in your
spirit because your days of

saying, I don’t know, are over
your days of saying, how do you

expect me to know that and so
forth. No, you going to know

things that other folk are not
going to know. I’m talking about

other folk with good education.
Now I’m not saying don’t go to

school, but God’s going to add
something to your learning. He’s

going to add something
to it. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Give me understanding and
I may keep your law shall appear

with the whole heart. Make me
go. Alright, let’s go to Psalm

144 in verse 1. Now this is
David talking. Teach me who, oh

Lord, teach me who? Oh Lord,
God’s going to add to what

you’ve got ready? Psalm
144 verse 1. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: What did David say? This
day shall the Lord deliver you.

Come on, into my hand. He’s
going to wipe the whole army

out. God can teach you things
that will have you have such an

advantage over your opponent
that you’ll like slaughter them.

I mean, are you follow what I’m
saying? You not going win the

game. You’re going to break the
house. Dominate. Alright, can we

keep going? So I’ve got a
picture here I want to show you

to remind you of what I just
preached on this particular

subject right here. This is
called super man. Now, normally

at this point I’d fly around the
auditorium just a little bit,

but I’m not going to do that
today. That’s reserved for

another day. But I want you to
see that Superman, he was born

from Krypton, he wasn’t from
here and he had to understand

and unfold what his advantages
were. He didn’t know it. If you

ever looked at the movie from,
I’m not advocating you going to

the Superman movie, but I looked
at it and I found out that he’s

unfolding to me what my
advantages are bit by bit. So

I’m seeing here, I know all
things, so I’m never going to

run into a problem I can’t
solve. Alright, so I’m going to

speed up here a little bit.
Alright, so here’s a Satan.

Here’s Satan. Here’s his
strategy. Now his strategy is to

get us to, he’s got a system
in place, which is an economic

system that he’s putting
everyone on that system. He

wants the supplies, the
solutions, and the systems that

we may need to come from him. So
he’s out to put everyone on his

system. If you need food, come
to his system, his supply, got

it? Don’t go to God, come to his
supply. Now we’re not going to

have that. So if you look at
Revelation chapter 13 verse 17,

you’ll see something interesting
and it talks about the mark of

the beast that for you to buy
for somebody to buy or sell,

they need to take the mark. And
that mark says that you can go

ahead and buy and sell. And if
you don’t have the mark, then

nobody’s in Satan’s arsenal
is going to sell to you. He is

raising up people whose thinking
is most conducive to his

deception and he’s making ’em
own everything and control the

farms to control- You follow
what I’m saying? But you came in

to take everything back. You
came in that in John chapter 6

here they were without food and
be listened to the sermon. And

Jesus told the disciples, feed
them and the disciple says, wait

a minute, send them back. I mean
send ’em home. We don’t have

anything here to feed them with.
He said, well, there’s a lad

here. One of ’em said there were
two fish and five loaves. Jesus

said, that’s plenty. Give it to
me. So he gave it to him. What

did Jesus do with it? He made it
so they didn’t have to take the

mark. Now what did he- hear what
I’m saying? Part of the reason

why the church is here so that
the people who are in this earth

that don’t know Christ don’t
have to sign up to take the mark

that we provide an alternative,
say amen. Because they think for

them to get ahead, they got to
go to this school. Well, we may

have another school over here
called Joseph Business School

where you don’t have to take
the mark. Now, I’m not saying in

other schools you have to take
it, but he’ll try to condition

you. So you think there’s no
other way for you to get this

except you join this-
[stuttering] Lord have mercy. I

almost said it, but you joined
this group. But no, you don’t

need to become a part of that
club for you to get the goods.

In fact, if you are not a part
of that club, you can take the

goods. Sit down, sit down. Are
y’all with me? It’s all about

the globalism. It’s all about
the mark of the beast. It’s all

about him erasing all the
borders. He doesn’t want any

borders because he wants one
demon spirit. He wants the

antichrist to be sitting in the
place where he is going to judge

the world. But you are stopping
that. The Bible says you are

holding back iniquity. Second
Thessalonians 2 and 7. You are

keeping him from coming in and
doing what he wants to do now

for you to stop him, you are
not going to be on his system

anymore. You need him. You need
a blessing. Just sow some seed.

Say amen. I’m saying that God’s
got it for you that he is going

to protect you no matter what
happens in that world or they’re

pumping all kinds of green deals
and the world’s going to blow up

in nine years. Don’t believe all
of that. The Bible says the end

is going to come when the gospel
is preached. So you know the end

not going to be here till you
get the gospel out to this

nation. Now how does Satan
do that and deceive believers

because the Bible says over in
Revelation 12:9, he deceive the

whole world. Well, how does he
do it? He does it by getting the

world to focus in on what they
see rather than focusing in on

what is not visible. Say amen.
So notice what happened in

Second King chapter 6 and
verse 15. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: What one was looking at
was physical, but the other one

was looking at something that
is invisible. One was looking at

something that’s temporal.
Another one was looking at

something that is invisible and
was here before the foundation

of the world. Say amen to that.
And I’m telling you, whatever

situation you are in you can
focus either on this or that.

Let me say this. Don’t focus in
on this, but focus in on that.

What did God say about your
situation? Well, he said the

angels of the Lord are encamped
around about you and will keep

you and keep your house from
being broken into, keep your car

from being jacked. See, so Satan
job is to get you to focus in on

the physical and instead of
the invisible. God’s got the

invisible for you. He put it
there before you were born. He’s

got your back. He’s got angels
with you. He got the blood in

covering you. Come on, he’s
got the Holy Ghost with you.

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owners. It’s time
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kingdom of his dear son. And
look what God has done. Now, I’m

saying the same thing that
happened to you. I don’t know

where you stand, but I do know
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saved and come to the knowledge
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come into my heart, live your

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