People spend billions every year to retain or restore health. No one wants to be sick. Yet, religion often tells us that God is either causing sickness or allowing it for a reason. But that’s not true—GOD WANTS YOU WELL.

welcome to gospel truth with Andrew

Wommack a teaching ministry that focuses

on God’s unconditional love and grace

and now here’s Andrew welcome to our

Wednesday’s broadcast of the gospel

truth today I’m continuing a series that

I started this last Monday talking about

God wants you well I’m excited about

this because I tell you I have seen a

lot of miraculous things happen in this

area of healing and every time that God

manifests manifest a miraculous healing

and I mean people get healed they get

causes people to glorify God you know on

my program yesterday I was using the

scriptures out of Mark chapter 2 where

this man was let down through the roof

and it says when the people saw it they

glorified God and said we’ve never seen

it on this fashion other instances

people says man he speaks with authority

these aren’t just words this isn’t just

a sermon but it has so much power it

changes people’s lives people are being

healed and this is my experience too

that every time you see a miraculous

healing people get born again people

begin to commit their lives to the Lord

healing in itself is not the goal now I

am NOT saying that healing is

unimportant but I am saying that it

serves a purpose to illustrate that if

God can touch the physical bodies and

heal us in this physical realm then

certainly he can do even the greater

spiritual things and the things that are

spoken about eternity are also true and

we need healing to help verify and

demonstrate that the things we’re saying

about God able to forgive a person sins

and take care of your emotions and heal

your marriages and all of these other

things we need demonstration and proof

that these things are true

we got a skeptical world that to a large

degree has just written the church off

because they say all of these things but

there’s no ability to demonstrate it

they aren’t demonstrating it and so it’s

easy to say that you’re wrong

because there’s no way to really prove

it but when you start proclaiming that

God not only wants to deal with

spiritual and eternal things but he

wants to heal your bodies and people

start walking in the miraculous power of

God and miracles start happening and the

dead are raised and the blind eyes are

open and the Deaf ears are open I

guarantee you there are multitudes

multitudes of people today that have

been born again because they have seen

the demonstration of God’s healing power

there are great miracles happening I

know that there are many of you think

all I’ve never seen them and if this

stuff is true why isn’t it on the news

you know I’ve seen three people raised

from the dead and I’ve had people say

well if that’s true then why don’t you

go to the news and why don’t you tell

them and you know what there is a

disbelief there is a spirit of

Antichrist that is why I’d work in this

world and you aren’t going to get the

news media and all of these things to

start proclaiming these healings for one

thing they would look at it is a

liability issue if they start saying

this well then what would happen if this

wasn’t true if it wasn’t accurate and

they’re going to just take the the

easiest way out they aren’t going to

take a stand they would be criticized

people would turn off their broadcasts

because there’s people that just

absolutely believe that God isn’t real

or if God exists that he doesn’t want to

do anything about our physical situation

and heal us it’s a convenient way of

believing it’s a way of coping with all

of the tragedy and the death and the

hurt and the pain and the sickness and

the disease rather than try and believe

God which it takes effort and you would

have to study the word and you couldn’t

just sit there and watch as the stomach

turns on the television and x-rated and

r-rated things and you couldn’t be a

fanatic and follow all of these things

it would take some effort to renew your

mind and to overcome your unbelief and

to seek God it takes effort to see the

power of God in manifestation and rather

than put forth that effort there’s

people that would rather just Excel

those things don’t happen and you know

we just have to depend upon the doctors

and medicine and and you can’t trust a

supernatural thing and it’s a convenient

way to live you can still be carnal you

don’t have to seek God you can pray lord

if it be your

well and if you get here well then you

say thank you Jesus and if you die well

you know it must have been God’s will

that’s a convenient way of dealing with

things you have to take no

responsibility it doesn’t take any

effort on your part but I’m telling you

it’s worth the effort and again I say

I’ve seen thousands and thousands of

people healed and people are born again

all over the world because of these

healings miracles are happening and God

used miracles to draw people unto

himself we use those verses yesterday

let me just continue reading I didn’t

read all of this in John chapter 10 but

Jesus was being grilled about what

writing and what authority do you have

to do all of this and he said they asked

him says are you really the Christ and

in John chapter 10 verse 25 he says I

told you and you believe not the works

that I do in my father’s name they bear

witness of me and so they kept

interacting with them and saying no you

aren’t the Christ you don’t have the

right you’re doing this through the

power of the devil etc so jesus answered

them in verse 34 and he says is it not

written in your law I said you were gods

if he called them gods unto whom the

Word of God came in the scripture cannot

be broken say ye of him whom the father

hath sanctified and sent into the world

thou blasphemous because I said I am the

son of God well that’s a great teaching

I ain’t got time to go into that in

verse 37 it says if I do not the works

of my father believe me not you know if

we were to just take that statement

right there by Jesus and apply this to

most ministers today and if we said if

ministers aren’t doing the works of the

father as demonstrated through Jesus now

what did Jesus do well there’s of course

many many instances but one on that kind

of summarizes it is acts 10:38 it says

how that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth

with power and with the Holy Ghost who

went about doing good healing all that

were oppressed of the devil part of how

Jesus did the works of his father was

that he went around healing all not some

but all who were oppressed to the devil

and he said here if I don’t do the works

of my father which part of that work was

healing all that were oppressed of the

devil believe me not

if we were to just apply this to

ministers today and say man if you are

not demonstrating the supernatural power

of God then don’t listen to them you

know what there’s a lot of Ministers

that if we were to apply that same

standard to them today nobody would be

listening to them there’s huge amounts

of people that have a word that they

preach but they don’t back it up with

any power or demonstration in the

physical natural realm and Jesus is

saying if I’m not doing this if I can’t

demonstrate the power of God then don’t

listen to me that’s one of the reasons

that Jesus made the impact that he did

is because he not only had something

that he preached but he lived it there

was power and demonstration in his life

and because I would man it shook the

entire nation it shook multiple nations

and of course here we are 2,000 years

later and Jesus is still the central

figure of the human race in the next

verse it says in verse 38 but if I do

talking about if I do the works of my

father though you believe not me believe

the works that you may know and believe

that the father is in me and I on him

Jesus used the miracles that he did and

said even if you aren’t going to believe

my words will then believe my works

believe this demonstration how do you

reconcile the fact that people are

raised from the dead blind eyes are open

and deaf ears are open in the lame walk

and the dumb talk how do you deal with

that it had to be demonstration of the

supernatural power of God and that’s

what Jesus is saying even if you won’t

believe my words believe because you see

the demonstration of the power of God

you know you’ll hear people today say

well now wait a minute the devil can

also do these things I’ve never seen

people healed by the power of the devil

I don’t doubt that maybe it could happen

I don’t know but I’m telling you what

you know I remember when I received the

baptism of the Holy Spirit and started

speaking in tongues and people says you

got to watch that stuff that’s of that

devil and you know I’ve never been into

a bar and heard those people in there

speaking in tongues I’ve never been

where they’re you know doing all this

stuff people in bars don’t speak in

tongues people these gangbangers they

aren’t speaking in tongues you’ll hear

this criticism often that all this is

the devil boys showed me the devil’s

crowd that they are healing people

showed me that the miraculous power of

God you can’t do it it’s not happening

that’s a false thing and some people are

afraid and saying well it’s not only God

who does is it you know Jesus said you

can believe me because you see these

works when you start seeing the

miraculous power of God manifests

through a person it’s because God’s

anointing is on them Satan isn’t healing

the sick Satan isn’t causing people to

receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit

and speak in tongues and fall in love

with God and that that’s not the devil

I’ll tell you some of the arguments that

people bring up it just makes you wonder

how dumb can you get and still breathe

forgive me for being blunt and so in

Hebrews chapter 2 it’s talking about

that Jesus is the superior way of God

manifesting himself and how did God

manifest himself through Jesus yes Jesus

spoke like no other men spoke Jesus

spoke words of life but Jesus also

demonstrated the power of God through

miraculous healings he dealt with the

needs of people he provided for people

physically financially and caused them

to prosper Jesus manifested power in

this physical natural life to show that

he could also deal with these greater

spiritual and eternal things and in

Hebrews chapter 2 it starts talking

about that since Jesus is the greatest

manifestation of God we ought to give

more earnest heed to the things which we

have heard lest at any time we should

let them slip for if the word spoken by

Angels was steadfast this time at the

Old Testament law and the Old Testament

doctrine if all of those things were

steadfast in every transgression and

disobedience received a just recompense

of reward how shall we escape if we

neglect so great salvation which at the

first began to be spoken by the Lord and

was confirmed unto us by them that hurt

him now here it is talking about that

Jesus himself spoke the word and it says

that those who came after him his

disciples and apostles they confirmed it

and how did God bear witness in the next

verse it says God also bearing them

witness both with signs and wonders and

divers miracles and gifts of the Holy

Ghost according to his own will now

again here it is talking about miracles

and this is talking about signs and

wonders and if you even have ever read

the Gospels and the book of Acts you

cannot deny the fact that healing was

one of the central things that Jesus did

healing is one of the central things

that the disciples did and this verse is

saying that God used those healings to

confirm the word the word confirmed

means to establish to verify to prove

that these things that are being spoken

are real because if you can do if you

can cause a physical manifestation if

someone who is blind all of a sudden can

see if someone who is deaf all of a

sudden can hear it is a demonstration

that those things you’re saying about

the greater merit matters of the soul

the spiritual realm your emotions if you

can do those physical things then you

can also do those non-physical

intangible things on the inside of

people you know at our recent gospel

truth seminar that I held in Phoenix I

forget all of the details but we saw

hundreds and hundreds of people heal in

one night I had I was calling out

healings and I spoke that there are

people here being healed of deafness and

I don’t know how many people stood there

could have been 100 but there was at

least 50 I don’t know there was a lot of

people that stood and of course I

assumed that most of them weren’t

totally deaf are they you know I didn’t

have a interpreter for the deaf there so

they probably had to have some degree of

hearing but there was at least fifty to

a hundred people that stood for prayer

and out of those I had people say all

right if you can already tell that

you’re healed if your hearing has

already improved removed your hearing

aids check yourself and out of those

people I’m not sure how many but there

was at least thirty that instantly were

healed and they could hear better one of

them sent me an email and they were some

friends of mine from a long time ago and

they had this guy had hearing aids in

both ears

and with these hearing aids he still was

having trouble hearing and he went home

that night he didn’t he wasn’t one of

those that testified that he was

instantly healed but the next morning

when he got up and I think went to the

mailbox or something he could hear the

crickets he could hear all of these

sounds he hadn’t put his hearing aids in

and his hearing was totally restored and

you know why when we saw those miracles


you know what the crowds increased

people started coming forward

we had people born again we had people

baptized in the Holy Spirit people fell

in love with God I’m not saying that

healing is unimportant but I’m saying

healing is a stepping stone to even

greater things and that’s what these

verses are saying it’s what Jesus said

of himself he says even if you aren’t

going to believe me because of the words

that I speak believe me because of these

miracles and if I’m not doing miracles

well then don’t listen to me boy if we

were to apply that to the average

preacher today I guarantee there

wouldn’t be very many preachers out

there minister look at this passage of

Scripture in mark chapter 16 this is

some of Jesus last instructions to his


it was after his resurrection and as he

was being caught up into heaven these

are some of the very last words that he

said to his disciples before being taken

back into heaven and he said in mark

chapter 16 and in verse 15 it says he

said unto them go you into all the world

and preach the gospel to every creature

he that believeth and is baptized shall

be saved he that believeth not shall be

damned and as he was talking about

preaching the gospel in the very next

verse verse 17 and these signs shall

follow them that believe in my name they

shall cast out Devils they shall speak

with new tongues they shall take up

serpents and if they drink any deadly

thing it shall not hurt them they shall

lay hands on the sick and they shall

recover right in the context of go

preach the gospel to every living

creature he says and these signs are

going to follow those who are truly

preaching the Word of God miraculous

things are going to happen in one of

those things the last thing listed is

that you’re going to lay hands on the

sick and that they shall recover this is

how the Lord says

the gospel is supposed to be preached

and he said he would confirm the word

with these things if you keep on reading

in verse 19 he says so then after the

Lord had spoken unto them he was

received up into heaven and sat on the

right hand of God and they went forth

and preached everywhere the Lord working

with them and confirming the word with

signs following amen

this is how the gospel began the Lord of

course operated in the supernatural

power of God and went about doing good

healing all that were oppressed of the

devil Acts chapter 10 verse 38 then he

told his disciples you go preach the

gospel and as you go you lay hands on

the sick and they shall recover and then

it says that when they went forth and

preached God confirmed the word in other

words they didn’t just preach it in word

but they demonstrated the power of God

by the healing people and when people

saw that this is supernatural you know

none of those disciples in themselves

they they couldn’t have healed a gnat

with their own power and ability but

then they would pray in the name of

Jesus and the dead would be raised and

the blind eyes would be open and

miracles would happen and God would use

that to confirm that this is

supernatural that the things that

they’re preaching are true and because

of it people would be born again and

this is how the early New Testament

church started and I mean in a very

short period of time they turn the world

right-side up and if you read the book

of Acts every single one of them went

forth and did miracles they saw the

power of God in manifestation there’s a

passage in John chapter 20 or 21 I

forget the exact reference I could find

it but anyway it says that these things

were written about Jesus and the

miracles that he did just as a testimony

but it says if everything that Jesus did

if all of the miracles that he did would

be written matter of fact here it is

right here let me just read this to you

in John chapter 21 in verse 25 it says

and there are also many other things

which Jesus did the which if they should

be written every one I suppose that even

the world itself could not contain the

books that should be written what a

statement Jesus did so much the Gospels

are just a representation in one of the

dominant things in the Gospels is

healing jesus healed Jr’s his daughter

and raised her from the dead raised the

widow’s son from the dead at the city of

Nan jesus healed the blind the Deaf the

lame the lepers Jesus did miracles

miracles miracles and this is just a

very small representation if they would

have written down all of them the world

itself couldn’t contain the books that

would be that would be needed to write

it all down

Jesus operated in the supernatural power

of God His disciples operated in the

supernatural power of God and if we were

true disciples of Jesus today we would

be operating in the power of God now

that statement I believe is true but it

could be used to condemn yourself or to

condemn someone else none of us do

things perfectly you know what I can

truthfully say that I am seeing the

power of God manifest in my life like I

gave testimony in one service this year

we saw over 30 people who had problems

with deafness manifest a healing nearly

instantly I am seeing the power of God

operate but you know what like I said if

there was 50 or a hundred people that

stood there was only 30 that manifested

an instant healing some of them I’m sure

since that time have seen the healing

come but still it’s not every single

person and it says Jesus went about

healing all that were oppressed of the

devil there isn’t a single instance that

Jesus didn’t heal them all that would

allow it now there is an instance where

Jesus wanted to produce healing and

people wouldn’t receive it but that

wasn’t his fault

Jesus He healed them all I don’t see

this manifest completely and there’s

multiple reasons for it I know some of

the reasons I could explain that and as

we go through this series I will be

talking about things that hinder healing

and why not every person receives a

healing and I have some revelation on

this but I still don’t understand it all

and I believe if I had

we’re understanding I would see a

greater number of people heal and so I

could take the very things that I’ve

said and actually condemn myself and say

well you aren’t seeing every person

he’ll I what I’m saying though is I

haven’t arrived but I’ve left I am not

seeing everything as perfectly as it

could be and I’ll accept responsibility

on my part that I’m not all that I

should be but I’m not all that I was I’m

moving in the right direction and I’m

not condemned I’m encouraged

I haven’t arrived but I’ve left and I’m

moving in that direction

and so I’m saying I don’t get condemned

when I say this but at the same time I

don’t sit there and so well you know

that was Jesus and Jesus just doesn’t

want me to operate to the same level and

so if I see one or two people healed and

that’s fine I’m content no I’m not

content I’m still pressing I want to see

greater manifestation of God in my life

I am NOT content but I’m not condemned

and there’s a balance between those two

things you have to you have to receive

these truths I’m saying to the point

that it motivates you to want to do more

but at the same time don’t be so

condemned or hard on yourself that you

just focus on the wire and I doing this

how come our ministers aren’t doing this

and you become so critical in judgmental

that you go out and begin to blast

everybody there are some people that I

really respect that have been faithful

to what they know and have impacted

their world and it made an impact and

yet they don’t operate in the

supernatural and see things happen I

don’t think that’s the way God intended

it to be but faith comes by hearing and

hearing by the Word of God Romans 10:17

and we live in a day and age that this

miraculous healing power of God has not

been preached to the majority of people

and there are some people that literally

aren’t operating in it because they

haven’t heard this they haven’t got the

revelation and so they are faithful with

what they know and I believe that God

loves them and when he they enter into

heaven God’s going to say well done thou

good and faithful servant they were

faithful to what they knew to do did

that mean that they did everything they

were supposed to do no I believe that

every minister

every minister should be seeing the

miraculous power of God manifest in

their life they ought to have

testimonies of people that are healed

and blind eyes that are open in death

ears that are opening people that are

raised from the dead we were commanded

to do that Matthew chapter 10 verse 8 it

says go preach the gospel heal the sick

cleanse the lepers raise the dead in the

same way that we’re supposed to preach

the gospel we’re supposed to heal the

sick cleanse lepers and raise the dead

Jesus said in John chapter 14 verse 12

that the works that he did we would do

also and even greater works than these

some people want to argue that the

greater works are being on radio and

television which I don’t believe that is

what it’s talking about but even if you

believe that what are you going to do

with the part of that verse it says the

works that I do show you do also we are

supposed to be doing the works of Jesus

and I’m teaching this series on God

wants you will to bring us up to another

level so that we can start seeing the

healing power of God manifest in our

lives and through us to other people I’m

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Stone Lee Park in a warrior I was

diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more

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nothing my arms my legs I had no control

each day I felt like I could wake up and

my mom would be gone it was really hard

for me I began to feel helpless the

frustration of not being able to fix

something when you’re a fix-it guy

Andrew put it so clearly that’s what

freed me the more I applied the word

then the healing healing will come the

healing will come just gradually

gradually and that was okay for me

because I knew that I was healed for a

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