If you are looking for a more convenient opportunity, you will lose the one nearest to you. Join Jesse Duplantis 2020 Southwest Believers’ Convention as he shows how to recognize Spirit-led opportunities to be a blessing to others. Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? To do good to people!

what a blessing

galatians chapter six

but before we go to it if you remember

my first sermon i preached on

or first thing on untrodden ground that


this year you will get to you will walk

in places you never thought you would

walk in

and that’s what god is telling joshua in


chapter one he says moses my servant’s


now get up

this jordan this promised land belongs

to you

now how long are you going to allow

satan to spend your money

how long are you going to allow him to

own your house

how long are you going to allow him to

own your car

i think that’s a valid question so if

you don’t mind i’m going to do a little

teaching speaking tonight a little bit

different the lord told me that in my

hotel room

and uh because you see god

wants you to have everything he said


physically and financially a man asked

me that they said you don’t want nothing

i said the law is my shepherd

he said what did you say i said the

lord’s my shepherd i shall not want

i said is the lord your shepherd he said

well i guess not because i shall warn a

lot of stuff

i said well you need to become you need

to let him become your shepherd

a shepherd is a person that guides you

takes you to the places where you’re

supposed to eat

takes care of things see spiritually

physically financially and let me tell

you something about prosperity it’s not

a money message

that’s just a byproduct of it you see

what i’m saying

so he wants each and every one of you to

walk in places you’ll never walk before

because you already own it

he’s already put the boundaries out

there for you to walk in it

for you to claim what is yours of course

it used the word claim and a derogatory

name it can claim it and all that blab

it and grab it back all that kind of

crazy stuff back there

and i never paid much attention to that

i just kept going on doing what god told

me to do

now before let uh i want to just give

you a little update of that

we’re going to go galatians chapter 6.

you ever asked yourself

why satan showed up in the garden

why would satan show up in the garden

what was he looking for

an opportunity

if you notice when god elohim

would come and walk in the cool of the


what was he looking for an

opportunity to speak to his creation

but satan too i want to minister tonight

on opportunities or not accidents

they’re maps of direction write that

down that’s the title of it

as part of this thing i’ve been flowing


opportunities are not accidents

you’re not here by any accident you’re

not listening by accident

they’re maps of directions

in galatians chapter 6 verse

i want to start with verse 8. excuse me

verse 6.

paul writing to the church of galatians

says let him that is taught in the word

communicate so what you are taught you

ought to be able to communicate

if you believe in healing then you ought

to walk and heal it

if you believe in prosperity then you

ought to not be broke busted and


you ought to be able to communicate what

you know to be true

let him that is taught in the word

communicate unto him that teacheth in

all good things so we should never teach

bad things like this you never know what

god’s going to do that’s a bad thing

you read his word if you want to know

the will of god it’s so simple

the will of god for every one of you

today many you’ve heard me say before

is genesis chapter 1 and genesis chapter

2. that’s the will of god for man

and the last two chapters in the book of


between that is 1185 chapters

of killing stealing and destroying by an

arch enemy called satan

but jesus is coming back we’re going

back to genesis chapter one

genesis chapter two and the last two

chapters in the book of revelation

and we’re gonna walk in the cooler today

so like spock says

live long and prosper

you see what i’m saying when you


this i’m going to communicate this

message to you tonight

let him that is taught in the word


unto him that teaching all good things

be not deceived

why why because if you deceive yourself

guess who’s gonna get all the trouble

why would you deceive yourself

i can understand trying to deceive

somebody else but why would you deceive


because you don’t want to catch the

trouble be not deceived god is not


for whatsoever a man saw it now what

does whatsoever mean to you

whatsoever right that shall he also reap

for he that sow it to his flesh shall

let the flesh reap corruption

but he that soweth to the spirit shall

of the spirit reap

life everlasting and let us not be weary

i want you to underline that

let us not be weary in well-doing

for in due season we shall reap

if we faint not you might want to put a

little a kind of a little

space there that says that verse effort

just remember the word

effort let us not be worrying well doing

for in due season we should reap if we

faint not that is talking about

effort now verse 10 is the way i want to

get to

as we have therefore opportunity

let us do good unto all now the word men


and the king james is italics that was

they added

to the to help the translators but it

means all people

then it says this especially to those

who are the household of faith the

reason why i love the word of faith

is because we’re special

we are honestly wonderfully we are

special we’re not better

but we’re special because we belong to

the house of faith

now you got to understand the difference

you got to know what special means

see you can be special and not be a nice


you can be a special gifted individual

and yet your life

may be in torment one of the greatest

men that had

one of the greatest gifts ever was a man

named george herman ruth

they called them the babe

look how long it took to break his

record he had a terrible life

growing up in ballrooms and saloons

didn’t know how to control he had

no discipline whatsoever at all in his


he was very passionate but he was

uncontrolled discipline that almost

destroyed him in fact did eventually

but you can’t say he wasn’t special

because when he walked to that plate he

struck out more than anybody else ever

did but he hit more home than anybody

else because

every time he swung he swung with

everything he had

that is special are you hearing what i’m


even though his life was not conducive

to what you should live

but he was a special individual mickey


think about that he said he said this if

i’d have known how to live this long i’d

have taken better care of myself

but he thought he would die at 25 27

years old because all of his family did

you got to call him special he was an


you look at some of these sports figures


even though their lifestyles may not be

what they are

well i find that in the preaching

circles too

there are some people very special have

giftings yet they don’t live the way

they should live in some areas

but jesus said that the household of

faith especially those who are of the

household of faith or as we have

therefore opportunity

titled his messages opportunities are

not accidents

they’re maps of direction see when satan

walked into the garden he was looking

for an

opportunity not to just fool her

but to better himself to better his

kingdom do you see that

now we may have lost the garden but

we’ve gained to heaven

but the god’s not lost it’s still up

there god took it up

so you’re here today not by accident

but this opportunity that god is

affording you he says cross

this jordan get your promised land is a

map of direction for you write this down

life is a great opportunity

that produces an education

it also produces a duty how can it

produce an education and a duty

because it’s born with an inward


in other words love in his purest form

is discipline

the problem with moses he was very

passionate he had

uncontrolled discipline that’s why he

killed that guy it was justifiable


to kill that egyptian because he was

killing that jewish man

but that was uncontrolled principle let

me say it again

life is a great opportunity that

produces an education

and produces a duty because it’s born

with an inward principle see when i got

born again i made up my mind that i was


with the sin world i am finished with

the world

i don’t sin every day i don’t mean that

private i i don’t

i have a hard time sinning i got to make


i got to get in the flesh to do it but

if my mind is meditating day and night

like god told joshua in one chapter one

verse eight

i don’t have time for that kind of stuff

and i ain’t the ugliest man in the world

i get hit on every once in a while can

you believe it

that to me is so insane

i’m 71 would you 71 years old you’re

going to lost your ever-loving mind

but they think i have money they’re


but that’s not my money that’s kathy’s


and she’s not giving it to no little


now she i don’t know where the hussy is

but kathy don’t like hussies

i didn’t say husky that’s a dog i’m

talking hussy

life is a great opportunity

that produces an education and a duty

because it’s born with an

inward principle now this is the problem

with a lot of people that are missing


write this down if you’re looking for a

more convenient opportunity

you’ll lose the nearest one to you

write that down if you’re looking for a

more convenient opportunity

you’ll lose the nearest one to you

there’s opportunity

all around you but you’re trying to say

well which one is the best they’re all


you see if you’re looking for a more

convenient because

opportunity is not convenient at times


but you’ll lose the nearest one to you

so the lord told me to say jesse

there’s more money outside the church

than there is inside the church

and the wealth of the center is later

for the just

when we don’t believe that how many

opportunities do god has to give us

that we say well if i can find a more

convenient one and you’re losing the

the nearest one to you which is a my god

a stepping stone to where you want to go

to what you want to do and see these

little things

the lord told me i’ll never forget that

he said there’s more money outside the

church than his inside

i had a friend of mine i’ll tell you

something i mean this is the crazy

my friend just went to heaven not too

long ago and every time i saw him he

laughed at me and

i and i deserved to be laughed at he

called me up me and another guy named


he said hey let’s go get a cup of coffee

i said okay and i happen to be home that


good friend of mine so we’re sitting

there and i’m not a coffee drinker so

i’m just drinking

you know some water or coke or something

like that he said listen

do y’all want to go buy a piece of

property with me

and i heard the lord said listen listen

listen i said a piece of property

yeah he said come on get my truck all of

us can fit in my truck i’m gonna show

you so he took us to a

piece of property that was the trashiest


i’ve ever seen in my life just

jump a squirrel wouldn’t live there

rats said oh no no we’re higher class

than that we understand that

he said they want three thousand dollars

for it

i said that’s a piece of trash george

and my friend said

ah yeah man that’s just a piece of trash

now listen i had a thousand dollars

in my pocket he said well i thought

maybe we just go together let’s buy the


so i said do you know anything about

this property no

don’t know nothing i was just driving by

and i looked at it

you know he said now you hear god’s

voice more than i do jesse but something

touched me

i said to myself

i looked at this seat going by what you


i said i am not going to bother i’m

going to look for more convenient

opportunity so i said george you want a


charles said no he said this is trash


we gonna waste it he said well if you

guys don’t buy i’m gonna buy the thing


we said help yourself i had a thousand


in my pocket all right he buys it

it wasn’t two months and he didn’t know

nothing about this

the state of louisiana came in and

decided to put an

overpass and a road on top of that

property and they paid him three million


i would have made a thousand fold on a

thousand i’d have made a million dollars

and every time i saw him he’d go

i said shut up man and i looked at john

john’s going can you believe this

3 million bucks and george had a

thousand on him too

why didn’t we do that because we were

looking for something

more convenient

opportunities are not accidents they’re

maps of direction that’s what god is

telling joshua

joshua across the jordan the promised

land is there

look at me man it flows with milk and

honey come on man you want out the


here it is

so if you’re looking for a more

convenient opportunity you’ll lose the

nearest one to you

write this down opportunities are active

in nature

and are constant why they do not

weary in operation

let me say it again opportunities are

active in nature

and they are constant they do not weary

in operation now

i told you a while ago on verse 9 and

let us not be weary and will do and for

in due season we shall reap if we faint

not i’m going to jump ahead here

let me read this point first

opportunities are active in nature

and are constantly do not weary in

operation why because

effort is the seed that has the power

of the future effort is the seed

that has the power of the future in

other words let us not be

weary and whether that means you gotta


is your ground to get what you’re

believing for

you’re not god god’s not going to send

an angel you’re laying on the ground

dropping grapes in your mouth

let me say it again these opportunities

are active in nature

and are very constant spiritually

physically financially

how many times god told you to tell

somebody something or do something you

didn’t do it

it was an opportunity that you missed

but it does not weary in operation

and god said let us not be weary and

well doing for in due season we reap why

because you see when you’re doing

something that’s producing effort and

effort is the seed that has the power

of the future are you hearing what i’m

saying here so when you understand that

you ask yourself this for what reason

am i in this world why am i here

the answer is to do good

why did god place you on this planet out

of 7.5

billion people he chose you

all you ministers we we walk in the

executive branch of god’s government the


the prophet the evangelist the pastor

the teacher

why why did god choose you so you would

do good see because

he would give you an education and a

duty to

produce the effort but if you look for

something more convenient

you miss it and that’s why so many

people never attain

what they want is because they keep

looking for something that’s easier

has nothing to do with easy it has to do

with effort

write this down again effort is the seed

that has the

power of the future so you ask yourself

for what reason am i in this world

the answer is to do good so everything i

do i must i do good

i it makes no difference what they do to


but it makes all the difference what i

do to them i am a very heavy tipper

i like blessing people that work hard

let me just tell you something man and

some of these waiters they work hard

you know and a lot of people stiff them

you know and that’s wrong to do that

so i like to be a blessed and i don’t

think everything 10

15 20 22 sometimes you’ll get a

a bill where it says you know uh 15

20 22 i think oh see my tips are always

bigger than the meal

all the time all the time we got locked

down ladies and gentlemen

i had to call jerry savelle we could new

orleans is known for the greatest food

you’ll ever put in your mouth

it ain’t healthy but you gonna die with

a smile on your face you understand what

i’m saying

oh lord it’s good the only thing we

could get was wendy’s

mcdonald’s i don’t go to wendy’s i don’t

go to mcdonald hall ever eat

so when we would drove up to the driver

when it because you couldn’t go in

they said would you like a large size we

thought me and kathy thought that was

the drink

so we said yeah well that meant lord’s


excellent and man our toes start getting


we eating all this stuff

i mean and that’s all you got so we went

out i said i said we gotta

cut back for god’s sake she said well

let’s go to chick-fil-a

that’s a godly place so how many nuggets

you want she said give me 30 of them


we bought 30 nuggets and he never made

it to the house we ate it in the truck

going dennis

plus the french fries

my belly button was getting thick

i took a shower leaned over water fell

out my belly

i said this is ridiculous so we’ve been

on diets so we could put some clothes on

at the southwest believers convention

what you laughing for you fat too

see we seize the opportunity

i got to tell them about the ice cream

cab that guy helped

but she doing good now kathy loves ice


if i was a gambler man i would take

jerry savelle

and cathy duplantis and put them in an

ice cream eating contest with anybody


you are going to lose between them two


i ain’t never seen people wipe out i

mean kyle’s looking at him going mm-hmm

we got a really good idea i mean

i mean jerry can eat ice cream by the pa

kathy too

kathy actually believes that some pints

are small

i said it’s a pint kathy no it’s not

well i like to be a blessing to cathy

so i hit the mother lode at the

winn-dixie it said butter pecan

haagen-dazsy she loved it

i bought 28 pints

i didn’t tell her i went upstairs we

have a nice theater up there and all

that kind of stuff

and i put it in the refrigerator so

cathy goes uh

i mean all you could go is to the

grocery store i mean that’s it

or mcdonald’s or whatever

i said go go look and see what’s in

there she said oh my god

i said i hit the mother lode the lord

will bless you

she ate the whole 28 points

i’m sorry mama it just it’s just too


not in one day but 28 days later it was


she sees the opportunity

and then i can hear her spoon scratching

about you i said

i said kathy there’s no more in the pot

she said this is a small


jerry savelle just is bad too i mean

just wiping that ice cream out

i don’t see how they sleep

but all that sugar we all don’t die

she’s lost weight now so we all right

at least

i got to thinking when i wrote this

point for what reason am i in this world

to buy kathy ice cream

because she likes it

opportunities are not accidents

they’re maps of direction so where you

going tomorrow

what’s going to happen next week

what is set up for you

how much of the promised land you’re

going to walk in

how much of it you’re going to possess

not just confess

write this down the body of christ must

be constantly thinking

of our duties rather than our rights

see you’re going to miss opportunities

if you’re constantly thinking about your


the body of christ must be constantly


of our duties rather than our rights

i want to tell the government here it’s

not your job

look at me look at me it’s not your

job to protect my life i protect my life

it’s your job to protect my rights

that’s what every governor should hear

president house of representatives

senator yates your job to protect my


death and life’s in the power my tongue

not yours but it’s your job

to protect my rights not my life

i’m jesse duplantis and i approve this


are you hearing what i’m saying you’re

supposed to protect that constitution

that we all swore by when we became


so the body of christ must be constantly

thinking of our duties

rather than our rights or in other words

online they owe me that

see that may be true in one sense

see that may be true we said you’re

thinking about well i deserve this and i

no you need to be thinking about your

duty and then the opportunities will

afford you things

it’s amazing some of the things that i

have accomplished

by accepting the opportunity and i


if the devil is looking for

opportunities then i’m gonna look for my


and i have a lot of times opportunities

to talk to god that i didn’t have time

to talk

i thought you know i can just add a

little extra in here hey jesus

and have a wonderful time around this


you see why because it’s my duty

as we therefore have opportunity let us

do good that’s why i bless

these th these uh waitresses ladies and

gentlemen i don’t mean to sound private

i’m gonna just tell you this okay

i didn’t want to but i mean keith told

you about the bentley so i’ll tell you

about something else

i like that bentley that was good so we

couldn’t go out and eat

we eat out twice a day kathy don’t cook

she’s been delivered from the bondage

when you hear the word cook she thinks

onions and leeks in egypt she ain’t

going there

and that’s okay that’s fine i don’t care

you know it’s just me and her anyway

so we got locked down march the second

week of march

so we started eating mcdonald’s

wendy’s cause everything shut down you


man and i noticed i was saving all kind

of money

i mean saving money go to wendy’s how

much i owe you

seven dollars seven dollars

that didn’t tell me that it was seven

thousand calories but it was seven


i didn’t know we didn’t know

we never eat french fries eating large


so i started counting how much money i

saved in tips

from march when did they open up where

they could open up

25 fifth minute holly uh lori i remember

may 15th from march to may 5th i

saved 15 000 in tips

i thought fifteen thousand not no i give

away that much

uh-huh then i thought now i know why i

don’t have to stand in line at pf changs

now i know why i don’t have to stand in

line at the cheesecake fact i walk in

and they said it’s an hour and they go

oh reverend over this way over there

they just have to say who is he uh he

owns this place

they lot they lie they don’t care they

want that tip

50 gary 15 000

i’m not bragging about that but i

thought what a blessing

that i had the opportunity that i’m able

to be a blessing to those people that

are working very hard that i was able to

do it not showing off he said you’re

just showing up i could show off more of

that money in my pocket than in this

you see what i’m saying see there is no

problem of

evil there’s only the problem of the

human heart

there’s no evil has been done with where

our problem is

is in the human heart you have an


to change someone’s heart and put them

on a map of direction where they’re

supposed to go

and it’s it’s amazing what god will do

when you’re able to be the blessing you

want to be

spiritually physically all financially

it doesn’t make any difference you can

do all three or just

one whatever you want do you know never

get under

condemnation or anything you just do

whatever the lord tells you to do

and when you understand that how god

will work those things

there is no problem of evil there is

only the problem with the human heart

you see when you do good let us do good

as we therefore opportunity let us do

good to all

to all to all

what does that all mean to you to me

that second corinthians nine and six

all he was so expanded he reaps off his

family he’s so bountifully reaps also


every man and calling isaac purpose

prayed received in power so let him give

not graduating on the necessity for god

loveth that you’re forgiven and god is

able to make all grace how much grace

all great i bound towards you that you

always having all sufficiency in all


may abound every good work you’re

dispersed abroad you’ve given to the

poor you’re righteous it’s remaining


he was managed seeds of the sower

minister’s bread for your food

multiplies your seed so

increases the fruits of your

righteousness being enriched in all


which causes you to say thank you to god

you see if it’s not in you it can’t come

out of you

see i have an opportunity every day to

study his word

i even study the genealogies

if it’s in that book i want to know

about it i have one of the greatest

libraries am i right jerry you’ve been

in my home

i mean i got a library to blow your

socks off buddy

i mean billy billy’s been billy loved my


i have i have to go on with the win

staircase in the foyer

i i saw the movie and i sent the video

to the architect i said

build a staircase exactly like

scarlett o’hara walked in that tank and

i’m gonna have cathy come down and i’m

gonna be rhett butler

that’s why the house is so big so i

asked billy i have an elevator in there

too i said

i said billy would you would you like to

go down the other or no

no i’m walking down this master

staircase man billy had to lean on

lord jesus it’s like going back in time

not bragging about that just did it

that’s all

so what

you see what i’m saying the lord said

bill it

and no limits i had no idea what that


i said kathy

build this thing no limits

i did ask her one time how come this

place is so big

she said yes you can’t put a 12 by 12

room on the side of a 40 by 40 where you

got that staircase it

you got to keep pulling out i said

that’s fine just do it

she said okay she said well i’m gonna

put you your workout room upstairs no i

don’t want it upset

i want it downstairs you drop weights i

want it on the concrete so you don’t

hear boom

well that made the bottom floor bigger

then i said i don’t want to hear sound

people walking up there on the top

so i concreted the the second level

but i forgot the concrete the attic

and the other day cherry and carolyn was

that at my house sleeping

and i said i gotta go check some i

bought me a led flashlight

i was excited about it i’m not

mechanical but i like that led


you can move it like that i said i’m

gonna go check the attic out

but i forgot and i was trying to walk


jerry actually heard me up this he said

somebody’s up there

i said y’all hear me i got to think now

how can i concrete that attitude

again if you walk up there i don’t know

why i i just going to visit

he said what are you doing i said i just

checking out my led

flashlight cause it’s dark

you can laugh all you want son that was

a big thing for me

when he says as you therefore have

doing good must have intention and

exertion in it

which produces effort

remember to effort is to see that has

the power of the future

if you want your future to be bright

spiritually physical financial

it has to be developed in effort be not

we’re in well doing let me say it again

doing good

must have intention and exercise which

produces effort

in other words what you believe in

you’re producing all at the same time

and it doesn’t take long to do it

it doesn’t it’s actually shorter than

you think

you know you can lose weight quicker

than you can gain it

look how many years it took you to get

as big as you are

don’t look around here i ain’t telling

you to look at nobody

but you can knock it out in 90 days

you might backslide 100 time but you can

knock it out in 90 days

right you just got to get serious with


doing good must have intention and

exertion which produces

effort so people said why do you work so


well i’m not wearing well doing

everything i’m doing i’m doing good

as we never have opportunity i mean i

was with jerry savelle just the other


i mean here at the convention some

little beautiful young little girl she

must be i don’t know 10 years old

i mean and i think jerry knew her he

says hey sweetheart how are you doing

and i’m standing right by jerry i don’t

know this kid from adam i never seen

this kid before in my life

beautiful little girl but this tall

he said i heard your birthday but when

he took i think it was a hundred dollars

he said happy birthday i thought

i have an opportunity so she turned

around i said excuse me honey come here

i said give me a hug she gave me her i

said here’s 100

you can see in her face i love these men

i love them well jerry

because of his kindness afforded me

bill an opportunity to be a blessing to

a child i did not know

he wasn’t saying i’ll wait for a more

better opportunity

you see what i’m saying that child will

never forget that that’s right

it was such i said go buy you something

nice okay thank you

i said you’re welcome so i was so glad

that i was there watching

someone do a something good that i could

be a part of myself

see effort is the seed that has the

power of the future

now i gave that child a hundred dollars

was that yesterday

i got eleven hundred and something

dollars give to me today

go ahead apart i know it’s freaky

the reason why you see you’re nervous

about that what are you going to do when

you get to heaven

and you see gold streets oh jesus i’m

not worthy

i’m not worthy you have a trailer no i

ain’t got no trailer

because in my father’s house see you’re

afraid of that

that’s fear but what people might think

you don’t anything make no difference

what they think

you do what god tells you to do you give

what god tells you to give you receive

what god tells you to receive

and let the chips fall where they live

effort is the seed i love that that has

the power of the future

so my god keith what i’m going to do

tomorrow to produce my future

what opportunity will god give me now

you don’t walk up to people and say

you know brother i’m believing god for a


just like this one let the lord lead you

my brother you know what i’m saying

that’s a lot that’s a that’s a con


that’s no effort to be be a beggar

i had a mentor he said i don’t sign

anybody that can can become debt free

i said the homeless is debt-free

well your light just came on didn’t it

the homeless

is debt free

see not only should you be out of debt

but the amount of money that you were in


have that in liquid in some financial


now you believe in god for something so

if you’re a hundred thousand dollars in


how come you can’t have a hundred

thousand dollars in a bank or if your

house let’s say you bought a beautiful

home a million dollar home or whatever

how come you can’t have the house and

the million dollars because no one ever

told you that you could

but there’s opportunities around you

every day of your life that god is


but you have to not be weary and well do

it you have to put effort to work

because it’s the sea that has the power

of the future right this time

great work done by many hands

is better than just philanthropy by one


great work done by many hands is better

than just

philanthropy done by one

individual do you know that jesus was a


kathy showed me that in the scripture i

believe it was acts 10 38

she was studying one day she said jesse

come look at this how god anointed jesus

the christ of nazareth who went about

doing good how god the lord jesus christ

tonight with the holy ghost and power

who went about doing good if you look at

the word good there it means


jesus not only healed the sick he

blessed people

that’s why i follow him financially

because she had no financial deficit

and in 44 years gary i’ve never had a

financial deficit and i never will i

don’t mean that pridefully

why are you there for imitators of god

as dear children i’m gonna follow him

that’s what he said to do that’s what

i’m gonna do i don’t have the supposed

don’t work syndrome

no no so great work is done by many


is better than just philanthropy by one

individual that was everybody coming

together and getting something done

quickly that’s one thing i love about

the jehovah witness you ever seen in


you ever seen them build a church

they’ll build a church in three days

nothing out there they got that thing

down to a science boy

they got the concrete coming in they got

the plumbers coming i’ve watched it

i wanted to know something about the

jehovah witness i like the word jehovah

i like the name so i said let me study

the doctrine

i mean i i studied a lot of things

sweetheart that i don’t even believe but

i mean it’s good to be able to talk

intelligently about somebody when they

come up to you

and bought a jehovah witness was in the


so here they come three ladies there was

a man that was helping him he said now

you’ll go to that house

so they knocked on the door i opened up

the door i said yes

we’re jehovah witnesses that so am i

coming in the house

they went what i said if anybody witness

for jehovah i do

come on in here i started talking to him

about the lord they quit talking and

started listening

i’m changing their theology i had an

opportunity the man come up he said

i got to get you away from this man this

man is changing you and i said if you

hang around here long enough i’m going

to change you too

i said you wanted jehovah witness i’m

walking down the street

hey i ain’t got no problem with that

they hadn’t been back

now kathy’s a little bit different than

when she witnessed

i tried to be nice kathy’s pretty blunt

we y’all only said 144 000

uh going to heaven well that’s right

what’s your number

and the lady where she said don’t you

think there’s at least 144 000

that’s already done done it man you

ain’t got a chance i said

back off kathy for god’s sake man go eat

a pint of ice cream you got to calm

yourself down here

she just eat that lunch

you ain’t in the number i said she’s my


she just needs some ice cream she should

be here

well why do you want to be a

philanthropist moral dignity

write this down philanthropy produces

moral dignity

because it produces kindness

i love that to work miracles

and to move mountains philanthropy


moral dignity because it produces


to work miracles and to move mountains

i have a couple in our church i don’t

know how many homes i’ve paid off i

don’t mean this pridefully

i mean a bunch of churches good god i

don’t know how many i’m talking about


major i don’t talk much about that but i

felt a little of the lord to do that you

kind of changed something into that


captain told me about the bitly thing i

said you know maybe i need to say some

of these things

well i went to church and i was going to

preach at kathy’s church

she’s the pastor of the church i say


and the lord said you’re gonna pay

somebody’s house off today

i said fine i didn’t know who

i didn’t know how much but evidently he

knew i could handle it

because he told me you’re gonna pay up

somebody’s house today

i said fine so i wound up preaching

went through the whole service

got to the end of the service

and i said you know god

and i tell this to cover the church all

the time god wants your debt free

and you’re going to have to start

believing god you got to go from owen to


now watch this there was a man he’s a


he’s leaning up against the back wall of

the church

and he says this i don’t hear him i’m

way in the front

lord i want my house paid off this year

lord i want my house paid off this year

and then he changed it he went no god

forgive me i want my house

paid off today and i say travis

and he went i said come here

i didn’t know he was praying that i said

travis how much money are you in your


what’s his wife’s name angie right they

don’t mind me say that

i said i’m paying your house off i said

cathy do you have a check she said i

always got to check

i said pay the house off the place went


and that was well my bragging rights

well it do because he got already

figured that out

well i don’t know what uh

four months later

i’m in the cheesecake factory i got some

cheesecake factory stores buddy

now i’m eating lunch with these people

and they hand me a red envelope

they said this is for you bread jesse i

said no i have everything i i

thought no no this is for you the great


i never seen a red envelope you know it

was a beautiful open up

and she said when we sat down to eat the

man gave me a money clip with five

hundred dollars in it

that’s pretty good you get a money clip

of five hundred dollars and he gave

cathy a beautiful purse his wife

i said no no i got to give another

please no no you know

but they did so anyway they said oh we

want to give you this

go ahead open it up so open it up and i

look at it and it’s a check for a

hundred thousand dollars

i thought they said this is for you

you’ve blessed us so much this will go

do what you want when it’s yours

well in the car cathy looks at me and

says you know jesse

you’ve been so kind to me all our lives

why don’t you take that hundred thousand

dollars just spin it on yourself

i said well kathy i don’t want nothing

i i don’t want nothing but see this was

an opportunity here

so i said well why not find out what i


i’ll do it that was january the 15th

february march april

may june july

august september october november

december i hadn’t spent one dime at that

hundred thousand dollars

it’s now december

i hadn’t spent one nickel of it kathy

said are you ever gonna buy yourself


i said well i don’t know when i figure

out what i want or something i guess

kathy said jesse this is the last day of

the year

you’re very seldom at the church would

you preach at the church i said no i

don’t want you

to i’m trying to i need a day off i want

a day off you ever heard of that

a day off so you’re the head of this

ministry i said

oh you just figured that out

i said all right this is new year’s eve

so i finished preaching i’m about ready

to turn it over kathy likes me to turn

it over

do the announcements whatever kind of

stuff all of a sudden i hear myself say

mary mary’s my executive secretary

okay she’s been listening to terri

savelle foy

on this vision board stuff okay

i don’t know what it is but i’m just a

vision board i didn’t know

and her husband is at our book and tape

table his name is roy i want the big

beard that’s him

you can ask now she’s my executive

secretary i said mary

now and she always run to the back and

get me some water or throat losses or

something like that

she comes running and i’m like mary how

much money you owe in your house she

said what

i said how much money you owe in your

house married and now everybody’s real

quiet like they’re going

and i can hear people say you’re gonna

do it again he gonna do it again lord

it’s an opportunity it’s a map of


it’s not an accident i said mary how


money do you owe in your house they had

been believing god to pay that house off

that day and i believe that i might be

wrong there but i believe mary said

jesus this is the last day

of the year she said

we owe about a hundred and seven

thousand dollars i said kathy

you know that a hundred thousand dollars

i said add seven thousand give it to me

and pay the house off

they went slap crazy

now you don’t need a problem please

please no no please it hasn’t it was

just obedience

i don’t want anybody to get excited over


yeah but it was on i realized that the

hundred thousand

wasn’t for me god knew that i

he could trust me he would i would do

something with that

do you follow what i’m saying see


produces moral dignity because it

produces kindness

to work miracles and to move mountains

and immediately man they just went to

shout and blessing god

and they were able to bless other people

you know and roy and mary just

really great givers to the work of the

lord as well as blessing people

and man he’s giving away motorcycles i

mean it’s just amazing see

we teach people these things don’t wait

for a more convenient opportunity

and watch where you sow because the

soil’s got to be right

now let me say this opportunity write

this down is the seed bed

of the future effort is the seed that

has the power of the future

but opportunity is the seed bed of the


you see it’s the seedbed how many you

want your churches paid off

come on be honest you want your church

paid off stand up

if you go to church you owe some money

on they’re not not not being embarrassed

about you want it paid off

you can believe god that you’ve done

this year talk to me

you believe it how many want your houses

paid off stand up

yeah come on let’s

seize this opportunity

and if you think that’s going to break

god you’re living in a dream world

how many do you want say i want my house

paid off

i want my church paid off

i want to pay off my grandmother’s house

as well as my house i want to have

enough money

after i paid off to have the same amount

of money in the bank

so i can do it again give the lord a

shout for that


now sit down let me finish opportunity

is the seedbed of the future as we

therefore opportunity let us do good to


now that we are here in this world

what are we going to make of ourselves

what are we going to do with ourselves

i prayed that this morning lord what

without having me to do today

now that we’re in this world what are we

going to make of ourselves

what are we going to do with ourselves

i pray every day for money to give away

now when you say stuff like that people

try to

you know i don’t let people take

advantage of me bill i don’t i don’t

believe in that you know what i’m saying

but i mean i i told my staff i said

leave with me for 200 million dollars

and i’ll double your salaries

i told all my whole staff and my foreign


and in australia and england and the

board of directors in england the board

of directors in australia i said i’m

taking all y’all in hawaii

and i’m gonna put you in the hotels i

stay and i’m gonna pay for it myself

they said i said huh huh i said this is

not your vacation

i’m gonna still pay you like as if

you’re working i said i can’t shut the

ministry down

so i got to take 50 of you for a week

i’m gonna get you back for a day or two

and then i’m gonna take the other 50

oh i’ll take the next day they were

wearing hawaiian ladies at the office

i didn’t tell them when was a few months

later it was christmas and i said okay

we’re going this year they they had a

wonderful time

it cost me quite a bit of money

personally and the lord said because


has done this i said lord don’t worry

about you’ve been so kind to me

he said i got a surprise for you boy

well i took the whole both sta well the

one staff but

i got them back they were telling

everything they did and then i brought

the other half and i mean i i have been


a hundred and five hundred five hundred

six times i get

preaching most of the time and i i i i

can be a god we’re walking

we’re walking we’re walking this way

we’re walking i can just do that

you know i mean any island you name it i

can do it

been on all them preached on all of them

except one near

robertson island you have to be i think

an original hawaiian

and it doesn’t have electricity so i

plan on going myself because

like a little air conditioner you know

and you you have to be invited

but to make a long story short i flew

everybody home

and as i was flying home the lord said

jesse just said jesse

i said what he said i got a surprise for


i said what is it he said well if i told

you you wouldn’t be a surprise with it

so i got in about 10 o’clock sunday

night i went to the office on monday

about 4 30 in the afternoon that monday

i had all the money back plus

and the lord said what you think about

that i said that’s good

i said that’s kindness he said you know

what i like about you and i close with


you even do it to people that treat you


you have an opportunity to be a blessing

to those that even hate you and speak

evil of you

well they were trying to kill me with

abc cb y’all seen all that years ago

i mean i got attacked by inside edition

at the southwest believers convention

how many over there when that happened

y’all am i telling the truth they come

at me with everything they had

this is my point let us let us do let

our doing be beautiful

even when we’re dealing with unlovely


yes sir it’s just me oh okay

and i thought it was god talking in my

left ear jesus

i just sound like brother copeland

forgive me jesse you know i would never

interrupt you

sure um

without the word of the lord coming to


and this began well

that’s the reason i came out here and

said all of us

started with nothing right it began

right then

and it’s just been building and building

and building and building and knowing


there are those who have said

they just talk about all their money

and all they give to people what about

giving to the poor

we did that first yes sir

that’s right and you need to really

really be careful about that

i mean i’m not talking about being

careful about giving to the poor

i’m talking about moving over into that

mindset because you’re quoting judas

hallelujah you’re thinking

after judah’s thoughts

and the bible very plainly says he

didn’t care anything about the poor he’s

a thief

well that donald trump just makes me


flying a big old airliner

this serious business yes it is

why has the lord instructed us

to deal with the money problem so much

because there are many more many many


people that can’t accomplish their

ministry because they don’t have the


than they do because they’re sick that’s

right that’s right

i agree that’s the truth

and that just it just kept coming up and

just kept coming up

and just kept coming up until i could no


ignore it it’s very very


very dangerous jesus himself said

you always have the poor with you

but now you go back to the book of


here was god’s viewpoint oh gloria

and he said you should have no

poor among you that’s right that’s the


15 yes it is you should have no

poor among you that’s right why

because he has given us

his heavenly economics

jesus so that you and so that i

and all of those like us praise god can

get together and

do something about amen

and we’re doing it we’re doing it yes it

is we’re doing it

this this this little restaurant that


gloria and i would go to and uh we just

kept going to the savior’s little

apparently applebee’s

it turned into a ministry um

and these little these little kids no

way little waitresses

we would we’d come in and they’d just

all come sit in our booth

that’s right and

and they wanted us to tell them stories

about what happened in the miracles

and i brought a whole sack full of many

books down there one day

a whole sack full of them and to give

them to this one little girl

and they they wouldn’t they said no

where’s mine

oh i wears my many books amen that’s the


but one little girl bad

stuff at home wound up without a car

a really bad husband

and we led her to the lord she said

what am i gonna do we said well first of

all we’re going to pray

and i just sit there and i thought well

that’s not enough yeah that’s not an i


and so i said well how much money will

it take to get

oh i don’t know brother copeland had you

know maybe

2 500 likes you can’t get anything for


you know that

so we just bought her a car you see i

learned this from you

but you see what i see that she’s poor

she can’t

do anything right i mean she was


we didn’t buy her a new car we bought

her a good car amen

hallelujah glory to god

and then

a man that

so good in that restaurant

it’s a great waiter

and we we’ve

he he he knew the lord but he didn’t

know anything about him

he didn’t have anything working in you

know applebee’s for tips so

but he started kind of getting sick and

and he kept getting sick and we prayed

for him and

gloria and i prayed for him and well he

can he

felt a little bit man he was losing


make a long story short he died of brain


his little nine-year-old daughter

bad situation at home

the mother was gone little nine-year-old


so so timid she just wouldn’t hardly

say anything and so he brought her

over to her booth and i gave her

a hundred dollar bill

and she’d come over and say hello

and she went to school and and

the teacher called her dad

and said you need to do something about

her she lies

what do you mean she lies she says she

knows kenneth copeland he said

she does know kenneth copeland he is a

very good friend of hers


that’s the poor yeah that’s right

and when he’d

when he died

his mother is going to have to raise

that baby

he had bought an almost new truck

and they didn’t have the money to pay

for it

they didn’t have the money for a funeral

we’ve paid off the truck and paid for

the funeral

amen amen now that’s the poor

yeah right

i like the fella said i’m just eat up

with this

it’s such a blessing that’s that’s the



there are


i didn’t understand this for a long time


the lord called glory in me

oral roberts my father in the faith

and then just days later

kenneth e hagin came into my life

and we became faith specialists praise

the lord that’s what we do

that’s it that’s it bill johnson

is a praise and worship specialist

hallelujah and he’s good at his job

and that’s the reason the glory falls

hallelujah that’s the reason yes sir

he’s a glory specialist hallelujah this

is one of the reasons i was so

interested in his being a part

of what we’re doing here amen i need to

hear this man

amen i need to hear his specialty amen

well i got something wrong with my car

i’m not i’m not going to applebee’s

right right

no no i go to a specialist that’s right

and i don’t want a lumberjack operating

on my

on my back

we’re glory specialists faith


and god has had a center up on heavenly

economics that’s right how it works and

it works by

certain laws of prosperity that’s it

to prosper money’s the least that’s it

that’s so true

it’s paper yeah yeah that’s real that’s

all it is

but to prosper yourself

is to prosper in your space

then prosper in your soul

and then prosper in your body

that’s right

and then you begin to prosper

to that place where a

prosperous person is one

who knows how amen

to get other people

prosperous in their spirit

and in their soul their mind their will

that’s their emotions

you remember that time me and you and

jerry when we were preaching together

there in honolulu and

you were walking down the street and

jerry was behind you and i was behind


and you just stopped and jerry run into

you and i run into jerry

and you said we got to go in that


i got to go give somebody some money you

walked down and everything i mean

yeah i mean we actually bought against

it no

so he brother copeland turned around and

started walking said jerry said i’m

following him

i’m following you let’s go and we all

walked in and you blessed that preacher

and he was about ready to give up he was

just finished and everything and i don’t

believe you knew the man

and you gave him some money and he was

working as a waiter in that restaurant

and and he he couldn’t he was a broke

preacher yeah

and you blessed him and jerry says well

i’m blessing him too and i said i’m

blessing him too

i mean the man could have quit the job

we just blessed him

and what you and the reason why you’re

so sensitive

in your spirit so sensitive in your soul

and so sensitive in your body that you

don’t have to be in church service

you’re just walking somewhere and that

opportunity affords it

and you all automatically comes out of

your spirit into a renewed mind

into a physical body and you cause the

blessing to take place

you know and i had a deal happen jesse

you all don’t mind if we visit here a

little bit

how are we doing it’s still it’s still

still dark man

they don’t they don’t even realize that

me and you played the same nightclub you

know i thought about that this afternoon

i thought

i’m not going to bring that up it was at

a different time

yes we wasn’t saying

a place called the top hat

jerry and i were together

and we walked out this restaurant

and this young this this this young

young black kid

and i when i saw him i just

some just rose up on the inside i fell

in love with that young man

the moment i saw him and he

he caught me when i walked out the door

there he said uh


you see this diamond ring

i’m gonna let you have it for 20.

i said really

i said i don’t believe i want that ring

oh i said i’ll tell you what i’ll do

um here’s 20.

anyway jerry said wait a minute i got


here’s 20. that’s right huh and and

and he you know and i just held on to

his hand

i said if you ever have has there ever

been a time when you um

made jesus lord he loved that hand’s

trying to i said no no

i said now’s your time brother he tells

your time i wouldn’t let him

go so if i hadn’t had 20 bucks i’d lost

him that’s right

a man went to heaven over twenty dollars


he missed that get this

sometime later i don’t know

months later

gloria and i came home we’d been on the

road for

several days actually several weeks

and there was a yellow mercedes

convertible parked right in the middle

of my

in front of my garage and i couldn’t

get in the garage or anything before

it’s just sitting there

i thought i wonder whose car that is

and i mean this is this long time after

that incident

so i called and said there’s a there’s a

yellow 500

mercedes convertible in my in my my


they said that’s yours i said no no it’s

not mine

it’s said no it said it’s yours one of

your partners brought it to you

what now here’s the key

there are things that happen

over here the body of christ

spiritually knitted

together amen amen

and i went before the lord and i said

lord i don’t get this i

i didn’t pray over that car i never

asked you for the car

oh what what in the world is this

he said all right number one

don’t you remember in my word

where i said if you’ll hearken to my


hearken hear ken he said

i like that that’s good that’s good that

gets my attention

he said and all these blessings would

come on you and overtake you

right i said yes sir he said you just

got overtook

praise the lord and i said that is not

even good english it should be overtaken

he said no you’ve been overtook him

with a yell of 500. now he said now


if you hadn’t done out in front of that

restaurant because that young

man’s mother was praying for him night

and day

then i couldn’t have done what i did

with you

over that mercedes that’s right see

that’s what money to help the poor right

then the blessing of it came right

over here on this other side

it’s become a habit i tell people i said

i’m a giving addict and the lord oh yeah

finance is my habit

that’s good he just wait a minute

i perceive that somebody said well i’d

sure do that if i had it

we started this before we had it that’s


that’s true yes sir that’s truth

that’s true i mean the first thing that

jesse the first thing that

that came on those tips you know i just

did it like everybody else

right yeah and the lord said

you really want to be blessed

years ago i said well yeah

he said don’t ever tip anybody less than

five dollars

i said no wait a minute

any time he said

i don’t care if it’s only

then i don’t drink coffee he said i

don’t care if you just get

a cup of hot tea you don’t tip less than


i thought hey this is gonna get good


this is gonna get good that’s right

and i noticed like jesse’s saying

when you take this back to the days when

we first see we talk about this now

like we started there no no

no no no i’m talking to you about the

abcs of it right

that’s right and that that’s back when

you know five dollars a pretty good

chunk of change man

and and i i bought something 50 cents

and left five dollars

and then it became 10. yeah and then it


20 and then it was just we off to the


but then we began to prosper more amen

and more and more rapidly

and then it turned into a ministry yeah

and then it turned into more than that

and more than that

and all the time

there was this young upstart

gary christie

and he’s a financial advisor

in those days and he couldn’t handle his

own finances

just borrowed his way to the top

and now he’s teaching

others on the victory channel

fixing the money thing

for christian people to get out of debt


and have the financial freedom that it

that it takes

to be a blessing on youtube hallelujah


now and i i just i’ve had this on my

heart all day and i’ll

push and get up and uh

brother bill johnson was talking this

morning about being so aware and

listening to the spirit of god and just

just just wearing wearing him it’s just

those of you didn’t see it go back get


you can’t miss this you cannot afford to

miss the illustration that he gave about

the spirit of god

the dove coming on jesus

and he just took his pocket square and

laid it up there

it’s just still all over me

amen but he didn’t leave him

he’s a very nervous little bird

ah that’s powerful and i was thinking

about this this morning bill

i i was i was

i had a meeting in las vegas

and this is back when wayne cochran

he’s in heaven oh god i love wayne

and you old guys you old rockers

remember cc ryder

oh don’t hush it

no don’t get me off no no

and uh and wayne

he was working in the sands and he

he led the owner of the sands

to the lord hallelujah and and he said

wayne i need to do something for god

and all i’ve got this old hotel this

casino what what am i going to do

well he said i don’t know he said do you

suppose brother copeland would come

have a meeting in my hotel and that’s


and he said i know he would so wayne

called me i said when

now i didn’t ask

some of the local churches if i could


and one of them sued me

coming into his town well how come he

hadn’t been down there

yeah i’m waiting we were there

we were there a couple of weeks

and i’m waiting back behind the cotton

waiting for 7 30 you know

and it’s a it’s a stage there right in

the uh

in the casino and one of the blackjack

dealers came around

stuck his head and he said brother

copeland i wish i could i wish i could

come to the meeting tonight

but he said i’m working the blackjack

table but i can’t come

he said there’s a lot of us born again

blackjack dealers and he said we get

together he said we’re so glad you’re

here we’re so glad you’re here

that’s true yeah now


i was walking i walked out

of the casino

and and i’m and i’m dressed nice i mean

i dressed the best i had

and um this very nice looking couple

walking down i remember

i’m very conscious of him i was thinking

about this this morning and

i’m very conscious of him

but i was financially well enough off to



and i sang well enough to fit in

this nice looking couple coming right

straight forward

toward me the lord said i want you to

speak to that couple

for me okay

and i said excuse me please i said

i’m a minister of the gospel and

i believe the lord has a word he would

like for me to speak to you may i do


of course and i

spoke by the spirit so i don’t have i

don’t have any remembrance of what i


and i got through and they said thank

you very much and just walked away

oh well maybe they’ll get it later

you know and i turned

to go to go on where i was going

i hadn’t noticed this man

he was so drunk he

looked like he was holding up the wall

you know

what i’m talking about yes sir heals


like this

i heard what you said

yeah you pray for me i shall pray for


now i had to be dressed nicely

in a casino to be there

right so he’s just

showing here so we went in the men’s


i’m telling you jesse he was so drunk

then he’s just stumbling around

so and when i

touched him oh dear god hold on oh i’m

telling you the anointing of god came up

in me

and and and i restored and touched him

on the head and he just went

he was cold sober

right immediately my god man

he said thank you thank you

i’m a backslidden pentecostal preacher

thank you

hallelujah jesus that’s god

because you were there you know

no one ever witnessed to me you know

have these big christian

conventions in vegas though you know we

played these places and i

they had name tags and if anybody needed

to get saved i did

that head out in the hill you know and

not one

person ever came up to me and asked me

if i’d like to meet jesus christ the

only person ever witnessed to me was


and of course my mom but i’m talking

about when i was in those clubs i often

wondered about that

why if anybody needed jesus i

did fear just yeah they just wouldn’t do

it i guarantee you there were those that

thought about it

but they’re afraid yeah that fear that’s

the reason it’s so important to have


take you out and have you demonstrate

nobody will turn you down

right yeah yeah

they need they need christ we were

having a meeting in lubbock for three


and the people stayed away by the


nobody came fed me we were there three


we got down to the end of it

middle of the summer

and i said lord what are we going to do

he said call a real estate agent and

have him take you to the poorest part of


so that’s what we did and

so here was our deal we knock on the


don’t mention the meeting

is there anyone here that needs prayer

we’re a people that have learned some

things about praying

and we we

do you need prayer not one turned us


now we had women working with women and

been with me so gloria and her partner

this woman said wait wait wait wait wait

i said don’t leave don’t leave

and she ran back in and she took a quick


and she changed clothes and then let

them in and that’s something

we had miracle after miracle after

miracle after miracle

after miracle after miracle that’s the

way you minister to the poor that’s


money won’t do it

that’s right poverty is not a money

problem it’s a spiritual

that’s right that’s the truth go ahead

all right

but ain’t that good get a little

handclap for that

and uh don’t worry about it

it’s seven six minutes to ten before you

save you’re just starting to drink right


and you had to go to work the next

morning too you know it not know it

stand to your feet

these are not bragging stories

we help so many people but i’ve made my

mind up

that i’m going to obey god if god told


to go buy bill gates a car even though

he could buy general motors and ford

whatever or bezos who owns amazon

i don’t care how much he’s got i’m just

going to obey the lord

i don’t talk much about what i do for

the poor my own board of directors get

mad about that

i like to protect the dignity of people

i just do it and uh but then god will

tell me to bring up some of these


and some people misunderstand it they

think i’m just thinking about the money

is nothing

it it it’s nothing

and you know but it but but you need

money in an economic world

so i want to leave you like this

thinking preaching should never


thought it should make you think

so what opportunity

that you’re facing now that you can


it could be spiritual it could be

physical it could be financial

it could be all three it could be

getting saved

it could be healed of stage four cancer

you see as we therefore have opportunity

let us do good to all

so take the person’s next if you can’t

if you’re afraid to touch their hand

touch their shoulder whatever would you

please just do something like that

and i want to pray a prayer and i’m

going to ask god to release your spirit

soul and body

and your eyes to be open to these

maps of directions

i mean think about it joshua spent all

his life and he never got all the

promised land

you don’t want to do that he said joshua

you’re old and there’s still much land

to be possessed

that’s i guess why i work so much

i i said god we just got we got to touch

this world

me and kathy work seven days a week

almost 24 7.

i got to build her a studio because

she’s doing more

social media and i need studio time i

got to get enough

and you know and people say yeah but you

know y’all need to relax

to do what

i am relaxed i’m about the father’s


so would you let me just pray for you

the way i want to and you just accepted

father in jesus name

those that are watching online as well


victory or however they watching what

platform they’re using

and those that are here lord

starting now open their eyes to see the

opportunities that are around them

and let them walk into those

opportunities spiritually physically


and always give them more than enough


i don’t know lord maybe when we tell

these stories i should tell more about

when we first started out we had nothing

but you know even when we had nothing we

had you which was everything

we were just willing to obey you so

father i ask you now

if there’s someone here that doesn’t

know you here’s an opportunity for them

to get saved

there’s a person here you have a bladder

cancer the lord’s healing your body your

opportunity is now for healing

you don’t need anybody lay hands on you

just accept the opportunity

lord i ask each and every one of them

but what i would love to hear

oh god as all those that stood up but

their homes being paid off in their


then when they come next year there will

be a

flood of testimony and then once before

some of them get home

you do some unbelievable miracle

their homes and churches are paid for

lord hard times

shouldn’t be for the body of christ even

though i know we go through hard times


and i understand that but lord

when you’re so in love with you it

doesn’t make no difference what the

world does

we’re about your business so bless each

and every one of them

and let them see their opportunities and

let them know without a shadow of a


that they will all be fulfilled this


in fact i’d like you to do something for

everyone listening to the sound of my


that you gave a prophecy to kenneth

copeland me many years ago on his


it was 1995 you said by the end of the

year everything i was believing for

would be taken you’d have to dream a new


pray a new prayer i remember when

brother copeland gave me that lord i

thought he’s going to have to

god you’re going to hurry up i need a

television truck

i want to open up foreign offices i want

to do all this kind of stuff

and god come december 31st going into

january 1st 1996

i had to pray a new prayer because


brother copeland said through a

prophetic word to me was done

i had to dream a new dream because

everything i believed for had come to


in those months lord i ask you to do

that for all these that are standing


and let them always give you glory lord

never take it upon themselves but to

give you glory

and i thank you for it now would you

lift your hands up as an act of faith

and just receive that today

you should tell them the holy ghost just

sealed and sanctioned it

for those that will believe me

oh lord jesus he said jesse there’s

gonna be a very busy night for angels

it’ll be a very busy night

you’re not going to go anywhere anymore

when you see an opportunity you’re going

to think about this message

that this is a map of direction

it’ll guide you in every part of your


it’ll guide you into your mate if you

want to get married

the right person the right time

the right place i would have never met

i’ll say this and then uh this myth

i would have never met my wife kathy i

was raised in the streets of new orleans

kathy come from a little town south of

new orleans oklahoma

mother my dad got transferred to home of


mama said we ain’t moving at home we’re

staying here in the west bank of new


my dad told my mom i’ll never forget if

i don’t take this job

he worked for getty oil company he said

they’ll probably let me go

i honestly believe i told that to kathy

last year that god

moved my dad to homo so that i would

meet kathy

and god saw this ministry because we

were not

leaving the west bank of new orleans and

i met kathy

at a swimming pool and the rest is all


and god saved her

and i became her opportunity

even when i slept she would cast devils

out i couldn’t even sleep

put her little fingers on my shoulder

and cast the devil out and i said get

your hand off me woman i’m awake

then she found out about the holy ghost

she said jesse fly me home

i flew from st louis to new orleans and

said meet me in chicago in two weeks

cost me 346 for cather to get filled

with the holy ghost

that’s right i met her two weeks later

in chicago she walked off the plane

looked at me and said

i got the power

i said you what remember you remember

that i got the

power you’re going down

and she was right she didn’t miss her


caleb thank you lord he said they will

dream opportunities

when you sleep tonight

thank you lord he said and tell them i

would like them to keep me busy

all the days of their lives

by giving your opportunity upon

opportunity upon opportunity

it’s going to happen we don’t want to

miss tomorrow i know it’s a little late

yes lord he said just tell them this

when they go home in their hotel

wherever they are

just get a little piece of paper and

write down what you want

and before you go to bed present it as a

petition and a supplication

with thanksgiving it can be spiritual

physical financial all three

and watch what god will do for you

it’ll shock you before the end of this

believer’s convention if you just let it

you love that give jesus a hand clap