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I feel like I’m a step away from Death

there’s just a step life is so brief so

fragile at this season in my life David

says I realize I could be here one

moment and gone the next there is but a

it’s a profound thought it’s something

we should always be aware of that you’re

one step away from Death that you could

be here alive and well this morning and

one step away you can be gone and you

will stand before the Lord one out of


dies the only way that you get to heaven

is through

death we’re going to face

death there’s not a person here who

couldn’t be in a casket

tonight I want to say it that plain I

want to say it that blunt because we

don’t like to think about it we don’t

like to even imagine especially young

people and middle-aged people even older

people but the truth is you’re just one

step away from death death can come

suddenly death can come instantly

unexpectedly are you ready are you ready

to die are you ready to face God all men

die Hebrews 9 and verse 27 it is

appointed unto man once to die and after

death the Judgment you’re going to

answer to God for the life that you

live kings die Queens die rich men die

poor men die young people die old people

die the wealthy the poor The Scholar the

illiterate they all

die and then comes the Judgment if you

died today where would you be if you

died today where would you spend

eternity church membership will not get

you into heaven there’s only two places

heaven or hell and church membership

will not get you into

heaven crying tears will not get you

into heaven the blood of Jesus Christ

cleanses from all

unrighteousness there’s no other name

whereby we can be saved but the name of

Jesus Christ he is the way he is the

truth he is the life no other way no

other truth no other life everything

else is a deception and

aivee Jesus is the

way Jesus said Heaven is a place Jesus

said in John 14 I go to prepare listen a

place for you that where I am there you

may be also Jesus lived in heaven and

then he came down to earth and he said

and testified I’m telling you I’ve been

in heaven I’m now on Earth and I’m

promising you that it’s there it’s real

it’s Eternal it’s a place there is a

place Jesus was saying it’s not a fairy

tale this is Jesus who makes this

promise there is another life beyond

this life there is another place beyond

this Earth and it is more glorious and

Splendid than anything we can even

imagine and Jesus himself said I have

prepared that place for you and it’s

real I’ve been there and I’m telling you

it’s real it’s beyond its beauty is

beyond anything you can imagine the

Apostle Paul went to heaven in 2

Corinthians 11 in verse 9 he wrote eyes

have have not seen and ears have not

heard neither has it entered into the

heart of man what God has prepared for

them who love him Paul was the most

brilliant scholar perhaps the world has

ever known his writings were even more

masterful than people like Shakespeare

he had the profound ability to put pen

and paper and write thoughts and themes

and theology that is so brilliant that

Scholars to this day Marvel at the

genius of the Apostle Paul to use words

like a word Smith and create ideas and

and and complex thoughts that relay the

love and the and the greatness of our

God and yet after he went to heaven and

he came back this same man when Paul saw

the glory and the Splendor of Heaven he

said men will not believe what I have

seen and he wrote the half has not even

ever been told in other words Paul was

saying let your imagination run wild

this morning I want you to think of the

happiest most gorgeous most beautiful

most Splendid thing you can ever imagine

with every comfort and every blessing

and everything that you could imagine

that would bring happiness and peace and

joy and then Paul adds this little

letter and that’s only half you can only

imagine half of what God has prepared

for us in a place called Heaven the

Apostle John saw heaven and in the Book

of Revelation he wrote he wrote a

Travelers brochure for all of us to let

us know what was coming in our future he

said that the city of Heaven is New

Jerusalem and its four square that four

square speaks of absolute perfection

nothing on this Earth is perfect not

even you nothing is perfect you buy a

new home and termites eat it up you buy

a new car and go to the mall and come

outside and it’s got a dent or you

scrape the rims which I’ve never done

but you scrape the rims of that new car

and it just breaks your heart but

nothing on Earth is perfect but he said

I saw 12 gates of pearl I saw streets of

pure gold God uses

Pavement in in gold he paves the streets

in gold and you think you have arrived

wait till you see this place called

Heaven he said there are 12 foundations

stock and this 1500 Miles Square 1500

miles north south east and west and then

it’s 12

foundations he said the first layer is

made of diamonds the second layer of

Heaven is made of rubies the third layer

is sapphires the fourth layer is

emeralds and and then he gives nine more

layers of precious stones in the in the

theater of your mind I want you to walk

with me on those streets of gold and

look at those and see those Gates of

Pearl look at the names that are written

in clusters of diamonds look on the

doorpost of the Mansions there and see

the name Matthew and one Mark Luke John

Daniel Ezekiel Elijah

Elisha I have one that I see in my mind

my dad Billy Franklin’s name in diamonds

is on one of those Mansions maybe your

mother’s there maybe your father’s there

maybe your brother your sister someone

that you have lost but really you have

not lost them because they are in a

place called heaven and they await your

re your arrival with joy Heaven is a

place of rest the Bible said that we

will sit down with Abraham Isaac and

Jacob and the text said and we will be

at rest Heaven is a reunion I want you

to imagine in your mind and see your

loved ones waiting just inside the

Eastern Gate they are there they are

there this morning they’re there and

they’re happy and they’re joyful they

are there and there’s not a sick one

among them they are there and there’s

not a depressed defeated one among them

they’re Overcomers by the blood of the

lamb and they stand in complete

wholeness in the presence of God with

eyes of faith I want you to look and I

want you to listen over the balconies of

Heaven this morning you can hear sounds

that your mortal ears have never heard

sounds of praise the orchestra of Heaven

according to Revelation has 144,000

violins that are playing worship it has

102 million Voice Choir every musical

instrument ever made was made to glorify

God and there the worship cannot even Be

Imagined ears have not heard the Apostle

Paul was referring to the music and the

worship that is in heaven there’s going

to be a grand reunion around the Throne

of God one of these days we who are

alive and remain will be caught up in

the twinkling of an eye the blink of an

eye and it’ll be over and you’ll be left

behind going to a City Where The Roses

Never Fade going to a city where the

blind see and the lame walk going to a

city where there are no more tears and

no more death and no more parting we’re

going to a city where there will be no

absolutely no negativity whatsoever in

that place called Heaven that’s the

bottom line no negativity no death no

depression no suicide no addiction no

alcoholism no pain no suffering no tears

no aches no headaches no troubles no


whatsoever joy unspeakable and full of

Glory that’s why it’s worth it that’s

why we go through life and yeah we have

burdens but one of these days we’re

going to hear him say come up here and

let me show you what Joy is let me show

you what I prepared for those who have

loved me every everybody take a praise

break and act like you believe in a

place called


Heaven thank you so much for watching

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