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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

would you go to Revelation 14 please


14 nobody comes to Times Square Church

without their

Bibles so let me hear the rustling of

the leaves

please Revelation

14 my message this morning without fault

Before the Throne of God without fault

Before the Throne of God verse four

beginning to read verse 5 also these are

they which were not defiled with women

for they are

virgins these are they which follow the

lamb withersoever he goeth these were

redeemed from among men being the first

fruits unto God un to the lamb and in

their mouth was found no gu for they are

what without fault Before the Throne of

God now folks the first three verses

don’t let that bother you about

144,000 that really is is not a good

interpretation it’s multiplications of

12 meaning endless numbers of 12 it’s

the whole host of God has nothing to do

with Israel this has to do with the

Israel of jerus the Holy Jerusalem which

is us who are Redeemed by the blood of

the Lamb We Are The Virgins that stand

before him without fault may God

encourage you by what you here this

morning my wife and I were dining with

uh a friend of ours this past week and

she voiced what I

believe uh is the feeling of so many

Christians in these perilous times that

we face she said my husband’s an oculist

he makes and and uh places glass eyes he

fits glass

eyes she said we’ve worked very hard all

our lives and we’ve saved money and we

have a few additional retirement funds

but things are getting very scary Pastor

Dave we see Nations falling into

depression all around us we hear of

possible computer disaster coming in the


2000 we see terrorism on all side we

hate to listen to the news or pick up a

newspaper anymore because every day some

new awful thing is

happening and she said I know Christians

are not supposed to be afid but it’s

very hard not to I personally struggle

with fear about our mortgage and our car

payments because who’s want to who wants

to buy glass eyes when the economy goes

sour so he said I have to fight off

these human fears daily and I feel bad

about having these fears because I know

that as a Christian I should be trusting

the Lord and resting in his keeping

power but she said frankly in my flesh

it’s very scary and it’s hard to fight

this in Their Fear and I believe she’s

voicing what is in the hearts of

multitudes today who struggle to Keep

Their Fear out of their hearts as they

hear these terrible reports and the

struggle to rest in God’s keeping

power and most Christians that I talk to

really don’t feel prepared physically

for an economic collapse or the things

that we see happening around the world

and of suddenly things go apart very few

feel prepared for that and and uh they

do see something in the Horizon

intuitively something is happening to

the nation that it’s disintegrating that

things are falling apart and there there

is that human

fear even the government of the United

States is preparing last week uh

Secretary of Defense said there are 120

special trained units now they’re like

uh large SWAT teams that have been

prepared to move into 120 of our major

cities in case a breakdown in the year

2000 in case of riots and looting if the

if wall street

collapses and uh on August 20th just

this past

week in all the newspapers I hope I

trust you’ve seen that the Federal

Reserve has announced that it’s uh

preparing to put $50 billion more into

circulation because they anticipate a

run on the banks because of the year

2000 the Y2K problem

and there’s a fear that over $150

billion in cash reserves now on the bank

most of your know local banks have 5% of

their money in the bank they have very

little cash so they’re going to put 50

billion more to the 150 billion there

because they believe that most American

70 million households will withdraw an

average of

$450 to pay for Necessities such as food

and gas should there be a crisis or a

collapse now folks these are in our

newspapers this is something you read


day now no matter how righteous you may

be here this morning no matter how much

you pray How Deeply uh instilled the

word of God is in your heart humanly

these things do affect us they affect me

I write about it I prophesy about it but

it is in a personal lever people say

well brother wson aren’t you concerned

yes and folks I’ve learned a few secrets

that have have absolutely helped me uh

to focus on not on the problems that are

coming not on the hard times that are

coming but he’s put something in me and

he’s he I I I I’m a student of the of

the Puritans especially John Owens and

and and uh I got this secret from them

because I’ve got ex I have uh extremely

good news for you this morning I’ve got

incredible news for you and if you keep

your eyes on this news I’m about to give

you and focus on it every day when you

get up none of these other evil reports

or these news reports from around the

world are going to phase you at

all are you ready for the good

news we’re all going to

die better yet we’re all going to the

Judgment good

news say you’re losing a

pastor at all it’s appointed under man

wants to die after that the Judgment one

minute in

eternity you’ll know how insignificant

all of these things are that they never

really did matter that he was there all

the time in his keeping saving power and

it didn’t make any difference whatsoever

one second into

eternity I can imagine someone thinking

this morning Pastor

how can this be good news I’m trying to

just rid my heart of the fears about the

coming depression and you’re and the

rioting and looting you say he’s going

to come to this

city and now you tell me I’m going to

stand before God and give an account of

every thought and every deed because he

said every thought’s going to be brought

into captivity every evil deed that I’ve

I’ve ever committed in my life I’ve got

to give an account of all the good and

bad in my life that’s a fearful thing

what are you talking about Good

News folks if you understand your Bible

if you understand the word of God you’re

rooted and grounded in this book you’re

going to find that if you keep your mind

focused on the New Jerusalem state of

mind if you keep your mind focused on

the day you stand before almighty God

and it’s a time of joy and Thanksgiving

and that’s what I’m going to prove to

you this morning that it’s your

coronation day it’s a Time preceding the

marriage supper of the Lamb where God or

whether Jesus Christ the lord himself is

going to embra you

Hallelujah wonderful news that if you’re

trusting in

Jesus and you are under his cleansing

blood if you’ve been sprinkled by the

blood of Jesus Christ you are submitted

to the lordship of Jesus Christ you are

going to stand Before the Throne of God


fault you’re going to stand before him

without fear and you are going to be

acknowledged before every sinner before

the devil and every demon in hell as the

Bride of Jesus Jus

Christ let me tell you that you will not

face a single sin that’s been against

you you will not be exposed for any

failure you will be there without spot

or blemish in fact on that

day all your bad Works will have been

done away with only your good works are

going to be expressed or exposed to the

multitudes of the the Nations that are

gathered now I’m not going to get into

discussion this morning about the

Judgment seat of Christ or whether

there’s one General resurrection and one

General great white Throne judgment the

Puritans and many many theologians down

through history believe in one General

Resurrection others believe that there

are two that the Christian goes to the

Judgment seat of Christ

first let me tell you this that on that

great white throne judgement the Bible

says we are all going to be there and

and and I I’ll tell you before I’m

finished where I stand on that because I

I I’m going to prove to you I believe

from the scripture that if there is a

judgment of Christians separate it’s

going to be a one by one one at a time

judgment not before the crowds and if

there are Works to burn it’ll be between

you and Jesus and nobody else I can

prove that powerfully here and then I

believe there’s one great white Throne

judgment where all stand together you

see but doesn’t the Bible say God shall

bring every work into judgment with

every secret thing whether it be good or

whether it be

evil you say how can it be then that the

Saints are going to stand before God

without fear if all of the bad works are

going to be brought into the

light now keep in mind that the great

white Throne judgment there are two

classes of people are sheep and there

are goats there are the faithful and

Unfaithful there are the Saints and the

Sinners the sons and the

slaves the Bible says there’s going to

be wise and foolish Believers and

unbelievers and at the great white

Throne judgment every sinner is going to

face his book every sinner is going to

face every evil thought that he’s ever

thought Millions upon millions of evil

thoughts every sinful deed every

rejection of every scripture every

sermon he’s ever heard every sinner will

stand before God and give an

account of everything that is bad

everything that is

evil but listen to me Saints when you

stand before him you stand complete in

Jesus Christ you stand complete and

nothing you’ve ever said anything you

have done that is under the blood of

Jesus Christ will never again be

mentioned never brought before the

crowds of


that this same judgment Christ will make

known to the

devil to the Demons of Hell to the

fallen angels and all the wicked of all

ages he will bring to the open every

known every prayer that every Christian

has every pray prayed every heart cry of

the righteous he will remember every

tear every

fast every groan of the spirit every

trial every suffering every word of

praise and thanksgiving

he will remember even the cup of cold

water that you gave to the Thirsty every

morsel of bread to the hungry every

piece of clothing to the cold and the

naked he’s going to bring it all out in

the open you say how would there ever be

time well time shall be no

more folks he could do this in in in in

in a situation where we are not even

aware of time in in our time element

could last for ages and yet go Jud like

that because we’re in eternity we don’t

understand that but he’s going to he’s

going to bring before the devil and

throw right in his face every worship

Every Praise every groan of the spirit

every time I’ve been alone with Jesus

and poured my heart out it’s going to be

rehearsed before the devil and all the

crowds of

Hell there’s nothing you’ve done to his

glory that will not be expressed on that

day there will be no condemnation for

the righteous none of all verily verily

I say unto you Jesus said that he that

Hearth my words and believeth on him

that sent me have everlasting life shall

not come into condemnation and in the

original Greek shall not come into

judgment but is passed from Death unto

life you shall not come into judgment

but to

everlasting life glory be to God God

said through through Isaiah I even I am

he that blote out thy transgressions for

my own sake and I will not remember thy

sins again Isaiah

43:25 Isaiah

44:22 I have blotted out as a thick

Cloud thy transgressions and as a cloud

all thy sins return unto me for I’ve

redeemed thee Paul the

Apostle for I will be merciful to their

un righteousnesses and their sins and

their iniquities will I remember no more

Hebrews 5:17 this is the Covenant I will

make with them after these days those

days sayth the Lord I will put my laws

into their hearts and in their minds I

shall write them and th sin and

iniquities will I remember no more you

know that all encompassing

scripture in Micah 7:19 he will turn

again he will have compassion on us he

will subdue our iniquities this is good

news for everybody who’s sweating in

their own flesh trying to kick and

mortify the Deeds of the flesh how many

bullets have you tried to bite how many

promises you made how much sweat have

you sweated trying to please God and

walk in Holiness and fight your own lust

and your own habits my Bible says God

through the Holy Ghost will subdue

them you can’t do it in your own

strength and your own power but then he

says if you allow the Holy Ghost to do

it this is the

promise and thou thou God will cast all

their sins into the depths of the

sea not only does he cast you want to

tell you want to know how he does it he

takes your sins and flips them over your

shoulders this is what it says Thou Hast

in love to my soul delivered me from the

pit of corruption for thou Hast thrown

all my sins behind thy back


38:17 all through the scripture God said

when I forgive you I forget every sin

every transgression all iniquities I


forgotten why can’t you and

I why do we allow the devil to dig up

something in the uh muck and mire of our

past that’s already under the blood oh

folks one of the biggest sins on the

face of the earth is to doubt the

cleansing forgiving power of the blood

of Jesus Christ what an awful sin it

is Bible says on that

day the books are going to be

open would you go to Revelation 20

please it’s going to

read let’s let’s start with verse uh

10 and the devil that deceived them was

cast into the lake of fire and

brimstone thank God he has everything

under control the devil’s time is

limited where the Beast and the false

prophets are and shall be tormented day

and night forever and

ever and I saw a great white throne and

him that sat on it from whose face the

earth and the heaven fled away there was

no place for them

no found no place for them and I saw the

dead small and great stand before God

and the books were open and another book

was opened now notice there are books

every sinner has his own

book can you imagine the sinner standing

before the judgments answer for every

deed every thought everything if you’re

here this morning and you are rejecting

Jesus Christ outright you rejected his

offer of Love you’ve heard his appeal

you’ve been convicted by the holy spirit

yet you go your own selfish stubborn way

oh the day comes when you stand before

his throne and you answer that book will

be opened and every deed and every

thought will be opened and

exposed would be



incredibly frightening to hear Hitler’s

book opened in the name of every

Jew that he

murdered can you imagine what it’s going

to be like when the transgressors stand

before him all the mass murderers and

all the politicians and all the lies

that they’ve covered everything that

they’ve done and it’s all brought out

into the open everything until they’re

screaming no no no enough enough and

it’s only the beginning and everything

is brought into the

light all those numbered among the

transgressors what a time all of the the

kings of of Israel and kings of Judah

from the all the way back the murders

and the rapist and the books are opened

and sinner your book will be opened the

Bible says and the books were opened but

you see there’s a a in comparison to all


books now I don’t know if these are

literal we’re not talking about literal

books God go God listen I’ll tell you

what if if they can put a whole library

on a little floppy

disc can you imagine what God’s mind can

do when you talk about books being

opened but there’s one book for All

Saints all believer One book there

nothing in it but your






mind soul and spirit and folks your name

is written in the Book of

Life the books were open which is The

Book of Life and the dead were judged

out of those things which were written

in the books according to the works

according to their works the scripture

says glory be to

God now you that are here this morning

listening to me who were guilty of

Starlet sins now there are Scarlet sins

I mean they are blood red with this with

the stench of Hell drugs alcohol

homosexuality prostitution you name it

there are some of you that sit here this

morning you don’t even want to think

about your

past and folks you don’t have to think

about your past but you are told to

remember the pit from which you were du

and there are some of you sitting here

right now you blush to think of what you

were how close you came to falling into

hell and you really should be dead I

mean physically you should be in hell

right now stop and think about that you

could be in hell now but for the work of

the holy spirit in this good

book but I want to tell you something

I’ve got a scripture for you that can

take you to the Judgment seat of Jesus

Christ it can take you to the briway

throne judgment with exceeding great joy

Hallelujah because when you under the

blood you don’t he does not look at you

anymore as a piece of Filth he doesn’t

look at you as a junkie or a prostitute

he looks at you as a spotless precious


bride Isaiah 1118 though your sins be a

Scarlet they shall be white as snow

though they be red like Crimson they

shall be as wo white as snowy

wool are you under the

blood you had the sprinkling the blood

on your heart you sit here now with

every right to say I am

clean all my sins were crimson red but

they’re as white as

wool my name is in the Book of Life

Hallelujah let’s talk about that moment

you stand before the great white Throne

judgment how can the

bridegroom charge his own

Bride on that day with iniquity H how

how does the husband to be look at the

wife to be and charge him in front of

all the


impossible he’s your judge yes he’s your

judge to the wicked but the Christ who

called you the Christ who say saved you

the Christ who interceded for you all

these years who cleansed you who

purchased you with his own blood who

branded you on the forehead as his own

beloved he your Christ will be at the

Judgment your husband your Redeemer your

friend your Advocate your intercessor

still he will be all of that you will be

complete in him without spot or wrinkle

or without fault before his

throne how do you sit there with without

saying at least a big amen I


incredible and you being dead in your

sins and the uncircumcised

uncircumcision of your flesh hath he

Quicken together with him having

forgiven you all your

trespasses now unto him that is able to

keep you from falling present you

faultless before the presence of his

glory with exceeding joy and if you’re

faultless how does he condemn you

faultless I want to get out of your mind

once and for all that the great white

Throne judgment for Christian is a

fearful thing it is a it is something

that should bring the greatest joy

possible to your

heart glory to

God bring out the handwriting of

ordinances that was against us which was

contrary to us and he took it out of the

way nailing it to the

Cross folks the Bible said we are the

body of Christ and he is the head you

think for one minute he’s going to sever

his head at the Judgment Day from his

body in front of the

wicked Bible says he’s the Cornerstone

of the church is he going to bring the

whole B building down at the Judgment no



now I want to bring the hammer down the

hammer of God’s

word and completely

smash once and for all any fear you have

as a True Believer of standing before


Judgment in that great day of

accounting so that you can anticipate it

from now on with great joy and

Thanksgiving I’m going to give you a few

irrefutable Bible reasons why you have

no reason to fear but every reason to

Rejoice Hallelujah I told you that I see

all these things coming in the earth and

don’t bother me because folks the Bible

makes it clear that this life is just

grass it’s just fading away it’s grass

it’s here and gone Bible said your life

is like you’re been on a frosty day and

just the vapor that heat vapor from your


he said it’s your

life why

worry you don’t have time for

it and you don’t belong here anyhow and

live or die you’re the

Lords folks it’s it’s it we’re it’s all

pointing to the marriage supper of the

Lamb we’re going to a feast but before

that we’re going to the


Hallelujah all right reason number one

why you need to rejoice

fear is not compatible with all the

wonderful relationships he’s proclaimed

to us in his relationship to us in other

words God himself has defined who he is

to us and it’s not compatible to fear

listen to what he said he is to us he

said I’m your father I’m your brother

I’m your friend I’m your bridegroom I’m

your head I’m your husband I’m your

Advocate I’m your kinsman redeemer I’m

your provider your Refuge your Shepherd

and much much more now God himself

established that relationship that’s how

he defines himself in relationship to us

I didn’t Define it that way you didn’t

God said this is who I am to you and he

is not going to change at the Judgment

he’s still your father he’s still your

friend your Advocate you’re




you think for one moment in front of the

devil and all the Raging pow of Hell

he’s going to deny his relationship to


no put the hammer to It smash

it another reason how can you

fear on the day of your restitution and

coronation he hath not dealt with us

after our sins he has not rewarded us

according to our iniquities as far as

the East is from the

West so far hath he removed our

transgressions from us anybody tell me

how far the East is from the

West he said that’s how far I’ve removed


sins he said why do you call it your

coronation day because Isaiah said of

that day as the bridegroom rejoices over

the bride so God shall rejoice over thee

and he was speaking of that very day as

a bridegroom rejoices over his bride and

there you stand before him and he has

eyes for you he is just reaching out to

embrace you in front of the whole

multitudes of transgressors that’s my

bride on the right the goats on the left

the bride on the right

Hallelujah when the Bible says the

nation of the world be separated sheep

and goat that’s peoples not countries

can you name me any country on the face

of the Earth that would fit the

description of feeding and clothing and

housing and all of these things there

not a nation in the world never will be

he’s talking about

peoples how can you fear when the Lord

is gazing on you with love and


Hallelujah is still the apple of his eye


Hammer the Lord will do n the Lord will

do on that day no less than it requires

of us today he will not require

something of us that he would not be

willing to do himself on the Judgment

Day I want you to listen closely and

folks if if you got any remaining fear

let this end it once and for

all the

lord requires of us to hide and cover

and forgive the sins of our brothers and

sisters the scripture said If thy

brother offend thee go and tell him his

fault between him and thee alone if he

shall hear thee thou has gained thy

brother now if there’s going to be a

separate judgment for Christians this is

where I get it the Lord saying if you’re

going to forgive your brother you’re not

going to bring it before the whole crowd

and unless there is it

they they reject your offer you bring it

before the church yes but that there

there’s a process there but first it’s

one to one it’s one to one you go to

your brother listen to it tell him his

fault between him and thee

alone now folks if there going to be

works that burn it’s going to be Jesus

in you Jesus in me in a private

conversation with his bride when he says

lovingly I cannot bring this baggage

with you I can’t bre I want to show you

what you missed and how it could have

been there’s Glory nothing but Glory

you’re my precious bride you’re under

the blood there’s no spot there’s no

wrinkle but let me remind you let me

speak to you it’ll be one on

one it’s not for

restitution no it’s to show the glory of

Christ himself and his forgiving power

so that the bride will understand the

glory of this


God is offended when

Christians point out the weaknesses and

infirmities of other

Saints the Lord will deal with

that he will do no less for us when we

stand before him the Bible said the

discretion of a man defers his anger

it’s a glory of a for a man to pass over

transgressions Proverbs 25:2 it is the

glory of God to conceal a

thing the glory of God to

conceal that which is under the blood

Hallelujah Christ is hidden he’s covered


pardoned he’s absolutely wiped Away The

Sins by his own blood all his

transgressions that he hath committed

thou shall they shall not be mentioned

unto him Ezekiel 18:22 they shall not be

mentioned unto him they’re blotted out

by the blood of Jesus

Christ hall now I’m I’m bringing you

this message this morning that it be an

anchor to you in the days the dark days

ahead there many many dark days coming

incredibly confusing

days but all I remember what Martin

Luther said Martin Luther this was

shortly after he was

ejected from

his ministry he was

penniless he had

no nothing to look forward to in the

future he was castigated he was

considered a heretic by

multitudes and Martin Luther made a

statement at the height of that he said

dear Lord now that you’ve forgiven all

my sins you can do with me as you

please and what he’s saying this is the

most important thing I know that if a

god if I have a God who can forgive and

cleanse me of all my sins and bring

peace to my soul why should I fear what

man can do to me why should I fear if

everything collapses around me because I

serve a god who’s able to forgive and

give me eternal salvation why would I

not believe him to keep me while I live

here on this

Earth can you say that this morning Lord

now that I’m forgiven now that I’m

pardoned now that I’m able to stand

before you on the Judgment with

exceeding great

joy do with me as you


Hallelujah I want to give you something

further but I want you to stand before I

do if you will

please I know there’s been a short

message but I’m I’m not in a habit of

dragging anything out just to put in

time this gives us more time to praise


Lord I want you to

listen I I got to read it because I

wrote it down and I Lord just blessing

me if

if would you say that

if I’m going to tell you this if God can

seal us eternally by the blood of his

own son if he can translate these bodies

and change them into new bodies like his

own if he can melt the very elements

with fire and create a new Heaven and

new earth if he can send angels on that

day to claim us when Christ appears

again if he can come again with tens of

thousands of Chariots to display his

glory if he can present me to his son on

Judgment Day with exceeding great joy if

he can build me a golden house in glory

if he can pave his streets with gold if

he can give me eternal life and

everlasting Celestial food to feed me

all through eternity and if he can even

now feed a world full of fowls of the

air it doesn’t say fouls of the Earth

the chickens that we feed the fouls of

the air that God feeds he can even now

feed every animal the millions and

millions of animals in the oceans if he

can do all of this will he not take care

of you all ye of little

faith really not care for his

own now while you’re up your Bibles and

go to Matthew 6 and this is where I

close Matthew

6 you can read better standing

anyhow all right here we go chapter 6:

25 beginning to read right to the end of

the chapter ye shall know the truth

truth so set you free Hallelujah God

bless this to our hearts help us never

to forget it in troubled times therefore

I say unto you take no thought for your

life what you shall eat or what you

shall drink how much thought should you

give no thought nor yet for your body

which he shall put on is not the life

more than meat and the body than rment

behold the fowls of the air they s not

neither they reap nor gather into barns

yet your heavenly father Feth them are

you not much better than they which of

You by taking thought can add one cubic

unto a statue why take you thought for

rment consider the lilies of the field

how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin and yet I say unto you that

even Solomon all his glory was not a

raid like one of these wherefore if God

so clothe the grass of the field which

today is and tomorrow is cast into the

oven shall he not much more clothe you

oh ye of little faith therefore take no

thought what you shall eat or what you

shall drink or where withth all you

shall be clothed for all these things do

the Gentile seek you said that’s that’s

Gentile faith for your heavenly father

knoweth that you have need of these

things but seek ye first the kingdom

read it with me folks that seek you

first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall

be added unto you

take therefore no thought for the moral

for the moral shall take thought for the

things itself sufficient under the day

is the evil thereof Hallelujah to God


more now lift your hands and just tell

Jesus you trust him right now Lord I

trust you I believe you I rest in your

promises you will never leave us you

will never forsake us you will go with

us to the very end Glory Be to the name

of our

Lord glory be to God

forever yesterday today and forever the

same never

changes you will keep us by your


Hallelujah we bless your Holy

Name we glorify you by your word thank

you for your word Lord that holds




Hallelujah Lord we truly worship

you some of you were uncomfortable in

this message this morning because of a



sin and when there’s sin that’s not

forsaken robs you of

Peace brings guilt fear and condemnation

in the presence of the pure word of

God and in in all of the auditoriums in


annexus and here in the main Auditorium

and downstairs in little rotunda

wherever you may be watching on

screen let me tell you the holy spirit’s

here when his word is brought forth as

he declares it as anointed of his

Spirit he doesn’t intend for it to just

drop at this stage right in front of me

he intends it to accomplish its work and

some of you were sent here by the Holy

Spirit you’re not here by accident

you’re here today right now and the Holy

Spirit is dealing with you about a sin

sin Bible said we’re to confess and

forsake our

sins you see brother WS there’s a

problem in my life that I’ve confessed

over and over again but I have not been

able to forsake it I’m telling you

there’s power to enable you to not only

confess but forsake your

sins and you have to want that if you’re

flirting with your sin you’re

comfortable with it you you’ve grown

hardened in it already God help you it’s

going to take an absolute miracle of God

if I were in that position I would run

out of my seat I’d say God I’m on the

I’m on the brink of getting hard in this

thing and not be able to be convicted

again God help

me God help you if you toyed and played

with it so long and you you shunted off

so much conviction of the Holy Spirit

and you’ve heard message after message I

would get out of my seat quickly I would

come down here and make it right with

God those of you that are hearing me now

say Pastor Dave I’ve got a sin problem

I want to stand Before the Throne of God

with exceeding great joy but right now I

am not ready to stand before him and

enjoy what you’re talking about this

morning no one’s going to put a

microphone on in your face and ask you

any silly questions or embarrass

you but it’s life and death with some of

you on the balcony go to the stairs on

either side hear the main onor step out

and in the annex if you will go to the

lobbies the officers will show you how

to get into this building you come down

the stairs and meet me right here and

I’m going to pray with you and I’m going

to believe that Jesus sends you out of

this place free cleansed absolutely

clean uh there should be something your

heart says Pastor I want to be clean I

want to look God in the eye I want to be

able to stand before the judgment and

look Jesus right in the eye and say

thank you for your blood you’ve not only

cleansed me but you’ve empowered me by

your spirit to live a Victorious Life

get out of your seat and come and join

these that are coming wherever you’re at

all over you hear me downstairs you come

upstairs upstairs you come downstairs

come into the main Auditorium while

we’re singing I need thee Oh I need thee

come and join the move in tight please

for those that will be coming again

while they’re coming from the annex and

the other building the other auditoriums

Lord bless you we’ll wait for you God is

no hurry and we’re in no hurry look

don’t be afraid to cry that’s it’s all

right don’t be afraid to cry let it

out let it out that’s all

right God said he wants he he he will

not reject a broken contrite heart and

spirit now tell him why you came forward

talk to him right now and everybody came

forward to tell Jesus why you came ask

him to cleanse you and forgive you right

now and say Jesus I come to the blood

the sprinkling of the blood everybody

speak right out to him right now nobody

will hear you nobody going to think

anything about it Lord I have a sin

problem I need to be pardoned I need to

be cleansed Jesus I come to hide nothing

I come to open my heart to you I hold


back nothing back I hold nothing back

from you Jesus I bring it into the light

by your Holy Spirit Holy Spirit dig

everything out that’s hidden in my life

bring it to the surface expose it Lord

to my heart that I may deal with it

through your

spirit now I want you to pray this

prayer with me Jesus Jesus I acknowledge

I acknowled I admit I admit I have a sin

problem and I want to be

free I confess it to you Lord

Jesus I can’t get victory in my own


strength but you have promised me the

holy SP Spirit to come into me and abide

with me and give me Authority and power

over sin flesh and the devil and devil I

believe that I believe that and by Faith

by faith I submit to the lordship the

Lord of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ now

and here now in Jesus name in Jesus name

now I want you just thank him for his

faithfulness to you right now I want you

to thank Jesus I give you thanks I give

you thanks I give you


Hallelujah God I thank you I give you



hallelujah this is the conclusion of the