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all right so tonight I wanted to just go

through Psalms chapter 91 I know that

many of you probably are aware of this

but you know the Bible says faith comes

by hearing not by having heard and one

of the things that I do constantly is

just go back over all of the things that

God has taught me and I always get

something brand-new out of it matter of

fact I just read through Psalms 91 right

before we came out here in preparation

and I was sitting here thinking about

some things that I’ve never really seen

or if I’ve seen them I just hadn’t

latched onto it the way I should and I

just get something out of the word every

single time I read it so Psalms chapter

91 is a passage of Scripture that just

really lists some of the things that God

wants to do in your life and it is way

over and above what the average person

is believing for the average person for

some reason believes that God is

hesitant to bless us or to protect us or

to prosperous and stuff and so they feel

like you know what is the minimum that I

can ask out

I don’t want to bother God Psalms

chapter 91 will show you that God has a

awesome plan for you and I think that if

you just go through this with me tonight

that this is really going to impress you

about how God wants to move in your life

so what I’m going to do first is just

read through the entire Psalm

there’s only let’s see sixteen verses so

I’m going to read all of these verses so

that we can get the overview of it and

then go back and look at some things

specifically Psalms chapter 91 verse one

he that dwelleth in the secret place of

the Most High shall abide under the

shadow of the Almighty I will say of the

Lord he is my refuge in my fortress my

god in him will I trust surely he shall

deliver thee from the snare of the

Fowler and from the noisome pestilence

he shall cover thee with his feathers

and under his wings shalt thou trust his

truth shall be thy shield and buckler

thou shalt not be afraid for the terror

by night nor for the arrow that flies by

day nor for the pestilence pestilence

that walketh in darkness nor for the

destruction that wasteth at noonday a

Thousand shall fall at thy side and ten

thousand at thy right hand but it shall

not come nigh thee only with thine eyes

shalt thou behold and see the reward of

the wicked because that’s made the Lord

which is my refuge even the most high

thy habitation there shall no evil

befall thee neither shall any plague

come nigh thy dwelling for he shall give

his angels charge over thee to keep thee

in all thy ways they shall bear thee up

in their hands lest thou dash thy foot

against a stone

thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder

the young lion and the dragon shalt thou

trample under feet because he has set

his love upon me therefore will I

deliver him I will set him on high

because he hath known my name he shall

call upon me and I will answer him I

will be with him in trouble I will

deliver him and honor him with long life

will i satisfy him and show him my

salvation man that’s awesome

you know the promises

in this one passage of Scripture are so

phenomenal that most people just think

that this is unobtainable but this is

scripture and matter of fact Satan even

used these verses right here to tempt

Jesus was he when he was on the Mount of

Transfiguration and he quoted some of

these exact verses and Jesus

straightened him out on his

misapplication of them but this is just

powerful so let me go through and just

look at closer at this in verse one and

two it says he that dwelleth in the

secret place of the Most High and versus

wanting to are kind of the conditions

that all of these other promises are

based upon some people might read this

and think well I’m a believer and man I

love God and yet these things aren’t

coming in my life I’ve got pestilence

I’ve got fear I’ve had people come out

against me these things aren’t working

it’s not so but in verses 1 and 2 it

puts some qualifications on it it says

you have to dwell in the secret place of

the Most High and I could spend a large

amount of time trying to amplify and

explain exactly what this is talking

about but in a nutshell this is just

automates you’ve got to have an intimate

relationship with the Lord this isn’t

talking about a person who just cried

out to God in a period of distress and

said god help me and then you know God

saves you and you just go and do your

own thing and you’re living completely

contrary to God’s instructions this is

talking about a person who has a

relationship of the Lord dwelling in the

secret place of the Most High you abide

under the shadow of the Almighty so this

is talking about a person who is seeking

the Lord

a person who has yielded to the Lord and

cooperating with the Lord instead of

rebelling at the Lord and then this is

really important in verse 2 now pay

attention to this because this is where

a lot of people miss it it says I will

say of the Lord he is my refuge and my

fortress my god in him will I trust

here’s the way that I say this that all

of these promises of God are

voice-activated you have to speak forth

your faith and again I could spend I’ve

got probably five or six hours worth of

teaching on your

birds and how that God spoke the worlds

into existence that everything was

created by words it responds to words

and for these promises to work in your

life you not only have to be seeking the

Lord and have a relationship with the

Lord but you need to be speaking forth

your faith these promises are voice

activated and this is where so many

people miss it you know just take the

example of like sickness somebody will

go to the doctor the doctor says you’re

gonna die you’ve got six months to live

so somebody says how are you and instead

of you saying I’m healed in the name of

the Lord see and activating the promises

of God by your words you’ll sit there

and say oh oh I got six months to live

I’m dying and there’s no hope and you

start speaking for your unbelief

proverbs 18:21 death and life are in the

power of the tongue and they that love

it shall eat the fruit thereof so

there’s many people that have a

relationship with the Lord but they

don’t understand how important your

words are and so you’re hung by your

tongue this says that you have to say of

the Lord he is my refuge in my fortress

you have to speak forth your faith not

what your fears are not what people are

saying about you and things like that

now again I could spend an hour on that

but I want to go on through some of

these other promises that are here but

don’t skip over that this is voice

activated and then in verse 3 it says

surely he shall deliver thee from the

snare of the Fowler and from the noisome

pestilence the snare of the Fowler is

just talking about the enemy we’ve got

an enemy that’s trying to snare us Satan

cannot force anything upon you you know

everything here I could preach on this

for hours at a time I can’t believe I

bit off this whole thing in one little

30 minutes lesson but anyway Satan

cannot force you to do anything his only

power is deception he has to lay a trap

for you and if he can get you to buy

into his fear and start speaking forth

your doubt your fear your unbelief then

he has taken you in the snare of the

Fowler but if you are dwelling under the

shadow of the Almighty

if you are speaking forth your faith

instead of your fears well then you will

be delivered from the snare of the

Fowler and from the noisome pestilence

he shall cover thee with his feathers

and under his wings shalt out trust this

is a description of like a I’ve heard

people use a chicken but any type of

fowl that have wings well you know when

it rains the mother hen will spread her

wings out like this and the little

chickens will come get unto her and and

it’s a word picture and this is what God

does with all of his ability and all of

God’s power he has all of this available

but you know what he doesn’t necessarily

run after you and force this deliverance

on you the mother chicken will spread

her wings out like this and the little

chickens run there for help you have to

run to the Lord but God has protection

for you so that you heal under his wings

shalt you trust his truth shall be thy

shield and buckler and of course the

truth here is talking about the Word of

God John 17:17 thy Word is truth in

Ephesians chapter 6 you know the truth

is the sword of the Spirit and you use

that and the shield and buckler is

talkin a buckler was like a utility belt

that a soldier wore that he kept his

things on today we would talk about it’s

where you keep your ammunition your hand

grenade or something like that so the

Lord will be your defense and your

offensive weapon when you dwell under

his protection in verse 5 it says thou

shalt not be afraid for the terror by

night nor for the arrow that flies by

day nor for the pestilence let me firm a

page here nor for the pestilence that

walketh in darkness nor for the

destruction that wasteth at noonday now

I’m not saying any of these things to be

critical of anybody but I’m just trying

to point out that most Christians aren’t

even they aren’t even trying to

appropriate the promises right here most

Christians believe it is absolutely

normal to fall apart like a $2.00

suitcase when the doctor tells you

you’re gonna die when the banker says

that you’re in

financial needs when your mate is upset

with you and they just get into fear

that they’re gonna lose their family

they’re gonna lose their marriage

they’re gonna lose their health how are

we ever going to make it and they live

with this because most people don’t let

the Bible get in the way of what they

believe they just look around and sad to

say they look in the church they look at

some of the Christians around them and

they’re all sick and they’re all poor

and they’re all worried and they just

think that this is normal

I’m telling you on the authority of the

Word of God if you appropriate what this

is talking about you can reach a place

to where you are not afraid for the

terror by night nor for the arrow that

flies by day nor for the pestilence that

walks in darkness nor for the

destruction that wasteth at noonday in

other words this is saying that you

should not be afraid of people attacking

you and doing things like this you know

I’ve been in situations where honestly

it was a bad situation and my life could

have been in jeopardy but I just don’t

have any fear perfect love cast out fear

and you can literally get to where you

are dwelling under the shadow of the

Almighty and God is so much with you

it’ll go on to say right here that he

gives his angels charge over you and you

can get to where you are so secure in

the Lord’s protection that you aren’t

afraid now this doesn’t mean that you do

things stupid it doesn’t mean that you

expose yourself to things that you

shouldn’t be exposed to but at the same

time you aren’t afraid like here’s an

example that when 9/11 happened and we

had the terrorist attacks you know we

had a meeting scheduled in Charlotte

North Carolina and so I had to drive

there because they had canceled all the

plane flights and when we got to

Charlotte of course this was on

everybody’s mind they were wondering

about where is this leading to are we in

a war what what’s going to happen and

Christians were panicked they were

absolutely fearful and there was a lot

of people that I talked to says I’ll

never fly again and you know what if

they would have allowed us to fly I

would have got on a plane the next day

in a flaw because you know I didn’t

believe it was going to be too

total destruction the way some people

anticipate it but there are many

Christians that are just as afraid of

what’s happening here on the earth as

unbelievers and this shouldn’t be you

shouldn’t be afraid of things they have

pestilence come out you know they had

this thing called the bird flu or the

swine or the avian flu and a guy over in

England was predicting that one third of

the world’s population would die within

two years from avian flu and in the

first place I did not believe that but

even if that had been true which it

turned not to be I the last I heard

there was only 12 people maximum in

worldwide that died from this avian flu

but even if it had turned out to be the

way that he said it well that means

two-thirds of the people we’re gonna

live but see some people just hear a

report and they they say there’s a five

percent chance that this could give you

well it means there’s a 95% chance that

it won’t but some people are just

completely fear motivated they live

their life just trying to avoid anything

that could cause a problem and this is

contrary to what these verses are saying

if you have a relationship with the Lord

if you really dwell in a secret place

with him if you ever understand how much

God loves you and all of these promises

you can live a fear free life and that

is something that not very many people

tap into it says in the next verse a

Thousand shall fall at thy side and ten

thousand at thy right hand but it shall

not come nigh thee again this is saying

that even if there is a plague you might

have a thousand fall over here and ten

thousand over here but you’ll be the one

that comes through it that’s the way

that I feel you know if something

happened I guarantee you I remember this

guy Mike Warren kid you ever hear of

Mike Warren anyway he was a Christian

comedian and he went through Vietnam and

he told his story about getting hit with

a phosphorus grenade and he was on fire

and his body was burnt he’s he’s

disfigured because of it and they

actually picked him up and put him on a

stretcher to take him off and he was

so on fire you burn a hole through the

stretching do you remember him yes and

fell on the ground and finally they got

him in the helicopter and I think I may

get some of this wrong but the

helicopter got shot at and the

helicopter crashed and and people were

just dying all around him and he says my

god I’m gonna be the only person to live

through this and see that’s that

positive attitude that’s the way that I

feel it doesn’t you know I was over in

Ireland southern ireland and i was there

and i had a whole group of people with

me and we went to a meeting and and

anyway there was one guy in the car who

had the flu and every single person in

the car got it nobody could go but me

and i didn’t get it and i because i sit

here and I say these things that no

plague will come nigh my dwelling and I

say things like this and as a result

other people get sick all around me

people that I’m laying hands on I’ve had

people with AIDS spit in my face I’ve

had them call for me I’ve had them do

all kinds of thing I just I am NOT gonna

be sick I was talking to some good

friends of mine you know dairy and

carrying jolly and I was talking to them

one time and they were I forgot how we

got off on it but they said something do

you ever get sick and I said no I said I

don’t believe in getting sick and they

just were like you don’t believe in

getting sick and I said no and a lot of

it’s because of right here and I know

that many of you think you can’t live

that way pay attention to what this is

saying listen to this a Thousand shall

fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy

right hand but it talking about the

pestilence and the destruction shall not

come nigh thee only with thine eyes

shall you behold and see the reward of

the wicked in other words you aren’t

going to be a partaker with the wicked

as they suffer because you are following

God and look at this because thou has

made the Lord which is my refuge even

the most high thy habitation there shall

no evil befall thee neither shall any

plague come nigh thy dwelling man that

is awesome you know either this is the


this is scripture and it’s true and you

can believe it and get set free or you

ought to just cut it

your Bible I believe it I believe that

no plague comes my my dwelling and I

believe that I heard a testimony about

during the bubonic plague back in the

Middle Ages I forgot now the exact

figures but it was a huge percentage 25

to 50 percent of Europe died hundreds of

millions of people died and it was just

sweeping through and there was a

minister in a smaller village that the

plague was just coming through and he

stood on the boundary of his village and

stood on these verses and said no plague

will come nigh this village and there

wasn’t one single person in his village

that got the bubonic plague and then

there is John G Lake he was dealing with

some plague I’m not sure which one he

was up in where was it’s not Seattle

Spokane Spokane and he was up there and

he had helped so many people and so many

people had gotten healed that they

actually closed down one of the two

hospitals in his town and they gave him

a medical license not because he had

ever studied medicine but he was more

effective than the doctors so anyway

they had this plague going and they had

something like a gymnasium or something

where they were treating these people

that were dying of this plague and one

man just convulsed and foamed at the

mouth and had this foam all over his

mouth and then he died and this doctor

that was working with him says aren’t

you glad that we have a vaccination and

John Lake says who has a vaccination and

this doctor was just like you can’t be

working around these dead people without

a vaccination you’re going to die and

John Lake based his faith on this he

says no plague can come nigh my dwell

and he says no germ can touch my body

and live and this doctor of course was

operating just on you know medical

science and that was completely contrary

so he just rejected the whole thing he

says you’re a fool and so john link says

I’ll prove it to you and they took one

of those little glass slides that you

put under a microscope and he wiped some

of that foam off of this guy’s mouth

that had just died and he put it under

the microscope and you could see the

germs just moving all in it

and then he said watch this and he just

touched his finger to that slide and

instantly there all of the movement

stopped and it’s because no plague could

come now his dwelling and specifically

he says no germ can touch my body and

live and you know there’s people

watching this that you’re thinking

that’s not the way it is that’s because

you’ve been listening to the ten spies

Network and you have been listening to

the way that only a carnal person a

person that doesn’t believe in Psalm 91

believes and so because of it every time

the flu comes around you get the flu

every time you know something happens

the weather changes you get your joints

hurting and you have accepted this you

don’t have to live that way these are

some of the promises man I could just

stay on this a long time let me hurry up

through some of these things it says in

verse 11 for he shall give his angels

charge over thee to keep thee in all thy

ways they shall bear thee up in their

hands lest thou dash thy foot against a

stone man this is talking about

supernatural protection my life has been

saved I couldn’t even count but I can

guarantee it’s at least a dozen probably

over two dozen times I easily could have

been killed

and God has supernaturally protected me

I remember one time in Vietnam I went

out with the chaplain I was a chaplains

assistant we were supposed to travel in

a convoy and we didn’t do it the

chaplain nobody could tell the chaplain

what to do so he wanted to go out and

visit this pastor out in a village so I

got a jeep and I drove him out there and

we were sitting in the pastor’s house

having lunch and the chaplain just asked

the pastor says is there any Vietcong

around here and he said old man a lot he

says this is a sinner and the chaplain

says where and he pointed out the wind

and he says right across the street that

is a Vietcong stronghold and we looked

and there were guys everywhere with

ak-47s which was the russian-made deal

and the chaplain got so scared I mean he

nearly wet his pants and we just we got

out of there and he says drive and I

backed up and we drove and there were

four or five Vietcong standing there

with their ak-47 and they saw us because

we came they just moved to the side and

led us through and we didn’t have a

chaplains emblem or anything on the Jeep

it was a u.s. Jeep with a big ol

American symbol on it and the Vietcong

just stepped aside and let us go right

on through and we drove out we don’t

know what happened but you know what he

gave his angels charge over me and they

protected me I could tell you dozens of

times and somebody says well I don’t

know that that’s ever happened to me

probably it’s happened to you and you

don’t even know what God’s protected you

from but I’m telling you these things

are voice-activated you have to say that

God is your refuge you have to believe

for this it doesn’t just automatically

happen you can prove that by just taking

any Christian and people who truly are

born-again but they have a lot of really

bad things happen to them because they

don’t take their authority and mix it

with faith and speak these things forth

and I wish they had time to go through

the rest of it but we’ve got to take

some questions I tell you what I hope

that you read this and go back and let

the Lord speak to you I think that we

are leaving so many of the promises of

God that he’s given us on the table and

not taking advantage of it we need to

start living in the abundance of God has

for us

so Ruthie on chat she’s oh I think she’s

always I love it so she has great

questions so Ruthie on chat asked if you

meditate and stand on Psalms 91 can you

expect to not be physically persecuted

for example if someone tried to torture

or kill you for the faith can you expect

to be saved from possible death like how

Daniel was saved from the Lions No and

the reason is because you are redeemed

from sickness you’re redeemed from

disease you’re redeemed from a lot of

things but you are not redeemed from

persecution it says in 2nd Timothy

chapter 3 verse 12 that all those who

live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer

persecution and I believe that the

Apostle Paul in 2nd Corinthians chapter

12 he was actually trying to walk in

Psalms chapter 91 and

because he was persecuted everywhere and

the Lord told him that no he asked for

the Lord to take away this thorn in the

flesh and people have said that that

thorn in the flesh is sickness but

that’s not it the thorn in the flesh is

a term that’s used three times once in

judges twice in in our excuse me once in

Josh when twice in judges and it says if

you don’t drive out the unbelievers then

they will become thorns in your sides

and pricks in your flesh so it was a

scriptural terminology talking about

people persecuting you and coming

against you and he said remove this

thorn in the flesh and the Lord said no

he wouldn’t remove it because you aren’t

redeemed from persecution if you were

redeemed from persecution well then the

Apostle Paul would have never become the

Apostle Paul because he was persecuting

Stephen and if God would have just

struct all of your enemies well then we

wouldn’t had the Apostle Paul so God has

not redeemed us from persecution now

there are examples where he has

delivered some people from it but it’s

not something that you can always claim

in Daniel chapter three Shadrach Meshach

and Abednego said our God is able to

deliver us from your hand and he will

deliver us but even if he doesn’t

deliver us we aren’t going to bow down

so right there they showed that they

knew God could deliver them out of the

fiery furnace but they said whether he

does or not we aren’t going to serve you

so I don’t rue the– i don’t believe

that you can avoid persecution if you

can well then i’ve i’ve failed in that

area because if words didn’t kill you

I’d be dead I have a lot of people to

come out against me so I believe God

will protect you through it like the

fiery you know the Hebrew children that

went through the fiery furnace and God

protected them but no you aren’t

redeemed from persecution you’re

redeemed from sickness from disease from

poverty and on and on but not

persecution so peg on Facebook she kind

of had the same kind of question so it

was how did the disciples come to such

terrible ends with these promises the

causing aren’t redeemed from persecution

right and again the logic behind it is

if God just like say for instance killed

every person that was going to persecute

you he loves those people he doesn’t

want to destroy they

and I believe that that’s the reason

that we go through persecution because

you know when the Lord appeared unto

Paul or at that time he was Saul on the

road to Damascus he’s in Acts chapter 9

he said Saul Saul it’s hard for you to

kick against the pricks and some people

you know that’s a terminology that we

don’t use a lot but if you go back to

Acts chapter 7 when Stephen was

testifying and giving his defence before

the elders it says they were pricked in

their heart and it was talking about

they were convicted and when he says

Saul Saul it’s hard for you to kick

against the pricks Saul was convicted by

scene Stephen make this defense and then

ask God to forgive the very people that

were stoning him to death and so God

used the persecution of Stephen to

actually prick Saul’s heart and he got

born again and because I would wrote

half of the New Testament and all of

these good things came out of it God is

not going to take away persecution all

right so I’ve never heard that before

that’s amazing I always wondered the

same thing so you’re learning something

I am learning so Reepicheep on chap on

chat says how do you speak forth I think

when you were talking about the all

promises are voice-activated how do you

speak forth if you can’t talk I don’t

know why can’t you talk say somebody

that’s death they can’t quite speak or

maybe somebody that’s mute you know what

I’m not really thought about that the

first thing I do is get you healed so

you could talk amen but I’m sure that

the Lord would deal with you based on

what you can do not what you can’t do if

a person physically could not talk I’m

sure that you believing you could still

hack the bait and receive these things

praise God so did we stump you I had a

man one time who couldn’t talk he didn’t

have any vocal cords his father brought

him and he wanted me to pray for him so

I prayed for him and I tried to get him

to talk and he

in his mouth and nothing to come out he

couldn’t make a single saying he was

like 25-30 years old and I said do you

have the baptism of the Holy Spirit and

speak in tongues and he shook his head

no because he couldn’t talk so I laid

hands on him and prayed for him and he

just immediately started speaking in no

way and he didn’t have any vocal cord so

anyway if I was talking to you and if

you couldn’t talk I’d get you healed and

then tell you to start confessing the

word praise the Lord

okay so mckinsey on chat she has asked

I’ve heard teaching quote-unquote

abiding is obeying does that mean if we

aren’t obeying then God won’t protect us

well that’s a good question and it’s not

got a simple answer you don’t have to

obey a hundred percent in order to

receive if you did nobody would receive

anything because all of us have sinned

and come short of the glory of God and

technically speaking God does not move

in your life based on your performance

he moves in your life through your faith

in what Jesus did and so I agree I

believe that but at the same time if you

are willfully just disobeying God like

say for instance he told you to be

faithful to your mate and you don’t like

your mate and so you’re just shacking up

with somebody else and you’re living in

total disobedience it doesn’t mean that

God hates you it doesn’t mean that God’s

forsaken you but it does mean like

Romans chapter 6 verse 16 says know ye

not that to whom ye yield yourselves

servants to obey his servants you are to

whom ye obey whether of sin unto death

or of obedience unto righteousness so if

you go out and just are living a life of

willful rejection and disobedience to

the Lord you have just opened up your

arms and invited the devil to come in

still kill and destroy and if that so

well then you aren’t gonna see psalms

chapter 91 work so yes there does need

to be obedience but don’t come under

this thing that somehow another by

obeying the Lord you are somehow another

earning these blessings know you get

everything through Jesus but you can’t

saying Jesus I love you and I want all

of these things and at the same time

embracing the devil over here they’re in

opposite directions and so if you are

living a willful life of rebellion

towards God and loving the things of the

devil you are hurting yourself and

you’re just giving Satan inroad that’s

gonna hinder the blessings of God in

your life so that kind of leads into

Tami on Facebook her question says so

then why are there Christians that die

from sudden accidents it’s kind of the

same lie well there’s multiple things

involved I I believe that if you were

walking in Psalms 91 God would protect

you of accidents and it’s happened to me

I’ve actually had God I was getting on a

plane one time the Lord told me not to

get on and I didn’t get on and every

person on the plane died I’ve had other

stories like that there’s a man Steve

green who was a singer and I mean super

popular wrote a bunch of really strong

Christian songs and stuff and he and I

forget how many of his kids but a number

of his kids were on a plane and his wife

melody told him that she had had a dream

don’t get on this plane it’s it’s you’re

gonna be hurt and she warned him the

pilot told him not to do it and he just

said no and they were over loaded and

they weren’t able to get off the runway

and it killed him the pilot and all of

these kids I think like four of his kids

if I’m not mistaken and somebody says

well then why did God let that well God

told him yeah gave his wife a dream and

he knew better the pilot told him not to

do it and yet he didn’t obey it again if

I believe that if we’re welling in the

secret place the Lord will speak to you

like me don’t get on that plane the Lord

will tell you not to do something and

but does everybody obey that no and

because of that I believe that you do

have Christians who really love God and

are great people but they just aren’t

listening as they should I believe that

God would warn us against things that

are accidents now again persecution and

people rest in you and you know

crucifying you as they did Peter and

things like that I’m not sure that you

can avoid all of those things but

Siddhant you could totally avoid them

our be protected through them if you

were walking in Psalms 19:1

that’s why you need to get your teaching

how to hear God’s ladies very good so

Judy on Facebook says so what is the

extent of my dwelling can I believe that

my children parents or friends are part

of my dwelling I think you can influence

other people but you cannot take total

responsibility for them now if it’s a

young child that hasn’t yet got to the

place that they are willfully accepting

or rejecting the Lord I think you have a

hundred percent control over them but as

that child grows you have to start

relinquishing control to them and you

cannot control another person with your

faith and there’s a lot of Christians

that believe that you can they will take

Psalms Chapman not Psalms Acts chapter

16 verse 31 where the Philippian jailer

says serves what must I do to be saved

and they said believe on the Lord and

thou shalt be saved in thy house and

they will just say see you can write

their claim you’re a house for salvation

no that’s not saying that you can get

them saved off of your faith it’s just

you believe on the Lord and you’ll be

saved and if your house will believe on

the Lord they’ll be saved but you can’t

you can’t dictate salvation to your

husband to your wife to your children to

your friends your relatives you can’t do

that a lot of people will teach you it

but you can’t do it if you could do it

well then Jesus was negligent in not

teaching us that and that’s contrary to

what the scripture says over in 1st

Corinthians chapter 7 Paul was talking

to the wives how about that didn’t have

believing husbands and it says how do

you know a wife whether you shall save

your husband or how do you know o

husband whether you shall save your wife

he didn’t say you can claim your husband

or your wife and you can guarantee their

salvation no all you can do is live a

godly life in front of them and through

your prayer you can release conviction

towards them you can bind the devil and

the demonic powers that influence them

but they have more authority over them

than you do and say for instance your

rain for an unsaved person you can bind

the devil and command reason to come and

all of a sudden their mind will clear up

God will go to speaking to them but if

they reject it well then you got to pray

the same thing again tomorrow because

they rejected that prayer and they have

more authority over them than you do


praise God okay so now we are with Carol

on Facebook just kind of shifting a

little bit but it’s all within Psalms 91

she says I am a nurse so I see sickness

all the time she says how do I get

sickness out of my mind you know that’s

hard Carol and I’ve I’ve actually had

people who are in the medical profession

and they are the hardest people to get

healed because they’ve had it ground

into them that when you see this

physical symptom that means this is

going to happen and it is so much a part

of them that they just can’t get beyond

it it’s like I can’t believe I’ve seen

people die from this how do I deal with

this and the only way that I know to do

it is second Corinthians chapter 10

verses 3 through 5 says the weapons of

our warfare are not carnal but they are

mighty through God to the pulling down

of strongholds casting down of

imaginations and every high thing that

exalts itself against the knowledge of

God bringing into captivity every

thought to the obedience of Christ

you do have the spiritual weapons to

take those thoughts captive but it’s

it’s going to take a lot of effort on

your part and the way that I do it is

when something begins to occupy my

thinking and I begin to start thinking

and being drawn that way contrary to

what I know in Scripture I will just

turn off everything I will focus

exclusively on the word and just

overdose on the word to counter that

it’s the only way I know how to do it it

you can’t just say I’m gonna do quality

time you’ve got to do quantity time to

be able to counter all of the stuff and

medical people have been so grounded in

a certain way of things going that it

just takes a lot of effort but you can

do it matter of fact we’ve got David

riffle who is now the director of our

practical government school

and he was a chiropractor and he heard

me teach on his God’s will to be healed

and he started praying for his patients

and he started seeing hundreds of people

healed he came to Bible School graduated

and now he’s back as one of the

instructors in our practical government

school and I was just talking to him

last night about how he lays hands on

people all the time but it it was an

effort for him to renew his mind you

know you have an amazing teaching out

there of keys sustained full of God and

you talk about an imagination how that

imagination can be vain so I can see her

as a nurse it’s a battle right to keep

your mind from it’s very good working

against you so Keyes disdainful of God

you guys need to get with time for one

more one more

okay so David Lee on chat says is

meditating in God’s Word in our minds

and hearts just as effective as speaking

his word out loud should we do both I

think we should do both meditation is

really important and there’s certainly

times that you can’t be speaking out

loud all of the time so meditation is

important like I just happen to have a

great teaching on that and I’m not by

any means discounting that but

meditation is more about your heart and

establish in your heart speaking is

about taking authority over demons and

over circumstances and things like that

so you need to do both

matter of fact in Joshua chapter 1 verse

8 this book of the law shall not depart

out of your mouth but you shall meditate

therein day and night implying that part

of meditation is speaking it over and

over you know when you hear yourself say

something you hear differently when it’s

you speaking like I have you ever heard

yourself on tape yeah I don’t like it

well most people do and it’s because you

know why you hear you differently you’re

hearing with your inner ear but when you

hear a recording of you you’re hearing

it through the outside the way everybody

else hears it but when you hear yourself

you’re hearing it on an inner level that

has a greater impact on you so part of

meditation is to speak forth the things

you’re meditating on and you hear it and

it enters

into your heart faith comes by hearing

even if it’s your own mouth I’ll watch

my own program sometimes and I’ve had

God speak to me through my own programs

through hearing it so that’s awesome

you’re a blessing Julianne thank you for

hosting appreciate it

and thank you for joining us and being

with us and praise god I pray that you

will go study Psalms 91 also we still

have people standing by at our phone

center the number is seven one nine six

three five eleven eleven and if you have

any questions they can point you towards

some of these products that Julian was

talking about they can pray with you we

want to help you any way we can god

bless you we’ll see you again next

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